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Gloves Are Off With Rand Paul and His “Immigration Reform” Freak Fest. Where Are This Man’s Priorities?

Rio Grande Yesterday crazy eyes

By Isabel Matos

“Rand Paul Talks About Amnesty With GOP Infiltrator Norquist While Sarah Palin Calls for Humanitarian Action for ‘Man-caused Illegal Immigration Disaster”.  That could have been the title but it really is the story of the week – that is if you are enjoy seeing dirty politicking and corruption by weak-knee’d phonies like Rand Paul exposed. We have been telling you so! That picture above of illegals crossing by the thousands is a scene from the Rio Grande yesterday. Watch how Rand Paul has dealt with this critical issue.

grover norquist and rand paul

After all is said and done more is said than done. Rand Paul is no exception. It was just a matter of time before we would see Rand and Grover get together over amnesty. Sorry. “I.m.m.i.g.r.a.t.i.o.n. Reform”.  After all, Rand Paul has been playing with this fire for a while.  His comments come out of a meeting held this past Wednesday following the Virginia primary.  The conference call included Michael Bloomberg’s “Partnership for a New American Economy”. (By the way Michael Bloomberg dished out $250,000 to a Thad Cochran SuperPac in addition to the Chamber of Commerce which supports only candidates who agree to amnesty or “immigration reform”. The C o C is buying $300,000 in ads to help Cochran beat Chris McDaniel who endorsed a Grover-style NO amnesty pledge in the June 24th runoff. That runoff is a needless circus brought to you courtesy of the GOPe who met as well with NRSC in DC to help out Cochran who’s a freak show unto himself) -before Cantor lost.

The call was scheduled before Eric Cantor’s defeat on Tuesday which caught everyone off guard.  Brat campaigned on free markets and constitutional principles but used Cantor’s immigration issue to drive his message home. It was done effectively; however, Paul  and Norquist did not attribute Brat’s victory to being a referendum on amnesty.  Instead they agreed Lindsey Graham had won in South Carolina -the same night- by running on comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigration may not have been “the paramount issue” in Eric Cantor’s crushing primary loss.

“It’s a mistake to try to paint it and decide that one issue decided this,” he said.

Yeah yeah yeah.. He added that the GOPe is bound by the word amnesty:

We’ve been somewhat trapped by rhetoric and words, and amnesty’s a word that has kind of trapped us,” he said, adding that some people think it means giving undocumented immigrants a right to vote, while others say it means allowing them to obtain legal status without a penalty.

Others, he added, think it simply means not deporting those who came to the United States illegally.

“We’re trapped in a word that means different things to different people.”

Really?  The only thing trapping Rand Paul is his answering to the likes of the Chamber of Commerce, Mitch McConnell and Grover Norquist. Rand Paul is hung up on language because he want to get it right. The money so he can run. It doesn’t matter what he means. That’s why he’s like a crazed man talking…

He voted against S.744 Immigration Bill but he says he has always been for immigration reform. I say he did it because Marco Rubio got grilled by Sarah Palin, and his rivalry with Rubio is big enough for him to care; otherwise, he would have.  He said his amendment included beefed up border security but was rejected.

“I’ve always said that I’m for it. I just want to be part of the process. I don’t feel like anybody really wanted my vote because they never considered any of my suggestions.”

“If you want immigration reform, there has to be openness to compromise,” he said, adding that there’s also a group “entrenched” on the other side who won’t vote for any reform measures.

(I’d like to ask Senator Paul if he is referring to us as the “other side”. It’s almost like “extreme nativist” Cantoresque-style speak. Just wondering.. Anyway..)

Rand Paul

He also commented on the recent influx of young people from Central America who U.S. law prohibits from deporting back to their countries.

He speculated that some immigrants are coming to join the military.

“This is a complicated part of immigration reform. Do I have sympathy if you served in our military and we ought to find a place for you in our country? Absolutely,” he said. “But do I want to send a signal to everybody in Mexico that if you come and join our military, you get to be a citizen? That’s a bad signal.”

“None of this is really easy,” he added.

Contrast those thoughts to Sarah Palin’s righteous FURY and admonishment of Republicans and Democrats who have talked a good talk but all but turned their backs on a real humanitarian crisis at the Border in Texas has met silence. There seems to be ZERO moral outrage over it on the part of Rand Paul, a typical Rino!

Considering Rand Paul is running for president (obsessively so to the point he does not make sense and he can’t shut up), he would be unfit to lead. He does not have the instincts to deal with a crisis.  Like other Republican Senators, he has exploited “reform” to score political points but done nothing to help the situation NOW.  Sarah’s rightfully sickened by it. He’s the perfect example (I’m not reading her mind, this is my opinion) of what Sarah Palin was railing against yesterday.

cantor lost

Rand Paul is small and timid. His response is as ridiculous and as out of touch as Thad Cochran who said he did not know what happened on Tuesday when asked.  It’s as if none of this was even happening to Paul. He is so fixated on his verbiage and positions taken, that he has all but forgotten to connect at all.

It’s hard to keep up with all the neck breaking flip flops Paul has made. Before the Virginia Primary he had said that any candidate endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce was not presidential material.  Excuse my “French-American”, WTF?  He said:

Chamber of Commerce is fine, I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, but a Chamber of Commerce Republican is not going to win a national election,” Paul said on Saturday,

What more does one need to see he is and always has been a phony.  Most of you see it.  Please share the news with others. Start posting these articles on your Timelines and get others involved in the discussion. We are being subjected to one crippling crisis after another in great part because of duplicitous sellouts like him. It’s time to open up and push the political conversation more. Let’s list some of his maniacal doublespeak and questionable judgement and actions.

Grover Norquist Reagan

    1. He has ties to creepy Norquist.
    2. He endorsed corrupt Mitch McConnell.
    3. He is staying out of the race in Mississippi.
    4. He is for “immigration reform” but against “amnesty” and complains that journalists are misrepresenting his positions like this one: His comments in support of amnesty were made at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, to David Axelrod, former top advisor to Obama, now the Institute’s director. One writer just put it this way:  It’s so complicated what is amnesty anyway? Just break free of the A-word and embrace more meaningful and descriptive terminology like “Comprehensive immigration reform” or “Man-caused illegal immigration disasters.
    5. He is for outreach to Hispanics; however he offended Hispanics with his pandering by calling for work visas for illegals.
    6. He was well received at the liberal University of California, Berkeley.
    7. He has been saying since last year the GOPe needs to evolve and adapt (into what I always asked).
    8. He said “We’re going to be one big happy family” before the Texas Primary. He said he would not get involved in incumbent races and did so with Ted Cruz who he compromised in a joint appearance and who promised the same in the interview with Hannity one month before the Texas primary . Cornyn won and so did McConnell. So what kind of outsider is Rand Paul?
    9. He made a cameo in Lamar Alexander’s campaign ad at the bottom of the page.
    10. He has extended invitations to Chris Christie for a beer and has defended Jeb Bush’s “act of love”. In the same jaw-breaking breath he would love an endorsement from Sarah Palin.
    11. He dismissed Mitch McConnell’s vow to crush the tea party by saying it was just “things are said in campaigns that are not intended” (go to 1:23 mark on the video clip).
    12. He is apparently going to help out Susan Collins in her campaign.
    13. He is reaching out to black voters based on previous issues in his own staff was let go for comments made that were racially questionable. He got testy in this interview when the matter was brought up. Please don’t miss it!
    14. He appeared at the TEXAS convention but is not from Texas. He was there only to promote himself.  Grover Norquist re-tweeted a picture of him on June 6th.
    15. His message has not been conservative. How does that help recruit conservatives? He sells out to reach out.
    16. He has met with George P. Bush and has ties to Karl Rove who he has received support from.
    17. His campaign has ties to American Crossroads and Americans for Tax Reform.
    18. McConnell’s campaign manager, Jesse Benton, who is under FBI investigation, has been tapped for Rand’s 2016 presidential run .
    19. He is against Voter ID.
    20. He got an earful on May 20th for cheering on McConnell.
    21. He may have been the reason why Amy Kremer left the Tea Party Express. I wrote about that.
    22. His collaboration with Mitch McConnell had been long standing even though even though he used the Tea Party Express to hide it as Sal Russo’s family is involved in his RandPAC.
    23. You can press any one of these links: TPX, Rand Paul’s Ties, Florida to see how he helped corrupt the process by inserting himself in races we lost.
    24. He is Karl Rove’s wish come true.  Last year Rove was quoted saying “We need fewer Christine O’Donnell’s and more Rand Pauls. Don’t fret or worry. Paul is a walking-talking train wreck.  He is unraveling before our eyes. Just like Rubio met his fate after pushing for Immigration Reform in 2013, this year is Rand Paul’s turn.
    25. Today Rand Paul said:

Republicans need to nominate a different kind of candidate to win the presidency.

“You guys have a strong force here but frankly the president won Iowa twice so we can’t do the same old same old,” the Kentucky senator told the Iowa Republican state convention here. “The definition of insanity is thinking the same thing will get you different results.”

Well.. He is unable to be decisive on anything he says. Does that make him a Libertarian? A bad liar? Or a loon? Insanity can go both ways especially if you are detached from the human condition. Rand can’t help himself. He is both driven, arrogant but clownish.. a train wreck no matter what. He tweeted this silly picture of his socks, (shows where his mind seems to be while Rome is burning as they say.) What an odd little world he lives in, totally disregarding what’s REALLY important. He’s not the kind of guy we would want or need to run the country in time of crisis (one who helped cause the crisis we find ourselves in in the first place):


Article updated




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EPIC Compilation of Headlines 2013 With Updates by Izzlovesfox1


marco center of attention

by Isabel Matos

What a difference a year makes! I hardly talk about Marco Rubio anymore. That’s because he had a really bad year last year and Sarah made an example of him after being caught in a lie where he told a Spanish-speaking audience legalization first, then secure the border.  That summer he voted for the Senate’s Bill S.744 and lost support among all the Conservatives I know. He also lost friends locally, which takes a lot, given their enthusiasm for him when he first won the Senate. jayz and beyonce in cuba

The picture of JayZ and his wife, Beyonce, who ended up going to Cuba in April last year, staying in a hotel overlooking the picturesque Havana harbor must have been embarrassing because he had quoted JayZ as a poet during Rand Paul’s filibuster, “It was all good a week ago.  What a difference seven days makes.”

JayZ’s trip was offensive – a horrible and painful reminder of the tyranny and slavery on the island that Cubans still seek to escape from.  He and Beyonce visited areas off-limits to most Cubans living on the island. They ignored reality and are hypocrites for justifying their visa to be at a cultural seminar with students of music.

It showed a lack of respect and just plain ignorance – no conscience for those living under conditions that will not change any time soon.  Anyone who says that easing the embargo will help Cuba just does not understand what is going on.

Beyonce also offended Cuban-Americans just prior to this trip after being photographed with a Castro youth group dedicated to revolution like Che Guevara. What to expect from someone who got paid $1 million to dance for Libyan Dictator Khaddafi (now dead). Even ignorance does not cut as deep as indifference to others’ suffering.

So, getting back to #ThrowbackThursday. This post was fun to put together. It took a long time to make a compilation of the TOP TEN izzlovesfox1 clips. I followed-up on each headline to keep telling the story to refresh the page on my (our collective) political journey, because…


The TOP TEN clips include tapes I made about Marco Rubio (with updates), Rhinos (with an update),  Headlines from March (with updates), CPAC Infiltrators, Rand Paul (with updates), Deportation, Amnesty (with updates), and the top three clips at the end. There is a little humor, some serious and lots of tough love for those who STILL DON’T GET that it is not up to us to answer to politicians. It is up to them to earn our trust, respect and confidence, especially AFTER they are elected, not just during a campaign when they promise the world.

Are voters more aware that their party is against them? That was my stated goal last year; unfortunately, it is hard to convey to some who do not care to see THE TRUTH about the politicians they cheer on.

rand paul drones

Rand Paul made huge headlines 2013, but they were all for his personal enrichment and campaign. Rand Paul may be a fighter, but he’s fighting for the wrong things. His attempt to make this party One Big Happy Family should be enough to make anyone nervous. He invited Chris Christie to a beer summit, his manager signed on with American Crossroads last year (while he was filibustering to protect the rights of Americans from drone attacks, which he reversed his position on 30 days later) and he has repeatedly insisted the party has to “evolve and adapt” if it is to survive. Some of his remarks border on veiled criticism of and disingenuous support of the Conservative base.

rand and trump

Rand Paul is on a path to political suicide like Rubio was last year if continues on this path of a softening our party (Charmin anyone?) and taking the Tea Party for granted. Why is he making a mistake? Because he hasn’t sold Conservatism to those he has been pandering to. He has been sloppy on policies to (try) to gain votes from all sides.

Rand Paul has asked Ted Nugent to apologize to the President, criticized Ted Cruz for distorting Reagan’s foreign policy, endorsed Mitch McConnell, the list goes on. I’ve heard from people who were at CPAC that his presence on stage is nothing like Sarah’s. He is not electric at all. He doesn’t stand tall (his “presence” on stage and physically). He is a not-so-exciting speaker who doesn’t show command as much as delivery of platitudes we hear all the time. He does not have the star power like so many try to portray him as having. Add to that he doesn’t keep his stance on any issue consistently and you’ve got a garden-variety politician, a RINO insider. His talk is all Bush Mush lately.

Paul Ryan ten dimes

Ryan, bless his heart Sarah says.. Is making the news for things he should have never done in 2009 when he was FOR Tarp when his budget plans were still a joke. What I remember most was his palling around with a known terrorist advocate and communist agitator, Luis V. Gutierrez. Ryan is clearly out of touch. That’s evident in his so-called outreach out to communities he would love to pander to. He has been a RINO and is next-in-line to Boehner.

3 rinos

It’s easy to see Jeb as being obscure as always, not outshining anyone except for saying stupid things. Even though Hispanics give birth to more children, he said “Hispanics are more fertile”. He also said Ted Cruz does not have solutions. (Well.. that’s because it’s UP to PEOPLE not POLITICIANS, Jeb, to come up with them!) Jeb’s sense of relevance is distorted. He also said breaking the laws to provide for one’s family as an illegal alien is an act of love.

Like a shadow or black cloud in our party we can’t get rid of, he’s either lurking in the background pushing others to do his dirty work for him. He announces he does not get his name in polls to sound like he doesn’t want to be president, but in reality it’s because the results of those polls are so negative he wouldn’t want them public). He can only have a glowing story about him probably by someone who has been paid directly or indirectly to do so. The fact is he IS going to fundraisers with billionaires like Shelon Adelson and it is to launch a non-campaign campaign. His father built the GOP machine as we know it, so he feels he’s entitled to being the next Bush presidential nominee.

Jeb does not make sense when he talks, which is why McCain probably said he is the smartest man he knows. Really. Saying stupid things or stupid comments are the only thing he is good at. Remember he said he would govern like Lyndon B. Johnson (that was last year before CPAC) if he had the chance.  He is a royal pain in our side.

My message: RUN, JEB, RUN!  Bring it. Get it out of your system. Immigration Reform is a huge fail. It was in 1986. Nothing’s changed.  Keep talking. To those who think their DUTY to support you: You’re just like lying dogs.

Let’s see what the GOP gaffes are in store for us this year. I thought Thad Cochran’s comment about not knowing what the Tea Party was about was a real humdinger, but typical  GOPe will always manage to find new ways to dig their grave a little deeper each time. Reince Priebus did so when he didn’t mention Sarah …wait. That was this year.

It was all good a year ago.. not!

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