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Taking a Look at ABC’s Sloppy Coverage of Governor Palin’s Interviews

By Stacy Drake

Recently, ABC News has descended into the sort of sloppy journalism usually reserved for the entertainment section of any media institution. That stands to reason considering that they have been assigning an entertainment writer to cover political news.

That entertainment reporter, Sheila Marikar (apparently also a writer for ABC’s The Note, which bills itself as being “Washington’s Original and Most Influential Tipsheet“) has been the designated reporter covering Governor Palin’s recent Fox News interviews. Her awful reporting skills became apparent last week, after she wrote a piece on the governor’s interviews with Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren. Marikar started her piece (emphasis added):

In a pair of conservative talk show appearances Wednesday night, Sarah Palin defended presidential contender Newt Gingrich’s criticism of fellow Republican Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan by reiterating her frustration with the “leftist lame-stream media.

Um, no she did not.

What Governor Palin said in regards to Newt Gingrich during those interviews was:

On Hannity:

I do believe that Newt Gingrich is terribly wrong on his assessment of Representative Ryan‘s plan. It is good fiscally sound and courageous plan. And it’s not all just about Medicare, we have to make sure that we are understanding that Ryan’s budget is a big difference as opposed to the Obama budget, which of course have has us on the road to bankruptcy.

On Greta:

Well, I think that the media — that we all have a right to ask Speaker Gingrich, what in the heck did you mean that Paul Ryan’s budget plan is radical or social engineering? No, what is radical is not proposing a plan to counter Obama’s budget plan that has us on the road to bankruptcy.


You know what I thought after the whole Newt Gingrich thing in these last 24 hours, Greta, was, “Bless his heart” and every other good ol’ boy’s heart that’s in that political game there in the Beltway. They don’t really know any more than the rest of us. Greta, it was Newt Gingrich who told me in January of this year, Sarah Palin needs to slow down and really think through what it is that she has to say. Well, you know, he stumbles, too. We all stumble. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses.

Clearly the governor’s statements were not an endorsement of Newt Gingrich’s position on Paul Ryan’s plan. Or at least whatever Newt’s position was the day he stumbled, but I digress…

Keeping up with that sort of journalistic standard, Marikar “reported” on Sunday for ABC (emphasis added):

Anyone who studies history, studies the old testament, studies geography understands that Israel now is surrounded by enemies at all times,” Palin said on Jeanine Pirro’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine.” “It should be now that America takes a stand in defending our enemies in Israel.

That’s quite the typo you’ve got there, Sheila.

She later changed it by replacing the word “enemies” with “friends” however, nowhere in the article does it mention that she made any changes from a previous version. Which it should have considering other news outlets, like the Israeli media site Ynet, used ABC as a reference to cover the interview. As of right now, Ynet’s article still reads “enemies.

I’m sure the readers on Ynet can read the rest of the article and conclude that Governor Palin did not mean “enemies” but when placed in quotation marks like that, they may conclude that she said it. Worse, perhaps someone will only read that part of the article and conclude that the governor really meant that!

Do you see how sloppy journalism can effect people’s perceptions? One poorly designated reporter writes up a couple of articles laden with mischaracterizations and misquotes, other reporters pick up the words and repeat them for readers all of over the world. This is how rumors and false perceptions begin. Although the press deeply resents that Governor Palin refers to them as the lamestream media, they are more than deserving of that title. In fact, they should thank her for being so kind.


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The AP’s Blatantly Biased Haiti Coverage

By Stacy Drake

The Associated Press provided another example as to why the media cannot be trusted to cover anything Governor Palin does fairly. AP “reporter” Jonathan Katz, wrote an article about the governor’s recent trip to Haiti with Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse. Katz opens his article by saying:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin began a tightly stage-managed visit to Haiti on Saturday in which she visited cholera clinics while avoiding crowds and the press.

Stage-managed” eh? As to imply that this is just some sort of staged political photo-op, no doubt. It wasn’t, but regardless it is not Jonathan Katz’ job as an AP reporter to make that assumption in the first place.

He then goes on to say (emphasis mine):

Palin, who traveled in part by helicopter, provided access on her tour solely to the U.S. cable network Fox News.

Graham’s organization, Samaritan’s Purse, refused to discuss Palin’s itinerary with other media and asked Haitian and American reporters to leave its compounds, citing a “security lockdown.”

It should be noted that Greta Van Susteren was asked by Franklin Graham (this is not the first time Greta has accompanied Graham on an overseas trip) to come to Haiti, it wasn’t Governor Palin who set that up.

Rebecca Mansour weighed in on Twitter to say:

Jonathan Katz of the Associated Press is a liar. He knows very well that Samaritan’s Purse was in charge of press in Haiti, not Gov. Palin.


I told him myself repeatedly. He also knows very well that for security reasons, Samaritan’s Purse did not want to release their itinerary.

Katz and others in the media seem to be saying two different things in their articles about Governor Palin’s trip to Haiti. They imply it was a photo-op on one hand, then complain about a lack of access on the other. So which is it? I gather this is just more, ‘throw the kitchen sink‘ at Governor Palin to see what sticks.

Jonathan Katz then writes:

Associated Press television journalists saw Palin talking with foreign aid workers. She wore cargo pants, a T-shirt and designer sunglasses on her first trip outside the United States since speaking to investors in Hong Kong last year. That speech was also closed to the media.

Why is JonathanKatz reporting on Governor’s Palin’s wardrobe? The last time I checked, Katz wasn’t a fashion reporter. Who cares what Governor Palin wore on a humanitarian mission? Some might say that it was sexist of Katz to include that in his article. I’ll leave that up to readers to decide for themselves.

By the way, as Ian noted earlier, Governor Palin and Franklin Graham held a press conference on Sunday in Haiti from the Samaritan’s Purse camp. So, no this trip was not closed to the media. You can see a photo from that presser here.

Update: I was just reminded that the Hong Kong speech was not closed to the media. Katz was wrong about that as well. The Wall Street Journal covered the Hong Kong event here.


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Palin on Greta to Discuss David Kernell Trial

By Stacy Drake
Governor Palin appeared Friday night “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.” She discussed testifying in the David Kernell email hacking trial. She also spoke briefly about the new illegal immigration law passed in Arizona and threw in a little ‘Federalism 101’ lesson for viewers at home.

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