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Why Sarah Palin Endorsed Deb Fischer: Reform and Energy

By Gary P Jackson

I’ve found there are some who aren’t quite sure why Sarah Palin endorsed Deb Fischer over the more popular candidates in the Nebraska race for the Senate.

Some claim others were “more conservative” than Fischer. These, of course, are people who haven’t looked at Fischer’s record as a state senator. Or her positions.

While I’m not a mind reader, a few minutes on You Tube will tell anyone even slightly interested why Sarah chose Fischer as her standard bearer out of Nebraska.

Fischer is promising true reform of Congress, something few politicians are talking about, and Conservatives care deeply about. The other is energy. Fischer understands how vital energy independence is to America, and will work towards making that a reality.

We all know how Sarah feels about this.

Check out these videos and you’ll understand really fast why Sarah chose this seasoned veteran over the other two candidates.

Senator Deb Fischer Announces Policy Proposal to Reform Congress, Washington D.C.

Lincoln, NE — Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, released a policy proposal to reform how Congress functions.

As I travel around the state listening to Nebraskans, they are telling me they think Washington D.C. is broken and I couldn’t agree more,” Senator Fischer said. “Too many members of Congress from both parties put their personal interests first and don’t function in the citizens’ best interest.

We need to reform our federal government, reform Congress and reform how Washington functions. To achieve those goals, I’m putting a plan before Nebraskans as a blueprint for my actions and goals as their next U.S. Senator,” said Fischer.

Senator Fischer’s plan includes supporting term limits, strengthening lobbyist rules, increasing transparency, requiring real spending reform and tighter ethics rules. Listed below are more specific details on her legislative priorities to reform Washington, D.C.

Support Term Limits Support a constitutional amendment setting term limits for members of Congress. Senator’s Fischer’s preference would be two six-year terms for United States Senators and three two-year terms for Members of the House. Deb Fischer will pledge to limit herself to two terms in office.

Change Lobbyist Rules Put a lifetime ban on Members of Congress from becoming federally registered lobbyists after they leave office. Prevent immediate family of Members of Congress from becoming federally registered lobbyists while that particular member holds federal office.

Increase the cooling-off period for congressional staff from lobbying Members of Congress for whom they were previously employed to three years and eliminate the salary requirement. Prohibit former committee staff to lobby committee chairs or any member of the committee who was active during their time on staff for three years. Restrict federally registered lobbyists from joining congressional staff or committee staff for three years.

Increase Transparency Congress should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Nebraska and other states are subject to FOIA and Washington should be held to the same standard. The current financial disclosure reports by federal candidates and Members of Congress need to provide additional details. Currently, the disclosure reports allow for too wide of a range for asset and liability values to accurately determine a member’s net worth.

Change the rules of the U.S. Senate to require debate on the Senate floor on all major pieces of legislation with two thirds of Senators present for at least 5 hours prior to a vote. This debate should be subject to public viewing. All bills need to be posted for at least 72 hours for public review before being voted on by Members of Congress. As a U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer will thoroughly review each bill before voting on it.

Require Real Spending Reform Oppose all earmarks until the budget is balanced and then require a 2/3 majority to pass any earmark. Eliminate earmarks that go to private companies. Make it a top priority to pass the “Cut, Cap and Balance Act” in order to balance the budget and reduce spending. Vote to eliminate automatic pay increases for members of Congress.

Tighter Ethics Laws Prohibit Members of Congress and federal employees from trading stocks based on information obtained on the job that is not publicly available.

Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees from disclosing nonpublic information for investment purposes. Prohibit Members of Congress, their staffs and federal employees from purchasing land based on inside information that is not public available. Require Members of Congress to be subject to the same laws and privileges as every citizen of the United States.

Sarah Palin’s calling card is sudden, relentless reform. Since her earliest days on the Wasilla City Council, Sarah has been a corruption buster. Fischer has a solid plan, and is exactly the sort we need in the Senate.

Here’s a report from last year about the Keystone Pipeline. The one the Obama regime rejected and Fischer supported.

For folks that want to know more, check out Deb’s website as well as her You Tube channel.

It’s not hard to understand why Sarah endorsed Fischer. She’s the exact sort we need in Washington.

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Energy Experts to Obama: You’re Not Telling The Truth About America’s Vast Reserves

By Gary P Jackson

We’ve continually noted that the United States has enough reserves to be completely energy independent for centuries, if we would just tap that energy. In June of 2008 Kiplingers ran an article stating:

… untapped reserves are estimated at about 2.3 trillion barrels, nearly three times more than the reserves held by Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand-at today’s levels-for auto, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.

That doesn’t take into account all of the natural gas and coal we have. As Whitney Pitcher reported a year ago, there are 1.67 QUADRILLIAN [1,670 trillion] cubic feet of natural gas in the arctic alone. And we have the world’s largest recoverable coal reserves. And we haven’t even talked about nuclear yet.

The fact is, the United States is the most energy rich nation on the planet, and yet, thanks to decades long policies, put forth by both political parties, we are beholden to the rest of the world for the energy we need.

We’ve allowed radicals and “green” fanatics, as well as scam artists looking to make a buck off the “green” movement, to set our energy policy. How idiotic is that?

Energy, and it’s pricing, drives the economy. High energy prices are killing our economy. So is the fact we import, rather than use our own energy. We are losing hundreds of thousands of jobs, and between $700 billion and a trillion in revenue annually.

It’s insane.

Jim Angle has more on this:

In almost every energy speech, President Obama makes this statement: “We’ve got 2 percent of the world oil reserves. We use 20 percent.

But there’s more to those numbers than meet the eye.

It’s accurate but extremely misleading,” says Dan Kish of Institute for Energy Research, which is supported by the industry. “What he is talking about is oil we already have found.”

Misleading, he argues, because the president is pointing to “proven” reserves, which is some 21 billion barrels, but the U.S. is sitting on vast reserves of untapped energy that are far greater.

One federal agency says there’s 10 times more — 219 billion barrels more –, in what is called “technically recoverable” energy.

Another agency in the Energy Department says there’s 20 times that much, or 400 billion barrels more, and some in the industry claim there’s 60 times that amount, meaning some 1.4 trillion barrels in untapped resources.

That’s energy the government knows we have but that has not yet been drilled for. Industry experts argue it’s there for the taking.

The trillion-plus barrels of oil in this country, more oil than in Saudi Arabia, is not counted by the president, and I think that’s misleading the American people,” John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, said.

With those kinds of resources, the U.S. could continue at its current consumption rate for 200 years without any imports, Kish of IER said. “And add Canada and Mexico? The numbers go off the chart.”

But not everyone thinks we should be drilling more.

We are addicted right now — there’s no question about that. But there’s a question about how do we get off of that addiction,” Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth, said.

The president prefers to emphasize weaning ourselves off of oil, which reduces the urgency to drill. And Pica and many other environmentalists agree.

I don’t think that it is a good decision for this country or for the globe, realistically, to push for maximum drilling,” Pica said. “The atmosphere just can’t hold that much carbon dioxide anymore.

Obama refers to the more limited number of proven reserves as a way to argue it would be futile to drill for more oil — because it could never be enough to meet our needs.

As much as we’re doing to increase oil production,” Obama says, “we’re not going to be able to just drill our way out of the problem of high gas prices.

Some of us believe that the president is trying to suggest that we don’t have adequate resource here in the United States, which is just not true,” says Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, another industry group.

Analysts point out that proven reserves were 20 billion barrels back in 1944. But we’ve produced some 170 billion barrels since then, and proven reserves are still just over 20 billion.

In fact, one industry analyst says by tapping American oil along with Canadian resources and renewable energy, the U.S. could be self sufficient in just 12 years.

More here.

We already know global warming is a hoax. We also know that energy exploration, due to all of the regulations, is safer and more environmentally friendly in the U.S. than in any other country. There is simply no excuse for our nation to continue it’s dependence on other countries, many who hate us, when we have so many reserves right here.

We also know that adding supply to the market will cause prices to come down. Even the hint that we are really going to get serious about becoming energy independent would cause oil prices to plummet.

Currently the prices are rising on fears of confrontation with Iran. If that oil is taken off the market, all bets are off.

Of course, that brings us to another important issue that Obama and “Team Green” refuse to consider. One of the reasons we put up with rogue nations, nations that threaten the entire world, is the need for cheap oil.

Our foreign policy would look a lot different if we were completely energy independent.

Obama is lying to the American people, the “greens” are lying to the American people, and it’s time we stand up and demand real change.

There is no excuse for not America not being energy independent.


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President Obama Opposes Alaska Oil and Gas Development Bill

by Whitney Pitcher
Just over a month ago, President Obama spoke of a plan to open up development in Alaska’s national petroleum reserve and in some areas offshore in the Lower 48. However, this opening of development was centered, in part, around speeding up environmental assessments, which could possibly mean that the EPA  could just say “no” a little more quickly.

Now, the Obama administration is singing a different tune in objecting to a proposal from the Natural Resource Commitee–the Alaska Oil and Gas Development bill. President Obama’s proposal in June and calls to extend offshore leases now don’ t address the true problem like the proposed bill in Congress, which focuses more on permits than leases. Leases cannot be acted upon if permits are not also approved to provide the necessary infrastructure for drilling, especially in these areas of Alaska. Congressman Hastings of Washington notes:

But House Republicans said the administration wasn’t going far enough. “Producing oil and natural gas in the NPR-A is pointless if there’s no way to get it out of there,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, Republican of Washington. “The real problem is the federal government’s blocking and delaying of permits for necessary roads, bridges and pipelines needed to transport the energy out of the [reserve].”

The Obama administration’s rejection of this bill points to a viewpoint where the branches of government are twisted. We’ve all heard the phrase “legislating from the bench” in reference to judicial activism. Similarly, President Obama has made legislating from the executive branch a key part of his governing style. The objection to this bill comes primarily from the Bureau of Land Management,which fears the bill would undermine their lease sales.  This bureau, the EPA, the Interior Department, and other bureaucracies are all headed by unelected, appointed individuals. The are not accountable to any constituency. Continued moves like this only serve to perpetuate a power grab, not only in the depth of power, but also in the breadth.

This serves to again show the night and day difference between President Obama and Governor Palin. In Going Rogue,  Governor Palin discusses government’s role as protecting us, not perfecting us. In President Obama’ s environmental concerns, he strives to perfect us. After all, there cannot be any spills or environmental hazards if no drilling is allowed, right? Perfection. Governor Palin, on the other hand,focuses on government oversight, rather than government overregulation. This protects Americans from environmental and physical harm and holds oil companies accountable without stymieing development.

H/T Weasel Zippers

Related: Here is Governor Palin talking last year about the need to unlock the national petroleum reserve :

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Sarah Palin: Eliminate All Energy Subsidies

Sarah Palin and Piper talking to locals at Coffee Express in DillsBurg, PA

By Gary P Jackson

On Sarah Palin’s One Nation Tour she is answering a lot of policy questions from intrepid reporters. Funny how easy it is for the media to get her attention when they ask intelligent questions. It’s our contention that Sarah Palin, who has a degree in journalism and communication, is giving the lamestream media the schooling they didn’t get in college.

Scott Conroy over at Real Clear Politics is one of those who asks good questions, and get good answers. Mitt Romney, desperate to remain relevant, has been pandering to the ethanol crowd by saying he’s on board. Sarah, who actually knows something about energy production, and viability has a different idea:

DILLSBURG, Pa. — Asked Tuesday whether she supports the federal subsidy of ethanol, an always critical issue in the presidential nominating cycle, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went one step further and called for the elimination of all energy subsidies.

I think that all of our energy subsidies need to be relooked at today and eliminated,” Palin told RCP during a quick stop at a coffee shop in this picturesque town tucked into the south-central Pennsylvania countryside. “And we need to make sure that we’re investing and allowing our businesses to invest in reliable energy products right now that aren’t going to necessitate subsidies because, bottom line, we can’t afford it.

If she runs for president, Palin plans to make energy issues a centerpiece of her campaign and will tout her record as governor on restructuring the oil tax regime in Alaska and initiating a massive natural gas pipeline project, which currently remains in limbo.

Her emphatic stance against ethanol subsidies may ruffle some feathers in the nation’s first voting state of Iowa, but it will also win her kudos from fiscal conservatives who praised former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty when, in a speech announcing his candidacy in Des Moines, he called for the phasing out of the federal subsidies that cost taxpayers about $5 billion last year.

Mitt Romney, who will announce his candidacy Thursday and is considered the front-runner in the GOP field, said last week in Iowa that he supports ethanol subsidies.

But Palin differs, saying, “We’ve got to allow the free market to dictate what’s most efficient and economical for our nation’s economy. No, at this time, our country can’t afford the subsidies. Before, though, we even start arguing about some of these domestic subsidies that need to be eliminated — should be — we need to look at ending subsidies and loans to foreign countries and their energy production that we’re relying on, like Brazil.”

Palin and family members traveling on her “One Nation” bus tour spent Tuesday morning touring the battlefields at Gettysburg before heading for Philadelphia.

BTW, though Pawlenty has suddenly gotten religion on ethanol, he was, as Minnesota Governor, one of the nation’s biggest ethanol proponents, and signed the most aggressive ethanol requirements in the nation. In other words, nothing more than an election year conversion. We’ll have more on Pawlenty’s love for ethanol in an upcoming article.

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Sarah Palin: The Obama Anti-Oil Agenda Has Got To Be Stopped Now

…..….Gaddafi…If you touch a hair on one American citizen’s head, we’re gonna hit you…we’re gonna hit you hard, and you’re not gonna be left standing!

~ Sarah Palin on how she would have handled Gaddafi from the outset of the Libyan situation

By Gary P Jackson

You want some red meat, here ya go! Sarah Palin talks with Judge Jeanine Pirro on all of the big issues of the day. From Governor Walker in Wisconsin and the fleebagger democrats …. Sarah says fire ’em [recall them] …. to energy policy, to foreign policy. This interview has it all.

There are only two silly questions here. Both at the end. One about has-been “comedianKathy Griffin, and her continued stalk-fest. The other about her shoes. Pirro goes on and on about how women love their shoes.


Anyhow, Sarah, who is known to wear some stylish footwear from time to time, was wearing a pair at the Long Island event that caught the Judge’s eye.

Our buddy Sheya has a few comments for the Judge which you can read here.

All in all though, a powerful interview. Enjoy.

Video courtesy of our friends at SarahNet.

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“Greenie’s” Try to Distort Sarah Palin’s Position on Oil

Last Tuesday, Governor Pain posted the following on her Twitter page:
I guess the answer to that question is ‘no!’

By Stacy Drake

They don’t get it and don’t ever expect them to express or even understand their own political positions that helped create the current crisis that is taking place in the Gulf. I’m not blaming them for the rig explosion or even the drilling taking place offshore (Lord knows their Subaru’s run off of pixie dust). However, drilling in shallow water has long been a concern of environmentalists. They even expressed “outrage” when Barack Obama recently granted a permit for oil drilling in shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kieran Suckling of the Center for Biological Diversity said, How is it that shallow water drilling suddenly became safe again?

You see, to the far-left of the green variety, ANY drilling offshore or onshore is bad. While having been unsuccessful in stopping drilling in our country all together, they have forced the industry into positions such as deepwater drilling, further and further offshorse. The location of the current leak in the Gulf, which is over a mile below the surface, is the primary reason those working on stopping it are having such a hard time. It’s too far and due to the pressure, unsafe for any human to travel to. Even the “containment box” British Petroleum tried to lower into the ocean, couldn’t withstand the conditions of the deep-water.

That’s why Governor Palin posted this on her Facebook page Wednesday:

Look, here’s the deal: when you lock up our land, you outsource jobs and opportunity away from America and into foreign countries that are making us beholden to them. Some of these countries don’t like America. Some of these countries don’t care for planet earth like we do – as evidenced by our stricter environmental standards.

With your nonsensical efforts to lock up safer drilling areas, all you’re doing is outsourcing energy development, which makes us more controlled by foreign countries, less safe, and less prosperous on a dirtier planet. Your hypocrisy is showing. You’re not preventing environmental hazards; you’re outsourcing them and making drilling more dangerous.

Extreme deep water drilling is not the preferred choice to meet our country’s energy needs, but your protests and lawsuits and lies about onshore and shallow water drilling have locked up safer areas. It’s catching up with you. The tragic, unprecedented deep water Gulf oil spill proves it.

Somehow, “Talking Points Memo” took the governor’s earlier tweet and deduced that she meant that she was against offshore drilling. Their snarky write-up states:

“Ah, the halcyon days of “drill, baby, drill of known reserves and promising finds in safe onshore places like ANWR.” If only Extreme Greenies understood what she really meant, we could have halted all coastal drilling and just focused on Alaskan reserves.”

She never said what they are implying but they are left-winger’s and that’s what left-winger’s do. They never miss an opportunity to twist, stretch, bend, and mangle Governor Palin’s words to fit one of their meme’s or to just outright distort her context.

They then go on to quote Governor Palin being as consistent as I’ve known her to be on this issue saying, “that while Interior Department bureaucrats continue to hold up actual offshore drilling from taking place, Russia is moving full steam ahead on Arctic drilling, and China, Russia, and Venezuela are buying leases off the coast of Cuba.” Why yes, they have.

I see that the left is using the disaster in the Gulf as a opportunity to attack us in favor of drilling. Not only are they deflecting any political pressure Obama is feeling from his inability to “plug the damn hole” or get the feds into a position of helping instead of hindering efforts, they would also like to get a shot in on us while they’re at it. As usual they over-simplify the entire issue and get stuck on scary words like “drill baby drill.” They perpetually miss the point.

We need oil. It is the bloodline of any industrialized nation. Like it or not, that is the way it is, “greenies.” The fact is that Governor Palin has been the leading voice in boosting domestic production of energy supplies with an “all of the above” approach. She has always pushed to keep petrol dollars in American hands, with American families, and not in the hands of wannabe tyrants, anti-American regimes that fund terror, and feeding certain royal family’s appetite for cocaine.

The original reason I was drawn to support Governor Palin, as far back as 2007, was her stance on oil and energy production. I see, as she does, the link between energy and economy, and energy and security. Governor Palin spoke what had been in my mind for years on these topics. She has never wavered or changed her stance. She has stood strong for responsible, domestic production that this nation so vitally needs, and thankfully the American people are smart enough to agree with her.


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Obama’s Energy Theories

by Stacy Drake

Last week President Obama made some astonishing moves concerning the nation’s energy policies. First there was the revelation that Obama may be trying to take credit for the AGIA natural gas pipeline in Alaska. A deal that in reality was brokered by his perceived adversary, Governor Palin along with TransCanada and Exxon-Mobil to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states. The Alaska Gasline Inducement Act had taken thirty years and Governor Palin’s leadership once in office, to get closer than it had ever been to a reality.

Personally, I think Obama would love to federalize this project because it’s pretty obvious that the man loves big centralized government. It’s also painfully obvious that Barack Obama has ZERO accomplishments since he took the oath of office and this would appear to those unfamiliar with AGIA, to be his success. It would also take away from Governor Palin something she worked so hard on, something I’m sure his political staff thinks would be a big score for them. Nevertheless, the nomination and subsequent confirmation of Larry Persily for the new “Pipeline Czar” position in the White House, along with Persily’s former boss, Mike Hawker’s defunding of AGIA from within the Alaska Legislature, sent a loud message. Things may not be going as planned with AGIA and the free market principles that accompanied the original plan may be taking a back seat to whatever Obama and Persily, a former journalist, have planned.

Another bit of hair-raising news in regards to Obama’s energy policies was last Friday when Ken Salazar told reporters that the administration would be implementing a three-year total ban on all new offshore drilling leases in federal waters. According to the latest Rasmussen poll 68% of the American population supports offshore drilling. So once again, Obama chooses to go against the will of the people and adhere to his ultra left-wing ideology. He is also going back on what he told the American people just last January during the State of the Union address. He said:

“But to create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives. That means building a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in this country. It means making tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development. It means continued investment in advanced biofuels and clean coal technologies”

What a liar… It’s like when he told voters during the campaign that he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class and would give 95% of all American’s a tax cut. Obama’s budget revealed that he intends on letting the Bush tax cuts, which affect all working people, to expire. So-called “backdoor tax hikes” will be implemented as of January 1st, 2011. A good breakdown of the numbers can be found here.

Last week was also “CERAWeek 2010,” which was an energy industry conference held in Houston. Obama sent his Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu to discus his administrations policies. Investor’s Business Daily put out an editorial absolutely skewering Secretary Chu. It states:

Our secretary of energy pushes bio-refineries and windmills to oil executives at an energy conference as the administration announces a three-year offshore drilling ban. This is a policy for economic suicide.

They continue:

With an economy struggling to regain sound footing, Chu advocated a starvation diet devoid of additional fossil fuels that are to remain under the ground and seabed. Instead, he supports 53% more funding for wind research and a 22% jump for solar research.

Subsidizing alternative energy fits the classic definition of insanity. Despite huge subsidies, it has proved to be neither cost-effective nor a reliable, significant contributor to our national power grid. Yet we keep subsidizing it, expecting a different result.

“Oil is an ideal transportation fuel, so it will be with us for decades,” Chu conceded, even as the administration forbids us from getting more of it here, creating energy jobs, lowering energy costs and cutting our trade deficit. Instead we’ll rely increasingly on foreign and often unfriendly suppliers.

Chu acknowledged the role cleaner-burning natural gas can play in electricity generation, but only as a “transition to other fuels” in coming years. And the administration continues to gobble up lands where it might be found and impose environmental regulations that curtail the use of new technologies such as fracking to get more oil and natural gas from America’s vast shale deposits.

Equally unimpressed with Chu’s presentation was another speaker. “Gas is more than a bridge fuel,” said James Mulva, CEO of Houston-based ConocoPhillips, noting that huge gas discoveries in recent years in North America in shale and other unconventional rock formations could provide more than a century of supply. “It is part of the long-term energy solution.”

“We must overcome the opposition of the ‘hydrocarbon deniers,'” Mulva said, playing off Al Gore’s term for climate-change skeptics. Hydrocarbon deniers, he said, are those who “believe that renewable energy will quickly and easily replace hydrocarbons and cure all that ails us.”

The headline above a story in the New York Times read, “Oil Execs Chortle as Obama Admin Promotes Renewables.” Except that it’s not funny; it’s tragic. To leave vast stores of domestic energy untapped while Americans are looking for cheap energy and jobs is irresponsible. Unfortunately, this administration has no long-term energy solution, other than hoping for a lot of cloudless and windy days.

You can read the rest here.

Secretary Chu was also the man that wanted to “paint the world white” to “fight global warming.” He actually advocated building codes that would mandate painting all flat roofs white “visible tilted roofs could be painted with “cool-colored” paints.

The president and his administration operate on theories, not proven solutions. Governor Palin worked tirelessly to get this nation a healthy supply of it’s own natural gas as an avenue towards energy independence. The Obama administration appears not to be too concerned with energy independence, which might help the jobless rate by the way. Governor Palin just released a new Facebook statement on the topic of Obama’s misguided energy policies. In it she addressed the jobs associated with domestic energy production. She states:

According to a study by the American Energy Alliance, opening the OCS to drilling could create as many as 1.2 million new jobs and add hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the US economy. Those are real American jobs – and great American opportunities – that can’t be outsourced. Offshore drilling would provide billions in revenue for our states, allowing them to reduce their budget deficits without raising taxes. It would help reduce our trade deficit, which spikes with each rise in the price of oil because we’re so reliant on foreign sources of energy. And because we have some of the best environmental standards in the world, we should be drilling for our own oil instead of buying it from countries with less stringent standards.

Instead of setting his administrations priorities on jobs and the economy, Obama focuses his policies towards growing federal regulations to meet the requirements set forth by questionable science. Then they throw large amounts of tax payer dollars to fund unproven methods of development and completely ignore, penalize, and shut down those that are proven.

Barack Obama has lied to the American people more than once. His administration is headed in the wrong direction in regards to energy and a host of other issues. Energy is actually tied to most issues. Governor Palin has stated that over and over again. That is the central reason I began to support her in the first place, back before she was a household name. This issue is too important to lend out to these theories. The economy and the state of the world are in no condition to be a test lab for Utopian principles. We need to apply the knowledge and resources we already have at our fingertips to save this country from an economic fall and raise it back up to where it belongs.

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