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Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Has America On The Road To Insolvency. Also Talks Tax Policy, BP, Gulf Oil Spill, Cap And Trade

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By Gary P Jackson

If anyone wonders why we so strongly support Sarah Palin, in every way possible, one look at this powerful interview should answer that question for all time.

Appearing on Fox Business News’ Money Rocks, with Eric Bolling, Sarah gets right into the issues we are facing courtesy of the Obama regime.

Pointing out Obama’s total absence of business experience, and lack of enough wisdom to surround himself with people who have any, Sarah talks about the destructive effect Obama’s policies are having on our nation.

Not only are Americans about to be hit with the largest tax increase in world history, the almost certain resulting job losses will only make maters worse. One thing she points out is the fact business is at a standstill. Business requires stability, not uncertainty, and under Obama’s watch, uncertainty is all business knows. In this sort of climate, our economy will never recover. We are only looking at a very dismal future for the people of this nation if something isn’t done to stop Obama and reverse this dangerous trend.

As Sarah points out, America will be insolvent sooner, than later, if Obama is allowed to continue on this path of destruction.

From there Bolling gets into the oil spill in the Gulf. One thing Sarah mentions is the integrity commission she set up, as Governor of Alaska, to make sure disasters like this never happen. She also goes into the fact that BP has always been a problem. Always had difficulty following the rules.

Sarah has talked about this situation before, as you can see here.

Eric then asks her what a President Palin would have done differently about the spill. Here is where her experience and leadership abilities come into play. Without hesitation, she says that under her watch this disaster would have never happened, because BP, nor anyone else, would have ever been allowed to drill in that kind of deep water, where the risks are just too high.

Sarah then rips into Obama, and the environmental extremists who have blocked oil exploration on land, or in shallow water, where the chances of this sort of catastrophe are slim and none.

Though she doesn’t mention it, BP was not drilling in this location by choice. Originally, BP was permitted by the state of Louisiana to drill in shallow water. It was the geniuses in the Obama regime who overrode the state’s legal permit and forced BP out into water that was ten times deeper than the original site.

Sarah has spoken previously about the dangers of both deep water drilling and environmental extremists, as you can read here.

Moving on to cap and trade, Sarah lays out the implication for every single American, as energy prices “necessarily skyrocket.” Not only will this cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs, and hurt every single American’s purchasing power, it will guarantee that America’s economy will never recover. In fact, it will only worsen, until it collapses. See: Spain, and Greece, for examples.

Sarah has issued many warnings on cap and tax, like the one here.

If you want the real story behind cap and tax, and why Obama and his minions are really pushing hard to shove it down your throat, you can learn about all 10,000,000,000,000 reasons why, as well as learning why Obama REALLY wants to ban oil exploration in America, by reading here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

When pressed by Bolling if there was a solution to all of America’s problems, Sarah was quick to point out that yes there was, and it was coming in November!

You know …. it’s interviews like this, and videos like this, that have so many talking about a President Palin come 2013. This is a notion we heartily embrace. No better way to get America back on her feet.

Sarah Palin’s strength, wisdom, and infectious optimism is exactly what this country needs after four years of a Marxist-democrat controlled Congress, and what will be four years of the Obama regime’s misdeeds. We will fix the Congressional problem in November, and come 2012 we’ll take care of the Obama problem, once and for all.

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Sarah Palin Puts Her Boot On The Neck Of The Obama Regime Over Gulf Oil Spill

Our job is basically to keep the boot on the neck of British Petroleum to carry out the responsibilities that they have

~ Ken Salazar Secretary of the Interior for the Obama Regime

The above sentiment is one that has been repeated often by the Ken Salazar, the Interior Secretary for the Obama regime. It’s not the type of talk Americans are used to hearing from government officials. Of course, this is the Marxist Obama regime we are talking about here.

This is a president whose purple-shirted thugs from the SEIU show up en masse to terrorize 14 year old boys at their private home, because they disagree with the kid’s father!

As we wrote earlier, Sarah Palin has focused in on the Gulf oil spill like a laser. She is actively questioning what is going on and why Obama was so slow to respond to this disaster. Being the thugs they are, rather than address these issues, the regime attacks the messenger. The Obama regime’s Minister of Propaganda, spokesclown Robert Gibbs, came out babbling that Sarah should “get slightly more informed as to what’s going on in and around oil drilling in this country.” I hate to tell this nimrod, but Sarah Palin has forgotten more about the oil and natural gas business than anyone in the Obama regime will ever know.

Since this the route they are going, Sarah has just put her very stylish boot on the neck of the Obama regime.

Big Oil: Learning from Alaska’s Experience

Many Americans want a serious discussion about what can be done to finally tackle the Gulf Coast oil spill. Unfortunately, yesterday White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs used his appearance on “Face the Nation” to deflect from the needed discussion about solutions as he suggested that I should “get slightly more informed as to what’s going on in and around oil drilling in this country.

Mr. Gibbs’ comments were in response to something I said last weekend in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” In the course of discussing the administration’s failure to get to grips with the oil spill, I pointed out that the media was rather silent on asking if there was a connection between the White House’s hands-off response to the spill and the undisputed fact that Barack Obama was BP’s top recipient of both PAC and individual money for the last 20 years. Please note that I never claimed there was a conspiratorial connection; rather, I was saying that it’s odd that so few in the media have asked that question. In fact, I believe Major Garrett is one of the few reporters to pursue the issue. You can be sure that if this were a Republican administration, at the very least the media would be asking that question nonstop.

As for getting “informed” about oil drilling: I’m confident that in the course of my chairmanship of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) and the U.S.’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), and my work as governor of our nation’s huge oil producing state, I’ve learned enough to be able to say with some certainty that the White House’s response to this crisis leaves something to be desired. I also believe that the White House should spend all of its time finding solutions to the enormous oil gush problem.

The Obama administration claims that it “will not rest until we get this situation under control,” but in practice it’s evident that it must do more to stop a potential environmental disaster from happening. U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen probably summed it up best when he described the Obama Administration’s approach to this crisis as “keeping a close watch” while BP is tackling the problem – at the company’s own pace.

While the Administration watches from the sidelines, the Gulf Coast states face some potential disaster. This raises serious questions. Should it really take nine whole days before the Administration asked the Department of Defense for help in deploying equipment needed for the extreme depth spill site? Why is Governor Jindal still waiting, 35 days later, for material needed to tackle the oil spill to protect the coast’s environment and for federal approval to build offshore sand barriers to protect his state’s coast line? Is it correct that the Coast Guard was initially unwilling to burn off the oil for fear of causing air pollution (which would have been far less harmful than the current water pollution)?

These questions all require answers. In the meantime, let me make a constructive suggestion to help the White House out of its current impasse. They should reach out to the best oil and gas team in the nation and tap into its expertise. I know just the team: Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources, led by Commissioner Tom Irwin. Having worked with Tom and his DNR team as Governor, I can vouch for their expertise and their integrity in dealing with Big Oil and overseeing its developments.

This team’s (and Alaska’s PSIO team’s) expertise on oil spill issues is particularly relevant. We all lived and worked through the Exxon oil spill, and we all committed to the principle that this would never happen again in Alaska’s waters, at least not on our watch. That’s why we created the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office (PSIO) when we saw proof of improper maintenance of oil infrastructure in our state. And that’s why we instituted new oversight and held BP and other oil companies financially accountable for poor maintenance practices. And that’s why we cracked down on unethical and unsound practices by oil companies and their contractors that operate in Alaska. And that’s why I filed a Friend-of-the-Court brief against Exxon’s interests for its decades-old responsibility to compensate victims adversely affected by the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. None of these actions made us popular with oil company management. (In fact, Commissioner Irwin received a message from a North Slope oil company employee that summed up their view of our efforts well: the message told him to “go to hell, but resign first.”) Our relationship with Big Oil may have been perceived as contentious because we always put the interests of Alaskans first.

The White House could do worse than emulate what Alaska did over the years. No, it doesn’t make you popular with Big Oil (my commissioners and I certainly learned that!), and you may see fewer campaign contributions flow your way – but so what? Dealing with the impacts of 35 days of uncontrolled oil flow into pristine waters is more than enough time for the White House to realize they need to tap into expertise, hold BP accountable, and not waste time politicking around such a grave situation.

Taking a tough stand to protect our environment while domestically drilling for much-needed energy sources is the only way the public can trust government and industry to safely work towards energy independence. We need to “Drill, baby, drill” responsibly, safely, and ethically. That’s the way Alaska’s DNR accomplishes its mission in America’s 49th state.

– Sarah Palin

The ball is now in the Obama regime’s court. Sarah Palin helped establish what is the world’s gold standard for governmental oversight of the oil business. Obama would be a fool not to take advantage of the offer by the best team in the business.

Sarah is right to ask questions. The Obama regime, along with the Marxist-democrat controlled Congress is the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Barack Obama and his group are actively working to extort tens of trillions of dollars from businesses and individuals worldwide, through a scheme of “carbon credit trading.” Obama being the one who secured funding for the creation of the Chicago Climate Exchange, that is now owned in part, by fellow Crime Inc. member Al Gore, and their buddies from Goldman Sachs.

We also know the Marxists have hijacked the so-called “green” movement as a method for wealth re-distribution on a scale that would make even Marx and Lenin blush. If you notice, the radical left are already using this oil spill disaster as an excuse to halt all American oil exploration, and further make us subservient to other nations for our much needed energy. It is in the interest of the radical Marxists that this disaster be of the worst magnitude possible. Obama’s nine day delay before even addressing this mess is certainly consistent with serving the interests of the radical left.

Of course, with Obama, one must follow the money. As Sarah points out, Obama received more money from BP than any other politician in twenty years. But British Petroleum’s money is chump change. Obama’s puppet master, and former Nazi collaborator, George Soros, plays a significant part here.

Everyone remembers that last year Barack Obama loaned Brazil $15 billion of taxpayer money so oil giant Petrobas can do more off shore drilling. Just three days before Obama made this generous gift of our money, good old George Soros bought controlling interest in Petrobas. It is now his largest holding.

It’s not hard to figure out that banning offshore drilling, as Obama and the radical Marxists want to do, would greatly benefit Soros, who once claimed ownership of the democrat party. Soros funds literally hundreds of left wing groups, all supporting the most radical of views. If you are not familiar with the pure evil that is George Soros, you can get a good look at what we are dealing with here.

Soros is tied to Barack Obama at the hip. He counts on Obama to do his bidding. He too is part of Crime Inc, and the criminal activity Obama, Al Gore, elements of Goldman Sachs, and others are involved in. You can read more about Crime Inc. here and here.

We know corruption is involved in all of this, it’s the Chicago way. We also know there is massive incompetence too, because that’s the government way.

Obama is a fascinating figure to me. He comes off as incredibly incompetent, and can barely speak in coherent sentences, unless he’s reading other people’s words off of the teleprompter. His inability to get control of this issue is quite telling.

And yet, Obama was devious enough to be a principle in Crime Inc., one of the architects of the Chicago Climate Exchange, and the carbon credit trading scheme. Obama has also set himself up to become incredibly wealthy, wealthy beyond all imagination, if he can cram legislation down America’s throat that will force this carbon trading scheme on us all.

If their plans succeed, the entire world, not just BP, will feel the Obama regime’s boot on their neck.

Thank God Sarah Palin has the guts to take these thugs on!

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Sarah Palin Wonders If BP Cash Has Influenced Obama’s Response To The Gulf Oil Spill

In case you missed it, while appearing on Fox News Sunday, with Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin brought up the fact that Barack Obama was the largest recipient of campaign dollars from British Petroleum in 20 years

This is actually rather old news, as JammieWearingFool pointed this out on May 3rd:

Surprise! Obama Was Top Recipient of BP Donations in 2008

No wonder it took him nearly two weeks before getting on the ball with the Gulf oil spill. He’s the top recipient of British Petroleum donations in the last election cycle. Now watch him demonize them every chance he gets. If he wants to lead by example, he should return their money.

During the 2008 election cycle, individuals and political action committees associated with BP — a Center for Responsive Politics‘ “heavy hitter” — contributed half a million dollars to federal candidates. About 40 percent of these donations went to Democrats. The top recipient of BP-related donations during the 2008 cycle was President Barack Obama himself, who collected $71,000.

BP regularly lobbies on Capitol Hill, as well. In 2009, the company spent a massive $16 million to influence legislation. During the first quarter of 2010, it spent $3.53 million on federal lobbying efforts, ranking it second (behind ConocoPhillips) among all oil and gas industry interests.

Its registered lobbyists include a number of former federal government and high-ranking political campaign officials, including longtime political operative Tony Podesta, former congressional chief of staff Bob Brooks, former congressional legislative director David Pore and vice presidential aide Michael S. Berman, the Center’s research shows.

Tony Podesta, of course, is the brother of former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, who also helped launch the far-left smear merchant outfit Media Matters.

Of course the $71,000 Obama received from BP is chump change compared to what he got from Goldman Sachs, so don’t expect him to be returning any of it. Nor should you expect any of his media lapdogs to mention his BP connection.

You suppose if something this disastrous happened under Bush’s watch the media would be reticent to mention the company’s donations to the “oil man” Bush? Fuhgeddaboutit. It would be a 24/7 talking point until your ears bled.

Funny how Podesta’s boys at Media Matters haven’t noticed any of this, huh?

It should be noted that Obama received almost $1 million from Goldman Sachs, and we know how much effort Obama has put into making sure all of the new legislation aimed at “banking reform” is designed to help, not hurt Goldman Sachs, who is also partners with Obama in Crime Inc. , the massive attempt to defraud the world out of tens of trillions of dollars through the carbon credit scheme he [Obama] helped create. You can read more about Crime Inc. here and here.

As one can imagine, Sarah caused a stir with all of this, with The Obama regime’s Minister of Propaganda, Robert Gibbs chirping: “My suggestion to Sarah Palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what’s going on in and around oil drilling in this country

Now this is rich! As someone on Twitter pointed out Sunday, Piper Palin, Sarah’s youngest daughter, knows more about the oil business than Gibbs does, and probably more than Obama as well. Sarah Palin has forgot more about the oil business than the clowns in the Obama regime will ever know.

For her part, Sarah shot back with a couple of quick tweets that read:

Mr. Gibbs, BP gave over $3.5mill to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest amount going to Obama http://u.nu/5vpia

Mr. Gibbs, Obama is the top recipient of BP PAC & individual money over the past 20 years. http://u.nu/5vpia Dispute these facts.

It’s interesting to note that rather than address the issue, either dispute the facts, or own up to them, the Obama regime tries to paint Sarah is a dummy. This is a typical tactic of the left. They can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, so they revert to the tried and true debate method, used by kindergartners world wide, and shout: “Oh yeah…well…you’re stupid!” Sadly, for their zombie followers, this is sufficient for them to all claim “victory!

No wonder our nation is in such sad shape. It’s being run by children.

Anyone who knows anything about Sarah knows that she was Alaska’s chief energy and environmental regulator, as Chairman of the Alaska Oil And Gas Conservation Commission, and as Governor was also Chairman of the nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Sarah was also Natural Resources chair for the National Governor’s Association.

In fact, as Chris Wallace stated, Sarah Palin has a long and successful record of taking on Big Oil, British Petroleum included, and holding them accountable. Sarah’s efforts to clean up the oil business in Alaska, to fight corruption, and force the companies to act responsibly were so epic, Kay Cashman, from Petroleum News, wrote the book: Sarah Takes On Big Oil, which is available from Amazon.com.

Once again the Obama regime beclowns itself and “acts stupidly” when it comes to Sarah Palin. But frankly, this is a distraction designed to keep the zombies who support the regime occupied. The real story here is why has Obama failed to lead, and get this oil mess cleaned up? Why did it take weeks for him to react to it at all? Was it the BP cash, or just plain incompetence?

This oil spill is but one of three Katrina sized disasters on his watch that Obama has not been able to handle. You had the massive flooding in the Mid-West last year, Obama was MIA. You have the Gulf oil spill, which is a total mess, and of course, there is the massive flooding in Tennessee, which may be worse than Katrina in every single way. Not only is Obama MIA, but so is the media.

The real story is the fact that “hope” and “change” really means incompetence and neglect.

You can throw in corruption for good measure.


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Sarah Palin Talks Illegal Immigration, Socialism, BP, Oil Spills, And Putting America Back On The Right Track

When the President went on to speak about immigration, some people are going to listen to his sound bites and ask: “Is this another ‘you lie’ moment?

~Sarah Palin

On Wednesday, Sarah Palin gave a lengthy interview with Fox Business News’ David Asman on his popular America’s Nightly Scoreboard show. In this interview, Sarah talks about a wide range of topics: The power of her political endorsements, Obama’s march towards socialism, British Petroleum, the oil spill, corruption, and of course, the hot topic of illegal immigration.

No words minced here. This is Sarah Palin callin’ it like she sees it.

Palin on Putting America Back on Track

Palin: Every Border State Should Have Arizonas Law

Palin: We Cannot Continue on Road Toward Socialism

Palin on BP Oil Spill, Terrorism

This is serious red meat Sarah is dishing out. Solid answers to the most pressing questions of our time. Here is Sarah Palin showing not only her toughness, but her belief in American Exceptionalism.

Sarah also talks about her own career as she dealt with corruption, especially within the Alaska Republican Party, as well as her hard core stance on the oil companies and environmental responsibility.

Why aren’t we hearing this sort of candor and enthusiasm, and these sort of solutions from the GOP show ponies who think it’s “their turn” in 2012?

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Sarah Palin: Domestic Drilling: Why We Can Still Believe: Common Sense In The Face Of Tragedy

Finally, some calm and common sense:

Domestic Drilling: Why We Can Still Believe

We’ve all been shocked and saddened by the tragic events in the Gulf of Mexico. My heart breaks for coastal residents who are facing fears of the unknown impacts of the oil spill.

As an Alaskan, I can speak from the heart about the tragedy of an oil spill. For as long as I live, I will never forget the day the Exxon-Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef and millions of gallons of North Slope crude poured into the waters of our beautiful Prince William Sound. The spill was devastating to so many Alaskans who, like my own family, make their living on the water from our commercial fishing industry. “Heartbreaking” was the word my husband Todd, an Alaska Native and trained oil spill responder, used to describe the scene as we watched it unfold on land and water that we feel is sacred.

Alaskans understand the tragedy of an oil spill, and we’ve taken steps to do all we can to prevent another Exxon tragedy, but we are still pro-development. We still believe in responsible development, which includes drilling to extract energy sources, because we know that there is an inherent link between energy and security, energy and prosperity, and energy and freedom. Production of our own resources means security for America and opportunities for American workers. We need oil, and if we don’t drill for it here, we have to purchase it from countries that not only do not like America and can use energy purchases as a weapon against us, but also do not have the oversight that America has.

In the coming days, there will be hearings to discover the cause of the explosion and the subsequent leak. Actions will be taken to increase oversight to prevent future accidents. Government can and must play an appropriate role here. If a company was lax in its prevention practices, it must be held accountable. It is inexcusable for any oil company to not invest in preventative measures. They must be held accountable or the public will forever distrust the industry.

This was the position I took as an oil and gas regulator and as Governor of Alaska when my administration ramped up oversight of the oil industry and created a petroleum-systems-integrity office to monitor our oil and gas infrastructure for potential environmental risks. I took a lot of heat for the stand I took “against the oil industry” (which is how political adversaries labeled my actions). But we took tough action because there was proof of some improper maintenance of oil infrastructure which I believed was unacceptable. We instituted new oversight and held British Petroleum (BP) financially accountable for poor maintenance practices. We also filed a Friend-of-the-Court brief against Exxon’s interests for its decades-old responsibility to compensate Alaskans affected by the Valdez spill, and I took other actions “against” the industry which ultimately helped hold it accountable.

All responsible energy development must be accompanied by strict oversight, but even with the strictest oversight in the world, accidents still happen. No human endeavor is ever without risk – whether it’s sending a man to the moon or extracting the necessary resources to fuel our civilization. I repeat the slogan “drill here, drill now” not out of naiveté or disregard for the tragic consequences of oil spills – my family and my state and I know firsthand those consequences. How could I still believe in drilling America’s domestic supply of energy after having seen the devastation of the Exxon-Valdez spill? I continue to believe in it because increased domestic oil production will make us a more secure, prosperous, and peaceful nation.

Our hearts go out to all Americans along the coast affected by this recent tragedy, especially those who lost family members in the rig explosion, and our prayers go up for a successful recovery. May spill responders be safe.

– Sarah Palin

Reality dictates that we will be using oil and natural gas as our main source of energy for the foreseeable future and it is in America’s best interest to explore for our own God given natural resources. It’s a matter of national security, and financial security.

Instead of all of the histrionics we are seeing from the radical left, and political opportunism from the Obama regime, Sarah Palin brings calm, experienced leadership to this situation. Something our nation is sorely lacking.

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