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The GOP Must Fight to Stop ObamaCare or Just Close It’s Doors and Go Out of Business


Dear GOP…. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

By Gary P Jackson

Most natural disasters happen suddenly with little or no warning. With ObamaCare, we are seeing a dangerous and deadly man made disaster unfold in slow motion. ObamaCare is a slow motion train-wreck that has been in progress for the last 3 1/2 years!

As a nation, We, the People, are at a crossroads. A country that was founded on the concept “of the people, by the people, and for the people” was long ago usurped by power hungry, corrupt, and absolutely evil politicians. The American experiment in self government, of a government that values local control and determination, a government that considers every man and woman a sovereign, is failing. Now mind you, the experiment is not failing because it doesn’t work. The American way of life worked for over 150 years, and worked well. Then greed, blind ambition, and a lust for power, things that have plagued civilizations since the beginning of time, reared their ugly heads.

No longer a Constitutional Republic, in anything but name only, we have seen the federal government, aided by politicians in BOTH parties destroy the proven concept our founders created, and move us toward the same kind of oppressive, central Command and Control sort of overbearing government, our founders fought a bloody revolution to escape from. In many ways, the conditions today in America, with regard to the relationship between We, the People, and our government, is far worse than what our founders faced.

Our founders understood we must have some sort of government.

James Madison, in the Federalist Papers;Federalist 51 summed up the thinking of our founders:

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.

What Madison was saying was both obvious, and revolutionary. Madison acknowledges the need for some sort of limited government to maintain order, enforce laws, and so on. But as we all know … as men are no angels, thus needing some governing … these same men who are no angels, will be doing the governing. One can only imagine the great dilemmas our founders faced trying to craft a government that would keep order, but not oppress.

It should be noted that the first attempt at governing was a disaster. With only Articles of Confederation as a guide, chaos, bordering on anarchy was the result. Thus, our Constitution, one of the most important and enduring documents ever written, was created.

The problem Madison and others faced was creating a workable government, that didn’t oppress, and didn’t limit the Liberties and Freedom they all fought so hard to protect. The answer they came up with was elegant. Our Constitution is, itself, a governor, in the literal sense. The Constitution is designed, just like the governor on a piece of equipment, to limit government, to slow it down.

Our Constitution vests most of the power in the people. Next comes the several states. As written, the federal government sets at the bottom of the heap. As written, our Constitution makes the federal government the weakest player in the game.

Our Constitution recognizes we get all of our rights, not from government, but from God. The Constitution is designed to keep the government from interfering with those rights.

Put another way, if men are no angels, and thus must have government, and government is run by these same men, for society to work these men must be severely limited in power. Our Constitution does this. Or is supposed to.

Thanks to what we often refer to as “low information voters” people who are uninformed, or ill-informed, the federal government has grabbed more and more power, usurping the sovereignty of the several states, and We, the People. What we have now is a highly oppressive, central Command-and-Control, tyrannical government.

Government is completely out of control, and politicians are not held accountable in any way whatsoever.

One could fill a library of books describing the many evils Big Government has visited on the American people. An entire wing of that library could be dedicated to the lives destroyed by Big Government.

Big Government is the very embodiment of an institution run by “non-angels“!

There are so many dangers we face, so many evils that threaten the nation’s very existence, it’s difficult to concentrate on just one. There are literally thousands of things that need to be stopped, reformed, eliminated, and so on.

That said, ObamaCare is by far, the most destructive element we face today. Socialized medicine has been the goal of the anti-American, Big Government types for generations. Those who seek to destroy the traditional American way of life, and replace it by the almighty central Command-and-Control government, have been trying to put such a plan as Obamacare in place for generations.

In 1961, as a private citizen [who didn’t need a title to make a difference] Ronald Reagan, as part of Operation Coffee Cup spoke about the evils of socialized medicine, and how liberals would use it to take complete, 100% control of every American’s life. People need to listen to Reagan’s words, and take heed.

Once again, Reagan is being proven right.

The evils of ObamaCare are many. Skyrocketing insurance costs, skyrocketing costs of treatments, rationing of health care, a looming shortage of doctors and other health care professionals, and even the destruction of the traditional 40 hour work week, and possibly permanent full time jobs, period, thanks to provisions that exempt companies who hire part time workers. There are numerous hidden taxes that will impact every American. There are severe penalties on those who are the most productive among us.

There is good news though. Conservatives have a workable plan to effectively stop ObamaCare. We know as long as democrats hold the Senate, and the White House, it will be impossible to repeal the law. However, we can defund it, refuse to spend another dime setting it up.

President Obama has already set this standard. In a purely political move, knowing himself what a disaster his signature legislation is, Obama has proclaimed his regime will delay implementation of the law that mandates employers to provide coverage. [until after the 2014 elections] Of course, no such deferment is forthcoming from the regime, for the individual. The American people will be forced to comply.

Now the democrats and their corrupt media partners are spinning the Conservative plan, as “Republicans wanting to shut government down” which should be met with howls of laughter and ridicule by the GOP, but instead, the spineless GOP “leadership is now cowering in fear. These gutless wonders are already waving the white flag, caring more about what democrats and the media think, than their bosses, We, the People.

Recently liberal Republicans like Karl Rove have come out against trying to stop ObamaCare, saying, in effect, if we try and save America, the people that already hate us will say mean things about us. If Karl Rove and the “leaders” of the GOP were around in 1776 they no doubt would have advised against seeking freedom from England as well! I can almost hear Rove now, loudly screaming : “We mustn’t offend King George!

Senator Ted Cruz answered Rove, and the other spineless Republicans, this week on the Sean Hannity Show, reminding viewers that you lose 100% of the battles that you surrender before fighting.

The plan that Senator Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, and others have put together is simple. Stand firm, put together a budget plan that funds everything except ObamaCare. The media is already spinning this as wanting to shut government down, but that is a lie. What the media is doing, is trying to give President Obama cover. You see, the only one who would be shutting down the government would be Obama and his democrat party, by refusing to accept reality. The government would only be shut down because Obama and his crew would rather play politics, than do right by the American people.

Instead of getting on board with this common sense, effective plan, “leaders” like Speaker of the House John Boehner, are hiding under their desks, or like Rove, openly trying to sabotage the effort.

ObamaCare has always been unpopular, with most Americans completely against it. As time has passed, it’s only become more unpopular, with that unpopularity now at an all time high. This isn’t rocket science. The American people want this thing stopped!

Though not rocket science, this is a supreme test for the Republican Party. If the GOP can’t band together and stop one of the biggest man made disasters to ever come out of government, if the GOP can’t stop the march toward the end of America as we know it, then the GOP must admit it is no longer a viable political party.

For years, the GOP has done more to facilitate the democrat party’s disastrous agenda, than to stop it. Liberal Republicans make a show of pretending to oppose disasters like ObamaCare, then fold up and lay down, when the time comes for them to really fight. Thanks to these Republicans, America is failing.

We need a party comprised of honest, trustworthy men and women who recognize evil, and have absolutely no problem fighting it, no matter the odds!

I wonder what chance the odds makers would have given a bunch of rag-tag rebels going up against the greatest, best equipped, most well trained army that existed at the time? Probably somewhere between slim and none! And yet, our founders whipped the British, and created the greatest nation the world has ever known!

If a group of farmers can defeat the British army, surely a bunch of politicians in Washington can defeat ObamaCare and the democrats!

If the Republican Party “leadership” can’t get on board, and help stop Obamcare, then the Republican party must simply admit defeat, close it’s doors, and go out of business, because the GOP will no longer be a viable party.

There ARE principled men and women who will gladly form a new party to replace it.


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