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Sarah Palin’s Hard Hitting Pre-Caucus Interview: Lots of Shakin’ Up in the Next 24 Hours

By Gary P Jackson

This is a long interview. A lot of ground covered. Some controversial, like calling for Bachmann and Huntsman to drop out.

Eric presses Sarah Palin on the effort to draft her. She does an awful lot of deflecting here. She says “at this point” the field is what it is. Who knows what that means? After saying she was unhappy with the field for weeks, now she says she’s happy. Again, a lot of dancing around the question.

Eric asks her point blank if there ends up being a substantial write-in vote for her, would she jump in. After saying she doesn’t see that happening, and calling the hypothetical question, it’s not something she’s even thought about. Then she goes on to say what we all think about the candidate we want. The one that does not exist in the current field, even if you could take the best from each and combine them into a new candidate.

Bolling also point blank says many feel the candidate that she is describing is Sarah Palin.

As usual, Sarah goes out of her way to say something nice about all the candidates.

She says nice things about Ron Paul, but then goes into a lengthy discussion of how, basically, he’d have to have an intelligent, and mentally competent, staff to baby sit a President Paul to keep him doing stupid things! Watching Sarah’s facial expressions while talking about Ron Paul is delicious.

Sarah also talks about Donald Trump, and the likelihood he will run a 3rd party effort. [Trump has already done this in Texas] She weighs in on the thought of a 3rd party run by Ron Paul.

Great interview though. She and Eric have a good rapport, and good chemistry:

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Eric Bolling Talks with Brian Lerch and Kate Obenshain About the Effort to Draft Sarah Palin in Iowa

By Gary P Jackson

Eric Bolling interviews Brian Lerch from the Iowa Earthquake movement and Kate Obenshain from the Claire Booth Luce Institute.

Brian really shows he has realistic goals for Iowa. Kate Obenshain is towing the party line though. Sort of sad. Seems like she’s conceded that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee.

Eric does a good job of challenging both and having a great point-counterpoint.

Video courtesy SarahNet

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Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney Needs to Embrace The Tea Party

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin really shines when she’s on the Fox Business News network. FBN has better interviewers, and more time. The talk is always more serious, with more substance as well.

The first half of the interview is presidential politics. Sarah gives some interesting answers to the questions. The first one that struck me, and I don’t actually agree with, was her saying everyone should go to the Trump debate. I actually applauded Mitt Romney’s [and other’s] decision to skip this deal. And readers know I rarely applaud anything Romney does. To me the Trump debate is a joke, and nothing more than Trump promoting Trump.

Sarah makes the point candidates can’t just “preach to the choir” and an event like Trump’s, might draw a different audience. Expose this bunch to different people than before. It’s a great point, but as Michelle Malkin points out, there are serious issues. Incredibly troubling issues.

For one, Trump chose to pair up, with disgraced former CNN head honcho Eason Jordon, who, among other things, gave aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein, against the United States, in order to keep his Iraqi CNN bureau open. Michelle has the whole story here.

There are also reports that Trump plans to endorse after this debate, which stinks of self promotion. But wait, there’s more. While doing this debate, there are also reports Trump is already sending out fund raising letters, for Trump, as he explores the idea of a third party bid.

Just too much of a circus surrounding this event to make it worthwhile, in my opinion.

The rest of the interview is Sarah doing what she does well.

I had to laugh Wednesday afternoon when a bunch of Gingrich supporters where going nuts on Twitter because a Los Angeles Times story claimed she “praised” their boy. The Governor has said nice things about everyone in this race, which is what she does here.

She also strongly points out the obvious, that there is no way in hell Newt can claim to be a “Washington outsider” with his record! She goes on to say all of the candidates must PROVE they have a solid record of actual reform. Of taking on the entrenched corruption in government, and doing something about it.

That disqualifies pretty much the entire field, BTW.

There are some who may be less corrupt, or just never confronted the massive corruption, but the candidate that meets Sarah Palin’s number one requirement, and mine, simply doesn’t exist. There are no real reformers in this race. Just those who embraced the corrupt culture, like Gingrich, and in Texas, Perry, and those who simply never fought to fundamentally reform government. Voters will have to choose which is worse.

She does point to Newt’s reaching out to the Tea Party as part of the reason he’s polling well, and strongly suggests Mitt Romney do the same. The Tea Party is made up of Conservatives, independents, and even some disgusted democrats. It’s a key constituency, without them, no candidate can succeed

Another interesting thing, when asked about her endorsement [hint: she isn’t endorsing anyone] is the notion that we should wait and see who Ron Paul endorses. Obviously she knows Paul won’t be our nominee, but she does heap much praise on his fiscal ideas. It’s the one thing Ron Paul ever talks about that makes any sense whatsoever.

It will be interesting to see if Ron Paul endorses, who he endorses, or whether he will go on another meaningless third party bid.

The second half of the interview is all about crony capitalism, or as host Eric Bolling calls it, “crony socialism.

They discuss Nancy Pelosi and her bank stocks, and how she made a fortune insider trading. How absolutely unacceptable it is that members of Congress engage in activities daily, that would send anyone else to prison on a felony conviction.

Sarah mentions the legislation Sean Duffy [a congressman she backed in 2010] has in the works, but points out it’s merely a start, and has far too many loopholes to be effective. Those that are familiar the ethics legislation Sarah championed as Governor of Alaska know she’s not fond of corrupt politicians, or loopholes.

Sarah Palin’s great passion, her strong motivation for getting into politics, has always been her desire for sudden and relentless reform. Since her earliest days in political office, she has stood up to anyone who even had the slightest scheme that didn’t seem right.

For those seeking her endorsement and support, they need to stop the political nonsense, and get serious about reforming government. They need to be ready on day one to take on the corruption that Washington bathes in, and never back down. That’s what the American people want as well.

Sadly, if we are relying on the current cast of characters, we are going to be waiting for a long, long time. As long as corruption and influence peddling is tolerated, America will never recover from the mess it’s in.

As Sarah talks about her adviser’s new book: Throw Them All Out she lets it be known, the title itself is the game plan that will reform government.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Sarah Palin Talks With Sean Hannity And Eric Bolling

What I live for is fighting for family and faith and freedom in this country.

~ Sarah Palin 5/18/11

By Gary P Jackson

On Wednesday Sarah Palin spoke with both Sean Hannity at Fox News, as well as, Eric Bolling at Fox Business News. A wide variety of topics are discussed. Noteworthy is her take on Newt Gingrich. Not only does she hammer him for his bizarre comments on Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan, she also schools Newt how to talk to the lamestream media when they try and paint you as a racist.

When David Gregory interviewed Newt he tried to paint him as a racist for calling Obama the “food stamp President. Newt was trying to bring attention to the incredible rise of Americans on food stamps, thanks to Obama’s fail policies. Newt totally failed in the interview, as you will see in the Hannity video.

Sarah goes after the media hard as well as candidates who would rather try and please the media than stand up for their principles. She also talks about 2012.

The is Sarah Palin at her very best. She looked incredibly determined. Dare I say, presidential.

Videos courtesy, SarahNet.

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