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Video: Sarah Palin Urges People NOT Allow Hateful Attacks to Deter Them From “Jumping in the Arena”

Palin Fox and Friends

By Gary P Jackson

Thursday Morning Governor Sarah Palin appeared on Fox and Friends to talk about, among other things, the “resignation” of hate spewing MSNBC anchor Martin Basir. Among other things, Governor Palin makes the point, strongly, that these hate filled democrats are going to attack any American wanting to save this great country, and no one should allow these hate spewing demons to silence them, or intimidate them:

Sarah also hammers the democrats for their hypocrisy on ObamaCare, as well as her new book.

Thursday night Sarah wondered into the “No Spin Zone” for two segments with Bill O’Reilly. The governor even managed to get a few words in as O’Reilly talks over her. No small feat!

O’Reilly was just crying a week ago that Sarah wouldn’t do the Factor because she didn’t want to “mix it up with him.” It seems she is more than capable of “mixing it up” with the overrated blowhard:

My jaw dropped when O’Reilly asked Sarah if she was a “Tea Party gal.” I doubt anyone in America is more associated with the Tea Party than Sarah Palin! Made my head hurt!

Sarah Palin shows how it’s done. She makes great points about never backing down when fighting corrupt, out of touch politicians. You must hold these politicians’ feet to the fire. No quarter.

Videos courtesy SarahNet

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Palin on FOX and Friends 12/5/13

Gov. Sarah Palin took her place on the curvy couch during this morning’s Fox and Friends.  Palin discussed her new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy” as well as recent derogatory comments by MSNBC host Martin Bashir, his subsequent apology and resignation.

h/t sarahnettoo

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Sarah Palin: No Tattoo, But if I WAS Going to Get One….

Sarah Palin Outside Fox Studio

By Gary P Jackson

Steve Doocy really has a tough job! Fox and Friends does a daily after-show for fans. Today Doocy has a couch full of beauties to deal with:

While talking about our brave military vets, Sarah Palin notes all the “ink” her son, Track, has come home with after tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s asked if she has a tattoo, and says no, but has an interesting one in mind …

Thanks to SarahNET for the video clip.


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Sarah Palin: Elizabeth Palmar You Just Put the BS in CBS!

Sore Loser

THIS is See-BS

By Gary P Jackson

CBS’ “reporter” Elizabeth Palmar ridiculously compared all of the radical leftists running for president in Iran to our Tea Party. Sarah Palin wasn’t having it. The team also brings up the pathetic, whining, thoroughly fact free interview CBS’ evening news anchor Scott Pelley gave to Dealine Hollywood in which he rips cable news, and tries to glorify his last place “news” division.

Video courtesy SarahNET.


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Sarah Palin on Fox and Friends: The Ted Cruz Interview


By Gary P Jackson

Governor Sarah Palin sat in on Fox and Friends on Monday morning. One of the interviews she did was with Texas Senator Ted Cruz:

Video courtesy SarahNET.


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Chuck Heath and Chuck Jr Talk Sarah Palin on Fox and Friends

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath, and brother, Chuck Jr were on Fox and Friends this morning talking about their new book: Our Sarah: Made in Alaska:

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska went on sale today. Stop by your local bookstore, or order it from Amazon.com.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Marine Andrew McLaren NYPD Officer J.W. Cortes Talk Todd Palin, Stars Earn Stripes

By Gary P Jackson

An interview from a few days ago on Fox and Friends. Marine Andrew McLaren and New York City police officer J.W. Cortes, two of the pros on NBC’s Stars Eran Stripes, talk about Todd Palin, Stephen Colbert, and why the show is so important to them.

McLaren says it bothers him that so few people can name a single Medal of Honor recipient. Like many, he feels people simply don’t realize what our brave men and women go through in training and combat.

As a viewer, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Stars Earn Stripes, but I have to say, after week one, I am sold. This is serious business. Seriously hard core.

For the first time in a long time NBC has some must see TV.

Video courtesy SarahNet.

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Sarah Palin Discusses Mitt Romney, Conservatism, National Security, Obama’s War on Liberty and Freedom

Barack Obama is not fit to hold office

~ Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Solid interview with Sarah Palin sounding like the true leader she is. She talks about Mitt Romney and the concern many have that he isn’t quite Conservative enough. Though she’s careful not to bash Mitt, Sarah lays hers, and everyone else’s concerns. Then she goes on to say she has the very same concerns about the entire field.

Sarah also goes after Obama, shares her concerns over national security, and the economy.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Weak and Insulting: Rick Perry Refuses To Condemn Jimmy Hoffa’s Violent Remarks

By Gary P Jackson

On Tuesday Rick Perry was making the morning talk show rounds, talking about the horrific fires in Texas. He appeared on Fox and Friends where he was asked about Jimmy Hoffa’s violent remarks made in a joint appearance with President Barack Obama. Perry refused to condemn Hoffa’s remarks. Saying he wanted to focus on the fires.

Click on photo above to view video.

Kilmeade: Governor, i know you’re focused on the wildfires, but when somebody says something like that, do you say that’s appropriate, inappropriate, par for the course? What’s your reaction?

Perry: Well, you wouldn’t be bleeping if it was appropriate. The bottom line is the people I’m more interested in are out here on these fire lines. They’re hard working men and women. There’s probably union firefighters out there and God bless them for helping save Texas lives and Texas homes.

Carlson: I bet when you get down with that crisis, you’ll have a message for Jimmy Hoffa and we’ll have you back on the show to see what you have to say about that, Governor, ’cause i know you’ll have something to say about it when you’re done there in Texas.

Two things hit me here.

One he’s insulting the integrity of the firefighters out there putting their lives on the line. To me it’s like he’s implying if he somehow called Hoffa out, any union firefighter out there might quit what they are doing because of it. If I was a firefighter I’d feel highly insulted by Perry’s remark.

Texas is a Right-to-Work state, in case you are wondering.

It’s also pretty weak for someone who wants to Commander-in-Chief of the nation’s armed forces. Seriously, you can’t speak out about a call to violence against the Tea Party by a union thug, because it might piss off rank and file union members?

Perry doesn’t even know if there ARE union firefighters out there. Just the possibility has him backing down.

The other thing is Gretchen Carlson. She is working really hard to cover for Perry with her act. “Oh I just KNOW you’ll have something to say later, right? Right? RIGHT?

Kinda sad.

Look, much of Texas is on fire. This is serious business. No one expects a long written condemnation of Hoffa from Rick Perry. He actually does have far more important things on his mind. But he was already doing the interview, and it would have taken only a couple of seconds to have stood up to this union thug. In fact less time than he stood there smiling as Carlson tried to cover his behind.

This reminds me of the way things were after the Tuscon shootings when both Sarah Palin and the entire Tea Party were blamed. In the end, other than Mike Huckabee, none in the Republican Party had the guts to stand up for either Sarah, or the Tea Party. Sarah ended up defending the Tea Party herself.

Again, Rick Perry is busy, and as he always has, is doing an incredible job during this disaster. But one has to wonder why he couldn’t muster even the slightest of outrage over an attack on the Tea Party, the very Tea Party he claims to support.

It seems to me that it’s quite possible to not only go after Hoffa, but actually ask the rank and file union members to join you in the condemnation! Maybe Perry could take lessons.

If Perry can’t take a stand on something so easy to take a stand on, then why would we expect him to be an effective national leader?

Why would he pass on defending the Tea Party?

Again, Perry is focused on these fires and doing his job, but he was asked point blank to comment on Hoffa, and was silent, when only a few words were required.


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