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Sarah Palin: Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket!


By Gary P Jackson

Yesterday was “Earth Day” and [not coincidentally] Communist terror leader Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. We spent the day talking about the scam of “global warming” and quoting actual conservationists and climate experts, who debunk the notion and rightly understand the “climate change” movement has more to with their hero, birthday boy Lenin, and his insane philosophy, than actual science.

There was another birthday this week. A one we are more than happy to celebrate: Trig Palin’s! [4/21] Governor Palin took to Facebook to post some photos of her son enjoying the day [and the fresh snow!] as well as to blast the fascist thugs who are pushing the global warming scam:

Celebrating the boys’ birthdays – in new snow on 4/20! Trig takes another lap on his restored ’88 Élan (thank you, Garret and Ellie!) while enjoying this “climate change” (also known as “seasons“).

100% Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket. A money-making, politically-driven tool that ignores history to enable control freaks’ mandates that fundamentally transform your lifestyle and stall American progress.

Well, happy birthday, sons; may you and your generation never cave to Al Gore and his liberal idiotic ilk as elitists pretend to play God, claiming they control Mother Nature. They can’t predict this afternoon’s weather but foolishly demand trust in their supernatural power to predict it 5000 years from now. Stay strong, boys! We need men like you to un-do what’s been done to our country under liberal control. Meanwhile, enjoy the snow!

– Sarah Palin

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-1

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-God Bless America

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-2

Trig Palin Birthday 2015-3



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Despicable: Dear Leader Obama Uses Newtown Massacre to Push Global Warming Scam

obama-evil 100% pure

By Gary P Jackson

If one wants to see the very embodiment of evil in our time, all one has to do is look at Barack Obama or any member of his disgusting democrat party. It’s been less than a week since a lunatic murdered 27 people, including 20 children, and Barack Obama is already using their deaths to try and sell his anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty, Anti-American dreams.

Obama talks gun control, naturally, though he doesn’t mention better security, nor does he mention mental health issues, in a speech to the diplomatic corps. While it’s expected for a radical leftist like Obama to revel in the chance to disarm law abiding citizens, it’s beyond all human decency that Obama would try and use this slaughter of innocents to push the global warming hoax further. A hoax Obama has already used to funnel billions of dollars to his cronies through various “green energy” grants and loans, to businesses that have taken the money and gone bankrupt, are going bankrupt, or at best have no product to show for the millions they received.

From Joel Gehrke at the Washington Times: [emphasis mine]

Obama thanked the Diplomatic Corps for the support offered by their home nations after the Sandy Hook shooting, before rallying the ambassadors to unite against other struggles, such as climate change.

“[W]hen you think about the last few days, you’re reminded that there’s a fundamental human response that transcends cultures and transcends borders,” Obama said last night. “And that’s what is represented in this room,” he added recalling the foreign policy efforts of his first term.

At the same time, we’re mindful that we’ve got so much more work to do together,” the president continued, noting ongoing threats from terrorists, among other issues. “And all of us have to be concerned about a changing climate that could have a profound impact on every single country here.

Read more here.

Barack Obama and his democrat party represent a clear and present danger to all of mankind. They mean to destroy America and extinguish the lights of Liberty and Freedom once and for all.

These people must be stopped.

One wonders where the feckless “leadership” of the Republican Party is. We have a system of checks and balances built into our government, but the spineless GOP has done nothing but wave the white flag of appeasement throughout the Obama regime’s 4 year reign of terror, and by all indications, look to completely surrender to Obama in the next 4 years. While America is destroyed, all the GOP seems to worry about is protecting their own corrupt little enterprises.

We the people must stand up to this evil and stand up now. All evil needs to be successful is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing.


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The Heavy Cost of the Global Warming Hoax

By Gary P Jackson

We all know “global warming” is a hoax,. In fact, as reported yesterday, the very idea that man can cause the earth’s temperatures to rise and fall by our activities is provably false.

On March 21 Lord Monckton, the Viscount of Brenchly, and one of the leading skeptics of the “global warming” scam, spoke at the state capital in Sacramento, California. The event was organized by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)

In testimony before the state legislature, Lord Monckton outlines both the monetary and the human cost of the insane legislation California has enacted to deal with a non-problem. He also says something few ever do, IF and it’s a big if, there actually is some sort of warming going on, it would be much more effective to spend our money adapting to the climate, rather than just throwing money away on a quixotic quest to stop the climate from changing, something man is incapable of.

What Lord Monckton’s testimony shows is how the left, with their notions, are destroying jobs and lives. California, which has some of the strictest anti-energy, anti-growth laws in the country, is driving major corporations out of the state. These corporations take their tax dollars with them. As the left wants to use California as a model for the rest of the nation, one can see massive migration of America’s top businesses to other countries. Countries that haven’t bought into the self-destructive insanity being peddled by the “greens.”

From Anthony Watts and his Watts Up With That blog:

Testimony of

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

California State Assembly

21 March 2012

IN the 6 decades since 1950 the world has warmed at a rate equivalent to 2 F°/century. The IPCC’s central estimate is that in the 9 decades to 2100 the rate will be 6 F°/century, three times the observed rate.

Two-thirds of the warming predicted by the IPCC’s (non-peer-reviewed) models is supposed to arise from temperature feedbacks. None of these feedbacks can be measured. There is no consensus about how big they are. There are powerful scientific reasons to suspect the IPCC has very greatly overstated them.

The principal conclusions of each of the four IPCC Assessment Reports are questionable:

2007: The IPCC twice concludes that the rate of warming is speeding up and we are to blame. But it uses a false statistical technique to reach its conclusion.

2001: The IPCC concludes that today’s temperatures are warmer than in 1300 years. How it reached this conclusion is under criminal investigation.

1995: The scientists had concluded that no discernible human effect on climate could be found. Just one man rewrote the report to say the opposite.

1990: The IPCC predicted rapid warming. A generation has passed and the predicted warming has not happened. This and many other predictions are overblown:

Global temperature is rising more slowly than IPCC’s least estimate;

Sea level has been rising for eight years at just 1.3 inches/century;

Ocean heat content has barely risen in 6 years;

Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are quieter than for 30 years;

Global sea-ice extent has changed little in 30 years;

Methane concentration is up just 20 parts per billion since 2000;

The tropical hot-spot the IPCC predicts as our footprint is absent;

Outgoing radiation is escaping to space much as usual.

California’s carbon tax, with other statewide measures to curb CO2 emissions, will cost $450 billion by 2020.

Even if 25% of California’s emissions are abated by 2020, just 0.4% of global emissions will have been abated; CO2 concentration by 2020, instead of the business-as-usual 413 parts per million by volume the IPCC predicts, will be 412.9 ppmv; just one-thousandth of a Fahrenheit degree of warming will be abated;

The cost of abating the 0.3 F° warming the IPCC predicts to 2020 by measures as cost-(in)effective as California’s policies would be $180 trillion, or $25,500 per head of global population, or a third of global GDP over the period;

And the cost of preventing the 6 F° warming the IPCC predicts by 2100 would be $2700 trillion, or more than 10 times the maximum 3%-of-GDP cost of climate-related damage arising from not mitigating this predicted 21st-century warming at all.

Environmental over-regulation, cap-and-tax, “renewable”-energy mandates, and a 40-year ban on most offshore drilling are crippling California.

The Monterey Shale holds 15 billion barrels of oil, yet over-regulation has cut production by more than a third to just 200 million barrels a year.

Now 11% are jobless in California, second only to Nevada in the US (50% are jobless in construction); the 2012/13 State deficit is $6 billion; unfunded pension liabilities are $250 billion;

50,000 rich Californians (one-third of them) fled in 2007-2009, taking their businesses and jobs with them: twice as many firms fled the once-Golden State in 2011 as in 2010; Intel says it will never build another plant here; Globalstar, Trizetto, and eEye fled in just one month; Boeing, Toyota, Apple, Facebook, and DirecTV have all fled. The wagons are heading East.

The bottom line: No policy to abate global warming by taxing, trading, regulating, reducing, or replacing greenhouse-gas emissions will prove cost-effective solely on grounds of the welfare benefit from climate mitigation.

CO2 mitigation strategies that are inexpensive enough to be affordable will be ineffective; strategies costly enough to be effective will be unaffordable. Focused adaptation to any adverse consequences of any warming that may occur is many times more cost-effective. Since the premium greatly exceeds the cost of the risk, don’t insure.

Every red cent spent now on trying to stop global warming is a red cent wasted. Don’t mitigate: sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and adapt only if and when and to the extent necessary. That, however unfashionable, is the economically prudent and scientifically sensible course.

More on the event here.


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Another “Green” Company Sucks Up a Ton of Tax Payer Cash Then Goes Bankrupt

By Gary P Jackson

Well, here we go again. It seems the biggest get-rich-quick scheme in the Obama Economy™ these days is starting a so-called “green” company, getting a bunch of government grants, and then promptly going out of business and filing for bankruptcy.

Mathew Lesko would be proud!

The latest company to go under is Evergreen Solar. After bilking the tax payers out of over $30 million in grants and tax breaks, then moving manufacturing to China, the company execs now want to walk away from it all.

From Anthony Watts:

Another publicly larded solar company – this one wants to walk away from their solar manufacturing plant

BOSTON (AP) — Evergreen Solar is asking a bankruptcy judge for permission to walk away from its former plant in Devens.

The company, which received tens of millions in state aid before shuttering its facilities last year and moving its manufacturing operations to China, filed the notice in federal bankruptcy court in Delaware on Monday.

Interested parties including MassDevelopment, which helps finance and develop new projects, have until Friday to respond to the filing.

A spokeswoman for MassDevelopment declined comment Tuesday, saying the filing speaks for itself.
Evergreen received more than $20 million in grants and $11 million in tax and lease initiatives from Massachusetts. That doesn’t include other tax benefits and millions in upgrades to roads and utilities around the plant.

Gov. Deval Patrick championed Evergreen Solar early in his first term.

The Obama regime has wasted billions of dollars on these pie-in-the-sky projects. I have no idea what the vetting process is, but judging at the sheer number of business failures, it seems all one needs to get a grant or loan for a “green” project is a pulse.

Congress needs to step in and put a moratorium on these sort of deals. If a project is truly viable, private banking will certainly be able to assist in financing. Obama must be held accountable, and frankly, the principals of these companies need to be investigated as well. The pattern of getting Obama money then going bankrupt is something we are seeing repeated far too often.


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Sarah Palin Takes On The Global Warming Hoax And Obama’s Losing Economic Strategy

Not mincing words, Sarah Palin came out both barrels blazing this morning when she took on the global warming hoaxers and Obama with full force:

Global Warming” – More Like a Snow Job

Today at 12:31am

Over the last few months, and even again today, very unsettling revelations have come to light about the “settled science” of man-made global warming. With all of these shoes dropping you’d think every member of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) would be barefoot by now.

One thing after another keeps popping up to further discredit the theory of man-made global warming. The IPCC’s supposedly definitive report proving the theory is riddled with serious errors. The organization has been publicly chastised by everyone from its former chair to the heads of the UK’s biggest funder of climate research and Greenpeace UK. One of the world’s top climate change scientists, Prof. Phil Jones, has conceded that there’s been no significant warming since 1995; that the medieval period may have been warmer than today; and that he’s had trouble even keeping track of raw data crucial to the global warming theory. Yet President Obama still seeks to create a federal office for global warming, and they’re still talking about mandating their cap-and-tax plan that’s based on discredited data.

The Obama administration’s environmental extremism also shows up in its aversion to oil and gas development. A true all-of-the-above approach to energy would mean allowing oil and gas explorers to drill here and drill now because America has the proven reserves needed to meet our energy challenges. A new industry study reveals that the federal government’s current restrictions on oil and gas drilling in Alaska and off the U.S. coastline will cost us $2.36 trillion through 2029. Think of the millions of U.S. jobs we could create, and how much more secure America would be, if we had a true free market approach to energy independence that allowed us to finally drill!

And though I applaud the President’s newly declared interest in nuclear power, it should be noted that he’s merely following through on loan guarantees authorized during the prior administration. What’s more, while the White House now touts the building of new nuclear power plants, its budget inexplicably calls for cutting funding to the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. A real nuclear energy plan requires a strategy for dealing with nuclear waste storage and recycling.

The man-made global warming hysteria isn’t based on sound science, and the Obama administration’s energy policy isn’t based on sound economics. If the climategate revelations teach us anything, it’s that we need to cool down the rhetoric and fire up our common sense.

– Sarah Palin

This folks, is why I support Sarah Palin. The woman has cojones! Big brass ones!

Most of the pretenders to the 2012 GOP presidential contest would never take on the global warming hoaxers, the flat earthers. Many of them actually believe global warming is real, which should disqualify them from ever holding any office. The rest are just political cowards because they know to question the global warming hoaxers is to face ridicule.

Sarah Palin isn’t afraid of a little mud slinging and lies by the left. Hell, I think she thrives on it. Makes her mad, keeps her focused and determined!

Energy independence and national security run hand and hand. Energy is the lifeblood of our economy. It is criminal that we don’t use our own natural resources.

Obama and his radical government is dead set on using his office to destroy America through some modified Cloward-Piven strategy and then remake it into his idea of a communist utopia.

The man must be stopped and common sense must prevail.

Sarah Palin has the right plan for national security, energy independence, and economic prosperity. It’s time we stop screwing around and start putting her plans into action!

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