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Ted Cruz: Republican Party Needs to do a Better Job of Articulating it’s Values to Voters

By Gary P Jackson

Ted Cruz talked to Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. Ted is one of the very few bright spots in these very dark times. Ted and Neil talk about the need for better articulation of values by the GOP leadership, as well as tax policy.

Cruz is so right on outreach. Texas has a huge Hispanic population and most are Conservative in their personal lives. But that’s true for Hispanics nationwide. The same can be said of blacks. Most live very Conservative lifestyles, and yet, they continually vote against their own best interests. That speaks to around 50 years of failure by the Republican Party to defend itself against lies and slander from the democrat party.

Poll after poll, for decades on end, have shown that Conservatives are, by far, the largest group of people in America, and yet, the nation just re-elected the most anti-Conservative, radical Marxist, ever to even attempt to hold public office in America. That’s not America’s fault, it’s the failure of the Republican Party to protect the brand. A total and complete failure.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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