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#hash tags dont win wars

by Isabel Matos

Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook timeline

OBAMA TWITTERING TEETERS TOWARDS CHAOSThis photo says it all about the Obama administration’s reliance on junior high-like tweets and tickles in place of a foreign policy rooted in peace through strength. Diplomacy via Twitter is the lazy, ineffectual, naïve, and insulting way for America’s leaders to deal with major national and international issues. It’s embarrassing. Under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s State Department repeatedly refused to recognize Boko Haram as terrorists despite their conventional, predictable Islamic terrorist rants, training, and mission. Now, in a life or death situation, nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls are in the hands of these terrorists awaiting rescue.

And what is the Obama administration’s weapon of choice in this battle for these young girls’ lives? Hashtagging tweets on social media! I kinda-sorta doubt a tweet will intimidate the kidnappers much. So, if you’re going to jump in and do something about these Islamic terrorists at all, then do it right, do it firmly, and kick their ass.

Like the patriot writes in this photo, winning takes Warriors. If you intend to rescue these innocent girls whose only “crime” was seeking an education despite the threats of insane Islamic terrorists who drag women back to the Stone Age (see, Liberals, THAT is the real “war on women” so quit making it up that conservatives wage it), then you need to send a message to the world that our United States military is the strongest force to protect the good guys, and the most deadly against the bad guys. Pretty simple, the world needs to know America is still on the side of the good guys.

If you’re going to get involved anyway, Mr. President, learn to understand this and believe it, then announce it: Victory is only brought to you “courtesy of the red, white and blue.” It’s certainly not won by your mere “unfriending” the bad guys on Facebook. Leading from behind is not the American way.

– Sarah Palin





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Sarah Palin: Obama Got His Sandy Photo Op Then Jetted off to Vegas to Party with Jay-Z

By Gary P Jackson

Friday night Sarah Palin appeared on the Sean Hannity Show to talk about Hurricane Sandy and Tuesday’s election.

Sarah notes people are freezing, without power, and have even died due to Sandy, and yet all Obama does is fly in for a quick photo op with liberal NJ Governor Chris Christie then jet off to Las Vegas for yet another party with Jay-Z and the Hollywood crowd.

It’s interesting how the corrupt media, which Sarah comments on, is covering Obama here, vs how they covered [and lied about] President George W Bush during Katrina.

Video courtesy our friends at SarahNet.


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The New Official GOP Logo

By Gary P Jackson

After Mitt Romney and the RNC’s huge power grab Tuesday, and the disappointing Arizona vote that saw voters choose the guy who actually lobbied for ObamaCare, Matt Salmon [which Stacy Drake exposed for us here] over an honest to God reform minded Conservative, we now have a new logo for the GOP:

It most certainly fits!

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Mr Scam Man

By Gary P Jackson

A wonderful little video from Dan Roberts:

For more check out Dan’s music at: www.danroberts.net

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Conservatives to Mitt: Quit Now If You Won’t Fight Obamatax! Go Hard or Go Home!

By Gary P Jackson

This morning Dan Riehl pointed out that it Didn’t Take Long For Big Government GOP To Cave On Health Care, pointing out that both the Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have just laid down in the wake of the treacherous decision by the Supreme Court to uphold ObamaCare. No fight in the Republican Establishment™ none whatsoever. This is NOT what we need as we watch the nation we love so much being destroyed.

Now Joel B. Pollak at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism is reporting that Conservatives [and Rupert Murdoch] are calling on Romney to either fight or pack it in. To step aside and let someone else do the job.

I must say, never in my life have I ever heard such a thing. It’s obvious that the old guard Republicans are clueless.

From Pollak:

The Obama campaign has seized on remarks made by Romney adviser Eric “Etch-A-Sketch” Fehrnstrom this morning on MSNBC, to the effect that the individual mandate in Obamacare (and Romneycare) is not a tax. Fehrnstrom allowed Chuck Todd to push him off message–and re-ignited the fears that conservatives have long had about Romney’s will and ability to fight. In response, conservatives–who had just coalesced around opposition to what many now call “Obamatax“–exhort: Mitt, start fighting, or give up and let someone else do it.

Fehrnstrom’s point–in defense of Romneycare–was that the Supreme Court was wrong to uphold Obamacare under the taxing power. The individual mandate was never intended to be a tax, Congress never called it a tax, and it wasn’t a tax in Massachusetts, either. Fine–but now that Obama’s lawyers went to court and called it a tax, and Chief Justice John Roberts called it a tax (and spare us the non-distinction between “tax” and the “taxing power”) Obamacare is, undeniably, a massive tax on the middle class. Obama lied. It’s that simple.

The GOP primary is over, and this is not a mistake that Fehrnstrom can merely shake away. It’s going to be used–and already is being used–by the Obama campaign to save itself from the tax argument, and to label Romney as a liar (when that label belongs squarely on Obama, who campaigned against Hillary Clinton’s individual mandate in 2008). Perhaps this is why Rupert Murdoch has been calling openly for Romney to “drop…old friends from [his] team and hire…some real pros,” as he did on Twitter yesterday.

The Tea Party has been ready to rally to Romney’s side over the Obamacare decision, overlooking his past in order to use him as the vehicle for repealing Obamacare and toppling Obama. But if Romney won’t fight for conservative principles, the Tea Party is going to start looking elsewhere–fast. No one wants to live through the frustration of October 2008 all over again. No one wants to watch another conservative capitulate to Obama.

This ain’t Etch-A-Sketch, Mitt. Go hard or go home.

More here.

Back in 2005 the Formula Project recorded The Choice. (Go Hard or Go Home)Espn2 uses this song as part of it’s drag racing coverage. Hard core, and while it exemplifies the spirit of NHRA drag racing, it also exemplifies the America spirit as well. It’s a philosophy that Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment™ need to embrace.

Go hard or GO HOME!


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Oh My! DNC Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Approval Rating Below 15%

By Gary P Jackson

To quote that great American philosopher Charlie Sheen: “Winning!

Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in big trouble at home. In her position as Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, it’s been comical to watch her try to spin failure after failure into a positive. I’ll give her this though, no one can stick to a talking point, no matter how idiotic, no matter how bad it’s working, than this woman!

Patricia Campion the Tampa Independent Examiner has a lengthy article detailing Wasserman Shultz’s troubles:

From her conflicting statements prior the recall vote, to her bizarre response to Piers Morgan afterward that Walker’s triumph was “at least in part successful” for Democrats, the perhaps well meaning Schultz can’t manage to stand up in defense of her party without sticking her foot in her mouth.

In the meantime, the verbally clumsy Florida Democrat – described Monday by American Thinker’s Sara Goodman as “Constitutionally ignorant and politically tone-deaf” — is facing some challenging reelection problems of her own.

Her latest predicament centers on her extensive travels as head of the DNC and a request by one of her Republican challengers, Karen Harrington, that Schultz release her travel records to determine who is footing the bill.

Since Debbie’s racking up the frequent flyer miles that go far beyond her usual D.C. to Fort Lauderdale hop,” Harrington posted on her website Thursday, “we’d think it’s important for everyone to know- who’s paying for Debbie’s travel expenses these days.

In response to Schultz’s demanded that Mitt Romney release his tax returns, Harrington has also requested that she do the same. She has yet to comply.

As reported last month by Examiner.com’s Tampa Independent Examiner, Schultz’s name had yet to appear on the Florida Supervisor of Elections (FSE) website, raising questions as to whether or not her ongoing friction with President Barack Obama would preclude her attempt to run for reelection.

However, updates by the FSE confirm that Schultz qualified for reelection on June 6.

But the long delay in registration and her method of qualification exposes her own awareness of reelection trouble.

Four of Schultz’s Republican challengers — Juan Eliel Garcia, Joe Kaufman, Ozzie DeFaria and Karen Harrington — qualified by petition, with each collecting more than the 2,298 signatures required to get on the ballot.

According to American Thinker’s Goodman, Harrington has even “received the endorsement of many national and state representatives,” as well as the support of prominent Jews in Florida.

Among Harrington’s advocates in the Jewish community is none other than Stanley Tate.

Tate is the prominent Republican philanthropist whose decision to leave the temple — where Schultz was scheduled to deliver unchallenged comments during a religious service last month — may have inspired the synagogue’s decision to cancel her speech last month.

While a fifth Republican contender — Gineen Bresso — ultimately had to pay a qualifying fee of $10,440, she did manage to gather 2,187 of the 2,298 required petition signatures.

So why would Schultz — an incumbent who has represented Florida in Congress since 2005 and has enjoyed the additional advantage of national exposure as head of the DNC since 2011 – resort to stroking a check for $10,440 to get her name on the ballot?

Perhaps her current 15 percent approval rating — which has been tanking steadily on Elections Meter.com for the past three months – had something to do the decision to forego a petition effort among her clearly discontented constituents.

Unfortunately, paying a $10,440 fee to qualify herself for reelection on June 6 won’t protect her from their judgment at the polls on November 6.

There are literally hours upon hours of video of Debbie Wasserman Schultz saying and doing stupid things. Here she talks with Greta about the fact that it’s been well over a thousand days since Congress has passed a budget.

The Republican lead House of Representatives have passed numerous budgets, only to see them die in the democrat controlled Senate.

Greta puts the heat on her, but Wasserman Schultz can’t help but rattle off tired old talking points, rather than give Greta a straight answer. Even better, when saying the Senate would take up a budget this year, she directly contradicts Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has said he has no intention of bringing up a budget. Never mind Congress is bound by the Constitution to produce a yearly budget. Since when has that pesky old Constitution mattered to a democrat anyway!

We’re supporting Karen Harrington in the Florida Republican Primary. After looking over the field, we feel strongly that she is the right choice.

We’re in pretty good company as Karen has been endorsed by The Great One, Mark Levin, Phyllis Schlafly, Michele Bachmann, and many more.

Karen Harrington has Conservative principles. She’s a small business owner, not a career politician. Has a strong work ethic, and understands what it’s going to take to get America back upon her feet again.

She’s a strong advocate for gun control …. and believes that keeping in practice is essential!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is also for gun control, but in a completely different, totalitarian, grab all the guns, sort of way!

Karen is facing a primary challenge though, and needs your help. Check out her website for more details on how you can help Karen fire Debbie. While you’re there, click on the links to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

We need Common Sense Conservatives in Washington, not more of the same tired old politicians. No more business as usual. We need Karen Harrington.


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Today’s GOP Establishment: Real Reformers Need Not Apply

By Gary P Jackson

If you follow the news, in the last few months you’ve seen hundreds of articles talking about Sarah Palin and fretting over who Mitt Romney will choose as his running mate. These articles all talk about how Mitt must avoid the “Palin disaster.” or words to that effect.

Never mind that Sarah Palin was the only bright spot in the McCain campaign. And never mind that the only time McCain led in the polls was after he chose Sarah as his running mate.

McCain and his boy Steve Schmidt lost the election because of idiotic decisions like suspending the campaign during the financial meltdown, and allowing Obama to look like some kind of uniter, as well as failing to vet Obama, and stopping Sarah from doing so.

Thanks to Steve Schmidt, and Nicole Wallace, McCain had one of the most disastrous campaigns in history. And it didn’t help that McCain told voters they had “nothing to fear from Obama, even as Governor Palin correctly foresaw, and warned voters, exactly what Obama was, and what he would do to our country, if elected.

Stacy Drake gets to the real reason why the GOP Elites have always been cold, if not downright hostile to Governor Palin. Sarah’s record has been discussed often, and her work as a real reformer is legendary. She took on the entire Republican establishment in Alaska, including the state’s GOP party chairman, and the Attorney General. There were massive fines, resignations, and many GOP lawmakers found themselves as guests at federal gray-bar hotels.

Sarah Palin wasn’t playing around when she started reforming the Alaska state government. She made crony capitalism a crime and reformed Alaska’s ethics laws, making it almost impossible for lobbyists to buy off lawmakers. She even limited the amount a lobbyist could spend on buying a lawmaker’s lunch!

There has been an unprecedented effort by the Republican establishment to marginalize Sarah as well as the Tea Party. The GOP Elites want no part of Sarah or the Tea Party patriots. They know that she is quite capable of doing to corrupt Washington politicians what she did to corrupt Alaska lawmakers. It’s why these people worked so hard to discourage her from running for President. It’s why the GOP Elites have taken to using the same tired old talking points the far left loons use, when talking about Sarah.

Face it, turn Sarah Palin loose on Washington, and we’ll have to build more prisons. It’s that big of a corrupt mess up there.

Mitt Romney’s crew has been willing participants in this nastiness since 2008. At first it was because they knew if Sarah ran, their boy had no shot at winning. Unlike the other “not-Romneys” who came and went this election cycle, Sarah is the real deal, with solid support and solid organization. Plus she has a far better record as a governor than Romney.

The Romney campaign has never backed down though. Still doing all they can to discredit and marginalize Sarah.

Stacy Drake, writing for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government speaks about the GOP’s attempts. She hammers crapweasel Steve Schmidt’s underhanded dealings as well as Karl Rove, a tool of Big Government type Republicans. Here’s a taste of what she has to say:

Past Is Prologue: Reformers Need Not Apply

With this cycle’s Republican primary race winding down, much of the media attention has shifted to who Mitt Romney will select to be his running mate.

Some press members are using the opportunity to take shots at Sarah Palin by repeating old memes. Axe-grinders like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace are using the discussion to push their ongoing agenda to escape any accountability for what happened during the 2008 election. All of this is sadly predictable. However, what was not expected were members of the GOP establishment joining in with the anti-Palin chorus.

The GOP establishment’s Palin-bashing is intended to pressure Romney to pick someone who they know will play by their rules. By denigrating Palin, claiming she wasn’t qualified — when an honest look at her record clearly states that she was — they are removing any possibility that a Beltway outsider like her has any chance to be on this year’s ticket.

That certainly wasn’t the perception of conservative voters in 2008, many of whom voted for John McCain primarily because Sarah Palin was on the ticket. Polls from the time also show that Palin provided the McCain campaign with a large lead in the polls against Obama after months of being behind.

Karl Rove attempted to re-write history with even this fact in a recent Wall Street Journal post, claiming, “John McCain’s camp felt that while they were ahead after a better-than-expected summer, they needed to shake things up with an out-of-the-box pick. This thinking produced Sarah Palin.

This is easily disproven by reading the polling data from 2008, which indicates that John McCain didn’t take the lead until after he selected Sarah Palin to run on the ticket with him. He was in negative territory during that entire summer. In fact, Schmidt was hired by the McCain campaign during the summer of 2008 precisely because things were not going well. Someone with Rove’s vast knowledge of the American electoral process knows this.

Nonetheless, Costa’s NRO article goes on to describe the general feeling within the GOP establishment regarding Sarah Palin and her selection in ’08:

GOP strategists are quick to note that Palin’s rise and fall in public opinion was not a singularity but a clarifying moment following other problematic Republican vice-presidential picks from recent decades — from then-first-term Maryland governor Spiro Agnew in 1968 to youthful Indiana senator Dan Quayle in 1988.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking in Washington last week, summed up the emerging consensus among the GOP’s political class. “The single most important criteria has to be the capacity to be president,” Cheney said. “That’s why you pick them. Lots of times in the past that has not been the foremost criteria.

Cheney did not cite Palin by name, but to many Republican operatives who read or heard the remarks, the message was clear: Romney should pick an anti-Palin. Instead of focusing on geography, gender, and biography during the search, Romney should ignore the “talking heads,” Cheney said, and search for “competence, not sizzle.”

Then, University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato weighed in, with Costa quoting him as saying:

[Sabato] suspects, however, that this is probably not an “organized conspiracy” against a Palin-type selection but rather a “generals-fighting-the-last-war mentality.”

Maybe Mr. Sabato is merely repeating what he’s heard elsewhere, but it is doubtful that all of the others are. There is obviously a concerted effort by some bigwigs in the party to rewrite history and make Palin the scapegoat for their 2008 loss. Now, why would these Republican power players make this move at this juncture? Why would they risk alienating a large base of conservative and Tea Party voters before a big general election?

Stephen K. Bannon was also interviewed by Robert Costa, and may have provided some answers. The article reads:

For his part, Palin ally Stephen K. Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart News and director of The Undefeated, a documentary on Palin, is not surprised to see the “permanent political class” coalesce around a group of insider veep choices.

This is their default position,” he sighs. “They can’t help themselves. Guys like Portman and McDonnell are right out of central casting. Those two, and candidates like them, are company men. They come up through the ranks. They’re not dangerous and innovative. They could easily become members of a country club.”

The question Mitt Romney has to answer is whether he can win an election against Barack Obama by listening to the people who are just like him,” Bannon says. “To win, you’re going to have to galvanize the grass roots and the Tea Party. I know the establishment doesn’t want to hear it, but it may be the political reality.

And the fact is, as Bannon noted, the GOP establishment often tears down reformers they do not like and feel uncomfortable around, and that is why Palin was the perfect scapegoat for them after the 2008 election. She is not one of them, she doesn’t hire them, and she has repeatedly informed them that she will never be for sale — to them or to their cronies.

Sarah Palin’s now entirely-vetted record reminds us that this isn’t the first time she has been at odds with party leaders. The Alaska GOP learned quickly that she wasn’t going to be a good teammate in corruption; she wouldn’t play their games and stuck to her principles instead. In 2003, Palin blew the whistle on fellow GOP Commissioner Randy Ruedrich for his unethical behavior. She was instrumental in tearing down the corruption-plagued GOP machine in her home state.

Read more of what Stacy has to say here.

As voters, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Obama must be defeated at all cost. America will not survive four more years of his destructive policies. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is no reformer. I want to believe he will do a much better job than Obama. I want to believe Mitt knows what it takes to get the economy rolling again. Mitt’s success as a businessman is well documented. Of course, so is his less than stellar record as Governor.

Still, Obama must go, and there is always 2016.

I have been daydreaming of a new, strong third party, or should I say a new party that would see the GOP go the way of the Whigs, replacing the dead-enders with bright, vibrant, hard working Conservative reformers.

Then I wake up!

I see what Sarah Palin is doing for America right now, as I write this, and you read it.

Sarah Palin is scouring the country looking for like minded Conservatives who will help lead America out of the wilderness. Her first shot across the bow of the old guard GOP was in Indiana, when she helped Richard Mourdock defeat 36 year veteran Dick Lugar in a landslide.

In Nebraska, Sarah tapped Deb Fischer. Deb is a solid reformer and has a great record as a state senator. She was a long-shot before Sarah’s endorsement. The latest reports have Fischer surging in the polls. As Tony Lee at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government points out, one poll has her tied with Jon Bruning, making it now a two person race for the nomination. Another poll has Fischer leading 39% to 34%, that’s a huge change from last week, before Sarah’s endorsement, where Fischer was losing to Brunning 36% to 42%.

As I reported earlier, after Sarah endorsed Ted Cruz here in Texas, the state went wild! Phones at the Cruz campaign headquarters were ringing off the wall, and the cash was coming in at a rapid rate.

That’s what a Palin endorsement does for a candidate. .

You can bet Sarah will be making endorsements like this all across the nation, like she did in 2010.

The GOP may have worked hard to dissuade her from running for President this year, but Sarah will have the last laugh, as she will send many strong Conservative reformers to Washington to do battle not only with the socialist democrats, but the GOP Elites, who …. let’s face it …. are just as bad, if not worse.

As much as I enjoy my fantasy of a brand new, shiny party, minus any Establishment hacks, Sarah Palin knows what Ronald Reagan knew. The best way to go is to take over the Republican Party from within. The only problem with Reagan, who was quite successful, is after he left office, there was no one in office to carry on the Reagan legacy.

That isn’t the case today.

Today we have the Tea Party. Today we have Sarah Palin, the rightful heir to the Reagan legacy. Even without Sarah in office, she has the ability to fight like no other, and win. This is why the old guard Republicans, the corrupt and the lethargic, fear her so much, and work overtime spreading lies about her and her record.

We know the democrats fear her, but hatred from democrats is normal and expected. They hate and attack anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. They even attack their own if they fail to tow the party line. That will never change.

It’s the Republican Elites that must be defeated. Taking back the party of Reagan will be the way to save America, and restore the nation to greatness.

I know a lot of my fellow Conservatives join me in my disappointment that our presidential nominee is Mitt Romney. That said, we MUST defeat Obama, and there is always another election!

The real action is in Congress. If we are to save America, we must follow Sarah’s lead and work hard to elect real, solid Conservative reformers who will go to Washington and shake things up. Conservatives who won’t fall in line and allow the Elites to co-opt them.

Romney is the bitter pill we gotta swallow.

The Conservatives we can send to clean house in Congress is the delicious desert we can all enjoy.

Sarah has the right plan. The GOP Elite think they have her on the ropes, when in reality, it is the old guard GOP whose days are numbered.

Sarah Palin changed the political landscape in 2010. The strength of her endorsements helped fuel the largest political turnover since Reconstruction after the Civil War.

2010 was just the start though. As Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will a new Conservative majority happen overnight. This is a generational fight that must be waged. We must never give up, never surrender.

We must back Sarah Palin, and Conservative reformers like her. We will prevail if we keep our focus where it belongs.

Reforming Congress is the important issue this election. Getting Obama out of office is a given, but controlling Congress with serious reformers is key. That is where we must focus our attention.


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Top Gingrich Donor Sheldon Adelson : Newt’s at the end of his line

By Gary P Jackson

Newt Gingrich’s big donor, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is now openly stating what is painfully obvious to everyone but, well Newt Gingrich: It’s over.

Newt has no path to the nomination, and with his poor showing across the nation, it’s highly unlikely that he [or any of the current candidates] would emerge the victor from a brokered convention, something itself, that is highly unlikely.

Adelson, speaking at The Jewish Federations of North America’s second annual TribeFest not only talked about Newt, but had choice words for Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, as well.

From Jewish Journal:

Sheldon Adelson, who with wife Miri, has given more than $15 million to the Newt Gingrich Super PAC Winning Our Future, said Monday he believes Gingrich is “at the end of his line” regarding the race for the Republican presidential nomination. 

Adelson was speaking informally to a small group at his Las Vegas hotel and casino, The Venetian, which hosted The Jewish Federations of North America’s second annual TribeFest, a three-day leadership and networking retreat that attracted more than 1,400 Jewish professionals.

The casino magnate, sporting a button that read “Obama…Oy Vey,” visited a TribeFest session focused on the potential 2012 Jewish vote. As he exited the session, about a dozen participants followed Adelson into the hallway.

Adelson took sharp jabs at Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, the two leading candidates in the Republican primary races.

I know Rick [Santorum]. I like him. We’re friendly. But I got to tell you something, I don’t want him running my country,” he said.

Romney is “not the bold decision maker like Newt Gingrich is,” Adelson said.

Adelson predicted it’s unlikely Gingrich will become a vice presidential candidate.

Adelson is chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., a company valued at more than $21 billion, according to Forbes magazine.  He is also a major donor to the Birthright Israel program and has been said to be single-handedly responsible for keeping Gingrich’s campaign alive in recent months.

We agree with Adelson on every point concerning Newt, Rick, and Mitt.

Obligatory …..

Adelson video courtesy Jay Firestone

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HBO’s “Game Change” a Ratings Disaster: Less Than Half the Audience of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Debut

By Gary P Jackson

They had some of Hollywood’s biggest names, the backing of a sycophantic, fawning media, and a huge marketing effort, and yet the phony baloney Game Change movie couldn’t beat the real thing.

That’s right folks, a housewife from Wasilla, Alaska, and a little travel-adventure show beat out, not only the biggest of the Hollywood bigs, but the Obama regime, and all of it’s minions, by more than two-to-one!

From Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood:

Game Change‘ Ratings Bust: Less than Half of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska‘ Debut

HBO’s anti-Sarah Palin film “Game Change” scored some pretty impressive ratings over the weekend – 2.1 million viewers, according to numbers released today.

But while the cable network may be tempted to spike the football, it might want to do some digging on some other Palin-related data first.

TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaskadebuted in 2010 to five million viewers, more than double the HBO figure. Now, TLC isn’t a pay channel like HBO, but the tally still undermines the narrative that audiences were clamoring to see a Palin takedown.

Plus, while HBO’s film got almost universally glowing reviews and all the media attention a title could muster, the TLC reality show debuted on a much less well known outlet sans universally positive press.

Even when one adds up the three “Game Change” airings on Saturday it still only comes to 3.6 million viewers, far less than the number of folks who caught Palin basking in her beloved Alaska two years ago.

I haven’t seen the numbers for The Undefeated on Reelz yet. It will be interesting to see how many tuned in, as Reelz reaches about three times as many households as HBO.


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After Gingrich, Perry Fail to Qualify for Virginia Ballot a Whole Lot of Republicans Sounding like ACORN Thugs

By Gary P Jackson

I always thought Conservatives were the cats who advocate taking personal responsibility for their actions. Evidently this doesn’t apply when their candidate of choice fails miserably.

Since Newt Gingrich failed to make the Virginia ballot, even with FIVE MONTHS to get it done, Newt has been crying like a baby, talking about a “broken system” and his supporters have cooked up more conspiracy theories than your average Alex Jones follower.

In my [dare I say] brilliant analysis of the Virginia debacle, I pointed out, the only people to blame for Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry not being on the Virginia ballot is Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry. They played under the same rules as everyone else.

If you can’t get 10,000 LEGITIMATE signatures on a petition is FIVE FREAKIN’ MONTHS then you might not be the best choice for president. It doesn’t take a whole lot of organizational skills to pull this off.

For Newt, this is particularly telling, since not only is he a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he’s the supposed front runner. If he can’t get it done in his home state, where he leads the polls, then he has problems.

Now to be sure, there are Perry supporters raising hell too, and of course, many blame The Great Satan™ himself, Mitt Romney, for the entire mess, because …. you know …. he followed the rules.

The reason I’m not going after Perry though, is he isn’t out there trash talking and whining like Newt. All that has come out of the Perry campaign is they will appeal the decision, basically asking for the signatures be checked again. This is a reasonable response, for an grown man.

Perry is acting like an adult. His campaign acknowledges they didn’t qualify, and understands, in the grand scheme of things, Virginia has just a taste over 2% of the delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination. In other words, it’s not a big deal that neither Perry nor Gingrich won’t be on the ballot.

With that said, imagine my horror when I saw the headline at Big Government that shouts VA GOP Ballot Access Rules Changed Last Month.

What’s the problem?

It seems the rule change came after a [still pending] lawsuit by an independent candidate for Virginia’s legislature alleged the Virginia Republican Party wasn’t even checking the petitions to see if the signatures were valid!

First off, why is a political party being allowed to certify petitions are legitimate in the first place? Shouldn’t that be the job of the election officials?

That’s like allowing a NASCAR team to certify their own car is legal! Because, you know, no one in NASCAR ever cheats. Never, ever. No sir, not them boys.

Look up “Smokey Yunick” for fun and highly entertaining stories about how no one in NASCAR ever cheats! Ever.

Why are people now up in arms over Newt’s incompetence?

You see, after the lawsuit was filed, in one of the most evil acts of oppression even known to mankind …. EVER …. the GOP is now actually checking to make sure the signatures on the petitions are legit.

My God! This is like the Spanish Inquisition all over again!

I really wonder if the people bitching about the Virginia law, and the fact Newt [and Perry] aren’t on the ballot because THE CANDIDATES failed to qualify, realize how much like they sound like democrats who whine incessantly when they don’t get their way?

Seriously, it’s like they’ve all become ACORN thugs! It doesn’t help that Newt, instead of acting like a man, and taking responsibility for not qualifying, is out there stirring things up. Newt is acting like his failing to meet some very simple requirements, despite having months to get it done, is some sort of injustice to humanity, rather than just a disorganized, undisciplined campaign.

The thing that really gets me is the very same people losing their minds over this, are the ones who constantly bitch about the democrats and how their buddies at ACORN dummy up petitions and voter registration forms. How ACORN [often illegally] pays it’s workers for every name collected, which results in Mickey Mouse and the starting line-up for the St Louis Cardinals ending up on the forms!

Now let me clarify, no one is alleging Newt or Perry engaged in anything even remotely like that. The only thing we know for certain is a significant number of the names on the ballot couldn’t be verified. Enough to put them under the required amount.

From what I understand many of the names collected didn’t include the most basic information like address, or phone number, so they could be verified.

That’s not a conspiracy, it’s just sloppy work.

As I look around and see all of this bellyaching, I am ashamed of my fellow man. Certifying the integrity of an election should be considered a good thing, no matter who it effects. You can’t just pick and choose what sort of rules you want to see followed, based on the fact those rules adversely effect someone you support.

It’s like saying it’s against the law to murder someone, unless it’s someone many people would like to see murdered!

Many people would like to see Newt and Perry on the ballot, but they didn’t follow the rules. Tough, better luck next time.

The Big Government article is built on the outrage the rules were changed last month.


Are we to think candidates that knew Virginia law REQUIRES a candidate to have a minimum of 10,000 signatures including 400 from each of the 11 voting districts, were expecting those signatures wouldn’t be checked by someone? Especially after not only Virginia election officials AND the Virginia Republican Party had been telling candidates for weeks they should try to get 15,000 signatures, including 600 from each district?

Why do you think that higher recommendation was given?

Wouldn’t that sort of recommendation imply the signatures would be checked, and the possibility of some signatures being disallowed a real consideration?

We’re not dealing with children here. We’re dealing with people who are [allegedly] adults, and candidates for President of these United States! Just because the Virginia GOP had allowed petitions to slide through unchecked in the past, doesn’t mean that was right, or that it’s now evil they are checking them now.

Again, I always thought Conservatism stood for something.

Voter fraud is a real issue in America and anything that makes that less likely is a good thing. Again, I’m not saying Perry or Newt did anything fraudulent. They simply failed to qualify for the ballot. They had the exact same opportunity to qualify as those who did. If they want to blame someone, look in the mirror, and at campaign staff. Not the law.

Rules change, and it’s up to those involved to not only keep up with them, but follow them.

Again, I find it disgusting that Republicans, who raise holy, righteous, hell when the democrats don’t follow election law, are acting just like them!

If there is one thing we’ve learned from this deal, other than Newt and Rick Perry are running sloppy campaigns, is Rick Perry is an adult, and Newt, definitely is not. Perry is acting like a man and taking responsibility. Newt is blaming a “failed system” instead.

All I can say is shame on those who are complaining about the “horror” of officials actually checking the petitions submitted by the candidates to make sure they meet the requirements of Virginia law.

There’s no crying in politics!


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