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Sarah Palin Asks: Did Joe McGinniss Condemn an Innocent Man?

By Gary P Jackson

Back in May of 2010, when Joe McGinniss first started stalking Sarah Palin, I wrote “It Seems That Sarah Palin’s Crazed Stalker, Joe McGiniss, Has A Habit Of This Kind Of Behavior With Others. It’s the tragic tale of Jeffrey MacDonald, whom McGinniss befriended then used that friendship to then get the man convicted of murder.

Today Sarah Palin has written an exclusive for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism reviewing the new book A Wilderness of Error by Errol Morris. The book looks into the MacDonald case, and how the media [McGinniss] manipulated the process, and may have sent an innocent man to prison. Here is taste of what Governor Palin has to say:

I don’t normally read “true crime” books, and I’ve certainly never written a review of one, but Errol Morris’ new book, “A Wilderness of Error,” isn’t typical of the genre. It’s much more interesting and I think important. It’s a book about the failings of a legal system administered by very fallible human beings, and it’s a book about how we buy into false media narratives that tidy up uncomfortably complex stories and give us permission to call off any further search for truth – and, yes, Morris argues with refreshing clarity that objective truth is real and worthy of being sought after despite the pretentious nonsense preached in faculty lounges about all truth being relative. In fact, he argues passionately that the search for truth is what journalism and justice is all about.

Morris describes how false narratives can become a sort of prison. He opens by reminding us of the story of “The Count of Monte Cristo” – the novel about an innocent man who escapes from the seemingly inescapable island prison he was sent to. Morris writes that today we have an even worse prison than that fictional one – only ours is “built out of newsprint and media. A prison of beliefs. You can escape from prison, but how do you escape from a convincing story? After enough repetitions, the facts come to serve the story and not the other way around. Like kudzu, suddenly the story is everywhere and impenetrable.”

Like a relentless gardener, Morris tries to remove the “impenetrable” vines forming one such prison. Most people of a certain age will recall the story of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald. People remember him as the Green Beret doctor who killed his family and blamed it on hippies. That quick description also conveniently sums up the conventional narrative about him. The murders of his wife and two little daughters in 1970 at Fort Bragg were monstrous, and for the last three decades society has been content to know that MacDonald is serving three life sentences for the crime. But Morris asks his readers to consider something very upsetting: What if this man is innocent? How horrible is it to imagine a man first having to witness the brutal murder of his family and then being falsely convicted for it and spending over thirty years in prison?

Morris, an Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker whose past work was instrumental in freeing a man falsely convicted of murder, takes apart the key elements of the MacDonald case bit by bit. As the New York Times reviewer put it, “[Morris] will leave you 85 percent certain that Mr. MacDonald is innocent. He will leave you 100 percent certain he did not get a fair trial.” But how did we not hear about this sooner? The incompetent and corrupt manner in which this case was handled is outrageous. The errors are glaring. In order to comfortably be assured that MacDonald got a fair trial and is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” we have to forget a number of significant facts.

Forget the fact that a racist good old boy judge was openly contemptuous and hostile to MacDonald’s Jewish lead defense attorney and his opinion seeped into his decisions. Forget the fact that the prosecution withheld evidence and lab reports (and, according to new evidence, actually threatened the key defense witness to make her change her testimony). Forget the fact that the crime scene itself was badly mishandled – with evidence moved, destroyed, contaminated, and even stolen. Forget the fact that MacDonald had no motive for the crime, and that the in-laws who testified against his character had previously testified under oath praising his character. And most of all, forget the fact that MacDonald gave the police who arrived at the crime scene detailed descriptions of four suspects, and the police had spotted a woman who fit his description wandering around his neighborhood at 3 a.m. while they were on their way to the crime scene. Forget the fact that this same suspect also coincidentally confessed to multiple people that she and three men who fit MacDonald’s descriptions were involved in the murder of his family. Forget the fact that she was spotted that night with these three men by multiple witnesses – including by a witness who saw blood on her boots. Forget the fact that one of the men also confessed to the murders. Forget the fact that they even confessed to having a clear motive for wanting to commit the crime specifically against MacDonald and his family.

So, how was the public convinced that MacDonald was guilty despite all of these “reasonable doubts”?

Enter my old neighbor Joe McGinniss.

MacDonald signed a contract giving McGinniss exclusive rights to his life story, and so McGinniss was given unprecedented access to the defense team – living with them, working with them, eating with them. But when the guilty verdict came down, McGinniss did a one-eighty on them. Apparently, falsely convicted men don’t make for good books. McGinniss decided it was a better story to agree with the jury. MacDonald wasn’t a sympathetic figure. He did himself no favors with some media appearances. So, McGinniss went about writing a book that would convince people the government got the right verdict and we could all pat ourselves on the back and leave Jeffrey MacDonald to rot in his jail cell till Judgment Day.

McGinniss’ book actually embellished the prosecution’s case – even supplying a motive. According to McGinniss’ theory of the case, MacDonald secretly wanted to break free of his wife and kids and so he murdered them one night in a fit of rage induced by some diet pills he was taking. (Oddly enough, the millions of other people who were also taking those same diet pills somehow avoided murdering their families.)

Morris’ final description of McGinniss is apt: “a craven and sloppy journalist who confabulated, lied, and betrayed while ostensibly telling a story about a man who confabulated, lied, and betrayed.

But perhaps the most disturbing passage in the book is when Morris considers just how McGinniss came by his theory of the case.


The words of a murderer or an innocent man wrongfully convicted and then betrayed by a writer who lured the public into complacently accepting a false narrative? I don’t know with 100 percent certainty. But I do know from personal experience that McGinniss is a stone cold manipulative liar.

McGinniss shattered long-time relationships within my circle of friends and family with his horrendous actions while living 12 feet away from my kitchen and lying to people for his book about me and making them lie or twisting their words or even inventing “sources” out of whole cloth. The result of the “evil thing” he “constructed” was unjustly trashed reputations, shattered relationships, and a book of lies vomited into the public record.

What McGinniss did in my town and to my family was sick and vicious. I sympathize with MacDonald and his defense team because I saw firsthand the twisted way McGinniss operates. Before he moved in right next door to spy on us, he stalked us for months, making creepy unwelcomed “visits” to our house, as he tried to manipulatively win our trust the same way he won the trust of MacDonald and his defense team – all so that he could betray us just as he betrayed them.

Of course, I realize that what McGinniss did to thrash my reputation is nowhere near as horrible as what he did to corrupt the narrative of a murder case (especially if it helped keep an innocent man in jail), but it’s still egregious and disgusting because many in the media ran with it in order to add another chapter to their own false narrative. An “artificial view of reality” was sold to the public and no doubt many Americans were led to believe the garbage McGinniss wrote.

Please read the entire review here.

As we are talking about McGinniss and his lack of integrity, you may also want to read:

Sarah Palin’s Creepy, Deranged Stalker Goes On NBC, Calls Americans Nazis, Plays Supersized Victim Card an in-depth look at McGinniss and his ties to Obama’s Alaska Mafia members, those crazed bloggers who have been making up lies about Governor Palin for years, and were hand picked by Obama’s team, with direction from Pete Rouse, out of the West Wing of the White House, to launch the assault on her and her administration, in the form of dozens of bogus “ethics complaints.”

You might also read from the Bigs:

Explosive Email Shows Anti-Palin Author McGinniss, Random House Likely Published Literary Hoax (Updated)


BREAKING: Gov. Sarah Palin Sends Letter to Crown/Random House, Warns Not to Destroy Documents Ahead of Potential Defamation Suit

Joe McGinniss is a world class dirt bag. While it may, or may not be true an innocent man was sent to prison, it is most certainly true that McGinniss befriended, then betrayed Jeffrey MacDonald, in order to write and sell a book of lies.

Blood money, any way you look at it.

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Say It Ain’t So Joe! Sarah Palin’s Deranged Stalker’s Publisher? Nazis, The Real Kind!

By Gary P Jackson

This is magically delicious. On the hoisted-by-one’s-own-petard-o-meter, this is pretty much off the charts. You remember when Sarah’s mentally unstable stalker, Joe McGinniss, called Sarah, and by extension, all red blooded Americans, Nazis? If not, let’s refresh our memories here.

My guess is demented stalker guy’s publisher is not going be too thrilled with this. You see, Stalker Joe’s publisher, Bertelsmann/Random House, has a bit of history in this area. This link was found sitting in an old Hellman’s mayonnaise on my back porch, from the BBC:

Bertelsmann admits Nazi past

German media giant Bertelsmann has admitted it lied about its Nazi past and that it made big profits during Adolf Hitler’s reign in Germany using Jewish slave labour.

A commission set up by the firm found Bertelsmann rode the rise of the Nazi party to restructure itself from a religious and school book publisher to supply millions of anti-Semitic texts.

Bertelsmann published a variety of papers and books that clearly had anti-Jewish bias,” Independent Historical Commission (IHC) Chairman Saul Friedlaender, an Israeli historian, told a news conference.

The IHC found Bertelsmann had targeted the youth market with its “Exciting Stories” series and the “The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth” annual which pushed its sales up 20 fold.

The IHC said the company’s “legend” that it was a victim of the Nazis was a lie.

Faking it

The Nazis shut down the company in 1944, but probably because of war shortages rather and not because of subversive texts, it said.

In 1945, the legend that C. Bertelsmann was closed down because of resistance to the Nazis smoothed the way for the occupation authorities promptly granting the firm a new licence to publish,” the report said.

The Commission found that Bertelsmann made “indirect” use of Jewish slave labour in Latvia, and Lithuania but not at its German headquarters.

The then head of the company, Heinrich Mohn, also made donations to the SS, Hitler’s special forces and concentration camp guards.

True, he never joined the Nazi party, but his membership in the SS patrons’ group signalled his readiness for a political arrangement,” the report said.

The company had close ties to the Nazi regime, particularly the Propaganda Ministry, and printed 19 million books during World War II, making it the largest publisher for the German army.

The company immediately issued a statement apologising for its wartime activities and false corporate history.

The values of Bertelsmann then are irreconcilable with the company today. The company is now a global player in the media industry,” Tim Arnold, the corporate secretary of Bertelsmann told the BBC’s Today programme.


Bertelsmann chairman Gunther Thielen said the company accepted the commission’s findings.

I would like to express our sincere regret for the inaccuracies the Commission has uncovered in our previous corporate history of the World War Two era as well as for the wartime activities that have been brought to light,” he said in a statement.

Mr Thielen said all the material used for the 800-page report would be made publicly available.

 used its “revised” history when it took over the biggest US book publisher Random house in 1998.

The commission of four historians was set up in the fallout of the takeover after media reports on Bertelsmann’s Nazi past.

About 6,000 German companies are contributing to a 5.1bn euro ($5bn) settlement with hundreds of thousands of Nazis slave labourers.

Other companies, such as Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank have also set up commissions into history during the Third Reich.

Not only was Stalker Joe’s publisher a shill for the Nazis, printing up Nazi propaganda, they also profited using Jewish slave labor, and contributed greatly towards the hatred of the Jewish people.

BTW, Barack Obama, author and well known anti-Semite, whose first book was written with the help of terrorist Bill Ayers (allegedly) and second book was based on a sermon by another well known Jew hater, Jeremiah Wright, is also part of the Random House stable of authors as they published both books. Seems like Bertelsmann hasn’t really changed much.  

Now who today most resembles the Nazis again?

Let’s see, the Nazis existed on division and hate. Who’s doing that now?

The Nazis used union thugs to perform beat downs and otherwise intimidate citizens. Tell me again who SEIU supports and who it performs beat downs for.

The Nazis showed over the top hatred for anybody and any thing that didn’t conform to their Marxist ideology. (Note to trolls …. spare me, Marxism and socialism is the same thing)

This reminds me, remember the death threats against Sarah from Marxist-democrats we discussed before? Karen Allen has a lot more, most of which are completely unprintable in some of the publications our blog appears, you can read them here. Warning, pure stomach churning hatred, from the left.

Oh, and let’s not forget the really disgusting thing the Marxist-democrats in this country, including Barack Obama, have the most in common with the Nazis. Their hatred of the Jews. Go to any left wing site, and if they are talking about the Jewish people, and Israel, it’s every bit as vile as anything you would have read in Nazi Germany. Some of this stuff would have made Hitler blush.

As expected, Obama has sided with radical Islam, and the terrorists in the latest dust up in the Gaza. Of course, since his best buddy, and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and his 2008 campaign’s biggest money bundler, Jodie Evans are top instigators in this deal, along with Ayers’ cop killing wife, I guess one can figure it was never gonna be any other way.

There is most certainly a group in this country that resembles Nazis, but it isn’t Sarah Palin, and it isn’t Sarah Palin’s supporters.

As for McGinniss …. Can I call ya “Nazi Joe” ?


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What About the Stalker’s Politics?

By Stacy Drake

I watched that pathetic interview Matt Lauer conducted Tuesday morning with stalker, Joe McGinniss, who is living next door to the Palin family. It’s safe to say many things about the interview itself bothered me, but I’m wondering where Matt Lauer’s journalistic nature to ‘tell the story’ went? Lauer asked McGinniss a few questions, and sort of had an ‘ aw shucks, it’s just crazy Uncle Joe‘ attitude towards the interview. Only later did I find out, through Governor Palin’s Facebook statement that NBC didn’t even fulfill their word to tell her side of the story through a statement her and her husband Todd had provided. Nonetheless, Matt Lauer also omitted disclosing the “why” of the entire ordeal.

Matt Lauer does point out one obvious motive Joe McGinniss has for whoring himself to his preferred media outlets, being that of book sales. However, Lauer never asked Joe just what it was that lead him to write the book in the first place. Author’s usually write about things they are knowledgeable of or interested in. Outside of his past stalking and whatever he read in left-wing rags, McGinniss knows virtually nothing about Sarah Palin. Could it be that Joe McGinniss is a far-left political hack with an agenda?

I know it’s obvious to those of us that are on Governor Palin’s side, otherwise known as “The Hounds of Hell,” but what about the viewers at home? I was pretty much on to the fact that McGinniss was a far-left nut after the Portfolio hit-piece he wrote back when Governor Palin was serving her last term in office. But just how far left this guy really is didn’t occur to me until I read the Politico article the other day where he repeated the same line his son had said in a different article, that Sarah Palin “incites hate.”

For an example of real hate, please check out Karen Allen’s piece where she detailed the hatred Governor Palin receives every day from the oh so “tolerant” left.

Once again we have to play “can you imagine if this were a Conservative?” If Barack Obama had lost the election, gone home to Chicago and some right-wing political hack with an agenda and a creepy habit of following him around the country, moved in next door to him, just what kind of response would there be from the media? And he’s a man! Not that it matter’s considering I think a house protected by Sarah Palin is a much safer house than one protected by our current president, but that’s a topic for another day.

So this angry little man, named Joe McGinniss doubles-down on his “incites hate” meme and then goes for the “Nazi” blow… I’ve got news for the audience at home that was robbed of the truth of the matter in this story. “Journalists” that say Conservatives like Sarah Palin “incite hate” and are like “Nazi’s” when said Conservatives are merely defending themselves and their families, are as far-left as left can go. They are not Journalists any more than I am. Trust me, I have been in verbal combat with these suckers (left-wingers) for years. I know the way they talk and the adjectives they use. I even know why they do it. It’s all about marginalization, and it’s a tactic their hero, Saul Alinsky perfected.

I have many examples of those on the left calling those of us they disagree with “Nazi’s.” The one that sticks in mind the most is a Noam Chomsky interview given earlier this year while at the University of Wisconsin. The reason for that is because I got into a two day, back-n-forth with a left-winger over the very issue of their side using this terminology. Anyway, here is what known far-left (I would label him an anarchist) radical has to say about Conservatives:

“I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio, and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering

“I, like most of the American people, don’t begrudge people success or wealth. That is part of the free-market system.’ People see that and are not happy about it. People want some answers. They are hearing answers from only one place: Fox, talk radio, and Sarah Palin.”

The fact that Noam didn’t come right out and say the word “Nazi,” should be a good indicator of just how far left Joe McGinniss is. It is more than repugnant that the left has virtually destroyed the meaning of the word “racism” and now they wish to flush the horrific truth of the holocaust and the ruthless reign of the Socialistic Nazi Party of Germany. Two things the left loves to do… Rewrite history and change the meaning of words, i.e. “liberal.”

We did get one update from Matt Lauer’s interview with the stalker. Now McGinniss is claiming that he just so happens to be renting that house. He didn’t really go there to spy on Governor Palin, or anything. It’s just a ‘great deal’ or some such thing. So I guess this means it wasn’t planned out by a vindictive owner after all? At least that’s the story today.

I did a little poking around and found out some information about the woman that will be joining Joe up on Lake Lucille this Wednesday. McGinniss stated in the Lauer interview that his wife, Nancy Doherty will be joining him for ‘Stalk-fest 2010.’ Maybe if Matt had looked into Joe’s wife’s background, there may have been a clue as to just what McGinniss is doing in Wasilla.

For starters, Nancy is a “scholar” and a “meticulous editor and writer.” From what I can tell she mostly does editing, and outside of the work she does for her husband and son, she has only one major book under her belt. A book titled: “Stealing Reality: The Rise of the Right, the Fracture of News, the Lessons of Karl Rove.” Ironic isn’t it? Something tells me that if Governor Palin ever wanted to invite Karl up to Alaska for a Bar-B-Que, now would be a good time.

Then there’s this little blurb that caught my eye on her biography page for Mount Holyoke where she is listed as a “scholar” and had also attended in the sixties during her college years.

“Mount Holyoke was the right place at the wrong time for me,” she said. “I was there before the ‘revolution.’”

She left in 1966.

Take whatever you want from that and feel free to read it in it’s entirety. I provided a link to the original entry.

What all this boils down to is that not only does Joe McGinniss have a financial interest in his actions, he has political interests as well. Then there is the creepy obsessive stalker business that I think may be a side effect of his original motives. Whatever the case, this situation continues to be absurd and the media continues to play along. By not asking any relevant questions and not showing any sign of understanding what the victims, the Palin family are going through, they have proven themselves able to fall even further down the wormhole of an irrelevant, for the left-wing only, press.

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Sarah Palin’s Creepy, Deranged Stalker Goes On NBC, Calls Americans Nazis, Plays Supersized Victim Card

By Gary P Jackson

Is everyone as sick of Joe McGinniss, professional deranged stalker, as I am? It’s becoming very clear this guy is mentally unstable. He’s also a shameless liar of the first degree.

Anyhow, this sicko showed up on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer. In a performance worthy of an Oscar ©, McGinniss lays it on thick. Of course, all of this is Sarah Palin’s fault, because, well, she’s Sarah Palin. This is like a wife beater blaming it all on the wife, or a child molester claiming it was all the child’s fault.

Video of this loserfest is here.

This nimrod, McGinniss, is now on his third separate story of how he came to be in the home next door to Sarah. Now it seems he came for the waters. This is just a nice vacation spot for his family. His wife, is coming to visit, you see. This is all just an innocent hapenstance that this home is located 15 feet from Sarah’s property. Pure coincidence. The sad part is, there will be people who believe this deranged loser.

Of course he whines about the fact that Sarah is upset. More proof this guy should be locked away in a mental institution. McGinniss has actively stalked Sarah for two years, if not longer, but in his mind, moving within mere feet of her home shouldn’t upset her. In fact, she should be thanking him, and of course, bake cookies! This guy has issues.

He also rants on and on about Sarah’s ability to incite hatred and violence. That’s the same tired old Marxist-democrat party talking point they have tried since the day John McCain introduced her to the world. I guess these loons never read the comments section over at hate sites like the Huffington Post, or Daily Kos, where it’s common to wish death on those they disagree with, and celebrate when death occurs.

McGinniss calls Sarah, and by extension, all Freedom and Liberty loving Americans, a Nazi, and calls her supporters the “hounds of hell.”( Note to self …. create “Sarah Palin’s Hounds from Hell” merchandise line ASAP …. daddy could use a vacation in the Bahamas )

It’s clear when you see this guy that he is a sick man who loves to project his sickness and hatred on others. He’s an obvious liar, and a major drama queen.

It’s interesting how he keeps coming back to Sarah’s children. Now yes, Sarah mentioned her daughter Piper, but she had good reason. If anyone has been paying attention over the last couple of years, they will notice something about Sarah. This woman is attacked daily with the most vile of hatred the left in this country can conjure up, but she can take it. I’m not sure there has ever been a stronger person in politics when it comes to this. However, you mess with her kids, even in the least, and good-natured Sarah Palin turns into Mama Grizzly. She will protect her kids at any cost. She sees McGinniss as a direct threat to her kids. So do we.

Robert Stacy McCain, who has written extensively about the hatemongers in Alaska, who comprise Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia ©, has a great piece on one of McGinniss’ buddies up there, Jesse Griffin, and manages to get some licks in on George Soro’s boy at the Washington Post, Dave Weigel:

Remember Jesse Griffin, who masqueraded behind the “Gryphen” pseudonym as a vicious anti-Palin blogger and Trig-Truther? And remember how he lost his job at an Alaska elementary school after his identity was revealed and school officials learned how he’d been promoting pornography and masturbation on his blog (extreme language warning) while being paid by taxpayers to supervise young children?

Well, guess what? Joe McGinnis is a “huge fan” of Jesse Griffin, as confirmed by none other than . . . Jesse Griffin:

I found the table that our host Phil Munger had reserved for us and sat down with some of his other guests, who I did not know, but who turned out to be fans of both IM and Mudflats. (Oh did I mention that AKM was with me?)

Soon I was introduced to author Joe McGinniss, who is up here researching HIS Sarah Palin book, and who also turned out to be a huge fan of both AKM’s and I. (I swear I will NEVER get used to hearing that.)

– Jesse Griffin, a/k/a “Gryphen,” October 3, 2009

In case you didn’t get the reference, “IM” is Jesse’s “Immoral Minority” blog where he described his ironclad certainty that Sarah Palin’s fifth child “was not conceived in her uterus,” declared how much fun it is to “wank off” to amateur porn, advised youngsters that “your penis will respond more readily” if you practice by “watching porn on your computer.” and told the world that “it brings me joy to work with these children.

You betcha!

When this porn-blogging Trig-Truther obsessive Palin-hater was forced to resign from Trailside Elementary School in Anchorage in August 2009, it wasn’t exactly a secret. so why — two months later, in October 2009 – was Joe McGinniss raving about being a “huge fan” of Jesse Griffin’s Immoral Minority blog? Why is McGinniss laughing it up with Griffin at the “celebrity table” all night?

And why doesn’t it bother Dave Weigel that McGinniss is such a “huge fan” of a vile joke like Jesse Griffin and the obnoxious gadfly “AKM” (Jeanne Devon)?

McCain has much more with extensive supporting links here.

Jesse Griffin is a world class pervert, and with his fondness for sharing porn with kids, he could be Obama’s Safe and Drug Free Schools Czar. (If Obama didn’t have a NAMBLA loving pervert already in place, that is)

This guy lives in an alternate universe where he fantasizes about Sarah Palin constantly, and conjures up all sorts of outlandish lies, which he then posts on his blog, as other Mafia members, and hate filled fans salivate. Naturally, the media laps this guy’s BS up like crazy, and it becomes a national story.

Griffin started the “Trig truther” nonsense, claiming Trig is not Sarah’s son. He has written stories of a pending Palin divorce, on multiple occasions, just wanting to start controversy, and of course got the story going that the FBI was about to indict her, prompting the FBI to come out and say, no, this was a lie, and the FBI had no investigations on Sarah, nor was one planned.

It’s almost a daily ritual for this guy to make up a lie, and for stupid people to believe it. You can read more about Griffin, the rest of Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia, and see the video Obama doesn’t want you to see, here.

Growing up, I was told you can be judged by the company you keep. Well, knowing McGinniss chooses to keep company with world class liar and pervert, Jesse Griffin, as well as Barack Obama’s hand picked hatemongers, none of which having an ounce of credibility on any subject, it’s pretty safe to assume he is of the same bent.

Here’s the bottom line though, Sarah Palin is right to be concerned about Joe McGinniss living anywhere near her. This guy is not some poor innocent “journalist” just doing his job. He is a deranged stalker, and a mentally unstable degenerate. He’s a very dangerous type who should be watched at all times. She couldn’t do any worse if Charles Manson was her neighbor.

It’s interesting that Sarah’s hometown paper carried an editorial that ended with:

Finally, those who are fond of Joe McGinnis might remind him (if he doesn’t already know) that Alaska has a law that allows the use of deadly force in protection of life and property.

It’s quite obvious that at least some locals also have concerns that McGinniss has less than pure intentions. The guy is a voyeur. A Peeping Tom. A creepy, deranged stalker.

BTW, this is how Joe McGinniss acted when approached by reporters himself, as reported by the website Fire Andrea Mitchell:

Robin Roberts seems to enjoy the fact Palin is being stalked by left wing nut job Joe McGinniss, even saying this whole sick stalking episode would be a great SNL skit with Tiny Fey. Of course, had the same thing happened to her (though who in their right mind would want to stalk someone is freaky looking as Robin Roberts), I doubt she’d be as giddy.

Anyway an ABC reporter went to Joe McGinniss’s newly rented property to try and interview him. Needless to say it didn’t go very well as McGinnis threatened the nameless ABC reporter when he asked McGinniss to comment.

Tell me again who’s hysterical. What a drama queen. As for Robin Roberts, what a loser she is, but typical for what passes as “journalism” these days.

Now I know some people will say this is just Sarah Palin, and her millions of supporters world wide overreacting and being “hysterical” themselves.

We hear all of the time the Palin supporters are “aggressive” when it comes to supporting her and protecting her. Well, as I wrote before, Sarah Palin is America, and when you mess with America, America messes back. But there is a lot more than that.

You attack Sarah’s kids, like another world class pervert, David Letterman, has done, on multiple occasions, and she becomes Mama Grizzly. Well, after what we’ve witnessed for the last two years, when someone attacks Sarah Palin, we all become Mama (and Papa) Grizzlies and rally around her. We simply will not let this nonsense stand.

Below is just a very small sampling of the hatred and violence that has been directed towards Sarah Palin since she has become a national figure. It’s but a very small fraction of what we have seen and heard.

Back in October of 2008, some left wing haters thought it was just great to hang Sarah in effigy, and got world wide attention. Even though the community was up in arms, the city officials claimed “free speech” and let the hate roll on.

It might be noted these hate filled freaks tried to sell this thing on eBay, on multiple occasions, but eBay, much to their credit, blocked these bastards from using the website to profit from their insane hatred. You can read more here.

The next big event came at Christmas time in 2008. Demented thugs, in a manner reminiscent of the way Barack Obama’s best buddy Bill Ayers used to do it, firebombed Sarah’s church in Wasilla. There were people in the building, wrapping Christmas presents, at the time.

Like Ayers, the arsonists, set off multiple bombs, also used accelerants, and blocked exits, making it hard to get out of the flaming building. One can assume their intent was murder.

You can read local coverage of the arson here.

This crime has never been solved, nor has it gotten much coverage after the fact. One wonders what the media coverage would have been like, had this been Obama’s church rather than Sarah’s.

Sarah and her children, get death threats all of the time, and while no one likes to talk about it, here’s one notable hatemonger that was outed. This guy, who calls himself James Brown on Twitter, is a fan of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, naturally. Here’s just a sampling of what this guy was tweeting:

@sEaTtLe_MeTrO: Death 2 Palin family them retarded hillbillies take teabaggers w/ you hateful bitch

We cant expect gov to intervene we must shoot Gen. Palin on site be 4 her troops strike again!

@interactionswst one word racism choose sides plain and simply that bitch Palin launch an attack, she need 2 b shot on site!

@Palin360 you need 2 b assassinated soon we ll settle 4 one of the family if not u!

maybe it takes a murder or 2 2 get the point across take aim at radical TP members

@BRIANGLAD Palin will b met with gunfire her or her family

@SarahStormRpt u need 2 be shot on site startin that racist Tp shit, all you all do is promo violence dont cry when some kill u basterds

IS Sarah Palin still alive, please feel free 2 domecheck that bitch! she will look good in tha box the TP left on someones lawn

THe street gangs of america can take on the teabaggers and Palin. TP is callin 4 war just shoot any TP associates and family MS13 BITCHES!

This is but a small sampling of this guy’s hatred. Much is simply unprintable in a PG or even R rated setting. This is quite typical of these hate fill loons though, as anyone who has spent any time on Twitter, or the comments section of national websites, can attest. Marxists are evil and violent. It’s interesting how this crazed Marxist-democrat rants on and on about how violent Sarah supposedly is, while asking anyone reading his BS to go out and kill her, and all “teabaggers.”

This is the tweet that got everyone’s attention though:

Does anyone have that alaskan address 4 the Palins?

You can read more here. This guy is still on Twitter, BTW, and is still spewing hatred towards anything and everything that doesn’t conform to his diseased outlook on the world.

There is a lot more one can write about, again, this is but a minute sampling of the vile hatred that is directed towards Sarah and her family on a daily basis. So …. pardon us, and Sarah Palin, if we aren’t pleased that Joe McGinniss, a mentally unstable, crazed stalker, plagiarist and liar has moved in next door. This guy is as evil as the Alaska freaks he hangs out with when he comes to the state.

Oh, and that Nazi thing. You mean like Barack Obama using the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as his personal army, the way Hitler used unions and brown shirts? You know, like the time he was going off on American citizens who dared complain at townhall meeting last year? Like when the Obama regime told the purple shirted SEIU thugs to go “punch back twice as hard“?

It seems they listened well. The Purple Shirts showed up in St Louis, and attacked Kenneth Gladney, beating him unconscious, while calling him a ni**er.

Or how about the recent attack by the Purple Shirts of the SEIU, who terrorized a Maryland banker. D.C. Police reportedly escorted over 500 of Obama’s union thug army to the man’s home, where they proceeded to stand on his lawn and raise holy hell. What makes this atrocity even worse, is while the banker wasn’t home, his young son was, and was understandably in fear for his life. You can read more here, here, and here.

So tell me again why Sarah Palin shouldn’t be concerned about crazed stalker Joe McGinnis. The Obama regime and it’s followers deal in nothing but hate and intimidation. They are violent thugs who are capable of anything. Sarah has been under assault from Obama’s hand picked little army of bloggers and other assorted hate mongers for two solid years. She’s had more lies told about her than any person I’ve ever known of, and unprecedented hatred directed toward her.

Sarah is right to be pissed off that a mentally unstable stalker is next door, and is right to be pissed off at all of those who support this, or any other action taken by the far left.

These losers do this, of course, because Sarah Palin is a fighter. She’s a hero to tens of millions worldwide, who still believe in America, and still believe in America’s greatness. Sarah Palin is the one person who will not stand by and let Barack Obama, and the rest of his Marxist fellow travelers, destroy this great nation.

This is why they attack her, this is why they cheer when a madman moves next door and makes her life miserable. They know the nation is behind Sarah Palin, not them. They know that Sarah Palin is America, not them. They know Sarah Palin is ready to promote real change in America, not them. They know that Sarah Palin is the real leader of this nation, not them. They also know that Sarah Palin, and America, will triumph over all of them, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Obviously, this upsets the Marxists, who they thought the could destroy America, upset to no end.

Sarah Palin doesn’t “incite” she inspires, like all great leaders do.

Bad news for the left.

For me, I’m just sick and tired of Joe McGinniss. This guy is a liar, and a creep. A deranged loser who shouldn’t be allowed in public. Those that care about this guy, really care about this guy, should get him to the nearest mental health facility for a long, long rest, and rehabilitation.


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Stalker, Joe McGinniss Interviewed by His Biggest Fan, Dave Weigel

By Stacy Drake

Dave Weigel is standing by his man, providing a forum for renowned “creepy stalker,” known liar, and suspected plagiarist, Joe McGinniss. Friday evening he posted a piece called “Joe McGinniss talks about why he moved in next to Sarah Palin” in the Washington Post. Weigel was an obvious choice for McGinniss to use as his ‘message man’ considering Dave has shown sympathy for Joe’s disturbing behavior. Weigel was also taken to task by many bloggers (I’d love to link examples but there’s just too many) for his indefensible, defense of McGinnis, and rightfully so.

Weigel starts the article:

When a source told Joe McGinniss that he could rent the house next to Sarah Palin’s Wasilla, Alaska, home, the author was sold.

A room at the Best Western, not far away, would have been prohibitively expensive. The landlord of this house, meanwhile, offered it to McGinniss for $1,500 per month after a friend of the author recommended him as a solid alternative to the other people asking about the property.

“She was talking to this mutual friend of ours and said, ‘I’ve got to find someone we’re comfortable with,’ ” McGinniss said Friday evening from the deck of the house — a deck that became famous after Palin posted a photo of it on Facebook this week. ” ‘My biggest concern is the Palins‘ privacy, especially the children.’ So this mutual friend said, ‘Well, you know, I think you’re in luck. Joe McGinniss is going to be coming back here, and you couldn’t find a better guy, just the right sort of person to move in and guarantee their privacy.'”

Wait a second… In the last post I wrote on this matter, I quoted Joe McGinniss Jr. claiming that the property owner sought out Joe McGinniss. According to him, the owner, Catherine Taylor did that because she knew he was writing an unfriendly book about Governor Palin and that she did this as some sort of retribution to the Palin’s over some financial dispute. Here, McGinniss Sr. contradicts his son’s comments and instead says that some shadowy third party initiated the rental agreement. I’ll stick with my first and perpetual instinct to never trust the words of a left-wing crackpot. Who set up the deal that placed this jerk next door to the object of his obsession, and his meal-ticket, is still up for debate.

Weigel’s piece then says:

What happened next, said McGinniss, came as a total surprise. He had planned to keep the news off the Internet and tell the Palins himself that he’d be their neighbor as he wrapped up his biography of the former governor.

McGinniss had written a Portfolio piece about her leadership, and a critical Daily Beast piece on her book tour for her memoir, “Going Rogue,” but he hoped to keep things civil and introduce himself anew to Palin and her husband, Todd.

Okay, first of all McGinniss is not writing a biography. He’s writing an attack book called “Sarah Palin’s Year of Living Dangerously.” The title honestly makes me laugh out loud… It’s that stupid. Secondly, the idiotic Portfolio piece was not about her “leadership.” That was drive-by, pseudo-journalism at it’s worst. Governor Palin said that article resulted in her “Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered.” Yeah Dave, that’s not an honest article about a former governor’s leadership, but then again, you’re not an honest journalist so what do I expect?

It continues:

“‘I wanted to say, ‘I’m writing this book, but I hope we can just get along as good neighbors, and after that, you’ll never hear from me again,'” said McGinniss. “That’s basically what I told Todd on Monday when he came over. He didn’t really want to hear that.

“He took off on how my Portfolio piece was a bunch of lies, and a smear, and all this and all that, and he said, ‘You going to be putting the microphones in now, and the surveillance cameras?’ I said, ‘Listen, you don’t know how lucky you are that I’m renting this place because that’s exactly what’s not going to happen as long as I’m here. I won’t see you, you don’t see me, this will be fine.’ He talked for a few more minutes beyond that, and he got, I’d say, increasingly hostile. And then he left, and I was still out here on this deck, where I’m sitting right now, when they took that picture for Facebook.”

So Todd got “increasingly hostile” did he? You don’t say… Perhaps it was the Portfolio hit-piece that was Todd’s first clue that Joe was there for no good reason. It also could have been the fact that McGinniss told a reporter “”I’m not intending to write a salacious book about Sarah Palin’s sex life. But if it’s true, I’ll find out.” Maybe that, plus Joe’s location is what upset Todd Palin.

I guess this piece of human trash (Joe) considers getting visibly angry (I’m sure Todd wasn’t smiling at the guy) as “hostile.” Well good for Todd. I agree with those who have said Todd deserves a medal for ‘courageous restraint.’ Where I come from, right or wrong, your face would get bloodied for such antagonistic behavior. Joe McGinniss, consider yourself lucky for ‘picking a fight’ with such good, civilized people.

He goes on:

After that happened, McGinniss — who is hoping to finish his local research for the book by Labor Day — became the target of fury from Palin fans. After radio host Mark Levin gave out the author’s e-mail address, McGinniss got 5000 messages in four hours, eventually shutting down the account. Wasilla police and state troopers are keeping an watchful eye on the place, although McGinniss said no one had come to the house to threaten him on Friday. He simply didn’t anticipate the scale of Palin’s response.

“I would term this hysterical,” said McGinniss. “The mayor said to me, when I chatted with him in his office a couple of days ago, ‘You know, if Sarah had the brains that we like to think she has, Todd would have come back and said, do you know who’s living next door? This son of a bitch McGinniss who wrote that Portfolio piece. He’s writing a book about you. Sarah should have baked a plate of cookies, and come around the fence, and said hi, and laughed about this.’ I would have happily accepted a cookie, and then in my book I would have had a lovely scene about how gracious she had been.” McGinniss sighed. “She is, in many ways, a very gracious person.”

I don’t think the mayor really said that but if he did, vote for the other candidate next time, Wasilla! Perhaps the good folks at the Frontiersman should ask the mayor next week if he said that and if he did, what the hell was he thinking?

Regardless, Joe thinks a cookie from Sarah Palin would have been an appropriate response to his invasion. He’s toying with readers of the Washington Post in more ways than one here. This man is one of those guys who thinks he’s smarter than he actually is, therefore he plays mind games with those around him. He’s trying to say ‘hey look, I’m reasonable, just trying to get my scoop. I was going to be nice to her but her and that husband of hers are just so darn mean, so now I have to write a bunch mean things about her, you see.’

By the way, YES Joe, Sarah Palin is indeed a very gracious person. That’s the first time I’ve seen the truth associated with his words, but when he’s right, he’s right. I have read many accounts from people who know her and who have met her, that have stated as much.

Weigel’s piece continues (emphasis mine):

While Palin intimated that McGinniss could watch the family when it went swimming, he said that only the edge of their land near the lake was visible from his property. He was deeply offended by the implication, not thinly veiled in Palin’s note and subsequent interview with Glenn Beck, that he would be peering in on the children.

“These little kids, I couldn’t care less about them,” said McGinniss. “I have my own kids and grandkids to care about. I don’t have any interest in Palin’s kids. I’m not going to write, oh, I saw Trig run across the lawn, and I saw someone else change his diaper. I haven’t been writing for 40 years to wind up on that level. I’m just very offended by this.”

I highlighted the first part of that statement because I thought it was very telling. Mark that as the second time I have seen the truth come from McGinniss. He most definitely doesn’t care about Sarah Palin’s children. I imagine the kids aren’t going to get to play outside much this summer as he has sort of pushed everybody away from certain areas of their own property. He unapologetically has taken certain freedoms away from these children. It’s very obvious to the world that Joe McGinniss could care less about the Palin kids.

Mr. McGinniss should understand as a parent that whenever there is a threat around, a parent’s instincts are to protect their young. Joe McGinniss‘ past behavior of hit-pieces, stalking, and now this invasion are threatening. It is perfectly acceptable and understandable for Sarah Palin’s first concern be the safety and privacy of her children. For McGinniss to be “offended” by the notion that he would write at that level is laughable. Consider the company Mr. McGinniss keeps while he is in Alaska. It seems Joe likes to hang around the Alaskan lefty goon squad when he’s not stalking his subject or her family. See Rich Crowther’s piece for further details on that.

More from Weigel:

Palin supporters have argued that McGinniss has made a nuisance of himself by previously delivering a copy of a previous book to the Palin home and by betting on a dinner with Palin in a charity auction. McGinniss said the first encounter was friendly, and the second was a “spoof.”

“I just kept bidding because there was nothing else to do and it was fun,” he said. “She offered dinner with herself for a price? Well, if a journalist could pay the price, it would be responsible journalism to try and win that prize. I knew I couldn’t pay the price, so I wasn’t in there as a serious bidder.”

This is what this man considers “responsible journalism.” No wonder I’m sitting here writing about this clown, again! This is another example of mental pretzels being woven by McGinniss trying to cover his own ass for his past behavior. He says “I wasn’t in there as a serious bidder,” but he bid $68,000! He’s just trying to change the subject again and distort the meaning of what he was originally doing.

He said “She offered dinner with herself for a price?” Way to cheapen an auction for a wounded warrior fund, Mr. McGinniss. Then again, I wouldn’t expect someone from his background to appreciate a military charity. Instead he makes a underhanded, snarky, sexist comment insinuating Governor Palin was offering herself “for a price.” This guy is a scumbag through and through.

Weigel ends it:

McGinniss said he will limit his interviews on this topic, appearing on NBC’s The Today Show next week, before getting back to his own work. And he told the Post that he had been a responsible neighbor, shooing off a pair of Minnesota tourists who stepped onto his property to take photos of Palin’s home.

“Look, this is a pain in the ass for them,” he said. “I understand that. If I were her, I’d be upset. I’d be annoyed. But I’d be an adult about it, and I would figure out, okay, how can we resolve this in a way that’s not going to make into something that everybody gets obsessive about? By being here I have learned things, and I’ve gotten an insight into her character, into her ability to incite hatred, that before I only knew about in the abstract.”

There’s that ‘inciting hatred’ meme again like we heard from Junior McGinniss the other day. Lefty, mud-slinging apples must not fall to far from the tree.

Mr. McGinniss has no idea who the Palin’s are. He is testing their ability to put up with an enormous amount of crap from a deranged old man with nothing better to do than to harass a family that just so happens to have a mother that doesn’t agree with him politically. He’s trying to see if he can push their buttons enough to provoke a reaction he can write about in his book and generate more publicity for it’s release. He is going to fail and he is going to fail miserably. The Palin’s will not be provoked to do anything and he is simply going to have to rely on his old method of lying.

Joe McGinniss… Go to Hell and take Dave Weigel with you.


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Sarah Palin Speaks, An Incredible (And Delicious) Crazed Stalker Update, BP, And The Inconvenient Truth about Dave Weigel

As promised, a complete update on what is going on in Sarah Palin’s world. We were writing this earlier when we got yet more wild news, and felt we needed to get out it out there. Believe me, this was worth the wait!

To recap:

Sarah Palin has a new neighbor. Stacy Drake details that wonderful moment here.

Washington Post hack, Dave Weigel, proves to the world he’s a total douchebag, as we wrote here.

Ruth Marcus felt left out of the douchebaggery, as Stacy Drake points out here.

We found out that Joe McGinniss has a habit of stalking subjects of his so-called “journalism” and betrayed an innocent man, who is now in prison for murder, after being paid to help the guy, and pretending to be his friend. This one is a must read, here.

As Stacy Drake reported, here, things got even weirder with what we know is a load of BS, supposedly coming from the Palin’s neighbor.

OK, With that out of the way, let’s get to some new stuff, as of Thursday night.

Wednesday Sarah did a couple of radio interviews, starting with Glenn Beck:

The big news coming out of this interview is the fact Sarah will be appearing at Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor celebration in Washington, D.C.. You can bet she will add greatly to the event.

We all loved George Bush. The guy wasn’t perfect, but overall a decent man. Our biggest gripe with President Bush is he never fought back against his haters. Until Sarah came along, I had never seen so much hatred aimed at one individual. Of course, that’s all the left has, a burning hatred for anyone and anything that doesn’t conform to their diseased ideology, and of course, they lie about the subject of their hatred. If somehow hatred and lies were outlawed, Marxist-democrats would simply cease to exist.

The left can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, so all they have is their hate to fuel them.

Bush would never fight back, something that frustrated his loyal supporters to no end. Even when they made movies, wrote plays and books, all detailing their fantasies of Bush’s assasination, Bush said nothing. Can you imagine that thin skinned loser we have in the White House now being so strong? Me neither.

Bush thought it beneath the dignity of the Office of the President to engage in that sort of thing. Bush respected the presidency so much, he wouldn’t make it about him. While that is commendable to no end, the entire nation would have been to the better had Bush spent just a little bit of time fighting these rotten leftists.

Sarah Palin doesn’t have this problem. She is a born fighter. Sarah Palin is a fearless warrior. She doesn’t take nothin’ off of nobody. I think that’s why Sarah resonates with Americans so strongly. America loves a fighter, and loves a winner. Sarah Palin is both. America respects a fighter. America NEEDS a fighter!

After Glenn Beck’s show, Sarah was a guest on the Sean Hannity radio show. Of course they talked about her pervert stalker, and the nonsense surrounding all of that, but they also talked policy, especially energy policy, and of course British Petroleum, and the oil spill.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just to remind readers, Sarah has first hand experience in dealing with exactly the kind of situation those in the Gulf are facing. As an oil and gas regulator, Sarah was tough on the oil companies, and as Governor, she got even tough, creating an oversight agency to keep a better eye on things.

Sarah ended the oil companies’ cozy relationships with government regulators, and officials. In fact, she was so tough on the oil companies, that at one point she was accused of being anti-business. And yet, the lying media tries to paint her as an oil company shill. I imagine Sarah has a good laugh on that one!

Back to McGinnis, the perv, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly went off on him on Wednesday as well.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Megyn Kelly Takes On McGinniss", posted with vodpod


Now for some updates on McGinniss:

If you remember, Ben Smith over at Politico shared an e-mail from McGinniss’s son, that intimated the old man had lost it. Now Ben reported this as straight up fact. Today he is backpedaling and claiming it was sarcasm.

I’m not a trained “journalist” or writer, but I know enough to let people know, when quoting someone else, whether we are dealing with sarcasm, or not. After all, Smith is the one who had the contact with Joe Jr., not us. Smith has had further contact with Joe Jr., and as Stacy Drake reported in her “neighbor” report above, Joe Jr’s credibility isn’t a hell of a lot better than his creepy stalker dad’s!

Let’s take Ben Smith at his word though. There is still plenty of proof that McGinniss is a creepy stalker, and most certainly hung up on Sarah Palin. We told you that McGinniss tried to bid on dinner with Sarah, offering up $60,000. There is a lot more.

When Sarah was on her book tour, freak boy followed her around. He “broke” the big story that yes, Sarah Palin flies on airplanes. Just how deranged is this idiot? He went crazy reporting on the fact that during Sarah’s book tour, she wasn’t on the Bus 24/7. This “astonishing revelation” was, of course, reported breathlessly by the lamestream media, showing what morons the entire bunch are.

As normal people understood, …. they could actually read her daily schedule….and understand the words….Sarah’s schedule was hectic. Many days she had two or three signings in one day, and many times these signings were quite a distance a part. Far enough apart that there was physically no way one could drive there in the time allotted to travel. It was beyond ridiculous for anyone to make something of this, but this is how pathetic these people are.

Besides shadowing Sarah on the book signing trail, McGinniss also showed up in Alaska, ignoring all of the “no trespassing” signs (which makes the story below even funnier) and tried to give Sarah one of his books.

Knowing all we know about Joe McGinniss, so far, it’s safe to say he’s a freak, a creep, and a stalker. But it gets better.

Josh Painter reported today that some reporters came calling on Joe:

Joe McGinness to ABC News: “Get off my property!

ABC News discovers that stalker Joe McGinness is also a hypocrite:

McGinniss, who is being accused of invading the Palins’ privacy, himself claimed that his was being invaded when ABC News knocked at his door to get a comment.

Get off, you’re trespassing,” McGinniss said through his window. “I am going to have to call the Wasilla police. Get off my property, now, I am going to put in the call.” 

It’s not your property, Joe. You’re just renting.

This little stunt of yours was a lot of fun for you and your leftist fellow travelers when you thought you could intimidate Gov. Palin and her family wasn’t it? But when the shoe went on the other foot, you sure lost your cool fast! That’s the thing with “progressives.” They love to dish it out, but they can’t take it.

How delicious is THAT! What a jackass this guy is. Josh has more, with video, here.

Bluegrass Pundit adds this little tidbit to the mix:

ABC News reporter Neal Karlinsky goes to the house McGinniss is living in and tries to talk to him. McGinniss tells Karlinsky to “get off my property,” and threatens to call the Wasilla police! He has now even posted “No Trespassing” Signs on the property!

This degenerate had absolutely no problem ignoring Sarah Palin’s no trespassing signs in his deranged pursuits, but expects people to respect the ones he’s thrown up. This reminds me of an interviewer who cornered Obama’s buddy, murdering domestic terrorist William Ayers to ask some questions. Now bear in mind, this is a guy who bombed police stations, and is married to a convicted cop killer. What do you think happened? That tool called the police, of course! Incredibly, they even showed up.The left has no shame.

McGinniss is a real loser, for sure, but this story just gets better. (Or worse, depending on how you score it) .

Rich Clowther at Conservatives4Palin deliciously skewers our buddy Dave Weigel, but also reports some not so shocking detail on who this loser McGinniss hangs with when he is in Alaska. While absolutely wearing Weigel out, Clowther writes:

Well the Palins see things differently, Mr Weigel. They have a different perspective, one borne of distressing, real life, personal experience.

They and their children have lived through the unprecedented harassment of the last 20 months: the email hacking which led to frightening phone calls to their eldest daughter in the middle of the night; the 26 ethics complaints which stifled the Palin Administration and came to nought; the deliberately malicious attempt to cause controversy and split a family with fabrication about divorce; the attacks on their most vulnerable child; the lie that the Palins were under federal investigation for embezzlement; the burningn of their church; the hate speak Trig Troofing conspiracies of Andrew Sullivan and Jesse Griffin and a notorious European blog; the misogynistic invective of a local Alaska Democratic Party office holder…. they’ve lived through all that and more David Weigel… and could perhaps be forgiven that they seem inclined to be wary, less magnanimous than you, less inclined to exercise equilibrium.

When Joe McGinniss moves in next door they don’t see that action as divorced from the context of the previous 20 months, as you appear to do, Mr Weigel.

Sure they remember that as an investigative journalist McGinniss has been critical of their mother… but, unlike you, perhaps they also remember who Joe’s friends are, with whom Joe chooses to socialize when he visits Alaska:

I [Jesse Griffin] found the table that our host Phil Munger had reserved for us and sat down with some of his other guests, who I did not know, but who turned out to be fans of both IM and Mudflats. (Oh did I mention that AKM was with me?)

Soon I was introduced to author Joe McGinniss, who is up here researching HIS Sarah Palin book, and who also turned out to be a huge fan of both AKM’s and I. (I swear I will NEVER get used to hearing that.)

Mr. McGinniss entertained us with tales of the colorful characters he has met while doing research for the book he is currently working on and back in the 1970’s for his novel Going to Extremes.

Readers will wish to avoid opening this link to theimmoralminority but they (and the Palins) know all about those with whom McGinniss hangs out,

• The liberal Alaska blogger and Palin-hater Jesse Griffin (who attacks the Palin family every day, and tells his readers he knows that Sarah Palin is not the mother of her fifth child, and who advocates the even more lunatic conspiracy that there are in fact three different versions of her fifth child)

• The local Alaska Democratic Party office holder and Palin hater Phil Munger (who tells his readers that Governor Palin is a slut and a whore)

• The Alaska based Huffington Post correspondent and Palin hater Jeanne Devon (who has accused the Palins of being tax cheats, and who is BFF with Alaska based blogger Shannyn Moore, the person who announced mendaciously on MSNBC that the Palins were under federal investigation)
… and knowing all this about Joe McGinniss and the “despicable” company he keeps, when he turns up next door the Palins instantly feel less safe in their own home, Mr Weigel.

Ahhh, the circle of life, and dirtbags, is complete.

You can read the whole thing here. It’s worth it, just to read the Weigel take down!

New readers may not be familiar with all of these names, but they make up Barack Obama’s hand picked Alaska Mafia. © These people were hand picked by Barack Obama’s then Senate Chief-Of-Staff, and now White House adviser, Pete Rouse, who still coordinates attacks on Sarah, from these degenerate bloggers in Alaska. Rouse is an Alaskan, like several other Obama staffers, including the infamous Mao lover, Anita Dunn.

These reprobates and malcontents, are the people who were given access to the Huffington Post, and MSNBC, so they could publish lies, and hate with ease. They were also the ones who recruited people to file all of the bogus ethics complaints against Sarah, all of which she was found innocent of any wrong doing.

Of course, these are the people who cost the Alaska taxpayers $2 million dollars, as the state had to investigate all of this nonsense. This was one of the reasons Sarah pulled the plug on her job as Governor. The people of Alaska simply didn’t deserve to be robbed of their hard earned money by a bunch of Marxist filth.

We continually write about the Alaska Mafia © but if you want a good background on these people, what they are about, and see the video Obama really doesn’t want you to see, you can go here.

Our buddy Doug Brady, also from C4P has even more to add, going back to the house deal:

The claim that the Palins owe their neighbor money is exceedingly difficult to believe on several levels. McGinniss claims the Palins owe the neighbor for “renovations” she performed for them. Really? Along with a few buddies, Todd built the Palins’ home. The Palins are currently adding a 6,000 square foot addition with Todd heavily involved in the construction. In addition, Todd has managed to put up a rather large fence in just a couple days. Todd Palin doesn’t strike me as someone who would need help with “renovations” from an absentee neighbor. He seems to be managing just fine without said neighbor’s renovating expertise, wouldn’t you say?

Moreover, are we really expected to believe that the Palins stiffed their neighbor for a bill and we’re only finding out about it now? We’re to believe that the neighbor was so angry over this that she sought out Joe McGinniss to get payback instead of running straight to the media (or at least the leftist bloggers in Alaska)? She could have been a folk hero to Keith Olbermann’s seven viewers. But if she was really interested in collecting money from the Palins, she could have simply answered her phone.


To sum this up, the Palins rented the house last summer to avoid the very situation in which they find themselves this summer. Further, the Palins repeatedly tried to contact the neighbor all winter to rent the house again this summer or, if possible, buy the property. Despite these efforts, the Palins could not get the absentee neighbor to return their calls. Hmmmmmm. Now I’ll admit to having no bill collecting experience but, it seems to me, that if someone owed me money and they were calling me, I’d take the call. But that’s just me…

It’s pretty clear that the entire tale of the Palins owing a neighbor money for some unspecified renovations is ludicrous on its face. Does anyone seriously think the Palins don’t pay their bills? Even Ben Smith appeared to question the veracity of the neighbor’s claim by updating his post to note the Palins repeated attempts to contact her:

UPDATE: Palin told Glenn Beck yesterday that her husband had been “trying to get hold of [the neighbor] all winter long” to ask about renting or buying the place, in part “for fear of something like this happening.”

Mr. McGinniss, through his son, appears to be trying to change the subject from his bizarre behavior. Conduct which has even been criticized as “outrageously, unnecessarily intrusive” by a left-wing Palin-critic at the Washington Post. Stalking is the only accurate term to describe the following actions undertaken by Mr. McGinniss: illegally ignoring the Palin’s no trespassing signs to hand deliver books, outrageously bidding for the Ride2Recovery charity dinner so he could harass Governor Palin, chasing Governor Palin at book signing(s), and now this latest stunt.

You can read more from Doug here.

BTW, Greta has photos of the fence here.

I have to ask readers. If you had to put up with one tenth of the crap the Palins have to put up with, would you still be able to be the warrior Sarah is, and never back down? I wonder if the GOP establishment show ponies could handle it.

I’m with Glenn Beck on one thing for sure. Todd Palin deserves some sort of an award. You must know the urge to grab a few of these devils by the neck and just beat the hell out of ‘em is hard to suppress. Todd is a much better man than I, for sure. As Sarah says, he has the patience of Job.

We cheer for Sarah daily, celebrate her grit, and determination. I think we should all raise a glass every now and again, and toast Todd Palin, he’s earned it!

As delicious as all of the above is, I saved the desert for last.

Since the Washington Post’sConservative Republican Insider” Dave Weigel, decided to attack Sarah Palin for being so rude as to defend herself and her family, we’ve hit him pretty hard already, which we linked to above. We stand by the assertion that Weigel is a first class a-hole. A complete and total loser. Now, we can add scumbag and liar to his resume.

Both Red State’s Erick Erickson, and Dr Melissa Clouthier went after Weigel hard, and both smack downs are epic, but I came away with a couple of things.

Again, Weigel tries to pass himself off as the “Conservative Republican Insider.” Erickson outs the guy though. It seems that Weigel voted for Al Gore, John Kerry….who served in Vietnam, and Barack Obama. I know a lot of real Conservatives, and absolutely none of them would vote for that axis of evil.

Erickson points out that Weigel once wrote for publications funded by Nazi collaborator, and self-proclaimed “owner of the democrat party” George Soros. This is Dr Evil himself. Ian Fleming’s Ernst Stavro Blofeld come to life. If Weigel wrote for him, he’s no conservative, he’s a plant, a phony.

Erickson writes:

In fact, if you go through Dave’s archives you’ll find a slew of stories from the most recent one as I write
to others that no one on the right really cares about, but people on the left who see the right collectively as fringe will eat up. And that’s the whole point of why he’s there.

There’s nothing unique about this situation. If the job is to cover the right from “inside the conservative movement,” that’s not actually happening. It’s like they put Weigel in a gorilla costume to infiltrate some gorillas in the mist and he stumbled into the wrong camp and is now reporting on activity completely unrelated to what actually matters. Never mind that the Washington Post’s online coverage of conservatives reflects a view that gorillas are more civilized than conservatives. And never mind that Weigel’s reporting is clouded with the groupthink you get among up-and-coming self-styled thinker/journalists who live together in D.C., are out to have an impact, but have never lived outside the clique.

Insular groupthink journalism isn’t just useless because it doesn’t talk about what’s really going on, but because it only exists to coo at the pet ideas of the epistemic closure elites, usually preceded by a Media Matters press release to help direct their path.

Sure, Dave Weigel is a nice guy. But don’t treat his reporting from “inside the conservative movement” as serious when he clearly is not on the inside. He’s there because of what he wrote for publications funded by Tim Gill and George Soros, he’s there to track the fringe, to make the fringe look like the middle, and to dig in on agenda-based topics which kowtow to the narrow views of DC elites. His smarter readers know that’s the case, and are just there to enjoy the ride — the only one who seems to think otherwise is the adolescent naif Ezra Klein, late of the Center for American Progress, who doesn’t have any journalistic incentive to be objective toward the right or even passably fair.

Dr. Clouthier writes:

Like Erick, I like Dave Weigel–in the same way I liked the trained Siberian Tigers at the Sigfried and Roy show: they look interesting and exotic, but are extraordinarily dangerous–as poor Roy learned the hard way. A journalist is a wild animal with an appetite for conservative meat and should be interacted with that way–always.

I do not expect Dave to be unbiased or fair. I do not expect him to defend a conservative point-of-view, ever, and therefore, I’m not disappointed or offended when he snaps off some pithy, demeaning, diminishing remark about conservatives or conservatism generally.

When he says something sufficiently irritating, I might respond, but mostly, I suppress the urge as it’s useless. Joking at a conservative’s expense and yucking it up is easy peasy. Everyone does it. So trendy.

So no, I don’t take Dave Weigel seriously. I think he’s a gifted writer and has interesting insight. He has an sophisticated mind and I enjoy talking to him. But he’s as ideologically left as the rest, he’s just willing to lower himself to hang with the natives from time to time. And he’s welcome to do so. Conservative people treat him with more kindness because he is willing to at least publicly view conservatives as a species of human. When it comes down to it though, his reporting sounds like reports from the out-back bush.

It would be fascinating to see what conservative, inside the conservative mind, reporting would look like. Too exotic for the Washington Post, that notion. Better stick with blogs.

Fascinating stuff, for sure. You can read more here.

Weigel is a phony, a fraud. I’ve never been a fan anyway, but it’s quite aggravating to see this clown try and pass himself off as one of us. (or at least claim to cover us “from the inside”) What’s despicable though is the way he attacked Sarah Palin for simply standing up for herself and her family when being assaulted by a deranged stalker. Tells you all you need to know about Dave Weigel.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more to talk about as this saga continues

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Sarah Palin’s Neighbor Did What Now?

By Stacy Drake

Ben Smith at Politico has posted another story related to now famous stalker, Joe McGinniss titled “Palin neighbor sought author as tenant.” It says:

Sarah Palin’s next-door neighbor sought out author Joe McGinniss as a tenant, McGinniss’s son said.

“No one is stalking anyone,” Joe McGinniss, Jr., a novelist whose father is the non-fiction writer, wrote in response to an email from a Palin supporter who confused his email address and his father’s. (He shared the email with me.) “A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house.”

The neighbor “turned down more lucrative offers from the National Enquirer who wanted the house so they could ‘stalk’ and take pictures, etc… She said no,” he wrote.

McGinniss, Jr. wrote that Palin is “inspiring a lot of hate in people, appealing to so many of people’s worst instincts. Sad and scary.” And he defended his father’s decision to rent the house:

[I]f you were writing a biography of Tiger Woods and had the chance to move in with him, or his pool house, or rent next door or down the street from him — it would be journalistic malpractice not to. As a writer, you go where the story is, get as close as you can to it. People who write about politics, campaigns, they travel with the candidates, stay in the same motels, ride the bus, eat breakfast, hang out any and everywhere they can to get access. It’s pretty basic. We want to read the work of someone who is as close to their subject as possible. That’s called reporting. And when it’s for a book about someone, all the more important to be close….

He’s not stalking or peeping or peering or meddling. He’s simply fulfilling his obligations to his publisher and his readers and himself — to get as close to the subject of his book as possible. You’ll never see tabloid photos or depictions of backyard activities. He’s a professional writer with great integrity and an amazing sense of fairness.

The Tennessee woman to whom he responded, whom McGinniss, Jr. said was “the most rational-sounding” one, called the journalist a “leech” and wrote that, if a reporter moved in next to her, ” I can only imagine how outraged and invaded I would feel.”

McGinniss, Jr. added, “Sarah Palin’s middle-school style reaction to an author renting next door is quite something. But maybe my father’s grandchildren, when they fly up to visit, can make some new friends. They’d probably have a lot of fun together actually.”

The fact that he said Governor Palin is “inspiring a lot of hate in people” should be a clear indicator what a far-left crackpot Joe McGinniss Jr. (and most likely Senior as well) is, but that’s besides the point for now.

At first glace it appears as though Junior is covering for his crazed father’s actions by making up excuses and shifting the blame to the owner of the property. While trying to rescue his father’s reputation may be the case, something may be up with the owner as well.

In two separate interviews given this week, Governor Palin has stated that they tried to contact the owner to purchase the property or rent it out again but the owner never returned their calls.

Junior McGinniss implies that the Palin’s owed this woman money and that was what this owner, a lady by the name of Catherine E. Taylor was seeking some sort of revenge for. That doesn’t add up at all. If the Palin’s “owed” her money, why would she NOT respond to them when they tried to contact her?

Sarah Palin is no deadbeat and she certainly can afford to pay her bills. Just pick up any “mainstream” publication from about two months ago for full disclosure on every dime she has made within the last year. Sarah Palin has a public image to maintain and she would not skip out on paying bills risking a possible future political career, her livelihood, or the reputation of the many candidates her PAC works so hard to support. This explanation makes no sense.

If there was any motive at all for Taylor to ‘seek revenge’ on her neighbors, this proves she sought out a tenant with a history of unsavory behavior in regards to Governor Palin. I think Whitney summed up Joe McGinniss’ shady history well in her piece titled “The Palins Can See a McCreep from their House!” She wrote:

Joe McGinniss is an author who writes true crime and non-fiction novels. Most well known is his book about Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign that he wrote as a 26 year old. He has also written a book about a year traveling through Alaska published in 1980 and is currently writing an anti-Palin book due out next year. He has written several Palin hit pieces over the past year and a half. He wrote a piece for the no longer existent Conde Nast’s Portfolio. This piece is full of quotes from noted Palin detractors, and McGinniss called her Alaska’s Eva Peron. The false claims made in this piece regarding McGinniss’s assertions have been debunked here. McGinniss also made an attempt to win an auction for dinner with Governor Palin, the proceeds going to Ride2Recovery effort for combat victims (Cathy Maples won the auction). He bid on this auction event because he ” would have enjoyed the opportunity for a frank exchange of views with Gov. Palin.”

McGinniss has stopped by the Palin’s home before in his “research” for his book prior to his move to the Palin’s neighborhood, stopping by the Palin’s home once last fall to drop off a copy of his book, Going to Extremes. A story published last November by the New York Daily News quoted McGinniss as saying, ” I’m not intending to write a salacious book about Sarah Palin’s sex life. But if it’s true, I’ll find out” (emphasis mine). McGinniss also spent significant time analyzing every move of Governor Palin’s book tour over the winter, even stopping by at one of the book tour stops in Florida

These latest comments from Joe McGinniss Jr. are cause for concern. Many people have many questions and I’m really not trusting this left-wing crackpot to give the public any straight answers. No matter who sought who, the fact of the matter remains. Joe McGinniss is a morally depraved, intrusive individual that has no business taking up residence next to the Palin family. I don’t care if he calls himself a journalist or not. The damage to his reputation is done and this is merely an attempt by his camp to paint Sarah Palin as the ‘bad guy’ when we already know that she and her family have been victimized in this case.


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It Seems That Sarah Palin’s Crazed Stalker, Joe McGiniss, Has A Habit Of This Kind Of Behavior With Others

In the middle of putting together some updates on the continuing saga of Sarah Palin’s crazed, unethical stalker, I was forward this information that I think takes priority. We’ll have our planned follow-up posted later.

The website Wizbang reports the following:

Sarah Palin announced on her Facebook page that Joe McGinniss, author of the infamous book Fatal Vision that chronicled the story of Jeffrey MacDonald, has rented the house right next door to hers. It seems he’s chosen her has the subject of his next book. Lucky her. While she keeps the tone of her post upbeat and positive, it’s clear she is disturbed to know that someone so hostile and antagonistic toward her is watching her and her family’s every move.

Since Palin published her post, the blogosphere has been all atwitter about this development. Many people find it creepy. Those in the tried and true anti-Palin camp say she’s the one who’s out of line and criticize her for being “unprofessional and paranoid.”

[ ….]

McGinniss’ publisher responded with a statement that read in part:

Well regarded for his in-depth, up-close reporting, Mr. McGinniss will be highly respectful of his subject’s privacy as he investigates her public activities.”

Well regarded? Highly respectful? I’d like to know which Joe McGinniss they’re talking about because it isn’t the Joe McGinniss who moved next door to Sarah Palin.

Let’s take a look at how McGinniss put together his book Fatal Vision, the story about Jeffrey MacDonald, and see how well regarded and highly respectful he is.

Joe McGinniss was hired by MacDonald’s defense team to write a book that would exonerate him. McGinniss, to research his book, became MacDonald’s shadow during the trial. He had full access to every aspect of his defense. He even moved in with him for a while.

He became MacDonald’s most loyal supporter. He wrote letters to him in which he professed his belief that he was innocent. Joe McGinniss gained MacDonald’s confidence to the point that MacDonald opened his soul to him. He told McGinniss everything: about his relationship with his wife, his father in law, his kids. Everything. Through it all, McGinniss continued to tell MacDonald that he was on his side and that he would make sure the world knew of MacDonald’s innocence. MacDonald was eventually convicted, but McGinniss remained loyal and told him to be patient until until the book came out because it would prove his innocence and the nation would rally to side

When the book was finally published, MacDonald realized he had been brutally deceived. McGinniss portrayed MacDonald as a psychopathic, enraged, drug crazed murderer. It turned out the entire time McGinniss fawned over MacDonald and told him how much he believed in his innocence, McGinniss was writing the exact opposite.

MacDonald was so disgusted at McGinniss’ deception that he filed a federal lawsuit against him. During the course of the trial McGinniss admitted under oath during questioning by MacDonald’s lawyer that he didn’t even believe the theory he promoted in the book:

Fourteen years ago, Joe McGinniss’s best-selling book, Fatal Vision, depicted MacDonald as guilty. McGinniss theorized that MacDonald had abused diet pills, had suffered a violent amphetamine psychosis, and in a fit of rage, had murdered his family because one of the children wet the bed. The book and the pursuant movie convinced millions that this actually occurred. Yet, in a sworn deposition on October 30, 1986, McGinniss, incredibly, admitted he did not personally believe his own theory. He explained, under oath, that he had introduced the diet pill theory as a dramatic device in his “new journalism” where the story is more important than the facts. When asked why he said that he’d learned MacDonald had ingested an overdose of diet pills (which he had not learned at all), he said he hadn’t wanted to give his readers the same old “rehash of the trial.”

McGinniss finally revealed his true feelings about his central theory, the theory that had made him rich, and had convinced millions of people that MacDonald was guilty. Under oath, during hard questions by MacDonald’s attorney, he admitted, “I’m not convinced that it actually happened.”

The trial ended in a 5-1 hung jury in MacDonald’s favor. According to MacDonald’s account, “the hold out juror had refused to deliberate after fellow jurors rebuffed her attempts to spend time listening to her views on animal rights.

McGinniss paid MacDonald $325,000 to avoid a retrial he knew he would surely lose.

Janet Malcolm wrote about MacDonald’s law suit and Joe McGinniss’ shocking duplicity in her book The Journalist and the Murderer.

In the early 90’s Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost took up MacDonald’s story and reexamined the case against him. What they found really was shocking. The authors, through Freedom of Information Act requests, learned that numerous documents, pieces of physical evidence, and witness testimony that supported MacDonald’s account of what happened the night his family was murdered had been suppressed by the judge and the prosecution. Potter and Bost published it in their book Fatal Justice that outlines how Jeffrey MacDonald is innocent. The author of this San Francisco Chronicle book review detailed some of the evidence that was suppressed, and the details from this account alone are so damning that I could not help but yell at my computer screen, “why the hell is this man still in prison?” Take a look:

Relying on documents released under the Freedom of Information Act — more than 10,000 pages of investigative reports, witness statements, affidavits, handwritten lab notes, transcripts, official letters and other documents, Potter and Bost deftly chart a snowballing chain of events leading to a virtual legal whiteout by the time of MacDonald’s 1979 trial.

The authors say that key findings supporting MacDonald’s version of events — that a Manson-like group had committed the crimes — were never presented to the jury. They found, for example, evidence of fresh candle wax drippings that did not match any candles in the home and were found precisely where MacDonald reported he saw flickering candlelight while struggling with his attackers; three bloodstained gloves; (the implication was that one person would not need three gloves, whereas four people likely would); blonde wig hairs found on a hairbrush (MacDonald said the candle was held by a blond woman in a floppy hat) and numerous unidentified fibers and hairs near the bodies of Kimberly, Kristen and Colette that did not match MacDonald’s or anything in the home. In all, Bost and Potter describe in detail 21 items of physical evidence never presented in MacDonald’s defense that clearly point to the presence of others. Among them: a bloody syringe and an unidentified piece of skin under Colette’s fingernail that was extensively tested and subsequently disappeared when it did not match MacDonald’s.

Potter and Bost document new witnesses, including neighbors in the building where the MacDonalds lived who remember sights and sounds on the night of the murder but were never interviewed by the Army. They also review the testimony of witnesses interviewed earlier — most notably drug abuser Helena Stoeckley, who on at least six occasions revealed details of the murders that only someone involved could have known, such as the S shape poked into Kristen’s chest with an ice pick. Stoeckley, who died in the early 1980s, said the S stood for “Satan.” Despite such confessions and a lack of alibi, Stoeckley and two of her companions, who fit descriptions provided by MacDonald, were never brought in for questioning.

The army said the crime scene was well protected. It was not,” say the authors. “They said it was competently searched. It was not. They said they could prove the scene was staged by MacDonald. They did not. They said neighbors saw and heard nothing that night. Not true. The army and the government said nothing was found to support the presence of intruders at the scene. That was false. And, now that we know about the hair in Colette’s hand, the bloody syringe, the multiple bloody gloves, the piece of skin, the wig hair, and the black wool fibers, this was the cruelest lie of all.

After looking at the case, how it was handled, as well as the suppressed evidence, Alan Dershowitz, too, was convinced that the government suppressed critical amounts of evidence that would have proven MacDonald’s innocence. He discussed the government’s cover up in his book America on Trial. Judge Andrew Napolitano (yes, Judge Andrew Napolitano at Fox News) thinks the government framed MacDonald as well and wrote about the government’s blatant misconduct in his book Lies the Government Told You.

MacDonald and his lawyers had the chance to appeal his conviction on March 23 of this year, and they may get a new trial because of this previously suppressed evidence. I hope he gets it, primarily because from where I sit, this is one of the most egregious examples of government abuse that I have ever seen (I would expect nothing less from China) and partly because I’d like to see McGinniss’s book blow up in his face.

Now, if Joe McGinniss truly was the “well regarded” and “highly respectful” investigative journalist his publishing house said he is, why he didn’t actually do the legwork MacDonald’s defense team paid him to do and investigate and report MacDonald’s story? The answer is obvious: a book about a handsome Army doctor who turned psychopathic and drug crazed and viciously murdered his beautiful – and pregnant – wife and two young daughters is far more compelling and sells far more books than a book about prosecutorial misconduct, as evidenced by the fact that many people have heard of Fatal Vision but few have heard of Fatal Justice.

All this makes it even more disturbing that McGinniss has now targeted Sarah Palin for the same kind of treatment he gave Jeffrey MacDonald. Even though Sarah Palin is in a position where she can defend herself against McGinniss’s lies, whereas MacDonald could not, there are still a lot of people in this country who hate her and her family so much that they will believe anything negative about her, no matter how untrue.

What an unethical son-of-a-bitch Joe McGinnis is.

Man, this is simple proof that McGinnis is not only creepy, but a liar of the highest order that can’t be trusted by anyone. This is the sort of fellow that if it was high noon, and he told you the sun was shining, you’d be compelled to step outside to verify.

We have talked about the fact that McGinnis has been stalking Sarah for some time. We talked about his bidding $60,000 to have dinner with her. What we failed to mention is the fact that he pursued her on her book tour. McGinnis “broke” the story that Sarah Palin, as shocking as it sounds, flies on airplanes. This loon seemed shocked that Sarah Palin wasn’t on her tour bus 24/7 and wrote a hate filled, nonsensical piece about it.

You see, what this gutter snipe either couldn’t grasp, or in his zeal to smear Sarah, didn’t care, is the fact that Sarah’s schedule often saw her at a book signing in the morning, with afternoon and evening signings hundreds of miles apart. Many times it was simply impossible to go from one signing to the other by bus, because the distance was greater than the time allotted for travel would allow. As such, her publisher: HarperCollins provided air travel. Pretty standard stuff.

We’ve also learned that McGinniss, ignoring all sorts on “no trespassing” signs, actually showed up on Sarah’s doorstep trying to give her a book he had written. This is beyond creepy. It’s sick.

We are also learning more about the situation concerning the house he rented next door to Sarah, and how that came to be. We’ll have comments on this as well, once we have a better picture, but it seems to be yet another well orchestrated scheme by the Marxists to smear Sarah Palin.

The bottom line though is this. Joe McGinniss is a freak, and a liar. Joe McGinnis has a long history of being a freak and a liar. He has zero credibility whatsoever. One is compelled to think that every word that comes out of his mouth, or is put to the printed page by his hand, is an out and out lie, until proven otherwise.


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