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Video: Cameron Gray’s Exclusive Interview With Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sarah Palin Bear Practice Sarah Palin's Alaska

By Gary P Jackson

Cameron Gray, with NRA News, scored an exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC, where they speak about the importance of the NRA, protecting the Second Amendment and our God given human rights, as well as Governor Palin’s show “Amazing America on the Sportsman Channel.

Check out NRA News for more information and Cameron Gray is a MUST FOLLOW on Twitter. [So do it!]


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CPAC-American Encore-Twitter Straw Poll: Sarah Palin 58%, Ted Cruz 21%, Scott Walker 13%

Sarah Palin in Western Wear Reflective Pose

By Gary P Jackson

With the start of CPAC, an online CPAC-American Encore-Twitter straw poll went live. Over the course of the event voters were given a list of 16 candidates to choose from. The way the poll worked is every time someone hit the link to tweet support for their choice for President in 2016, a vote was counted. The tweet included the hashtag CPAC2015 along with the candidate’s name.

The top results from the straw poll are as follows:

Sarah Palin 58%

Ted Cruz 21%

Scott Walker 13%

Rand Paul 8%

As with any straw poll, this is NOT scientific, and merely reflects the sentiments of those who took time to vote. [just like the live in-person vote that took place at CPAC]

A very strong and consistent showing for Governor Palin in this poll, which was live well before she had given her outstanding speech. We don’t know if Governor Palin will actually run in 2016. She has not ruled it out. And as her show on the Sportsman Channel is still in first run, don’t look for anything until the Summer, after the new season wraps, at the earliest.

Follow American Encore on Twitter.

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Video: Governor Sarah Palin Reprises Her Commander-in-Chief Role, Honors Veterans at CPAC2015

Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC 2015

By Gary P Jackson

Introduced by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, Governor Sarah Palin gave a powerful speech in support of our nation’s military. Alaska’s former Commander-in-Chief spoke, not as a politician, but as the proud mother of a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Governor Palin talks about the horrific treatment our veterans suffer at the hands of the federal government, and what must be done to fix things. She talks about the need to put our veterans “first in line” when it comes to health care benefits and other services, and notes illegal aliens receive far better, more preferential treatment.

The Governor also talks about the need for better opportunities for veterans returning to civilian life, and the absurdity of having to go to school to “get a piece of paper” to certify they know how to do a job they were already well trained for in the military. After all, one of the military’s selling points is you can learn skills that translate to jobs in the civilian world! [Which is true]

Almost every sentence is quotable, so instead of boring you …. here’s her full speech, courtesy of of our friends at SarahNet:


Governor Palin, who got many standing ovations, was the one speaker folks wouldn’t let leave the stage without getting a handshake from and the obligatory selfie with!

Like this one from Keira Lyn:

and this one:

Seen.com has a collection of tweets about and user generated images of Governor Palin here.

BTW, since the “legitimate media” seems to focus on what Governor Palin wears as much, or more than what she says, let me just say what a great outfit she had on. Loved the skirt and the shoes! That would be a great outfit to have her official White House photo made in!


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“Irrelevant” Sarah Palin Steals the Headlines at SNL’s 40th Anniversary Bash

Politics is downstream from pop culture.

~ Andrew Breitbart

Sarah Palin definitely gets pop culture. She has a transcendent pop culture factor.

~ Andrew Breitbart

By Gary P Jackson

On Sunday night Lorne Michaels and his team put on an excellent tribute to 40 years of Saturday Night Live. It was a well done stroll down memory lane, and the entire cast deserves accolades. That said, it’s the little hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska who grabbed all the headlines.

From the dress she wore on the red carpet [and who may have worn it before] to who she was seen with: Alec Baldwin, Al Sharpton, and Taylor Swift; to her skit with Jerry Seinfeld, tongues are wagging and the media is spinning.

First the dress! Governor Palin, who turned 51 a couple of days ago, was absolutely stunning in her white dress and trademark Kawasaki glasses.


Sarah Palin SNL 40 1

Sarah Palin SNL 40 2

What had lips flappin’ though, is the dress is the same one Bristol Palin wore to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011.

While the lamestream media was doing it’s thing, haters gotta hate, Michelle Malkin and others noted women often share clothes with their daughters.

In the real world, women wear dresses more than once! Shocker, I know.

This is where I feel obligated to remind readers that, as Governor, one of the first things Palin did was get rid of the Executive Chef at the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau, looking to save the state money, while saying she didn’t want to “spoil” her kids. She also famously put the jet Governor Murkowski bought on eBay. [later selling it through a broker, when eBay created the buzz, but no buyer] A jet that worked well when Murkowski wanted to go live it up with his cronies in Washington, but useless for traveling in most of Alaska, a state that has more pilots per-capita than any other state, but with most airfields considered primitive, at best, and unsuitable for jet use.

As most know, with Juneau, the state capitol, being so remote and inaccessible, much of the state’s business is done in Anchorage, and there is a Governor’s office there. When working out of Anchorage, Governor Palin would drive herself to work, a sixty mile trip, one way, in her own car, without a security detail. Governor Palin cut spending in her office by a cool million dollars annually vs the previous two governors; Republican Frank Murkowski and democrat Tony Knowels. Borrowing Bristol’s dress, rather than spending money on a new one, is typical of Governor Palin’s fiscal ethics, and just another reason millions would support her if she runs for President.

Others have more to say about this:

And of course ….

Me too!

Governor Palin showed up on the red carpet with Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria in tow.

You gotta love it when Sarah tells Baldwin she still loves his brother even more! As the story goes, Palin and Baldwin actually hit it off when she appeared on SNL in 2008. Like Lorne Michaels, Baldwin was said to be impressed with Palin, the person. Something most people who meet Palin, even those who disagree with her politics, have said.

One of the bits during the show included a question and answer session with Jerry Seinfeld. This is a bit that was popular on SNL years ago. Governor Palin stood up to ask a question, and Seinfeld pretended to confuse her with Tina Fey. Palin corrects Seinfeld, then asks how much Lorne [Michaels] would pay her to run for president in 2016, a nod to how much mileage Tina Fey got out of portraying the Governor. The whole bit is hilarious, Palin’s part is at the end:

The media made a big deal about who the Governor sat with in the audience, Taylor Swift …. who was seated next to Steven Spielberg. Our friends a Twitchy said it best: 2 women who know how to Shake It Off

Then there was this:

Of course, noted tax cheat and race bater Sharpton tweeted:

…. and, while Governor Palin showed nothing but class, Rev Al tweeted this:

Many responded to Sharpton’s tweet by reminding the racist pig to pay his taxes! [He owes some $4.5 MILLION in back taxes -local, state, and federal]

I find it interesting how much heat a supposedly “irrelevant” woman can bring!

The great Andrew Breitbart often said politics were simply downstream of pop culture. He knew the only way to win the culture wars, as well as the political wars, was to be among them. To take part, instead of just set back and bitch about it. He also noted Governor Palin was one of the few that “got it,” having high praise for her ability to connect with people using pop culture.

I think this tweet from Stephen Miller says it all:

The entire show was great, but as usual, it’s Sarah Palin who garnered the lion’s share of the attention.


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Sarah Palin: Governor Romney Has A Responsibility to Take The Gloves Off

By Gary P Jackson

A feisty interview with Sarah Palin. She goes after Obama hard. Implores Romney to stay on the offense. She and Greta talk about how nasty the Obama campaign has gotten.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Exposing Kirk Adams’ Opponent, Matt Salmon the Lobbyist

By Stacy Drake

Last week, Governor Palin endorsed Kirk Adams in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District election, who is facing off against well-known lobbyist, Matt Salmon. The Western Free Press noted (emphasis):

Palin’s endorsement comes at a bad time for Salmon, after allegations have arisen that Matt Salmon’s firm, Upstream Consulting, lobbied on behalf of the president’s deeply unpopular healthcare law. Salmon has responded that the allegations are false but the claims might have been enough to sway the national endorsement of Palin and her supporters.

Salmon’s response came in the form of a press release which stated (emphasis):

“My former firms, Policy Impact Communications and Upstream Consulting, have never lobbied in support of the Affordable Health Care Act or what has become known as Obamacare. Any statement to the contrary is 100% false and a blatant lie.


The truth is members of my former firms lobbied to change a provision in the proposed law which would have restricted access of people with some rare form of diseases from getting the appropriate drug therapy. Both Policy Impact Communications and Upstream Consulting, were hired to point this out to members of Congress and ensure these people receive the access to the medication they require. Never, was I or my firm, ever compensated to support Obamacare in any fashion.

The firms I worked for were retained only to change this narrow provision. I personally never lobbied on behalf of this client, and have always remained completely opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare.”

Speaking of blatant lies, there are a bunch in that statement. He states that he never lobbied for the “Affordable Health Care Act,” otherwise known as Obamacare. He also states that other members of his firms did lobby Congress, but that was just some small provision about access to drugs for rare diseases. Yes, they did lobby for that provision, but he, Matt Salmon, is listed on federal lobbying disclosure forms as having directly lobbied Congress in favor of Obamacare.

Read the full 24 page Lobbying Report here.

In 2011, Matt Salmon received a $1,000 donation from Michael Eging, an executive at Millenniun: Takeda Oncology. So, not only did Mr. Salmon lobby Congress in favor of Obamacare many times and lied about it, he also took a large contribution from the executive of the company he represented to lobby Congress in favor of the bill to fund his current campaign.

However, according to the Matt Salmon for Congress website, his official position on Obamacare states:

Major reform is needed to simplify the bureaucratic and complex relationship between health insurance companies and patients, and ensure every American has access to affordable health care.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress have passed health care legislation that does not adequately solve this problem, and instead increases federal deficits by more than $562 billion, raises taxes by more than $525 billion, and increases national health care costs by over $311 billion. Not only does this legislation increase deficits, raise taxes, and increase overall healthcare costs, but it creates another level of government bureaucracy between doctors and patients and forces Americans to buy a product they do not want.

In Congress, I will join the fight to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system that puts individual patients and families in control of their own health care plans, not a government bureaucrat.

This is why it is absolutely necessary for voters to pay more attention to a candidate’s record than they do to their rhetoric. Some people running for office today are completely shameless with the lies they will tell to obtain a seat of power. Matt Salmon is just the latest example. Here is a man who was paid large sums of money to lobby the federal government to pass legislation that “Americans do not want.” He didn’t care what the costs to the nation would be then, are people really supposed to believe he does now? He says he will “fight to repeal Obamacare,” but one of the men who paid him to lobby Congress in favor of it, has helped fund his campaign. The Matt Salmon’s of the world are the problem.

Meanwhile, Kirk Adams was back in Arizona fighting for pension reform, supporting illegal immigration reform (Arizona SB 1070), and endorsing legislation which resulted in the largest permanent tax cut in Arizona history. You can go here to help Kirk Adams, and keep Matt Salmon out of Washington. He’s already done enough damage.

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Latest Dewhurst eMailer Doubles Down On Lies About Ted Cruz

Am I the only one who looks at David Dewhurst and sees this guy?

All you need is the cartoon thought bubble above Dewhurst’s head saying “I’m not a [crook]liar” to make it complete.

By Gary P Jackson

Politics is war. Texas politics usually go thermonuclear before it’s over, but David Dewhurst, who doesn’t have much of a story to tell, and certainly doesn’t give voters a compelling reason to vote for him, just continues to lie about Ted Cruz, even after being repeatedly called on it.

In his latest campaign e-mail, Dewhurst not only doubles down on the already refuted lies about Ted Cruz, he embraces Rick Perry’s “outsiders” comment, disrespecting those who endorse Ted Cruz as “Washington insiders.”

Here’s the disgusting text from the mailer:

The TEXAS Convention

The Texas GOP Convention began today in Ft. Worth. I look forward to seeing thousands of Texas conservatives rally our collective support to end President Obama’s war on Texas.

It is vital we send a conservative with business experience to the U.S. Senate to implement the Texas success model, cut spending, and balance the budget

Governor Rick Perry made it clear that the Washington insiders would be wise to visit Texas and learn a thing or two about the model for success that we have created.

But Washington politicians and pro-amnesty special interest groups have no business choosing our next Senator.

Texans can make their own decisions.

Washington has already eroded our liberties and Texas values too much. We don’t need them telling us how to vote.

This is where, once again, we remind readers that one of those “Washington insiders” Dewhurst is referring to is Governor Sarah Palin, who has visited Texas often, and someone his co-hort, Rick Perry needed to come to Texas in 2010 to bail his sorry behind out in the gubernatorial primary!

It’s sickening to hear Dewhurst slander Governor Palin, Senator Jim DeMint, and Mark Levin as “pro-amnesy,” especially since it’s David Dewhurst who is in the pockets of pro-illegal pro-amnesty businessmen like Bob Perry [a major home builder, no relation to Governor Perry] and mega-grocer Charles Butt.

It was David Dewhurst who killed legislation that would have banned sanctuary cities in Texas, and it is David Dewhurst who opposes common sense solutions such as eVerify. Dewhurst also supports a guest worker program, but has no solutions for America’s overwhelming problem with illegal aliens.

Politics isn’t hopscotch, but this is unacceptable.

Dewhurst is a craven liar who will do and say anything to gain more power. We already have enough of his kind in Washington.

The Cruz campaign has put together several videos calling out Dewhurst on all of his lies. Instead of being a stand up guy, Dewhurst just continues to lie.

I’m sick of the Republican Establishment and these greasy characters who represent them.

Texans have a chance to send a principled Conservative, with an outstanding record of fighting for Liberty and Freedom, to Washington. A Conservative who has stood up to Obama, stood up to the United Nations, and stood up to the World Court, and prevailed.

Ted Cruz has successfully argued for our freedoms in front of the Supreme Court. He’s a real Reagan Conservative who doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk.

Texas, and America, needs Ted Cruz!

Check out Ted Cruz on the issues and request an early voting ballot here:


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Sarah Palin Talks About Obama’s Failures, the Pitfalls of the GOP Establishment and Her Future

By Gary P Jackson

A nice little interview for a Saturday. Sarah Palin talks with Fox’s Uma Pemmaraju. Sarah manages to rip President Obama’s policies and says he is “out of whack” with reality. She also manages to shred the Republican Establishment™ for good measure.

Viewers were asked on Friday, in advance of today’s interview, to send in questions. One viewer asked about the possibility of a third party emerging if the GOP dismissed Conservatives. Always candid, Sarah says yes, it’s possible.

I want to caution my friends who will run with this saying: “See, Sarah said she’ll run and save us from Mitt Romney!” Remember, to Sarah, anythings possible, because she’s lived and accomplished so much. She rarely slams any door shut.

But before anyone starts printing up the “Sarah 2012 Or Bust” t-shirts, remember she has also said, many-many times, that a third party run would spell disaster for the country, and do little more than re-elect President Obama. And she is right.

If anything, this is her way of keeping the GOP Elite on their toes. Just don’t over-think things. At this point, Sarah is following the path Ronald Reagan took after he left office as Governor of California. She’s looking to strengthen Conservatism, and elect more principled men and women to Congress.

I’m more interested in her comments about bringing a bit of Alaska to the nation via Todd’s Piper Cub! That would be a fun way to see the country.

Video courtesy SarahNet:

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Alan Colmes Needs Some “Divine Intervention” Himself

By Stacy Drake

Alan Colmes (yes he’s still around) decided that he found himself a ‘gotcha‘ moment after Governor Palin sent the following message on Twitter Sunday:

He posted the following on his blog, “Liberaland” titled “Sarah Palin’s Gulf Solution: “Divine Intervention”:

When President Obama invoked God during his prime time speech, he was criticized for going in that direction. But will the critics be as ardent in response to Sarah Palin’s statement that what is needed is “divine intervention”? Bill O’Reilly pointedly asked Palin, “What would you do?” At the time there was no answer, but now we know.

[He posted screen-capture of the governor’s tweet here]

And Louisiana state senators have designated Sunday a day of prayer, believing that may be the only way to solve the crisis.

The governor’s tweet was in reference to Louisiana state senators call for a day of prayer. She did not offer this up as her “solution” to the current problem at hand. As a Christian, she understands that prayer plays an instrumental role but is not the end of the road when dealing with a crisis. You need to take charge, set your priorities, and manage the proper people to get solutions. While your at it, it’s a good idea to ask for God’s help and guidance. This “solution” must be far more complicated than Alan Colmes mind can comprehend.

Colmes says that the president was criticized “for going in that direction,” during the horrendous speech he gave last week from the Oval Office. But the link he provides to back up that statement says the president was criticized from “both right and left” and was done so for different reasons.

The first critic in that article is Rachel Maddow, who “questioned whether “prayer” was really the appropriate request given the enormous complexity and magnitude of the problem.” Not to read too much into what Maddow was saying (impossible, as I am her direct opposite) but I think she was just looking for more, ‘taking charge, setting priorities, and managing the proper people‘ to deal with this situation. Prayer obviously not being enough action from the Commander in Chief.

The second critic the article lists is Newt Gingrich, who simply stated, “I hope he means it.” If he did mean it, it wouldn’t hurt the situation, that’s for sure.

It’s actually the one part of his speech that didn’t make me cringe. I see nothing wrong with the President of the United States of America asking for God’s help in a time of need. There is nothing wrong with that, what so ever. So, the insinuation Colmes piece is trying to convey to his left-wing audience, that won’t click on that link to read more, is that someone on the right attacked Obama for invoking God, so they should feel free to attack Palin for doing the same.. It’s nonsense, and should be an argument below a professional commentator like Colmes, but he does work on the left where the standards are much lower.

He also adds to this post, “Bill O’Reilly pointedly asked Palin, “What would you do?” At the time there was no answer, but now we know.” I assume he thought that was a fun, snarky way to tie the piece together. However, it’s not true at all.

O’Reilly asked what her main point would be if she were the one giving the speech. He said, “What would you do? Tell the nation tonight, what you would have said, your main point in that speech. Go.”

She replied, “Stopping the gusher. That’s the number one priority of the nation.” She then goes on to say that Obama’s priorities have been off since the beginning of this disaster. How terrible it is that his priorities are still so messed up that he spent that speech talking about getting a Cap-n-Tax bill passed.

One thing is clear, is that had it been President Palin in the Oval Office the day this all began, the administration’s priorities would have been focused in the right direction from the jump. Allowing for the ability to get the right people put in the right places to ensure all avenues are explored and that the number one job, the “number one priority” for this nation IS “stopping the gusher,” not paying off cronies with phony carbon credit rackets. Besides, Governor Palin has offered a lot of advice to the current president in dealing with this crisis. She’s given him names of experts, suggested that he should wave the Jones Act, and even offered to give him advice over the telephone. None of that advice has been taken, and the oil continues to flow into the Gulf.


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Sarah Palin vs. Snobbery

In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society, it is a good thing, if you possess great talent, to give, early in your youth, a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love. After that, be a snob.” –Salvador Dali

By Stacy Drake

Meet the snobs

(Ricochet.com audio excerpt from 6/10/2010 Episode 20: The Year of the Spanking.)

Sarah Palin makes me nervous. I like her because I like her enemies. She’s got the right enemies… So ya know, I’m, I’m, I like that (nervous laugh)… I’m exactly that shallow. But I’m just not…. There’s something… I’m not sure, I mean, I just I, I hate borrowing the vocabulary of her detractors
Rob Long, online talkshow talker.

By all means, jerk. Go right ahead…

Since he can’t quite put his finger on what makes him “nervous” about Governor Palin. He may as well double-down upon what is actually cowardice, by just stealing left-wing talking points in an utterly lazy fashion. I know Governor Palin has given a hundred interviews since the 2008 Presidential election but hey, let’s talk about that Katie Couric hit-piece as though it wasn’t a highly edited, highly contentious “interview.” Give me a break.

One one hand, this podcast was composed of some talking heads from the establishment giving some minimal ‘props‘ to the most active political force on the Conservative side, Sarah Palin. They acknowledge a job well done, so far in the primary elections with her endorsements and her overall political ‘shrewdness.’ On the other hand, it was like listening to a parody of pseudo-intellectual, ‘elitist,’ wannabe political players (on the record, for Mitch Daniels) sipping overly expensive rotted fruit, talking about that “really off-putting” pleb.

Shortly after it was posted to their site, Claire Berlinski, one of the commentators from the podcast wrote up a quick, ironically titled blog called, “Palin and Snobbery.” It says:

During our podcast conversation about Sarah Palin, I noticed that everyone seemed to express some variant on the sentiment that they wished they liked her more because she so obviously infuriates the people they most loathe… It’s a curious kind of blackmail. Why should we pretend to love her just because pantywaist leftists are snobs about her? If the same snobs refuse to eat Velveeta, that still doesn’t mean it’s a great cheese.

It seems as though Claire doesn’t want to be labeled a “pantywaist” leftist-snob like Governor Palin’s most deplorable detractors. As well, she shouldn’t be. She’s not a leftist after all, just a pantywaist snob. By the way, if you melt Velvetta cheese with some good New Mexico salsa, green chili, and jalapenos, it makes for a great queso dip. But I digress…

After listening to that clip many times I never found one instance where these people differed with Governor Palin on policy or even on her endorsement picks. It’s painfully obvious that these people’s only issue is that of Governor Palin’s background. This becomes so blatant when the host, Mr. Long starts to sing the praises of the backgrounds shared by the female candidates from California. He said:

“Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman… Princeton and Harvard and building one of the biggest corporations in America. Carly Fiorina, Standford and MIT and one of the big-time business careers of the last twenty-five years. Nobody can look down his nose at Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina.”

So tell me something Mr. and Mrs. Elite. What is so wrong with Governor Palin’s background? Growing up in an all-American, humble, hardworking family that instilled the values and ethics shared by the majority of Americans. Is that something to be ashamed of? Please enlighten us, the unwashed masses because logically speaking, I’m not getting where you’re coming from.

Sarah Palin was brought up to work hard, do the right thing, and stand up for what she believes in. On top of that, she had to work for everything she has gained in life. Nobody handed her a thing. She had to go to college where she did and how she did because of the hand she was dealt. She had to pay for it herself! I don’t know about you but I certainly look up more to those in our society who had to overcome obstacles in life to achieve success, versus those that where given success on a silver platter. I think it certainly says much more about one’s depth of character and ability to thrive.

When I first started following Governor Palin a few years ago, I had no idea what her background was. I didn’t think it was important to look it up immediately after I read about this fantastic, fiery public servant that was taking the fight for energy independence to Washington. To be honest, when I did find out about her background, it only made me like her more. I think the Ivy League educated in our country have failed to notice that they are the one’s that have gotten this country into the shape it’s in. American’s are not as oblivious however. A common theme on Main Street USA for years has been, no matter what political party one belongs to, that these professional elite politicians have no clue what they are doing. Give me someone who has had to live on the most minuscule of budgets, and you will see someone who is a problem solver. The working-class of America may not have attended elite Ivy League institutions, but I happen to think they have more common sense in their little fingers, than the entirety of the establishment in New York and Washington. I won’t quote George Will here, you’ve read it before.

I wonder if people like this, who are obviously trying to dissuade people from supporting Governor Palin by downplaying and distorting who she is, understand that the numbers aren’t on their side. By spewing out meaningless, snobbish diatribe like this clip, they only make her more appealing to more Americans. Something else I find funny is that by the establishment shunning Sarah Palin, that actually translates on Main St. to ‘not corrupt.’ Seeing that, then learning that no corrupt politician ever found an ally in Governor Palin and that she is their foe and the foe of their apologists, will actually go over well in this political environment.

People are sick of having to second guess the motives of their elected officials. Insiders aren’t much appreciated these days. In the “year of the spanking” people are looking for REAL change. That includes getting rid of the establishment hordes in Washington and in our own local communities. This also includes fighting along side those within the Conservative movement, like Governor Palin to get better representation and hold those that are trying their best to destroy this nation, accountable.

Governor Palin is facing attacks from all sides in her day to day struggle to help this nation. She represents the people and if the people have the power and the influence, they think this threatens their prominence. The do indeed look down their noses at Governor Palin, as they also look down their noses at us. May this be the “year of the spanking” indeed, and may these elitist jerks from the republican side of the aisle get spanked right along with their pantywaist, leftist golfing buddies.


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