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Sarah Palin Writes Foreword To Governor Jan Brewer’s New Book, Continues To Support Border Security

By Gary P Jackson

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has a brand new book coming out and Sarah Palin has provided the foreword. The new book centers around the fight to secure our nation’s border from the invasion of illegal aliens.

From AZ Central:

When Gov. Jan Brewer wanted the perfect person to write the forward on her upcoming book, “Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border,” she turned to an old friend and a lightening-rod of a political figure: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Brewer said Palin wasn’t always in the running for the job, but added that as she worked on final edits, she “couldn’t think of anyone better than Sarah.

I reached out to her, and without hesitation, she agreed,” Brewer told The Republic Monday. “I was grateful and thrilled that someone with her prominence could be in the book.

Brewer declined to release specifics about the contents Palin’s forward, or her book, which is slated for release on Nov. 1. But previously released publicity materials suggest that it will focus heavily on Senate Bill 1070, the state’s tough immigration law, her political battles with President Barack Obama’s administration, and the general scope of the immigration problem here in Arizona.

In May 2010, Palin joined Brewer at a north Phoenix news conference to defend SB 1070.

She gets it,” Brewer said of Palin, adding that she has been “supportive” of her fight against illegal immigration and that “she understands the issue.

More here.

The East Valley Tribune adds:

Brewer told Capitol Media Services she confers regularly with the former Alaska governor. And she sent Palin an advance copy of her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, asking her for a foreword.

Palin obliged.

It’s not surprising,” Brewer said. She noted that Palin came to Arizona last summer (eds: 2010) to have a joint press conference to defend SB 1070. That measure, approved earlier last year by the Legislature, is designed to give police more power to detain and arrest suspected illegal immigrants.

She’s been a very big supporter of what Arizona is doing in regards to the crime on the border and the illegal immigration,” Brewer said.

She’s someone that I’ve always admired,” the governor continued. “I appreciate the fact that she’s stepped forward and did it.

Brewer won’t share what Palin wrote, at least not yet.

She said great things,” was all Brewer would disclose. “It’s very special, I think, to have somebody of a national stature of Sarah, a person whom I admire, another woman in politics, who’s had battles of her own, join with me on the battle on border security and illegal immigration.

[ …. ]

The central theme of Brewer’s book is described in its subtitle, is “My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border.” The governor said she is writing the book to get out what she says is the real story about border security and illegal immigration “and not have all this liberal media spreading THEIR take on what’s taking place in Arizona.

But Brewer said that problem does not start at the state’s borders.

I think that it has been misinterpreted by some of the media here in Arizona,” she said.

Sarah Palin has been standing by Jan Brewer’s supporting Arizona’s SB 1070 and also participated in helping launch Governor Brewer’s Secure the Border website.


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