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I Dream of Sarah’s Eyes. My Experience in Naples, Florida 11/16/13.

It has taken me all day to absorb this:  Sarah Palin knows me.  She thanked me for what I have been doing and said “You’re Awesome”.  I’ve been repeating those words all day in disbelief.  This is what happened.

I had prepared some questions the night before but decided to go on instinct again and see what happened.  Everyone does a handshake and stands tall in front of her, unless they are a child. They ask all sorts of questions. I didn’t want to do much talking today so I decided right before it was my turn to greet her that I wanted to see her eyes. Yes.

I squatted in front of her. She was focused on her book signing right away and was kind of waiting for me to speak.  So when she looked up, I asked:  “Sarah, I just want one thing today:  I just want to look straight into your eyes.” She looked up from  what she was doing and liked the question I think, and immediately stared right into mine.  I was in heaven.

The local media had camped in front of the table. They had permission to get shots of Sarah up close. We were stripped of cameras and other personal belongings. I had brought my IPad just in case I could sneak a good picture in or have someone do it for me but it was impossible.  I felt guilty about going against Sarah’s rules and didn’t want to call attention to myself for something as silly as that. It doesn’t matter because a camera sometimes cannot capture someone’s essence and I wouldn’t trade what happened today for anything.

I can’t describe just how powerful that encounter was. I will have to etch it in my memory and sketch it soon, because no one I know has a shot of Sarah’s luscious, penetrating eyes anywhere. Not from the angle I was at – eye level. Not up close.

After Sarah and I looked at each other she asked me my name. I told her it was Isabel and that we had met in New Orleans last year.  That’s when something clicked and she knew who I was. I know we’re a community, and I am always happy when someone gets something from Sarah or Chuck, but for two years I have yearned for some type of formal response or a special card from her recognizing something, anything, but nothing. This was so special – just for me and in front of me.  I cannot ask for more.  The rest is a blur.

I asked her how she was. Again, she was surprised. She said “I’m fine,” smiling and softspoken. Then I opened my arms wide and held each of her arms and she held mine. It was nice. My friend behind me said it was a big and long hug. I was still in squatting position and I won’t bore you with any more details, I mentioned I wanted to get the hug right and not pull her hair. It was perfection.

My friend asked where Todd was. She said he was with Piper and Trig back home. I think she was traveling with Bristol. Little Tripp’s picture is on the first page of her book and it has an adorable caption.

The bookstore opened at 9 a.m.  We were allowed in – the first 100.  There were easily 700-maybe 800 people who showed uup.  I read a little bit of the book while I waited in line, but was mostly chatting with a Facebook friend who came with her husband and we had the greatest time. I was out of there by 10:15.  I drove around, took some pictures.  Treated myself to an ancient favorite,  French Toast at I-HOP, and decided there I’d return.  I was back inside the bookstore and 11:57 and it was the best decision in the end.

Here was a nice but pesky sheriff.


She ended sharply at 12:00 and I’m sure that is how she would run  government.


Here is Sarah Palin looking amazing. (Better than ever in my opinion)


Sarah Palin greeting the gentleman who kept wanting her attention.


Sarah thanking us and kissing us from a little bit afar.


Sarah waving good bye to us. She made sure she got everyone in the room. (She likes hugging I found out.)


Hug 2 from the bookstore crew who stood around her like dolphins the entire time.

hugs  1

Hug 3 on the way out.

hugs  2

I read in one of those local reports that there was a “Fan Frenzy”. No such thing.  Everyone except two ladies were there the night before.  There was civility, kindness and joy.  There was so much order that in my humble opinion, the store managers and clerks were more frenzied than the fans.  You can from the clip above.

Here are some more pictures:

I think a bit much, don’t you?


Sarah adapts to any situation, but unfortunately, there were no group hugs here.

fat  lady

There she is in the back there, having a long chat with a supporter.


You could not ask for a tamer crowd.

fuzzy fat lady

Sarah has a tanned appearance and highlights in her hair that suit her well.

I wish we could have Sarah Palin every day in person, but in a way, she does make herself available on a daily basis for us and we should never take it for granted.  I have been beyond frustrated and upset at the GOP. I’ve wanted to give up.  They are hopeless and in a vicious cycle of corruption that will never end.  They are hurting us badly.

May I suggest a remedy.  Anyone who is a bit tired of the corruption, extortion, lies, unconstitutionality, debt or anything else that is going wrong  in politics today, make it a point to visit Sarah even if it takes you a few hours to see her if she is in town.  I do not know how she does it but I always feel a sense of peace after I am with her. It is a very real spiritual force in her. I am personally motivated to renew my commitment to the cause just after today.

I will update this article with the drawing if I am inspired.  I could get a picture someone else took, but it wouldn’t mean anything or compare to the experience I had.


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Sarah Palin: So now kids can’t sing about Christ at Christmas?


By Sarah Palin:

Yesterday I posted an article about how school officials in Wisconsin told their choir director to scale down the “Jesus” songs in their Christmas program.

So now kids can’t sing about Christ at Christmas?

Stories like that compelled me to write my new book. Coming out in November, my book “Good Tidings and Great Joy” will address issues just like this. But I do more than just describe the problem; I tell you how to fight back against those politically correct Scrooges who seem to hate not just a beautiful holiday, but an entire faith. These solutions are interwoven with stories about our Christmas traditions, my family’s recipes, and personal photos.

You can see the book cover and even pre-order a copy here.

Good Tidings

And here’s the Todd Starnes article about the Wisconsin school district


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