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Sitting Senator, GOPe RINO Gloats. Picks Fight On Twitter With Woman No Longer Candidate in Primary Race

By Isabel Matos

Updated 5/21/2014 6:56 p.m. According to Katrina Pierson the tweet was sent by John Cornyn himself who has not removed the tweet or apologized for his mocking of the former congressional candidate in Texas who lost to Pete Sessions on March 4th.  She told Breitbart News he should direct his snark at Democrats, not the conservative base she is helping to expand. Katrina has said before the GOPe is threatened by strong women. She is not afraid to fight and openly so.

That was John Cornyn’s tweet from earlier this evening captured on Twitchy with this description: Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn (or possibly a staffer operating the Twitter account) decided a snide remark worked best in response to a suggestion that Former Texas House candidate Katrina Pierson would have performed well running against him in the primary.

It is one more example of the abysmal way the GOPe treats its rock stars (who happen to be women).  This tweet is reminiscent of Reince Priebus’s the week prior to CPAC 2014.  It sparked outrage after he omitted Sarah Palin from the list of women he highlighted for Women’s history month. They are just threatened.

Just appalling.  Your outrage is welcome and needed, voters.  Karen Handel just lost a race, possibly because certain districts in Georgia were not ready to elect a woman. Voters are also not aware there is an establishment battle going on. It is the backdrop of these smaller ones. It’s really a war against anyone who is a real Conservative: strong women, blacks, youth and Hispanics. They couldn’t care any less.

I am embarrassed for the party.  It is  no day to gloat, John Cornyn! You have nothing to brag about. You have an atrocious attitude. We are indeed at war, and in the worst way possible: within our own party.  

Please wake up if you are still unaware that this IS the manifestation of the real GOPe. Make no mistake. This group of arrogant, corrupt and forgetful white men who are anti-women, anti-tea party and anti-anything but their tight circle of filthy rich, small, medium and large RINOS are determined to end us, and they want more power. Now what?

We’re not going to give it to them or allow these provocations to deter us, on the contrary. We should gather all our strength for the many days, weeks and months ahead that their ugliness will continue to rear its head. https://twitter.com/michellemalkin/status/468947594744696832




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Quick Heads Up! TeaParty.net Leadership Funds are Being Diverted to RINOS McConnell and Cornyn

mcconnell and john

By Isabel Matos

A quick heads up. You may already know this, but if you made a donation to the TeaParty.Net Leadership Fund, your money was diverted to two of the most hideous creatures of the RINO lagoon: Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn. Attorney Dan Baker, the Fund’s treasurer, who intercepts the money, took in over $3.4 million in donations in this election cycle per Lee Stranahan’s article:

How Tea Party Donor Money Went to Establishment Republicans Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn

Follow the money.

How did $20,000 in donations that people thought was going to the “Tea Party Movement” end up in the hands of  establishment Republicans Mitch McConnell & John Cornyn?

The transactions don’t show up on the TeaParty.net Leadership Fund list of candidate expenses. It’s all a matter of public record but it’s been hidden of diverting it through a JFC or Joint Fundraising Committee.

The story was even reported back in 2013 by Roll Call, but went largely unnoticed and Roll Call didn’t catch the connection of attorney Dan Backer to so many groups involved. Roll Call wrote:

A national tea party committee, the Tea Party Leadership Fund (formerly known as the TeaParty.Net Leadership Fund), a hybrid PAC with a noncontribution account, based in Alexandria, Va., contributed $40,000 in May to In Defense of Free Speech JFC, a joint fundraising committee set up in May. The $53,800 in proceeds were split between four candidates, with each getting $13,450. The candidates were McConnell, Cruz, Lee and John Cornyn, R-Texas. The McConnell Senate Committee ’14 was sent $10,950 on June 29 and $2,500 on June 25.

Follow the steps used to send Tea Party donor money to Cornyn & McConnell and note all the connections to Dan Backer and don’t take my word for it: click the links.

When people are urged to donate to The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund, they are told their money to support the Tea Party Movement. Here’s their donation page: 


How did money end up in Mitch McConnell and Cornyn’s coffers?

One common link is Virginia attorney Dan Backer, who is the treasurer for The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund, who took in over $3.4 million in donations in this election cycle. Most of the money went to fundraising and ‘unclassifiable’ expenses.



One of the groups biggest expenditures was $40,000 to a group called In Defense of Free Speech JFC.


In Defense of Free Speech JFC was originally set up by in 2013 by Dan Backer, who was also the group’s original treasurer. Laster, a woman named Christina Sirois–who works for Backer’s company DB Capitol Strategies

–was named as treasurer. The group was dissolved in February, 2014.

In Defense of Free Speech JFC did one thing in its short life: gave $13,450 each to Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.


Where did the money for the In Defense of Free Speech JFCcome group set up by Dan Backer come from?

  • $40,000 came from The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund  – Dan Backer, Treasurer
  • $5000 came from Shaun McCutcheon, a client of Dan Backer’s
  • $5000 came from a group called E Pluribus Unum PAC –  Dan Backer, Treasurer. The group’s only purpose appears to have been to give $5000 to the In Defense of Free Speech JFC
  • $5000 came from a man  Richard Campbell — who was also the sole donor for the E Pluribus Unum PAC set up by Dan Backer

Ironically, Dan Backer was the treasurer for Cornyn’s primary opponent, Rep. Steve Stockman, who got $2,500 from The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund.

This means that John Cornyn’s $10,000 take was four times what Stockman.

Just follow the arrows on this flowchart I mad.



UPDATE: Article showing what we already knew – that Sarah Palin’s name was used to raise funds.


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Texas Results Are In: Greg Abbott, Rinos Cornyn and Sessions Win Big


greg abbott

by Isabel Matos

Congratulations to Greg Abbott! It’s one election race down. One to go. Greg Abbot has asked for donations to support his campaign.  For the results in the Republican primary, click on the link below and choose from “Senate” “House” or “Governor” for a LIVE map of all the races. Texas is voting wrong on the House and Senate seats we campaigned for, which is a huge disappointment but we must continue to fight the Establishment and GOTV. Elections Results

Texas-Monthly Greg Abbott

RT Map Rob Hart

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Open Letter from Dwayne Stovall To Texans Republican Primary March 4th

texas for stovall

by Isabel Matos

Just a note before I post the letter.  All my friends in Texas say Stovall is easily reached at any time, answers emails, tweets and comments.  I hope he wins the primary on March 4th, and sticks to the pledges he has made if beats Cornyn.  Stockman is not to be trusted and we need transparency and approachability not the same old politics in races.  I WISH Ted Cruz had not just NOT endorsed Cornyn, but he has to do what he has to do. Good luck Texas! How you can help

My fellow Texans,

As we enter the last week of campaigning before election day, I want to share with you what is going through my head at the moment.

We hear from people all over the state that they’re making the decision to vote for our campaign. We are gaining steam and this election is far –FAR– from over! We have until next Tuesday to make phone calls, send emails, and contact everyone we… can think of to engage them in this battle to PUT TEXAS FIRST! Do not sit down! Do not stop talking! Do not become a bystander! Please, continue this fight until the last moment! You can be certain that I will be working until the polls close on March 4th!

What I have learned over the course of this journey will start coming to light over the coming weeks, and I assure you it will make your blood boil when you learn how elections are manipulated by the political class. Listen to what I am saying: stay engaged, stay tuned, and most of all, put on a helmet, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Also, this native Texan will never be able to express the gratitude I have for everyone that has come forward to support my campaign. I have said it before and I will day it again, I am truly humbled, and in awe of all of you. For a regular citizen of this great State it is a little overwhelming at times, but in a good way. I have found that the message I bring resonates and binds people together, and that is all I could have hoped for. It is clear to me today that we Texans WILL make a difference. We are gathering in numbers and the will is there; I know it. I can’t truly convey what I feel and the words “Thank you” just don’t seem to be enough, but that is all I have.


Dwayne Stovall

cornyn vs stovall

According to Freedom Works here are the 10 worst votes cast by Senator Cornyn:

1. Voted to Let Harry Reid Fund ObamaCare (2013, RCV 206) Senator John Cornyn of Texas voted to end debate and allow Senate Democrats to re-insert funding for ObamaCare into the Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government. Although Cornyn did vote against the final bill, he and all Republicans knew that voting for cloture to end debate would allow Senator Harry Reid to fund ObamaCare by a party-line vote, and thus a vote for cloture was a de facto vote to fund ObamaCare.

2. Voted for the Wall Street Bailout (T.A.R.P.)(2008, RCV 213) Senator Cornyn voted for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.

3. Voted for Medicare Part D Senator Cornyn voted to pass Medicare Part D, a massive entitlement expansion that conservatives rightly predicted would tremendously expand the deficit and add trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities to the federal rolls. (2003, RCV 457)

4. Voted to Increase the Federal Minimum Wage(2007, RCV 42) Senator Cornyn voted for the Fair Minimum Wage Act that increased the federal minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour in 2007. Raising the minimum wage is a bad idea because it reduces employment especially among low-skilled workers. The cost of raising the minimum wage is passed onto consumers in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

5. Voted for the Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike(2012, RCV 251) The fiscal cliff was a fake crisis created by Congress and the president. Senator Cornyn voted for the infamous New Year’s Day 2013 fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes on 77 percent of U.S. households and contained no real spending cuts.

6. Cornyn Voted against Fiscally Conservative Budgets

Senator Cornyn voted against three of the best, most fiscally conservative budgets ever proposed in the United States Senate. He voted against Senator Mike Lee of Utah’s FY 2013 budget proposal to balance the budget in five years and save $7 trillion over ten years. (2012, RCV 101) He also voted against Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky’s FY 2012 and FY 2013 budget proposals to balance the budget in five years and save more than $8 trillion over ten years. (2011, RCV 80; 2012, RCV 100) Instead, he favored budget plans that either fail to balance the budget or fail to specify clearly how balance would be achieved.

7. Cornyn Supported Intrusive Internet Regulations (PIPA)

Although he later withdrew his support (under withering fire from internet freedom advocates across the political spectrum), Senator Cornyn voted for the Protect Intellectual Privacy Act (PIPA) in committee.  His vote helped move PIPA to the Senate floor, where it met a well-deserved defeat. Under PIPA, the government would have the power to shut down millions of websites. This is economically destructive and a gross violation of our constitutional right to free speech.

8. Cornyn Voted to Allow Warrantless Data Collection on American Citizens

In 2007, Senator Cornyn voted for the FISA Amendments Act, which granted immunity to U.S. telecommunication companies for giving information about their customers to the government without a warrant.  This is one of the key provisions that allowed the NSA to conduct its now-publicized warrantless blanket surveillance of American citizens.

9. Cornyn Has Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling Eight Times

Since entering office in 2002, Senator Cornyn has voted to raise the debt ceiling eight times (including the debt ceiling increase contained in number 1, above).  Raising the debt limit only encourages reckless spending in Washington. Congress needs to cut spending and balance the budget—not continue to increase our national debt without any spending reforms or reductions.

10. Cornyn Voted to Reauthorize the Patriot Act (2006, RCV 25) Although he was not present in Congress when the original USA-PATRIOT Act was passed, Senator Cornyn has been an enthusiastic supporter of the controversial law, voting to permanently reauthorize most of its provisions in 2006. Despite its attractive-sounding title, the so-called Patriot Act violates our Fourth Amendment right to privacy, authorizing unprecedented surveillance powers that permit the federal government to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant.

— Julie Borowski and Dean Clancy contributed to this list.  Reasons to vote for Stovall

John Cornyn is part of the problem in D.C.  Businessman Dwayne Stovall is for grassroots, small government, immigration control and constitutional conservativism.

Dwayne Stovall pledges to

1.  Not increase the federal debt.

2.  Restore the U.S. Constitution to the Federalist system our godly founders intended.

3.  Fight Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, Pro-10th Amendment, Pro-Enforcement of existing Immigration Laws.

4.  Eliminate the EPA, Department of Education, Department of HHS, IRS, Funding of Obamacare and Federal punitive regulations on business.

Recently there was a false document being circulated by Stockman’s campaign.  The tweet was caught by the reporter below. It is not the first time Stockman is involved in dishonest campaigning. He reportedly has had people work for him who have contributed to his campaign, against the rules.


February 11   H/T Pedro Rivera, Tea Party Activist
Endorsements from Stovall’s FB (Texans for Stovall): Nacogdoches Tea Party Stand Across America Young Republicans of Houston (straw poll win) Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36 (straw poll win) Katy LiberTea… Grassroots America – We the People Southern Conservative Kaufman Tea Party Pearland Tea Party Facebook Tea Party TeaParty911 Montague County Tea Party Sam Houston Tea Party (straw poll win) Cass County Tea Party Wichita Falls Tea Party (2 separate straw poll wins) Lake Jackson Tea Party (straw poll win) Ellis County (straw poll win) Tri-County Tea Party Clearlake Tea Party Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Alvin Tea Party Nacogdoches County Republican Club (straw poll win) Firefighters for Liberty EIGHT out of EIGHT straw poll wins.

An influential group of tea partiers said in an open letter Thursday they’re no longer backing Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, in his primary challenge against Republican Sen. John Cornyn. That, however, doesn’t mean they’re getting behind Cornyn — instead, they’re backing businessman Dwayne Stovall in next week’s primary. Tea Partiers backing Stovall 

Stovall needs your help to restore the Constitution as our founding fathers envisioned it, and to get Government out of our schools, businesses and private lives. —   Donate or do whatever you can to his grassroots campaign. Dwayne needs funds for radio adsHow you can help

tea party activists

A great picture of Maria Espinoza-Lyng (who endorsed Stovall) and Tea Party Activist friends in Texas.


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Senator John Cornyn: Only Way to Stop Government Overreach is to Elect New President and New Congress

By Gary P Jackson

Texas Senator John Cornyn reacts to the treacherous Supreme Court ruling in a speech on the Senate floor:


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Senator John Cornyn Demands Eric Holder’s Resignation But Mitch McConnell Won’t Back His Play

By Gary P Jackson

After being grilled by Congressman Darrell Issa in the House, Attorney General Eric Holder was on the hot seat in the Senate Tuesday. As usual, Holder is tap dancing around the truth concerning the Fast and Furious investigation, and the resulting mass murders the operation caused.

If you’re not familiar with “Operation Gunwalker,” better known as Fast and Furious, I’ll give you the condensed version. The Obama regime put assault weapons in the hands of dangerous Mexican drug cartels. They claim it was to track the guns, but in reality, they were hoping to tell the public American guns were making their way to Mexico, and use this as a way to take guns from law abiding citizens here in this country.

If you remember, back in 2009, when Fast and Furious was ongoing, there were daily headlines talking about American guns in Mexico. It was a coordinated effort to create a situation that would allow the regime to start their very own assault. An assault on the 2nd Amendment.

Eric Holder, who is neck deep in all of this, has been lying from the start, and there are plenty of documents that show this. There is no doubt this conspiracy goes all of the way to the top.

Sadly, many in the Republican Party, especially the GOP “leadership” has been, and continues to be, timid and afraid. Because of Fast and Furious, hundreds of Mexicans are dead, and at least one border agent, Brian Terry. Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and everyone else involved, are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico and capital murder here at home. There in no more serious crime. And yet ….

Here’s video of Senator John Cornyn demanding Holder’s resignation. Cornyn reads a list of lies by Holder:

Sadly, just as Speaker of the House John Boehner is dragging his feet in the House [Holder is in contempt of the House] Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the stones to back Cornyn’s play. Neither does John Thune, and other squishy Republicans.

From TPM:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wouldn’t back Sen. John Cornyn’s call for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over the botched ATF operation known as Fast and Furious at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, according to TPM’s Sahil Kapur.

Asked if he supported Cornyn’s call for Holder to resign, McConnell wouldn’t go that far, saying he’s “listening carefully to what my colleagues are saying. I think we’re all unhappy with the performance of the Attorney General.”

Sen. John Thune (R-SD), a GOP leadership member, also declined to champion the call for Holder to resign and echoed McConnell.

Cornyn told Holder he thought he should step down during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday morning in a statement Holder called ”breathtaking in its inaccuracy.” Another Senator, Johnny Isakson of Georgia, called on Holder to resign back in November.

In this Department of Justice, it’s all politics all the time,” Cornyn, who did not vote to confirm Holder, said at the press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “And it’s time for Eric Holder to step down and let President Obama appoint someone who will meet the high standards required of that very important office.”

I happened to catch a few minutes of Greta last night, and she was interviewing Senator Chuck Grassley, who also declined to call for Holder to resign. He used the same rhetoric as McConnell, and added that he wanted to keep his options open so they could “negotiate.”

What is there to negotiate?

I still can’t believe the Senate approved Holder’s appointment in the first place. All one has to do is look at what Holder was engaged in during his time in the Clinton administration to see what a radical he is.

The way I see it, this is a pretty cut and dried case. Documents prove what happen, and prove who knew what. The results of this operation are crystal clear. You have mass murder in Mexico and border patrol agent Brian Terry is dead.

Border Agent Brian Terry

What needs to happen, is not just demands for Holder to resign, but indictments of Holder, Obama, and everyone else involved, for multiple counts of murder, and in the case of Brian Terry, capital murder. It’s well past time we stopped coddling these politicians and stark seeking justice for the dead.


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Dear John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell This is 100% Your Fault

By Gary P Jackson

You know Texas Senator John Cornyn. He’s the guy in charge of recruiting and helping elect Republican Senators. In 2010 he was under constant fire for backing complete losers such as ex-Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who would eventually leave the party and run as an independent, when it became apparent that Marco Rubio would win the GOP nomination.

The most egregious example of Cornyn’s incompetency came out of Alaska though. Not only did Cornyn back left winger Lisa Murkowski, over Tea Party candidate Joe Miller, when Miller beat Murkowski by a razor thin margin, Cornyn initially backed Murkowski in the recount effort, until catching holy hell from Conservatives.

When Miller was declared victorious, Murkowski left the party and ran as an independent. With backing of democrats, who knew their guy didn’t have a shot, and Republicans who longed for the bad old days when the Corrupt Bastards Club ran Alaska [pre-Sarah Palin] Murkowski won the election.

So how did the Republican elite greet Murkowski, a turncoat who went independent? Why it was old home week, of course. They treated her like she was one of the gang, and allowed her to remain on all of the influential committees along with allowing her to keep her ranking. That, of course, was Mitch McConnell’s doing.

Murkowski is one of those country club “progessive” Republicans who have absolutely nothing in common with most members of the GOP. Her positions are far more in line with the radical democrat party, and so are many of her votes.

As you know, the Obama regime and the media [yes, I know, same thing] are now claiming the Republican Party is now engaged in a War on Women™. It’s ridiculous, but Dear Lisa, as she has done before, is giving aid and comfort to the democrats and their divisive and destructive agenda.

Of course, the far left Huffington Post was all to eager to help Lisa spread her venom:

Lisa Murkowski: ‘It Makes No Sense To Make This Attack On Women

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) spoke out forcefully in favor of reproductive rights on Wednesday in Homer, Alaska, as many in her party have sought to restrict them.

It makes no sense to make this attack on women,” she said on KBBI AM 890 Public Radio’s Coffee Table program, according to the Homer News. “If you don’t feel this is an attack, you need to go home and talk to your wife and your daughters.

She also said that she would continue to support funding for Planned Parenthood, adding that the courts have affirmed a legal right to an abortion and she stands by that.

Murkowski criticized GOP presidential candidates for not condemning Rush Limbaugh for calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” which he later apologized for. Fluke was rejected as a witness before a panel on the Obama contraception mandate chaired by House Oversight And Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) last February.

To have those kind of slurs against a woman … you had candidates who want to be our president not say, ‘That’s wrong. That’s offensive.’ They did not condemn the rhetoric,” she said.

[ …. ]

Murkowski, however, voted for the failed Blunt Amendment last month along with all but one Republican, which would have allowed employers to refuse to cover contraception or any other health service for moral reasons. She later said she regretted her vote and wouldn’t do it again if she had the chance.

It’s all about making sure we continue the slaughter millions of innocent children with these people. No one must stand in the way of this barbaric ritualistic killing.

I blame John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP elites for this woman. She should have been shown the door the second she showed up in Washington as an “independent.”

The democrats put her back in office, they can have her!

We are in the middle of the biggest struggle in America’s history. We are fighting for the very soul of the nation, for it’s very survival, and here is this woman standing with those who are destroying the very fabric of our society.

This is why we need to clean house in Washington, and throw them all out.

The Republican leadership, such that it is, will never learn. People like Lisa Murkowski can never be trusted. They are not one of us. But that doesn’t stop the elites from embracing her and those like her anyway.

John Cornyn is my Senator, and while he votes the way I would want him to, and frankly, I like the guy, he’s totally the wrong one to be picking winners and losers in candidates. His record is terrible.

America deserves better.

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