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Sarah Palin: Obama’s Laziness and Hillary’s Brain Are Off-Limits. Of Course, It’s Raging Liberal Hypocrisy! (New Updates)

By Isabel Matos

Governor Sarah Palin pointed out the double standard of the media keeping silent where Hillary Clinton’s health is concerned, yet not for Conservative women. She highlights the hypocrisy on her FB timeline yesterday (where she shows PROOF of the horrible way she was treated by some in academia in their obsessive efforts to obtain her private medical records).  Issues can never be argued with liberals, she said. They can’t win arguing the points of their politics so they resort to calling you a racist if you take on Obama or a sexist if you disagree with them to stop the conversation. She said Obama knew about problems at the VA six years ago but says we have a commander-in-chief who has not been engaged.  The media won’t touch him.. well.  She says it best using his own words against him: he is too lazy to be held accountable. In case you missed her FB timeline post yesterday: “Obama knows nothing,  sees nothing, and hears nothing unless his lapdogs bark, then his ears perk up.”

Updated 5/22/2014 3:54 pm  Sarah Palin’s Facebook Timeline post, tweet

and Flashback to Obama’s comment:

Sarah should be president.  I don’t hear a single politician out there talking this way. They’re all too measured and calculated in what they say and too indebted to those who keep them inside the DC beltway boy loop. Will 2016 be the year?

we deserve better than the va


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Our Future Under ObamaCare? 19 Year Old Woman Wakes Up as Doctors Prepare to Harvest Her Organs

Those bandits in white coats gave up too quickly because they wanted an organ donor,’ her father Kim told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

The family’s lawyer Nils Fjeldberg said that Ms Melchior keeps asking if doctors were trying to kill her.

By Gary P Jackson

Need more proof allowing government to run health care is a horrific mistake? Well, here you go.

From the UK Mail:

The girl who wouldn’t die: Incredible story of the 19-year-old who woke up as doctors were preparing to harvest her organs

*Carina Melchior was in a coma and was not expected to wake up

*Doctors at the Danish hospital had started preparing her for organ donations and the family agreed for life support to be switched off

*Less than 24 hours after the breathing equipment was turned off, Carina opened her eyes

*Her parents are now suing the hospital for damages

A teenage girl in a coma after a catastrophic car crash came round just as doctors were about to declare her brain dead.

Carina Melchior had had life support withdrawn on the advice of medics and was being prepared for organ donation.

But to the astonishment of staff at the Aarhus Hospital, in Denmark, the 19-year-old suddenly opened her eyes and started moving her legs.

She is now making a good recovery at a rehabilitation centre and is able to walk, talk and even ride her horse Mathilde.

Her family is now suing the hospital for damages, claiming that doctors had been desperate to harvest her body parts.

Those bandits in white coats gave up too quickly because they wanted an organ donor,’ her father Kim told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

The family’s lawyer Nils Fjeldberg said that Ms Melchior keeps asking if doctors were trying to kill her.

Of course this is a great trauma, both for her and her parents who were convinced that there was nothing else that could be done and agreed to donate her organs,’ he told the newspaper.

Ms Melchior, now 20, crashed her car in October last year.

She was in hospital for three days before doctors realised her brain activity was fading and consulted her family about stopping treatment.

It was at this point they agreed to donate her organs.

In a documentary about her life called ‘The girl who wouldn’t die‘, Carina says she is convinced she will recover and that hopes to move in to her own flat in the future.

And I will be working as a graphic designer and be able to ride Mathilde properly,’ she said.

This is incredible.

A Danish commenter to the article added:

I live in Denmark and I saw this documentary. When the family were asked by the doctors if they would agree to donate her organs, Carinas father asked if there was just a little hope for a miracle and the doctor promptly said no.

I got angry watching this documentary! Within approximately 5 minutes, the doctor gave the family the sad news that they were absolutely sure that very soon, Carina would be braindead AND withing those 5 minutes they asked if they would be willing to donate her organs!!

I mean, show some compassion?!

The family has just been told the most horrific news about their beloved daughter/sister and the doctor then asks if they will donate her organs? Give the family a break! In a danish newspaper, it was said, that after the documentary was aired, Carina’s doctor had called in sick for work and is now seeing a psychologist. It also said that “the first time 20 year old Carina Melchior showed any emotions about her accident was when she cried watching the documentary.”

– Michaela , copenhagen, Denmark, 17/10/2012 23:24

How absolutely ghoulish!

Of course, the doctors are calling it all nothing more than mere “miscommunication“:

One Danish doctor who spoke to MailOnline said it was an unfortunate case of miscommunication between Carina’s family and the doctors at Aarhus.

The story says a lot about the importance of communication in a doctor-patient relationship,’ the doctor said. ‘If the doctors had expressed themselves differently, the parents would not have felt so maltreated.

From a medical point of view, no mistakes have been made. The girl was never declared brain-dead, that was never the case.

In fact, the doctors saved her life with the treatment they gave her.

‘And they were not going to ‘take’ her organs, it was merely a conversation about organ donation if she would become brain dead.

The doctors at Aarhus hospital has apologised for the failures in communication during Carina’s treatment and have said they made a mistake.

More, including video, here.

Great Britain has a notoriously horrific government run health care system, which may explain the slant to the story.

The Australian International Business times reports this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, even as doctors at Aarhus Hospital claim they would never falsely diagnose someone as brain dead!

The doctors admitted their humiliation about what happened. Chief Medical Officer Claus Thomsen released a statement regarding the shocking incident: “We are overjoyed that the young woman survived and that she is moving on after the accident. But we made a mistake underway and made the family believe that their daughter and sister would die.

Now, Carina’s family decided to press charges against the hospital for damages. “Those bandits in white coats gave up too quickly because they wanted an organ donor,” Carina’s father told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

Adding more negative media hype to the hospital, one Danish tabloid exposed about another unnamed patient who was also mistakenly diagnosed brain dead back in 2002. As Aarhus University Hospital thoroughly investigates both incidents, the hospital firmly confirmed that procedures in the earlier case were accurately followed.

Carina Melchior’s shocking incident resulted to organ donation chaos where around 500 people instantly withdraw their names on the list of Denmark’s organ donor. With the organ donation issue at stake, the hospital established a new course of action where relatives of the patient will only be asked about organ donation if treatment options are no longer available. Aarhus University Hospital insisted that “there was no risk of a false diagnosis of brain death.

From the English [Google] translation of the Ekstra Bladet article:

In five days it’s exactly a year ago that today 20-year-old Carina Melchior lost control of his car on a road in Jutland.

A few days after the family was the stark message that brain death would probably occur within a few days.

They were therefore asked to consider organ donation.

But Carina would be different. She survived and struggling today back to life.

After a year of sadness, frustration, joy and relief, the family once again ripped up the case, the DR documentary ‘The girl who would not die‘ was shown last night.

– We have moved forward, but it’s a bit like a dog that dies and is buried, and the neighbor comes in and wants to talk about it. You feel like it hardly says Carina’s father Kim Melchior to ekstrabladet.dk Thursday morning.

In the documentary emphasizes Dr. Benedicte Dahlerup at Aarhus University Hospital, several indicators pointed to Carina, if she survived, would be ‘a heavy 24-hour care patient’.

Benedicte Dahlerup defend such that doctors stopped reading and turned off the respirator, although scanning images showed that the brain had not taken so much damage that Benedicte Dahlerup concluded.

– I think doctors wandering. They are screwed. It seemed like they just wanted Carina parts, said a clearly bitter and frustrated Kim Melchior, who along with the rest of the family have complained to the Patient treatment.

He believes that doctors describe the process around the critical days of the neurological department wrong.

– The match of course, as you would do if you for an exam coming up in something you had not prepared themselves, he added.

A new child

After the first hard rehabilitation on Hammel Neuro Centre, rehabilitation of Carina now at Rehab South in Ebeltoft, although the family had hoped that she could get at the treatment center Baltic forest near Hobro.

Syddjurs municipality sent Carina at Rehab South in Ebeltoft, although it is primarily a place for elderly patients with brain damage, and not a place that provides optimum conditions for a young 20-year-old woman.

– When she arrived in an ambulance for Hammel, it was like getting a new child of 19 years. Then, it was small leap forward, but now the local authority to carry out the task, and the powers it. The local box thinking, but professional help costs, and the money we have not said Kim Melchior.

The family hopes instead that Carina can get on the rehabilitation center Vejle Fjord, where several of the brain-damaged young people from Præstø accident re-trained.

– Her short-term memory is not yet as well. She may be many things that you did not think she could, but there are also some things you thought she could, as she can not, Kim Melchior.

Carina has made so much progress that she hopes to complete its third year of high school, as she was doing when the accident happened

It’s interesting to me how the article tends to give one the feeling miraculous recoveries like Carina’s are rare, as are people rehabbing from brain injuries. Maybe in America we just take our excellent health car for granted?

This is indeed a miracle, and it is incredibly heartwarming to learn Carina is on her way to recovery. A true blessing.

Months ago a poll of doctors showed 83% were considering quitting if ObamaCare was not stopped, and even the left leaning Forbes warns of a mass exodus of experienced physicians because of ObamaCare. None of this bodes well for the American people. Especially if they are ever unlucky enough to become ill in any way.

As Joe Biden would say: Gird your loins people. Gird. Your. Loins.


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