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Flashback: Diamond P’s “Fabulous Floppers”

By Gary P Jackson

In the 1980s, when Spike TV was TNN [The Nashville Network] motorsports were featured prominently in their programming, and NHRA drag racing, as well as hot rodding in general, dominated the weekend line up.

Harvey Palash’s Diamond P Sports created some great videos showcasing the sport. They seem rather simplistic by today’s standards, but they were cool for their time.

Diamond P’s Fabbulous Floppers, is a feature length video that recounted the history of one of the most popular classes in drag racing: Funny Car. Besides being available on tape, it was shown on TNN, as were all of Diamond P’s work.

NHRA Funny Car is far more sophisticated today, and the cars are much quicker and faster, with the national record under 4 seconds at over 320 MPH. But that’s what makes looking back at these old videos fun.

Fabulous Floppers features the late great Steve Evens, one of the best announcers to ever hold a microphone. He’s joined by Funny Car world champions Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Kenny Bernstein.

Great scenes, interesting commentary, lot’s of history.


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