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Hillary: “This Was the Fog of War” Interview with Baier and Van Susteren

By Isabel Matos

It was a quiet day and then… Hillary.  Hillary on CNN. Hillary on Fox News.  I had so much I wanted to say about the CNN interview but below is the FOX News interview with Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren (in four parts). It was incredible. I’m not an expert on Hillary or body language but she did not seem comfortable especially at the beginning. Her eye contact with the interviewers was brief. She did listen and look at them intently while they asked their questions but she resumed to using lot of hand gestures and looking down again when it was her turn to reply. There was that awkward laugh as well.  The cackle.  Part 1 of 4.

Part 1 video clip Benghazi, the Video, President’s whereabouts night of the attack.

Was there any moment where she was sincere? It seemed like it was all spin and denial. Just lies. And excuses.

Unlike the CNN interview where she seemed to be speaking to O.J.’s jury (the audience) who could not see wrong, she was challenged by respectful interviewers and an intelligent viewership on Fox who saw right through her well-rehearsed lines. Her answers were so difficult to digest they were even entertaining. Like O.J. all you could think of as she spoke was the magnitude of the lies and her attempts to save herself – one could consider her actual lifetime achievement. She’s soulless but was still treated like a legendary figure and fragile vase by all who trashed her in 2008  on CNN. Either way it was pitiful.

As the attack is happening Hillary writes in her book that she goes from her 7th floor of State department to her home in Washington. Her Deputy Assistant Secretary Charlene Lamb testified before Congress last year that she was in contact in real time contact with the diplomatic security agent who was manning the  on the grounds in Benghazi while the attacks were going on.  He alerted the Embassy in Tripoli, CIA and Bureau of Diplomatic security in D.C.

Hillary says they did not have a real time video to follow what was happening on the ground in Benghazi but that they were in direct communication-insofar as it was possible as they were under heavy attack. She said they (security) had a lot going on there. She spoke with Director Petraeus not Panetta specifically, and was on a secure video conference with a full array of officials with National Security Adviser, Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey. She said the Defense department was in the room where the video conference was going on.

Hillary said she did not talk to Lamb that night, that Lamb was not the only one monitoring the phone lines. This is important because Charlene LAMB had sent to Tripoli a response per Hillary (July 2012) not to make formal requests for an extension of security teams to leave in August

Hillary testified January 2013 that she did not know of any reports that contradicted the IC (Intelligence Community).  She described this as “the fog of war.”  She said that the investigations carried out concluded that the intelligence community concluded that the protests were spontaneous. At the time they said the assault in Cairo was assessed as spontaneous protests clearly linked to the video. 

There were no doubt terrorists involved -attackers- but there was a multitude of characters involved who had different motivations (extremism, ideology, video).  Bret asks if she talked to Obama that night. She said the president was in the oval office when she got word of the attack. She needed to talk to our defense officials, Panetta and the president who said “Do everything you can.”

Bret puts out the press release where she blames inflammatory material on the violence that broke out but Hillary doesn’t remember whether she talked about the video to the President or not.  She said her priorities were straight-to protect our people, get them to safety, make sure that other attacks or other posts were not going to happen, and let’s learn what happen to prevent in real time. Bret’s reaction:


Hillary says she knows there are a lot of questions, refers to the unclassified version of the Accountability Review Board by Congressional Committee, suggesting viewers consult those.

Part 2 video clip Afghanistan, Bergdhal exchange, 5 Taliban released in Qatar, Egypt – not a threat or dangerous. Iraq

Part 3 video  Back to previous remarks she made about taking responsibility after the Benghazi attack. “What exactly were you taking responsibility for?” Baier questioned.

Part 4 video  Clinton on Jailed Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi, NSA Spying, Sexism, ‘Phony’ IRS Scandal

Greta has always defended Governor Palin. They have traveled with Reverend Graham on missions together with their husbands.  Greta has visited Alaska at least a couple of times. She has admired how they go about their life – without security, despite all the attention and threats they’ve been the objects of.  I can only imagine Sarah’s truthful ways and transparency must have had an effect on her over time. She genuinely respects Governor Palin and has always defended women’s rights. She pointed out to Hillary that yes, there was sexism against her in 08, but when no one came to Sarah’s defense after being accused of not being the mother of her baby with special needs, the silence was deafening.  Hillary was agreed and that was as close to a real moment as we got tonight I think.  


The book Hillary is promoting Hard Choices is not doing well. I am sure no one would want to buy a book to read about a cover up. They would purchase one to know about the truth.  I am glad this day is over. I saved a few more screen grabs from clips 1 and 2.

134781013119 https://twitter.com/gretawire/status/479037863649366016 https://twitter.com/gretawire/status/479050391213309955


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Governor Sarah Palin Previews Her CPAC Headline Speech to Greta; Tells What it Will Take for Her to Run in 2016

Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz

Photo: Our next President and Vice President?

If they want a fighter, if they want someone who can so respect our exceptionalism, everything that makes America great, the promise of America. And if we don’t find that, then I would run.

~ Sarah Palin when asked about a 2016 presidential campaign

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Sarah Palin talks with Greta Friday evening. She previews her CPAC speech, and talks about America’s greatness. Also hints at what it will take for her to run for President.

Video courtesy of SarahNET.


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Video: Sarah Palin : Free Speech an Endangered Species


By Gary P Jackson

Appearing On The Record with Greta, Governor Palin talks more about free speech, the Duck Dynasty situation, as well as about her book. Sarah shares some details surrounding the birth of Bristol’s son, Tripp, and the struggle she had dealing with it all.


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Video: Sarah Palin Calls for the Firing of Racist, Hate-Mongering DHS Employee Who Wants to Kill White People


Hate-mongering Obama regime employee Ayo Kimathi wants a race war, hates gays.

By Gary P Jackson

Obama’s crew [especially the ones at Homeland Security] have been calling patriotic Americans: members of the United States military, and the Tea Party “terrorists” but as it turns out, it’s their own people who are the terrorists.

This racist Obama employee, whose website was approved by his supervisors at DHS, says he wants to “kill a lot of whites” among other things.

Governor Palin appeared with Greta on Friday night, and talked about the racist hate-mongering Department of Homeland Security employee Ayo Kimathi:

Governor Palin had written this on Facebook earlier:

So, the Federal Government, er, We The People, are employing someone at the Department of Homeland Security whose side job is running a hate website advocating ethnic cleansing and other despicable acts?! This official is promoting a race war. His fellow employees say they’re “astounded” he is employed by the taxpayers. His side “job” running the “War On the Horizon” website was reportedly approved by supervisors. Really, Fed? Really?

Friends, let your government know we deserve better; we demand better. We’re paying the tab.


~ Sarah Palin

Read the article here.

The article Governor Palin links to:

A Department of Homeland Security manager in charge of buying weapons and ammunition for the government is, on the side, running an inflammatory website that throws around gay slurs and advocates the mass murder of “whites” and the “ethnic cleansing” of “Uncle Tom race traitors,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ayo Kimathi, who calls himself the “Irritated Genie,” told his supervisors that the website was set up to sell concert and lecture videos.

But the report showed the site’s content strayed far beyond concert promotion, warning about a coming race war. His website, “War on the Horizon,” declares, “in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,” the Alabama-based SPLC said in its report.

One of Kimathi’s former supervisors at DHS told SPLC’s Hatewatch that, “Everybody is the office is afraid of him,” and that his co-workers are “afraid he will come in with a gun and someday go postal.”

The supervisor, who was not named, continued, “I am astounded he’s employed by the federal government, let alone Homeland Security.

Kimathi, who works for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is a division of DHS, reportedly got the go-ahead from the government to create and maintain his website.

That’s because as a law enforcement agency employee, he is required to get permission in writing if he engages in outside activities which includes everything from working a second job to volunteering.

The SPLC says Kimathi obtained official permission but did it by misrepresenting the true nature of his site.

He told management that it was an entertainment website selling videos of concerts and lectures,” the report said. “He called it simply WOH, never saying that WOH stood for War on the Horizon.”

ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said in a written statement that the agency “does not condone any type of hateful rhetoric or advocacy of violence of any kind against anyone.

It is not known what disciplinary actions, if any, will be taken against Kimathi.

Every ICE employee is held to the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct. Accusations of misconduct are investigated thoroughly and if substantiated, appropriate actions in taken,” she said.

Kimathi’s site even includes President Obama, who is technically his boss, on its own enemies list.

According to the WOH website, the organization was “created for the purpose of preparing black people worldwide for an unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race. Whites around the world are absolutely determined to exterminate Afrikan people in all corners of the earth.”

The mission statement also claims to prepare blacks intellectually, spiritually, psychologically and physically for “a global clash that will mean the end of white rule on this planet or the end of the black race as we know it.

As of Saturday morning this hate filled Obama employee is on paid leave, pending an investigation.

Governor Palin also talks with Greta about Ashton Kutcher’s statement about hard work, praising him greatly, and also talks about a Senate run. She says she has absolutely no plans to run, but never closes any doors to opportunities to serve.

Video courtesy SarahNET.



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Charity and Spirit at Port Alsworth, Alaska, are Praiseworthy and Inspiring! (Includes Greta’s “Last Call” Update)

You may have gotten a glimpse of it already but posts like this are just wonderful to read over and over. This one exudes energy, spirit, and the goodness (God’s goodness working through giving hearts) that was present at Port Alsworth in Alaska on Sunday. Sarah Palin was nothing short of effusive in describing the worthy project and her admiration for the work that Franklin Graham and Greta Van Susteren are doing. She also gave another shout out to her friends Parnelli Jones and Walker Evans who came a long way to be there. The pure love she feels for the troops, their families, and the appreciation she has for their sacrifice and patriotism just jumps off the page and makes you want to be there. I felt it.


Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse again steps up to the plate to positively impact lives!  We’re so thankful for Samaritan’s Purse’s presence in Alaska, where Franklin has traveled and virtually homesteaded for decades. (He first arrived at… age 17 to work blue-collar jobs on our Trans-Alaska Pipeline!) He’s so engaged in assisting our wounded warriors, and this unique program he leads with passion and hands-on humbleness is changing our heroes’ lives. Franklin knows firsthand a soldier’s sacrifice, having a son serving honorably in the U.S. Army, so he brings injured troops and their spouses to a fishing camp in a special, very remote community to enjoy “God’s Country” (as Todd calls it; it’s his old stomping grounds in the Bristol Bay area), and helps our brave warriors heal in body and soul and relationships?

What an awesome team Franklin has assembled to embrace our troops! The entire tiny town of Port Alsworth gathers along their gravel airstrip to welcome the arriving planes carrying our wounded. American flags and children’s handmade posters are proudly waved, serving as a substitute for the traditional Welcome Home ceremonies these young families missed out on, as most of the guys were rushed from war zones to hospitals instead. Enjoy the pictures Greta Van Susteren posted on Gretawire:


With such charitable hearts (and a soft spot for the Last Frontier!), Greta and her husband asisted this worthy cause as she took time away from Fox News to travel across the country to honor our troops. This picture shows the soldiers’ plane arriving to the town’s enthusiastic greeting, and of course the individual up front — working non-stop to capture this mission of goodness — is Greta! I consider her an Alaskan sourdough, proving herself a great fisherman and breakfast cook on this trip.

Thank you for your effective efforts, Greta and John, Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse, our friends Parnelli Jones and Walker Evans (who traveled far to pay tribute), and all of Port Alsworth! And infinite amounts of thanks go to our troops and their families for serving something greater than self. We love and honor you.

 Sarah Palin

flag wavingUpdated @ 8:17 p.m.
Cabins warriors and spouses stayed in, fishing with Greta and Rev. Graham:
cabins 1 cabins 2cabins 3cabins 4cabins-7814-562x374cabins-7815-562x374 purse 2 fishing purse 3 fishingpurse 8 fishingpurse 9 fishing purse 1purse 4 fishing purse 6 fishing purse 5 fishing gretalodge for wounded warriors
The picture above is from the lodge for wounded warriors. Gretawire: We have nine couples this week. Most are recovering from multiple injuries. They are some of America’s best.
This picture was taken a little while ago in front of Samaritan Lodge Alaska. We have nine couples this week. Most are recovering from multiple injuries. They are some of America’s best
Gretawire: This picture was taken a little while ago in front of Samaritan Lodge Alaska.

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Ted Cruz Tells Greta He Is Going to do Everything in His Power to Defund ObamaCare


By Gary P Jackson

Senator Ted Cruz talked to Greta Monday night. He’s looking to defund ObamaCare, in order to save the economy. Great interview:

Video courtesy SarahNET.

CNS News has more of Senator Cruz on ObamaCare here.

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Sarah Palin: We’ve Already Gone Over the Fiscal Cliff, Now It’s About How Hard We Hit Bottom


By Gary P Jackson

On Friday night Governor Sarah Palin talked with Greta about Susan Rice, the Obama regime, and the handling of affairs in Libya.

Sarah and Greta rip into the corrupt media, pointing out that media outlets who press the regime for actual answers are shut out. These outlets are given less access, or completely taken out of the loop. This has a chilling effect on things. It makes media outlets less likely to actually work to get to the truth. Sarah tells Greta “who cares” noting that Obama and his minions just lie anyhow, show who needs access to more lies!

Sarah also gets into the failed fiscal policies of the regime. She lays out the case against both Obama and the GOP in this disaster. She scolds the House “leadership” [such as it is] for not taking charge. The House holds the purse strings, and is controlled by the Republican Party.

This is what leadership sounds like America. Too bad none of it seems to exist in Washington.

Video courtesy SarahNET

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Allen West Talks to Greta and Mark Levin About Florida Recount Efforts Plus How You Can Help

By Gary P Jackson

More from Congressman Allen West on his ongoing attempts to stop the democrats from stealing the election in his district.

Here’s West talking with Greta:

Here’s a more substantial interview with Mark Levin. West notes we are on our way to being just like Zimbabwe, and notes communist groups like CREDO, came to Florida to get involved.

Videos courtesy SarahNet.

From Congressman West’s website:


If you’d like to support Allen in his effort to protect every vote, please make checks payable to:

Allen West For Congress, Recount Fund

and mail to:

PO Box 1108, Stuart, FL 34994

The West for Congress—Recount Fund is separate from the election effort of 2012.

Donors can donate $2,500 per person and $5,000 per PAC.

Any contribution to the recount fund does NOT go against your 2012 or 2014 federal campaign limits.

Online contributions are for the campaign account, not the recount fund.


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GretaWire Readers [By a Huge Margin] See Sarah Palin as the Leader of the GOP Post Election UPDATED

By Gary P Jackson

On Wednesday, Greta put up a poll asking her readers who they thought, at this moment, was the leader of the Republican Party. Readers responded by choosing Sarah Palin by an overwhelming margin over the rest of the field.

Reading the comments it’s pretty plain that many feel Sarah could have fared far better against President Obama than Governor Mitt Romney did. Judging how well Sarah’s hand picked candidates for office did, vs how those in the standard GOP mold under-performed, it’s not much of a stretch to think Sarah herself would have done well and likely led the party to victory.

It’s also clear, reading those comments, that Greta’s readers would like to see Sarah Palin run for President in 2016. It’s way too early to speculate what Sarah will do, and it’s probably best not to speculate until she, herself says something, but I’m one of those who is 100% on board with the idea of a her running.

We need strong leadership from a GOP candidate, and for the last two elections, we’ve had no leadership at all. Timidity cannot defeat evil, and we are staring evil right in the face. We need a warrior at the helm.

Here are the results of the poll as of this afternoon:

Governor Sarah Palin 37.76% (2,137 votes)


As Greta has left this poll open, the vote total has actual grown for Governor Palin, she now is seen by a very clear majority as the leader with 42.13% of the vote. As stated below, this is in no way a scientific poll, but it certainly shows an intensity for Sarah, and a desire for real leadership, something that is totally lacking in the Republican Party.

Oh, and it seems the trolls have found the poll too. Delightful little wizbang creatures that they are.


Senator Marco Rubio 17.62% (997 votes)

Speaker Boehner 13.91% (787 votes)

Congressman Paul Ryan 8.54% (483 votes)

Governor Romney 8.41% (476 votes)

Someone else 6.94% (393 votes)

Governor Chris Christie 3.64% (206 votes)

Speaker Newt Gingrich 3.18% (180 votes)

I’d be curious to learn why Speaker of the House John Boehner rates so high. Maybe some readers took the question literally, as Boehner is the highest ranking Republican in office. It’s just that seeing Boehner and “leader” mentioned together somehow seems wrong to me.

Readers would rather see someone, anyone besides Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich leading the party. I agree.

The poll isn’t scientific in any way, but Greta’s blog is popular with a wide range of people from all points of view, and likely represents the feelings of many, if not most of the GOP faithful.


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Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteren Discuss the Evangelical Vote

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteren talk about the importance of evangelicals in this election. Not a lot here that you don’t already know. The most interesting news is that Greta actually met Sarah when she was still Mayor of Wasilla, before she became Governor. I’m more struck by Sarah herself. She is at peace here, intensely confident, and absolutely radiant.

Greta notes that Sarah recorded a message for evangelicals that is reaching millions. Here’s a portion of that message:

Our nation is at a crossroads. So please go to the polls and vote for the candidates who share your common-sense values. Urge your friends and family to vote, too. Thank you and God bless you.

Here’s a link to the audio.

David Brody writes:

In these last days before Election Day, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is wading into the presidential race. The Brody File has in its possession a robocall she made aimed at getting conservative faith voters to the polls. She recorded it for the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

The call has been sent to millions of evangelicals and conservative Catholic voters in the battleground states of Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Ohio. Palin goes on to push conservative talking points, including limited government, strong defense, and the life issue.

In case you wonder why Mitt Romney’s name isn’t mentioned, the Faith and Freedom Coalition is a 501c4 organization and therefore the mission is to do voter education and GOTV (Get Out The Vote) calls. It would be unlawful to mention actual candidates or political parties in these calls.

Sarah has endorsed Mitt Romney and SarahPAC has donated the maximum amount allowed by law to his campaign. [$5,000]

Video courtesy of our friends at SarahNet.


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