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Governor Palin Used Her Executive Authority to Make Government Smaller and More Ethical

by Whitney Pitcher

Executive experience is often seen as a needed criterion when looking for potential presidential nominees, especially among Republicans. It has been more than 130 years since the GOP nominated an eventual winner for President who only had legislative experience (Note: President Eisenhower’s military experience easily qualifies as executive experience). It goes beyond the simple dichotomy of legislative versus executive experience, however. What is even more important is how one used the executive experience that he or she has.  Did he or she use such experience to make government smaller or bigger? Did he or she use their executive experience to create personal mandates or to expand individual freedom? Did he or she use their executive to perpetuate or get rid of cronyism?

The office of Alaskan governor is known for being a very powerful office—2nd most powerful state executive in the country.  What makes the Alaska governor’s office so powerful include line item veto power that can only be overridden by three-fourths majority in the legislature and the ability to appoint all statewide executive department heads and  various board members positions and the like. The only two statewide elected officials are the governor and the lt. governor; other positions, such as attorney general, are appointed by the governor. In many ways, the proverbial buck indeed stopped with Governor Palin. During Governor Palin’s tenure, she used her executive power to make government smaller and more ethical and transparent.

As Governor, Sarah Palin vetoed nearly $500 million in spending during her tenure including vetoing nearly a quarter billion in 2007 alone. Such vetoes enabled her to cut Alaska’s budget 9.5% over her predecessor’s budget.  She also  vetoed  $268 million in the FY2009 capital budget. Despite legislative outcry over these vetoes, they did not even take up a vote to attempt to override her veto. Earlier that year, Governor Palin vetoed nearly $58 million for funding various projects in a supplemental bill. She did not use her line item veto indiscriminately though. Some of the projects proposed by legislators were projects Governor Palin had vetoed the year prior. She gave legislators the opportunity to justify why such projects should be funded:

She said if lawmakers didn’t want her to simply veto the projects again, they could make an appointment to come to her office and explain why the projects were worthy of funding. Palin personally attended more than a dozen meetings with lawmakers, and even opened them to the media.

On Thursday, members of her staff hand-delivered the results to lawmakers.

Of the $70 million in projects at issue, Palin accepted 52 projects totaling $12.4 million, chopped 16 worth $22.3 million, and put 155 projects worth $35.4 million in what she designated the “move” category.

In 2009, Governor Palin vetoed nearly $30 million in federal stimulus aimed at energy efficiency because it required federal building codes to be implemented. Her veto was later overridden by the legislature. Governor Palin was concerned with the sustainability of projects funded by the federal government when the funding would later dry out saying,” [i]f the legislature wants to add funds to grow government, then I also want to hear how we will get out of the fiscal hole we’ll be in just two years from now when those temporary stimulus funds are gone”. She could have used her pen to simply sign into law any spending project handed to her, but she did not. She exercised fiscal restraint, even to the dislike of the legislature, because she wanted to ensure government remained small and that all projects approved were truly worthy of state funding. Governor Palin used the power given to her by the Alaska constitution, but she did so to shrink spending, make state government smaller, and make Alaska less dependent on the federal government.

Governor Palin used her executive power to appoint individuals to cabinet type positions, councils, and the like who were of the same mindset when it came to making government smaller and reduce bureaucratic red tape. This can be seen in her creation of the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council to address Alaska’s healthcare issues early in her term. This council was comprised of Department of Health and Social Services and individuals from various levels of government, the business community, the healthcare industry, and faith based organizations, and they were all appointed by the Governor. The recommendations from this council provided the basis for a healthcare proposal from the Governor, the Alaska Health Care Transparency Act, which would increase patient choice and remove bureaucratic red tape for providers—essentially making government smaller.  One thing this act proposed was removing the Certificate of Need (CON) requirement for building new healthcare facilities:

STATE CON LAWS originated, like so many bad health care ideas, with a mandate from the federal government. In 1974, states were effectively told by Washington that no new medical facilities could be built unless a “public need” had been demonstrated. The idea was to reduce costs, but the only measurable effect of this federal decree was a morass of bureaucratic red tape that stifled competition in the health care market. In 1987, the federal statute was finally repealed, but many states inexplicably kept their CON processes in place. Alaska was one of them and, as Governor Palin put it in an editorial for the Anchorage Daily News, “Under our present Certificate of Need process, costs and needs don’t drive health-care choices — bureaucracy does. Our system is broken and expensive.”

This bill ultimately was rejected by the legislature, but it indicates– both through her personal policy convictions and that of those whom she appointed– smaller, less bureaucratic government was the goal.

Through her appointments, Governor Palin showed how she desired to use her executive power to make government void of crony capitalism and more transparent. This was seen in the seven individuals she brought in to work with oil and gas issues, who had become known as the Magnificent Seven. One of these individuals, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner, Tom Irwin, was fired by Governor Murkowski, Palin’s predecessor, due to his questioning of the legality Murkowski’s pipeline deal. Six other DNR employees quit in protest of Irwin’s firing. Governor Palin brought these individuals back to work for her administration appointing Tom Irwin as her DNR commissioner.  These individuals were instrumental in both the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA)—her natural gas pipeline project—and Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share (ACES)—the oil tax structure. AGIA was negotiated in a transparent manner and allowed all potential pipeline companies and energy development companies to compete for the opportunity to participate in the project and also allowed Alaskans to view these proposals in a transparent manner. No special treatment was shown to any particular companies because neither Governor Palin, her commissioners, nor her DNR staff had industry cronies.  The same could be said of ACES. Previously, PPT, the oil tax structure signed in to law by Governor Murkowski, was done in secret and was favorable to Murkowski’s cronies, which led to the indictment and arrest of Murkowski’s chief of staff, some legislators, and industry personnel from the pipeline company, VECO. ACES was not influenced by only certain oil companies, but instead provided incentives for any companies willing to engage in oil exploration. Governor Palin’s appointments helped rid Alaska of the crony capitalism and lack of government transparency.

Much of Governor Palin’s efforts to shrink government and make it more ethical are a direct contrast to the supposed GOP executive frontrunners in the race for the 2012 nominations. Both Governor Romney and Governor Perry grew government obligations.   They both increased state debt at a far greater pace than Governor Palin, while Governor Palin actually reduced state liabilities for pensions and the like when Governors Romney and Perry increased state liabilities.  Governor Romney’s infamous universal healthcare/individual mandate plan, which he defends on the basis of federalism, is very heavily funded, not by state monies, but by federal Medicaid and Medicare dollars and continues to run way over budget. Governor Perry once issued an executive order (thankfully later overturned by the Texas legislature)that mandated young girls to get a HPV vaccine manufactured by a company that gave substantially to Perry’s campaign. On the other hand, Governor Palin proposed a plan that gave more individual choices, not mandates, in healthcare. Governor Romney has a history of receiving campaign funds from entities that he once did business with and also had a history of engaging in and supporting corporatism through various subsidies. Governor Perry, too, has a history of crony capitalism by awarding business related grants to those who have donated to his gubernatorial campaigns. Governor Palin’s natural gas pipeline and her oil tax structure were aimed at removing cronyism, and her ethics reform bill sought to remove the influence of political favors for campaign funds.

Executives at any level of government could use their power to grow government spending and power and to reward cronies or those who donated to their campaign. Governor Palin is the only one who has a proven record of using her power to make the government smaller and less powerful.  Governor Palin used her power to reduce government spending and state reliance on the federal funding. She desired to increase individual choice, not create individual mandates.  She used her executive authority to make government more ethical and transparent while removing cronyism rather than perpetuating it. The differences could not be clearer.


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An Open Letter To Congressman Darrell Issa: On Ethics, Let Sarah Palin Be Your Guide

By Gary P Jackson

Darrell Issa is the tough talking Republican Congressman from Vista, California who will head the powerful Congressional Oversight Committee in the brand new 112th Congress. Since the election in November, Congressman Issa has been sending strong signals that he intends to give his power of subpoena quite the workout, holding officials in the Obama regime accountable for their misdeeds and unethical behavior.

Late Sunday the Los Angeles Times posted an article that would appear in Monday’s print edition noting that Issa has pledged to find some $200 billion in government waste.

There are plenty stories of the Congressman’s desire to stop waste, fraud and abuse, so imagine my horror when I saw this headline over at The Blaze:

Politics As Usual: Rep Issa Says Sestak Offer Was ‘Obama’s Watergate’… ‘Criminal Event’… And We Are Totally Not Investigating Because Bush Did it Too

The video at the link is from Congressman Issa’s appearance on CNN’s State of the Union. Now the host is the typical lamestream media hack, and at first appeared to really be putting a lot of words in the Congressman’s mouth. But as I watched the video, four times total, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The conversation is about the fact that democrat senatorial candidate Joe Sestak was offered a position within the Obama regime in return for not running against turncoat Arlen Specter in the primary, after democrat turned Republican, Specter, went back where he belonged, to the democrat party after realizing he could no longer win as a Republican. [Turns out he couldn’t win as a democrat either!]

Sestak would beat Specter only to lose to Conservative Pat Toomey in November.

Here’s the problem with Sestak. It’s a felony to offer someone something of value to drop out of a political contest. This is usually done by the Executive Branch, by offering up an ambassadorship, or some other position, or advisory role to a person.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a paid or unpaid position. It’s illegal. Of course, from a money standpoint, either way these shenanigans cost the taxpayers money, wasted money, which is supposedly in Congressman Issa’s wheelhouse. He certainly says it is.

What troubles me about the Congressman is the fact that he acknowledges this is a crime, even as he backs away from talk of impeachment. Sadly, like most politicians, he splits the difference, saying it’s Obama’s Watergate, but backing away from impeachment talk. [Watergate, of course, was an impeachable offense]

** Please note, I’m not advocating impeachment, at this time.

His biggest excuse for saying he’s not going to do anything about this is because someone in the Bush administration, who he doesn’t name, nor is he sure of when it happened, is supposed to be guilty of the same thing.

That’s sorta lame, even for a politician, but especially so for someone who has been talking very tough when it comes to oversight and reform. You gotta walk it like ya talk it, or you lose the beat.

As our mothers told us at a very young age, two wrongs don’t make a right!

Put another way, if someone in the Bush administration really committed this crime, the answer is NOT to excuse the Obama regime, but to go after whoever committed the crime in the Bush administration, AS WELL!

Look, in the grand scheme of things, what Obama and his people did with Sestak is small potatoes, and the man didn’t even take the bait. In fact, Sestak blew the whistle on the whole thing himself! What matters is this signals that Issa may be just another one of the “good old boys” in the Ruling Class who is quite happy to look the other way even if the offenses are a felony.

Not the start to the 112th Congress we were hoping for.

In fact, if you read the L.A. Times piece, here, it seems Issa may be softening his stance on Obama, who he once called “one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.” Of the regime, Issa also stated: “They’ve played fast and loose with the money Congress gave them.

All of this is true. In fact I think it’s an easy case to make that Obama is the most corrupt American President in history. The worst we’ve had in the 234 year history of the Republic.

Look, I want to say right now that I don’t think Congressman Darrell Issa is a bad man, or a corrupt man. I think he’s misguided, and has been a member of the “good old boys club” for way too long. This is why we STRONGLY support strict term limits for all elected officials. Even the best of the best can be ruined by spending too much time in one office, especially in Washington.

With that said,  I have some very simple and important advice for Congressman Issa:

Sir, if you really and truly want to clean up Washington. I mean really clean it up, reform it, and get rid of those who lie, cheat, and steal, wasting money at ever step along the way, go after EVERYBODY!

I’ve been a long time supporter of Governor Sarah Palin. Long before most of America had heard her name. In fact, not long after she became the Governor of Alaska. I write this to help you understand that one of the things that immediately caught my attention, and has held it ever since, is her long and storied career as a reformer. A real reformer.

Now anyone can reform a thing or two, and score big points by taking on corrupt members of the other party. It takes real cojones to go after members of your own party, some who are your friends, and maybe even mentors.

One of the earliest stories that sets Sarah Palin apart from the crowd, comes from her early days as a member of the Wasilla city council. We all know Wasilla is a small city now, and was even smaller before Sarah became Mayor, and grew the place. Wasilla didn’t even have a police force until a group of young forward thinking leaders decided to run for office, recruiting Sarah to run with them. One of these leaders, a fellow named Nick Carney, recruited her to run.

Not knowing the man personally, what I have read leads me to believe he isn’t a really bad guy, and he was certainly an early mentor of Sarah’s. Stephen Mansfield, in his book, The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin, describes the situation well.

Carney, who had retired early as a state employee had found himself in Wasilla. Besides lacking a police force, Wasilla also lacked a garbage hauling service, as do many small towns nationwide. The residents of Wasilla were stuck hauling their own garbage to the dump. Being an entrepreneur, Carney saw a need and quickly filled it, offering up his services to one and all. Life was good.

As Mansfield writes in his must read book, it wasn’t long before Sarah and Carney would be butting heads on certain issues. This shocked Carney, as he thought, that as a rookie politician, Sarah would understand the most important commodity in politics is loyalty.

As she gained more confidence, she began showing she understood the REAL most important commodity in politics is principle, and the ability to put it above anything else. Including the friendship of someone who considered her their protégé.

What got Sarah and Carney sideways? Well, in what probably seemed reasonable to Carney and some others on the city council, including Mayor John Stein, Carney is said to have spearheaded a drive to create a city ordinance that would force residents to have their garbage hauled away by, wait for it, Nick Carney’s garbage hauling business!

As Sarah and others saw it, this was a clear case of conflict of interest in which Carney’s company stood to make some serious money over time. For the record, Carney denies this is the way it went down, claiming he recused himself from the issue, but was brought in by other council members as a “consultant.”

Yeah, OK.

Now us city dwellers are used to paying to have our garbage hauled away, and even paying a fee if we take things to the dump ourselves. But in most cases, this is done by city workers or in some cases private companies who won the contract through competitive bid. Either way, the billing is done through the city. No way a city council member, in a normal city, would get away with creating a law giving his company the exclusive rights, and forcing the citizens to pay for his services.

Yeah, I know, in the grand scheme of things, much like the Sestak situation, this thing with Carney isn’t a huge deal, but it was to the citizens of Wasilla. It also serves to point out that even with little things, principle matters more than anything. Especially party loyalty.

People who know the Sarah Palin story know she would take these solid principles with her through two terms as Mayor, her time as the Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and Governor.

Of course the most famous story of Sarah Palin as a reformer comes from her time as the powerful Chairman of the oil and gas commission. It wasn’t long before she uncovered all sorts of misdeeds, some minor, some so criminal the FBI would soon be investigating, and corrupt politicians would be going to prison. Corrupt REPUBLICAN politicians.

One of the more minor, but still serious issues, surrounded fellow commissioner Randy Ruedrich, who was, and still is, the Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. It seems Ruedrich, instead of doing his job as an oil ad gas commissioner, was spending his time, and state resources, doing Republican Party business instead. This would result in Ruedrich having to pay the largest fine in state history, $12,000 to be exact. This was small stuff, but significant anyway, and a crime.

Sarah who as Chairman was in charge of ethics, was soon tipped off of several troubling criminal situations within the agency and in the oil business. These were buddies of then Governor Frank Murkowski, who called themselves the “Corrupt Bastards Club” finding it hilarious after an angered Alaskan, upon learning of massive corruption, called a group of them “corrupt bastards” after running into them at a local eatery.

These cats looked at this as a badge of honor [among thieves] and actually had caps made up proudly telling the world they were members of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”! If you ever hear Sarah Palin mention the “CBC” while talking about dirty Alaska politics, this is who she’s talking about.

Anyhow, as it happens, all of this led straight to her boss, Frank Murkowski’s door step. For those not familiar, after Sarah was term limited as Mayor, looking for the next challenge, she ran for Lt Governor and lost a squeaker. However, it got her really noticed statewide as a star, which led to newly elected Governor Murkowski appointing her to the Chairmanship of the AOGCC.

The situation there was obviously a mess.

On top of everything else, Sarah was approached by the state’s Attorney General and warned if she went public with the major corruption she had uncovered, she herself would face criminal charges!

Now one has to remember, that Sarah and Todd Palin don’t come from money. Both of their families were just common folks. Todd had a good job working on the North Slope, but being the head of a powerful state agency paid well, and they had four kids to raise at the time. They were making the most money they ever had, and doing the right thing, going public, was considered “political suicide.”

This was a tough spot. A go along, get along “good old boy” would have looked the other way to save their own career.

What did Sarah do? She resigned and went public, of course, not really caring that it was supposedly the end of her political career, and the loss of a six figure income to boot.

It would be this integrity and loyalty to principle over party politics [as these were Republicans] that would see Sarah not only survive but thrive, ending up as the Governor when the next election came around, beating Murkowski in a landslide during the primary and a former popular democrat Governor soundly in the general election.

Sarah would take this tough stand on principle with her to the Governor’s office as she would battle Big Oil, and other corruption.

A funny side story. As both Sarah and Frank Murkowski ran for Lt Governor and Governor at the same time, and Murkowski was a long term and sitting United States Senator, many thought that Murkowski should, and would, as Governor, appoint Sarah as Senator, filling his unexpired term. Instead Murkowski would appoint his daughter Lisa instead.

Had Papa Frank appointed Sarah, instead of his daughter to the United States Senate, the CBC would still be up and running, Murkowski might still be Governor, and the federal prison system would be less filled with Alaskan politicians. By appointing her as AOGCC Chairman, Murkowski hired his own [political] assassin!

I tell that story, because it reminds me of the situation that arose after the 2008 presidential election. After the McCain campaign lost, Sarah Palin had every intention to go home and continue being one of the most successful and popular Governors in the country, sadder …. but wiser.

The problem is, Barack Obama and “Alaskan” Pete Rouse, who is now Obama’s Chief of Staff, had created a group of thugs to harass Sarah during the election, and after seeing how well she resonated with the American people, the order was given to not only keep it up, but put the coals to it. Full speed ahead!

It was the continuous bogus ethics complaints that were bankrupting Sarah personally, and costing the Alaska tax payers millions as well, that would lead Sarah to make the decision to not seek a second term as Governor, and resign from her four year term a year and a couple of months early. This would save the Alaska tax payers millions of dollars, and keep her from going personally bankrupt.

Remember, at the time, Sarah had a $500,000 personal legal bill fighting all of the bogus complaints [all of which were dismissed] that she had to pay from a salary as Governor of $125,000 a year.And had she stayed, the complaints would have continued, and possibly increased.

Our readers who are familiar with the situation know Obama’s Alaska Mafia had turned filing bogus ethics complaints into a game. Even filing complaints using the names of TV characters as the complainants!

Much like Papa Frank, Barack Obama sowed the seeds of his own demise, and created the opportunity for the one who is helping bring him down. By forcing Sarah Palin to resign as Governor in order to save the state from being pillaged by thugs with an agenda, she had nothing but free time on her hands to become the nation’s strongest leader, and the front runner to take Obama’s job in 2012.

Oh, and as a tribute to Sarah, on December 22, 2010 a new law took effect in Alaska that would make the state cover all legal expenses for the Executive, should they ever be harassed by thugs with bogus “ethics” complaints, further vindicating her for doing the right thing.

Congressman Issa, in case you are wondering why I told you this long story [though it should be obvious] not only is standing on principles the right things to do, and worth doing for the sake of doing what’s right, all by itself, it can also lead to bigger and better things.

Sarah Palin has been committing “political suicide” since her earliest days in politics, now she stands at the very summit of the national scene, poised to our next President. And she didn’t do it because it was easy, politically expedient, or a career builder. In fact it would normally be anything but. But she stuck to doing what was right, no matter what.

Millions admire Sarah Palin for a lot of reasons, but the thing that has people shouting her name loudly is her principles. She’s a principled Reagan Conservative, and more importantly an honorable public servant, a rare commodity these days.

Congressman Issa, we want to believe that you, and men like you, have the same desire to be honorable public servants. To look out for the people, and root out corruption in Government.

We WANT to believe it!

The problem is, one can’t just talk the talk, one must walk the walk. One must walk it every day.

Washington is a holy mess of corruption and yes, evil. This corruption and evil is not exclusive to one political party, as there are bad apples in both. Too many people looking out for themselves rather than the American people who elected them, and sadly, they use tax payer’s hard earned money to further their corruption.

Whether it’s funneling money to buddies back home through no-bid contacts, using tax payer dollars to bribe fellow members of Congress for votes on rotten and dangerous legislation, or offering up a job to drop out of a political contest to help out a friend, it’s all bad.

Some of these are actual crimes, others damned sure should be. All are immoral and steal from the American people, and tarnish the legacy and ideals that are the United States.

This is why I implore you Congressman Issa, in the strongest terms possible, when it comes to ethics and corruption busting, use Sarah Palin as your guide on how to proceed.

It shouldn’t matter whether a person is your best friend or worst enemy. Doesn’t matter what party he or she is from. If you find someone breaking the law, or doing something even a little suspicious, it’s not only your job, but your sworn duty to do something to stop it, and if warranted, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Oh, you’ll piss people off. You’ll make enemies left and right with everyone. Everyone that is, except the American people. You get serious and do what is right, and you will have the American people standing with you through thick and thin.

Thanks to the corrupt, inept, and in some cases EVIL people who are running things in Washington, our Republic, the greatest nation the world has ever known, is on the verge of collapse.

These people have sacrificed the nation that brave men and women have fought and died for, just to feather their own nests. We are at a point now that we simply cannot survive if this continues.

Congressman Issa, in order to save the Republic, one cannot be timid or tender. This is going to take a man of steel nerve and rock solid reserve. Someone who will not be swayed by friendships or party allegiance. Someone who will do what is right, no matter the personal cost.

If America is to be saved, not one single corrupt politician can be spared, They must all go. If need be, we can always build more prisons to hold them. That would be stimulus money well spent!

We are counting on you. You talked a big game before you were re-elected to another term, and made Chairman of one of the most essential congressional committees. You are charged with overseeing how the federal government operates, and making sure it is done in an ethical manner. The American people have, through the election process, put a lot of faith in you, and given you an awesome power to do what is right.

Sarah Palin is fond of saying there are two sorts of politicians, those who eat well, and those who sleep well. Now is the time for you to decide what sort you will be, fat, or content knowing you have done the right thing.

You only get one shot to do the right thing. Do not let the American people down.


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Surprise! George Soros Behind Ethics Complaint Against Governor Sarah Palin


I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

Remember the flap Governor Sarah Palin had to endure during the election cycle over her wardrobe? Did you ever wonder how such a non-story was turned into a big deal?

Let’s review the facts: Governor Palin was vetted for months as a potential running mate for Senator McCain, however, the decision to choose her came very late in the campaign – almost on the eve on the Republican National Convention.

While Sarah and Todd Palin make a nice living, they are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination; this is a middle class family. When one considers that Alaska’s climate and culture is a tad different than the lower 48, it makes sense that some new duds, fit for the campaign, and her position in it, were certainly required.

Constructing a wardrobe and assembling a team to prepare a political candidate for the national spotlight is not uncommon, in fact, it is ‘business as usual’ in every campaign, with virtually every politician for national office. The media ignored that fact and focused on Michelle Obama’s frugal clothing expenditures (a public relations stunt that the media endorsed and supported) and, at the same time, needlessly and shamelessly attacked Governor Palin.

This is what happened: The GOP and a man named Jeff Larson, who is a longtime Republican advisor, and was the chief executive of the host committee for the convention, decided the wardrobe was a good idea. It was Jeff Larson who bought and paid for the clothes. Campaign finance laws, of course, dictated that the GOP reimburse Larson for his expenditure, and they did.

What the critics of Governor Palin, who just wouldn’t let this go and sought to portray her as a “shopaholic,” missed is the fact that most of the wardrobe purchased was actually sent back almost immediately, because they were the wrong size, indicating the Governor didn’t do the shopping. Most people know what sizes they wear.

But why was this even a story, let alone a 24/7 circus?

Two words, George Soros!

For those who don’t know who George Soros is, think Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the super villain from the James Bond movies, or if you will, a less endearing version of Mike Meyer’s “Dr Evil”.

Soros is an Eastern European socialist who made billions of dollars through currency and commodities speculation. He is credited with the serious devaluation of the British pound note back in 1992. He is said to be the man who “broke the Bank of England.”
In 2002, Soros was convicted of insider trading in France, a felony, and fined $2.3 million dollars.

Recently, Soros was quoted as being very pleased with the current economic situation in America. Could it be that he is speculating on the American dollar?

What does this mean?

Well, politically, George Soros is an extreme leftist. He, of course, is a huge supporter of President Barack Obama.

The way Soros works, in my opinion, is a bit nefarious – at best. Rather than be out front and advocate his socialist policies, Soros funds dozens of far-left front groups; some with innocent enough sounding names, but, based on my research, these groups promote left-leaning schemes, nonetheless.

These groups and foundations support everything from open borders, to the legalization of most drugs, to abortion on demand. George Soros’ funded “programs” also promote the liberal agenda being taught in schools.

Some of Mr. Soros’ endeavors include: MoveOn.org, The Open Society Institute, USAction, Center For American Progress, Americans United For Change, and many more, including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

CREW is the group who filed the clothes complaint against Governor Palin, and, in conjunction with Soros’ many activist organizations, as well as “friends” in the media, kept the story going well past its normal shelf life.

CREW is a shadowy group. Depending on the source, you will find that CREW was either founded in 2001 by left-wing activists Norm Eisen (an attorney) and Louis Mayberg (a prominent Democrat donor, and co-founder of the Maryland-based mutual fund management firm ProFund Advisors LLC).


CREW was founded by Melanie Sloan, in 2003. Ms. Sloan is listed as the Executive Director on CREW’s website. As you see, she references 2003. “CREW was founded in 2003 by Melanie Sloan, a former U.S. Attorney.”

Confusing at best.

CREW’s “Form 990” IRS filing for 2001 lists Mr. Mayberg as one of its three Founding Directors; the other two are Daniel Berger (a high-profile Democrat donor who in 2004 made a $100,000 contribution to America Coming Together, another Soros-funded entity) and Mark Penn (a fellow at the New Politics Institute, yet another Soros foundation, and a top Democrat strategist and pollster who not only played a key role in Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign, but also served as head of “message and strategy” for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign)

Although CREW denies any ties to George Soros, they indeed receive funds from the Democracy Alliance, the Tides Foundation, as well as the Open Society Institute – all Soros front groups.

CREW seeks to construe itself as “non-partisan,” however, most of their efforts target Republicans.

This group is not exempt from its own ethical quagmires: One issue involves an ethics complaint filed against The Center for Union Facts, an anti-union group, and its sister organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which CREW claimed are “front organizations for for-profit industry entities.”

The problem is that it appears this effort was funded by the Service Employees International Union; a group with heavy. ties to ACORN and to Soros himself in the form of contributions amounting to $75,000.

Perhaps CREW should take a good look inside its closet before filing unwarranted claims about someone else’s wardrobe.

Back to the issue at hand: like every other resolved ethics complaint filed by the unruly left against Governor Palin, this clothing ethics complaint filed with the FEC by CREW was shot down: the FEC ruled that no laws were broken.

Upon investigation, it appears that CREW prefers filing ethics complaints over actually litigating them. In fact, CREW actually changed its mission statement several times, pointedly de-emphasizing litigation.

CREW’s main purpose seems to be to file ethics complaints against a prominent, high profile target with the primary intention of seeking negative media exposure as opposed to pursuing real issues.

The “target” is marked for attack; CREW gains its destructive publicity, and then moves on to the next target. What is the purpose of this strategy if there is no successful prosecution of claims? CREW knows that the charges will be plastered on the front page of every newspaper and will be the lead story on every news channel, coast to coast, for days or even months. Of course, when the charges are thrown out, that little bit of news gets buried in a tiny blurb, deep in the newspaper, on page A18.

This has most certainly been the strategy used against Governor Palin. Numerous phony, and, sometimes, almost comical “ethics complaints” have been filed against Governor Palin since she has become a national figure and the front runner for the 2012 Republican nomination for President.

The filing of these nonsensical complaints (13 of which have been thrown out), made huge headlines nationwide, and yet little, if any, news coverage has been devoted to their resolutions.

Finally, it’s been established that George Soros is a committed socialist. It is very troubling that such a rich man can use his wealth for such un-American activities; and it is even more troubling to see many Americans either unaware or unconcerned while these anti-American actions take place.

Americans can and should hold public officials accountable for their actions. However, it’s unethical (and an oxymoron) for groups like CREW to use a valid legal procedure to damage careers and harass their political targets with phony ethics charges and feigned outrage.

Is this the America you want to live in?

Do you want an America where a far left socialist has access to the highest offices in the country and the ability to get his anti-American agenda enacted?

Well, sadly, with George Soros, that’s exactly what you have right now.

The question is, what are you willing to do about it?

Now is a time for choosing.


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