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A Week Later and the Media is Still Buzzing About Sarah Palin Whipping Katie Couric

By Gary P Jackson

When it was all said and done, Sarah Palin increased viewership of the Today Show by nearly half a million over the previous Tuesday. It was a solid win for NBC and you know what, the media can’t stop talking about it!

Oh, the hard core left has been doing all they can to spin things, but it’s hard to spin this and still remain credible.

Even the incredibly biased Associated Press is playing it straight:

NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin is largely responsible for the “Today” show repelling the Katie Couric challenge.

The Nielsen ratings company said Monday that NBC’s morning show beat ABC’s “Good Morning America” by a margin of 210,000 viewers in the ratings last week. That’s one week after the gap between the two shows shrank to 119,000, the smallest in seven years.

The rise of “Good Morning America” this spring has threatened one of television’s longest-running streaks: “Today” has not lost a week in the ratings since December 1995. That’s a major point of pride at NBC and important financially, since millions of dollars in advertising could be at stake if there’s a changing of the guard in the morning.

Smelling a victory, ABC brought former “Today” anchor Couric in as a guest host last week for vacationing Robin Roberts. “Today” countered by bringing in Palin, a former Alaska governor and U.S. vice presidential candidate, as a guest host on Tuesday, and it had host Matt Lauer announce on Friday that he was signing a new contract.

Palin holds a grudge against Couric for an interview that didn’t go well during the 2008 presidential race and, by one measure, she achieved some revenge last week.

Two weeks ago, “GMA” had 5.16 million viewers on Tuesday compared to the 5.06 million for “Today,” Nielsen said.

But with Palin, the “Today” viewership last Tuesday jumped to 5.5 million. “GMA” that day had 5.14 million viewers.

That increase of 441,000 viewers from one Tuesday to the next enabled “Today” to increase its margin of victory for the week and keep the winning streak intact.

I’m not so sure Sarah holds a grudge, but who can blame her if she does. The interview with Couric was a set-up by Couric’s good buddy Nicole Wallace. It was a hit piece. There are [reportedly] something like 8 or 9 hours worth of tape of Sarah and “Perky’s” interview, and yet the American people only saw a small portion.

Couric went down in flames during her week as a guest host on Good Morning America. I’m sure that was mighty satisfying for all involved. I know I enjoyed it.

Sarah Palin walked right into the lion’s den and conquered all. 5.5 million sets of eyes were on her, many who had no idea who the real Sarah Palin is. She got her message of common sense conservatism across, and she did it with style.

You just know Andrew Breitbart is looking down and smiling.


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Sarah Palin: Frankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the “perky one “

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin comments on her appearance on the Today Show. From Zap2It:

Per the Nielsen Fast National data, “Today” garnered 5.497 million viewers, with 2.209 million in the target Adults 25-54 demographic, up against “GMA’s” 5.141 million viewers, with 1.917 million in the demo.

This morning (Wed., April 4), Palin commented by email about the experience:

The people backstage,” she writes to Zap2it, “who make the ‘Today’ show happen are top-notch! Todd (husband Todd Palin) said to let you know, Kate, that ‘…they put my home TV crew to shame’ (That would be my crew of Todd and a buddy — and sometimes the kids helping out — in our Wasilla studio located in the back of Todd’s airplane hanger).

Really, it was a lot of fun to work with every single one of the folks at the ‘Today’ show. I have so much respect for the workerbees at my FOX job, and to see this network support staff working just as hard to produce their network’s product reinforces my belief that it’s the good people with their elbow grease and nose to the grindstone who make the world go ’round. They make the talent look good!

And, frankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the ‘perky one,’ although I wouldn’t have gone up against ABC’s vacationing Robin Roberts, because she’s such a good egg. By the way, both Robin and Matt Lauer have traveled the long journey to Alaska and dealt with unglamorous, rugged conditions to see more of our world; they’ve shown respect for a more unconventional Americana lifestyle, and we appreciate that.

On Tuesday evening, Palin dropped by Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” show and discussed her morning-show-host debut with host Sean Hannity and fellow panelists Dana Perino of FNC’s “The Five” and Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

During that conversation, Hannity asked Palin about her comments on “Today” that Oprah Winfrey might want to consider adding conservative voices to her struggling cablenet OWN to boost ratings (although Palin doesn’t specifically recommend herself for the job).

Meanwhile, Katie Couric’s attempt to rehabilitate her career, despite all of the hype and promotion, is not going so well. Couric and Good Morning America cannot beat the Today Show.


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Morning TV Ratings: “Today” Wins with Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

No shocker here, the Today Show once again beat Good Morning America, with Sarah Palin winning the slot over Katie Couric, who is guest hosting GMA this week, in hopes of reviving her moribund career.

From TV Newser:

NBC’s “Today” show maintained its lead after day two of Katie Couric‘s return to morning TV.

With Sarah Palin as a special co-host “Today” drew 5.497 million total viewers according to Nielsen Fast National data, that’s +356,000 more than #2 “Good Morning America” which drew 5.141 million. Half way through the 2011-12 season, the gap between the two shows is +528,000, so “GMA” continues to chip away at “Today’s lead.

In A25-54 viewers, “Today lead by +249,000 viewers (2.209 vs. 1.917). The season-to-date gap in that demo is +449,000.

The “Today”show also won Monday’s face-off with a +333,000 Total Viewer lead on “GMA.”

The Today Show cast share some reactions:

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Seems as Sarah accomplished what she wanted to. The liberals over at NBC have figured out what we already know about her. She also got her message of common sense Conservatism out to 5.5 million people, many of whom would have never heard it otherwise.

As Andrew Breitbart continually preached, we must win the culture wars if we are to restore our nation. Sarah understands this very well. I hope she does more of these sort of things in the future.


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