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Former Wasilla Resident Rob Port: “McGinnis is a slime ball”

By Stacy Drake

Stephen K. Bannon was interviewed today by former Wasilla resident, Rob Port of SayAnythingBlog.com, who was filling in on the Scott Hennen Show. They discussed the new book of lies from Joe McGinniss and interestingly enough, Rob Port shares his own experience dealing with the former Palin family stalker.

Port wrote a detailed account of his experience with McGinnis on his blog Wednesday, and also posted the email exchange he had with him. Port’s story highlights the sort of “journalistic standards” Joe McGinnis operates under, which are none and that is absolutely clear. What else is absolutely clear, is that McGinnis is perfectly comfortable lying and he is also prone to threatening people to get whatever he wants.

Port ends his blog post stating:

The moral of the story, though, is that McGinnis is a slime ball.

Indeed it is.


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WaPo Gives Sarah Palin’s Freaky-Deaky Stalker A Forum To Be Even Freakier And Deakier!

By Gary P. Jackson

If you want to know what I, and others, think about Dave Weigel, look no further than right here. This unprincipled fraud isn’t worth a whole hell of a lot more of my time.

Joe McGinniss on the other hand has my full attention. This is the most unhinged, unethical, untrustworthy, bottom feeding parasite, in what can laughingly be called “journalism.”

This is a loser who took money from a man, to help him tell his story of innocence in a murder trial, acted like the guy’s best friend, and then for the sake of having a “better story for his book” turned on the guy and got him convicted. Can you get more evil than that?

It’s well documented that McGinniss has been stalking Sarah Palin for some time. A recap can be found here.

It’s funny, now that the Sarah, and millions of her powerful supporters are calling McGinniss out on his deranged pursuits, and turning up the heat on him, he’s crying like a baby. He’s playing the victim card.

If this guy wasn’t such a devious ass, it would be funny. This whack job had no problem going to Sarah’s house, ignoring all sorts of “no trespassing” signs in order to try and give her some book he wrote. (after viciously trashing her in print)

That bit a creepiness happened a while back, but this week, after making a real ass out of himself, the local media decided to pay old Joe a visit and ask him some questions. Oh hell…Joe freaked out! He promised to call the cops if the reporter didn’t “leave ‘his’ property“! Of course, he was too chickenshit to actually come outside, and talked to the reporter through a window. Later on, he was seen putting up “no trespassing” signs of his own. I kid you not.

Like all Marxist-progressives, it seems this freak show can dish it out, but absolutely can’t take it. He’s almost as thin skinned as Barack Obama!

This is almost as good as Alaska Mafia © member, and serial Palin harasseser, HuffPo hate blogger, and Obama sycophant, Jeanne Devon (AKMuckraker at Mudflats) going crazy because she was caught on tape as being part of Obama’s Alaska Mafia© ! Devon, who was also pissed when her real name was outed to the world (by an Alaska democrat lawmaker who was sick of her crap) really lost it when the tape was released proving Obama and his people were behind the attacks on Sarah. She and her thug friends worked 24/7 having You Tube pull those down.

Of course, our friends at the Canada Free Press had absolutely no problem hosting the video whatsoever. The video, produced by Naked Emperor News lays the whole program out pretty well, and we felt meshed very well with our own original reporting on the ties between the Obama regime and attacks on Sarah, her friends, and family. Thanks to Bob Parks, you can see the video “Ethicsgatehere. You can read a good recap on Obama’s Alaska Mafia © with plenty of links to older stories here.

Ok, now that we have established that McGinniss, like the rest of the thugs who hassle Sarah and her family, can dish it out but can’t take it, let’s examine what this loser was allowed, unquestioned by Soros plant Dave Weigel, to spew out.

When a source told Joe McGinniss that he could rent the house next to Sarah Palin’s Wasilla, Alaska, home, the author was sold.

A room at the Best Western, not far away, would have been prohibitively expensive. The landlord of this house, meanwhile, offered it to McGinniss for $1,500 per month after a friend of the author recommended him as a solid alternative to the other people asking about the property.

Now remember, this freak bid $60,000 to have dinner with Sarah, (which he claims below he really didn’t have) and stalked her cross country, a few months in a hotel is chicken feed. Plus, you can’t tell me there aren’t either extended stay hotels, or other rentals in Wasilla.

She was talking to this mutual friend of ours and said, ‘I’ve got to find someone we’re comfortable with,’ ” McGinniss said Friday evening from the deck of the house — a deck that became famous after Palin posted a photo of it on Facebook this week. ” ‘My biggest concern is the Palins’ privacy, especially the children.’ So this mutual friend said, ‘Well, you know, I think you’re in luck. Joe McGinniss is going to be coming back here, and you couldn’t find a better guy, just the right sort of person to move in and guarantee their privacy.’

Guarantee their privacy” who is this loon trying to kid! This is a guy has publically stalked Sarah for over a year. Why not just rent the house to Lee Harvey Oswald or Mark David Chapman.

I wonder who the “mutual friend” is? Since fellow pervert Jesse Griffin worships this guy, I imagine Devon, or one of the other thugs played a hand in this. They all hang together when McGinniss is in town looking for more lies to peddle.

What happened next, said McGinniss, came as a total surprise. He had planned to keep the news off the Internet and tell the Palins himself that he’d be their neighbor as he wrapped up his biography of the former governor.

McGinniss had written a Portfolio piece about her leadership, and a critical Daily Beast piece on her book tour for her memoir, “Going Rogue,” but he hoped to keep things civil and introduce himself anew to Palin and her husband, Todd.

‘I wanted to say, ‘I’m writing this book, but I hope we can just get along as good neighbors, and after that, you’ll never hear from me again,’” said McGinniss. “That’s basically what I told Todd on Monday when he came over. He didn’t really want to hear that.

“He took off on how my Portfolio piece was a bunch of lies, and a smear, and all this and all that, and he said, ‘You going to be putting the microphones in now, and the surveillance cameras?’ I said, ‘Listen, you don’t know how lucky you are that I’m renting this place because that’s exactly what’s not going to happen as long as I’m here. I won’t see you, you don’t see me, this will be fine.’ He talked for a few more minutes beyond that, and he got, I’d say, increasingly hostile. And then he left, and I was still out here on this deck, where I’m sitting right now, when they took that picture for Facebook.

He’s lucky I’m not Todd Palin, because I am not nearly the man Todd Palin is. If I was Todd, and this creepy stalker moved right next door, they’d still be trying to pull me off of him! This action by McGinnis is nothing less than an assault on the Palin family. Old Joe better thank whatever pagan idol he prays to that Todd is so strong of a man.

As for the Portfolio article, you can read it here and judge for yourself. Our readers know the truth about Sarah and her dealings with Big Oil, as well as AGIA, so it won’t be hard to take this one apart.

Sarah said this of McGinniss’ brand of “journalism“: “the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered.”

This does not sound like she would be all that excited to have this jackass living within a thousand miles of her, let alone 15 feet, but Joe was “surprised” at this? Give me a break. This is proof of one or two things…possibly both…Joe is either an out and out liar, or so delusional that he shouldn’t be out in public. Again, could be both.

After that happened, McGinniss — who is hoping to finish his local research for the book by Labor Day — became the target of fury from Palin fans. After radio host Mark Levin gave out the author’s e-mail address, McGinniss got 5000 messages in four hours, eventually shutting down the account. Wasilla police and state troopers are keeping an watchful eye on the place, although McGinniss said no one had come to the house to threaten him on Friday. He simply didn’t anticipate the scale of Palin’s response.

Oh cry me a river Joe! You and your little Alaska blogger buddies have made Sarah’s life a living hell for almost two years now. You all have harassed her at every step, attacked her children in the most vile of ways, and you’re pissed that you got some e-mail?

Man up you loser!

Having read some of the comments on the various websites covering this assault on Sarah and her family, I’d say you better be glad e-mails is all you got. There ain’t no love for Joe McGinniss among normal human beings!

I would term this hysterical,” said McGinniss. “The mayor said to me, when I chatted with him in his office a couple of days ago, ‘You know, if Sarah had the brains that we like to think she has, Todd would have come back and said, do you know who’s living next door? This son of a bitch McGinniss who wrote that Portfolio piece. He’s writing a book about you. Sarah should have baked a plate of cookies, and come around the fence, and said hi, and laughed about this.’ I would have happily accepted a cookie, and then in my book I would have had a lovely scene about how gracious she had been.” McGinniss sighed. “She is, in many ways, a very gracious person.”

O-M-G! This is wrong on so many levels. Just creepy. First off, if one wants to see hysterical, one only has to look at Joe McGinniss. This guy is crying like a bitch. You don’t see Sarah crying, oh hell no, she’s being a productive member of society, and taking her frustration out on this poor SOB, whippin’ him like a rented mule. I’m quite sure we’ll have more to say on this later.

I find it odd to that Joe thinks Sarah would bake him cookies or something. I can’t figure if he’s that big of an ass, or if he is really that delusional. Knowing the extent of his stalking, again, it’s probably both.

McGinniss said he was offended by the way Palin described his presence next door. Contrary to what Palin said in her Facebook post, he can’t see into the windows of the home and he can’t hear their conversations. While Palin intimated that McGinniss could watch the family when it went swimming, he said that only the edge of their land near the lake was visible from his property. He was deeply offended by the implication, not thinly veiled in Palin’s note and subsequent interview with Glenn Beck, that he would be peering in on the children.

These little kids, I couldn’t care less about them,” said McGinniss. “I have my own kids and grandkids to care about. I don’t have any interest in Palin’s kids. I’m not going to write, oh, I saw Trig run across the lawn, and I saw someone else change his diaper. I haven’t been writing for 40 years to wind up on that level. I’m just very offended by this.”

Joe, you might not have waited 40 years to write at “that” level, but you sure have ended up at this level, which is as low as one can go. 

Refer back to our Alaska Mafia © link, and read more about Jessie Griffin, who idolizes Joe. Knowing what we know, we absolutely wouldn’t allow children, or even teens to be left in that guy’s presence unattended. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Jessie is a big flamer (pun intended)

And if Joe is “offended,”…. well …. good, his presence in Alaska has offended millions of people. I guess we’re even.

Palin supporters have argued that McGinniss has made a nuisance of himself by previously delivering a copy of a previous book to the Palin home and by betting on a dinner with Palin in a charity auction. McGinniss said the first encounter was friendly, and the second was a “spoof.”

I just kept bidding because there was nothing else to do and it was fun,” he said. “She offered dinner with herself for a price? Well, if a journalist could pay the price, it would be responsible journalism to try and win that prize. I knew I couldn’t pay the price, so I wasn’t in there as a serious bidder.

A “spoof” huh? What kind of sick bastard bids on a dinner, where the money raised will benefit seriously wounded soldiers, as a “spoof“? Ride2Recovery, the charity, helps our brave heroes who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Their mission is helping men and women, who have lost mobility, and getting them back out there living an active life. This is one of the most noble of causes, and this jerk-off is was playing around? It was “fun to do“?

You know, I went into this piece seriously not liking this reprobate, but now I despise him. This is absolutely the one of the most despicable human beings I have ever come across. This man sickens me. To think this guy would treat something so important as a joke, is beyond the pale.This man doesn’t deserve to be treated with even the minimum amount of dignity or respect.

McGinniss said he will limit his interviews on this topic, appearing on NBC’s The Today Show next week, before getting back to his own work. And he told the Post that he had been a responsible neighbor, shooing off a pair of Minnesota tourists who stepped onto his property to take photos of Palin’s home.

Of COURSE he’ll go on NBC, that’s Obama’s house organ. Jeffry Immelt, who runs General Electric, the parent company of NBC, is one of Obama’s close advisers. Joe can go on NBC and that bunch will lap his BS up just like our boy Dave Weigel has here.

As for “shooing off a pair of tourists” ….well Joe, I imagine those folks would have been welcomed, you’re not.

Look, this is a pain in the ass for them,” he said. “I understand that. If I were her, I’d be upset. I’d be annoyed. But I’d be an adult about it, and I would figure out, okay, how can we resolve this in a way that’s not going to make into something that everybody gets obsessive about? By being here I have learned things, and I’ve gotten an insight into her character, into her ability to incite hatred, that before I only knew about in the abstract.”

This is really the pièce de résistance! I mean this is comedy gold. It could be used at the competency hearing before they put this nimrod in the rubber room for good.

If I were her, I’d be upset. I’d be annoyed. But I’d be an adult about it” Yeah sure Joe, because you’ve proven you’re such an “adult” yourself. Go sell crazy somewhere else pal, we’re all full up here!

I love how this crazed stalker paints himself as the victim, then blames all of the strong reactions from Sarah, and her millions of followers, on Sarah herself. Could this guy be a bigger tool?

Let me tell you something Joe, Sarah is one of us. Sarah is America, and when you mess with America, America messes back. We don’t take kindly to degenerate stalkers, or Good Time Charlies who mess with our troops. You are the scum of the earth pal. The lowest of the low. You may impress that bunch of losers you hang out with when you go to Alaska, but you don’t impress anyone else.

If you think you got it bad now, keep messing with Sarah Palin. Keep messing with America. If you think it’s hot now, just keep it up.

And you Dave Weigel, shame on you for giving this degenerate a forum to spout his nonsense, and shame on the Washington Post for letting you get away with it.


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Let Me Get This Right WaPo’s Dave Weigel Defends Sarah Palin’s Dangerous, Deranged Stalker, Then Hammers Palin? Really?

You know, I really have better things to do than deal with this nimrod, but this guy, Dave Weigel over at the Washington Post makes me sick. The fact that he bills himself as a “Conservative Republican Insider” makes me want to both laugh, and throw things at the same time.

No doubt, by now you know Sarah Palin has a stalker, an unhinged, and increasingly believed dangerous, deranged stalker: Joe McGinniss. Sarah, herself, wrote about the fact this Grade A whack job has rented the home next door for the summer. Stacy Drake wrote about Sarah’s note, and did some quick background. You can read her report here.

McGinniss is a nasty fellow on a good day, and when he’s not plagiarizing other people’s work, he writes hit pieces on Sarah Palin. Sarah writes this about Joe’s brand of “journalism.

Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of “journalism” (including the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered), we’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning.

I have yet to read anything McGinniss has written that includes fact one on any given subject. The guy has a vivid imagination though, most likely from all of those years of writing violent “true crime” novels, like Fatal Vision. He also penned a book about Nixon, as well.

Just how creepy is this fellow? THIS Creepy:

I haven’t been able to reach McGinniss, but did send an errant email to his son, the novelist Joe McGinniss Jr., who replied, “Sadly, she’s right. We tried our best to intervene, but alas, the heart wants what it wants. We can only pray for him now. He’s convinced that Todd will step aside and when the time is right, he’ll be there, right next door, to pick up the pieces.

~ Ben Smith …. Politico

Kinda makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it.

We were reminded by a reader that McGinnis also bid $60,000 in the Ride2Recovery eBay auction to benefit wounded troops. Sarah donated a private dinner with her and Todd to Ride2Recovery, with the winning bidder getting some quality time with the Palins.

We knew about Joe’s attempt at the time, but blew it off as a stunt, something one of Obama’s little hate bloggers in Alaska would pull. But putting this into context with what Joe Jr. told Ben Smith, this whole thing just went off the freak-me-out-o-meter scale!

Sarah talks about her concern for her children’s safety. That’s just like a mother. I’m more concerned about her safety, and frankly Todd’s. Over the years we’ve seen more than a few obsessed nutbag stalkers, and this sort of thing never ends well. Never.

That’s why when I read this crap by the Washington Post’sConservative Republican Insider,” Dave Weigel, I wanted to puke. What a darling this loser must be in real life.

This crapweasel goes for maximum douchebaggery right off the bat:

Sarah Palin’s strange, unprofessional and paranoid grudge

Sarah Palin took to her Facebook account today to inform her readers that Joe McGinniss, an award-winning reporter and author, had rented the house next door.

I saw Ben Smith flag this earlier today but did not really appreciate how strange and, frankly, immature Palin’s post was until I read it.

Palin informs her readers that McGinniss is “overlooking my children’s play area” and “overlooking Piper’s bedroom.” Alternately sounding angry and mocking, she refers to “the family’s swimming hole,” which at first reference sounds like she’s accusing McGinniss of checking out the Palins in their bathing suits, until you realize the family’s “swimming hole” is Lake Lucille. And she posts a photo of the space McGinniss is renting, captioning it, “Can I call you Joe?

Can somebody explain to me how this isn’t a despicable thing for Palin to do? She describes McGinniss as the author of “the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered.

Unprofessional,” …. “paranoid, ” …. “immature” …. “despicable” …. Really Dave? Really? How’s about we do some digging and find out where you live pal. You got a family? Maybe your mate is a hottie. Maybe we should fantasize about you taking a hike, and us stepping in and “takin’ care of business” with the “little lady“?

Oh who the hell are we kidding here?!? This loser probably lives in some rundown Washington D.C. tenement with little furniture and a half dozen cats. Poor cats!

You can read the rest of this clown …. I mean …. Mr. “Conservative Republican Insider’s” mind numbing drivel here.

Meanwhile, there are still real men in the world, men who believe in virtue. Men who actually think when a crazy man is stalking someone you care about, you don’t sit back and take it. Men who don’t think it’s “unprofessional” to call someone out when they have crossed way over the line. In this case, one of these men would be Glenn Beck.

Glenn told his radio listeners Tuesday that Sarah had e-mailed him about this situation. Being kindred spirits, I know he could relate. The hate on the left knows no bounds, as Beck knows all to well. He’s had to hire all kinds of security and take other drastic measures.

Anyhow, here’s Glenn discussing the situation:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’ll post Glenn’s interview with Sarah as soon as it’s available.

Not that I would ever condone it’s use, but some advice to Joe McGinniss: Sarah has one of these, and a whole lot more to go with them. And just like ZZ Top sang in “Legs” she sure knows how to use ‘em!

I would recommend Sarah pick up one or two of these things.

Past that, if you are as freaked out by Joe McGinniss as I am, here are a couple of e-mail addresses you can contact Random House at. Be respectful, as we wouldn’t want to upset David Weigel’s tender sensibilities. After all, Dave is a “Conservative Republican Insider,” ya know.



Speaking of Weigel, this one’s for you pal:


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