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This Is Lauren B., Who Wished Sarah Palin Was Shot Instead Of Congresswoman Giffords

By Gary P Jackson

The blood libel against Sarah Palin has borne fruit, and we reported on the left wing violence that has been stoked by democrats and their media allies. In our report we noted that numerous loons took to Twitter to call for Sarah Palin’s death, as a result of the hate ginned up by the democrats and their media. We also noted the loons, once they realized they were being watched, their hate was being documented, and the implications to all of this, cried to You Tube about a “violation of privacy” and You Tube took the video down.

Of course, this is BS, as Twitter is an open public forum.

No matter, the creators who documented the vile hatred hosted the video on another site as well. One the left can’t shut down. You can read more and view the hate speech for yourself here.

Now, courtesy of BigFurHat we have more info on one of the violent democrats:

The imbecile, RedHeadOnFire2, the dunderhead who claims her privacy was violated after she broadcasted her asinine thoughts to the world, is in this video. What a dunce.

Here, let me violate this asshole’s “privacy ” a little more-This is Lauren B., who wished Palin was shot instead of Giffords:.

My name is Lauren, I’m 21 years old and a psych major at UOP. Follow my tweets!

Psych major, eh? Will you be in the chair or on the couch? I say couch.

And as Grayscape points out – she has ONE WORD to get right in her One Word Project and spells it wrong.

The Soviets used to call people like Lauren B. “useful idiots“. They are mindless zombie drones who believe whatever left wing crap the progressive movement throws at them, and are all too eager to do the radical democrat’s bidding for them. Of course the leaders view these lemmings as expendable. Mere pawns in a dangerous game.

This vile little liberal chick may want her friends to think she is some sort of “loving” and “caring” progressive, but her diseased soul has now been exposed. The world can now see who Lauren B., a psych major at UOP, really is. 



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A True Blessing: Congresswoman Giffords Responding To Verbal Commands By Raising Two Fingers And Gives Doctors A Thumbs Up

By Gary P Jackson

Millions have been praying for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery. All indications show that God has answered those prayers in a big way. Updates continue to bring very good news. From KOLD News-13:

Doctors treating Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ brain wound said Monday the congresswoman was responding to verbal commands by raising two fingers of her left hand and even managed to give a thumbs-up.

When she did that, we were having a party in there,” said Dr. Peter Rhee. “That’s a purposeful movement. That’s a great thing. She’s always grabbing for the tube.”

Giffords, 40, is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Tucson’s University Medical Center after she was shot through the head Saturday during a meet-and-greet with voters outside a supermarket. Two patients were discharged Sunday night. Eight others, including Giffords, remained hospitalized.

Recent CAT scans showed no further swelling in the brain, but doctors were guarded.

We’re not out of the woods yet,” said her neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Lemole. “That swelling can sometimes take three days or five days to maximize. But every day that goes by and we don’t see an increase, we’re slightly more optimistic.”

After Saturday’s operation to temporarily remove half of her skull, doctors over the past two days had Giffords removed from her sedation and then asked basic commands such as: “Show me two fingers.”

When she did that, we were having a party in there,” said Dr. Peter Rhee. “That’s a purposeful movement. That’s a great thing. She’s always grabbing for the tube.”

Giffords family is by her side and is receiving constant updates from doctors. On Monday, two well-known doctors with extensive experience in traumatic brain injury were en route to Tucson to help consult on Giffords’ case.

Doctors had said the bullet traveled the length of the left side of the congresswoman’s brain, entering the back of the skull and exiting the front. Her doctors have declined to speculate on what specific disabilities Giffords may face as her recovery progresses.

As for the other shooting victims who suffered injuries to the face, neck, stomach and other parts of the body, doctors said most will have a normal recovery. To ensure that they don’t suffer post-traumatic stress, depression or other problems, teams of experts will guide them through the next phase.

This is such wonderful news. We understand that Congresswoman Giffords will have struggles ahead, but we can’t wait for her recovery, and pray we get to see her back at work in Congress serving the nation as she was called to do.

We will continue to pray for God’s steady hand as he guides Gabby Giffords through this ordeal.


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Another Lefty Lie Shot Down: Confirmed, Arizona Shooter Fixated On Giffords In 2007 Long Before The Tea Party Was Created Or Anyone Knew Who Sarah Palin Was


By Gary P Jackson

The lies from the left, and their attempts to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, as well as blame them for the actions of a crazed Marxist gunman in Arizona, have been unraveling as fast as they can tell them, but now we have even more proof they are wrong, and frankly downright evil, for using this tragedy to try and score cheap political points, and rile up their already rabid and radical base.

We find it quite reprehensible that bodies were still lying on the ground as top democrats conspired to blame Palin and the Tea Party. But frankly, with this bunch we’ve come to expect no less.

We also reported early on that Jared Lee Loughner had run-ins with Congresswoman Giffords dating back to 2007. This was confirmed once the arrest records were released. A letter was found at Loughner’s home, marked “I planned ahead” and “my assassination“: From the arrest report:

On January 8, 2011, a search warrant was executed at 7741 N. Soledad Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, where LOUGHNER resides. Some of the evidence seized from that location included a letter in a safe, addressed to “Mr. Jared Loughney” at 7741 N. Soledad Avenue, from Congresswoman Giffords, on Congressional stationary, dated August 30, 2007, thanking him for attending a “Congress on your Corner” event at the Foothills Mall in Tucson. Also recovered in the safe was an envelope with handwriting on the envelope stating “I planned ahead,” and “My assassination” and the name “Giffords,” along with what appears to be LOUGHNER’s signature.

You can read the entire arrest report here.

The Wall Street Journal also confirms this, as well as what we have been reporting since the earliest hours of this tragedy, that Jared Lee Loughner is a far left radical. You can read their excellent background on  Loughner here.

Lets forget for a minute that Loughner fixated on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in 2007, before there was such a thing as the Tea Party, and no one but a select few even know who the hell Sarah Palin was.

Instead let’s look at even more irrefutable facts. Jared Lee Loughner is radical Marxist. A left winger. He’s against the United States Constitution, against the United States flag. He believes the United States currency is illegal, is fixated on terrorism, and is very anti-religion. That’s the damnedest Tea Party profile I have ever seen!

Contrast this with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. One of Sarah Palin’s strengths over most politicians is she believes the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, as our founders intended it to be. Obviously she loves our flag, and frequently displays flag inspired jewelry. And since the left has been saying she is some sort of religious extremist [another lie] it’s kind of hard for them to have it both ways.Sarah Palin and Jared Lee Loughner couldn’t be farther apart in ideology if they tried.

No, the truth is, Jared Lee Loughner, the disturbed Marxist who committed mass murder Saturday in Arizona was on his path of death and destruction for years. If he was “inspired” by anyone, it’s more likely that it came from his own people, the democrats.

We’ve already posted some of the very heated rhetoric from left wingers and we’ve barely scratched the surface. We’ve compiled quite a number of statements from high ranking democrats calling for the death of political opponents. We’ve also got statements from high ranking democrat politicians, including the President of the United States, urging their supporters to commit acts of violence on their behalf, if things don’t go their way.

In the coming days we will be exposing all of the violent rhetoric from the left. The exact sort of talk that would have inspired a radical like Jared Lee Loughner to go through with his long term plans.

The left wing and their media partners started the lie, now we are going to end it, and show the American people who the real violent radicals in this country are


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Daily Kos Blogger: CongressWOMAN Giffords Voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And Is Now DEAD To Me!

By Gary P Jackson

As reported earlier, Marcos Moulitsas, the publisher of the far left hate site: Daily Kos, targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as a “sell out” and put a “bulls eye” on her, using very heated rhetoric.

We can now report that Daily Kos blogger “BoyBlue” who lives in Congresswoman Gifford’s district, went on a wild rant because the Congresswoman voted against Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.”BoyBlue” posted his disturbing rant on Thursday, January 6, roughly 48 hours before the Congresswoman was gunned down by left wing crank Jared Loughner.

Tell me these people aren’t extreme and insane. The vote “BoyBlue” refers to was the opening vote for the newly sworn in 112th Congress. The very first vote was to elect a new Speaker of the House, and a democrat Minority Leader. As Republicans have an overwhelming majority, the results of the vote were a foregone conclusion, with John Boehner getting the nod. Frankly, so was Pelosi’s election as Minority Leader.

In a Washington Times story we included in our Thursday [January 6] news round-up, 19 democrats voted against the very unpopular Nancy Pelosi. It was the worst showing for a party nominee since 1923. From what I’ve read, Congresswoman Giffords voted for Congressman John Lewis.

Now again, one has to ask what kind of wing-nut goes off against their Congresswoman over a a vote for leadership?

Evidently a Daily Kos blogger!

BoyBlue” goes on and on ranting about the “THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS” of dollars he sent Congresswoman Giffords. He goes off on Jesse Kelly, her 2010 Republican opponent, and uses the vile “teabagger” slur as well. It goes downhill from there as you can see below in screen grabs courtesy of our friends at HillBuzz.org.

After surviving a suicide attempt, when his “spouse” left him, and recovering from the wounds, this guy goes crazy because after  he worked for Giffords and raised a claimed amount of “over $100,000” as well as maxing out his own donations, the Congresswoman had the gall to vote in a manner he didn’t approve of. Incredible. And extremely disturbing.

You can see from the comments section that “BoyBlue” was on a tear.

After reading this, I can’t for the life of me understand why Markos Moulitsas ever let this get published. “BoyBlue” is obviously someone who is deeply disturbed and needs real help, not a blogging position at the Daily Kos.

Of course, the reason we are using screen grabs rather just linking to this poor disturbed blogger’s post is because Moulitsas scrubbed it from his website once he realized people weren’t buying his attempts to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and blame them for the Arizona murders carried out by left wing mad man, Jared Loughner.

Again, courtesy HillBuzz.org:

It’s hard to see any good coming from the senseless mass murder in Arizona. But if there is one thing good that may come from the left’s vile attempts to blame someone else for what one of theirs has done, let it be that reasonable human beings will take the time to go read the pages of the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and the Democrat Underground, and experience for themselves the vile, deranged hatemongering that goes on there. These are some sick puppies.


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Left Wing Daily Kos Put “Bull’s-Eye” On Congresswoman Giffords, Targeted As A “Sell Out”

Kos Hitler

Not all of the people will get, or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a BULLS EYE on their district.

~ Marcos Moulitsas, The Daily Kos

By Gary P Jackson

While all of the left wing hatemongers and their media partners conspire to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the senseless mass murder in Arizona, claiming the fact that Sarah “targeted” Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords incited violence against her, they conveniently leave out their own targeting of political rivals.

As we pointed out earlier, the democrats use actual bull’s-eyes when they target their “enemies.” You can see the difference between the type of “Targeting Strategy” the democrats use, and Sarah’s low key advert here.

One of the worst of the hate mongers is Marcos Moulitsas, publisher of the Daily Kos. This is a far left hate site that routinely cheers when a Republican or anyone they don’t care for, dies or gets ill. It’s a sickening place. They are not above attacking their own though, if they dare stray from the far left ideology they espouse.

Moulitsas hosts a yearly event that every top democrat in the country flocks to. Obviously they endorse the hateful rhetoric splashed across the pages of the Daily Kos.

Below is from an ad campaign Moulitsas, one of the VERY FIRST to attack Sarah Palin, put together putting a bull’s-eye target on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and dozens more, as “sell outs” to whatever leftist agenda being pushed.

giffords shooting jared lee loughner

You’ll notice that while there are dozens of names, Moulitsas makes a point of “bolding members of the Blue Dogs” for “added emphasis.” Congresswoman Giffords is a “blue dog.” This is the name democrats give to those who don’t tow the party line 100%.

Again, the very specific language Moulitsas uses in his ad: “Narrow the target to sell outs” “bulls eye“, and so on, could be construed as highly incendiary.

It’s also interesting that this supposed “Champion of the Constitution” states these people don’t even deserve a primary. Typical totalitarian thought. If you don’t agree 100% with them, you shouldn’t even be allowed to speak, or compete. Thankfully, the voters, not these little radical elites, get to make those choices.

As Marcos Moulitsas was one of the very first to blame Sarah Palin for targeting Congresswoman Giffords, and it has now been established that the killer is a Marxist, just like Moulitsas and most of his party, maybe we should consider the fact that it could have been the fiery rhetoric about “sell outs” that actually inspired the killer, who had already had at least one run-in with the Congresswoman before.

At least it’s more likely that a pro-Marxist, anti-God, anti-flag extremist would seek inspiration from a fellow traveler like Moulitsas, than Sarah Palin, who is pro-America, pro-flag, religious, and very anti-Marxist.

H/T: HillBuzz.org


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Our Prayers For Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords And All Victims Of The Arizona Shooting

By Gary P Jackson

As you know by now, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was among those attacked by a lone 22 year old crazy named Jared Loughner. Though the news is fluid at this time, we are pleased to hear, that despite being shot point blank in the head, the Congresswoman has undergone surgery and is responding. This is a true blessing.

Sadly, among the dead are Judge John Roll, the top federal judge in the district, and a nine year old child.

We are getting information fast and furious on the shooter, and will have more to say, but now is the time for prayers for all of the victims of this senseless violence.

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