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Disturbing Gallup: Most Democrats Have a Positive View of Socialism, Big Government [and so do some Republicans!]

Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.

~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States

I blame the feckless, spineless Republican Party 100% for the results of this latest polling from Gallup.

Communism and socialism are the greatest evils ever foisted on mankind. And yet, the GOP, which is supposed to be the “loyal opposition” to these evils, is afraid to talk about it! The Republican Party’s latest failed candidate for President, Mitt Romney, when asked, REFUSED to call Barack Obama a socialist. That’s right, Mitt Romney refused to call Barack Obama, who was raised from birth by hard-core, Anti-American COMMUNISTS a “socialist.” And the GOP is still trying to figure out why they lost the election!

Ronald Reagan, famously a democrat until the 1960s, railed against communism and socialism all of his life. Reagan understood the evils of communism and socialism. He saw them as barbaric ideologies that destroy humanity. Reagan saw his party, the democrat party, taken over by communists and socialists, and famously said “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me” [a sentiment many are feeling about today’s Republican Party, BTW] But Reagan wasn’t the only well known democrat who hated communism and socialism, and the evils they represent. John F Kennedy constantly spoke of the evils of both, there is plenty of tape of Kennedy doing so.

My point?

Why doesn’t the GOP use this and other information to help educate the American people who have been dumbed-down by liberal run education, liberal run media, and liberal run entertainment?

If they were smart, Republicans could use nothing but democrats blasting socialism and the evil it represents, to defeat today’s socialist-communist controlled democrat party. Not just defeat them, but send the party and it’s failed ideology to the ash-heap of history, where it belongs. They don’t call the GOP the “Stupid Party” for nothing though.

We have a population that doesn’t even understand that the Nazis were SOCIALISTS or that Nazi was short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in English: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Instead you have the Nazis described as “right wing” by the media and “historians” in an attempt to re-write history, a common communist/socialist tactic.

In his iconic 1964 speech: A Time for Choosing, Ronald Reagan suggested there was no such thing as right or left, politically, just an up …. or …. down. He was right, and there is nothing that drags humanity further down than communism and socialism…..

….and yet, the Republican Party, a group sensible Americans have always looked to for protection against such evils, remains clueless and unwilling to fight for America against these great evils.

I chose the Kennedy quote above for a reason. We are at war, for sure, but it’s the massive corruption, the crony capitalism, the payoffs to political allies, with tax payer dollars, that is the problem. Barack Obama may be the king of Chicago style, corrupt, crony politics, but make no mistake, there’s plenty of cronyism to go around in the Republican Party as well. It’s this massive corruption in both parties that has allowed the notion of communism and socialism to thrive in America.

We expect nothing but evil and corruption from modern day democrats, but many in the GOP would rather hang on to their piece of the pie than rock the boat. I’m not calling Mitt Romney corrupt, it seems that he’s a rather decent, if not spineless, fellow, but it’s telling that he couldn’t bring himself to use the rather mild [but just as evil] socialist moniker to describe Barack Obama, a hard core, raised from birth, Saul Alinsky COMMUNIST.

You cannot defeat evil with timidity.

Gallup’s latest polling is disturbing, to say the least. It shows that most democrats, not surprisingly, hate big business, capitalism, and embrace socialism. More disturbing is that nearly a quarter of self-described Republicans hold these same views. It would almost seem all of these Republicans are currently serving in Congress or in “leadership positions within the RNC, looking at the state of affairs.

PRINCETON, NJ — Exemplifying a major partisan divide in modern politics, Democrats react significantly more positively to the term “federal government” than they do to the term “capitalism,” while the opposite is true for Republicans. But both Democrats and Republicans are highly positive about the terms “small business,” “free enterprise,” and “entrepreneurs.”

Several very interesting results here. Republicans and democrats both see small business in a highly favorable light. In fact, at 95 and 94 percent, respectively, they are identical in their views. However, democrats are less favorable to free enterprise, 6 points less, and entrepreneurs, 7 points less, than Republicans.

Never mind that pretty much 100% of small business owners are entrepreneurs who rely on free enterprise to survive. And never mind that communism and socialism are the sworn enemies of small businesses, free enterprise, and entrepreneurs.

It would seem there is a disconnect somewhere!

It’s troubling to me that Republicans aren’t answering closer to 100% on all three of these. It’s also troubling that only 72% of Republicans view capitalism favorably, only 75% have a favorable view of big business, and a mind-blowing 23 PERCENT see socialism in a favorable light.

Again, the Republican Party is still trying figure out why, once again, they lost. Not only lost, but lost to the worst president in the 236 year history of our nation. I think we’ve, at least partly, stumbled on the answer.

The idea that any American would view socialism favorably is just hateful, but the results of this polling speak to the absolute failure of the GOP as a political party, let alone protector of Liberty and Freedom.

Gallup conducted a similar poll in 2010, and sadly, it’s only gotten worse:

The chart combines both parties together, but it simply doesn’t compute. While those surveyed feel even more positive towards free enterprise and entrepreneurs now than they did in 2010 [and even big business for that matter] there is a sharp rise in those who favor Big Federal Government and socialism. Both of which are the absolute enemies of small businesses, free enterprise, and entrepreneurs. And for that matter, big business too!

It’s obvious that while pining for more of it, and re-electing the most radical of socialist-communist radicals as President, most democrats and a disturbing number of Republicans, have absolutely no idea what socialism actually is.

At least that’s what I want to believe. The alternative, that the majority of those surveyed DO know and understand what socialism is, and want it anyway, is just too depressing to even contemplate.

The bottom line is 53% of democrats and 23% of Republicans have a favorable view of socialism. That’s 53 and 23 percent, respectively, too damned many!

Thank the spineless GOP for this. Someone should have been fighting the fight against this evil, and working night and day to educate the public. Far too many Republicans were more worried about holding on to their own little centers of power to care.


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Gallup on Sarah Palin: “Her 25% strongly favorable rating is the highest of any candidate tested”

By Gary P Jackson

Gallup has released a new poll measuring favorability, positive intensity and emotions [of and toward] the 2012 GOP candidates. Sarah Palin has the highest “strongly favorable” rating of any candidate tested.

According to Gallup, Sarah also generates the strong emotions, both positive and negative. This is a better gauge of how well Sarah will fair in the primaries than the “voter intensity” number, which is more about looking at favorablity vs unfavorablity and name recognition.

When I hear that Sarah Palin generates more emotion out of voters I take that as a great sign. Let me tell you why, when folks are faced with choices about people, or products, they will base part of their choice on an emotional tie or feeling, especially among a group of people, or products, that are perceived to be similar.

Now I’m not saying Sarah is similar to any of the other candidates. In fact she is far superior in every way, but being a Republican, as are the others ….. well ….  you get it.

Thinking of this reminds me of my time in the automobile business. For many years Dodge trucks were something dealerships had, but sold few of, unless they came with the world beating Cummins diesel engine, and even then, the joke was you bought the engine and were forced to take the truck. Starting in the early 90s, word leaked out Dodge was looking to do something about this.

As all manufacturers do, the designers created several models to test viability and well aesthetics. These can be anything from life-size clay models to working prototypes. Long story short, Dodge came up with several designs. There were the standard looking trucks of the day with a mostly square cab and bed. They looked like every other truck that was currently on the road. Then they had this radically different looking truck. A more classic look that not only gave a nod to the older, more traditional look, but also a nod to the big 18 wheelers. It had a strong, tough look. It also had a beefy chassis [spine] and impeccable performance. [record] But, it was way different than anything anyone else was even thinking about.

At this point the had focus groups [think voters] look at the models and give their impression. [think polling] No one was told they were looking at what would possibly be the new Dodge, to them it was just a new truck design. They rated these designs on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

When shown the reserved, contemporary looking truck, the one that looked like the rest, it got compliments. Many were impressed, many said they would buy it, if they were looking for a truck. Some even guessed it was a new Dodge. It mostly got “5s” on the scale.

Then people were shown the more radical out of the box design. As the story goes, fist-fights actually broke out over this deal! People either loved it or hated it. There was little in-between. People either gave it a “0” or a “10“! More people loved it than not, with many proclaiming they had to have one right now! [and they didn’t even need a truck]

This truck would become what we now call the Dodge Ram. It was successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. In the first quarter it was on sale, Dodge sold more of these things, in Texas alone, than they had sold models of the old design the entire previous year, nationwide. People wanted the truck and had to have it. The longer that truck was out there, the better sales got.

Now Sarah Palin isn’t a truck, but she does create the same kind of emotions emotions. And a hell of a lot more people in the Republican Party have a positive feeling about her than a negative. And that positive feeling is intense. For example, Gallup recently polled Sarah’s support against Mitt Romney’s. It found that 52% of Sarah’s supporters said there was “no chance ” they would change their minds and vote for someone else. Only 30% of Romney’s supporters were that strong.

Being a strong supporter of Sarah myself, I can relate to this intensity. Most Palin supporters are well versed in politics and have researched Sarah’s record, and the record of other candidates as well. Far from blindly following someone who can give a good speech, and say what people want to hear, Sarah’s supporters are strong because of their research and know she has a long record to back up what she says.

She says what she means, and means what she says. That is a rare thing these days.

What does all of this mean? It means Sarah Palin generates excitement. The kind of excitement it takes to fill stadiums, and get people excited about being Conservatives. The kind of excitement that creates a strong, unbeatable base of support that, as Jack Kelly put it: “would crawl over ground glass to vote for her.” And not just vote for her, but go door to door, make phone calls, raise money, and so on. This is already in play in Iowa, as independent members of Organize4Palin have already created a larger ground game than any candidate has, and they did this all on faith, just hoping she would run.

No other candidate has the ability to generate this loyalty, or desire. Palin supporters are ready to hit the streets and make sure Sarah Palin is our next President.

I’m reminded of the reaction to Sarah Palin after her monumental VP nomination acceptance speech in 2008. Before the RNC was worried. No one was excited about McCain, donations were slow in coming, and many offices lacked anything resembling campaign volunteers. Almost overnight, after her speech, over $10 million in donations came in, and people were banging on the doors of their local RNC headquarters to volunteer. That’s a story the corrupt media, and the GOP establishment would love for you to forget.

Sarah Palin has something no one else has. She has the charisma to draw people in, and the ability to actually be President. Her record proves she can do what must be done, and get it done in short order. The others have pretty words, Sarah Palin has a substantial record of positive achievement. That’s a combination that will make sure that she will be the one taking the Oath of Office as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2013.

Sarah Palin has the ability to create a strong, permanent Conservative revolution that will not only restore our nation, but keep it strong.

From Gallup: [emphasis mine]

A Newsweek cover story on the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate quoted Palin as saying, “I believe that I can win a national election,” and that she is still thinking about running.

Palin’s high 95% name recognition — the highest of any candidate or potential candidate Gallup is tracking — is one of her major political attributes. Her Positive Intensity Score, currently 15, has been in the 13 to 19 range throughout the year so far. This puts her behind Cain and Bachmann, but in roughly the same range as Romney. At the same time, Palin generates stronger emotions — both positive and negative — than Romney does. His Positive Intensity Score is based on the difference between the 18% of those who recognize him who have a strongly favorable opinion and the 3% who have a strongly unfavorable opinion. A significantly higher 25% of Republicans who recognize Palin have a strongly favorable opinion of her and a higher 9% have a strongly unfavorable opinion (Palin’s net Positive Intensity Score is 15 because of rounding when precise numbers are calculated).

Palin’s 25% strongly favorable rating is the highest of any candidate tested in the latest two-week average, from June 27-July 10, one percentage point ahead of Cain’s 24% and five points ahead of Bachmann’s 20%.

These strong numbers, and Sarah isn’t even running yet. We foresee this future headline from Drudge:


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Gallup: 52% Of Sarah Palin’s Supporters Certain “No Chance They’ll Change” Romney? Only 30%

By Gary P Jackson

From the Department of Mile Wide But Only Inch Deep Support: Here’s a key bit of information that many are missing from the latest Gallup poll via Susan Page:

30% of Romney supporters said they were certain to support him; no chance they’d change. 52% of Palin’s supporters said that.

Ian over at Conservatives4Palin adds:

There’s no reason to believe that other pollsters would find a contrary result. What these numbers tell you is that Mitt “peacetime” Romney’s support is softer than LeBron James in the fourth quarter. These numbers suggest that there is a wide opening for both Pawlenty/Huntsman to take a good chunk of Romney’s support whereas there pretty much is no room for Bachmann to operate.

There’s a strong argument to be made that what Palin is getting right now as a non-candidate who nobody believes is running is her floor and what Romney is getting right now post-announcement speech is pretty much his ceiling. The fact that a paltry 30% of his supporters are committed to voting for him suggests that his already low ceiling will crash once Pawlenty/Huntsman inevitably rise in the polls.

As Ian points out, there is no reason to believe any reputable pollster wouldn’t come up with the same findings. Though not scientific by any stretch, straw polls like Hot Air’s have been showing this all year long.

What exactly does Mitt Romney offer, except a bunch of establishment hacks crying that he’s “electable“? The man has the dubious record of a Big Government liberal. His time as Governor of Massachusetts is certainly nothing to write home about. Many voters, haven’t been exposed to Romney’s record …. yet. It’s no wonder that while he has support, it’s extremely soft, and supporters are obviously looking for any excuse to support a better candidate.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin must certainly be the most well vetted person in our nation’s history.  There is very little we don’t know about her, and her solid 20 year record has always been out there for all to see.

It could also be said that Palin supporters are better informed, and more engaged. Not only do they know Sarah Palin’s record, they’ve looked at the records of all the rest as well. I mean really looked at their records. There’s a lot to be said for strongly backing a candidate that you know is superior in every way to anyone else in the running.

The only arguments Romney can make is it’s “his turn”  and the Ruling Class likes him. Sarah Palin can stand on her record as a solid reformer, and a solid CEO. Someone who accomplished more in her time as Governor than most politicians will in a lifetime.

This comes on the heels of the latest polling from Reuters-Ipsos that shows Sarah Palin leading the field of GOP hopefuls. A report that shows Sarah is out-fundraising Romney in the key state of Ohio. A CNN poll that shows most people feel she is like Ronald Reagan, and 80% agree with her on the issues and feel she represents their values. I guess I should also mention that new polling shows Sarah is tied with Obama in all of the swing states too.


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Sarah Palin The National Security President

Governor Sarah Palin observes flight operations aboard the USS Stennis

By Gary P Jackson

The latest Gallup polling has some very interesting statistics.

While it shows Sarah Palin in a dead heat with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, it also shows that Huckabee is up a tad in support, while Mitt Romney is faltering. Looking at a period from September 25,26, 2010-February 18,20, 2011, Huckabee gained two points, Romney lost three points, and Sarah’s supporters have stayed rock solidly the same.

Were it gets interesting is when you break down voters into sub-groups.

Looking at Republican leaning independents, Sarah and Romney are tied for the lead. Huckabee, however trails behind them by six points, and Newt Gingrich, who is also included, is behind by eight.

While Huckabee, for reasons we can’t even fathom, has a lead among Conservatives, Sarah leads among “moderates” and liberals. Mitt is is a statistical tie with her.

Sarah also leads among young voters between the ages 18 and 49, voters who make less than $90,000 a year (which is most of us) and those without a college degree, though Huckabee is statistically tied with her on non-college grads.

One statistic that caught our attention was about church goers. Those who attend church weekly like Huckabee the most. Those who only attend church monthly like Mitt, with Sarah and Huckabee right behind. What really caught our eye was the ones who seldom or never attend church. Sarah wins that group, with Mitt well back of that. Huckabee is eight points back, and Gingrich is a full 18 points behind.

This tells me that Sarah Palin appeals to independents and centrists more than the rest of the field. Something I’ve maintained all along.

You can read the full details here.

On the issues, Gallup shows a mixed bag. One thing is clear though, among Republicans and Republican leaning independents, Sarah Palin is the chosen national security candidate.

I suspect Huckabee wins on social issues because of his religious background, though I’m puzzled as to why Romney wins with people who think the economy is the main issue. I suspect they haven’t researched Mitt’s record very well. Romney trails Huckabee a full twenty-one points on social and moral issues.

Now I know when most people think of Sarah Palin, they think of energy policy. Sarah has a long record of pushing for energy independence, and has spoken to energy regulation. She’s also talked extensively about economic issues. People forget that Sarah Palin was a budget hawk in Alaska. She tackled the tough stuff: balancing budgets, taking on pension issues, and so forth, in good times.

Sarah has also been outspoken on Israel, on many occasions.

With all of that said, Sarah has spoken to foreign policy and national security in-depth. She’s generally tied our fiscal policy to national security. She’s most certainly tied energy independence to national security.

Sarah has spoken forcefully on Iran, Egypt, and Libya.

Sarah was was proven right on Egypt and Iran, on multiple occasions. She has been influential on Libyan policy as well.

As Obama has proven to be a completely inept leader, having lost the world, it’s been Sarah Palin who has been the voice of reason and clarity.

As we move closer and closer towards 2012 and the contest at hand, we must remember that although economic issues will be front and center, the world is more complex than that. In order to have a strong economy, we must have a strong leader with experience and a record of performance not only on economic issues, but but on all of the issues.

Energy independence will be the key to our economic well being and our national security. In fact, as much of our foreign policy revolves around our energy needs, I’d say becoming energy independent, through Sarah Palin’s strong all-of-the-above policy of using oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, AND alternatives [that actually work] is a sound plan, not only for national security, but economic security as well.

Single issue voters bother me as much as “One-Note-Johnny” candidates. The President of the United States doesn’t have to be an expert on everything, that’s what their Cabinet and advisers are for, but they do have to have a solid grasp on the most important issues facing the nation, and the world.

While several candidates may look and sound good on this issue or that, Sarah Palin is the one candidate who has not only shown that she has a solid grasp on all of the issues, she also is the only one who has the solid record of positive achievement to back that up.


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USA Today/Gallup: Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton The Two Most Admired Women In America

This is a new USA Today/Gallup poll out there that shows something very interesting. When asked, Americans chose both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton as the two women they admire the most.

Lets take a look at this, as I think it says some very interesting things about America. First, without a doubt, both Sarah and Hillary are feminist icons. They are both hard core, successful women. Both tough as nails.

No surprises in the way the polling shakes out, either. Gallup asked 1025 adult Americans to rate their most admired. These two came out on top in basically a dead heat, considering the +/- 4 point margin of error.

What woman living today do you admire the most?

Hillary Clinton………………….16%

Sarah Palin………………………15%

Oprah Winfrey……………8%

Michelle Obama………….7%

Condoleezza Rice…….2%

Queen Elizabeth……….2%

Margaret Thatcher…1%

Maya Angelou………1%

Of course, this was pretty partisan, as both ladies got the bulk of their support from their particular political parties, which is why this poll fascinates me. It’s a good look at how both liberals and conservatives look at the world.

It should be noted too, that more Republicans were apt to admire Hillary Clinton than democrats were to admire Sarah Palin. Roughly 6 percent of the Republicans asked admired Hillary, while only 1 percent of the democrats admired Sarah. Again, several things come into play here, at least in my mind. One, Conservatives, and Republicans are generally more open minded, and democrats are more apt to follow the party line, no matter what. One also has to factor in education and how informed Conservatives generally are vs democrats.

Frankly, you can count me in the list of those that has at least some admiration for Hillary Clinton. I blame our friends at HillBuzz.org for this! (Just kidding, these are some of the best folks out there. They honestly do have me looking at Clinton in a different light!)

I don’t agree with her on many issues, and sometimes have my doubts about her competency, but compared to most democrat/communist party members, she comes out looking pretty good. She’s by far the most competent member of the Obama administration.

One thing that fascinates me, especially considering both of these women truly are feminist icons, is how they got there. I also think it says a bit about Conservatives and liberals. And what matters to them.

First lets look at Hillary. Frankly, you know you are an icon, when you only need a first name, something both Hillary and Sarah pull off well! Mention either one, and people know who you are talking about, though, I give Hillary the edge here, as she’s enjoyed this status longer.

Hillary took a rather conventional path to her place in the world, even for a feminist. She met Bill in college, got married and started a family. Hillary has a degree in law, and was a practicing attorney. Of course, Bill was the politician and star of the family from the start. As he worked his way through Arkansas politics, she worked and raised their daughter. Then of course, she became First Lady of Arkansas, and then, of course, First Lady of the United States. And, no doubt, she was one of the more outspoken and active presidential spouses. Of course, like in any family, the wife is most certainly a husband’s strongest, most trusted adviser.

After Bill’s time in office was over, Hillary certainly made the most of her opportunity. She was able to use her time as First Lady to make a successful bid for the United States Senate, using that time honored tradition of trading on her successful husband’s name to get her foot in the door, and then her own ability to cross over the threshold.

This is not to take anything away from her either, it just is what it is. Hillary worked hard in the Senate, and proved that she hard earned a shot at the presidency, at least to those who support her. And she was considered the front runner. If not for Obama, she might indeed be the one sitting in the Oval Office right now. Personally, I think we’d be better off!

But she still did well, and while Obama didn’t choose her as Vice President, probably out of fear of being overshadowed, she was chosen as Secretary of State, not exactly a bad thing.

Sarah’s life and path was a little different. She was more of an athlete, and dreamed of being a sportscaster at ESPN. She was a leader even then, and as team captain, led her high school team to a state championship.

She met and married her high school sweetheart. A hard working, ruggedly handsome guy with whom she has five beautiful children. He would go one to be her trusted adviser, Sarah also put herself through school, working several jobs, as well as earning some scholarships. This, of course, is why it took her longer than many of her peers in politics. She has a degree in journalism.

Like most of us, she went to work. Among other things, she worked as a commercial fisherman, with Todd. A tough, physical, but rewarding profession. She’s the complete outdoorsman who hunts, fishes, and loves to run every chance she gets.

Finding a need to serve, she became interested in politics, and steadily went from a seat on the city council to Mayor, then made an unsuccessful run at Lt Governor, which led to a position as the state’s chief energy and environmental regulator, and that of course, led her to becoming one of America’s most successful Governors, which found her in the 2008 presidential race, as the VP nominee. Her path was that of a self made woman who really had no family or spousal name to trade on. Of course, she did enjoy the support of her entire family, all along the way.

Oh, and she got to be a sportscaster, as well. At least at the local level.

Two different paths, by two different feminine and feminist icons. That’s what makes this such an interesting poll, one that is interesting to contemplate.

This of course, brings both Hillary and Sarah to 2008 and the presidential election. Neither were successful in the respective bids, but both have endured.

Like Sarah Palin, Hillary was savaged by Barack Obama and his Chicago street thug tactics. They went after both her and Bill, America’s “first black President” as he was lovingly called by the dems until Obama showed up on the scene. With a new golden boy though, the Clintons, once the most powerful force in democrat politics, were now racists, “straight up“, as Janeane Garofalo would say.

Of course, that wasn’t even a good warm up for what the Obama slime machine had ready to go after Sarah with. Frankly, you would have thought Sarah was the Presidential candidate, and John McCain didn’t even exist. Throughout the campaign, the real contest was between Obama and Palin. Those were the two who were always compared, McCain was almost an afterthought. And frankly, considering just how poorly McCain’s “all-star” campaign performed, and how severely they restricted Palin, never allowing Sarah to just be Sarah, It was a smart strategy by Obama and his team.

Other than that one odd breakdown though where Hillary cried a bit, maybe for effect, maybe just out of sheer frustration, she endured the hate piled on her by the Obama campaign, the ultra-left wing radicals that now make up the party’s base, as well as the entire media.

Then she went to work for Obama, becoming Secretary of State, third in line to the presidency. Not too shabby.

Sarah also endured. Frankly though, and I’ve said this before, and surely will say again, in the 50 years I wandered this planet I have never seen the effort to destroy someone that I have seen thrown at Sarah Palin. You had everything Obama and his weasels could throw together, the most vile, ugly, dirtiest Chicago style hate and slime they could muster, followed by an over the top assault by the dishonest media, and of course, the recruitment, by the campaign, and then continued coordination from the White House after the election, of the Alaska Mafia., the radical bloggers and serial ethics charge filers.

Sarah of course, after watching Obama and the Mafia make her job in Alaska totally undoable, as they stole millions in taxpayer dollars, famously stepped down from office, in what is turning out to not only be an incredibly smart and self sacrificing move for Alaska, but also the shrewdest political move most of us have ever seen. This truly shows that Sarah has incredible political instincts.

Since stepping down, Sarah has become a record setting, best selling author, who is in her fifth straight week atop the New York Times Best Seller List, the spot she debuted in.

Sarah has also become the most popular Conservative in America, hit the talk show circuit, even doing a gag with Conan and Bill Shatner, and is now considered the absolute favorite to win the 2012 GOP nomination, as well as the presidency.

More importantly though, is the fact that just as the Obama campaign never let up on her, even after the election, she never let up on Obama. Unrestrained by the McCain campaign, and just being herself, Sarah has been on the attack ever since. No quarter is given to Obama, Congress or any of their insane ideas.

Sarah has turned a social network into her personal domain, and her every note to her over 1 million Facebook supporters is picked up by all of the news media and quoted world-wide. She has shown a knack for condensing relatively complicated issues down to their rawest, simplest forms for maximum impact.

Her first comment on ObamaCare and the inevitable rationing of health care, especially to the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill, birthed what might be the most important phrase of the year, if not the decade. “Death panels” will forever be the phrase most associated with ObamaCare.

Of course, as with everything Sarah, “death panels” stirred incredible controversy. (Hint: it was supposed to) Those on the left called her every name in the book, some even printable. So strong was the attempt to discredit her, the President actually felt he had to single her out, little Sarah from Wasilla, a private citizen, in his joint session in front of Congress. The dog and pony festival of lies he put on back in the summer that prompted Congressman Joe Wilson to actually call him on it, giving us the decade’s second best phrase “you lie!” This one is used often now after Obama says anything more complicated and involved than “good morning” or “hello.”

Anyhow, not only did she drive the democrat/communists crazy with this incredible succinct and accurate description of health care rationing, she also embarrassed the Rockefeller, country club, RINO wing of the Republican Party. Of course, embarrassing milquetoast moderates is fairly simple.

Now some tried to make it complicated, or were just dumb, or maybe they were trying to muddy the waters, by claiming it was all about “end of life counseling, which is certainly a troubling issue, but not where she was going.

In the end, two things have happened, the far left St Petersburg, Florida newspaper proclaimed “death panels” the “lie of the year” while simaltaniously Senate Majority Leader, and hack, Harry Reid placed a questionable provision in his version of ObamaCare that would make it nearly impossible to take the “death panels” out of the picture…ever!

Funny how liberals always try and have it both ways! “There’s no such thing as ‘death panels’ and oh, by the way, it is now impossible (and illegal) to take the ‘death panels’ out of ObamaCare!

For her part, where most people would have backed down, Sarah managed to mention death panels every chance she got! In her latest, she mentioned them no less than four times, shoving those “death panels” right up their…… well……you know where!

Long story short, Sarah has shown she is not afraid to fight what she believes in. To put it all out there, not hold back, or play it safe. She has proven she is politically courageous where others are incredibly timid. These are not the times for timidity and political cowardice.

We have seen some really interesting turns too. The media is acting a little different, treating her more seriously, even somewhat complementary. And not just the conservative media. A lot of this is because people are realizing what a complete and total disaster Obama is. He has managed to not only further anger conservatives, and totally alienate the so-called independents, he’s even got many of the far left slingin’ snot!

You really, really have to work hard to completely and absolutely piss everyone off , so congratulations Obama, you’ve not only found your true calling, you’ve managed to unite the country, just not in the way you imagined!

Again, what we are witnessing, with Sarah, is two fold. Part of this is her finally being able to be herself, and make her case to the American people, on her terms. Turns out, she incredibly good at that.

Second is all of those drunk on hopenchange are now sobering up and have one hell of a hang over. They are realizing that every single prediction Sarah made at her RNC speech, as well as on the stump, has come to pass. Now is the time for the big “I told ya so!

This is leading to wild editorials from liberals such as David Michael Green, a professor of political science at Hofstra University in New York, where he says things like this:

You know, I’ve really been trying not to write an article every other week about all the things I don’t like about Barack Obama.

But the little prick is making it very hard.

Like any good progressive, I’ve gone from admiration to hope to disappointment to anger when it comes to this president. Now I’m fast getting to rage.

How much rage? I find myself thinking that the thing I want most from the 2010 elections is for his party to get absolutely clobbered, even if that means a repeat of 1994. And that what I most want from 2012 is for him to be utterly humiliated, even if that means President Palin at the helm. That much rage.

Think this guy would have said something like that a year ago? You can read it all here, it’s worth it!

Of course, among Conservatives, Sarah has become the absolute favorite. She is the defacto leader of the movement.

Politico, which leans left, just ended a reader poll. Out of nearly 17,000 votes, Sarah was chosen by 47 % of the readers as the biggest winner of 2009. Number two was Obama at 19%. “Someone Else” was third!

In the People’s Republic Of San Francisco, Sarah’s book, Going Rogue, is number three in sales! This in a town were many booksellers were proud to proclaim they would not even offer it for sale!

Even far left Ed Schultz over at Obama Central, MSNBC proclaimed her the biggest winner, going so far as to say “Show me what she has done wrong!

This is pretty strong language.

By anyone’s measure, whatever negative feelings that have been out there about Sarah Palin, slowly, methodically, and most assuredly, she is turning those around.

So let me end by saying this. Both Sarah and Hillary deserved to be called the most admired women in America. They earned it!

These two are both the biggest winners of 2009, by far.

Hillary is a big winner, because she’s managed to avoid the absolute taint that has hung over the Obama administration since day one. She might be the only one to walk away from this fiasco with something that resembles a career.

Of course, I’m incredibly biased and in my mind, Sarah Palin is the biggest winner of not only 2009, but of the entire decade. Absolutely everyone, but her strongest fans wrote her off when McCain lost the election in 2008.

This became a weekly ritual, anytime her name was mentioned. “X” was going to end her career, no matter what “X” was!

Then she “quit” as Governor. Oh my, political suicide. Yeah, right. Incredibly savvy move that completely changed the game on Obama and his Chicago street thug strategy of trying to stop her before she ever had a chance to come after him. This, it seems, has turned out to be a flawed strategy. There’s a reason why “they” say “let sleeping dogs lie” or “let well enough alone.

Up until midway through her book tour, we were told Sarah’s career was over. Then something happened. I don’t know if it was the big crowds, the great interviews, yucking it up with Shatner, or just the realization that this is one sharp woman, who is right more than she is wrong. One thing is for sure, there has been an incredible shift in the way most of the nation looks at Sarah Palin, and that’s not only a good thing for Sarah Palin, but a good thing for America.

America needs strong, fearless, and ethical leadership. That describes Sarah to a tee.

As we prepare to start a new year, and a new decade, America has found a true leader we can all get behind, and believe in. Someone who has the courage and ability to bring this nation away from the brink of destruction, and get it back on track.

America’s brightest and most exciting days are ahead of us, and Sarah Palin will be playing a major roll, bringing us not only energy and excitement, but the common sense and leadership we need to see this happen.

I for one cannot wait for 2010 and beyond!

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