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Sarah Palin: Obama’s Laziness and Hillary’s Brain Are Off-Limits. Of Course, It’s Raging Liberal Hypocrisy! (New Updates)

By Isabel Matos

Governor Sarah Palin pointed out the double standard of the media keeping silent where Hillary Clinton’s health is concerned, yet not for Conservative women. She highlights the hypocrisy on her FB timeline yesterday (where she shows PROOF of the horrible way she was treated by some in academia in their obsessive efforts to obtain her private medical records).  Issues can never be argued with liberals, she said. They can’t win arguing the points of their politics so they resort to calling you a racist if you take on Obama or a sexist if you disagree with them to stop the conversation. She said Obama knew about problems at the VA six years ago but says we have a commander-in-chief who has not been engaged.  The media won’t touch him.. well.  She says it best using his own words against him: he is too lazy to be held accountable. In case you missed her FB timeline post yesterday: “Obama knows nothing,  sees nothing, and hears nothing unless his lapdogs bark, then his ears perk up.”

Updated 5/22/2014 3:54 pm  Sarah Palin’s Facebook Timeline post, tweet

and Flashback to Obama’s comment:

Sarah should be president.  I don’t hear a single politician out there talking this way. They’re all too measured and calculated in what they say and too indebted to those who keep them inside the DC beltway boy loop. Will 2016 be the year?

we deserve better than the va



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North Carolina Primary Race Sets Off Major Party Fireworks (Results for 6 Races in IN OH NC!)

UPDATE 5/14/2014


aiken vs elmers

3rd Confirmed Winner Renee ELMER (to face Clay Aiken)

Walter Jones

Second Confirmed winner: Establishment Walter Jones 

taylor griffin endorsementW.Jones 50.8% (21,726)

Taylor Griffin  45.1%  (19,275)  * Palin Endorsed

A.Novinec 4.1%    (1,746)

Thom Tillis

 First Confirmed Winner: Establishment THOM TILLIS More on Tillis

Winner T. Tillis 45.4%
G. Brannon 27.1%
M. Harris 17.8%
H. Grant 4.7%
T. Alexander 1.9%
J. Snyder 1.9%
A. Bradshaw 0.7%
E. Kryn 0.4%


By Isabel Matos

This is one race I can’t wait to see the results! There has been more primary excitement in NORTH CAROLINA than OHIO or INDIANA combined!  A huge intra-party feud has been playing itself out for 15 months now. First is the Establishment candidate, Thom Tillis, speaker of the North Carolina House. Tillis is backed by Rove (of course), the Chamber of Commerce, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney who just endorsed him yesterday.

The second challenger in the race is a pro-life candidate appealing to Evangelicals, Mark Harris. He is a preacher and is backed by “enemy” Mike Huckabee, according to those on the ground. Kristen Petersen, tea party activist who has been in full campaign mode from day one, reports:  

This is another example of the GOP establishment putting out fake Tea Party Conservative candidates to peel away votes from those that are true conservatives.  She cites the Southern Baptist’s preference for immigration restitutions (code for amnesty) even though the pastor won’t use the term (typical).  What he said.

huckabee and sarah

Huckabee recorded a robo-call on behaloof of Harris that went out to 300,00 registered Republicans between Saturday to Monday

Huckabee has inserted himself twice now in races in which Sarah Palin endorsed a candidate. (He is no friend of Sarah’s). In Oklahoma he endorsed Jack Lanford, T.W. Shannon’s opponent. In Florida he and Jeb Bush both endorsed Lizbeth Benacquisto in the last days to perpetuate the false impression that she was the establishment candidate. It gets complicated, but let’s just say Huckabee’s endorsements are a nuisance in any primary and this is how the Establishment rolls.

We have three candidates but two factions within the party (Paul vs. Bush) fighting for control of the GOP and this won’t be the first race we will see it happen in. 1

The Libertarian Conservative favored by the grassroots in N.C. is Dr. Greg Brannon “the best option to defeat Kay Hagan” as Democrats want Tillis (Rove’s choice) to be Hagan’s opponent.

This is Dr. Greg Brannon:

Husband of 25 years, Father of 7, Physician to 20,000 &

North Carolina’s Constitutional Conservative Candidate for U.S. Senate. www.GregBrannon.com

dr greg brannon

The winning candidate must have 40 percent of the votes to avoid a run-off. Rand Paul made a last-minute campaign trail stop on Monday which could determine the results of the race.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul rallied for Brannon Monday in Charlotte: “‘The status quo has gotten too strong in Washington, D.C. The Leviathan has gotten too large. … As we stand here, the debt clock is spiraling out of control. Send us a champion. Send us a hero. Send us a dragon slayer,’ Paul said, speaking prior to Brannon in front of a cheering crowd of about 250 outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Uptown Charlotte on Monday.”  Paul Rand, Greg Brannon

A run-off would delay challenging Democrat Kay Hagan who said: kay hagan

Mike Lee has endorsed Dr. Brannon.

greg brannon

FreedomWorks has endorsed Dr. Brannon.

freedom works

Mark Levin has endorsed Dr. Brannon.

greg bannon mark levin

Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter joined the list of endorsements today.

6 Key Races Today


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Megyn Kelly on the White House’s Lies After Obama’s Attack on Fox News


By Gary P Jackson

The crimes of the Obama regime just grow, as do the lies. Megyn Kelly is HOT. So am I, and so should every single American.

Video courtesy SarahNET.

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The John Does vs The Permanent Political Establishment

Gary Cooper Barbara Stanwyck Meet John Doe

By Gary P Jackson
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Sarah Palin has often said one of her favorite movies is the 1939 classic Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart, the movie follows newly appointed Senator Jefferson Smith [Stewart] , a naive and idealistic young man. As the story unfolds, Senator Smith runs up against the political machine, massive corruption and cronyism.

Before taking office, Smith was the leader of the Boy Rangers a fictional group akin to the Boy Scouts of America. It’s his goal, as Senator, to create a national boys camp, a noble idea that turns into a battle. It’s a great movie that I firmly believe all Americans should see. Like all Capra films, it has a strong message.

It’s easy to understand why Sarah Palin loves this movie. Sarah is a proven reformer, having gone after questionable politicians since her earliest days as a member of the Wasilla, Alaska city council.

In a move that kinda mirrors the movie, after an unsuccessful bid to be Alaska’s Lt. Governor, Sarah, whose political star was definitely on the rise, was appointed by Governor Frank Murkowski as Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. This is one of the most powerful positions in the state. It was here that Sarah uncovered massive corruption at almost every level.

After uncovering all of this corruption, Sarah went to the Governor and demanded action. After being told to let it go, she told the Governor to either get something done, or she would go to the media with the facts. This, of course led to Murkowski sending then Attorney General Gregg Renkes, who was also neck deep in his own corrupt dealings, to pay Sarah a visit, threatening her with legal consequences if she blew the whistle.

In the end, Sarah resigned from her high paying gig at the AOGCC and took on the entire corrupt Republican Party in Alaska. The rest is history. The FBI would eventually get involved, and two years later, months into Governor Palin’s term, corrupt Republicans were still being hauled off to prison.

It’s easy to see why Governor Palin relates to the struggles of Senator Smith. She’s lived the movie, and then some!

For me though, it’s another Capra film that hits all of the right notes. Meet John Doe is a wonderful film starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. I relate to the film because of the parallels between the film and what is going on between the Republican Party and the Tea Party today.

Full Disclosure: I’m a huge Gary Cooper fan, something helped along by the fact that he was my mother’s favorite actor, and who I’m named after. And I simply adore Barbara Stanwyck. She is one of the greatest actresses ever to appear on film, and one of the most beautiful. As such, I love every film both of them made.

It’s interesting to note that Cooper and Stanwyck, as well as actors Clark Gable, Ginger Rogers, John Wayne, and Irene Dunne [among others] were members of The Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. Within Stanwyck’s online bio, the Internet Movie Database describes this group as “a rabidly right-wing political action group during the McCarthy-era ‘blacklisting’ period in the early and mid-1950s.” Wonderful actors and Conservative to boot. Good enough for me! If they were alive today they would likely be Tea Party members themselves. BTW, as we now know, MaCarthy was spot on!

Released in 1941, while America was still in shambles due to Roosevelt’s failed liberal policies, that turned a bad recession into what is now known as The Great Depression, the movie opens in the town’s newspaper office. The local newspaper has been bought out by oil tycoon D. B. Norton, deliciously played by Edward Arnold, and the first order of business is firing almost everyone, including popular columnist Ann Mitchell. [Stanwyck]

Angered, especially after being told to make sure her last column is done before she hits the door, Mitchell decides to leave a parting shot. She quickly types up a fictional letter to the editor in which a desperate, unemployed man, who calls himself “John Doe,” goes on and on about the state of the country, the political corruption, and the decline of the American way. As a gesture, this fictional “John Doe” promises to commit suicide by jumping off the city’s municipal building on New Year’s Eve.

Once published, the letter creates an uproar in the community. The new editor Henry Connell [James Gleason] summons Mitchell back. Connell figures the letter is bogus, and the town’s other newspaper is already saying as much. Ann’s a fast talker though and convinces Connell that his only course of action is to run with the story, as any admission that the whole thing was made up would harm the paper’s credibility. Mitchell then convinces Connell to hire her back, with a substantial raise.

It’s decided they will run an article asking “John Doe” to come to the newspaper office, and that they have employment for him. The thinking here is people would show up claiming to be “John” and they could pick someone to play the part. It works, as a long line of sad looking tramps parade through the office claiming to be “John.” Of course, none of these characters will do, but as luck will have it, an injured baseball player “Long John” Willoughby [Gary Cooper] walks through the door. Unlike the rest, the humble Willoughby doesn’t claim to be “John Doe.” He tells Mitchell and Connell that he just figured if there was one job, maybe there was two. The newspaper just found itself a sucker to play “John Doe.”

As it turns out, Willoughby is a good speaker, and inspires people all over the nation, when he goes on a nation radio show with his message, a message written by Mitchell. In an organic movement that mirrors the formation of the Tea Party, “John Doe Clubs” start popping up across the country, built on the ideals that Willoughby, speaking the words written by Mitchell, sets forth.

Seeing what he has, D. B. Norton starts outlaying his own cash to fund a national tour with Willoughby and Mitchell, and to help start up these “John Doe Clubs” everywhere. Norton also puts a plan in motion for a national “John Doe” convention.

There are several plot twists, and Willoughby starts having feelings for Mitchell, but we’ll skip past that. Besides, if you haven’t seen the movie, you simply must, not only because you’ll better get where I’m going with all of this, but because this is simply a damned good movie and I want you to experience it yourself!

Moving along, we learn that the kindly D.B. Norton really isn’t kindly at all. The oil man has bought up newspapers and radio stations across the country and plans to use them, as well as the now powerful “John Doe” movement, to launch his political career. It seems Norton has his sights on the White House.

The plan is for Willoughby, as “John Doe” to deliver the keynote speech at the convention, and endorse Norton for president. At least that’s Norton’s plan. Meanwhile Mitchell has actually bought into the “John Doe” movement and has written a wonderful and inspiring speech for the convention.

It all comes to a head when the newspaper’s editor, Henry Connell, gets wind of what Norton is up to and grows a conscience, though not before getting all liquored up. He informs Mitchell of Norton’s plan, and catches Willoughby before the speech. Willoughby then approaches Norton and tells him he refuses to go along. Norton informs Willoughby that if he doesn’t go through with it, he will expose him as a fraud to the world, and destroy him.

At the convention Norton has his union thugs placed throughout the audience, and newspapers pre-printed exposing Willoughby, just in case. He also has Ann Mitchell on lockdown, so she can’t blow the whistle.

It’s cold and rainy as Willoughby takes to the stage. His conscience simply won’t allow him to do Norton’s bidding. As promised, Norton’s union thugs start calling him a fraud, when he starts with the speech Mitchell wrote, rather than the one Norton wanted him to give, and newspapers magically appeared exposing Willoughby, conveniently leaving out Norton and his newspaper’s part in it all. Pretty soon the entire crowd turns on Willoughby.

Destroyed, Willoughby takes the role of “John Doe” all of the way to the top of the town’s municipal building on New Year’s Eve, where he intends to jump.

Much like the fictional “John Doe” movement, the Tea Party is an organic movement that got it’s inspiration from a man who was fed up. On February 19, 2009 CNBC anchor Rick Santelli, reporting from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, went into a well deserved rant about the corrupt dealings going on in the financial markets and called for a new Boston Tea Party. This rant, heard around the world, spoke to tens of millions of fed up Americans who would form thousands of Tea Party groups nationwide.

Though mostly without a formal structure, and no national leadership unifying all of it’s members, the Tea Party has become a powerful force in American politics. It didn’t take long for politicians to try and co-opt the movement for their own gains. For the most part though, Tea Party members turned out to be more sophisticated than the politicians hoped, and with only a few notable exceptions, weren’t fooled by the phonies in the least.

That didn’t stop the GOP from riding the Tea Party’s coattails into 2010 and historic victories nationwide. With the help of Conservative leaders like Sarah Palin, we saw the greatest nationwide political turnover of power since Reconstruction after the Civil War.

Of course, not everyone the Tea Party helped put in power stayed true to their mandate, and those who have are despised by the Republican Elite. You see, true Conservatives cannot be corrupted by Washington, nor can they be controlled by the party bosses. The more the GOP has tried to get Tea Party members to “play ball” the more resistance they have met. The Republican Party bosses want to keeps the status quo. They want to keep their little power bases and corrupt deals alive and producing. They want nothing to do with real reform and real reformers.

True reformers, like Sarah Palin, are attacked unmercifully by the Republican Party Elite. The last thing they want are strong, powerful men and women who, if elected, would dismantle the entire corrupt establishment machine. [in both parties] Something that must be done if America is to survive.

Since they can’t control the Tea Party, the Republicans are again imitating the movie, and have moved into the seek and destroy phase. Recently we’ve seen Speaker of the House John Boehner purge Tea Party Republicans from leadership positions in Congress, and his minions bad mouth the Tea Party to any and all who would listen. As you can imagine, the democrats, and their corrupt media partners, are loving it all, and reporting it breathlessly.

History is being rewritten, and losses by establishment hacks are now being blamed on the Tea Party. The GOP is blaming the Tea Party for all of the loses in 2012, never mind it was their standard bearer, Mitt Romney, who lost to the worst president in American history, and it was their candidates who failed to win 10 seats. Seats that would have put the Senate in Republican hands.

Now we have Karl Rove, one of the most despicable human beings in politics today, renaming his failed political action group the “Conservative Victory Fund” in an attempt to not only co-opt the Conservative movement, but stop the Tea Party as well.

As we reported last November, Rove’s group spent between $100 million and $400 million [depending on who you ask] on various establishment candidates. Rove had a 1% success rate. In comparison, Sarah Palin had a 75% endorsement success rate and America Grizzlies United [Organize for Palin] a group of Palin supporters nationwide, had a 66% success rate, putting candidates in office locally, statewide, and of course, in national office. Thomas S Schmitz, Chairman of the Board of American Grizzlies United, tells me the group spent less that $1000 total, the rest was just good old fashioned hard work.

No wonder Rove wants to destroy the Tea Party and other Conservative groups. They are making him look like the worthless hack he is!

Though establishment candidates lost big in 2010, and Tea Party candidates won huge gains all over the country, the Rove wing of the GOP love to bring up two candidates who lost: Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle.

The elites use these two ladies as examples of why the Tea Party is a failure and can’t be taken seriously. For the establishment, this is a twofer, because they can bash Sarah Palin at the same time. The GOP lies when they bash Sarah, and they lie about Angle and O’Donnell.

First let’s look at Sharron Angle. For one thing, Sarah Palin didn’t endorse her in the primary. She didn’t endorse any candidate in that race, as both her dad and brother had endorsed Danny Tarkanian. BTW, Mitt Romney DID endorse Angle in the primary, something the GOP Elite never mention. Now Sarah did endorse Angle once she was the nominee, but so what. Who else was she gonna to endorse? Angle lost because many liberal Republicans in Nevada backed Harry Reid. Plain and simple.

Christine O’Donnell is another matter altogether, and if anyone is to blame for her loss it’s Karl Rove. Yeah, she was, and is, quirky. But O’Donnell was sincere and had a real Conservative message, and no doubt would have made a good Senator.

As it was, you had George Soros’ boy, Republican Congressman Mike Castle, who only voted like a Conservative at election time, and voted like a socialist democrat the rest of the time, or Mike Coons, the self-proclaimed “bearded Marxist” on the democrat side. Quirks and all, Christine O’Donnell would have made a far superior Senator then either one of those two idiots!

Karl Rove didn’t quite see it that way. You see, Rove had dealings with Congressman Castle, and had hoped to further them along with a Senator Castle. As Michelle Malkin reported at the time, Rove had met with Tea Party leaders in Delaware and tried to convince them to leave his boy Castle alone, and NOT support O’Donnell’s bid for the Senate. As it happened, the Tea Party told Rove to shove it, and O’Donnell got massive Tea Party support from around the country. She won the nomination handily.

O’Donnell was still giving her victory speech when Karl Rove took to the airwaves on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show and proceeded to rip her to shreds. In Fact, Fox [and Hannity] allowed Rove to bash O’Donnell for three nights in a row. As you can imagine, the left ate this up, and their media partners reported it all breathlessly.

Had Rove kept his yap shut, we’d probably be addressing her as Senator O’Donnell to this day. We’ll never know. What we do know, is before Rove’s despicable attacks, O’Donnell was favored to win over Coons by a respectable amount.

Now Rove, along with the rest of the Republican Party machine has targeted Conservatives for defeat. It’s Rove and the GOP’s intention to destroy the Tea Party, and stop Conservatives from winning primaries. Never mind that Conservatives have traditionally won, where the unprincipled squishes the establishment is in love with, do not, and cannot.

This is where you, the American People, come in. It’s time to hold ALL politicians accountable. All politicians from BOTH parties.

As Conservatives, we have very few places to go. The democrat party has been taken over by Marxists. The party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and Margret Sanger is beyond redemption. Thing is, the party of Lincoln and Reagan ain’t much better.

Since the days of Barry Goldwater, Conservatives have tried to reform the Republican Party, and force it to live up to the principles it pretends to stand for. The only brief moment of victory was the Reagan presidency, but Republican Elites have been trying to erase Reagan’s triumphs since the day he left office.

So what are we to do? There are dozens of registered political parties, but none have proven viable. I think at this point, a real reformer COULD win the presidency as an independent, but then what? A president without a party would have both the GOP and the democrats doing everything possible to stifle any attempts at real reform, both parties hoping to get back in power quickly. It would be a frustrating situation.

How about creating a new and vibrant alternative? I’m of the mindset that the Republican Party has become just as morally bankrupt and beyond redemption as the democrat party, but for different reasons. I personally think it’s time for the GOP to go the way of the Whigs, the party it replaced.

It takes time and money to create a new party, and one would have to convince many solid Conservatives already in office to leave the GOP and join that new party. Can it be done? I don’t know. It would take a dynamic leader, and a solid message of real reform. Sudden, and relentless reform. The American people thirst for that message and no-bullshit leaders who would deliver on it. But is it really possible to start a new party?

One thing I do know is the Republican Party machine, with the help of the corrupt media, and much to the delight of the democrats, aims to destroy the Tea Party and the entire Conservative movement, once and for all.

The question is, are you just going to stand by and let them get away with it?

The final scenes of Meet John Doe have D.B. Norton and all of his cronies atop the city municipal building waiting to see if Willoughby will show up and jump. In fact, Willoughby does show up, ready to make good on his threat, after mailing off a letter exposing everyone and everything.

Norton greets Willoughby and tells him that if he jumps, his people are already down there, ready to grab his body, and bury it in an unmarked grave, and no one will ever know. It’s at this point that Ann Mitchell, who has broken free of her captors, shows up and begs Willoughby not to jump, and in tears professes her undying love for him.

Willoughby is dead set on jumping, when members of the “John Doe Club,” folks we’d met earlier in the movie, make their way to the top of the building where Willoughby, Mitchell, and Norton are. They are accompanied by Henry Connell, the newspaper editor.

These “John Does” all plead with Willoughby not to jump. They tell him they don’t care how it all came to be, that they believe in his message, because they have used it in their own lives, and seen positive change in their own communities. It’s then that Ann Mitchell, crying, collapses in Willoughby’s arms and he picks her up and starts carrying her toward the crowd of “John Does

In the very last scene Henry Connell looks at D.B. Norton
and says with a dare: “The people, you just TRY and lick ’em!


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Politico’s Credibility Problem


By Stacy Drake
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Last week, Politico’s Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen sat down to talk about the recent changes over at Fox News. As anyone could guess, these two individuals used the topic of the day to trash Governor Palin and others they decided to lump into the narrative.

Posted on Politico’s website under the video of the two talking, they wrote (emphasis):

Republicans and Fox News are moving to purge the controversial political creatures they created.

Interesting choice of words but when you’re getting ready to marginalize someone, “creature” is a good way to start. They go on (emphasis):

Both were damaged badly in 2012 by loud, partisan voices that stoked the base — but that scared the hell out of many voters. Now, the GOP, with its dismal image, and Fox News, with its depressed ratings in January, are scrambling to dim those voices. To wit:

Fox ousted contributors Sarah Palin and Dick Morris, two of the most obnoxiously partisan figures on the network’s air.

One could write an entire post on those few sentences alone. This is the left-wing media performing a textbook example of distorting every aspect of the subject to try and control what their readers walk away from the article and video believing. Too bad we aren’t all suckers, eh guys?

First of all, does anyone who knew a thing about Governor Palin BEFORE the 2008 presidential election believe for one second that she is a “most obnoxiously partisan figure?” The democrats in Alaska certainly didn’t think so. But, this is 2013, and the leftist press has now spent many years now distorting who Governor Palin is, so this is really just par for the course.

Secondly, Governor Palin was not “ousted” from FNC. If she were “ousted,” Fox wouldn’t have been in negotiations to renew her contract. But, the phonies in the media have their narrative and they’re sticking to it regardless of facts.

Not that long ago, Andrew Kaczynski @ Buzzfeed tweeted out the following:

I responded to him (a little angry at the time, I might add):

His smart-alec response to me and another individual who had challenged him on this:

My response to that:

And guess what? He never responded to my question about knowing any details of those negotiations. The reason for that is because he doesn’t know the details, and he is simply repeating the left-wing media’s narrative to reinforce the notion to his followers. They’re all full of it.

As just a reminder, Scott Conroy, who broke the story about Governor Palin not renewing her contract with FNC wrote (emphasis):

After a three-year run as a paid contributor to the nation’s highest-rated cable news channel, Sarah Palin and FOX News have cut ties, according to a source close to the former Alaska governor.

It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” the source close to Palin told RCP. “She remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism across the country and will be expanding her voice in the national discussion.


Bill Shine, Executive Vice President at FOX, subsequently issued a statement to the New York Times confirming the news, saying, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Governor Palin decided to part ways, not the other way around. Fox didn’t get “rid of” her, and she certainly wasn’t “ousted.” But we all know that facts are irrelevant to most in the media when it comes to Governor Palin.

The one thing that Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen did have correct in the first part of this article, was when it stated:

Fox News, with its depressed ratings in January…

It’s true that FNC’s numbers were down in January. Did anyone bother to tell Vandehei and Allen that Governor Palin was NOT on Fox during that month? That was the first month she didn’t appear on the network, yet these two “journalists” end that same paragraph by writing:

…are scrambling to dim those voices.

So, FNC’s numbers are down the first month that Governor Palin doesn’t appear on the network, and these two use that fact to claim the network needs to “dim” her voice due to Fox’s poor ratings. That doesn’t make any chronological sense!

Then the segment shifts to the ever present anonymous republican establishment type, who gave these two some juicy quotes to feast on in regards to the battle between conservatives and the GOPe. They write (emphasis):

One high-profile Republican strategist, who refused to be named in order to avoid inflaming the very segments of the party he wants to silence, said there is a deliberate effort by party leaders to marginalize the cranks, haters and bigots — there’s a lot of underbrush that has to be cleaned out.

I think calling fellow party members “cranks, haters and bigots” to the left-wing press is a pretty good way to “marginalize” them. But this has become common with the anonymous cowards in the GOPe who work directly with the media to attack Conservatives and reformers. The article continues:

For establishment Republicans, this is all about survival, after two straight elections that saw extremely conservative candidates blow Senate races Republicans should have won…

See how that works? The anonymous GOP strategist feeds the leftist “journalists” some red meat, and “reporters” respond by selling another false narrative that directly benefits the republican establishment. According to them, it’s the Conservatives who are costing republicans election after election, not squishy moderates like Mitt Romney. Where’s the logic?

A columnist by the name of Kellyanne Conway at USA Today recently wrote:

For outside groups such as American Crossroads’ reinvented “Conservative Victory Fund” to intervene in races is not new. It was attempted just last year, and with spectacular failure.

Conservative senate candidate in Missouri Todd Akin and his Indiana counterpart Richard Mourdock? are the easy soundbites from the 2012 GOP losses, but those memorable names hide many more failed Senate candidates who had all the king’s horses and all the king’s men — and all the king’s money — and lost: Josh Mandel (Ohio), Connie Mack (Fla.), Denny Rehberg (Mont.), Rick Berg (N.D.), Heather Wilson (N.M.), Tommy Thompson (Wis.), George Allen (Va.), Linda McMahon (Conn.) and Linda Lingle (Hawaii).

Names seldom mentioned because it doesn’t benefit the left or their cocktail buddies in the republican establishment to do so.

The Politico piece goes on (emphasis):

Roger Ailes, the channel’s chairman and CEO, has a politician’s sense of his base — Fox viewers… He created not only the most-watched cable news channel in the country — he created political celebrities, several of whom dominated Republican politics in the 2012 cycle.

At various points, many of those celebrities, all with Fox contracts, were at or near the top of Republican presidential polls: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Palin and Mike Huckabee. But by the end of campaign, Fox could seem like an alternate universe, one in which the Benghazi killings were the most important story in America and Mitt Romney, contrary to public polls and Fox’s own polls, was on his way to winning the election.

I’m not writing this piece to defend FNC in any way, but the line about Benghazi made my blood boil. What happened at the American diplomatic mission in Libya should have been the most important story in the nation, and on every network. The fact that it wasn’t tells you everything you need to know about the media in this country. Americans that were serving our country at the behest of President Obama, were killed while the Commander in Chief did nothing. And then, the administration blamed the entire event on a 15 minute Youtube clip that nobody had seen. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, there is no way anyone would be talking about “Hillary 2016″ after Benghazi. Her career would have been rightfully over, but I digress.

Vandehei and Allen continue:

Ailes has aggressively, and shrewdly, toned things down post-election. Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly were among the first conservatives to call for a rethinking of the GOP’s opposition to comprehensive immigration reform. And then Palin and Morris got the boot, sending an unmistakable message about the new expectations for the channel’s contributors.

Here again, insinuating that Governor Palin wasn’t offered a new contract and didn’t decline it by choice. This isn’t journalism, it’s dishonesty. But we live in an era that many in the media have no ethics and no appreciation for the truth. Everything is politics to them, and anytime they can push a negative meme about Governor Palin, they will do so.

The article concludes by talking about Karl Rove and the ongoing battle between Conservatives and Rove’s wing of the party. It ends by stating (emphasis):

But a senior Republican operative said the party has two huge, unresolved impediments to the top leaders’ grand plans: “suicide conservatives, who would rather lose elections than win seats with moderates,” and the “many groups on the hard right that depend on direct mail fundraising that requires a high degree of audacity, and borderline shrillness.

Throw in a third obstacle: loudmouth personalities and candidates who, once created, are hard to control.

Translation: Self-made, principled reformers can’t be controlled by the GOPe or manipulated by the left-wing media, therefore must have their character completely assassinated by both as often as necessary. They must blur the lines between self-made, principled reformers and nutty candidates that said self-made, principled reformers never endorsed. Throw in some words like “bigot” here and there, and maybe just maybe, people will stop listening to them.

The media can wish Governor Palin had been “ousted,” they can keep writing articles about how “irrelevant” she is, after doing so for over four years now, but it doesn’t change reality. And that is that every day more and more Americans see their deception for what it is and decide to stop listening to the loudmouth personalities who make up the LSM.


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Endorsement Power! Sarah Palin: 75% Success Karl Rove: $100’s of Millions Spent Only 1% Success

By Gary P Jackson

Want to know the very definition of failure? Look no further than Karl “Tokyo” Rove. Though many in the Republican Establishment™ love to call this certified loser “The Architect” because President George W Bush won election twice, the fact is, Bush just barely beat Al Gore, an actual lunatic, and John Kerry. That’s right, Bush almost lost to John Freakin’ Kerry! Thanks to Rove’s brand of divide and conquer, alienate everyone, kind of strategery Republicans lost Congress in 2006, and the American economy immediately started to collapse. If one wants to look at someone to point to as the reason we still have a Communist devil in the White House, Karl Rove would be a good place to start!

On the other hand, in 2010, Sarah Palin endorsed upwards of 100 candidates all across the fruited plain. She endorsed in local, state, and congressional races. Some via Facebook and Twitter, some in person. Almost every one of her candidates won, including five Governors and two states’ Attorneys General. The momentum built by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party saw the largest political turnover since Reconstruction after the Civil War. In state houses across the country, over 600 democrats lost their seats to Republicans.

With a massively unpopular president, and an ever failing economy, one would have thought it would have been easy, even for morons, to take that momentum from 2010 and build on it for 2012. One would be wrong. One must never underestimate the stupidity of idiots.

The Geniuses of the Republican Elite™ decided they didn’t need or want either Sarah Palin or the Tea Party, and went back to their old losing ways. Once again the Republican Establishment™ proved it hasn’t lost it’s touch for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

According to NBC’s Michael Isikoff:

Karl Rove was the political genius of the George W. Bush era — the architect of the last Republican president’s two electoral victories. But this week, he may have had the worst election night of anybody in American politics.

Not only did Rove insist on Fox News that Ohio was still winnable for Republican challenger Mitt Romney after all the TV networks had called it for President Barack Obama — causing anchor Megyn Kelly to march down to the Fox “decision desk” mavens, who assured her on air that they were “99.9 percent” confident in their call — but his trailblazing “independent” super PAC operation was virtually shut out on election night.

A study Wednesday by the Sunlight Foundation, which tracks political spending, concluded that Rove’s super PAC, American Crossroads, had a success rate of just 1 percent on $103 million in attack ads — one of the lowest “returns on investment” (ROIs) of any outside spending group in this year’s elections.

American Crossroads spent heavily, not just on Romney, but on attack ads on behalf of GOP Senate candidates in eight states — thanks to mega contributions from conservative donors like metals magnate Harold Simmons ($19.5 million), Texas homebuilder Bob Perry ($7.5 million) and Omni hotel chief Robert Rowling ($5 million.)

The super donors didn’t get much for their money. Six of the eight GOP Senate candidates that American Crossroads spent money to try to elect – Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, George Allen in Virginia, Josh Mandel in Ohio, Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Denny Rehberg in Montana and Todd Akin in Missouri – lost their races, along with Romney. The group did, on the other hand, help to elect Deb Fischer in Nebraska and Dean Heller in Nevada.

(The Sunlight Foundation calculation of “return on investment” was based on the percentage of money it spent on individual races– and since Crossroads spent the most on the races it lost on, the group earned its low 1 percent “return on investment” or ROI. A sister group, Crossroads GPS, which operates out of the same offices as American Crossroads but does not disclose its donors, fared little better, netting a return on investment of only 13 percent, according to the Sunlight Foundation report.)

Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for American Crossroads, dismissed the Sunlight Foundation report.

GOP super PACs helped keep the race close and winnable, despite Obama’s massive financial advantage,” he wrote in an email to NBC News. “On the Senate races, run the numbers. If you don’t count the long-shot self-funders in CT and PA, Senate Democrats outraised their GOP opponents by $60 (million) this cycle – and that disparity is greater if you factor out GOP primary fundraising. The DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) outraised the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) by another $20 (million). Few have reported on this.

You can’t have an accurate view of the role of super PACs without the context of how Democrats leveraged incumbency to outraise their opponents by literally hundreds of millions of dollars,” he added.

The American Crossroads debacle was only the most dramatic example of the limits of big money in this election, according to the Sunlight Foundation report. About $1.3 billion was spent by outside groups overall — about two-thirds on the Republican side — and for the most part their returns were equally low. The Chamber of Commerce, for example, spent $31 million-and had a 5 percent return, according to the Sunlight study. The conservative American Future Fund spent $23.9 million and also realized a 5 percent return. The National Rifle Association spent $11 million, and got shut out.

Donald Trump tweeted his “congratulations” to Rove:

Hundreds of millions of dollars pissed away. Now we know why President Bush’s nickname for Rove is “Turdblossom“!

On the other hand, Sarah Palin simply used Facebook and Twitter to get her message of support out, We The People did the rest.

There’s a reason why Mediaite recently named Sarah the number one TV pundit and influencer in the country, far outpacing Karl Rove in every category.

Part of American Crossroad’s problem was failure to back the right candidates in the Republican primaries, which led to a lot of tired, same-old-same-old candidates who haven’t figured things out.

Rove and Governor Palin did share a couple of candidates though, and remarkably fared the same. Sarah backed both Richard Mourdock and Deb Fischer in the primaries. Both are solid Conservatives. Fischer won her Senate seat easily. Mourdock should have, but misspoke while talking about the evils of abortion, and the corrupt media pounced. The left went crazy attacking him, and it was all over.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin was more selective this year than in 2010. She concentrated on select Senate races from the start. She weighed in on the primaries, and supported dark horse candidates like Ted Cruz, giving them much needed exposure, and through her millions of grass roots supporters, some cold hard cash.

During the primary season, Sarah was batting 1000 until Missouri, when her candidate, Sarah Steelman, who was polling the strongest against democrat Claire McCaskill, and was an almost sure winner, lost to Todd Akin after some shenanigans by democrats. Akin almost immediately lost the election by saying incredibly stupid things, allowing one of the very worst of the worst to be re-elected.


Always listen to Sarah Palin. Chances are you’ll have better results. A couple of other candidates lost their primaries, but for the most part, if Sarah Palin endorsed you in the primary, you won.

That brings us to the general election. Sarah outperformed the Republican Party by a bunch. Out of the eight candidates she endorsed, six of them won:

In Utah, Orin Hatch faced a tough primary from a pretend Tea Party candidate who proclaimed he was “just like Mitt Romney!” Many only heard “Tea Party” though, and it was a battle. Senator Hatch will be going back to Washington

In Texas, Ted Cruz was incredibly popular with Tea Party groups, but not polling well overall. Sarah endorsed him early on, and as he says, the money and recognition came. Cruz’s main competition was Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst, a corrupt Establishment™ hack. Cruz made the crowded race close enough to force a run-off between he and Dewhurst. Sarah came to Texas before the run-off election and fired Texans up for Cruz. A real superstar, and Reagan Conservative, Ted will be going to Washington.

Deb Fischer, who Sarah endorsed early, will represent Nebraska in the Senate and as will Jeff Flake from Arizona.

Ted Yoho from Florida and Paul Gozar from Arizona will be the newest members of the House.

On the losing side, are the aforementioned Mourdock and sadly, Dan Bongino.

Now it would be easy to let Rove off the hook and blame this all on Mitt Romney and what I’ll call the “reverse coattails effect” meaning he was such a failure, he hurt many down ticket races, but there’s a problem with that. You see we can look to the grassroots organization American Grizzlies United, formally Organize4Palin.

AGU is an independent grass roots organization made up of regular folks who trade the lack of tons of money for lots of sweat and worn shoe leather. Looking at their general election candidates page, they had great success nationwide.

So what’s the take away? For one thing, it’s that We The People are much better at picking, and supporting candidates than the Republican Establishment™! The problem is, the GOP is too stubborn to listen to their own party base. In fact, they will actually blame their failure on the Tea Party every single time.

The Republican Party is broken. It needs new leadership from the top down. To lose against the worst president in our nation’s history, and loose ground in the Senate to boot, is not just humiliating, is dangerous. Now we have a Communist devil who will have nothing to stop him from continuing his all out assault on Liberty and Freedom.

Many seem to think elections are nothing more than a game, but elections have consequences, and thanks to Karl Rove and the Republican Establishment™ the American people are in for tough times ahead.

Thanks to Sarah Palin, American Grizzlies United, and the Tea Party we at least have a few solid, capable Conservatives headed to Washington to do The People’s business.


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Karl Rove Tilts at Windmills, Government Subsidized Windmills: This is a Problem, an Expensive, Disastrous Problem

By Gary P Jackson

I’ve written extensively about the various “green energy” scams out there today. Out of all of them, wind power is probably the biggest. Billions upon billions of local, state, and federal tax dollars are flushed down the toilet annually, wasted on an energy source that has absolutely no chance of making it on it’s own, without massive government subsidies.

Think about this: Despite a significant push by governments and private investors, wind power only generates 3% of America’s energy. A very poor investment of time and money.

The problems with wind power are many. The most significant issue is the wind itself. There are few places where the wind blows constantly. And wind turbines only generate electricity when the wind is blowing. No wind and you have no electricity. This means you still have to have conventional, and reliable, energy sources in place to make sure you actually have power. So you find yourself paying for the upkeep and maintenance on not one, but two high dollar systems.

The big selling point for wind is it’s supposedly a clean source of energy, but if it only generates energy on a part time basis, and must be backed up by a conventional system, then the only “green‘ involved is the kind the government lifts out of your wallet!

Even when the wind is blowing, the turbines are prone to breakage, so again, instead of generating power, you’re spending money on repairs as well as having to use conventional energy. Then there are the birds. These things rip birds to shreds.

How inefficient is wind power though? In doing a report about the City of Reno, Nevada’s boondoggle, I found:

One example is the city of Reno, which paid $21,000 to have a wind turbine installed. It’s saved them a whopping $4 in energy costs. In total, the city has paid $416,000 for all of it’s wind turbines, only to see a net savings of $2,800.

Bear in mind, that $2800 savings is over TWO YEARS.

To give you an idea of just how ridiculous wind power is, it would take 297 years for Reno to break even on this “investment.” A wind turbine will only last a fraction of that time before needing to be replaced with a new one.

There is also a staggering amount of corruption involved, what you’d call crony capitalism. Obama’s buddies over at General Electric have done quite well by investing almost $100 million, not in research and development, but in lobbying Congress!

GE’s corporate motto is “Imagination”, but it was lobbying muscle that drove wind power. GE’s $23 million lobbying in 2005 was rewarded with Congressional passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that provided new tax incentives and loan guarantees for renewable energy.

As GE lobbying rose to $26 million in 2009, Congress amended Section 406, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorizes loan guarantees to wind power as an “innovative technology that avoid greenhouse gases.”
In 2010, GE lobbying soared to $39 million as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 spiked Congressional funding to $27.2 billion in grants for renewable energy.

Wind power has so much in the way of a accelerated depreciation tax break, production tax credits, and renewable energy credits that GE has been able to recoup its capital investments within a few years.

Before we get to Karl “Tokyo” Rove, lets ponder this for a second. For all of the billions of dollars wasted on this boondoggle, how many nuclear power plants could be built? Nuclear is clean, reliable, and competitive.

I’m always struck by the fact that France, yes FRANCE, gets roughly 75% of it’s electricity from nuclear powered plants.

France derives over 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy. This is due to a long-standing policy based on energy security. 

France is the world’s largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation, and gains over EUR 3 billion per year from this. 

France has been very active in developing nuclear technology. Reactors and fuel products and services are a major export. 

It is building its first Generation III reactor and planning a second.  

About 17% of France’s electricity is from recycled nuclear fuel.

The first paragraph says it all. France bases their energy policy on SECURITY. In other words, energy independence. America has the natural resources to be completely energy independent for centuries, and yet we waste blood and treasure on worthless “green” energy projects that yield little in return.

Read more about France’s program here.

In contrast:

Nuclear energy provides 19.2 percent of the United States’ electricity and is its No. 1 source of emission-free electricity.

This boggles the mind. How is it France can pull this off, but we can’t?

Part of it is government red tape and misguided environmental zealots, but it’s obvious that a fair amount of the problem can be attributed to corruption in government.

Now to Rove. From Bloomberg Businessweek: [emphasis mine]

Renewal of federal tax credits for wind energy can save U.S. jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil, according to Karl Rove, an adviser to former President George W. Bush.

We’ve got a growing economy that’s increasing energy consumption and wind energy should be part of the solution,” Rove said today on a panel at a wind conference in Atlanta. Extending the so-called production tax credit “should be a priority.

A bill to extend through 2016 the 2.2-cent-a-kilowatt-hour credit for electricity produced by wind turbines, biomass, geothermal and landfill-gas plants has stalled in congress along with about 100 other expiring tax-related incentives.

The tax credit is one of the major topics of debate this week as executives gather for the Windpower 2012 annual conference.

There are about 75,000 U.S. wind-industry workers, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Letting the credit lapse will lead to the elimination of 10,000 wind- industry jobs this year and another 27,000 in 2013, the Washington-based trade group estimates.

First of all, in what fantasy world is Rove living in where the economy is “growing”? As for consumption, we’re actually using less energy, not more. A great deal of this is due to the fact tens of millions of Americans are out of work, and are not using energy to commute to one of those pesky old jobs they used to have!

No wonder President Bush’s nickname for Rove was “Turd Blossom,” something smells really bad here!

Rove spoke at the Windpower 2012 conference. So did Ted Turner and Robert Gibbs, according to their website.

Turner is a well know radical who has said that 95% of the world’s population should be “eliminated in order to “save the planet” and wants a world-wide one child policy for at least the next 100 years.

Rove was in some good company at this little get together, huh.

I did some research and while I couldn’t find any direct investment by Rove in wind power, I did find some interesting articles. One quotes Rove as saying: “You have to take the politics out of [energy issues] to get something done.” I don’t know about you, but when I hear a politician say something like that, a whole bunch of red flags start flying! You can bet this is ALL about politics…. and kickbacks.

I found several articles over at Think Progress, the highly partisan lefty site, that also caught my attention. For starters, two of President Obama’s biggest cronies, General Electric and Warren Buffet, along with Google, an Obama friendly outfit, have significant interest in seeing continued tax payer dollars wasted subsidizing this boondoggle.

Of course, there is the standard caterwauling that Congress isn’t wasting enough money on this deal. But what really caught my eye was an article talking about bi-partisan support among Governors.

The National Governors Association has something called the Governor’s Wind Energy Coalition. And no, they aren’t talking about the hot air they generate!

There’s a letter to Congress, co-signed by Governors Lincoln Chafee, the well known liberal Republican, turned Independent, Governor of Rhode Island and the coalition chairman, and Iowa’s Republican Governor Terry Branstad, the vice-chair. Although most of the Governors on the masthead are lefties, I was very disappointed to see Governors Susanna Martinez, Mary Fallon, and Sam Brownback involved in this.

Read the letter begging Congress for more money here.

Paul Driessen has a great summary that details why we must stop subsidizing failure: [emphasis mine]

Energy 101. It is impossible to have wind turbines without fossil fuels, especially natural gas. Turbines average only 30% of their “rated capacity” – and less than 5% on the hottest and coldest days, when electricity is needed most. They produce excessive electricity when it is least needed, and electricity cannot be stored for later use. Hydrocarbon-fired backup generators must run constantly, to fill the gap and avoid brownouts, blackouts, and grid destabilization due to constant surges and falloffs in electricity to the grid. Wind turbines frequently draw electricity from the grid, to keep blades turning when the wind is not blowing, reduce strain on turbine gears, and prevent icing during periods of winter calm.

Energy 201. Despite tens of billions in subsidies, wind turbines still generate less than 3% of US electricity. Thankfully, conventional sources keep our country running – and America still has centuries of hydrocarbon resources. It’s time our government allowed us to develop and use those resources.

Economics 101. It is likewise impossible to have wind turbines without perpetual subsidies – mostly money borrowed from Chinese banks and future generations.

Wind has never been able to compete economically with traditional energy, and there is no credible evidence that it will be able to in the foreseeable future, especially with abundant natural gas costing one-fourth what it did just a few years ago.

It thus makes far more sense to rely on the plentiful, reliable, affordable electricity sources that have powered our economy for decades, build more gas-fired generators – and recycle wind turbines into useful products (while preserving a few as museum exhibits).

Economics 201. As Spain, Germany, Britain and other countries have learned, wind energy mandates and subsidies drive up the price of electricity – for families, factories, hospitals, schools, offices and shops.

They squeeze budgets and cost jobs. Indeed, studies have found that two to four traditional jobs are lost for every wind or other “green” job created. That means the supposed 37,000 jobs (perpetuated by $5 billion to $10 billion in combined annual subsidies, or $135,000 to $270,000 per wind job) are likely costing the United States 74,000 to 158,000 traditional jobs, while diverting billions from far more productive uses.

Environment 101. Industrial wind turbine projects require enormous quantities of rare earth metals, concrete, steel, copper, fiberglass and other raw materials, for highly inefficient turbines, multiple backup generators and thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines.

Extracting and processing these materials, turning them into finished components, and shipping and installing the turbines and power lines involve enormous amounts of fossil fuel and extensive environmental damage. Offshore wind turbine projects are even more expensive, resource intensive and indefensible. Calling wind energy “clean” or “eco-friendly” is an extraordinary distortion of the facts.

Environment 201.
Wind turbines, transmission lines and backup generators also require vast amounts of crop, scenic and wildlife habitat land.

Where a typical 600-megawatt coal or gas-fired power plant requires 250-750 acres, to generate power 90-95% of the year, a 600-MW wind installation needs 40,000 to 50,000 acres (or more), to deliver 30% performance. And while gas, coal and nuclear plants can be built close to cities, wind installations must go where the wind blows, typically hundreds of miles away – adding thousands of additional acres to every project for transmission lines.

Environment 301. Sometimes referred to as “Cuisinarts of the air,” US wind turbines also slaughter nearly half a million eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, ducks, geese, bats and other rare, threatened, endangered and otherwise protected flying creatures every year.

(This may be a very conservative number, as coyotes and turbine operator cleanup crews remove much of the evidence.)

And yet, while oil companies are prosecuted for the deaths of even a dozen common birds, turbine operators have been granted a blanket exemption from endangered and migratory species laws and penalties. Now the US Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing a formal rule to allow repeated “takings” (killings) of bald and golden eagles by wind turbines – in effect granting operators a 007 license to kill.

Read more here.

I don’t know exactly what Karl Rove’s angle is, but I doubt it’s ideological. Wind power is a disaster on every level. It’s inefficient, it causes great harm to the environment, and is wasting tens of billions of dollars that our government doesn’t have, and would be better used elsewhere.

Any politician that supports this disaster needs to be called out. There are too many PROVEN sources of relaible energy for this nonsense to continue.

Again, for the blood and treasure wasted, we could be building clean, green nuclear plants. That would create a hell of a lot more jobs than wind, and we’d actually see a return on the investment. There is natural gas. Another clean and green fuel. We have centuries worth of recoverable natural gas. And it’s cheap.

Few things upset me more than the so-called “green movement.” In every case, when you peal back the layers you find government waste, corrupt politicians, and shady characters.

I have a better idea. How about governments stay out of this and allow the free market to pick the winners and losers. That system has always worked well. What we are doing now, not so much.


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MILF–Misogynists (and Elites) I’d Like to Fulminate

by Whitney Pitcher
As the 2012 elections draw near, the Elites and misogynists in the Republican party have doubled down on their direct and indirect attacks on both Governor Palin and grassroots conservatism. In a post at the National Review yesterday, Romesh Pennuru argues that a Romney/Palin match up in the Republican presidential primary would be bad for the party (emphasis mine):

So there is a non-trivial chance that the Republican nomination contest could come down to Palin vs. Romney, and that their conflict could define the primaries. And that’s very bad news for the Republican party. A campaign that pits the two against each other would divide the Republican party along each of its fault lines.

Funny. I thought presidential elections were about what is best for the country, not the Republican party. Silly me. However, he shows the true problem that the Establishment and Elites have with Governor Palin and other conservatives. In the eyes of the elitist Establishment, their greater problem is not with the Left or the Democrats in Washington; it is with people like Governor Palin who have the potential to rid them of their hold on the Republican party.

Pennuru later goes on to describe the class struggle within the party:

Class is another increasingly uncomfortable fault line in the party (as Reihan Salam and I recently described in these pages). Romney’s supporters tend to be college-educated, while Palin draws her support from people who didn’t get college diplomas. In recent elections, upper-middle-class voters have left the Republican party in part because they regard it as dominated by yahoos and know-nothings. But other voters, particularly in the party’s base, resent what they see as a tendency to overestimate the importance of degrees from prestigious colleges.

While recent polling data supports his assertion with regards to education, Pennuru exemplifies how out-of-touch many of the elites/Establishment are. The class issue is not an issue of education level; it’s an issue of entitlement and character. The Establishment feels the “next in line”, such as Mitt Romney, is deserving of the Republican nomination, but if that touted candidate couldn’t win the previous primary election, what makes them automatically entitled to the next nomination? Such an attitude disrespects the American electorate’s ability to choose a nominee for themselves. The character of the elites and Establishment are called into question when they so often choose to remain anonymous in their criticism of Governor Palin, like when unnamed Romney aides said she “isn’t a serious human being” or multiple nameless GOP operatives trashed Governor Palin’s supposed unelectability out of fear that her nomination may destroy their power structure in the GOP.

The most visible example of this is none other than Karl Rove, whose political dictionary seems to define gravitas as possession of a XY chromosome and a resume that includes time in a Bush administration. In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Rove criticized Governor Palin’s travelogue show, and those close to him stated that Rove was frustrated by the fact that the Tea Party was outside of his ability to control. To which Rove discusses:

He says Palin’s people responded to his criticisms by suggesting they’d found a new way to campaign.

“Some of her people have talked to me and said, ‘Look, the old rules don’t apply,’?” says Rove. “In essence, the candidate is the message. We’ll see. That’s an interesting view, and we’ll see how accurate it is.”

By operating without filters in a flattened media environment, Palin and the tea party have argued that power is now bottom-up, divorced from the top-down organizing structures Rove has functioned within for more than 30 years.

The rules of the Establishment no longer apply. It isn’t about the next in line or the preferences of the Elite. That is why Rove’s preferred candidate and the man Pennuru touts as the compromise between Governor Palin and Governor Romney, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, will likely have little traction in a 2012 election. What Rove calls an ” interesting view” is that the message and the messenger do indeed matter. That is why a man like Governor Daniels, who isn’t known for his charisma ,who presided over President Bush’s bloated budgets and would support a Value Added Tax, will not fly with an electorate looking for both the right message and the right messenger.

Perhaps an additional reason that Governor Palin does not win the respect of the Elite and Establishment is that you cannot be praised for your “perfectly creased pants” if you often wear a skirt, right David Brooks? The continued line of attack from the Establishment and Elite men in the GOP have come as a result of Governor Palin’s genetic makeup. As Stacy wrote about yesterday, Daily Caller editor and Fox News contributor, Tucker Carlson, tweeted a sexist reference to Governor Palin as a MILF (mother I’d like to F**k). Sadly, it even took him two tweets to even get an apology right. The irony of this is that Carlson’s site called out Chris Matthews earlier this week for his sexist and derogatory comments. Red State editor and CNN commentator, Erick Erickson joined in the misogyny when he tweeted the following last night:

Maybe my sense of humor needs to be recalibrated, but when I heard @TuckerCarlson’s MILFistan comment, I laughed then got out my passport.

Yes, Erickson’s sense of humor needs to be recalibrated. What is funny about denigrating any woman? What is politically constructive about objectifying the most powerful political voice in America?

Much like Governor Palin’s redefinition of President Obama’s Win the Future acronym, perhaps a redefinition of MILF is needed–Misogynists (and Elitists) I’d Like to Fulminate. What do these lines of attack boil down to? It might very well be best described by one of Governor Palin’s political role models, Margaret Thatcher, who once said, ” I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding, because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have no political argument left”.

Thatcher’s words ring true. The Elites and misogynists do not attack Governor Palin on the issues; they attack her personally–her class and her gender. After all, what’s there to criticize about the one potential candidate who could best provide the solutions on what appears to be a coming energy crisis? What’s there to criticize about a woman who has been prescient on commodity inflation that has resulted because of quantitative easing? The elites and the misogynists cannot criticize Governor Palin on the issues because there’s is little to criticize. Governor Palin has always been open to discussion of the issues, but when the elites and misogynists stoop to the level of chauvinistic pig, even with a tint of elitist lipstick, they are still chauvinistic pigs.


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A Note To Karl Rove & Charles Krauthammer: Sarah Palin’s Alaska Is More Relevant Than You Are

By Gary P Jackson

Recently a couple of Washington elites, Republican “strategist” and Fox News talking head Karl Rove and columnist and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer have decided to weigh in on all things Sarah Palin.

Karl Rove “The Architect” [of WHAT I have no idea] has stated that writing books and having a so-called “reality show” just doesn’t display the proper “gravitas” befitting a United States President. Note these GOP elites, just like the dishonest media, refer to Sarah’s travelogue as a “reality show” in the pejorative. It’s a dishonest attempt to compare a show about the beauty and magnificence of Alaska, with a look into the Palin family’s life, with Jersey Shore, or the Real Housewives of wherever.

It’s pretty sad. But it’s all these people have. No ideas, no substance. Just petty snark. Here’s a hint for ya Karl. Snark doesn’t equal gravitas either pal!

Charles Krauthammer, the very epitome of the Beltway elite, who has no idea what life outside the Washington bubble is about, has recently said Sarah’s two best selling books, and her mega-hit TLC show are “distractions” and if she wants to be taken serious she needs to “study up.” I guess that’s an improvement from last year when, after framing the ObamaCare debate with two powerful words,[death panels] Charles declared that Sarah should “leave the room.”

Nothing elitist about that at all. Nope, no way.

With those two little words Sarah changed the entire debate. And while ObamaCare was passed, it was the fight of Obama’s life, took multi-billion dollar bribes to get votes, and will be repealed before it ever takes full effect. Thanks to Sarah Palin firing people up, and keeping them fired up, more people now than ever are demanding this dangerous legislation be repealed. The direct result of her unrelenting campaign against ObamaCare, and other dangerous initiatives, are the recent historic elections.

But Charles is the smart one. Don’t you DARE to forget that.

I guess Charles can’t lower himself to read the dozens of op-eds in many of the nation’s largest and most influential newspapers Sarah has written, on ever major issue of our time. I’m sure it’s beneath Charles to go over to Facebook and read the hundreds of notes, read by millions, on serious issue. Why the man might have to rub elbows [if only online] with us commoners. 

For her part, Sarah was invited on Bill O’Reilly’s show, the night after Krauthammer once again made a fool of himself. She was brilliant in her refudiation of these little Washington elites.

In case you missed it, the occasion of Krauthammer’s appearance on the O’Reilly Factor was to handicap the 2012 GOP field. Predictable, for an elite, Charles declared Mitt Romney the front runner, but admitted he was not going to be successful because of RomneyCare. [yeah, that took some real genius to figure out!] So when pressed, Krauthammer professed him man crush on Mitch Daniels.

I haven’t written much about Mitch Daniels, because it’s hard to stop laughing long enough to type anytime he is mentioned as a serious presidential contender.

Daniels was George w Bush’s Director of Budget Management. [let that sink in a minute] Recently, when asked about this by Fox News’ Bret Baier, in the context of how fiscally irresponsible the Bush years were, Daniels kinda did the “wasn’t my job man” dance. You know, because the Director of Budget Management for the President of the United States has nothing to do with all that money stuff!

Daniels has also famously called for a “truce” on all social issues. [because the democrat’s social engineering NEVER costs us any money] Daniels is strongly in favor of a European style value added tax [VAT] on all goods and services. This national tax would be in addition to the income tax.[let THAT sink in a moment]

Just the other day Daniels also said we should ignore the abortion issue, because it gets in the way of the money stuff. I don’t know about you, but to me, the right to life is the most basic human right there is. It’s a fight we should never give up, not for one second.

In other words Mitch Daniels is not a serious candidate. But he’s “smart.”

I’m still trying to figure out why Charles Krauthammer’s opinion, especially on what and who is “presidential” even matters. Krauthammer’s biggest claim to fame is he used to be a speech writer for far left presidential candidate Walter Mondale. [and yet, Charles is allowed to pass himself off as a Conservative]

Mondale was Vice President to mega-failure President Jimmy Carter. He ran against President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

How formidable was Krauthammer’s man, Mondale? Ronald Reagan won 49 states and 525 electoral votes. [out of a possible 538] Mondale won his home state of Minnesota and it’s 13 electoral votes by only 0.18%, and the District of Columbia. Literally a hand full of votes going Republican in Minnesota could have given Reagan a 50 state sweep!

That Krauthammer sure can pick em, huh!

These elites who are constantly sniping at Sarah Palin do so, not because they honestly think she isn’t “presidential,” [whatever the hell that means] but because they have an agenda. The Republican establishment fears Sarah Palin. Not the lady, as much as what she represents. Like Ronald Reagan before her, Sarah is a movement Conservative. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She is the real deal and has put the principles of Reagan Conservatism into practice every day of her 20 year career as a public servant.

Sarah is also a reformer. Has been since her earliest days as a member of the city council in Wasilla. The GOP elites know she sent a bunch of dirty Republicans to the hoosegow over the massive corruption she uncovered. The fact they were members of her own party mattered nothing to her. This scares both parties in Washington, but scares the Republican establishment the most. When Sarah Palin says she would go to Washington to “shake things up” she means it! [and they know it]

Sorry to ramble on, I promised this would be about Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and it is.

You see, I laugh at these little elites like Rove and Krauthammer, who think doing a wonderful show about Alaska, and life living in what is truly the last frontier, is somehow beneath a serious person.

I guess these two idiots never heard of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!

When I was a kid growing up, millions were glued to the TV on Saturdays to watch this adventure show hosted by Marlin Perkins, of the St Louis Zoo, and sponsored by the Omaha, Nebraska based insurance company. Every week we watched as Perkins and his crew showed us another adventure. Much like Sarah’s show, there was a bit of a “reality” component, as well. These were great shows.

I wasn’t a big fan, but millions also watched the many Jacques Cousteau underwater adventures that featured as much, or more , family interaction [“reality”] as does Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

For the life of me, I can’t recall a single human being questioning whether Marlin Perkins or Jacques Cousteau were “serious people”.

Look, times change, and styles change. OF COURSE Sarah Palin’s Alaska may have a slightly different style than the two celebrated shows mentioned above, but so what? Everything gets modernized and updated for current times. Nothing in the media is like it was 40-50 years ago, including the news media where these nay-saying pundits get to spout off!

I for one greatly enjoy seeing Alaska in high definition! 

As for being a serious outdoors woman somehow not being “presidential,” if that was true, why is it “serious candidates” like Mitt Romney and John Kerry [who served in Vietnam] go through such ridiculous kabuki theater to pander to the American people by pretending to be “life long hunters”?

Who can ever forget the pathetic attempt by John Kerry [ a Vietnam vet] to look “with it” when he walks into a shop asking: “Can I get me a huntin’ license heyah?

These guys, Romney and Kerry, who aren’t sure which end of a gun to point at the target, are “serious people” but Sarah Palin, who has hunted, fished, and lived the frontier life since childhood is not?

Give me a break.

Someone else who might give Rove and Krauthammer’s notions a pretty strong rebuff, if he were with us today, is President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt is just as well known for his love of the outdoors, and his adventures as a hunter and fisherman, as he is for his exploits in Cuba during the Spanish-American war, or as President.

Like Sarah Palin, Roosevelt loved the land and all of the wildlife. Not sure how many people today even know that the “teddy bear” all children grow up loving, was named for President Roosevelt, after an incident involving a bear cub, while the President was in Mississippi to resolve a border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana. You can read that wonderful little story here.

I doubt Sarah and Teddy would see eye to eye on most politics. Roosevelt was a progressive who believed in big government, and overstepped his authority on many occasions, and Sarah, of course, is a Conservative. But the two share a love for the great outdoors, and a penchant for reform.

I can imagine the President who created the concept of a nation parks system would enjoy the notion of a President today who shares his love and respect for the great outdoors, even if that President happens to be a girl!

Sadly, I doubt little elites like Rove and Krauthammer will ever get it. That’s all right, the American people do.

Let me leave you with this:

Larry Johnson wrote this over at No Quarter. I think it speaks well to the impact of Sarah Palin, and Sarah Palin’s Alaska:

A Sarah Palin Christmas

Don’t kill the messenger. I’m just reporting what I saw. Last night we hosted a Christmas Party at our house for the nurses who work for my wife. My wife is a nurse manager and has a staff of 67 (the fact that no human being should have to write fitness reports on 67 people is another matter for another time).

Among the more than 50 people crowded into our house were a small group of teenagers, boys and girls. I have a pool table in my basement alongside a nice 50 inch flat panel TV. Playing eight ball and watching some tube. Life is good. It is a sort of man cave environment. Three of the teenage boys were eager to play billiards and I obliged them. A fourteen and fifteen year old tandem of Irish twins played me and a ten year old boy.

Now you’re asking, I’m sure, what the hell does this have to do with Sarah Palin?

When the billiards match concluded (yes, I beat up on the 14 and 15 year old boys) the boys decided to sit down and watch some tube. It is not your normal system and the remote is not easy to figure out so I offered to get them the channel they wanted. Imagine my shock when all three–the ten year old boy, the fourteen and the fifteen year old–requested SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA. I have HBO, Showtime, Encore and NFL Network. Although I do not subscribe to the Playboy channel it was late enough at night that I’m sure Showtime had a nude fest on somewhere.

Yet, despite all of those options, the boys wanted to watch Sarah Palin’s show. Hell, I did not even realize it was on. These guys knew where and when the show was on. That tells me something about the Sarah phenomena. She is resonating with a segment of society I never imagined would have a clue about her.

One of the boys did confess that he found Sarah’s daughter, and I’m quoting here, “HOT.” I found that reassuring in that one would expect teenage boys to be thinking about girls.

Democrats beware. All of your attacks on Sarah Palin and your attempts to demonize her or demean her intellect are likely to backfire. You know Sarah is a genuine phenomena when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

How’s that for a Christmas story?

For those not familiar with Johnson, here’s his bio:

Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department’s Office of Counterterrorism.

He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.

This is someone who’s career has been based on making observations and analyzing trends. While Johnson doesn’t say it here, I think we can all see the obvious:

Sarah Palin’s Alaska [and Sarah Palin herself] are more relevant [an influential] than Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer.


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Once In A Lifetime Dinner With Sarah Palin Leads All-Star Charity Auction For Wounded Warriors

A true once in a lifetime event, the winner of this celebrity auction will spend a memorable evening having dinner with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. Sarah has graciously donated her time to help raise money for the Wounded Warriors Ride 2 Recovery program

Sarah whose son, Track, enlisted in the Army on September 11, 2007, is serving in Iraq. Sarah herself recently returned from a trip to Kosovo visiting her Alaska National Guard troops and Germany visiting wounded warriors.

Ride 2 Recovery is a program that helps wounded troops rehabilitate their injuries and rebuild their athletic ability. From their mission statement:

To improve the health and wellness of wounded warriors by providing a life changing experience that can impact their lives forever.

R2R supports Spinning® Recovery Labs and outdoor cycling programs at Military and VA locations around the U.S. to help injured veterans overcome obstacles they face. Cycling is an important part of the recovery and rehabilitation program for two reasons:

1. Cycling is an activity that almost all patients with mental and physical disabilities can participate.

2. Participation in the Ride 2 Recovery Program helps speed up the recovery and rehabilitation process.

The winner of the charity auction will be able to bring 4 friends along for what will be an incredible evening with the Palins. The winning bidder will be responsible for their airfare to Alaska and lodging. The bidding will open at $25,000.

The auction, which runs from September 8-18, will also feature other great experiences up for bid.

Former White House adviser Karl Rove, the “Architect”, as he is known, is offering, for the winning bidder and 2 friends, lunch at the famous 4-star restaurant, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in Washington, D.C.

Rove, a Fox News contributor, and weekly op-ed columnist for The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, will most certainly offer up an interesting and thoughtful lunch. The opening bid for lunch with “Bush’s Brain” is $7,500

Award winning conservative actor Gary Sinise, star of the CBS television series CSI: New York is offering up a set experience and wrap party to a lucky fan. Sinise is a well known supporter of the troops, giving generous amounts of his time to help. He also can be heard doing the voice overs for Army recruiting advertising. .

Gary also has a band, The Lt. Dan Band, named for his unforgettable character from the movie Forrest Gump. Sinese uses the band as a way to raise money for the troops, and also to entertain the troops on his many visits to see them in the field. You can learn more about his band here.

Other items up for auction include:

* Behind the Ropes at a PGA event with David Ferehty

* Lunch at the Capitol with Frank Luntz

* Meet and Greet at the Sean Hannity Show with Sean Hannity and Frank Luntz

* Meet, Greet and Dinner with Bret Baier of Fox Special Report and Steve Hayes

* Play’N’Stay at the World Golf Resort

* Phil Jackson Autographed Basketball

* Rob Lowe Autographed Hollywood Stars Dodger Jersey

To learn more about the Ride 2 Recovery program go here.

To learn more about the once of a lifetime all-star auction go here.

Even if you are unable to bid on these great events, please check out the Ride 2 Recovery website and make a donation on the behalf of a wounded warrior.

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