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Ted Cruz Demands John Kerry’s Resignation over Israel Remarks

Senator Ted Cruz Called for John Kerry’s Resignation two months ago over remarks made about Israel becoming an “apartheid state”. America should stand with Israel, but nothing has changed. John Kerry, once again, has not stood with our Ally.

From Kristi Ann’s Haven:

Apartheid’ is inextricably associated with one of the worst examples of state-sponsored discrimination in history: the apartheid system in South Africa that was ultimately brought down by the heroic resistance of Nelson Mandela  inside the country supported by a concerted campaign of diplomatic and economic sanctions by the international community,” Ted Cruz said. 


The notion that Israel would go down that path, and so face the same condemnation that faced South Africa, is unconscionable,” Cruz added.

“The fact that Secretary Kerry sees nothing wrong with making a statement comparing Israel‘s policy to the abhorrent apartheid policies of South Africa, and doing so on the eve of Holocaust remembrance day, demonstrates a shocking lack of sensitivity to the incendiary and damaging nature of his rhetoric.

Mr. President, sadly, it is my belief that Secretary Kerry has proven himself unsuitable for the position he holds, and therefore, before any further harm is done to our national security interests and to our critical alliance with the nation of Israel, that John Kerry should offer President Obama his resignation,” Cruz said.

Cruz was one of three senators to vote against Kerry’s confirmation last year.  Read more Breitbart News

Ted Cruz is RIGHT!! John Kerry is a TRAITOR and GUILTY of TREASON for making these remarks. He is Anti-Israel / Anti-Zionism / Anti-Semitism / Anti-Christian / Anti-Constitution / Anti-Bill of Rights / Anti-Veterans / Anti-USA Military!!



Stand w-Israel

Kristi Ann's Haven

March For Jobs Protests Illegal Immigration, Lack Of Jobs

Senator Ted Cruz is demanding the resignation of Secretary of StateHanoi John Kerry!!

 Please  Stand with Israel ✡

✡“Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai”✡

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Please RT, Chime In or Caption

By Isabel Matos

Friend Ray said this: “a total inept lying jackass…..”

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Ann Romney and the Corporate Wife

By Gary P Jackson

No further comment necessary.


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Sarah Palin on Final Day of DNC: A Bunch of Racist Bunk! Plus John Kerry’s Swing and a Miss!

By Gary P Jackson

Thursday night Sarah Palin talked with Neil Cavuto about the final night of the democrat convention in Charlotte. When asked by Neil she basically says she’s worn out from all of it. Who can blame her. The democrat convention is like looking into an alternate universe. Nothing is based in reality.

They also discuss the need for women voters to wake up and realize who is really at war with them, and Sarah notes the racist nature of the convention, and one of the campaign buttons saying “once you vote black, you never go back.”

Can you imagine if someone in Tampa had been wearing a button that said “white is right” or something like that. Holy crap!

One more observation: Anytime I see a piece of Obama campaign paraphernalia, I’m stuck by the fact that in the last 100 years or so, only two politicians have had their own symbols: Barack Obama and that guy over in Germany with the funny mustache who was in office from 1933 until he achieved room temperature. It’s a reminder that until Obama come along, we considered politicians mere employees. Temporary employees at that. Not messiahs or false gods.

Neil asks Sarah about a sad little comment professional gigolo and tax cheat John Kerry made, throwing her name out there as he attacked Mitt Romney. This isn’t the first time John Kerry has attempted humor and fell flat on his face, insulting everyone’s intelligence.

In late 2006 Kerry attacked the military by implying that one either gets a good education or ends up being stuck in Iraq.

You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.

This prompted blogger Dan Riehl to write on his blog:

The bastard should be tried for treason and shot!

Frankly, after the treasonous acts of both John Kerry and Jane Fonda, during the Vietnam war, I can’t believe both weren’t tried for treason and shot together. But what the hell, our current President and Attorney General facilitated the mass murder of 300-400 Mexican citizens and at least two federal agents and they’ll never receive an ounce of punishment. Not even a harshly worded letter from the United Nations! The whole lot should be sent to a Supermax prison and be left to rot, but I digress.

I got a bit tickled when Sarah said Kerry “diminished himself by even mentioning my name“. Fact is, those two have tangled before. In fact, when Governor Palin, as Commander-in-Chief, was visiting her troops in Kosovo she took a swing at Kerry [after he made an idiotic remark about her] and connected.

Of course this gives us a chance to remind readers that as Governor of Alaska and Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, The Alaska Air Guard, and the Alaska State Defense Force, Sarah Palin received regular high level national security briefings, because of Alaska’s proximity not only to Russia, but the Far East in general.

Alaska is the nation’s first line of defense against any attacks coming from that direction, thus the Governor of the state must be uniquely prepared. Alaska was invaded by the Japanese during WWII and on Governor Palin’s watch, the 176 Air Control Squadron routinely escorted Russian Bear bombers out of Alaskan air space. In 2008 the 176th Air Wing won the United States Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. Governor Palin shared command and control of the air wing.

It’s also fun to remind folks that one can not only SEE Russia from certain points in Alaska, one can actually WALK to Russia [or swim] depending on the time of year!

Another set of good observations on today’s political climate from Sarah, and another swing and a miss by John Kerry.

Neil Cavuto and Sarah Palin interview courtesy of SarahNet

John Kerry [right] with Steve Schmidt backstage at the democrat national convention in Charlotte


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Looks Like Romney is Channeling John Kerry With His Presidential Announcement

By Gary P Jackson

Well, at least he isn’t talking about “Winning The Future” but still …. WTF?

As you know, Romney launched his presidential bid on Monday. [on the eve of the fifth anniversary of RomneyCare no less] Romney’s slogan is a pretty lame “Believe In America.” Yeah, Mitt, the problem is not enough people believe in America, right? Pathetic.

Of course, if this slogan sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve heard it before, from another Massachusetts liberal, John Kerry. “Believe In America” was the theme of John Kerry’s losing presidential bid. You’d think if Mitt was gonna borrow a campaign slogan from someone, it would have at least been a winning one!

Look, I know thinking up a catchy slogan can be hard, especially when you are they type that focus groups and poll tests every move you make, but still.

Here’s the thing. I think Romney chose to borrow this from liberal John Kerry because liberal is Romney’s default position. His father, George Romney was an eastern liberal and a member of the Republican establishment. Like father like son.

Every time I see the photo below of Romney laughing it up with Teddy Kennedy, as his signs the nation’s first socialized medicine legislation into law, I ask myself: Why is Romney a Republican? You look at the guy’s record and wonder why he isn’t in the democrat party where he belongs. As Governor he acted like a democrat, and is the father of socialized medicine in America.

With his record, he’d have more credibility if he ran as a democrat and primaried Obama! After all, he’s using a fellow democrat’s slogan. He’s obviously more comfortable with eastern liberals than Conservative America.


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