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Lamestream Media Falsely Attributes Boos from Crowd to Governor Palin (Updated)

By Stacy Drake

Left-wing reporters and so-called “mainstream” media publications, are falsely reporting that Governor Palin was “booed” by the audience Monday night when she attended the taping of Dancing With the Stars to watch her daughter Bristol again with her partner Mark Ballas. While the audience did boo, they actually booed at the low score given to Jennifer Grey and her partner after a very well performed routine. After the score was given to Grey and her partner, the show transitioned to Tom Bergeron giving a brief interview to Governor Palin as she sat in the audience. After Bergeron announced the governor, the audience applauded. You would think that an audience hostile to the her would pick up their heckling once her name was announced. However, the opposite happened as they all clapped their hands. According to some in the press, the audience was just getting controlled, or something.

It should be noted that the false reports written about this where all written by people who were not there. However, a reporter who was there told a much different story. Mikey O’Connell from Zap 2 News reported:

That was booing you heard after Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough got their scores, and though Internet conspiracy theorists would have you believe it was directed at Sarah Palin (Really, Internet? Really?), it was definitely aimed at the judges. We understand it’s too early to dole out the really high numbers, but a 24 for that incredible jive didn’t make sense to anyone in the studio.

I don’t know what a “jive” is supposed to look like, but apparently Jennifer Grey and her partner did a good job. The guy who covers this stuff ought to know.

Governor Palin wanted to attend the taping to lend support to her daughter during this important time in her life. The media couldn’t control themselves enough to just let the governor be a mom for once, and instead used a transition in the program (that could easily be twisted) to attack her instead. This is really low… Even for these people.

Update: Tom Bergeron appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show later Monday night and said that the boos were indeed directed at the judges for giving Grey a bad score. He said:

“They felt that Jennifer Grey got screwed,” Bergeron said. “They felt that she should have gotten 9s because [the judges] had just gushed about her – they felt that they had underscored her.”

(Update H/T, David)


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