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Politico’s Roger Simon [Democrat] Calls For The Death of John Boehner and Ted Cruz


Question: If Ted Cruz and John Boehner were both on a sinking ship, who would be saved?

Answer: America.

~ Politico’s Roger Simon [Democrat]

By Gary P Jackson

Politico has always been a far left website that stoked hate through it’s dishonest reporting, but now they are dropping all pretense of being a legit website and are just becoming another hate spewing arm of the democrat party.

You know, I understand passionate debate, even strong, spirited disagreements, along with the harshest of words, but when you start wishing your fellow Americans dead and start spewing hate like Simon, it’s all over.

In his racist, hate filled rant, Simon latches on to the one SOB that showed up in Washington, at the WWII Memorial, carrying the Stars and Bars, the Confederate Flag. He uses this to attack Senator Ted Cruz and Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the American people who are well past fed up with our out of control corrupt government.

Of course, the Tea Party is attacked, even though this wasn’t a Tea Party event. [Though it’s been reported members of the Tea Party showed up to pick up trash around the site]

Being a Texan, I have mixed feelings about the Confederate Flag. I understand it’s history, and the fact it’s a source of pride, in the South. To Southerners the Confederate flag likely stirs the kind of emotions Texans feels when they see the Battle of Gonzales Flag. The flag from the first battle of the Revolution. But Texans have never considered themselves part of the South. We’re Texans.

It should also be noted, that when secession was put to the vote, MOST Texas counties voted AGAINST secession. As it is today, all the democrats were crowded into the major towns, and a few democrat controlled counties had the votes to give Texas to the Confederacy. And Texas was punished severely for it.

The fact is though, symbols be damned, the democrat party has always been the party of racism and hate. Nothing has changed except members of the party have become more hateful and more unhinged.

If some guy shows up in D.C. with a Confederate flag, maybe we should take it for what it is, a man with a flag, and leave it at that.

When they start showing up in white hoods with burning crosses ….. oh wait, they’d be democrats!

Let’s look at some of the hate spewed by Simon:

Harsh? Look around you at what is happening to America and you will see harsh. I am not talking about closed parks and monuments. I am talking about the funds cut to nearly 9 million mothers and young children for food, breastfeeding support and infant formula.

That is harsh. Making a war against babies is harsh. And for what? Because Cruz, Republican senator from Texas, has grown so drunk on the sound of his own voice and so besotted with illusions of his own grandeur that he believes halting government today will propel him into the White House tomorrow?

First off, some 80 some-odd percent of the government is up and running fine. The only people actually being hurt are those Obama and his thugs have chosen to hurt. Food stamps, Medicare, Medicare, Social Security, disability payments, and so on, are still coming as promised.

The fact is, all of this “shut down” madness, engineered by Obama and his people, is dinner theater. Bread and Circuses. Entertainment for the ignorant ones among us.

I have no idea if Senator Cruz is even considering a run for another office, but I suspect if he did, he’d have a whole lot of support. That scares the hell out of liberal swine in BOTH political parties!

I DO know one thing, Ted Cruz is doing EXACTLY what myself, and my fellow Texans sent him to do! Imagine that, a politician actually fulfilling his campaign promises!

For what it’s worth, my dream ticket for 2016 is Sarah Palin with Ted Cruz as her Vice President. That would upset the right people in Washington, for sure!

Simon and his fellow hate filled democrats are angry because our government is set up with a system of checks and balances designed to keep Americans from turning into a dictatorship. A source of angst among democrats who long for one.

As The New York Times ably pointed out, this shutdown did not just happen. It was plotted for months by a coalition of more than three dozen conservative groups led by Edwin Meese III. The groups were funded in part by the billionaire right-wing Koch brothers, who wanted to cripple Obamacare. (Koch Companies denies it has supported using the shutdown as a tactic.)

You remember Meese. He was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, who was forced to resign in the Wedtech scandal while under investigation by a special prosecutor. Today, Meese sees himself not as a sleazy hustler but America’s savior. And he wants to save us from health care.

Shortly after Obama began his second term, Meese went to work gathering conservative influence-peddlers and members of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress to repeal Obamacare. Cruz was happy to act as Obamacare’s willing executioner in the Senate, and pushing a shutdown of government to do so.

House Speaker Boehner eventually went along. It was a blackmail on a massive order: Stop Obamacare or we will never reopen the government.

It is now evident that both houses of Congress have the votes to end the shutdown. But, so far, Boehner will not let that come to a vote. If he does, he is afraid the tea party conservatives will strip him of his job.

The democrats give the GOP too much credit. If there is anything in life that resembles herding cats, it’s trying to get the Republican Establishment™ to listen to it’s base of supporters, and actually grow a pair and fight back!

I always laugh when democrats get all bent out of shape over those “evil” Koch Brothers. I doubt most Conservatives could pick them out of a line up! I know they contribute to some Conservatives causes, which is their right, as citizens, but they also contribute to causes that Conservatives strongly oppose, like amnesty for illegal aliens Fact is, the Koch Brothers self identify as “libertarians.”

The democrats never seem to care where their money comes from though, and while there are a large number of millionaires and billionaires who support the democrat party, the one man who comes to mind, is Nazi collaborator George Soros, the self-declared “owner of the democrat party” Soros, a socialist, doesn’t just give money, he and his people have created hundreds of groups, all that work daily to subvert the Constitution, and destroy the American way of life.

Soros is a genuine Nazi war criminal and one of the democrat party’s big leaders.

Back to the WWII veterans and this shutdown. Those WWII vets fought AGAINST Soros and company, BTW. What does it say about an America where those who merely want the Constitution and the Rule of Law followed, are called “terrorists?” What does it say about an America where those who understand we [as a nation] have already borrowed more money than we can ever hope to pay back, and want some common sense to reign supreme, are called “extremists?”

Talk about hate, the democrat party is spewing it 24/7.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” the New Testament asks.

Kinda rich, considering the members of the democrat party [at their 2012 convention] BOOED the very mention of God’s name when the Convention Chairman tried to put God BACK in the democrat party platform, and democrat loons screamed “Hail Satan!” recently in Austin, Texas in support of abortion extremist Wendy Davis.

Not sure Simon and pigs like him have the moral authority to quote the Scripture.

Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen Boehner’s suite of offices in the Capitol? It would make Midas blush.

Boehner uses the same offices Nancy Pelosi used, when she was Speaker of the House. Speaking of Pelosi and making Midas blush, let’s not forget Pelosi has made tens of millions of dollars while engaged in insider trading! Pelosi and her ilk fought any and all attempts to make insider trading illegal for members of Congress, like it is for everyone else. [just ask Martha Stewart]

Boehner does not bend to the will of his Kamikaze Caucus because he is an evil man. He does so because he is a weak man. To borrow a line from Theodore Roosevelt, I could carve a better man out of a banana.

Here Simon says something that is almost true. Speaker Boehner IS a weak man. He’s also a liberal. The two go hand in hand. Boehner’s real problem isn’t weakness though. It’s understanding Conservative principles, and being willing to actually stand up and fight.

That said, I’ve actually been impressed with Boehner, at least a little bit, for finally growing a spine. He’s only four years too late!

<blockquote?There is a price to be paid for all this. Even if the immediate problems are somehow solved and a government default avoided — for now — the scab has been torn off our political wounds.

This weekend, racism came out of the closet. (Which assumes it has ever been in the closet.)


Oh noes, a scary man with a Confederate flag! He’s also holding a Marine Corps flag. We have no way of knowing if this man is a veteran, but if he IS a Marine Corps veteran, he’s EARNED the right to carry those flags!

You can always tell when democrats are losing the argument, out comes the race card!

Democrats stand up and cry crocodile tears every January for Dr Martin Luther King [a Conservative Republican] and have hijacked his iconic speech, claiming it as their own.

The difference between the racist democrats, and Conservatives is Conservatives actually LISTENED to Dr King and have the same dream.

You see, like Dr King, Conservatives judge Obama, not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character. Democrats don’t want ANY of their people, black, white, or green, judged by the content of their character!

Protesters marched through the streets of Washington on Sunday with a Confederate flag and then a protester lounged against the White House fence with one. Displaying the Confederate flag in front of a home occupied by a black family was meant to send a particular, and particularly repellent, message.

One guy with a Confederate flag, who could have been a plant for all we know, or a sincere veteran who is angry that the democrats closed down his memorial, makes the entire nation racist?

How miserable must it be to be that stupid and that hateful!

There were other signs of our descent. Remember Samuel Wurzelbacher? Known as “Joe the Plumber,” he was selected by John McCain as his presidential campaign mascot in 2008 with the same care McCain used to select Sarah Palin.

Joe the Plumber? Is he still even a thing?

Sarah Palin is very much alive and kicking the democrat’s asses! She was in New Jersey on Saturday helping get Steve Lonegan elected to the United States Senate [VOTE WEDNESDAY] and told the Garden State crowd she thought she and Todd would go stand with the veterans. As you know, Governor Palin’s son, Track, has served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, on the front lines. If any mother has a right to be with those veterans, it’s Sarah Palin.

As for McCain’s “care” in choosing the Governor as his running mate, all of the petitions from Americans and inside pressure to choose her aside, she was well vetted by A. B. Culvahouse. Culvahouse, a former Reagan adviser, has vetted numerous potential VP candidates as well as sitting Supreme Court justices [before they were confirmed] Culvahouse is a man of unquestionable character and judgement.

These people are like the man in the cartoon: He has climbed out on a tree limb and is sawing off the limb behind him, imagining that the tree will fall and not him.

They are wrong about that. America will not fall. It will withstand this moment and these people.

He’s right, America WILL NOT fall, but not from a lack of trying by the democrats! The American people are mad as hell. The democrat party may be run by far left, anti-American Marxists, hellbent on destroying the American way of life, but many people who have been reliable democrat voters in the past, are waking up and seeing who these democrats really are.

We may sound sensitive to Roger Simon’s vicious hate speech, but when you see it from democrats on a daily basis, you come to understand this isn’t one loon, or a few isolated cases.

If you are a regular Twitchy reader, you know Michelle Malkin and her team do a really good job of keeping track of all the hate spewed by democrats on Twitter. Not just by a few hate filled loons with 20 followers and half as many tweets, but by democrat party leaders, elected officials, and so on. One of the reasons we don’t write about every hate filled democrat, besides the fact it would take up ALL of our time, is the fact Twitchy does suck an amazing job.

Sarah Palin gets death threats daily, and just a few weeks ago, Ted Cruz’s aide, Amanda Carpenter, was attacked by the democrat party chairman out of Sacramento, California, who said he hoped her children died of a horrible disease!

What kind of animal wishes death on the children of their political opponents?

The other day Cher, who has completely gone off the rails, and regularly spews vile nastiness, wished death on the entire Tea Party. It was this kind of hate that, no doubt, caused democrat Jarred Lee Loughner to stalk and shoot Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords [from 2007 until he finally went on his shooting spree] after Giffords was attacked in print by Daily Kos publisher Marcos Moulitsas, who called her a traitor and placed a bull’s-eye on her. Congresswoman Giffords was one of the last “blue dog” democrats in office. Compared to the radicals in office now, she was almost reasonable on some issues.

If democrats viciously attack members of their OWN party, who dare wander off the plantation, how safe are Americans who want to save our great nation from certain destruction at the hands of these radicals?

One of the reasons I chose to highlight Simon and talk more about him and his vicious hate and outrageous lies, is the fact he doesn’t write for a hate site like the Daily Kos or even the Huffington Post. Conservatives understand that Politico is not a legitimate website. No chance of any of their people being confused for actual journalists, but unlike most democrat hate sites, Poltico is often quoted by networks, cable news outlets, even FOX, and linked to regularly by websites like Hot Air.

Roger Simon is just another in a long line of Politico writers who is mainstreaming hate as a substitute for political discourse, but coming from Politico there an air of legitimacy for some.

America is broken.

We’ve not been this divided in more than a century. The lines are drawn, and contrasts couldn’t be more stark.

On one side, you have a group of radicals who want to push their agenda of tax and spend, and grow an already bloated and out of control government, to unprecedented new heights.

On the other side, you have the American people.

My money is on the American people.


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