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Oh Here We Go: Communist-Democrats Now Want to Unionize Doctors!

By Gary P Jackson

In the wake of the massive victory in Wisconsin, I naively thought the so-called “leaders” in the Republican Party would have taken notice, and started immediately working on a national right to work law to guarantee every American’s right to have a job without being forced to pay “tribute” to organized crime bosses …. er, I mean …. “union leaders.” But alas, I put too much faith in those that deserve none, and as usual, the GOP let the nation down. Republicans thought Scott Walker’s incredibly inspiring victory was the end. Conservatives saw it as a beginning.

The democrats, on the other hand, never rest. Once they won a huge victory with ObamaCare, they understood that wasn’t the end, but just a start, with more oppressive laws to come.

Jan Schakowsky, a communist-democrat from Illinois [where else] is already talking about unionizing doctors, saying:

In Israel, when doctors went on strike, health outcomes were better. Though I’m not advocating that.

Of course she’s not!

BreitbartTV has more here.

Unions have destroyed the very fabric of American society. What may have been a good idea a hundred years ago has turning into a criminal organization that strong arms both employers and employees alike. Instead of protecting workers, these union thugs get rich, while sacrificing the very workers they claim to represent. Unions are one of the main reasons some companies decide to manufacture in other countries, rather than continue to try and deal with the this nonsense.

It’s also why Right to Work states have solid economies while union friendly states are on the verge of collapse.

Unionizing doctors would do nothing but make the union thug leaders richer. It would not improve health care. Quite the contrary, it would make it even worse. It would also drive the already sky high costs of health care even higher.

The democrat party is the party of slavery. Always has been. Democrats are opposed to Liberty and Freedom. Lincoln may have freed the Negro slaves, but democrats have never stopped looking for other ways to enslave and oppress. Forcing doctors to join a union, and pay dues to the crime bosses, is just another attempt to enslave a group of people. It’s immoral and indecent. No man or woman should ever have to pay “tribute” to a group of thugs just in order to have a job. Never. Ever.

A little more on Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Here is an ad authorized by her and paid for by her campaign congratulating the DSA, or as they’re better known: The Democrat Socialists of America:

In October of last year, Schakowsky marched with the Communist Party USA, along with SEIU goons, Marxists, anarchists, and assorted street thugs, in support of the “occupy” movement.

Andrew Marcus at Founding Bloggers put this together:

Notice that “Get Angry” is seen frequently, and who could miss the flags with mass murdering communist Che Guevara’s likeness on them. What Marxist gathering would be complete without those?

This anti-American subversive isn’t just a Congresswoman from Illinois. Her website states she serves:

…. on the House Democratic Leadership as Chief Deputy Whip and is a member of the Steering and Policy Committee.

She is a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, where she serves on the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, the Subcommittee on Health and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. 
Democratic Leader Pelosi appointed her to serve on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where she is ranking Democrat on the Oversight Subcommittee.

This communist-democrat Schakowsky has infiltrated the upper levels of government. She has the ability to influence policy. And yet, you never hear a peep out of Republicans about these people. No one in the Republican Party [save Allen West] has the guts to call these people out.

ObamaCare, if not repealed, will destroy the Republic, which is exactly what communist-democrats like Schakowsky and Barack Obama are trying to do, just as their associates Andrew Cloward, Francis Fox Piven, Saul Alinsky, and terrorist groups like Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground and the Black Panthers, who came before them. Today’s communist-democrat is far more successful that the 60s radicals and ancient Chicago communists who came before them.

There is an evil that has gripped this land, and We the People are on our own. The “leadership” in the Republican Party is too weak and too uninterested to do what must be done.

It is truly up to us to save the Republic.


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