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Pure Evil: Speaker Bohner and GOP Leadership Tricked 216 House Republicans Into Voting FOR Obama’s Executive Amnesty


By Gary P Jackson

There are some truly evil machinations afloat in the Republican controlled House of Representatives.

We’ve long known that Speaker of the House John Boehner and his cronies want to give amnesty to illegal aliens. ALL illegal aliens. We knew that any tough talk coming out of the mouths of these treasonous “progressive” Republican bastards was just theater to fool those who don’t really pay attention. After one of the greatest Republican victories in modern times, Boehner almost immediately signaled he would not fight Obama in any way. Typically, Boehner and his cohorts would rather fight Conservatives, who wish to save America, rather than Obama and his democrats, who are hell-bent on destroying it!

Matthew Boyle at Big Government has a lengthy and exhaustive interview with Congressman Louie Gohmert [R-TX], a straight shooter, if there ever was one. Congressman Gohmert goes to great lengths to describe how Boehner’s henchmen took a piece of legislation [H.R. 5759] written by Congressman Ted Yoho [R-FL] co-sponsored by Gohmert, and completely changed the wording and intent of the bill in Executive Committee. Boenher actually took a very short and concise piece of legislation that reminded President Obama what he was doing was illegal, and actually changed the wording in a manner that would STRENGTHEN Obama’s position on amnesty, and other unconstitutional power grabs by the president.

In a lengthy interview on Friday afternoon, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) exposed how House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise strengthened President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty with procedural trickery former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber would envy—and they did it all in the name of pushing a bill that they told Republicans would block Obama’s executive amnesty.

What’s more is that a series of interviews and recent developments indicate that Boehner’s gambit here is placing several of his top lieutenants—including at least two committee chairmen—at political risk of serious primary challenges just a few months after newly elected Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) beat now former House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) in a Republican primary.

Gohmert said most members had no idea what they were actually voting for when 219 members—216 of which were Republicans—approved a measure, H.R. 5759, first put forward by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), but subsequently dramatically altered by leadership officials in the Rules Committee process.

I was a cosponsor of the original Yoho bill. I thought it was a very decent bill, it was very short—it was only about a page and a half—and it basically said that anything the president did in violation of current law including what he’s done with ordering work permits for people who are illegally here, it’s illegal,” Gohmert said.

Reading how this was done reminds us that liberals [no matter what political party they call home] are pure evil and will do anything and everything to further their agenda. Nothing is out of bounds to these rat-bastards, including lying to members of their own party! The Yoho bill is something Boehner intends to use as the centerpiece of his entire Continuing Resolution that will fund Obama’s agenda, including amnesty, through March of 2015.

You simply MUST read the entire Breitbart report, in context. It’s too in-depth and comprehensive to even attempt to post a few bits and pieces. Click here to read it all.

I can’t express strongly enough how evil Boehner and his co-conspirators are. The American people spoke LOUDLY in November. They gave Republicans control of the Senate, and an even larger control of the House, with the specific mission of stopping Obama dead in his tracks. Stopping amnesty and killing ObamaCare, once and for all, were the two big issues that saw the GOP take historic wins. The message couldn’t have been clearer!

As Americans we must stand up and demand that this injustice, this act of treason against the United States and her people, be dealt with. Boehner and his cohorts need to be removed from their positions of power. They are evil and corrupt. Personally, I’d love to see if criminal charges can’t be filed and indictments handed down, but I understand the reluctance to “weaponize” politics, unless the target is a Conservative, of course. At he very least, the entire House Republican leadership needs to be thrown out of power.

We don’t have much time either. Congress leaves for Christmas vacation at the end of the workweek. Boehner wants his treasonous betrayal of the American people to stand.

Again, take time to read the entire mind-blowing Breitbart exposé, and then call your Congressman and raise holy hell! Demand this bill be rescinded and a complete change of leadership, from the top down, when the new Congress is sworn in.

Hat Tip: Sissy Willis


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I Have NO Words.. LaRaza Praises Representatives Who Stood With Dreamers and Two of Them Are Mine!

paul ryanla raza praise

By Isabel Matos

Update April 23 2:21 pm. It is no secret. I am livid. I couldn’t help but be alarmed by the fact that my representatives are supposed to be anti-communist and yet, are pushing Amnesty. They are calling it Immigration Reform as you will see by linking to Tony Lee’s article to what Rep. Ros-Lehtinen said to Jose Diaz-Balart. You would think THEY (not me) would have access to simple information that can be found online. That is in part what this is about. Anyone can do a little homework. They could and should know this but they ignore it.

I am not here to make a dissertation on Communist Infiltration. I am here to make a statement about the ABUSE by the GOPe using my representatives to push their agenda which is a COMMUNIST PARTY USA agenda. I want to make sure that it is clear, too, that special interests wrote S.744 last year. I hope journalists with more resources look into this in more depth: the names of the (specific) companies and/or organizations that have been behind these bills because they are most likely writing what our representatives are so busy pushing.  Thank you for reading and viewing.  The support is much appreciated.

I am truly at a loss for words. I can’t express how low the GOPe has stooped or how utterly embarrassed and saddened I am by this latest, most stunning development regarding amnesty. It hits so close to home that it defies all logic for me. For two anti-communist representatives to be sharing goals with LaRaza in the push for amnesty shows just how much the situation has deteriorated and how out of control the establishment is in using our community leaders to push this idiotic agenda, how out of touch and untouchable our representatives have become, and how they’ve kept this dirty secret from voters. It has gone far enough. They’ve been used and pampered to no end, to help the GOPe.

I hope you view the clip from last year where I appealed to my representatives to not support amnesty. I hope you know I’ve done all I could to stop them. I cannot stand by and watch any longer, but I don’t know what else can effect change at this point.  It’s time to expose their increasingly traitorous actions to this country by pushing amnesty, and for our cause for freedom which is considered sacred. Never in a million years would I have imagined this would happen.

Pushing Amnesty for Republicans is a delusional goal. It is ill-advised (which makes you wonder where are they getting their information from). It helps the left. This latest is a mockery of the dreams of many legal immigrants who they are supposed to represent.  Many came to this country to escape big government, ironically the same one they are helping to create, wittingly or not.

Their daily focus is to pander to the special needs of illegals, that is how out of touch they are. And as their status in the party grows, they forget why they entered public service in the first place. I have described Rhinos with an H before and the two mentioned below may be turning into political animals themselves. They are leaving their humanity behind because they are abandoning their principles. Their live for their next perk, committee position or television appearance. (Now can you understand why I HATE THE GOPe?! It has taken good people and corrupted them.) So they’re living the high life but it’s an illusion because they have become like beasts reducing themselves to exist solely for their next “meal”. They don’t care about morals or principles.

Party on! “Que Viva la Pepa!”

Who cares about the folks? It’s time to mingle with our enemies. How base and undignified. It has gone on long enough. It doesn’t matter if any of you are losing your souls in the process anymore. This  exceptional country matters more. In the end my words were just physical disgust turned inside out spilled on a page.

He’s been working hard. Awww..

gang of 7 a

In a Breitbart Article on August 11th, Tony Lee reported:

One of the 11 House Republicans La Raza praised for not voting to end President Barack Obama’s temporary amnesty program for illegal immigrants revealed that Rep. Paul Ryan has been working “every day” behind the scenes on an amnesty bill.

In a Friday appearance on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) predicted that Congress is “going to be passing an immigration bill” in the future, “thanks to your brother, Mario Diaz-Balart.”

“Mario and Paul Ryan and good leaders are working every day toward that, and we hope that it will happen,” she said.

Ros-Lehtinen and other members of the GOP earned La Raza’s praise for voting against the border bill that would have denied Obama the right to use federal funds to implement temporary amnesty.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), whom Ros-Lehtinen referenced, was reportedly “ready to announce to House leaders that a majority of House Republicans supported his immigration reform bill,” and secured “soft commitments from at least 120 Republicans.” Ryan was reportedly working with Diaz-Balart to get support for his bill, which would have allowed Republicans to bring it to the floor and then vote against it, enabling it to pass with Democrat support.

After House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was ousted because of his support for amnesty, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told President Obama that he would not bring up an immigration bill in the House this year. Though Boehner said he wanted to get an amnesty bill through in the next Congress, Diaz-Balart asked House leaders to give his bill one more chance this year before being denied.

“I’m seriously disappointed,” Diaz-Balart said then. “We have a historic opportunity to fix a system everyone knows is broken. We’re squandering that opportunity. The bottom line is we have a bill that is ready to go. We had bipartisan support. And yet I’ve been told we’re not going to move forward this year.”  END OF ARTICLE.


I had been keeping these pictures handy for a while and it’s time to start taking the gloves off and exposing what has been going on for years.

ryan ily jeb and pryan 2 with ily at versailles

Photos taken  at “Versailles” Restaurant. Courtesy of unknown source.


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BOEHNER Loses Border Bill Vote. Weeps for Cantor Who Steps Down

boehner 12

By Isabel Matos

Update: The title was changed. I was having fun but it was too confusing for readers to make the connection. A lot is at stake and it’s best to be clear and direct. This was the catchy title but not explicit enough: His Sniffer-ship Weeps Again. This Time for Eric Cantor N.o.b.o.d.y. does it better.

I find John Boehner fascinating. Okay, I’m lying, of course (sort of). He is always in the news but is never making good news for us.  He said that impeachment was a scam and a White House stunt. (Now that’s a scam!) He has no plans to Defund Obama’s Unconstitutional Acts. He filed a pointless lawsuit which got a well-deserved snark from the President: “Sue Me!” His half-baked response to Obama’s massive 2.7 billion immigration fix didn’t garner the votes needed, so recess is postponed until a new measure is passed. When it comes to failed acts of courage in D.C., nobody does it (the same yes, but not) better than Boehner.

Today Eric Cantor, the first sitting House leader to lose reelection in more than a hundred years, stepped down from his position as Majority Whip.

This of course made John Boehner “dab his eyes with a handkerchief”.

W.h.y.?  Cantor will continue to sit until his term runs out in January 2015.  The mood in the Chamber was even described as “macabre”.  Like we care.


Here’s a little FLASHBACK from those of us who have been calling for John Boehner’s removal since 2011: 

Boehner could have been replaced last year but we’re stuck with him so we may as well go down memory lane and have a little fun at his expense. Here is his address to the 113th Congress on the day his Speaker-ship was renewed: Jan 3rd, 2013. If you recall, he had resorted to bribing representatives with favors and committee positions at the last minute to keep his position as he did not have the votes to win.  Here they are throughout this speech: Rino crocodile tears. Aww..

Ready? :01 Public service was never meant to be an easy living. Extraordinary challenges demand extraordinary leadership. So if you’ve come here to see your name in the lights or to pass off a political victory as some accomplishment, you’ve come to the wrong place. The door’s right behind you. Verklempt :20 – :24 If you’ve come here pause 25 humbled :26 by the opportunity to serve :27.. If you’ve come here to be the determined voice of the people .. gets choked up :35 – :36, if you’ve come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not by our constituents but by the times then you’ve come to the right place. Sniff :46, applause :47 hanky :48 applause ends :57. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven and for the 113th Congress sniff 1:02  it is a time to rise.

It’s his party and he’ll cry if he wants to… but you should cry, too. It’s your party and he’s not only been against you, he hasn’t even acknowledged you.

boehner crying

You will find all sorts of weepy shot collectionsFacebook pages and lists dedicated to John Boehner crying.. Included are best caption contests, videos and hundreds of jokes in thousands of pages about this man’s tears. I’m sick of it.

bc 131weep watch

2boehnercries2-cropped-proto-custom_1_original4857109sniffsafe_imagelistening to irish musicjust cryingcrying2010chasing the american dreamcapitol dome 12-2013john boehnerAP is reporting that Boehner has been informed that he is a republican!boehnerBarack Obama, Enda Kenny, John Boehner

Good grielf!! If Sarah Palin or any woman in politics especially a Conservative one even shed one tear over the kinds of events John Boehner has been moved to tears over. Above his emotion was captured during an Irish song at a Saint Patrick’s Day Luncheon at the Capitol. If any woman on our side was caught doing this, we would not hear the end of it. It’s not that politicians SHOULD be emotionless it’s that Our GOPe is sick. John Boehner I have said before is not well.  As politicians they make it all about “them”, but it’s about “us”, which is the contrast between the GOPe style of governing and the ONE that is to come.

Notice Boehner never thanks the Tea Party, nor the woman behind the surge that took him to the power which he has squandered, but that’s okay.. we’ll tweak what he said earlier and use his own words for inspiration:

There is a time for every purpose under Heaven and for US, We-the-People (no sniffing – weeping- no hanky) it is a time to rise.


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Speaker Boehner IMPEACHMENT is the CONSTITUTIONAL Remedy for President Obama Not Some Lame-Ass Lawsuit!

Impeach Obama Overpass

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The Constitution, Article II, Section 4

By Gary P Jackson

Under President Barack Obama the Rule of Law, and the United States Constitution, have become meaningless. Barack Obama has committed numerous real crimes, and has also refused to work within the confines of the constitutional Separation of Powers, as outlined in our founding documents.

For those that have forgotten, Americans don’t elect a king, or a ruler, we elect a President. The President is head of the Executive Branch of government, but there are two other EQUAL branches of government, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. These three branches of government exist to serve as checks and balances to each other. The idea is to keep any one branch from going out of control, as President Obama has been doing since he took office in 2009.

Of course, in order for the Rule of Law, and those checks and balances to work against a despicable, lawless Executive, the other branches of government, especially the Legislative Branch, has to have the moral fortitude to enforce those checks and balances, politics be damned.

Sadly, we have no one with that moral fortitude to do what’s right, and take Obama and his lawless thug government on. It seems all of the Republicans are more worried about protecting their phony-baloney jobs, than protecting the United States of America!

So… in a scene right out of Blazing Saddles Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to make people think he’s doing something by filing a lawsuit against President Obama for his lawlessness and use of Executive Orders to illegally bypass Congress.

Don’t be fooled my friends, this is window dressing meant to appease voters who are already so angry at Boehner, and Congress in general, that hardware stores are stocking up on pitchforks and torches [as well as tar and feathers] in anticipation of an all out rebellion!

But Gary,” you say, filing lawsuit against President Obama is the way to stop him and is easier and more appealing than impeachment. No it’s not.

Let’s look at Attorney General Eric Holder, America’s chief law enforcement officer, as an example. Eric Holder has been in Contempt of Congress for a year now. [Well, 11 months, to the day, if you want to get technical] He is the first sitting Cabinet member in United States history to have been held in Contempt of Congress. That is a VERY big deal.

We all know if Holder was a Republican, not only would he already be gone from office, he’d likely be serving time in prison, but in Obama’s America™ the Rule of Law is meaningless, and the corrupt media has Obama and all of his fellow thugs’ back. I’d be willing to wager a fair amount of American dollars that most people don’t even know Holder has been held in Contempt of Congress, or the significance of that crime.

One thing is for certain, Eric Holder committed a crime and has suffered absolutely ZERO consequences ZERO repercussions for his actions. Nor has Holder suffered any for his lack of enforcing dozens of laws, even though his actions have, in more than one case, put the entire United States in peril.

Should Speaker Boehner, after a year of so of wasting time in the courts with his lawsuit, be victorious, guess who would be called upon to enforce whatever action prescribed against President Obama: That’s right, Eric Holder. Good luck with that!

Now there will be many who say you can’t impeach Obama. Most of these naysayers will be in the consultant class, who, as we all know, have done a bang up job of advising Republicans so far!

First and foremost, we must all realize this CANNOT be about politics. The Rule of Law, the Constitution, and our Founding Principles, are far more important than whether or not a political party wins the next election. Doing the right thing is often harder than not. What President Obama has done, and is doing, is far too dangerous for Republicans, or anyone else, to care about how this effects the outcome of the next election, or the Presidential elections in 2016.

Republicans have become very adept at using the excuse of worrying about the next election to justify their inability, or unwillingness, to act on any number of important issues. Well, guess what, there is ALWAYS another election!

We have a federal election every two years. Some state, somewhere, is also having a gubernatorial election every two years. If you are going to let yourself be handcuffed by worrying about election results, then you might as well resign from office and go home, because you certainly are worthless as an employee of We, The People!

It’s time for those we PAY to represent us in Congress to actually start representing us, and actually start looking out for these United States, instead of worrying about their own careers.

Oh, and for God’s sake, WHEN you start writing Articles of Impeachment against President Obama, PLEASE appoint a point man [or woman] for media who has enough brain power to articulate the actions.

Republicans blew it, big time, when they impeached President Bill Clinton. To this day, many Americans still believe those nasty old Republicans were angry because Clinton was serviced by a pathetic girl in the Oval Office.

Thanks to poor messaging, as well as a corrupt media, few know, or understand that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress, [a crime] lying under oath in a civil trial, [a felony] and suborning perjury, coercing someone else to lie under oath on his behalf. [also a felony] Both of these crimes are punishable by five to seven years in prison, under federal statutes. But thanks to poor handling by the GOP, Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky has been labeled by many as “no one’s business” and a “vendetta by Republicans” rather than multiple felonies that would have sent anyone else to prison!

Look Republicans, YOU ARE going to be called racists, and worse, for impeaching Obama for the crimes he’s committed. So what! You’ve been bending over for Obama and the corrupt media for years, and STILL are called racists. At this point, to quote Hillary Clinton: “what difference does it make!” Do your job and start impeachment proceedings now. Forget the attacks. Democrats spew hate 24/7, it’s who they are and what they do. Deal with it!

Just make sure your point man to the media can string two coherent sentences together, has the testicular fortitude to never back down when talking to the corrupt media, and can stay on message, no matter what. Obama has committed crimes against America. Never forget this.

There are also some that will remind Republicans that they don’t have control of the Senate, so impeaching the President would be a waste of time. To this again I say, SO WHAT!

In case you aren’t familiar, the way this works, The House of Representatives draw up Articles of Impeachment, and the Senate holds the trial, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sitting in judgement. It doesn’t matter WHO controls the Senate. Harry Reid cannot block this, as he has hundreds of other pieces of legislation, designed to help the American people, and passed by the House of Representatives.

After all evidence is presented, members of the Senate then act as the jury, and vote on whether to convict, or acquit. Yes, as you can imagine, the vote will mostly go along party lines, whether or not the GOP controls the Senate [after the November elections]

If the Republicans do their job however, the evidence is overwhelming. They can use this to portray any democrat not supporting impeachment AND conviction of President Obama as corrupt, as corrupt and lawless as Obama himself.

Let me tell you something, Americans are sick of corrupt politicians. This includes a vast majority of democrats, as well. Politically this is a winner, not that politics matter. I somehow think the GOP Smart Set™ is incapable of understanding just how angry the American people are at corruption in government though.

But of course, the Republicans have to grow a pair! Once this is put in motion, this is a hill all Republicans must be willing to die on. We are talking about the future of these United States, and the Rule of Law. And this IS the hill to die on. If Republicans aren’t willing to stand up for the Constitution and Rule of Law, against an out of control, truly criminal president, then they might as well throw in the towel, resign, and dissolve the party. Yes, this is that serious. And that important.

By the way, once impeachment proceeding get under way, President Obama will be restrained from further attacking the American people, and damaging America even further. This is a very good thing, for sure.

Articles of Impeachment

The Supreme Court has voted UNANIMOUSLY Against Obama 12 Times, SO FAR

Not something to impeach Obama for, but certainly a foundation FOR impeachment. Think about this, Obama has been so lawless that on 12 separate occasions, including once this very week, all nine Supreme Court Justices, including the far left extremists Obama himself appointed, have voted in unison against this lawless president! That is a big deal, if for no other reason, than it proves President Obama has absolutely no regard for the Rule of Law, and no intention of ever following the law, despite being officially reprimanded on numerous occasions.


Let’s talk about the crimes against America, and humanity, that President Barack Obama has committed. This is in no particular order, nor is it presented as a complete list of charges that can be brought against President Obama. These are just the major crimes Obama and his fellow thugs have committed since 2009.

Fast and Furious File under: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

This is the first big one. Fast and Furious was a scheme cooked up by Obama and Eric Holder. Much different than President George W Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver, which recorded serial numbers of weapons, and tracked them ever second they were in the field, Fast and Furious put weapons DIRECTLY in the hands of known drug lords and narco-terrorists. After that, no one paid attention, until the dead bodies started piling up.

This was a vile attempt, supported by Obama’s buddies in the media, as well as Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón, to outright destroy the rights of every single American.

The scam was an attempt to usurp the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, hoping to bring about sweeping and unconstitutional gun bans in the United States. Obama, through his media co-conspirators, got stories out there claiming guns from America were being sent into Mexico, and causing much violence. Of course, no one bothered to note those guns were put in Mexico BY OBAMA!

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón even helped Obama with his ruse, when he was allowed to speak to Congress. Calderón repeated Obama’s lies, and blamed America’s so-called “gun culture” for violence in Mexico, violence cause by guns Obama and Holder sent to Mexico!

This was a despicable act in itself, and should have started impeachment proceedings immediately, but the results of Obama and Holder’s criminal activity is far worse than a mere attempt to destroy our Constitution, even though many would rightly consider this an act of treason. Sadly President Obama and Attorney General Holder have blood on their hands, The blood of both Mexicans AND Americans.

So far, Obama and Holder are directly responsible for hundreds of dead Mexican citizens [the exact number may never be known, but it’s in multiples of 100, for certain] and two American citizens, federal agents Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry. Two names no American should ever forget. Two Americans who deserve justice. As do the families of the dead Mexicans.

There is plenty of evidence, and no way Obama, and Holder, should escape conviction, after impeachment. This was a despicable act by despicable men. No punishment will ever be harsh enough for these two, for these acts.

Illegally funding terrorists in Egypt, Syria, and the greater Middle East File under: Treason

Yes, treason. Obama has funded terrorists all over the Middle East. Obama backed the various uprisings by factions of the Muslim Brotherhood …. AKA … Al Qaeda …. by sending weapons and financial aid. Many of those weapons, and that money, is now being used by ISIS forces to attack Iraq, OUR ALLY, and destabilize it’s government.

Let’s not even talk about the fact Obama stood by as Freedom seeking young people tried to rise up in Iran, and did nothing while those students were slaughtered in the streets, even as he funded what were essentially Al Qaeda terrorists elsewhere else. In fact, Obama publicly proclaimed he had no intention of supporting the righteous uprising by Freedom seeking Iranians, even as they were murdered in the streets! But remember, Obama didn’t hesitate to support Al Qaeda as they overthrew regimes all over the Middle East, including those friendly to America and Israel, such as Egypt.

I don’t think much else needs to be said.

The VA Scandal

Now anyone who has dealt with the VA knows what is going on. LONG wait lists, people dying while waiting for care, and generally horrible health care, is nothing new. In fact it’s decades old. But that isn’t the point.

Candidate Barack Obama actually ran on this mess in 2008! Candidate Obama promised to fix the VA, and hold those responsible for this mess accountable.

When the scandal broke earlier this year, and people realized many veterans were DYING while waiting to be seen by a VA doctor, President Obama did what he does best, he lied! Obama claimed, like he has of every scandal, that he had “just heard about it in the news.” This is an out and out lie of the highest order!

Not only did Obama “forget” to reform the VA after being elected in 2008, he and his vile cohorts actually used the VA as an example of how “well” government health care works, using it as a selling point for his other crime against humanity, ObamaCare!!!

When everyone was calling for the head of the VA’s chairman on a platter, Obama stood by the director, at least for a time.

Impeachable? Hell I don’t know, but Obama is Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. As Commander-in-Chief, I think we can all agree Obama has been derelict in his duties, and allowed those under his command to die of neglect. The remedy for an officer for this is generally a court marshal, and removal from command. The civilian equivalent for Obama would certainly be impeachment., conviction, and removal from office.

The IRS Scandal File under: High Crimes and Misdemeanors, at the very least.

We are all familiar with this. The IRS targeted Conservative groups leading up to the 2012 elections, attacking many, and denying status to others, thus making it impossible for them to raise money and actively participate in said 2012 elections. We now know Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the forefront of this crime, sought to attack Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, during the same period.

This is the sort of thing that should put not only Obama, but dozens in charge at the IRS, in prison for most of the rest of their lives. This is one of the most egregious attacks on Civil Rights we’ve seen since the bad old days of the democrat party’s Jim Crow laws!

Let me say this to those who think Obama is just an innocent bystander here. All one has to do is look at the coordinated effort between President Obama, his former adviser and Chief of Staff Pete Rouse, and a group of hand picked bloggers in Alaska, as they targeted Governor Sarah Palin, with dozens of bogus “ethics complaints” that would eventually force the Governor to resign, as Obama and his thugs had already cost the state millions of dollars, and had so maliciously abused FOIA, that her administration could no longer carry on it’s day to day activities. Governor Palin resigned for the good of her state, despite whatever political cost it may have brought to her personally. This was one of the most honorable things we have seen from a politician in our lifetime.

For those not familiar with this, plug in “Obama’s Alaska Mafia” into your favorite search engine, for more on all of this. Obama’s actions in this jihad against Governor Palin, and the people of Alaska, is well documented, as well as the part he played in the phony and discredited “Troopergate” witch hunt. [One of the few things CNN has truthfully reported in recent memory!]

Obama has a long history of attacking political opponents that goes all of the way back to his very first successful run at office, where he attacked his own political mentor, using questionable legal moves [a la Palin] to disqualify her from running, taking the win unopposed. Obama, being successful, has since used thug tactics against EVERY opponent in every election since, including democrat primaries!

This is a fluid story, so we’re still learning about all of the crimes Obama and his minions have committed, but one thing’s for certain, with the “dog ate my emails” BS, we definitely have grounds for impeachment.

Remember, President Richard Nixon was about to be impeached, and convicted, over 17 minutes worth of missing tapes in the Watergate scandal. Knowing the potential amount of emails that are missing from Lois Lerner’s computer, as well as [supposedly] five others involved in this crime, this is thousands of times worse than Watergate!

Oh, BTW, now the EPA, which is also under investigation for criminal activity, is ALSO claiming it’s computers have crashed, and important emails lost as well! If you fall for this one, I have property I’d love to show you!

There shouldn’t be any question over impeachment and conviction here.



Look, it may be that, after a full investigation of facts, there is no way anyone could have prevented the slaughter of our four brave men in Benghazi, though there were around nine hours between the first assault that saw Ambassador Stevens murdered, and his body defiled, and the second that saw our brave SEALs killed.

Chris Stevens Dragged Through Streets Sodomized

What we DO know is Ambassador Stevens had made numerous requests for more security, requests that were denied by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We also know that President Obama and Secretary Clinton KNOWINGLY lied to the American people, blaming the attacks on a You Tube video, and even going so far as to imprison the video’s maker [!] even though they knew this was an act of terrorism, having been warned days ahead of time, and NOT some sort of “spontaneous protest” because of a stupid video!

As with Watergate, it’s the coverup, not just the crime. It’s always the coverup that ends political careers.

And remember, Watergate didn’t have a body count.

Watergate No Body Count

Never forget, both President Obama and Secretary Clinton stood next to four flag draped coffins, in front of the families of these dead heroes, and the whole world, and had the gall to continue to blame all of this on that video. That alone should have those two in prison, forever. [at least it would in a just world]

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Libya

The bottom line, President Obama lied, and had others lie, massively, and even sent an innocent man to prison, in order to win the 2012 election.

Trading Five top Taliban leaders for a soldier guilty of desertion and possibly treason against the USA File this under Treason.

We can discuss the merits of the disgraced soldier, who had deserted his post previously, before deserting to join the Taliban, at another time.

The fact is Obama knew these five Taliban leaders were dangerous, and even after releasing these murderous pigs, stated that he knew they would likely rejoin the jihad against humanity. Obama made this exchange illegally, failing to get congressional approval, as required by law, and knowingly put the entire world in danger with his actions.

Like Fast and Furious this should be treated as both a crime against humanity, and a war crime, as well as treason against the United States. There is no excuse, no way Obama can justify this action in any way shape or form. Those five Taliban leaders have declared war against the United States, and have never renounced their intention to attack Americans anywhere and everywhere they can.

Global Warming Scam, Lack of Energy Policy, Deliberate Attempts to Destroy America’s Vibrant Energy Sector

The world is burning, but it isn’t because of global warming! Terrorism is on the rise, in no small part thanks to Obama, but what does President Obama want to talk about? Global warming! Anyone with a working brain knows there is no such thing as global warming, or climate change, or any other problem with our climate. In fact, a recent article in the UK’s Telegraph proves the radical left wing extremists like those Obama cites, have been cooking the books. In fact there is no warming. The United States has, in fact, according to actual scientific data, been COOLING since the 1930s, which was, in fact, the hottest period on record in the United States.

And yet, the President continues to push this global warming LIE. Just this week, Obama has been out there mocking Americans intelligent enough to understand actual science.

As Obama destroys our coal industry, and destroys thousands of much needed jobs in the process, and is looking to destroy our entire energy sector, while giving billions to his corrupt cronies to fund “green” jobs that never, ever, materialize, global warming continues to be at the very bottom of every list of things Americans give a damn about!

America has enough oil and natural gas to be 100% energy independent for the next 500 years. That’s without importing a single drop of oil! That we are not energy independent, that we instead depend on nations that actually HATE us, and use OUR money to fund terrorism world wide, is, in itself, a crime against humanity, and a crime against the people of the United States.

Lying, pushing the global warming scam, SHOULD send Obama, along with all of his co-conspirators to prison, for a long time.

Lets not forget, Obama was part of the cartel, along with Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, elements of Goldman Sachs, and others, who had hoped to take in as much as $10 TRILLION [gross] ANNUALLY, via the Chicago Climate Exchange, and the nonsensical carbon trading scheme that all of these vicious left wing extremists have promoted world wide.

For more background on Obama’s multi-trillion dollar carbon trading scam click here!

Prison IS too good for this entire bunch!

The Continued Invasion of the United States by Illegal Aliens File under Absolute Treason

Yes, TREASON. What else would you call putting the wants of foreign nationals [criminal aliens] over the NEEDS of the American people. For my money, ANYONE pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, especially politicians, should be removed from office and charged with treason, immediately.


President Obama has been guilty of treason since almost his first day in office. He has continually ordered Eric Holder, and other Cabinet members in charge of national security, to ignore our immigration laws, allowing hundreds of thousands more illegals to cross into the United States, adding to the 20 or 30 million illegals already here.

This makes Eric Holder, and the rest co-conspirators, also guilty of treason, and means they must be charged as well. The Constitution says one needs two witnesses in order to charge treason. We have 300 million plus who have witnessed Obama’s treachery in this matter, and suffered from it. Illegals steal hundreds of billions of dollars from tax payers in the form of welfare, food stamps, free health care, and other services that many Americans can’t even get.

Never forget the two Muslim animals who attacked the Boston Marathon were illegal aliens. The younger one had a free ride, full scholarship, to one of the most prestigious, and expensive, schools in America. Something most American children can only dream of. The two and their families also stole over $100,000 dollars a year in welfare benefits. They aren’t the only would be illegal alien terrorists in America waiting to strike. Not by a long shot!

President Obama has ordered thousands of violent criminals, including murderers, child rapists, and those guilty other violent crimes, released into the American population, with no further actions taken against them. Many of these violent criminals have gone on to commit even more crimes against the American people. For this alone Obama needs to be removed from office!

Right now we have tens of thousands of children crossing the border illegally and unaccompanied. Obama claims to be surprised by this and clueless of how it’s happened and who started it. Well, Obama started it.

Right now, TB, The N1H1 virus, measles, and other dangerous, and deadly, diseases are being spread in America by these children, who have never been vaccinated.

This is really bad. We have seen many diseases that have long been wiped out in the USA, make strong comebacks since we’ve allowed so many illegals in, without even basic health requirements, including basic inoculations that have been standard for any person traveling to and from ANY foreign countries, for the past half-century!

As I write this, new warnings of danger, from deadly diseases, are being given because of these children. These children who President Obama has been shipping all over the nation, with no regard for the health of the American people whatsoever, despite protests from many of the communities that are being forced to deal with these illegals against their will.

This is pure evil.

It’s no joke either. Thanks to President Obama, we could see a pandemic that could kill millions of Americans. I sincerely doubt he cares in the least.

Angry yet?

We NOW know the Obama regime was advertising for “escorts” for these illegals alien children way back in January of this year, months before they actually showed up on our borders! Escorts for as many as 65,000 children, in fact!

On FedBizOps.gov, the government website that advertises opportunities for independent contractors looking to do business with the federal government , the ad read: Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children:

[emphasis mine]

Classification Code: V- Transportation/Travel/Relocation

NAICS code: 561612

Primary POC: Rachel Ali, Contract Specialist/ Rachel.Ali@ice.dhs.gov

Secondary POC: Tony Ross, Contracting Officer/ Tony.Ross@ice.dhs.gov

A. Introduction

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has a continuing and mission critical responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States.

This my friend is what’s known as a “smoking gun!”

We also know President Obama has been advertising IN MEXICO, the availability of food stamps and other welfare programs for Mexican citizens who come to America. There is only one reason to do this, and it isn’t to help the American people!

The Obama regime anticipated this latest invasion, and in fact, triggered it, and has, with it’s devious actions, created a real and true human tragedy.

We now have mothers in Central and South America turning their infant children over to drug lords, narco-terrorists, and other unsavory characters, and paying them, in hopes their children can be sent to the United States. Mexico, which has very strong laws against illegals entering THEIR COUNTRY, is a willing accomplice to President Obama and those who seek to destroy the United States by allowing millions of criminal invaders, who have no allegiance to the United States, or concept of what America is, into the country.

Mexico is allowing these illegal aliens safe passage through their country, and even assisting them in their efforts to invade the United States. Sane people might consider this an act of war, especially since Mexico actively assists it’s OWN citizens who want to illegally enter the USA. This, in my opinion, amounts to economic terrorism.

Of course all of these latest illegal invaders will get full welfare, food stamps, and whatever other benefits that are routinely denied many of our own US citizens, including brave veterans of war! The Obama regime is already dispatching hundreds of lawyers to assist these new illegals.

Again, Obama isn’t the only one guilty of treason here, but he’s definitely the one aiding and abetting this criminal invasion, and the buck stops in the Oval Office.

This is a deliberate and calculated attempt to destroy the very fabric of the United States. It must be stopped and EVERYONE involved held accountable and punished in the harshest manner available.

The amount of contempt I have for these amnesty shills is unending. Everyone of them belong in prison. But I’ll settle for removed from office and out of public service, forever, for most. Obama needs to do time for this. He is destroying America in numerous ways by allowing illegals into this country. Not just letting them in, mind you, but begging them to come. Hell, Vice President Joe Biden has also begged them to come!

This should be a slam dunk for impeachment and conviction. Of course, there are a large number of name brand Republicans who have pledged allegiance to the United States Chamber of Commerce [who wants amnesty and an unending line of even more illegals] while ignoring their oath to uphold the Constitution, so they might be reluctant to go after Obama, and they are, in fact co-conspirators to treason themselves.

May they all burn in Hell for eternity for this betrayal of the American people!


Obama’s zeal to pull out of Iraq, and Afghanistan, has put, not only the United States, but the entire world at peril. Even worse, Obama refused requests from Iraq, a supposed ALLY, for help, when ISIS, which by the way is armed with weapons Obama put in their hands, first started to cause problems. Americans spent a lot of blood and treasure in Iraq, many lives lost, more lives broken, all for Obama to dishonor them with his deliberate actions.

Never mind all of the times Obama has claimed Al Qaeda has been “decimated” to score cheap political points. Obama is directly responsible for these new deaths in Iraq, and the continued persecution of Christians in the greater Middle East. All of this has been triggered by actions taken by Obama.

File this under crimes against humanity, but DO NOT file this under incompetence. President Obama knew EXACTLY what he was doing by backing the Muslim Brotherhood [Al Qaeda for those not paying attention] against mankind. This was and is one of the greatest evils Obama may have committed. This puts the entire world at risk.


I’m sure one can find even more reasons to impeach and even imprison President Obama, but this is a good start.

The Republicans must get serious. Obama has put the American people in peril through numerous actions, from Fast and Furious to Iraq, to the continued embrace of illegal aliens over the American people [at a time when over 100 MILLION AMERICANS seek jobs but can’t find them]

The IRS scandal is one of the greatest attacks on the Civil Rights of The American people in the history of the United States. This goes to the very core of what America is, and isn’t. This is tyranny and fascism.

Impeach Obama, impeach him NOW, the votes are there, and then go after every single democrat in the Senate who might refuse to convict. Republicans worried about the next election need to use this to their advantage, instead of seeing it as a problem. Paint the democrat party for what it is, a lawless, fascist group of Anti-American thugs who seek to destroy America as we know it, led by a feckless, lawless, fascist thug, from the White House.

Grow a pair Speaker Boehner. It’s time you step up and start doing your job, honoring your oath to uphold the Constitution, and start protecting the American people from this vicious tyrant hell-bent on destroying these United States!

This is the Republican Party’s last chance to redeem itself, or go the way of the Whigs.

Gary P Jackson
Publisher A Time For Choosing
American Citizen

Impeach Obama Florida - 4


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“American Idol” Clay Aiken Will Face GOP Incumbent, Amnesty Shill Renee Ellmers Beats Angry Tea Party Frank ROCHE in North Carolina 5/6

clay aiken 1ellmers-and-ryan-apaiken vs elmers

by Isabel Matos

Yes. It’s true. And this will shock a lot of people not involved in politics but it is bound to get a lot of national attention soon. CLAY AIKEN won the North Carolina House primary and faces Republican challenger and John Boehner “gal” Renee Ellmer who beat Frank Roche May 6th. Renee Ellmers is a favorite of the House GOP leader. Not surprising. She supports amnesty. Laura Ingraham grills Ellmers in a Breitbart Audio (a must-listen) calling Ellmers’s position on Amnesty as anti-American and the incumbent anti-constituent. Read more on the Clash with Ingraham. Her donor list includes HealthCare and Leadership PACS.


Renee ELLMERS has veiled her support of amnesty during her campaign which is also not surprising given GOPe’s record of denying amnesty for political gain and using talking points which are nothing but language twisters to DECEIVE voters. We know the m.o. It’s standard. PjMedia blog suggests you review:

WHAT? Renee Ellmers Claims She Has ‘Same Immigration Stance as Cruz, Paul, Lee’

Video of Renee Ellmers Berating Anti-Amnesty Constituents

All-In on Amnesty: Renee Ellmers Is Boehner and Cantor’s ‘Tell’

Her measured statements on amnesty mirror the concealed, ambiguous remarks from Boehner and Eric Cantor.

Frank Roche, anti-amnesty candidate lost 59%-41% in the primary.  was underfunded and lacked name recognition nationally – both issues common theme in Tea Party races (with the real tea party candidates, not those who hijack the name conservative to win).  Roche is not happy with the GOPe, the lefty billionaires, left-leaning media, Mark Zuckerberg, think tanks, tea party groups, local Republican clubs and local Republican Party committees He issued a scathing open letter to the GOP establishment” on Thursday (5/8) with the message:

“You’re failing America.”

“In the 36 hours after not winning a hard run election there are many emotions that come and go: disappointment, sadness, guilt, bewilderment, frustration, and anger,” he wrote. “I’m in the frustration and anger stage. … Note to self: U.S. Congress, proper qualifications not required.”

“The establishment, with some help from one of our newest lefty billionaires and the left leaning media, helped reelect the least qualified candidate in the 2nd District Republican primary. They failed the 2nd District and America. They overstepped their pledged boundaries of neutrality during the primary and again demonstrated themselves to be part of the problem. Local petty political gate-keepers assisted their poorly qualified incumbent in ways that require they be removed from their volunteer Chairmanship positions.”

Roche said he raised $50,000 to get his message to voters – roughly what a typical candidate may spend to run for a town council race, not a sprawling congressional district in one of the state’s most expensive media markets. (Through April 16, Roche reported raising roughly $25,000. He entered the campaign in December, 2013.)

In the letter, he acknowledges one of his failings, saying he had “shortcomings on the ground which I take full responsibility for” but didn’t elaborate.

“We tried,” he said in the final line. “I tried. God help us. I thank all those who supported my campaign.” Read more

clay aiken

Clay Aiken’s opponent Keith Crisco died after a fall at 71.  

Aiken was leading Crisco by fewer than 400 votes.. the 71-year-old Crisco died Monday after suffering injuries in a fall. Aiken’s team said it had received word he’d been planning to concede Tuesday. The singer ended up getting 40.86 percent of the vote, while Crisco received 39.49 percent, according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, which issued the final tally Tuesday after canvassing the votes from each county within the district and counting provisional and absentee ballots. Aiken suspended all campaign activities on Monday as a result.

In a statement, Aiken, 35, praised his fellow Democrat as “a gentleman, a good and honorable man and an extraordinary public servant. I was honored to know him.”

Sarah Palin has gone on record saying it’s great that people are getting involved in politics but that he does not have the kind of small experience that we need to solve our problems in Washington, in an interview with Insider’s Jim Moret. (Comments paraphrased.)


UPDATE 5/15/2014:  CNN reports a slight Aiken win and describes Renee Ellmers as a tea party favorite.

The primary winner will go on to face incumbent Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers in November’s general election.

Ellmers, a tea party favorite who’s held the seat for two terms, also bested a primary challenger from the right, conservative talk-radio host Frank Roche – and avoided a costly runoff.

Despite Aiken’s wide name recognition, he’ll still fight an uphill battle to unseat the Republican incumbent.


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Ohio Primary Today: Winteregg, Gurr, Ashworth Vs. John with $3.3 Million to Spare (Updated) Results Are In



93.4% Reporting

Winner J. Boehner (i) 68.8%
J. Winteregg 21.9%
E. Gurr 5.5%
M. Ashworth 3.9%

boehner won


By Isabel Matos

Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

“I ABSOLUTELY trust Barack Obama.” — John Boehner
“There is no need for a special committee on Benghazi.” — John Boehner
“Wait, what? I have a primary on Tuesday and J.D. Winteregg is gaining ground? Let me make a call.” — John Boehner
“Hey, Barack…is it OK if I pretend to be conservative until Tuesday or will doing so negatively impact my golf privileges? It’s cool? Great! Love ya, man…see you on the links.” — John Boehner
That is just one of several colorful posts on J.D. Winteregg’s Facebook page on May 2nd. He is one of John Boehner’s challengers GOP primaries here in today’s primary in Ohio.  John Boehner faces two others challengers:  Eric Gurr and Matthew Artsworth.   Information on the 8th Congressional District

Boehner was first elected in 1990. He had no challengers in three primaries leading up to the 2010 election where he won 85% of the vote.  In 2012 he had one challenger and won with 84% of the vote. Boehner did some campaigning around the state. He made five stops over three days across six counties in District #18.

Boehner has $3.3 million in spare change. The Virginia-based Tea Party Leadership Fund reportedly spent $320,000 on voter outreach and Winteregg’s campaign. This is how some of it was probably spent:

Winteregg is a High School French Teacher.  Matthew Ashworth is a mortage underwriter and Eric Gurr is a computer consultant who had collected $25,000 in campaign donations.  North Carolina race also today.  Indiana Race results to come.


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A Message to the Traitors in Power: John Boehner and Barack Obama

FB black outwe the people

This is NOT to ignore support for those who stand in solidarity against on-line censorship, but to continue SHOUTING: YOU WILL NOT SHUT ME UP, FACEBOOK!!!! This is my freedom. It is my first amendment right. You do not give or take away rights, only God above does.

This nation is one nation UNDER HIM, NOT ALLAH, who seeks to destroy and end our Christian-Judeo way of life.  Down with the infiltrators.  Down with political correctness.  Down with those who want to stop us from pledging allegiance to a flag that represents freedom for all in this Republic which belongs to us, not just a political class or an oppressive world governing power.  Down with the United Nations! And “Yes” to freedom fighters all around the globe!

The ten commandments and the Bill of Rights are all we need to live freely and wealthy.  There is nothing wrong with making money, but there is something wrong with those who claim they fight for “social justice” only to seek and stay in power.  Commies use divisiveness and fear to keep us feeling hopeless and oppressed.  What they preach is not what they practice.  It is not sincere.  Look at how lavishly our president lives.  Does he distribute his wealth?  No. He’s a consummate hypocrite. There are some who believe in the ideals of communism and even live by them.  This power maggot we call POTUS doesn’t.

Pray for less government. Pray for more civility among those fighting for less government. Pray for less mass appeal to lowest common denominators.. race and class envy.  No one except real victims of crime or combat should consider themselves victims. For shame on Republicans who insinuate we are racists for wanting to enforce our laws and curb government waste and spending.

It’s bad enough the left panders. The GOP does it behind our backs. They are so ashamed about Amnesty they have to use other terms to fool us, and lie to our faces about not being able to secure the border.  For shame on those who do not protect our sovereignty by passing Amnesty to make a small personal fortune, or because of some misguided notion that we can win Hispanics with this issue. Shame on those who will NOT help DEFUND Obamacare. Cowardly Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McArthy, McCain, and Rubio:  your job is to protect us, not reaching across the aisle to sell us out or by corrupting yourselves. Priebus: You were touting your horn about winning a debate issue. You picked a battle to fight not a war, like the lightweight that you are. I don’t care what film is made about her, the bottom line is:  The GOP has not convicted Hillary for Benghazi.

BOEHNER, you are an enemy of freedom and the people!  No other politician has squandered more time since the power you were given in 2010. You have not only not led, you have hated on the those who have made your position possible. You have punished fiscal Conservatives and alienated candidates who were elected to effect real change.  You have shirked your duties as Speaker of the House, a house that Sarah Palin built for you with her hard work and optimism at a time when NO one thought Obama could be defeated. She had the foresight. Not you. Not Bush. Not Romney. Not Paul.

For shame, traitor! RESIGN!

Thank you to all in DC who try fight the antagonism as shown by this most traitorous and treacherous Speaker who is against We the People and who relinquishes all power on a daily basis to our enemy. Thank the Lord for blessing us with a few good men and one steadfast, reliable and particularly incredible woman who continues to lead us without title. Amen.




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The GOPe Is Pushing Amnesty Because They Are Just A Bunch of Wimps!

If you have read some of my articles, you will have seen parts of this before, but the word needs to get out, and I am hoping with a video we will keep the conversation alive through a different venue. Our GOP is pandering for votes behind our backs.  If they were proud of what they were doing, they would be talking about it every day or posting it all over their Facebook walls. It’s bad enough that Fox News continues to ignore the subject. Amnesty is the GOP’s ObamaCare and needs to be part of the conversation.  I will have some updates on this, but good news is hard to find because Rino work in sneaky ways.

One of the issues that bothered me was the Steve King accusations.  Steve King was talking about having Town Halls to talk about Amnesty, and the subject has just about disappeared. Luckily, everything Cantor and Boehner threw at him (smears) didn’t stick. He was right about young illegals smuggling drugs, but that didn’t stop Boehner from threatening to remove him from committees. These are delays and setbacks put in our way to stop us, by none other than our frenemy Boehner who will stop at nothing to antagonize Conservatives in the House.  Paul Ryan has also mentioned at his town meeting in Racine which included illegals, that the vote might be delayed until October, which is fine with me, as long as there is transparency in the process.


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Against All Odds, We May Prevail.

no to amnesty!

Yesterday was the first day Immigration Reform went to the House for legislation. Boehner is a liar and a traitor who has recruited at least one Marxist-Leninist to co-write the Bill, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, former member of the Socialist Party in Puerto Rico, and Xavier Becerra, a known amnesty activist.  Luckily, the snake Marco Rubio is not a Representative, but Paul Ryan is just as bad. He is weak. He doesn’t question his superior, John Boehner, blindly following what orders he is given. His job is to convince others in the House that this bill must pass. Or else. (Or else what?) Our GOP has become Alynsky-itish, hasn’t it? Seems like their association with the experts themselves has turned them on us. Paul Ryan is disrespecting the will of the people AND the American Rule of Law.

I know the cards are stacked against us, and I have no faith in Boehner whatsoever, but I am challenging everyone I know, you the reader, and everyone you know to call your Representatives today.  No, it is not fun, but I wouldn’t ask what I wouldn’t do myself. Here are some numbers (via AGU) that you can use. A lot of time phone lines in DC can be hard to get through to.  Speaker Boehner’s district offices can be called if the DC lines are busy:

Butler County: (513) 779-5400

Miami County: (937) 339-1524

Representative Paul Ryan:

DC Office: (202) 225-3031

Janesville: (608) 752-4050

Kenosha: (262) 654-1901

Racine: (262) 654-1901

Here are three suggestions you can use when calling your Representative/s:

1) AMNESTY does not win votes for the GOP (Pew Research Center Stats): 


1980 56% Carter Reagan 35%

1984 61% Mondale Reagan 37%

1988 69% Dukakis Bush 41 30%

1992 61% Clinton Bush 41 25%

1996 72% Clinton Dole 21%

2000 62% Gore Bush 43 35%

2004 58% Kerry Bush 43 40%

2008 67% Obama McCain 31%

2012 71% Obama Romney 27%

2)  Amnesty is a Communist-driven agenda that will create a permanent progressive majority


3) Amnesty will be costly, a social burden, and will make way for more illegals to come.

Other arguments laid out by Heather Mac Donald https://thespeechatimeforchoosing.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/arguing-with-an-idiot-mark-and-heather-dismantle-jeb-bushs-immigration-talking-points/




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Insecurities, Intransigence and Intolerance: Meet the Establishment’s GOP.

Mr. and Mrs. Wuss


I want you to take a good look at this picture. Does it make you feel proud and confident, or does it make you cringe and want to scream in frustration? Is this the face of a someone who represents you? Someone who looks healthy? Strong? Vibrant? Self-assured? It is not for me. One look at the body language of these two and all I think of is, insecurity issues compounded by a partner with co-dependent ones. It does not take a psychology degree to see that something is wrong. Looking at this picture makes me feel embarrassed for our party; however, John Boehner is the Speaker, and this is the face of the lame, weak and failed politics of not ours, but the Bush’s GOP establishment party.

What could be more pathetic than the look on John Boehner’s face? The fact that representatives on our side voted to renew his Speakership on January 3rd.

Voters, it’s time to get tough, and with some love, gather some courage to do something about the unhealthy state our party is in. This picture should make you angry, not sad.

Although John Boehner answers to Obama, he shows contempt for us. Although he is afraid of Obama’s shadow, he has much bravado for the Conservatives in his base. It is lamentable and unacceptable that he continue to be rewarded for failing us. John Boehner was losing support for his speakership and had to resort to bribing representatives with favors in exchange for votes to retain his position, so it cannot be that hard to do. We do not have to deal with him.

John Boehner must be pressured to RESIGN!

Just this week, at the Inaugural speech, the president suggested “to the people” that Congress wasn’t needed to pass an agenda on their behalf. He had also expressed through a spokesman, that his goal was to annihilate the Republican party, which John Boehner has openly admitted to. This picture of Mr. Wuss and Mrs. Wuss-Enabler is not a joke. I did not post it to poke fun at him or their marriage. Mocking or making jokes will not change anything. What must change is our refusal to accept this dysfunctional situation we are in, where those who fail to represent us are rewarded, time and time again.

This crisis of leadership requires intervention. Let’s face it, we are leaderless. John Boehner’s character flaws and style of leadership have produced positive results for our President and his policies, not ours, which is why Obama loves him. Is that who we should accept as Speaker? How much more punishment can we take before it is too late and even more damage will have been done? Speak up, Conservatives, or forever you will have to hold your peace! At least let your position be known ~ I am against John Boehner because he is against me.

One more picture to bring the point home. We can be the enablers, or are we can be the heroes who show John Boehner the door to have a healthy leadership again. There is no excuse for him to continue as Speaker. None. A lot is at stake, and it’s up to you to MAKE it happen. Don’t forget, it’s OUR party, not Theirs.

Mr and Mrs Wuss


Even if his supporters don’t like it, I will continue to insist that Marco Rubio is carrying water for Jeb Bush. I am not seeking to single out, mock or trash Senator Rubio. I still like even love him because he is a fellow Cuban-American, but I know that his greatest weakness is his blind ambition, and it is being exploited by both the left and right on our side who continue to think, in all their self-unawareness, that they (via him) will have a winning message for 2016. It is beyond frustrating to witness.

Immigration Reform is not the answer to our problems. Hispanics do not vote on Immigration. It is a myth that needs to be dispelled. Charismatic leaders with a winning Conservative message are

The Establishment’s party does not care about the fact that constituents do not want Amnesty. Rubio’s case looks strong, but is quite weak. He has to resort to posting positive comments from the list below to push a phony buzz about it. This ill-conceived notion that Immigration Reform will bring the party back comes from Jeb Bush’s concerns about us not being the party of the white guy.  I hate to be repetitive, but he is behind all this, and Rubio is his useful idiot, as well as the useful tool for the left who wants us to be divided.  The party is pushing Immigration Reform as the answer to our problems the same way they pushed the mantra that Romney was “the most electable” in 2012.  On the one hand, it is laughable; but again, the stakes are so high, that we cannot afford to joke about this. It is  who and what we are dealing with.

Here is Marco Rubio’s impressive list (not) of supporters of his plan:

1. Representative Paul Ryan: “Senator Rubio Is Exactly Right On The Need To Fix Our Broken Immigration System. I Support The Principles He’s Outlined (Paul Ryan will do or say anything to get along in Washington.)

2. James Pethokoukis from American Enterprise Institute: “But The Rubio Plan Is A Thoughtful, Solid Start, And I Look Forward To Hearing More Details, Including The Parts Concerning Legal Immigration, High-Skill And Otherwise.” (Who is he?)

3. Grover Norquist Of The Americans For Tax Reform Told Right Turn It Was ‘A Good Step In The Right Direction. (Norquist is no friend of Conservatives. He has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and also wants to make Puerto Rico a fifty-first state.)

4. American Conservative Union’s Al Cardenas: “Kudos to @MarcoRubio for leading on immigration reform w/ conservative principles. Now the hard work begins. Don’t let libs get ahead.” Remember Al Cardenas was the one pushing for Jeb Bush to be drafted at last year’s CPAC.

5. (My personal favorites): Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, both whose comments were taken out of context.

Do you know who is not on the list? You and I. Why is the humble opinion of those who voted for him not on there? Eat Your Peas, GOP Voters! We know what is best for you. Just sit down and shut up! Rubio does not answer to us, but to the Establishment leaders of our paty who helped groom him to be the “Rising Star” and future of the Republican Party? It reminds me of this clip in the movie “City Hall” (please don’t miss it!)


Speaking of eating your peas, and insecurities.. I want to be clear: I do not want to see the party split, but we are dealing with a GOP mentality that it can do no wrong: dense, self-unaware and intolerant.

The Republican “Insecurity” Council

is so insecure and intolerant that I was banned from posting these comments on their wall:  “GOP and BUSH Inc. IS AGAINST We-the-PEOPLE. Enough of the touchy-feely Bushy wishy-washy RINO-y distractions. Get With the PROGRAM! It’s not about personality, it’s about MESSAGE and the Message has not been delivered ~ conservative principles, not “reform conservatism” or “compassionate conservatism” or “immigration reform”. None of those terms are in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. We need GOP Reform! Wake UP GOP Voters! Your party is against you.”

The fact is, the GOP is against We-the-People. It is the party of Bush, Inc., and it has not been listening to us for 25 years. It’s time to mercilessly let them know their party is over. Step aside! We’re here. We’re not going anywhere.

I shall end my activist commentary with this question: Do you want to continue being the party of WUSS or be respected and feared as the party of FIGHT? It’s up to you. I know who leads me. I feel his spirit in me, and I hope you will, too. We must speak up. We must tell the truth relentlessly. We must have each others’ backs. We are in the belly of the beast already so there’s no turning back. It’s time to confront our enemy and overcome our fears. Self-preserve. Stay healthy. Be patient. But, above all..



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