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Megyn Kelly: Did Attorney General Eric Holder Lie Under Oath?


By Gary P Jackson

Devastating news concerning Obama’s main man Eric Holder. It’s pretty obvious that Holder lied under oath to the House Judiciary Committee investigating the assault on reporters’ Liberty and Freedom.

Now we will see what Congress does about it.

Megyn Kelly talks more about it here. Powerful evidence.

Video courtesy SarahNET.



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Megyn Kelly on the White House’s Lies After Obama’s Attack on Fox News


By Gary P Jackson

The crimes of the Obama regime just grow, as do the lies. Megyn Kelly is HOT. So am I, and so should every single American.

Video courtesy SarahNET.

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Breaking Video: More Criminality From Obama’s Department of Justice; Targeted Fox News’ James Rosen, Two Others

James Rosen

By Gary P Jackson

A real bombshell dropped today. It seems Barack Obama’s Justice Department targeted, and even looked to jail, Fox News’ James Rosen, as well as fellow reporter William LaJeuness, and producer Mike Levine. All of this seems to have stemmed from Rosen’s investigation of the Fast and Furious crimes committed by Obama and Eric Holder, where they outfitted narco-terrorists with weapons, in an attempt to used violence committed by those terrorists as a way to assault the Second Amendment, and law abiding gun owners in America.

Megyn Kelly is LIVID in this bombshell report:

Video courtesy SarahNET.

Michelle Malkin weighed in as well.

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