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Palin to Stump for Benaquisto in Southwest Florida


From Lizbeth Benaquisto’s Facebook page:

Excited to announce that Governor Sarah Palin is coming to Southwest Florida this week to join me on the campaign trail!

Want to meet Sarah Palin on Thursday? Email info@lizbethforcongress.com for details #LizbethForCongress #FL19


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Governor Sarah Palin Endorses Katrina Pierson and Greg Abbott


Photo by Shealah Craighead

Katrina Pierson is a Tea Party hero, having founded the Garland Tea Party, and a woman with a great story of overcoming tough circumstances. She’s been endorsed by Senator Ted Cruz [who has called her “utterly fearless“] and Michelle Malkin. Now Governor Sarah Palin weighs in.

Governor Palin also backs the next Governor of the Great State of Texas, Greg Abbott!

Check out Katrina’s [non-campaign] website for videos and great commentary from her.

~ Gary

By Jackie Siciliano

It’s 2014 so that means mid-terms, primaries, and endorsements.  Earlier today, Gov. Sarah Palin reminded the fine people of Texas that it’s time to replace the permanent political class with “good new candidates who will go to Washington not to line their own pockets, but to help restore our country”.  Palin also reminded folks that early voting in the Lone Star State is now underway.


From Palin’s Facebook page:

Texas, it starts with you!

2014 is here. The choices are becoming clearer, and the battle lines are being drawn. The GOP Beltway crowd has convinced itself that the way to maintain or retake the majority is through compromise and capitulation on important issues like amnesty, Obamacare, and the ever-increasing federal debt. They think that by making deals with a deeply unpopular and divisive incumbent president on issues that Americans oppose, they’ll somehow endear themselves to voters.

Enough is enough. The permanent political class in D.C. won’t listen. So, let’s start putting our efforts behind good new candidates who will go to Washington not to line their own pockets, but to help restore our country. It’s time to put inspiration, ingenuity, and integrity over incumbency in the GOP.

Let’s start in Texas. The lines couldn’t be clearer. Katrina Pierson is an emerging leader and important voice for the future of the grassroots conservative movement. Her life’s story is full of hardships she has fought to overcome, which taught her firsthand the importance of self-reliance, hard work, and the blessings of liberty.

A feisty fighter for freedom, Katrina is taking on a powerful incumbent who has so lost touch with the people of his district that he’s not even bothering to spend much time in Texas anymore. It’s not only his district he’s lost touch with, but also the issues important to the voters there. He used his powerful position to oppose the movement to defund Obamacare, has voted to raise the debt ceiling, and has been an advocate for the NSA intrusion into our freedoms. When asked about Katrina’s primary challenge, he said, “these things happen.” Yes, they do. We all know what happens when we come together to support a good candidate like Katrina – the permanent political class loses and We the People win! We win by electing a fighter we can depend on like Katrina Pierson. Ted Cruz calls Katrina “an utterly fearless principled conservative.” He should know. Katrina was among the conservative grassroots warriors in Texas who worked tirelessly to elect Senator Cruz.

Early voting started yesterday, Texas. Get out now and vote for Katrina. Send a message to the GOP elites on behalf of Katrina, just like you did for Ted Cruz in 2012.

And while you are out there voting for Katrina, check the box for another good conservative – Greg Abbott for Governor of Texas. Like Katrina, Greg has overcome many personal obstacles and challenges, which have made him a believer in the power of liberty and the need to defend our freedoms from the overreach of an out-of-control federal government. If he is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!

You can learn more about Katrina Pierson at: www.katrinaforcongress.com
and more about Greg Abbott at: www.gregabbott.com

God bless you and God bless America.

– Sarah Palin

Texas-Monthly Greg Abbott

Here’s a video of Ted Cruz at the Freedom and Liberty Rally, back in January, talking about Katrina

~ Gary

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Sarah Steelman the Reformer

By Stacy Drake

According to the LA Times, at Friday’s “Steelman Surge” rally, Governor Palin told the crowd (emphasis):

These days, many in a lot of GOP primaries, they’re running on that platform [of strong conservatism] … they want you to believe that they perhaps have a record of conservative values, conservative effort. But we have a candidate that actually has that solid, impeccable record.

The LA Times article also notes:

Palin praised Steelman’s work on ethics as a state treasurer, comparing Steelman’s record to hers in Alaska.

When Steve first covered this race back in October of 2011, he noted:

As a grassroots option to frustrated voters in 2008, Steelman took on the establishment insider who had the power of the heavy-hitters on his side for Governor of Missouri. Steelman lost that bid and her opponent went on to lose the general election to the Democrat (much like what happened in the Presidential election in 2008).

Steelman is a true-to-the-core constitutional conservative. She promises to vote for a full repeal of Obama Care, she’s unapologetically prolife, she has been vocally against bailouts and the failed stimulus as well as further “job-creation” spending coming out of Washington. On immigration, she supports stronger border patrol as well as allowing states like Arizona to put forth their own efforts to combat the problem.


Along with her conservatism, Steelman certainly has a few Palin-like characteristics of thinking outside of the box. During her time as State Treasurer, then-Governor Matt Blunt’s administration agreed to a $70,000 settlement to a woman who accused the head of the Department of Agriculture of sexual harassment. Steelman criticized this as a quick and feckless use of taxpayer money and stopped payment on the check.

Further, she tried to stop Missouri politicians from having access to grants from state ethanol programs. You can hear her discuss these and much more in an older interview with Glenn Beck during her 2008 run for Governor here:

Steelman shares more in common with Governor Palin more than taking on her own party, standing for Constitutional principles and Conservative values. As Whitney Pitcher wrote:

One aspect of her record was particularly compelling. As state treasurer, Sarah Steelman started the first terror-free investment fund in the country. Her campaign website notes (emphasis added):

She served as State Treasurer of Missouri from 2004 until 2008. As Missouri Treasurer Steelman was responsible for the management of more than $19 billion in Missouri’s annual revenue and managed the investment of over $3 billion in long- and short-term investments in the state’s portfolio. She started the first terror-free investment fund in the nation, which ensured that no taxpayer dollars were invested in terrorist sponsoring countries. Many other states have followed her lead in enacting similar policies.

Fiscal prudence is not only about how much money is spent or how it is specifically budgeted, but about where it is invested. Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman share that important understanding when it comes to where state monies are invested. There is a fiscal responsibility to invest other people’s money wisely, but there is also a moral responsibility to make sure it is invested ethically. As Governor Palin noted during the 2008 Vice Presidential debate regarding Alaskan dollars that were invested in Sudan:

When I and others in the legislature found out we had some millions of dollars in Sudan, we called for divestment through legislation of those dollars to make sure we weren’t doing anything that would be seen as condoning the activities there in Darfur. That legislation hasn’t passed yet but it needs to because all of us, as individuals, and as humanitarians and as elected officials should do all we can to end those atrocities in that region of the world

The thousands of Governor Palin’s emails the media requested only further confirmed this desire to divest money from a country engaged in genocide. Whether it’s in the Senate or the state house, people are looking for leaders who not only are conservative, but who are reformers who aren’t going to turn a blind eye to the immoral mismanagement of money.

Governor Palin did her homework before endorsing Steelman. To suggest that she had other motivations outside of her knowledge of the candidates is not only insulting, but also ignorant of their respective backgrounds. A read through Sarah Steelman’s record proves many things, but the most important thing is that it reveals her character. This is a person who has strong moral fiber and has shown the courage of her convictions. Something far too rare in our nation’s capitol, which is a major contributing factor in the troubles we face today.

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Sarah Palin–the Galileoan Expo Eraser

by Whitney Pitcher

Since Deb Fischer won the Nebraska Republican Senate primary on Tuesday, the discussion of the power or intent of Governor Palin’s endorsement has been discussed by many in the media. Some have tried to pass off Fischer’s win as the result of the fact that her opponents turned their guns on each other, and she escaped unscathed.  In other words, Governor Palin’s endorsement had little to do with the victory. The folks at Breitbart, and even some at the New York Times, have recognized the power of Governor Palin’s endorsement.  Heck, even, Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, gave some backhanded credit to Governor Palin for Fischer’s win. However, there are those who are questioning not only the power of Palin’s endorsement, but the intent. They are trying to imply that Governor Palin primarily endorsed Fischer because she is a woman, when so much of the support for Fischer extended far beyond that.

It’s easy to recognize with Deb Fischer’s win that Governor Palin endorsement played a big role in  Fischer’s campaign, alongside a big grassroots effort in Nebraska. This is the kind of boost that Governor Palin provided that helped Nikki Haley win her gubernatorial primary in 2010.  Governor Palin’s endorsement is powerful, but it isn’t solely about getting the candidate over the top to win. It’s about changing the way the game is played. It is not about gender, though Governor Palin definitely wants to see more conservative women in politics. Remember too that Governor Palin endorsed Rick Perry over Kay Bailey Hutchison and Deb Medina in the Texas gubernatorial primary and Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Senate primary in 2010. Really, those two endorsements tell quite a bit of the story when it comes to the meaning of her endorsements.

When Governor Palin released her congratulatory note about Deb Fischer’s victory, she noted:

As recently as a week ago, Deb Fischer was dismissed by the
establishment. Why? Because she is not part of the good old boys’
permanent political class. The message from the people of Nebraska is
simple and powerful: America is looking for real change in Washington,
and commonsense conservatives like Deb Fischer represent that change.

This is what Governor Palin’s endorsements are about–real change and ridding Washington (or the state halls) of the permanent political class.This is not better seen than her recent endorsement of Richard Mourdock in Indiana to replace veteran Senator Dick Lugar, nor in her endorsements opposite the Bush endorsed Kay Bailey Hutchison and coattail riding Lisa Murkowski. While many questioned her 2010 support for Christine O’Donnell, her intention was to send a message to the Establishment and to the permanent political class–which extends beyond those who hold political office. The message echoes Reagan’s — “those voices don’t speak for the rest of us”.  Suffice to say, Governor Palin is the Expo eraser to Karl Rove’s dry erase board. It’s about the principles of the party, not the party itself. While the Roves of the GOP want the tent to get bigger, the Palins of the GOP want to ensure that the tent–no matter its size– has its stakes driven into solid enough ground that it won’t collapse.

It’s not solely about opposition to Rovian-Schmidtism political strategy though. Governor Palin views politics and policy in a way that very few in politics do– both politics and policy must revolve around the people, not the party. Governor Palin recognizes that politics is not just a battle between right and left; it’s a vertical battle between top and bottom–both within the party structure and as a matter of policy. Governor Palin is the political Galileo ( with Ronald Reagan as Copernicus). You may recall that Galileo was an astronomer who pursued the ideas Copernican  heliocentrism–the concept that the earth revolved around the sun, rather than the other way around. The Catholic church declared him a heretic and put him under house arrest where he continued his work, and of course, he was eventually proven right. This Galileo-Palin comparison may not be perfect in its entirety, but it shows an important point. Those in the permanent political class wish to believe that all political power revolves around them, when it really revolves around the people–the people who vote, not those who pontificate. The same concept is true for policy. The big government views of the Left and the “pro business” views espoused by many in the GOP think that government exists to do things for the people or for businesses. Governor Palin is pro market. Who is empowered in a pro market economy? The consumers (the people). The people determine whether or not a business fails or succeeds by their purchasing power–not by the special loans of the big government Left or the special tax breaks of the pro-business GOPers, but of the the Galileoan pro-marketers.

This is what makes Governor Palin’s speech in Iowa late last summer so compelling. She laid out a vision of a pro market economy–no corporate taxes, but no corporate welfare, no special tax breaks or subsidies either. In other words, let the people decide what business fail or succeed by their purchasing power. Also, as Governor Palin wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, echoing Peter Schweizer’s book Throw Them All Out,  let there be no more crony capitalism and no more special treatment of politicians. This is the very thing that Deb Fischer espouses too. If you look at her campaign website, Fischer notes specifically “reform Congress and Washington D.C.” as one of her policy plans. As example, Fischer mentions some of the very same things in this policy plank that Governor Palin did in her WSJ op-ed:

Tighter Ethics Laws

  • Prohibit Members of Congress and federal employees from trading
    stocks based on information obtained on the job that is not publicly
  • Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees from disclosing nonpublic information for investment purposes.
  • Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees
    from purchasing land based on inside information that is not public
  • Require Members of Congress to be subject to the same laws and privileges as every citizen of the United States.

This brings everything full circle. Whether it’s an endorsement or policy driven speech, Governor Palin’s influence is powerful and so is her impact on ridding the political system of the permanent political class and replacing it with what the Founders stated at the very beginning-“-We the People”.


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Trump to Rick Perry: I’m Waiting On Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

An interesting bit from a Newsmax article reporting on the Donald Trump-Rick Perry meeting. It seems Trump offered one of his clubs for Perry to have a fundraiser at, but when Perry tried to get a little more from Trump, like an endorsement, The Donald told Perry to settle down, he was waiting on Sarah Palin:

Trump diplomatically told Perry he would not make an endorsement in the GOP primary race until he knows whether former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin plans to run.

“He told Perry nicely that he probably wouldn’t endorse anybody until she made her intentions known,” the source said.

Read more here.


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Rasmussen: A Sarah Palin Endorsement Is The Breath Of Life, From Obama, The Kiss Of Death

By Gary P Jackson

You know that lie the corrupt lame stream media keeps telling you, the one that says Sarah Palin is “toxic“? Well, it seems the latest LSM lie to be debunked comes our way from Scott Rasmussen.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 29% of Likely Voters say an endorsement from the president is the one most likely to make them vote for a candidate.

But even more (45%) say Obama is the politician who makes them least likely to vote for a candidate he endorses.

This explains why every time Obama shows up to campaign for a candidate, they lose. This is in sharp contrast to candidates Sarah has endorsed, many whom were lost in crowed fields, and have gone on to win, and win big. There’s more:

When it comes to an endorsement as a negative, 25% say one from Palin makes them least likely to support a candidate. Nineteen percent (19%) say the same of Bush, while three percent (3%) and two percent (2%) respectively feel that way about Biden and Clinton.

Considering the amount of effort the corrupt media has expended trying to create the “toxic” narrative around Sarah, and generating hate for Bush, those numbers are pretty respectable.

I can get the numbers for Biden and Clinton as well. Though their ideology is extreme and flawed, they are generally likable sorts compared to radicals like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and so on.

Here’s an interesting statistic though, and seems about right:

Interestingly, however, only 18% of voters say it is at least somewhat important to their vote when celebrities or politicians from outside their state campaign on behalf of a local candidate. That includes six percent (6%) who say it is Very Important.

Eighty percent (80%), on the other hand, don’t attach importance to an outside endorsement, with 38% who say it is Not At All Important.

Voters not affiliated with either of the major parties attach the least importance to outsiders campaigning for local candidates.

This rings true with most people I know. Although we certainly celebrate when a candidate gets backed by someone we respect, like Sarah Palin. I think that boils down to her track record and ability to judge and pick superior candidates. Pretty sure others feel the same when it comes to the one or two people’s judgment they truly trust. But for the most part, sophisticated voters do their own research to find a candidate worthy of their support.

I think, what an endorsement by a respected leader like Sarah Palin does, is at least have you take a look at her candidate, and research them further, rather than just blindly vote for the candidate. She’s certainly the leader when it comes to raising a candidate’s profile, giving them name recognition.

Rasmussen goes on:

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Likely Voters say their own views are closer to Palin’s than they are to Obama’s. Forty percent (40%) say their views are closer to the president’s.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters now regard Obama’s political views as extreme, while 42% place his views in the mainstream.

In a survey last December, 79% of voters said most politicians are more concerned with getting reelected than in doing what is right.

Voters believe overwhelmingly that politicians don’t keep their promises, and most say it’s deliberate.

We were excited when Obama made a trip to Delaware, and are even more excited he is going to Nevada, California, and Washington state. As this polling shows, he may be one of the Republican Party’s best assets this election season.


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Sarah Palin Endorses Christine O’Donnell

By Stacy Drake

After much speculation, Governor Palin officially endorsed Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Republican congressional primary race. She writes:

The wave of positive change can really sweep across our land with the election of Constitutional Conservatives who promise to use common sense and rein in the federal government spending! Please support Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. She will support efforts for America’s energy security, patient-centered health care reform, cutting government waste, and letting the private sector thrive and prosper! We can’t afford “more of the same” in Washington. Christine will help usher in the real change we need to get America on the right track. Please visit her website at www.christine2010.com and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

– Sarah Palin

Gary has covered this race before here.

You can also hear Governor Palin break the news of the endorsement on the Sean Hannity Show today, here.

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Rick Santorum: “Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Is The Only One Anyone Wants!” Team Romney Whines: “Endorsements Don’t Matter!”

By Gary P Jackson

Santorum, however, doesn’t play coy when I ask him about what his endorsement means to a fellow Republican, if anything. “Palin is the only endorsement anyone wants,” he laughs. “If you ask who the most influential endorsers are, Palin is numbers one, two, and three, with maybe Sen. Jim DeMint at four. Her endorsement is the only one that matters this year. Just look at what she did for Nikki Haley.

What about Romney, the man Santorum supported in the 2008 presidential campaign? “No offense to Mitt, but he doesn’t carry the weight,” Santorum says. “Mitt can help you with some finance people, maybe in some small way, but his pull is insignificant compared to Palin’s.”

~ From interview of Rick Santorum by Robert Costa for National Review Online June 17, 2010

Mitt Romney is a lot like the Texas weather: If you don’t like a particular stance he has, just wait around, it’ll change. No one is more adept at the flip-flop on key issues, in an attempt to be all things to all people. Romney is a chameleon who can blend in with any crowd, by simply telling them what they want to hear. No one knows whether he means it or not, or if he even believes half of what he says. Romney is simply a cold, calculating politician, who only cares about winning an office, not about actually leading.

Romney’s latest flip-flop though is just delicious. Just a few weeks ago, we got into it with Romney’s fan boys, who were crowing and running stories about how much Mitt’s endorsement, that few even knew about, helped propel Nikki Haley to her victory in South Carolina.

Of course, the truth is a little different than the fictional spin Team Romney has been trying to sell. Yes, Romney was an early endorser of Nikki’s. When Romney endorsed her, she was stuck in forth place, suffering from poor name recognition. Nothing changed afterward.

Sarah Palin then endorsed Nikki in fine fashion, making it a national event by doing so in person. In just days Nikki was leading the pack, and cruised to a huge win. Nikki got 49 percent of the vote, just one point shy of the needed 50 percent, but she garnered almost as many votes as her three competitors combined, and will the run-off election on Tuesday by a wide margin.

Something else that happened along the way. Once Nikki Haley became the front runner, the Republican “Good Old Boy Network” went into high gear. Like Sarah Palin, Nikki is known as a true reformer, and this, of course, scares the hell out of the establishment. Nikki will upset the apple cart, much like Sarah did in Alaska. The attacks were vile, and personal.

Sarah Palin was standing with her. Offered her strong and very public support. Romney was, as usual, nowhere to be found.

Sarah is known to stick by those she endorses, not just pick safe candidates, put her name with them and move on, like noted “Profile In Courage” Mitt Romney, who actually endorsed Susanna Martinez for Governor of New Mexico, AFTER she won her primary!

Sarah also endorsed Carly Fiorina in California, and true to form, talked about her at ever opportunity. Carly went on to win her primary for the United States Senate in fine fashion.

In a recent interview for National Review Online, Rick Santorum said this:

Santorum, however, doesn’t play coy when I ask him about what his endorsement means to a fellow Republican, if anything. “Palin is the only endorsement anyone wants,” he laughs. “If you ask who the most influential endorsers are, Palin is numbers one, two, and three, with maybe Sen. Jim DeMint at four. Her endorsement is the only one that matters this year. Just look at what she did for Nikki Haley.

What about Romney, the man Santorum supported in the 2008 presidential campaign? “No offense to Mitt, but he doesn’t carry the weight,” Santorum says. “Mitt can help you with some finance people, maybe in some small way, but his pull is insignificant compared to Palin’s.

There’s a reason why Sarah’s endorsements matter, and Romney’s don’t. One, Sarah Palin is an actual leader, with real vision, and Romney has neither qualities, and two, if Sarah endorses someone, she’s proven that she will actually support them. People in the Republican Party see a Palin endorsement as the gold standard. She has a proven record of backing winners. Even better, she has a record of backing true conservatives.

Understandably, Team Romney is frustrated. The guy is no leader, and is often a day late and a dollar short when he does weigh in. So now, they are trying to change the subject. Just weeks ago, Team Romney was doing their best to take credit for their endorsements, acting like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Now that reality has set in, the spinmeisters are in high gear saying that it’s money that matters, not endorsements.

Doug Brady over at C4P has something to say about this:

Immediately after Nikki Haley’s overwhelming victory in the South Carolina Primary, we noted Team Mitt’s panic over the credit Governor Palin received:

It appears Mitt Romney is getting a bit nervous as a result of all the well-deserved credit Governor Palin received for helping Nikki Haley in South Carolina, both in the media and by Haley herself. In fact Romney is so nervous he feels compelled to return to South Carolina to campaign for Haley before the runoff on the 22nd.


This is classic Mitt Romney. When all the mud was flying and Governor Palin publicly and steadfastly stood behind Haley, Romney was, as is his custom, nowhere to be found. Undoubtedly Romney thought he could gain some conservative cred in South Carolina by endorsing Haley in March who, at the time, was considered a long-shot conservative candidate with little chance of winning. However, after Haley’s incredible surge in the polls (following, not coincidentally, Governor Palin’s endorsement) and ultimate victory last night, Romney saw his plan for making inroads in the important primary state unraveling.

Recent activities on the part of Team Mitt indicate our assessment of Romney’s panic was correct. Today Romney travelled to South Carolina to campaign with Nikki Haley and, while there, announced he was giving the Haley campaign $42,000. How, you ask, can he give a candidate that much money given the limits in campaign finance laws? It’s easy if you’re Mitt Romney. You purchase a team of lawyers to figure out how to get around the spirit of the law. Via Andy Barr at the Politico:

…lawyers for Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC discovered that multiple PACs sharing the same leadership and office space are able to contribute $3,500 each per cycle in South Carolina, according to a Romney source.

With one federal PAC and five statewide PACs each maxing out at $3,500 for Haley in both the GOP primary and general elections, Romney has contributed a total of $42,000.

This is standard operating procedure for Romney. What else can a plastic flip-flopping politician do to acquire the influence he lacks other than purchase it? Unfortunately for Romney, there’s not enough money in the world for him to purchase that which he really needs: authenticity.

C4P readers may have noticed Romney’s astro-turfers spamming the threads on other websites in the days immediately after Nikki Haley’s victory. They repeatedly claimed that Romney, not Governor Palin, was the real endorsement powerhouse in the GOP since he purportedly endorsed 120 candidates since the beginning of the year. They even provided this link to a Romney website as evidence. What a difference a few days make. Now, believe it or not, endorsements don’t really mean anything according to Team Mitt, as a Romney spokesman told Barr:

Endorsements are nice, but Governor Romney understands that money wins elections,” Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom told POLITICO.

Oh, I see. A week ago Mitt was Captain America because of all the endorsements he made this year. Now endorsements may be “nice” but don’t really matter, only money counts. Of course Romney’s hack didn’t mention all the money Governor Palin’s endorsements generate for her endorsees through grass-roots contributions, but why complicate the narrative? What has happened to cause such a dramatic change in Team Mitt’s attitude toward endorsements? Perhaps it’s because Mitt Romney’s endorsements are insignificant, as Rick Santorum indicated in an interview with the National Review.

[ …. ]

So, to paraphrase, her endorsements are golden, his don’t mean sh*t. Yeah, I guess this realization may well have had something to do with Romney’s change of heart on the importance of endorsements. It also explains why he had to rush down to South Carolina and hire a team of lawyers to figure out how to give Nikki Haley $42,000 for a race she’s going to win easily anyway. Mitt, your erratic actions prove beyond a doubt that, although your endorsements may not matter, hers most definitely do.

Ouch! You can read more of Doug’s blistering report here.

As Doug Brady points out, Sarah’s endorsements work quite differently than Romney’s do. When Sarah endorses someone, people sit up and take notice. Contributions, both big and small, come in from supporters nationwide. These donations routinely surpass all goals and predictions. People understands that if Sarah is endorsing someone, they are the real deal. People TRUST Sarah’s judgment on these things. This is an earned trust.

A Romney endorsement, however, generally goes unnoticed, so if any money comes from it, it’s coming out of Romney’s pocket, or his PAC.

Spending money and trying to buy his way in is nothing new for Mitt Romney. He tried that in the 2008 Republican presidential primaries, outspending everyone, and the best he could manage was a dismal third place, in what was arguably the worst field of candidates the party has put up in a generation.

We reported earlier about Romney’s “Louisiana [straw poll] Purchase” back in April. As is the case with most of these things, a straw poll was conducted at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, in New Orleans.

The big shocker in this deal was that Ron Paul didn’t win the thing. His followers are notorious for astroturfing these deals and turn out in droves to prop him up. Many of them are paid to vote, and some are even paid for the expenses it takes to get them wherever the vote is. In this poll, Mitt Romney won by a single point over Paul.

How was this done? Easy, a Romney front group, one of many he has, paid people to go to the SRLC and vote for Mitt!

Romney spent an estimated $59, 500 in order to get headlines that proclaimed he won an absolutely meaningless straw poll. I guess he did better than Ron Paul though, who spent an estimated $95,200 to come in a virtual tie with Romney!

Now to be fair, both Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin were promoting their political action committees. We aren’t sure what Huckabee spent, but we know that Sarah was handing out tasty treats. We estimated the cost of this at around $1500.

With Romney and Paul in a virtual tie, having spent $154,700 between them, it’s interesting to note that Sarah Palin came in second behind these two, and lead the second choice balloting. Again, she was out $1500 and wasn’t asking for straw poll votes, just reminding people about SarahPAC, and soliciting donations. Tell me again who the real fiscal conservative is?

You can read all of the details here.

This is really typical of Romney though. He has little real support, and no influence on anything, so he tries to buy his way into the club. It’s well known that he resorted to all sorts of shenanigans in order to get his last book on the New York Times best seller list, where it lasted a week. Lots of bulk sales.

So far, the only thing he has done right, was by accident, when earlier in the month, he endorsed Sarah Palin for President!

Mitt Romney is not the sort we need in office. He’s a Big Government progressive. Let us not forget he gave his state the parting gift of RomneyCare, the blueprint for ObamaCare. RomneyCare, as we reported here, is an absolute unmitigated disaster.

All Mitt Romney seems to care about is getting Mitt Romney elected to office. He is the GOP establishment’s show pony, and like all of those guys tend to do, thinks it’s “his turn” to be the presidential nominee in 2012. Romney represents the absolute worst of what the Republican Party has to offer. He’s an opportunist who will do and say anything to get elected, and then fall in with the other establishment, Big Government types once in office.

Sorry, but for the foreseeable future, it’s going to be our job to get these sorts voted out of office, not elected to office. We need leadership, not pandering. We need strength, not capitulation. We need people who understand that our nation is in peril, and the old way of doing things will no longer work. We don’t need Mitt Romney.

Here’s a little something I like to dedicate to Mitt and the almighty dollar:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Sarah Palin And The Magnificent Nature of Those Tough, Self-Sufficient Bears

By Gary P Jackson

In a statement that has me waxing nostalgic for the great Ronald Reagan, Sarah tells us about her experience watching a group of brown bears as they go about their work taking care of themselves and their cubs. Sarah uses this magnificent imagery to describe not only how self sufficient these bears are, but also to explain the American Spirit, the very foundation of our nation. The spirit that makes our nation, and our people, so strong.

From Facebook:

The Nature of Those Tough, Self-Sufficient Bears

Last summer I stood on the grassy bank of an Alaskan waterway that was teeming with salmon to watch part of Alaska’s brown bear population forage, fight, feed, and fend off enemies to survive. I joined Fish and Game biologists to observe 42 of these majestic wild animals all within eyesight, all at once. Even though I’ve lived all my life in the “Last Frontier,” I still find days like that absolutely fascinating! And I swear the hardest workers on the water were those “mama bears.”

Obviously not waiting for another bear to do the work for them, the mama bears not only foraged for themselves to prepare for winter, but they worked twice as hard to slay salmon for their cubs, too, making sure the future of the population was ready for the season ahead. She would instinctively rear up on hind legs when her cubs were threatened – you don’t mess with her cubs. And most importantly, just as the well known modern proverb expresses, she didn’t just hand over a free fish for the day – she taught young ones how to fish for a lifetime. (There’s no shortage of life lessons learned while scanning our great outdoors!)

Now, scanning the political landscape, here’s a new “Mama Grizzlies” field report! There are great guys running for office all over the place, but I hope you will join me in supporting three more bold Commonsense Conservative women who are willing to put it all the line to get our country back on track: Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Star Parker, and Mary Fallin.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is running for reelection to serve in Congress. She knows the value of hard work. She grew up as a farmer’s daughter and was the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. Her roots in eastern Washington go back generations. Cathy is a pro-family, pro-business fiscal conservative who has an honest, direct plan for action in Congress, which she calls her “Patriot Pledge.” It’s a 10-point agenda focused on fiscal health, tax reform, and other common sense solutions. Further, I have deep respect for Cathy’s strong voice for families who are touched by those with special needs. She formed the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus which promotes research, education, and treatment to help improve the quality of life for those with Down syndrome and other challenges. Cathy and I share a personal bond as proud moms who’ve both been blessed with sweet sons born with extra chromosomes. Perhaps it’s because we learn so much from these children and can see how they make the world a better place that I am confident that Cathy’s respect for life, and her commitment to protecting America’s Constitution, truly benefits all Americans. We need her in Congress, so please visit her website at www.cathyforcongress.com, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and please support her campaign.

I’m proud to endorse Star Parker for California’s 37th Congressional District. Star has an incredible story and a passionate commitment to her community and our great nation. Rising up from being a single mom on welfare, Star worked hard to build a non-profit network that seeks to reduce poverty and create a brighter future for America by promoting free market solutions and personal responsibility. There is no doubt that she will bring a new level of enthusiasm and energy to Washington for American values, limited government, and economic growth. She’s a dynamic leader who is committed to building a more prosperous environment for the families in her district and ushering in positive change. Please join me in supporting Star and her message of hope, opportunity, and self-reliance. Visit her website at www.StarParkerforCongress.com and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Mary Fallin is another strong, smart conservative who I am proud to support. Mary is running for Governor of Oklahoma, and the Sooner State is fortunate to have her offer to serve in this new capacity. Mary’s another fiscal conservative with policy experience, political backbone, and real world knowledge that will serve the entire state well as she proves her mettle as Oklahoma’s next CEO. Her personal, professional, and political background gives her a healthy perspective on the challenges facing so many of our families and businesses. Mary truly understands public service, and she served her state with distinction in Congress and as the first Republican and first female lieutenant governor in Oklahoma history. Sharing the aforementioned foundational values of Cathy and Star and so many other Americans, Mary also understands the complexities of our domestic energy policy and has been a consistent voice for energy independence. Please visit Mary’s website at www.maryfallin.org and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

I heartily endorse these liberty-loving “Mama Grizzlies.” They’ll do more than just growl about our challenges because they know how to work hard and protect America’s future by ushering a new era of prosperity and security. How? By proving their selfless service, common sense, and respect for the will of the people.

– Sarah Palin

These are some solid candidates that Sarah is endorsing. We’ve been a big fan of Star Parker’s for some time. She is a strong conservative leader who doesn’t back down. All of these women have a reputation for leadership and constitutional conservatism. They are the sort of leaders our nation desperately needs.

Please support these strong Mama Grizzlies.


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The Sarah Palin Endorsement of Joe Miller Over Murkowski

By Stacy Drake

Last week, Governor Palin endorsed Joe Miller in the Alaska GOP Senate primary race against Lisa Murkowski. The news caused a bit of a happy stir in the Palin blogosphere as many of us are not the biggest Murkowski fans. Lisa got on my bad side last year during the health care debate when she said the following in response to a question about death panels, to a town hall meeting in Anchorage:

“It does us no good to incite fear in people by saying that there’s these end-of-life provisions, these death panels” … “Quite honestly, I’m so offended at that terminology because it absolutely isn’t (in the bill). There is no reason to gin up fear in the American public by saying things that are not included in the bill.”

For her to say that and make no mention of government rationing was nothing more than playing the democrats shell game for them. The death panel issue has been discussed and unfortunately will be a topic of discussion into the future. Unless of course, we get that horrible unconstitutional bill repealed. More on that in a moment but real quick I’d like to offer a quick retort to Lisa’s assertion that “death panels” was said just to ‘incite fear.’

Andy McCarthy writing for the National Review, not directed at Senator Murkowski, but to others at NRO in response to their Murkowski-ish editorial, said the following:

I don’t see any wisdom in taking a shot at Governor Palin at this moment when, finding themselves unable to defend the plan against her indictment, Democrats have backed down and withdrawn their “end-of-life counseling” boards. Palin did a tremendous service here. Opinion elites didn’t like what the editors imply is the “hysteria” of her “death panels” charge. Many of those same elites didn’t like Ronald Reagan’s jarring “evil empire” rhetoric. But “death panels” caught on with the public just like “evil empire” did because, for all their “heat rather than light” tut-tutting, critics could never quite discredit it.

In Governor Palin’s statement regarding the Joe Miller endorsement, she mentioned a previous contribution she had given to Lisa Murkowski and why:

Over a year ago, upon kicking off our Political Action Committee to assist candidates and promote competition in the nation’s electoral system, with no one willing to challenge the political machine at the time, and amid rumors that I would challenge Lisa Murkowski for the U.S. Senate, SarahPAC contributed to Lisa’s campaign. As she and I discussed, this was an attempt to reassure the Senator that I, as Alaska’s governor, had no intention of jumping into the race.

After reading what Senator Murkowski had said at that town hall meeting, I wrote a long letter giving her a piece of my mind, and demanding that she give Governor Palin “her freakin money back!” I figured it’s fine to disagree, even if Lisa looked totally uninformed in my eyes, but don’t take money from someone and then publicly try to discredit them. I thought it showed bad character on her part. There was another way to deal with that situation but Lisa is a silver-spoon kid that just had this job handed to her in the first place. Why should I expect her to be equipped with the life skills to handle it correctly. Like for instance, she could have just said “I respectfully disagree with the Governor.” Now see, that wasn’t hard at all.

All of that in the past now and we as a nation need to look to the future where that health care monstrosity is concerned. The only chance to avoid the horrendous effects that bill will create for us all is to either have it overturned in court or repeal the bill once republicans take back control of the government. From what I’ve heard, the court option doesn’t look good because even though it is unconstitutional to force citizens to buy a product, the feds are using a loophole in the commerce clause to get around that. It looks as though repealing it is our only hope.

So what does Lisa Murkowski think about repealing the health care law? Asked last March by the local media in Alaska, KTUU she said:

Repealing this is not the answer in my opinion, because if you just repeal and you do nothing, we will not have addressed health care reform.”

Wrong answer! We must repeal that rubbish and START OVER. That’s not doing “nothing,” that’s getting rid of a huge problem Obama and the democrats have inflicted upon this nation. Is there any wonder why Governor Palin didn’t give her an endorsement? An endorsement that seems to carry a lot of water these days, by the way. Just look at the the results from this primary season’s “Super Tuesday” elections across the country and the elections held before. Governor Palin’s record for picking principled winner’s is nothing short of stellar.

The other reason Lisa didn’t get the nod is clear. Joe Miller is the better candidate by far.

(Future Republican Senator, Joe Miller)

Concerning health care, Miller has the right idea and isn’t afraid to challenge the establishment. His statement posted on his campaign site says (emphasis mine):

I will work to repeal the new Obama healthcare law. The unconstitutional legislation does nothing to address the issue of rising healthcare costs and it will cost American taxpayers over $1 trillion during the next decade. The answer for addressing rising healthcare costs must be market driven, based on practical solutions including: (1) giving people more power over their healthcare through employer and self-funded tax-free medical savings accounts to cover their healthcare costs. This method will allow patients to know their costs and encourage providers not to arbitrarily raise their prices; (2) breaking apart insurance monopoly pricing by permitting people to purchase medical insurance across state lines; and (3) allowing small businesses and organizations to work across state lines with others to create group health plans.

Right answer!

Reading through his views on a host of other issues, I really do like this guy. He’s pro-life, a supporter of the free-market system, believes the sold principles of our Constitution, seems to understand what the size and role of the federal government should be, and he is a fiscal Conservative… I didn’t see anything about the 2nd Amendment on his “Issues” page, however he did post a picture of himself standing over the bear he just took down with the rifle in his hand, so I’m figuring he’s got that issue right as well.

A couple more things about Joe Miller that Governor Palin mentioned in her endorsement statement are:

Joe is against granting amnesty to illegal immigrants; Lisa has voted for it.

Joe is against cap and trade (Obama’s new job-killing energy scheme that I call cap and tax); Lisa believes Al Gore’s insistence that man-made global warming is fact, so she’s on record as being open to cap and trade legislation to address weather changes.

Also, the local Tea Party group, CPG (Conservative Patriots Group) in the governor’s hometown of Wasilla has endorsed Joe Miller as well. Their website says:

U.S. Senate Candidates: Joe Miller, Lisa Murkowski-Incumbent

CPG has closely examined the political philosophy and qualifications of both candidates along with the voting record of the incumbent to determine which candidate will best Act to Uphold And Defend The Spirit And Word of the Constitution of our United States of America our Bill of Rights and the Conservative Principles on which CPG was founded. Based on this examination CPG is pleased to announce it is endorsing Joe Miller for the office of U.S. Senate.

Candidate Ratings:

Rating of 10 = CPG’s ideal conservative

8 = minimum rating to receive CPG endorsement

Joe Miller – 9.5

Lisa Murkowski – 6.5

9.5 out of 10 ain’t bad…. Actually that’s really good.

Bottom line here is that we need more representatives in government like Joe Miller and less like Lisa Murkowski, especially on the federal level. Murkowski is a bureaucrat through and through. Joe Miller seems like someone that would go to DC not because he likes DC but to serve the people of his state. His military career proves the man is a public servant, as every member of the military is. His strong convictions, willingness to fight against the “fundamental change” that is occurring in our country, and his conservative principles are proof that Governor Palin made the right decision with this pick.

Joe Miller’s website is http://www.joemiller.us/index.php

You can also follow him on Twitter @JoeWMiller

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