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Conservatives Shut Down Obama’s Facebook Town Hall Meeting

By Gary P Jackson

Last Wednesday was not a very good day to be a democrat. While the major news was happening on Twitter, as Trig’s Crew took on a vile democrat hate site, and all but put them out of business by showing their sponsors the kind of filth their ads were being displayed next to, there was also an event happening on Facebook, proving Conservatives can multi-task.

From the Los Angeles Times:

In an early social media skirmish in the 2012 campaign, a conservative political group claims to have forced Facebook to temporarily shut down the event page for President Obama’s online town hall meeting after steering hundreds of negative comments to the site.

I went over and took a look at Obama’s Facebook Town Hall page about mid-day last Wednesday. The reason the page was shut down was because every comment was either hammering the President over ObamaCare, or his seeming inability to comprehend basic mathematics, and how it applies to the nation’s economy and deficit.

Went back a few hours later and the Ron Paul folks had taken over extolling the virtues of legalizing pot.

Frankly, some group may take credit for shutting the Obamanation down, but I think it was just regular folks who have had enough. [and the RonPalulians]

Things like this though, are why I always bust out laughing when someone proclaims Barack Obama will have an easy path to re-election.

Not. Gonna. Happen


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