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Primary RESULTS in Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arkansas, Idaho


a lot can change

By Isabel Matos

The test of a candidate’s character is not only after a loss, but a victory as well. We have seen many in the Establishment gloat after beating the Tea Party in a primary or wanting to take 100% credit for their win in a primary AFTER it was made possible by the Base’s support. And we have seen great candidates concede graciously after losing or humbly accepting victory as A WIN FOR the PEOPLE. The latter is the candidate who really wins our hearts and minds and who we like to see win because in either case they vow to continue to fight for what is right. I’m looking forward to seeing the results tonight but how the candidates react as well. We thank the true fighters taking on the GOPe who vowed to crush us.

The polls have closed and the results are in. Let’s review the races that affected us briefly, starting with Georgia.

Excitement was building for underdog and Sarah Palin endorsee, Karen Handel. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel was one of several contenders in this GOP primary race. David Perdue – cousin of former Governor Sonny Perdue and former CEO of Dollar General, U.S. Representatives Jack Kingston, Phil Gingrey, and Paul Broun were among them. David Perdue is a liberal Republican elitist tried to smear her every chance he had.  He was unsuccessful.

He (Perdue) offended 65% of Georgians when he ridiculed Karen Handel for not obtaining a college degree

If a candidate does not exceed 51% to win, the top two winners will face each other on a run-off on July 22nd, and Democrat Michelle Nunn in the general election.  Real Clear Politics has Perdue in first place and Kingston in second, so the run-off will be between Perdue and Kingston.


[Michelle] Nunn, the former CEO of the George H.W. Bush-founded Points of Light Foundation and the daughter of former Georgia Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, is a strong candidate for Democrats in an unexpected state, and Georgia could be an oasis for the party in an otherwise barren 2014 Senate landscape. Despite Georgia’s deep red leanings in recent years, polls have shown her narrowly beating the Republicans in the field. Perdue brings the most significant outside money behind him, while Handel, with her endorsements, brings tea party bona fides. Whoever advances tonight, a competitive general-election lies ahead.

Karen was enjoying a big surge as a poll on May 1st indicated. She was in a statistical tie with Perdue. It is undeniable Sarah Palin’s endorsements make a huge impact on any race. And she endorses terrific candidates. Karen IS a FIERCE defender of life, was adamant about repealing ObamaCare and against amnesty.

It’s crazy for Georgians to hesitate to elect a woman to represent them. (C’mon voters, who better to take on the left’s REAL war on women than a woman from the right?  Karen said it best herself:

“It’s a different dynamic when there are two women discussing the ‘war on women”.  She said it wouldn’t “go very far with her.”


Matt Bevin

Matt Bevin has waged an uphill battle against five-term senator Mitch McConnell. His campaign was not the best, but you cannot underestimate the power of a right wing press statewide dictating the narrative before a newcomer makes his way into the race. At least he took a chance and challenged the status quo in Kentucky. That he can be proud of.  It takes courage to do what he did and it will set a precedent in races to come in Kentucky.  We predicted it, but again, he tried. We will keep a close eye with what happens in Kentucky politics from now on as they have a severe establishment problem there.

mama voted for bevin

Matt Bevin hired Amy Kremer after she resigned from Tea Party Express on Good Friday, four days prior to the primary race in Florida between Curt Clawson (the Tea Party Express’s candidate) and Lizbeth Benacquisto.


If you’re up for having a depressing evening), read more here. I would rather hear from fighters like Karen Handel who were never deterred by challenges and overcame odds in her life. Like her, we must have the determination to keep on fighting with faith we can beat the GOPe, too.


“I have been underestimated my whole life.”

Lake — the Republican consultant — said that even if Handel comes in third place, it would be a moral victory for her because she’s “earned a lot of people’s respect.”

“Whether you like Karen Handel or not I think everybody has got to agree that she has exceeded expectations of what most people thought would happen in this race,” he said. BUZZFEED

UPDATE  (2:30 a.m.)

Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook Timeline:

Congratulations to the recent victorious primary election campaigns. We trust you’re rested up because America needs you to put shoulder to the grindstone as time marches toward this fall’s general election. Our nation’s future depends on aconservative agenda that lets freedom flourish and industry thrive with American workers again. 

We need a united front to combat the egregious agenda under which our economy, security, and freedoms now suffer. It’s only by banding together to push conservatives across the finish line that America can recover. How to do it? Focus. Keep your eye on the ball. Remember the real threat to our country’s solvency and sovereignty is the liberal pro-Obama candidates we’ll face this fall.

A special thanks tonight to Georgia senate candidate Karen Handel for having the courage to jump into the ring and fight for what is right. Our nation becomes a better nation when good candidates like Karen come forward and offer to serve for the right reasons. The party of Lincoln and Reagan needs more strong, confident conservative women like her. Teddy Roosevelt’s quote about the man – or woman – “in the arena” is applicable here: God bless the candidate “who strives valiantly,” and “if [she] fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that [her] place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Many more primary races are underway. Constitutional conservatives will be the ones to adhere to the blueprint our Founders created for us to follow towards a more perfect union. Please support them. United we’ll stand for the exceptional nation America is destined to be again. Divided we’ll fall under continued failed liberal policies. 

Thank you, campaign volunteers and informed voters! Hang in there; God bless you for your good efforts! Campaigns going forward, like Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, are in need of our involvement now more than ever. Here’s a reminder of what patriots can do together for our nation:  

– Sarah Palin


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Ground Report: “The Undefeated” Premiere: Kennesaw, GA

Madeleine McAulay with “The Undefeated’s” creator Stephen Bannon in Kennesaw, Georgia

by Madeleine McAulay

As my Mom and I were making the four hour, long drive down to Georgia, to watch the premiere of “The Undefeated”, it was almost impossible not to wonder, “Is this movie really worth the drive?” But looking back, on just a few hours ago, I believe that my heart was just being prepared for the documentary that I was about to witness, and the life changing message it was going to tattoo into my heart.

When we arrived at the theater, there was a group starting to form outside including CNN, Stephen Bannon (The Director), and of course LOTS of Sarah Palin supporters! As we walked up to meet everyone we were warmly greeted by “Undefeated” pins and Palin support cards! We were also welcomed with many handshakes and introductions. Many of the people I met were ones I had been working with for months on Facebook, and it was really exciting to meet them, finally, in person! We were all gathered together, almost as if a family. We had a pretty diverse group, with a broad spectrum of age, gender, and race, but there were no “minorities” we were just a group getting together to support the Restoration of America.

We all made our way into the packed theater when we were informed, by the Director, Mr. Bannon, that both the 7:15 and the 10:00 showing were SOLD OUT! The group burst in excitement, and I knew I was in a place full of patriots! Throughout the entirety of the movie I could feel power and the heart that was being exhibited on the screen. Within the two hour film the entire theater cheered and clapped at least 6 times! And of course, following the movie, it received a standing ovation!

Victory Film Group, Stephen Bannon specifically, did a phenomenal job displaying Governor Palin’s record in a way that was honest and full of passion, the two things the media has done their best to destroy! It is impossible to walk out of that theater and to not have a new perspective. Even my mom said:

I have never been a die hard Sarah Palin fan, so I went into it pretty optimistic. But walking out my perspective had changed. Sarah Palin endured GREAT success, but with that great success came APPALLING hatred, at a woman who was strictly fighting for The People! I hope when the opportunity arises you will go and see this inspiring film!

“The Undefeated” truly displayed the hatred and jealousy that has been directed towards Governor Palin even at the Local level of her career. Palin was and still is known for her maverick spirit and her relentless drive to fight corruption. The film reminded me of the fearlessness she has always had, and that she still displays today. One thing is for sure, Sarah Palin is Bullet Proof, and truly Undefeated!

Even I, a dedicated supporter, became further aware of Governor Palin’s record. Her passion truly ignited my soul and reminded me of all of the reasons I support her! This movie’s exhibition of Governor Palin inspired me to fight the opposition even if it means losing my “Status or Popularity” because at the end of the day: “You either eat well, or sleep well!”

I highly recommend everyone go and see this movie. It has the capability to change ones perception completely. As long as someone is willing to go into that theater with an open mind, they will surely come out with a new passion and love for Governor Palin. After watching the movie I can confidently say, “Mr. President… GAME ON!

Madeleine McAulay is the co-founder of Youth For Palin. You can follow the group on Facebook, Twitter, and at their website. You can also find her at her new blog Faith Hope and Politics.


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