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Julianne Moore Receives Emmy for Misleading the Public About Governor Palin

By Stacy Drake

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I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be a part of a group of people who suffered though watching Game Change, who methodically dissected the film using historical facts, published articles to clear the record, only to have all of that work ignored and Hollywood give this piece of propaganda its highest honors anyway. It’s not that I didn’t expect it, I did, but that doesn’t make it any easier to look at. They are entirely shameless.

After winning her award for “best actress in a mini-series,” Julianne Moore said during her speech:

Wow, I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down

Governor Palin not appreciating the movie’s character assassination had nothing to do with Moore’s feelings of validation. She feels “validated” now because her fellow travelers in the industry patted her on the back and cheered for her when her name was called. She didn’t receive the award because she did a good job, she was issued a trophy because she contributed to the left’s war on Palin. See, they will conveniently overlook the crappy production value of the film, the bad accent, the mistaken mannerisms, and every other feature of this movie and Moore’s awful performance because they want to elevate the film. They want Americans to buy their version of events, and hope that those same people who watched their awards show never stumble over the truth.

The truth… Things like, how much money the makers of the film donated to Barack Obama. How the filmmakers tried to con Governor Palin herself into “validating” their piece of fiction. How the person who vetted Governor Palin for the McCain campaign called the movie “revisionist.” How so many of those who were there with Governor Palin in 2008 told the world that the movie was full of lies, and unlike the main sources of the movie (until we exposed them), put their name on their statements. How the movie tried to portray Governor Palin as having a nervous breakdown, when in fact, news reports from the time prove that to be impossible. How the movie falsely accused Governor Palin of not going on stage with anyone who was “pro-choice”; how they lied about “Troopergate”; how they mislead the audience about the Governor’s record, her knowledge, and pretty much everything else.

Moore may seek validation with her role in this attempted cinematic lynching, but you cannot validate lies. All she can do is reinforce them within herself and within her Palin-hating peers. The trouble with all of this is that they lie to the world in the process. How many televisions tuned into the Emmy Awards on Sunday night? How many of those people understood exactly what it was that they were looking at?

This is really about more than just Governor Palin, this is what this country does to reformers. The media distorts, the political class trashes, and then Hollywood steps up to “validate” it all. I really don’t know how we ever correct the many issues that plague our nation if we allow it to continue. Who will fix this broken mess if the only ones willing to stick their necks on the line are systematically slandered and libeled through marginalization and lies? It’s up to us, the American people, to stand up for reformers and for the truth.

Below: THIS ain’t Sarah Palin!

~ Gary


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Stacy Drake: Thanks HBO! Your Time Stamps in “Game Change” Help Us Prove Your Lies

By Gary P Jackson

Stacy Drake, writing for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood absolutely destroys any credibility the people who made the propaganda film Game Change may have thought they had.

This is a devastating indictment of HBO, Hollywood, Steve Schmidt, and those who will do anything to stop Sarah Palin and prop up failed president, Barack Obama.

‘Game Change’: Palin Breakdown Meme Crushed by Facts

It has been well established that HBO’s anti-Sarah Palin movie, “Game Change,” is full of distortions about the former vice presidential candidate.

I covered some of them in a piece on Big Hollywood titled “Top 10 Lies of HBO’s ‘Game Change.” In it, I briefly mentioned the fact that the movie depicts Palin as having a mental breakdown during the 2008 campaign.

At the 68 minute mark in the movie, the filmmakers show Palin (Julianne Moore) at a table with campaign staff going over material to prep for her debate against Joe Biden. The movie depicts Palin as being detached and unresponsive. She mutters to herself about missing her baby.

They want you to believe that she had a complete mental meltdown. Just like most of the movie, this simply isn’t true. As a matter of fact, it’s impossible. Keep in mind that at the beginning of that scene, the filmmakers stamp the bottom left-hand corner of the screen with the location and date they claim the events took place. It says “Philadelphia September 27.

In the next scene, Mark Wallace (Ron Livingston) is talking to Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson) and Rick Davis (Peter MacNicol) in a conference call about Mark’s concern Palin is “mentally unstable.” Wallace claims she “constantly slips into these catatonic stupors.” He also says that “the debate is in five days.

So, considering that the real Vice Presidential Debate between Palin and Biden took place on October 2nd, they claim this conversation also took place on September 27th. Next scene, cut to a shot of Palin in her bathrobe, losing it, laying on the floor in her hotel room with note-cards scattered all around.

This photo was released by SarahPAC not too long ago (Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead/SarahPAC).

Sarah Palin Debate Prep 2008 Presidential Election

It shows the real Sarah Palin working at the podium, prepping for her debate in Philadelphia. This is the same time and room that the movie depicted, only it shows that Palin is clearly functional. Does she look mentally unhinged?

According to the makers of “Game Change,” Palin spent Sept. 27, 2008 losing her mind while prepping for the upcoming debate with campaign staff, and then in a “catatonic stupor” in her hotel room later that evening. But according to CNN’s Peter Hamby, the real Palin was actually taking questions in a Philadelphia restaurant:

Sarah Palin partook in an established political ritual on Saturday night when she headed to Tony Luke’s in south Philadelphia to order a pair of cheesesteaks with whiz and onions.

But as the kitchen sizzled and orders were barked out, Palin found herself talking politics, calling McCain’s debate performance “awesome” and taking questions from a voter about the hunt for terrorists in Pakistan.

This is actual video from the date that “Game Change” portrayed Palin as having her “meltdown.” Does this look like a woman who spent the better part of the day “slipping into catatonic stupors?”

The next morning, the real Palin met with Blue Star Moms at a downtown Philadelphia coffee house:

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin met Sunday with a group of military mothers at a downtown eatery, the third day of a swing through this Democratic stronghold.

The Alaska governor, along with her 14-year-old daughter, Willow, spent about 45 minutes sipping a skinny white chocolate mocha and talking privately with four women whose children are serving in the military overseas.

Palin’s son, Track, 19, is deploying for service in Iraq.

As they sat at a table at Di Bruno Bros. gourmet food shop, one of the women, Julie Devitt, got a call from her son, Glen, who deployed to Iraq with the Army in December. She handed the phone to Palin, who spoke with the sergeant briefly.

Also, the night before the phony mental breakdown, the real Palin attended a Presidential debate watching party at an Irish Pub:

Fresh off an afternoon jog along the Schuylkill River, Sarah Palin stopped by a debate watching party at The Irish Pub on Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia. It was an invite-only event that pulled in about 450 McCain supporters who had been drinking and eating for several hours before the candidate arrived (around 7:20PM EST). It was Palin’s first campaign stop in Philadelphia this cycle.

How do the makers of “Game Change” explain the fact that Palin was (according to their sources) losing her mental grasp, yet at the same time, attending campaign events and talking to the press? People who are truly mentally ill and “constantly falling into catatonic stupors” cannot turn off their symptoms to take questions from CNN.

Does this look like a woman on the verge of a mental breakdown?

Thomas Van Flein, Governor Palin’s attorney during the 2008 campaign, in his interview with Big Hollywood’s Christian Toto last week, stated:

She was focused, diligent and completely involved. I wouldn’t have agreed for her deposition to go forward if she was depressed, fragile or emotionally distraught as portrayed in the movie.” Van Flein suggests it isn’t just his word against the sources relied upon to construct the film. Palin’s campaign plane had plenty of reporters on hand to cover the governor’s every move. Certainly a few members of the press would have dutifully reported a “catatonic” or over-stressed vice presidential candidate had they witnessed one, he says.

HBO didn’t cover those Philadelphia campaign events in their movie. They also didn’t cover much of the 2008 economic collapse, which the McCain campaign was dealing with on and around the date of September 27th. In fact, per Schmidt’s advice, McCain suspended his campaign on September 24th.

The weekend that Palin was in Philadelphia studying and drinking coffee with military moms, the leadership of the McCain camp was having its own meltdown.

In October of 2008, The New York Times wrote an article detailing the McCain campaign’s response to the financial crisis. They wrote (emphasis):

On the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 24, John McCain convened a meeting in his suite at the Hilton hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Among the handful of campaign officials in attendance were McCain’s chief campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt, and his other two top advisers: Rick Davis, the campaign manager; and Mark Salter… The meeting was to focus on how McCain should respond to the crisis — but also, as one participant later told me, “to try to see this as a big-picture, leadership thing.

Schmidt pushed for going all in suspending the campaign, recommending that the first debate be postponed, parachuting into Washington and forging a legislative solution to the financial crisis for which McCain could then claim credit… Schmidt and others convinced McCain that it was worth the gamble…

Schmidt evidently saw the financial crisis as a “true character” moment that would advance his candidate’s narrative. But the story line did not go as scripted. “This has to be solved by Monday,” Schmidt told reporters that Wednesday afternoon in late September, just after McCain concluded his lengthy meeting with his advisers and subsequently announced his decision to suspend his campaign and go to Washington.

McCain failed to deliver the performance that had been promised. Of course, this was no mere movie. America was in crisis…

Steve Schmidt had advised McCain to “go in all the way on the financial crisis so as to reveal his candidate’s true character.

But given a chance to show what kind of president he might be, McCain came off more like a stymied bystander than a leader who could make a difference. Judging by the polls, the McCain campaign has yet to recover.

By the time the September 28th rolled around, the day Schmidt met up with Palin in Philadelphia, everyone knew what a colossal mistake the McCain campaign had made by suspending its operation. Barack Obama came off looking sober in comparison, and the media has touted him as having a “calm demeanor” ever since.

Palin wrote about her time in Philadelphia in the book “Going Rogue.” Not surprisingly, she had a much different take on what happened there. She admits that the debate prep wasn’t very productive. She didn’t like the dark room, the “non-answer, answer” note-cards that they wanted her to study, or the fact that the staff was cranky due to the falling poll numbers since the economic collapse.

Here’s a photo of Palin in the Rangers jersey prepping for her debate with Mark Wallace (Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead).

Sarah Palin -Mark Wallace Debate Prep 2008 Presidential Campaign

Does she look like someone losing her mind, or does she look like someone who is calmly annoyed?

This photo on page 433 is in the book “Going Rogue” with the following description: “This picture says it all. A dark hotel room in Philadelphia and a frustrated Mark Wallace trying to tell me which of his non-answers I should give during debate prep. The atmosphere immediately turned around when we headed to Arizona for more prep in the great outdoors at McCain’s ranch.

When Schmidt took a break from his trip to Washington, DC, he joined the crew prepping for the vice presidential debate. He entered the room they were working in, Palin wrote:

Schmidt leveled his eyes at me. “We don’t have the money Obama does and the numbers don’t look good. We’ve got to change things up.” I agree. I was eager to hear a new strategy. “So,” he continued, “headquarters is flying in a nutritionist.”

Oh, good … the team could probably use a nutritionist,” I said. The chain smoking, junk-food-packing, recirculated-air-breathing habits of some of the staffers were probably catching up to them. They’d been on the road a long time. The more I thought about it, the more I realized Schmidt really did have a great idea.

No, it’s for you,” he said, “You gotta get off that Atkins Diet.

Huh? I had to do a mental double take. The Atkins bars – that must be it. They were everywhere, in every hotel room and on every snack table along the trail. They were great when I didn’t have time to slow down and eat, but I didn’t know why they were all over the place.

I’m not on the Atkins Diet, Steve.” “Don’t you know what a high-protein diet does?” he asked, ignoring what I had just said. He then launched into a discussion of nutrition physiology, holding forth on the importance of carbohydrates to cognitive connections and blah,blah, blah.

As he lectured, I took in his rotund physique and noted that he used nicotine to keep his own cognitive connections humming along.

The movie depicts this in a scene as though Palin’s diet was contributing to her “catatonic” mental state. But in reality, Schmidt was the one losing it. He was in panic mode after witnessing the results of his bad advice, and he turned his focus to obsessing over Palin’s diet.

Here was a guy totally in over his head who had just made the biggest miscalculation of his career. The campaign that he was in charge of was having its own crisis, and he knew the decision that he made was the main reason for that. In order to avert having his own professional crisis, he decided it was time to throw someone under the bus. And under the bus Palin went.

People who are honest and who paid attention during the campaign know what happened in 2008. Eric Schnurer, the liberal founder and president of Public Works has noted:

When the economy (and McCain campaign) collapsed, the McCain-Palin ticket was ahead and just about every Democratic consultant I knew believed they were headed to victory – and that was largely because of Palin, whose selection galvanized a base that McCain needed and otherwise lacked.

Michael Goldfarb, who also worked for the 2008 McCain/Palin campaign, also recently wrote:

We lost that campaign partly because of events beyond our control, and partly as a result of bad counsel given by the same people who are apparently so flatteringly portrayed in this movie. John McCain deserved better than to be betrayed by his own top aides, and true to form he has honorably stuck by Gov. Palin even as she’s been smeared in the press over and over again by the same self-serving former staffers.

Van Flein also spoke to Christian Toto about Schmidt:

The legal eagle recalls his less than positive first encounter with Schmidt, a phone conversation in which the campaign manager yelled repeatedly and used profanity in trying to access emails from Palin’s tenure as governor.

I was troubled to learn he was the campaign manager,” says Van Flein, who ended up participating in several campaign conference calls featuring Schmidt.

My impression was that the campaign was being run by someone who was in over his head and was too emotional to handle the pressure of a campaign was reinforced,” he recalls.

The sources used by HBO to sell this notion that Palin is “unstable” have no credibility. That didn’t stop them from running with it because as many have pointed out recently, they themselves have an agenda. The timing of this film was originally designed to harm Palin in this year’s presidential contest, but she decided not to run.

So the left had to settle for trying to harm any future political aspirations she may have in the future. They want to define Sarah Palin for the country, and they want people to believe that she is unstable, therefore, unfit for office.

This won’t work, however, because what they claim transpired in Philadelphia never happened. The timeline of real events prove the cruelest of lies to be false.


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More People Watched Re-Run of “Pawn Stars” Than “Game Change” Twice as Many Saw New “Pawn Stars” Episode

By Gary P Jackson

The Washington Post tells us the premier of Game Change was HBO’s best in almost a decade, but the thinly veiled Obama campaign propaganda film had fewer viewers than a Sunday afternoon re-run of The History Channel’s Pawn Stars. As if to add insult to injury, nearly twice as many people saw a brand new episode of Pawn Stars than watched the Obama campaign schlockumentary.

One massive marketing and GOP-undies-bunching campaign later, the unveiling of HBO’s Sarah Palin flick, “Game Change,”attracted 2.123 million viewers Saturday night at 9. HBO says that is its biggest original-movie opening crowd in about eight years.

To put the audience in perspective, that’s slightly fewer people than sat down the next afternoon at 2 to watch a rerun episode of History’s “Pawn Stars” (2.129 million viewers).

Over the course of the weekend, multiple telecasts of “Game Change” — which chronicles the decision of Republican Sen. John McCain’s campaign to run the then little-known Alaskan governor as his presidential running mate — averaged a cumulative 3.6 million viewers. That’s slightly more than half the number of people who watched an original episode of History’s “Pawn Stars” last week on Monday night at 10.

To put all of this into perspective, when TLC’s travel-adventure series Sarah Palin’s Alaska debuted, 5 million viewers tuned in, the largest debut in the channel’s history. SPA maintained record high viewership throughout it’s 9 episode run.

We still haven’t seen numbers from the debut of The Undefeated on Reelz but seeing as the channel reaches more than twice as many households as HBO, I would think the numbers are strong.

For all the effort the Hollywood crowd put into their Sarah Palin hit piece, it looks to be a dismal failure. Not only did relatively few watch this thing, it’s been shredded by every honest movie critic in the country.


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HBO’s “Game Change” a Ratings Disaster: Less Than Half the Audience of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Debut

By Gary P Jackson

They had some of Hollywood’s biggest names, the backing of a sycophantic, fawning media, and a huge marketing effort, and yet the phony baloney Game Change movie couldn’t beat the real thing.

That’s right folks, a housewife from Wasilla, Alaska, and a little travel-adventure show beat out, not only the biggest of the Hollywood bigs, but the Obama regime, and all of it’s minions, by more than two-to-one!

From Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood:

Game Change‘ Ratings Bust: Less than Half of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska‘ Debut

HBO’s anti-Sarah Palin film “Game Change” scored some pretty impressive ratings over the weekend – 2.1 million viewers, according to numbers released today.

But while the cable network may be tempted to spike the football, it might want to do some digging on some other Palin-related data first.

TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaskadebuted in 2010 to five million viewers, more than double the HBO figure. Now, TLC isn’t a pay channel like HBO, but the tally still undermines the narrative that audiences were clamoring to see a Palin takedown.

Plus, while HBO’s film got almost universally glowing reviews and all the media attention a title could muster, the TLC reality show debuted on a much less well known outlet sans universally positive press.

Even when one adds up the three “Game Change” airings on Saturday it still only comes to 3.6 million viewers, far less than the number of folks who caught Palin basking in her beloved Alaska two years ago.

I haven’t seen the numbers for The Undefeated on Reelz yet. It will be interesting to see how many tuned in, as Reelz reaches about three times as many households as HBO.


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Downloadable “Game Change” Showbill

By Gary P Jackson

If you read Stacy Drake’s article on the outstanding efforts put by O.P Ditch and the Maryland chapter of Organize4Palin and the Washington D.C. premier of Game Change, you may have wondered where they got those nifty “Showbills” they were handing out. Well, look no further.

Whether you just want a copy for yourself, or know some dumbass liberal who thinks the movie is reality based, and needs some straightening out, here’s the entire eleven page document:

Download it here.

Please note: All blue text is hyperlinked to information backing up the Showbill.


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Stacy Drake: Top 10 Lies of HBO’s “Game Change”

By Gary P Jackson

I spoke with Stacy Drake a few days ago and she told me after seeing HBO’s hit piece on Sarah Palin, she could have easily done a Top 100 lies, but was settling on the Top 10. This is essential reading.

In her incredibly researched article on Big Hollywood, Stacy starts off by saying:

Defenders of HBO’s “Game Change” have fought back against those who criticize the politically charged film as a two-hour attack on Sarah Palin. They claim that unless a person has watched it in its entirety, they cannot judge its content or the people involved with the project.

Well, I’ve seen the entire movie, so don’t mind me while I go ahead and judge this piece of high-dollar propaganda.

Game Change” is pretty easy to deconstruct. At its core, it’s a left-wing project designed to make one of their most hated political enemies toxic. They used people with an axe to grind to legitimize the story they want viewers to believe and help push their agenda. They also have no problem lying.

Honestly, it was difficult to narrow down this list because there were so many fabrications and distortions throughout the film, but here are the top ten lies produced by HBO.

Lie #10: HBO released a defensive statement to the press along with screeners of the film saying the project “is a balanced portrayal of the McCain/Palin campaign.” Having seen the movie in its entirety, I can say that that statement is beyond absurd. There was nothing “balanced” about the story they told. As someone who has studied Palin’s career for years, I can say that I didn’t even recognize the person sold as “Governor Palin,” here played by Julianne Moore.

Beyond the grotesque character assassination, there is a heavy partisan imbalance at work. “Game Change” portrays most Republicans in a bad light — everyone minus Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson), Nicolle Wallace (Sarah Paulson), Mark Wallace (Ron Livingston) and Chris Edwards (Larry Sullivan). One character refers to former Vice President Dick Cheney as “Darth Vader,” while the McCain/Palin rallies depict unhinged men yelling “terrorist” and “he’s a Muslim” at the mention of Obama’s name. Then, there was the the quote they placed toward the end of the movie which had Sen. John McCain (Ed Harris) warning Palin not to get “co-opted by Limbaugh and the other extremists.” None of these instances were balanced and were clearly told from a left-wing point of view.

Stacy does a fabulous job of exposing the outright lies in the movie. This is a well referenced article that proves beyond a doubt that HBO must label the movie a work of fiction.

Read the other Top 10 Lies from Game Change at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood by clicking here.

Julianne Moore’s hollow portrayal of Governor Sarah Palin

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Dear Roger Ebert: Game Change is Nothing More Than a Sick Liberal Fantasy and Julianne Moore isn’t Sarah Palin

This ain’t Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Let’s face it, the liberals in Hollywood live in a fantasy world. A world where actual facts matter little. Though Roger Ebert writes for the Chicago Sun-Times he is just as delusional as the rest.

We all know Game Change is nothing more than a hit piece designed to stop Sarah Palin. It was put together by a bunch of Obama sycophants and set to debut as the 2012 presidential race was hitting high gear.

The Hollywood elite assumed Sarah Palin would run for president this year, and be the Republican nominee. Thus guaranteeing their beloved Obama would receive the shellacking of his lifetime in the November election.

This backfired on them, as Palin decided not to run. Now they are stuck with a pile of garbage few will see. To counter this, Julianne Moore, who pathetically tries to play Sarah in this farce, has been all over the talk show circuit doing damage control. Now Roger Ebert, has been enlisted to heap much praise on this schlockfest.

Here is Moore on MSNBC’s Morning Joe claiming everything in the movie was “sourced”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yeah right.

Ebert tittles his piece The greatest actress in American political history. In this love fest he treats Game Change like it’s a documentary, rather than a total work of fiction created with no other purpose in mind than to slander Sarah Palin and her family.

Supporters of Sarah’s, most of whom know her life story as well as Sarah herself does, must read Ebert’s piece. It will have you rolling on the ground in laughter.

That anyone with half a brain thinks the portrayal of Sarah Palin in Game Change has any truth to it whatsoever is laughable on it’s face. Seriously, even Tina Fey’s tortured parody of Palin had more credibility.

There’s a reason why a recent poll in the L.A. Times had readers choosing to see the actual documentary of Sarah Palin’s life, The Undefeated over Game Change by a stunning 76 percent. [to 14 percent for Game Change] Most people recognize bullshit when they see it, and Game Change sets a new “high water mark” for bullshit.

The Undefeated debuts this Sunday [the day after Game Change opens] on Reelz Channel. Reelz is available to more than 62 million cable subscribers, more than twice the number who have HBO.

We all know what those close to Sarah have to say. Both current and former aides have called Game Changesick and inaccurate.”

SarahPAC put out this video to show the real Sarah Palin, and how things actually went down:

The video mentions Sarah’s superior debate skills over Joe Biden. Here’s a bit of a flashback for both Ebert and Moore. In 2008 The Huffington Post put together this video of Sarah Palin debating during the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial campaign. They were well aware of her skill and wanted to make sure Team Obama didn’t take her lightly:

The movie Game Change does it’s best to make those gullible enough to sit through it believe Sarah wasn’t sufficiently vetted. You know, like it was some sort of after thought. A cynical ploy to appeal to women, or something.

Fact is, Sarah Palin was thoroughly vetted by none other than A. B. Culvahouse, a former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, and the go to guy when someone needs vetting for high profile positions.

Here is Culvahouse in 2009 talking to the National Press club about the thorough vetting Sarah received:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Marisa M. Kashino, writing for the Washingtonian in a lengthy piece entitled: A.B. Culvahouse: The Man Who Vetted Sarah Palin had this to say:

After spending years in the most powerful circles of Washington, the former White House counsel is likely to be remembered most for a single decision: greenlighting Sarah Palin

The walls of A.B. Culvahouse Jr.’s office are the only remarkable things in it. For a corner perch on the tenth floor of a modern downtown DC building, the space is understated. Surely the man who occupies it—a former White House counsel and the chairman of the international law firm O’Melveny & Myers—deserves something larger and nicer.

But the mementos on the walls are impressive. One photo shows Culvahouse during his first day on the job at the White House with President Ronald Reagan. Another shows him in the Oval Office with Reagan, Vice President George H.W. Bush, and Reagan chief of staff Howard Baker. Culvahouse says he’s not supposed to have that one—it’s an original print of the meeting that took place the day former national-security adviser John Poindexter testified about his role in the Iran-Contra affair.

There are framed thank-you notes from some of the high-profile figures Culvahouse has helped through vetting and confirmation processes, an area that has become a specialty of his since he left the White House. Supreme Court justice David Souter, now retired, sent along his words of appreciation after he was confirmed to the high court with Culvahouse’s assistance. Current Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote a thank-you after Culvahouse helped Gates become George H.W. Bush’s CIA director.

There is, however, a notable omission.

Few people outside the Beltway had heard of Culvahouse before the 2008 presidential election, when the Republican nominee, Arizona senator John McCain, asked him to vet his vice-presidential contenders. There isn’t a shred of evidence on the walls that would indicate the role Culvahouse played in launching the national career of McCain’s choice, Alaska governor turned queen of the Tea Party Sarah Palin.

Nothing here would indicate that only 2½ years ago, Culvahouse was on the phone in the conference room next door, interviewing Palin until 3 am Washington time to determine whether she would be a suitable running mate.

It was from that conference room that Culvahouse asked Palin, who was in Arizona, what he calls “the stock questions”: Why did she want to be Vice President? Was she prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of the American homeland? If we had Osama bin Laden in our sights but taking the shot guaranteed civilian casualties, would she give the go-ahead?

Though Culvahouse won’t reveal Palin’s specific responses, he says he was reassured by them.

She gave a very thoughtful answer to all those questions. People who are more experienced, more savvy—maybe some of them gave less savvy answers,” he says with a look that indicates he’s referring to some of McCain’s other VP contenders.

There was more: “On the phone, it was clear she had a personality that fills the room. A certain aura about her.”

Culvahouse sensed then the charisma that would propel Palin into folk-hero status among the Republican base and allow her to lead a new movement.

I recently republished an interview Sarah did with Larry Kudlow in June of 2008. Though the interview was about the need for energy independence, the talk got around to John McCain and the fact Sarah was on his short list. This sorta puts the “last minute, Hail Mary” meme to bed.

Though the backers of Game Change are struggling to salvage their credibility, their effort is an exercise in futility. Over the last few weeks all sorts of revelations about the movie, those backing it, writing it, directing it, and acting in it are coming out. That this is nothing more than a political hit piece of the most vile in nature is an understatement.

John Nolte, writing for Breitbart’s Big Hollywood notes the movie is nothing more than an in-kind contribution to the Obama re-election campaign.

o understand just what a heinous piece of propaganda HBO has produced on behalf of President Obama, we have to go back in time to paint a complete contextual picture. HBO announced “Game Change” in early March of last year. This was after a difficult year for the president, when his approval ratings were in worse shape than they are now. This was also a time when many believed, including myself, that Governor Palin would enter the 2012 race to challenge Obama.

In other words, it’s just a fact that when HBO decided to pull the trigger, the possibility was very real that Palin could become president of the United States. So what did HBO choose to do as a response? Here are the facts:

1.HBO chose to adapt into a feature film the 10 percent of a 350-plus page book that focused on a vice presidential candidate.

2.HBO chose not to adapt into a feature film that portion of the book focusing on what might have given us some insight into the man currently residing in the Oval Office.

3. HBO chose a book written by two men who were not on the campaign trail with Governor Palin, who made a conscious choice of their own to tell only the side of the story coming from those who refused to go on the record. Those willing to go on the record, those willing to stake their reputations on their side of the story, were all but ignored by these authors.

4.HBO chose to give left-wing partisans, who openly support Obama, millions of dollars to bring their vision of his likely challenger to life.

5. HBO chose as a release date (their absurdly dishonest protests aside) the Saturday after Super Tuesday. Think about this: If it’s March of 2011, and you’re remaking “The Hidden,” and you’re thinking ahead to the most likely day the alien might be one step away from obtaining power, what better day to rush in with your flamethrower than the Saturday after Super Tuesday?

The five points I’ve listed above are not opinions; they are facts. They are conscious choices made during the political reality of the time by multi-millionaires like Hanks, Roach and Strong backed by one of the most powerful multi-national corporations on the planet. If there was any justice in the world, HBO would now have to register as a super PAC, and the corrupt mainstream media would treat it with the same contempt and foreboding it does any super PAC backing Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

This might not sound like a standard movie review, but the best reviews don’t break down the plot; they give you insight into what the movie is trying to say and why it’s trying to saying it. HBO’s “Game Change” is a firewall that cost millions of dollars and that was built just in case…

Pardon my mixing of movie metaphors, but Moore portrays Palin as a Manchurian Candidate for the extreme right who is activated by a phone call from the McCain campaign. Like a hypnotized spy, she’s humorless, incapable of any kind of emotional connection with anyone, bewildered by circumstance and absolutely determined to meet the goal she’s been programmed to complete. She’s cold, snippy, power-hungry and cruel. Yes, she’s dangerously ignorant of the simplest ways by which the world works, but it’s her calculating political instincts (and we rubes who fall for her beauty, simplicity and venomous hate for Obama) that see her through to triumph.

HBO informs us that Palin speaks in tongues. Moreover, we’re asked to believe that a self-made governor — an honor student who put herself through college, is “flipping” fascinated to discover Germany was our enemy during the world wars. We’re told that the very same woman who gave this interview in 2008 had no idea in 2008 that England has a prime minister. We’re instructed that the engaged governor, who wrote these emails and who sent her son to war and who understands the complexities of harvesting and trading energy like few others, is shocked to learn Saddam Hussein wasn’t behind 9/11, needs a flashcard to memorize what NAFTA is and has never heard of the Federal Reserve.

Did you know that the very same person with extraordinary poise and aplomb, weathering unprecedented media attacks intentionally designed to distort her record and who she is as a human being, breaks and melts down into a fetal position while under pressure? Did you know that the very same person who has never lost her smile or grace, even as her family, including her Down Syndrome son, has been publicly attacked and freak-showed in the cruelest ways imaginable, is a petty, charmless, phone-throwing shrew who demands the firing of others for her own mistakes?

And did you know that the same woman who has been unfailingly loyal to Sen. McCain so scared him with her ruthless ambition that he told a Steve Schmidt begging him to get her under control, “That’s not gonna do it, Steve. She might start turning on me.”

There’s no doubt HBO and its many enablers in the entertainment media will contest this point based on the few short moments we’re allowed to see the Governor with her family and with parents of Down Syndrome children. But even during these scenes, Moore’s one-note performance only shifts into a lower gear. Her hypnotic, unnerving lack of a core is always right below the surface. No matter what the situation, there’s always a dark, calculating vacancy somewhere in this alien’s eyes. And the reasons for this are obvious. HBO and Moore found it imperative to deconstruct Palin’s strengths – her warmth, charisma and extraordinary ability to connect with everyday Americans…

Now that I’ve actually had a chance to screen HBO’s “Game Change,” I can tell you without any hesitation that if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie. The film is nothing more than an extended version of those 107 seconds; for around two hours, Governor Palin is demonized, dehumanized, slandered and maliciously morphed into something unrecognizable – a petty, joyless, snippy, unstable, moronic political mercenary.

Essentially, what HBO and company have done is to bring to life that which justifies the darkest part of their own incapacity to see the humanity in those who might threaten the reelection of Barack Obama.

Read more here.

In December Stacy Drake wrote the first of a series of articles about the movie Behind the Smears of HBO’s “Game Change

Stacy also asks How Can HBO’s Game Change be Fact Based when it’s Based on Gossip and Lies?. This must read includes reviews from many influential liberals who also call the movie a total crock.

There are a good number of articles, by many authors, over at Big Hollywood that expose Game Change for what it is.

Brandon Darby warns readers liberals like Roger Ebert will work over time carrying HBO’s water.

John Nolte tells readers what HBO is afraid to, catching the cable network in a series of lies.

The movie, like many of Palin’s detractors, falsely claims Sarah cost John McCain the election. Anyone who saw the unprecedented crowds who showed up [and still show up] when Sarah Palin shows up, knows that’s another load of BS. Ben Shapiro asks Who do you believe, HBO, or the exit polls?

The movie also continues the lie that people at a McCain/Palin event were shouting, among other things, “kill him” in regards to Obama. As Larry O’Connor points out that was a lie started by Dana Milbank, though it was supposedly domestic terrorist [and Obama running buddy] Bill Ayers, not Obama who the crowds supposedly wanted killed. O’Connor asks Who you gonna believe HBO, or the Secret Service?

Back to the “Palin cost McCain the election” lie, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro provides more evidence, this time from Gallup, that Game Change is full of it.

Shapiro interviews top McCain adviser T. Michael Andrews, who further puts an end to the costing McCain the election nonsense.

Liberty Chick points out Game Change’s lies of omission.

Ben Shapiro points out the extent of left wing media bias as he compares the reaction to The Kennedys vs Game Change.

Dan Riehl notes Sarah Palin’s former national security adviser, Randy Scheunemann, who worked for the McCain campaign, called the portrayal of his interactions with Governor Palin an absolute lie.

Scheunemann goes into some detail about the actual intense interactions he had with Sarah. Obviously these were productive meetings, as he would go on to work for her in the position of national security adviser for some time. Scheunemann would eventually be replaced by Peter Schweizer, a Reagan biographer, and research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Schweizer also penned the best seller Throw Them All Out about corruption in Washington.

Oh, and the principles behind Game Change: Tom Hanks, Jay Roach, Woody Harrelson, and Ed Harris donated $200,000 to democrats and $0 to Republicans.

But according to Moore and Ebert, Game Change is a fair portrayal of Sarah Palin and the events surrounding the 2008 election. If you believe this, I have some ocean front property in Central Texas that has your name written all over it.

Game Change is nothing more than propaganda designed to help Obama, had Sarah Palin been the Republican nominee. It’s the only reason the movie was ever made. No amount of spin by the likes of Ebert and Moore is going to change that.

Too many people know the truth about Sarah Palin, and what actually happened during the 2008 campaign. All are willing to go on record. On the other hand, none of the people who HBO “sourced” are willing to do the same. That tells you all you need to know.

Game Change is a sick liberal fantasy, and Julianne Moore is no Sarah Palin. On Sunday night I’ll be joining those 76 percent who chose The Undefeated over Game Change. Unlike Hollywood, I like to deal in reality.


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Sarah Palin: Game Change We Can Believe In

By Gary P Jackson

SarahPAC has released a powerful rebuttal to the HBO movie Game Change:

It’s good to see SarahPAC fighting back against the HBO smear job. As Sarah herself would say GAME ON!


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L.A. Times Readers Say They’ll Watch “The Undefeated” over “Game Change” 76% to 14%

By Gary P Jackson

Another interesting poll. The L.A. Times ran a semi hit piece on Sarah Palin a few days ago, a little push-back against all of those calling the HBO fictional account of Sarah’s vice presidential run what it is: Crap!

As we noted a few days ago, current and former Palin aides are not amused. Stacy Drake, writing for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood has a great piece that includes even liberal democrats ripping the HBO movie apart.

From those who have seen it, and went on record, the consensus is: It’s a total work of fiction, and doesn’t even remotely reflect the actual events that occurred.

The Times asked it’s readers if they would be watching the HBO film, Game Change or The Undefeated which will be debuting in March on Reelz. The other choices were “both” or “neither.”

The results are eye opening:

Which Sarah Palin film will you watch?

The Undefeated on Reelz 1569 votes 76.54%

Game Change 286 votes 13.95%

Both 52 votes 2.54%

Neither 143 votes 6.98%

Total Votes 2,050

Pretty lopsided results.

In case you’re wondering, though I’ve already seen it multiple times, I’ll be one of those watching The Undefeated on Reelz


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Palin Aides: HBO’s “Game Change” Sick, Inaccurate

Don’t bother with Game Change, the real Sarah Palin is much more engaging

By Gary P Jackson

Many of Sarah Palin’s top aides, past and present, are speaking out about HBO’s attempt to smear her with this piece of garbage called Game Change. Like most, I’ve only seen the movie trailers, but that’s really all you need to see to understand what you got here.

The timing for the release of this thing makes it obvious what the intention was when money was thrown at the production. The producers of this steaming pile though Sarah Palin was going to run for president, and their fantasy/hit piece creation would have maximum effect.

Unfortunately for these weasels, The Undefeated will debut on March 11, the day after Game Change on Reelz, which reaches 62 million homes. HBO only reaches and estimated 28 million.

From the Associate Press:

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Current and former aides to Sarah Palin lashed out Wednesday at HBO’s “Game Change,” describing the upcoming film’s depictions of her on the 2008 campaign trail as “sick” and inaccurate.

None of the aides said they have yet seen the movie, which debuts March 10, and some said they had asked for an opportunity to screen the film but had been denied.

Trailers for the film, which is based on the bestselling book chronicling the 2008 presidential race, have been released, however, and some snippets appear to cast Palin in an unfavorable light. As portrayed by Julianne Moore, Palin is seen complaining about how she’s being handled by political advisers and mumbling about missing her baby, who was born in April 2008. In one snippet, campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, portrayed by Woody Harrelson, describes her as being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Aides said none of that jibes with their own experiences with the former Alaska governor, and they defended her vigorously Wednesday.

Jason Recher, who handled vice presidential road operations for the McCain-Palin campaign, called Palin “one of the most engaged public servants I’d ever observed.” Tom Van Flein, her former personal attorney, called her diligent, sharp and enthusiastic about the campaign.

Meg Stapleton, a former spokeswoman, said that she, unlike some of the others who worked with Palin during the campaign, had not been contacted by anyone associated with either the book or movie.

They don’t want to hear anything good,” she said, her voice full of passion. “We all know Palin sells and the dramatization of Palin sells even more. This is sick.

They mock Gov. Palin, you mock Gov. Palin, as weak and unable to cope and press forward,” she told reporters on the conference call. “And the movie and the trailer … say that. And yet look with your own eyes at what she and her family have endured and inspired over the last few years. Any lesser man would have hanged himself by now. So who’s weak?

Recher noted that Palin wasn’t the primary focus of the book, and he said he told screenwriter and co-executive producer Danny Strong that the book “absolutely, unequivocally” did not accurately reflect his time with the McCain campaign.

More from the Washington Post:

Palin adviser Tim Crawford last week told The Fix that the movie “Game Change,” which is based on a book of the same name, is “fiction.”

In a conference call Wednesday, several former Palin advisers agreed.

If the book was very misleading, the movie’s going to be far worse,” said Palin adviser Randy Scheunemann. “It gives fiction a bad name to call this fiction.

The Palin aides repeatedly criticized the authors of the popular book, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, for writing about Palin when they weren’t physically there covering the things that were reported in the book.

It’s a false narrative cobbled together by a group of people who simply weren’t there,” said Palin aide Jason Recher.

There’s only one person qualified to tell that story, and it’s her,” said another, Doug McMarlin.

But Stapleton gave the most impassioned defense, accusing the media of an “insatiable desire to beat and beat and beat” Palin.

Stapleton also accused Steve Schmidt, a top adviser for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008, of exacting revenge on Palin.

Schmidt is infamous for lining up and destroy,” Stapleton said. “He is abusive, he is abrasive, and he is nothing short of a world-class bully.”

Scheunemann added: “I think it’s pretty clear that he’s at the heart of this.”

Looking at the trailers alone gets my blood boiling,” Stapleton said, referring to a clip from the trailer of Palin’s character lying on the floor of a bathroom in the fetal position.

I don’t know Sarah Palin personally, but I have followed her career since the earliest days of her governorship, over a year before she was asked to join the McCain campaign. All I can say is the portrayal of Sarah Palin that I have seen from the Game Change trailers doesn’t even come close to being accurate.

Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace totally screwed John McCain’s campaign. They are both incompetent and disloyal. It’s been their mission to blame their failures on Sarah from the get go.

Both started sabotaging the McCain/Palin campaign, well before the voters went to the polls, laying the ground work for their despicable acts.

If you want an accurate account of the McCain campaign, go read Sarah’s book Going Rogue or tune into Reelz on March 11, and watch The Undefeated. You’ll be treated to accounts from people who were there from the start and have worked closely with Sarah Palin as she transformed Alaska, and sought to bring a little common sense to our nation’s capitol.


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