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Can We Stop with The Freakin’ Conspiracy Theories and Focus on The Task at Hand?

By Gary P Jackson

Folks, it’s time to stop all this nonsense. All of these conspiracy theories need to stop. It wastes time, distracts people, and is counterproductive.

We have a lot of serious work to do, and what are many doing? Running around spreading rumors, creating conspiracies that the fix is in, and the Establishment is manipulating events to help The Great Satan™ Mitt Romney.

How completely and totally idiotic.

The latest supposed conspiracy?

Found votes for Mitt Romney in Iowa. Give me a break. Yeah, there was some concern over some lost, but already counted, ballots last night. Things happen.

Here’s what I learned last night. Iowa has what might be one of the most transparent processes out there. Senior members from every campaign are there to observe the process of counting the votes, and can step in if they feel there is any hanky-panky. After the finally tally was announced, all of the campaigns were satisfied the numbers were real.

And yet, I look around today and the conspiracies are flying! The Establishment is trying to force Mitt Romney [The Great Satan™] on us all!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks know what I think of Mitt. He’s not someone who I would prefer to be our nominee. But he IS running a professional campaign. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are not. They can’t even do the most basic of things, like getting on a ballot. Newt is so disorganized he’s getting on some ballots by the skin of his teeth, while missing others outright.

I’ve talked about the tiring, silly, unproductive conspiracy nonsense coming out of Virginia here and here.

The next opportunity for the reality challenged to create some wild theories is Illinois, where, with only a couple of days to go, Mitt Romney is the ONLY candidate to have submitted the proper paperwork and met the requirements to be on the ballot. How is this anyone’s fault other than the candidates that don’t have their acts together?

Look, there IS an Establishment, and they do have an agenda, but they aren’t all powerful. In fact, they are mostly a clumsy, feckless bunch of neerdowells. They can certainly do things behind the scenes that can cause trouble, but they aren’t smart enough to pull off what some suggest.

Some people are starting to sound like the unstable nuts who listen to Alex Jones and spend hours on Prison Planet lapping up stories about Build-a-Burgers, FEMA camps, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, and how the Jews use contrails to control our minds.

People need to step back and look at what they are posting around the interwebs, and consider how silly it sounds!

Also, how about considering the Great Satan™ Mitt Romney, someone with vast business experience, someone who turned around the Olympics, was a governor, and has run a presidential campaign before, might be just a tad more competent and detail oriented than Messrs Perry and Gingrich, no matter how wrong some of his ideology may be.

Look, I’m not here to support Mitt’s presidential run. There are several better outcomes I hope for. What I am here to do is tell people to stop acting like Pavlov’s dogs at the mere mention of his name. He’s just a guy running for president, and by far, not the worst, or most dangerous in the field.

Every minute wasted spreading rumors, creating conspiracy theories, and bitching about what Romney is up to, and how unfair it is the other mutts can’t get their own acts together, is a minute that could have been spent working toward sudden, relentless reform!

Of course everyone is going to follow the GOP presidential dog and pony show, but that is a very small part of what must be done.

Presidents come and go. We need to focus on Congress. We have a real opportunity to take back the Senate, and elect actual Conservatives while we are at it. A near record number of seats are up for grabs. Many are democrat seats. Some, seeing the writing on the wall, are already bailing out. Others are easily beatable, IF people focus on that, rather than conspiracy theories!

We need to look at the House as well. We gotta elect more Conservatives. We gotta evaluate the ones we elected in 2010. A lot of the new guys have turned out to be less than impressive. Maybe a primary challenge will light a fire under them!

Lastly, we need to go after every corrupt politician at every level. We need to educate our friends an neighbors as to how bad it is. How deep the corruption goes.

Until every single voter in the country is sufficiently pissed off, and is ready to help us throw them all out, we don’t have time for the conspiracy theory BS.

Need some ideas? Start here. Take a look at this. Do something! Anything! So long as it advances the cause of Liberty and Freedom, and works toward sudden, relentless reform.

If you are going to spend time being involved in politics, do something productive!

Sitting around in chat groups bemoaning the latest wild theory about Romney and the GOP Elite isn’t doing ANYTHING that will help, Revive, Renew, and Restore America!

Either that, or get one of these freakin’ things!

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