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Costume Change! After Punting on Syria, Obama and Biden Are off to the Golf Course!


By Gary P Jackson

Priorities man, priorities.

From ABC News’ Steve Portnoy:

More chime in:

Now you know why King Putt Obama bothered to drag Idiot Joe Biden to the Syria press conference with him!

It is a nice gesture though, since Biden turned down Obama’s last request to go golfing with him!




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Monica Crowley Talks to Bill O’Reilly About Marine Illegally Held in Mexico, Joe Biden Leading Gun Talks


By Gary P Jackson

As you know, Marine Corps hero Jon Hammar has been rotting in a Mexican prison since August, and the Obama regime has turned it’s back on him. Monica Crowley and her ultra-liberal brother-in-law Alan Colmes talk to Bill O’Reilly about this disgusting situation, as well as the announcement that Joe Biden will head up the Obama regime’s attempt to destroy the Second Amendment.

Video courtesy SarahNET.

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Foreign Relations: A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan is chained to a jail bed for months after trying to register a souvenir rifle with Mexican authorities, and the Obama administration does nothing to correct this injustice.

Since August, Jon Hammar, a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been held in a notorious Mexican prison effectively run by the Zetas drug cartel. His crime: declaring to Mexican authorities that he was transporting an antique shotgun after registering the gun with U.S. Customs agents on his way to a surfing trip with buddies in Costa Rica.

We can understand the silence of mainstream media and Hollywood liberals who hold candlelight vigils every time a cop-killer is sent to death row. But ignoring a Marine vet suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome jailed on his way for some R&R is astonishing.

On Aug. 23, Hammar and a friend, another ex-Marine, were on a road trip to Costa Rica where they planned to spend several weeks surfing and recovering from the psychological toll of combat. Hammar had just completed treatment for post-traumatic stress.

At the Brownsville Port of Entry, Hammar told U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents he was carrying a shotgun that once belonged to his great-grandfather. The .410-bore Sears & Roebuck model had been handed down through the generations and was for Hammer a link to his heritage.

The gun was barely suitable for shooting birds and rabbits; his wife called it a “glorified BB gun.” Yet Mexican authorities insist a crime has been committed and the weapon is a serious threat, largely because the gun barrel, as they measure it, is longer than 25 inches.

Hammar registered the antique weapon in the U.S. and was told if he presented the paperwork to Mexican authorities there should be no problem as he journeyed to Costa Rica. Instead, Mexican authorities dismissed the paperwork, arrested Hammer and sent him to CEDES prison in Matamoros. His next court date is Jan. 17, and he faces up to 12 years on the gun charge.

In a country where drug gangs wield AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles, high-powered .50-caliber sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and other potent weaponry, the claim by Ricardo Alday, spokesman for the Mexican embassy in the U.S., that the gun is illegal and dangerous, is ridiculous.

The possession of any weapon restricted for the use of the Army in Mexico is a federal crime, regardless of whether you declare it or not upon entering the country, and must be automatically prosecuted,” Alday said. Maybe it was used in Pancho Villa’s day, but if it was pointed at a Zeta, the only thing he’d die of is laughter.

Read More here.

Remember, Barack Obama PUT many of the high powered military grade weapons in the hands of these violent narco terrorists who now, for all intents and purposes, run Mexico. Barack Obama and Eric Holder facilitated mass murder in Mexico. It’s simply immoral that a Marine hero suffers such grave indignities in a Mexican prison while Barack Obama, Eric Holder and their henchmen are allowed to roam free.

When are Americans going to stand up to this tyrannical and dangerous regime, and demand justice for all of those whose lives have been effected by it?

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Sarah Palin Talks with Brian Kilmeade About the Biden-Ryan Debacle and the Future

Governor Sarah Palin signs legislation

By Gary P Jackson

A good and frank discussion between Sarah Palin and Brian Kilmeade about Thursday night’s debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.

Sarah doing a better job of making Ryan’s points than he was able to do himself. Brian asks her how things would have been different had she and McCain won the election, and how things have changed since becoming a world wide political force.

Brian asks her about the possibility of her being named Energy Secretary by President Romney, and she talks at length about energy independence and how energy is where much of her expertise lies. Before being elected Governor, Sarah was Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the board that regulates oil and gas production and serves as the state’s ethics watchdog over the industry.

As Governor Sarah was the Chairman of the Nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, and her fellow Governor chose her to lead the National Governors Association’s Natural Resources Committee.

She would be the right choice for Energy Secretary, that’s for certain.

They also talk about Todd and Bristol as well.

Great interview:

Audio courtesy SarahNet.

Governor Sarah Palin and her team

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Debate Night Reflections from Sarah Palin: Moderator Allowed Biden to Run Roughshod Over Ryan

It reminded me kind of a musk ox running across the tundra

~ Sarah Palin on how the moderator allowed Joe Biden to run wild.

By Gary P Jackson

In interviews with both Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity Sarah Palin recaps Thursday night’s debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. She notes, as we all have, that debate moderator Martha Raddatz was in the tank for Biden, and allowed Joe free reign to interrupt Paul Ryan, and ramble on endlessly. In the end, this strategy seems to have failed, as Biden came off looking like a gigantic ass, but it also exposed some weaknesses Paul Ryan has.

Sarah also talks about some of the debate prep she went through in 2008 before she met and won a decisive victory against Joe Biden.

Videos courtesy SarahNet.

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Sarah Palin Debates Bill O’Reilly About Her and Biden’s Debate and Tonight’s

By Gary P Jackson

The video opens with Biden talking about Katie’s Cafe in Wilmington, which, in fact, closed in the 1980s, and the Home Depot. Sarah Palin goes into how Biden just “makes shhhh-stuff up“! I kinda wish she could have used the word she wanted to!

Hard to tell at times if O’Reilly is trying to ask questions of Sarah or challenge her to a debate. He finally shuts up and lets Sarah tell about her debate experience with Joe Biden, and her thoughts on tonight. Great answers from Sarah, annoying banter from O’Reilly. In other words, 8 pm as usual on Fox News.

At the end, Sarah tell O’Reilly to read her book Going Rogue if he wants to learn all of the details about the debate. I have and it’s good stuff. O’Reilly seems put off by this. Hilarious since Bill never misses a chance to plug one of his books on the show!

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly Handicap Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly talk about tonight’s vice presidential debate:

Video courtesy SarahNet.

What to look for during and after the debate from our friends in the media:


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For Second Election in a Row Debate Moderator has Troubling Conflict of Interest

Tonight’s debate moderator Martha Raddatz [far right]with her pals at Sesame Street. ABC says no bias, move on, nothing to see here!

In 2008 it was vice presidential debate moderator Gwen Ifill from PBS who had a major conflict of interest. It was a Drudge headline:

As Mark Whittington wrote at the time:

he upcoming debate between Vice Presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden hasn’t even occurred yet and it already has its first controversy. It seems that Gwen Ifill, the PBS reporter who will moderate the debate is in the tank for Barack Obama.

This should not be too surprising. Most journalists in the mainstream media are as much in love with Barack Obama as the giddy college students who used to swoon at his rallies. Gwen Ifill works for PBS, hardly a hotbed of McCain support. But it seems that Gwen Ifill has not only an ideological interest in an Obama victory, but a financial stake as well.

Gwen Ifill is coming out with a book, entitled The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, a book describing the state of black politics in the modern age, as the civil rights generation starts to give way to a generation of African Americans who benefited from the civil rights struggle and never lived under Jim Crow and segregation.

The problem Gwen Ifill faces is that should John McCain win the election, there is not going to be an “Age of Obama.” The campaign of Barack Obama will be an important development in American history, but it will not have the world historical impact that it would have should Barack Obama not be elected President. Thus, Gwen Ifill’s book will not sell as well.

Not only was/and is Ifill a rabid Obama supporter, she had a significant financial stake in the election. Obviously the only way her book would have been relevant is if Obama won the presidency. Folks that watched the debate could see a definite bias. The debate commission saw no problem with Ifill moderating the debate.

We have come to expect major media bias, and even major bias at these debates, but when you have such an obvious conflict of interest as Ifill had, there is no way you should be allowed anywhere near the debate.

That brings us to tonight. It seems we have another issue with the moderator. Though there is no financial motive, Barack Obama and Martha Raddatz are acquainted. From The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School classmates at the time and members of the Harvard Law Review.

After TheDC made preliminary inquiries Monday to confirm Obama’s attendance at the wedding, ABC leaked a pre-emptive statement to news outlets including Politico and The Daily Beast Tuesday, revealing what may have been internal network pressure felt just days before Raddatz was scheduled to moderate the one and only vice-presidential debate Thursday night.

Both Politico and The Daily Beast jumped to ABC and Raddatz’s defense. The Huffington Post, a liberal news outlet, joined them shortly thereafter, while calling “unusual” ABC’s attempt to kill the story before it gained wide circulation.

As Twitchy reports, ABC called the questions of Raddatz’s fitness to moderate tonight’s debate “absurd” and Politico’s Dylan Byers joyfully reports that the Commission on Presidential Debates sees absolutely no problems here:

We selected Martha Raddatz because she is a terrific journalist and will be a terrific moderator and we’re thrilled to have her,” Peter Eyre, an adviser to the Commission, said in a statement. “The notion that that somehow affects her ability is not something we have given a moment’s thought to.”

Look, it would be absurd to pretend everyone involved doesn’t have political biases one way of the other. But it’s just as absurd to think someone who has decades long ties to the President belongs at that table moderating an important debate.

In 2008 we all watched Gwen Ifill like a hawk watches chickens, watching for any attempts to sway the debate in Biden’s favor. We must keep the same sharp eye on Martha Raddatz and be prepared for the same shenanigans.


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Looking Back: Palin-Biden Debate The Most Watched VP Debate in History

By Gary P Jackson

Roughly 70 million Americans tuned in to watch the 2008 vice presidential debate. As we wait for the big rumble in Kentucky I thought it would be fun to look back at that debate. Sarah Palin won the debate hands down by taking Joe Biden head on. Her debate style, just as it was when she destroyed her opponents in the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial debates, is to play nice while going for the jugular.

Can I call you Joe?” Her first words to Biden.

The debate, thanks to Sarah Palin, was not only the most watched vice presidential debate in history, more people watched Palin vs Biden than watched any of the McCain vs Obama debates. Not only did this 2008 debate break the old record by over 20 million, it drew over 20 million more viewers than any of the McCain and Obama debates.

Nielsen’s television ratings confirm what polls and pundits are saying: the level of interest in this year’s vice-presidential matchup is unprecedented.

Thursday’s debate between Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Gov. Sarah Palin reached an average of 69.9 million viewers, making it the most-watched V.P. debate in television history. The previous record was set in 1984 when 56.7 million watched the debate between George H.W. Bush and Geraldine Ferraro.

This year the vice-presidential candidates easily beat the contenders at the top of the ticket. Last week’s debate between Barack Obama and John McCain reached 52.4 million viewers.

Much of the interest in the V.P. debate can be attributed to what the Web site The Drudge Report on Friday called the “Sarah Show.” The introduction of Ms. Palin to the national stage five weeks ago injected energy into the running mate race and Thursday’s debate registered a 41.7 household rating, meaning that more than 40 percent of homes with TV’s were watching to see how Mr. Biden and Ms. Palin fared.

Of the 11 networks that telecast the debate, ABC was the highest-rated one, drawing 13.1 million viewers. NBC averaged 12.8 million viewers and CBS reached 11.1 million.

The debate set new records for two cable channels that telecast the debate. The Fox News Channel’s audience of 11.1 million total viewers was its largest in its 12-year history. In the 18- to 34-year-old demographic, CNN averaged 3.16 million viewers, setting a 28-year record among young viewers.


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For Dick Cheney and His Ilk, John McCain’s Brilliant Choice of Sarah Palin was Bad News!

By Gary P Jackson

Evidently the Republican Elite™ are concerned that Mitt Romney may give Sarah Palin a speaking role at the convention or, God forbid, might actually be smart enough to consider her as his running mate. Enter Dick Cheney.

Cheney was on ABC News on Sunday. He did the old “she’s a nice girl … but …” insult.

Cheney claims choosing Sarah Palin as VP was a mistake. Now I’ll give him some credit, at least he didn’t pull out the lie that she cost McCain the election, but what he did say implies it. Cheney rightly says there is only one real test to see if a candidate for vice president is acceptable: Can they be president? Cheney claims Sarah failed that test. The man is an idiot.

There were four people on the 2008 presidential ticket: John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Out of those four, only one person had Executive experience, and plenty of it.

John McCain has been in Congress seemingly forever, but he’s never run a city, never run a state. He was a Navy man, a fighter pilot, a prisoner of war, a hero, and then went to Washington. Nothing on his resume qualified him to be president. Now one can say he had plenty of experience dealing with foreign policy, and he was right on the Iraq war, when Cheney and others were dead wrong. But face it, as far as decision making experience, at an executive level, he had none.

Then you have Barack Obama. He was a “community organizer” with ACORN. That meant he trained rent-thugs to go out and intimidate people, often by violent means. He was an attorney, and worked with terrorist Bill Ayers on a couple of Ayers’ foundations that were set up as fronts to advance Marxism. He became a state Senator, and other than championing legislation that would allow doctors to murder babies that survived an abortion attempt, was of little consequence.

Obama was elected U.S. Senator and was on the job for about five minutes before he essentially abandoned it to run for president, something he had promised Illinois voters he wouldn’t do. Obama had never run a city, never run a state, never run anything as complicated as a lemonade stand, before becoming president. And it shows! Talk about failing the test!

Then you have Joe Biden, bless his heart. I would be surprised to learn this man can feed himself without written instructions. Seriously, other than comic relief, you couldn’t find a more useless human being to sit as vice president. There is no way in the world this man is qualified to be president, I don’t care if he has spent most of his adult life in Washington.

And who can ever forget the truly bizarre interview Biden gave Katie Couric around the same time she interviewed Sarah Palin!

I bet Cheney thinks this moron is eminently qualified to be president. Cheney is an idiot!

Now let’s talk about Sarah Palin. She has nearly two decades of public service, almost all of it at the Executive level. She was a Mayor, the state’s chief oil and gas regulator, and Governor.

Now some may poo-poo the Mayor thing, because Wasilla was, and is, very a small town. But as they say, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it that matters.

Wasilla was a small, mostly dirt road village. Under Sarah Palin’s management, the town became the fastest growing city in the state, and would become the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware. Sarah improved the infrastructure, built roads, recruited businesses, and grew the economy. And she did all of this while lowering taxes. This sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident. It takes strong leadership skills and common sense.

In 2008 the Mayor of Wasilla credited Sarah’s 75 percent property tax cuts and infrastructure improvements with bringing “big-box stores” and 50,000 shoppers per day to Wasilla. She left office in 2002. That’s some serious and lasting impact for one person to have.

Last time I looked, Dick Cheney had never run a city. Certainly never turned a dirt road town into a highly successful one with a bustling economy.

Sarah’s time as the Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is the stuff of legends. Not so much for what she did as a regulator, which by all accounts was top notch, but for what she did to unwind the massive corruption lawmakers and many oil company executives were engaged in. By the time she was done, the state’s Attorney General was forced to resign in disgrace, as was the Republican Party Chairman. [From his job as a fellow AOGCC commissioner] He was also forced to pay the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history.

Sarah was just getting started, as she would take down the sitting Republican Governor, in a landslide, and go on to pass sweeping reforms once in office, as the FBI was still raiding lawmakers’ offices and hauling people off to prison.

Washington may be one of the most corrupt places on earth, and I’ve never, EVER heard Dick Cheney address it’s corruption in any manner whatsoever.

Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher put together an extensive listing of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments as Governor. No one in Washington has accomplished anything near what she has. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any elected official in the country who got as much done, has a better record on fiscal issues, or maintained a higher approval record among their voters. Sarah Palin had a sustained approval rating in the 90s as Governor of Alaska.

She’s the real deal.

Of course, now that Dick Cheney has decided to trash Sarah Palin, I’m noticing a new-found respect for him among the democrat run media. Useful idiot.

Out of the three men and one woman on the 2008 presidential ticket, Sarah Palin was the only one with the experience it takes to be president. There was a reason why the Obama campaign spent more time running against her than McCain. She was the dominant figure.

I’m sure Dick Cheney thinks Bill Clinton was qualified to be president, he certainly heaped praise on Hillary Clinton for her work as Secretary of State, calling her one of the more competent members of the Obama regime, and said it would be “interesting to speculate” on how she would do as president. Hillary Clinton is incompetent at her job, and has accomplished nothing of substance whatsoever.

For the record, Hillary was First Lady, a Senator, and now Secretary of State. Other than being another member of the permanent political class, what has she done? What makes HER qualified to be president? Cheney is an idiot.

I bring up Bill Clinton, who Cheney no doubt agrees was qualified to be president, as in fact do I, to remind folks of a 2008 Wall Street Journal article noting: “Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an Executive Giant.” The article goes on to explain Sarah sat as one of the most powerful state Executives in the country, and managed a budget and workforce far greater than Clinton’s tiny Arkansas responsibilities.

If anyone in the country is qualified to be President of the United States, it’s Sarah Palin.

But, you know, Dick Cheney might be on to something. Choosing Sarah Palin was a mistake. A mistake if you are a member of the corrupt ruling class, that is.

For guys like Dick Cheney, and the rest of the Establishment, choosing Sarah was an enormous mistake.

*Sarah Palin showed America what an actual Conservative looks like. Something the country hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

*Sarah Palin showed us what fearless leadership looks like. Something that is totally lacking in today’s Republican Party “leadership.”

*Sarah Palin reminded us just how lousy our elected representatives in Washington truly are.

*Sarah Palin proved you can take on corruption, even in your own party, and succeed.

*Sarah Palin proved that you could cut spending and cut taxes, in good times, and still make considerable improvements to your constituents’ way of life.

*Sarah Palin inspired millions to stand up and say “enough is enough!” And that scares the permanent political class, guys like Dick Cheney, TO DEATH.

*Most importantly, Sarah Palin proved that the permanent political class can, and must be defeated.

So yeah, for Dick Cheney and his ilk, Sarah Palin was bad news!

In 2010 Sarah was a powerhouse at the ballot box. She endorsed over 100 candidates for local, state, and federal office. Most won. Thanks to her passion and inspiration, we saw the largest political turnover since Reconstruction, after the Civil War.

In 2012, she’s proving even more powerful. Like most of her supporters, I was greatly disappointed that she didn’t run for president. She would have easily won the nomination, and would whip Obama like a rented mule, but I’m starting to understand the wisdom in her decision not to run.

This election season, Sarah has concentrated on the Senate, and defeating entrenched members of the corrupt Republican Establishment™. So far she is batting 1000 in the primaries, and if the latest polling is any indication, she will have helped defeat one of the Establishment’s big players here in Texas.

So yeah, for Dick Cheney, and his ilk, it was a huge mistake for John McCain to choose Sarah Palin. In Sarah, you have a warrior who will go toe to toe with the GOP Elite and destroy them. We give McCain hell for some of the things he’s done, and is currently doing, but when it’s all said and done, his legacy must include choosing Sarah Palin, as one of the smartest things he’s ever done, and one of the greatest things he’s ever done for his country. For this America will be eternally grateful.

As for Dick Cheney and his bunch, they are directly responsible for destroying the Republican brand. Yeah, the GOP has always had it’s elites. Ronald Reagan fought these same kind of clowns in his day. But with Bush-Cheney, you had for the first time in generations, a Republican President, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate.

Ronald Reagan got big things done, and created one of the longest periods of economic growth in our nation’s history. Reagan faced a hostile Congress. Bush-Cheney had a friendly Congress, and what did they do? They forgot everything the party is supposed to stand for. They grew government, created new entitlements, and spent like drunken sailors. Worse, they didn’t address the massive corruption or out of control bureaucracy. Hell, they added to it all.

Now we all know that being a Republican isn’t the same thing as being Conservative, and that’s the problem. The average voter expects Republicans to be Conservative, and responsible. You know, the adults in the room.

The Bush-Cheney years were an abject failure in this department. And ever single member of the Republican Establishment™ is to blame.

By the time 2008 rolled around, we could have cloned Ronald Reagan, nominated him, and he would have lost. John McCain ran a lousy campaign, thanks to Steve Schmidt and crew, but Bush-Cheney had so damaged the Republican brand, it was almost impossible to think the Republicans could have prevailed.

And yet, thanks to Sarah Palin, her energy, her record, her work ethic, and her ability to inspire others, we damned near pulled it off anyway. Sarah Palin almost dragged the Republicans over the finish line, by herself.

Today, Sarah Palin is a direct threat to the Republican Establishment™. By God I think they hate her more than the democrats.

Democrats hate everybody, so of course they hate Sarah!

The GOP is more vicious though. They are underhanded and ruthless, when it comes to attacking a true Conservative. Look at the pure evil that Ted Cruz has faced here in Texas from his Establishment opponent. It’s as nasty as I’ve ever see,

Those of us old enough to remember the Reagan years, when he was running for president, can attest, the Republican Establishment™ was as nasty to Reagan as they are to Sarah Palin.

I am feeling an urgency to the GOP Elites’ viciousness though. Unlike in Reagan’s time, there is the Tea Party standing behind Sarah Palin. Millions of Americans who are fed up with both parties.

It’s harder for Republican Elites to overcome that.

That’s why they hate Sarah Palin, and frankly, hate the Tea Party as well. Us plain spoken, average Americans, are a direct threat to the ruling class, and in Sarah Palin we have a champion of our cause. In Sarah Palin we have someone who will fight right along side us.

Sarah didn’t run for president, something that disappointed millions, but currently she is in the process of remaking Congress in her image. I think she understands that she, or any other true reformer, has absolutely no chance as long as there are so many members of the corrupt Establishment in place.

She has a knack for backing solid Conservatives. Men and women who believe in the Constitution, Liberty, and Freedom. Leaders who believe in First Principles, and understand that government is out of control. That we can’t just slow things down, but that we must stop and turn things around. We must go in the opposite direction, or we’ll head over the cliff.

She understands the foundation must be in place for a true reformer to bring about the sudden and relentless reform that is so greatly needed.

This is why the Republican Elite must destroy Sarah Palin. She is a direct threat to all the power they have amassed. She is a direct threat to business as usual.

So many of us stand and defend Sarah Palin, because when the GOP Elites attack her, they are attacking We The People. They are attacking us.

If we allow the Republican Establishment™ to destroy Sarah Palin, they will have destroyed us as well.

Politicians in both parties have made a mess of this country. We can’t fix the democrat party. It’s too far gone. But we can damned sure clean out the Republican Party, and run these elitist bastards out of politics forever. In fact, we MUST run these elitist bastards out of politics forever. It’s the only way our nation will survive.

This is going to be a long, vicious battle. I’m ready for it, and I stand with Sarah Palin


Many thanks to Conservatives4Palin for also publishing this, and for the positive reader response.


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University of Wisconsin Just NOW Realizes Media was Biased Against Sarah Palin in the Tank for Obama in 2008

By Gary P Jackson

It’s not like we needed a university study to point this out to us. Anyone who was paying any attention at all knows there was an incredible media bias against Sarah Palin, not only in 2008, but beyond. The big story here isn’t the study results, but why it took this bunch so long to figure it out!

The study is helpful though, and as it’s authors point out, this sort of media bias makes it impossible for our system of government to work. It makes it impossible to produce a truly representative government.

We all remember Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah. There was over 9 hours worth of taped interview that was cut and sliced together to paint Governor Palin in a negative light.

By contrast, Couric interviewed Joe Biden around the same time, and looked lovingly into his eyes, like a school girl in heat, as he spun this yarn:

Do we even have to go through and point out how idiotic Biden’s statement is?

OK, I will.

First off, and this is a biggie, there was no television in 1929. Oh sure, there were scientists and inventors playing with the idea, but none were commercially available. In fact, the first commercial TV station wasn’t granted a license by the FCC until 1941. FDR was indeed the first president to appear on TV. That was in 1939, but it was merely a closed circuit demonstration.

Furthermore, Roosevelt wasn’t president in 1929. Herbert Hoover was. Roosevelt didn’t become president until March of 1933. In 1929 Roosevelt was governor of New York. Even if there WAS TV in 1929, why would the governor of New York take to it and “comfort the American people” and why would the American people have cared if he did?

Notice that Couric never challenges Biden on this BS in any way whatsoever.

Now we know she’s not very bright, but she’s actually in the TV business. You’d think she’d know it’s history. The only other answer is she was covering for Biden’s absolutely moronic tale. So she’s either in the tank for Obama, incredibly stupid herself, or maybe a bit of both.

The “Perky One” expresses her true feelings about America and the American people

Then you had that jackass Charlie Gibson who spent two days interviewing [or should I say interrogating] Governor Palin, all the while staring down his nose at her.

The most ridiculous line of questioning centered around the so-called “Bush Doctrine.” Gibson and the dishonest media used that ridiculous question to paint Governor Palin as “dumb” on foreign policy because she asked Charlie what the hell he was talking about.

At the time, Charles Krauthammer wrote a lengthy piece noting that it wasn’t Sarah who was dumb, it was Gibson and the media. After all, it was Krauthammer that came up with the “Bush Doctrine” in the first place. It’s worth a read.

Just so you know, there is a well defined “Palin Doctrine” on foreign policy. And she laid it out herself.

This is typical of the crap we saw in 2008:

The amount of lies told about Sarah Palin, and her family, could fill a book. Everything from accusing her of banning books while she was Mayor of Wasilla [even though most of the books that she had supposedly banned weren’t even written at the time] to claiming Trig wasn’t really her son. The insanity never stopped.

From the University study:

The 2008 presidential race was one of the most watched, discussed and analyzed campaigns in U.S. history, and when it came to the vice presidential candidates, voters heard a great deal about Sarah Palin.

Much more, in fact, than they heard about her opponent, Joe Biden.

News coverage of Palin, then the Republican governor of Alaska, not only significantly outweighed that received by Biden, then a U.S. senator from Delaware, was markedly different in substance and across media, according to a new study of media coverage of the vice presidential candidates.

Coverage of Palin was more likely to include references to her family, physical appearance and social issues, particularly in newspapers and by political blogs, while coverage of Biden dealt more with foreign policy and the economy.

Each of these differences could have had important influences on public opinion formation and the public’s voting decisions in this particular race,” write Leticia Bode, a former graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is now an assistant professor at Georgetown University, and Valerie M. Hennings, an assistant professor at Iowa State University, in the study published in the journal Politics & Policy. She conducted the research while at UW-Madison.

Without an examination of vice presidential contests, our understanding of the intersection of political communication and the experience of women as political candidates is incomplete,” Bode and Hennings write. “If gender stereotypes in media coverage have the ability to negatively affect women candidates, this calls into question the American political system’s ability to produce elected representatives in a fair and democratic manner.”

Bode and Hennings tested three theories: The amount of coverage Palin received was greater than Biden; gender stereotypes would be reflected in the substance of coverage and emerge on such issues as family, electability, policy issues and physical appearance; and the amount and substance of coverage Palin and Biden received would differ across media.

They performed a content analysis that included coverage from Aug. 16 to Nov. 11, 2008, the period just before the Democratic National Convention to the week after the general election. News coverage mentioning the candidates was gleaned from the New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today; transcripts from the three major broadcast networks’ evening broadcasts, as well as the equivalent periods on CNN and Fox News; and entries on nearly 400 political blogs.

The research showed that the vice presidential race in 2008 was in itself unique because of the attention it received. Discussion about McCain selecting Palin accounted for 7 percent of all television election coverage of the 2008 campaign, while the debate between Palin and Biden was the most-watched vice presidential debate in U.S. history, attracting nearly 70 million viewers.

In addition, the authors said, the race was especially novel because of Palin’s selection as the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket.

The high level of interest in her candidacy was reflected in the volume of coverage that went her way. The authors found that the average number of stories a day in overall coverage was 36 for Palin, compared with 14.9 for Biden. On television, Palin was the subject of 8.8 stories a day compared with 4.6 for Biden; in newspapers, it was 15 compared with 8.2 stories a day, and on political blogs, 14.2 compared with 3.2 stories a day.

In that coverage, the authors found evidence of gender stereotypes, with stories mentioning her family, physical appearance and positions on social issues; this trend was more pronounced on television. However, on issues that might be considered “women’s issues,” such as health care or education, Biden received more coverage.

Each of these differences could have had important influences on public opinion formation and the public’s voting decisions in this particular race,” the authors write. “If future research finds similar differences in coverage in other races, the implications could significantly affect the election process, particularly for female candidates.

I think it’s safe to say the University of Wisconsin has the Capt Louis Renault Award locked down for 2012.


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