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Sarah Palin Earns Money… Get Over It

By Stacy Drake

I wanted to address this a couple days ago but I’m just getting around to it now. Considering this is an ongoing “non-troversy” for the left and their media, I figure it sort of has indefinite relevancy.

At the beginning of this week, the leftist media spent dozens of man hours spewing out the same, tired old theme. That being the fact that Sarah Palin makes money and for some reason the world should be outraged about it. I understand why they would try this trick in the beginning. I get that the left has to throw the entire kitchen sink at Governor Palin, due to her Teflon ‘mojo.’ But still, I find this absolutely ridiculous. They are making themselves look very foolish to anyone paying attention.

After the speech Palin gave in Turlock for the 50th Anniversary of CSU Stanislaus, and the subsequent harassment she, as well as the organizers of the event received for doing such – it goes back to this theme. It is a pure political strike conducted by left-wing officials and their close friends in the press. No other former public servant, or possible future candidate has had to deal with this sort of scrutiny on their wallets. You just never see hundreds of stories all lined up disclosing the amount any other candidate is paid for anything they do, unless they are corrupted or abusing tax-dollars. Well, Sarah Palin has never been corrupt, she is a private citizen, getting paid with private dollars, and the only one getting abused here are her and her family.

What happened in California was an embarrassment to me as a Californian. Yes, I have to live with these left-wing lunatics. And no, having their heads examined doesn’t help. Fortunately for me I live in a military city, so I am surrounded by level-headed, reality based folks. My friends in Los Angeles are not so lucky.

I think one of the worst aspects of the treatment Sarah Palin received in California, is that it was started by government officials. Jerry Brown made a mockery of his elected office by assisting in the stunt created by the future wannabe Candidate for San Francisco Mayor, and former Hawaiian shoplifter, Leland Yee. I wrote about this before here and here.

They tried to bully the organizers of the CSU event and bully Sarah Palin with the use of orchestrated theatrics for the all too available news cameras, and with the help of “dumpster diving” students. By the way, to those young girls that went dumpster diving for this state government witch-hunt… That was really lame. I’m in my early thirties, but have things changed that much since I was your age? I wouldn’t have been caught dead digging in the trash for “The Man back then. Lame.

Governor Palin asked Jerry Brown from the podium at the speech in Turlock a very interesting, very valid question. She said, This is California. Do you really not have anything better to do? Great question, governor! I happen to know for a fact that he does.

California is a mess any way you slice it. I have never witnessed Jerry Brown do anything with his department to help correct the dire state of our state. In fact, Jerry Brown is the person most responsible for unionizing the public employees here with SEIU, whose pensions are one of the main culprits for the current fiscal mess that IS California. And guess what… Jerry Brown earns his income from tax-dollars so perhaps a little more scrutiny on Moonbeam is a good idea.

Back in March, I wrote a post about this ongoing phony outrage over speaking fees, and why I think the left uses this trick to put a wedge in between Sarah Palin and her supporters. It said:

This is why Governor Palin’s detractors are never concerned with the speaking fees of Al Gore or even Mitt Romney. They aren’t members or leaders of the working class. They are fellow members of the same elite establishment that leftist media belongs to.

So the main reason for such reporting and documenting of every dollar Sarah Palin makes is nothing more than the establishment and the lefty press trying to put a wedge between Palin and her supporters. They think, falsely that Governor Palin will lose some of that “street cred” they admit exists if she makes some money. Just look at any comment section of a mainstream news site. You will no doubt see any number of leftists repeating the same meme that “she’s only in it for the money!” … Rubbish!

Working class Americans who support Governor Palin mostly come from a conservative worldview. The left seems to be confusing their own populist rhetoric with the true concerns of the modern populist movement. Conservatives don’t begrudge people for making an honest living. And while the left constantly tries to say she is paid too much for giving speeches and such, these people are no experts on the going rate of high profile speakers. It’s just more phony negative narratives about Governor Palin from the left.

While I still agree with my own assessment there, I think it is more than that at this stage. I think it is also a diversionary tactic meant to drown out Governor Palin’s message. As Don Surber noted the other day in his piece titled “AP fights to cover a speech it then didn’t cover,” he said (emphasis mine):

The Associated Press and other news organizations fought to get permission to cover the speech.

But what exactly did Palin say?

One cannot tell from the Associated Press. All the story talked about was the process. The story was long on Dumpster-diving students who tried to get her speech engagement contract and other liberal-manufactured controversies around the woman’s speech.

But the speech itself?

Garance Burke of the Associated Press failed to report it. His whole story was about the various controversies stirred up by liberals.

You can read his entire article here

So there you go… The media is actively helping their political allies mask out Sarah Palin’s words and push phony controversy to dilute what the public at large thinks about her. If it causes a rift with her own supporters, well then that’s fine too for these people who are nothing more than undercover activists.

I do wonder however, if they realize what a bunch of outright hypocrites they look like. They take home a paycheck. They think they serve the public, yet none of them are disclosing all the fine details in the contracts with their employers. Doesn’t the public have a right to know? Why are their companies making money? Aren’t they supposed to be serving the greater good?

It’s nonsense, they know, Governor Palin knows it, those of us paying attention know it, and the general public with busy lives trying to make ends meet – the one’s these people give no credit of processing any intellectual prowess – they get it too. The only people “outraged” by Governor Palin making an income are people who are faking it for political reasons.


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Brown Plays Dirty Politics with Palin Speech, Says… HuffPo?

By Stacy Drake

I’ve covered Senator Leland Yee’s little crusade against Governor Palin’s speech extensively. Come to find out Leland is gearing up to run for the San Francisco Mayor’s office. He wouldn’t have started this spectacle against a fundraiser to jump-start his own fundraising efforts, would he? The left does claim that Palin brings in lots of money for democrats, and the DNC has used her name in the past to rally their unhinged base. Fear and hatred being the primary motivating factors, I would say it’s a safe bet.

It appears that Leland Yee isn’t alone in using this trick. Richard Grenell, the former Director of Communications and Public Diplomacy for the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations posted an article called “Jerry Brown’s “Investigations” Are Campaign Stops” on Saturday at the Huffington Post. Judging by the reaction of the comments over there, the normal readership is not too happy about it either. He states:

It must be campaign season. How else do you explain Jerry Brown’s recent fascination with investigations and allegations announced with lots of media in tow and advantageously timed to benefit traditional Democratic constituencies and issues? There is no doubt that the Brown campaign committee and political advisors are strategically planning the roll-out of official attorney general “investigations” to maximize public attention and perception. But what is most troubling about Jerry Brown’s use of the Attorney General’s office to campaign for his
return to the governor’s mansion is that his cavalier press conferences, media interviews and announced investigations are only chasing Democratic political issues while ignoring real public safety concerns. Brown has turned the Attorney General’s Office into a political machine with subpoena power — and Republicans and their allies are the target.

In the month of April alone, Brown has launched investigations to embarrass Sarah Palin, aggressively promote union membership, clear ACORN of criminal activities, play catch-up on the Wall Street scandal by trumping up charges against Wall Street giant Moody’s, go after an oil company politically active in defeating California’s new green house gas emissions law, and grab headlines on issues ranging from home foreclosures to former child star Corey Haim’s death. In just one month, Brown has shown that his race for governor starts by using his legal office to help traditional Democratic allies beat back their opponents. The tactics Jerry Brown
is using and the public position he is abusing leaves the public with no other choice but to ask Brown to give up his position as the top law enforcement official in California if he is to run an honest campaign for governor.

Brown has promoted his investigation of Sarah Palin’s speech at California State University Stanislaus nationwide in an attempt to raise campaign money from Democrats across the U.S. By using the Attorney General’s office to investigate the Democrat’s favorite villain, Brown has turned the AG’s office into his political fundraising operation. It just isn’t credible for Brown to suggest that Palin’s speech contract deserves the scrutiny of the top law enforcement agency in California — no matter what the details of the contract are. Brown’s hyperbolic and emotional rants on the issue just don’t pass the straight-face test.


The business community is being bullied by Brown and his team through Chicago-style politics. If Jerry Brown wants to restore California to its golden days, then he should start by stepping down as attorney general and giving the citizens confidence that the highest law enforcement official in the state will not also be running for governor at the same time.

I couldn’t agree more… For both Leland Yee and Jerry Brown to use public resources to pursue their political gain in the name of being ‘watch-dogs’ for the people of California and their public funds is laughable on it’s face. Here these guys pull from the public treasury, money it does not have, to persecute someone who is accepting PRIVATE funds to help raise money (no doubt the money spent by private donors is an investment they will see a large return off of) for a PUBLIC institution. Nobody does irony quite like California does irony.


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The California Persecution of Sarah Palin

by Stacy Drake

California Democrat Legislator, Leland Yee is up to his old tricks… And no I don’t mean he was caught soliciting prostitutes again or stealing suntan lotion from the store. He is grandstanding again over the speech Governor Palin is to deliver at the California State University Stanislaus’ 50th Anniversary Gala on June 25th. I wrote about this the first time I had heard that Yee was making an issue out of this, but now he seems to have doubled-down on crazy.

(Cover of the 1979 Dead Kennedy’s single album “California Über Alles” featuring then Governor Jerry Brown. The song focused on the band’s concern of what they called “hippie-fascism.”)

While California falls to pieces, the second most powerful democrat in the state spends his time trying to silence Sarah Palin by getting college students to play along with his little charade to his other willing accomplices in the news media. The most outrageous development however is that the Attorney General of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has launched an official investigation into the group that hired Governor Palin to speak. Brown does claims however, that “this is not about Sarah Palin.” Oh really? I don’t recall any other speaker on a college campus sparking an investigation from the state government before. Then again, this is a state that hires, with taxpayer dollars, self proclaimed Communists to speak to the kids everyday! No need for an investigation there… After all, they are the types our own president ‘sought after’ when he attended college. But I digress.

From the AP:

California Attorney General Jerry Brown said Tuesday his office had launched an investigation into the finances of a state university foundation and the alleged dumping of documents related to Sarah Palin’s upcoming speech at the school.

Brown also intends to look into whether the California State University, Stanislaus Foundation violated public disclosure laws.

The investigation came after students at the school retrieved five pages of the contract with Palin last week from a campus trash bin after hearing administrators might be shredding it.

State Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, who has been seeking details of Palin’s compensation package for several weeks, released copies of the paperwork earlier in the day.

The students who found the document said they acted on a tip that documents were being shredded when campus staff members were supposed to be on furlough.

“I was informed that there was suspicious activity taking place at the administration building, which I found very alarming,” said 23-year-old Ashli Briggs, a junior at the school.

Briggs contacted senior Alicia Lewis, 26, who went with several other students to investigate. The building was locked and gated, but the students were able to retrieve piles of paperwork, including the contract document, from a nearby trash bin, Lewis said.

On Tuesday, Briggs and Lewis gave Brown’s office material they said came from the trash bins, including two boxes of documents and two trash bags filled with shredded files.

The contract pages have Washington Speakers Bureau printed at the top and a contract number. The speakers bureau did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Yee called the incident “a dark day for the CSU.”

“This is our little Watergate in the state of California,” he said Tuesday at a news conference where he was joined by Briggs and Lewis.

This AP post left out the big revelation in the documents these young women so courageously found. In what many are now mockingly calling “Strawgate,” they say the documents state that Governor Palin had supposedly requested “bendy straws” and water while at the University. I know, I was just devastated to learn that the woman I looked up to for so long as a patriotic heroine, actually uses straws! Just horrible… Who knows if I’ll recover or not. [sarc]

The author of the article did manage to find someone on campus with some sense. Russell Giambelluca, the university’s vice president of business and finance said:

“No one at the university was advised to destroy specific foundation documents, and staff members routinely shred and dispose of paperwork that is no longer needed.

Regarding the excerpt of Palin’s contract, he said: “I find it interesting that among shredded documents you find one that’s completely intact related to the contract.”

So do I. This whole thing insults the intelligence of anyone they are selling it to. Do they honestly expect us to believe that there is some big campus conspiracy to cover up the fact that Governor Palin drinks water from a straw? On a California campus no less! Or is it that fee she is being paid by private donors they (who is “they” anyway) were trying to cover up? This is just stupid. But by all means, gubernatorial candidate, SEIU tool, and democratic political hack Attorney General Moonbeam, launch an investigation with our money. Go ahead and prove the utter corruption and stupidity of this state’s government for all the country to see.

In the end, Yee and Brown are just looking to disclose that fee that Governor Palin is to receive to take a political shot her. It’s that long standing narrative the left uses against her to try and drive a wedge between her and her base. The one that doesn’t work but they just keep using it anyway. It’s been going on since the RNC wardrobe smear and by using the courts and launching official investigations, along with their friends in the press, It will continue on to the next dollar Sarah Palin makes.

(Photo Courtesy of Toki De La Vega)


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