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Unbiased Expert: Palin Helped McCain

By Stacy Drake

There are a lot of talking heads who, for various reasons, like to imply that Governor Palin somehow cost John McCain the election in 2008. We know that’s completely out of touch with reality, but it doesn’t stop people from trying to sell the idea.

Her supporters, and grassroots Conservatives were there. We know that she energized the ticket and gave people a reason to vote for McCain. She inspired the base, and without her efforts, the Republican ticket would have no doubt suffered a much greater loss.

That said, the Los Angeles Times offered up some strong evidence on Tuesday to support what we already know to be true:

James E. Campbell, chairman of the political science department at the State University of New York, Buffalo, agreed with Gelman about the potential home-state boost, and added:

As to Palin, I think that, on balance, she helped McCain. He went into the conventions behind and came out ahead. The later drop was tied to the financial meltdown. The evidence of that was that Bush’s approval numbers, as low as they were, dropped further and at the same time as McCain. There is no reason why Palin would have cost Bush approval points.

Chairman Campbell is absolutely correct, and the data backs him up. Governor Palin gave her speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention on September 3rd of that year. On that day, John McCain trailed Barack Obama by 5 point, with Obama carrying 48% and McCain with 43%. On September 7th, McCain/Palin took the lead in the race by 10 points. That’s a 15 point gain in four days!

Now, let’s take a look at President George W. Bush’s poll numbers from that same time period to verify Mr. Campbell’s assertion:

George W. Bush had a whopping 30.4% approval rating on September 7th, the same day that McCain was up over Obama by 10. If you look closely, you will see he actually got a small bump after the GOP Convention. Oh, the irony…

By October, after the economic collapse had started to take it’s toll on the country. George W. Bush’s already low numbers did as Chairman Campbell suggested, and dropped further, leaving him with an embarrassing low 25.7% approval rating.

According to another LA Times article from 2008:

The most decisive event in this campaign wasn’t anything either of the candidates said at their respective conventions or in any of the debates. It wasn’t a sound bite from a speech or interview, or a memorable assertion in a television commercial or e-mail attachment.

The turning point in this election didn’t happen on the campaign trail but rather on Wall Street. In the last week of September, the race was essentially tied. Then Wall Street collapsed — and it collapsed right on top of John McCain

It certainly didn’t help, as I’ve pointed out many times, that McCain’s campaign was being run by an incompetent lobbyist, who thought it was a good idea to suspend McCain’s campaign for photo-ops at the White House during the financial meltdown. But enough about Steve Schmidt.

As you can see, McCain also suffered from the news and reality of the economy. On the same day that George W. Bush hit his all-time low, McCain had dropped back down below Obama by almost 7 points.

Nobody who reads this website on a regular basis needed this information. We knew Governor Palin electrified the Republican base in 2008. We knew that the people running John McCain’s campaign fumbled the ball on many occasions, and we knew the economic collapse (on top of other matters) had damaged the Republican party beyond repair.

If any two-bit hack journalist, GOPe talking-head, HBO movie, or left-wing Democrat operative tries to push the the theory that Governor Palin “cost John McCain the election in 2008,” you know they’re full of it, not only because you saw it with your own eyes, but the historical data proves what really cost Republicans the White House in 2008. To say otherwise, is a lie.

(H/T: Steve)


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Hollywood Honors Julianne Moore for Her Politics

By Stacy Drake

I have never seen another industry hold as many award ceremonies to honor itself than the narcissist-class in Hollywood. Most professionals don’t have the low self-esteem required to devote so much time, effort, and money on events for the purpose of patting themselves on the back. To each their own, I guess.

Recently, Julianne Moore was honored at one such event, the “Critics Choice Television Awards,” for her role in HBO’s anti-Palin movie, Game Change.

Moore took home a little trophy in the “Best Actress in a Movie or Mini Series” category. Upon receiving her award, Moore stated:

You can’t give a great performance without a great story. So I thank the Republican Party for fostering such a truly amazing American Story.

I have some news for Ms. Moore… It wasn’t a “great performance.” Far from it actually. She portrayed Governor Palin’s accent completely wrong (Moore sounded like she was portraying someone from Minnesota), and she didn’t pick up on any character traits or mannerisms that the Governor possesses.

Then there’s the fact that Moore played a character in that movie who doesn’t even exist. This “truly amazing American story,” is actually a truly amazing political hatchet job. But yes, by all means, Ms. Moore, thank the Republican Party for your new trinket. Especially the ones who used that “truly amazing political hatchet job” to cover their own behinds after they failed at their jobs. And the ones who stood by and watched silently as those covering their backsides, lied and maligned one of the people representing their party on a national ticket. Moore owed them a thank you.

Now that she has been given her first award for misrepresenting Governor Palin (in every aspect) to millions of Americans, she is being called “the ‘get’ star.” From Randee Dawn at the LA Times:

W]hen HBO, Roach and Strong approached her about playing Sarah Palin in “Game Change” — a movie based on a portion of the book of the same name by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin — the opportunity was impossible to resist. At least, in the first few seconds.

I got a phone call saying, ‘They just offered you Sarah Palin, and can you talk to Jay,’ and it all happened really fast,” recalls Moore, a leggy fair-skinned redhead who does not, initially, call to mind the rogue Republican 2008 vice presidential nominee. “So I kind of said yes before I really thought about it. My first thought was, ‘OK!’ and my second thought was, ‘Oh, no! I really, really, don’t know how to do this.’

And she never figured it out… Dawn continues:

Capturing any real-life individual on film is one thing; when she’s still living is yet another; when she’s as polarizing as the former Alaska governor is — and you’re part of the “liberal Hollywood elite” — it’s on another plane altogether.

At least the writer had the decency not to insult her reader’s intelligence by suggesting that Moore is anything but a left-wing elitist. But Hollywood can cloud one’s vision of reality, and it certainly did in this instance. Moore didn’t capture anything remotely close to the real world, or a “real-life individual.” The writer states:

Moore in many ways is the polar opposite of Palin: Committed to LGBT rights…

Stop right there… No, Governor Palin doesn’t support gay marriage, but she certainly supports the rights of every American. The left has trouble discerning the difference between rights and privileges though, don’t they? Trust me, if Governor Palin was the “polar opposite” of someone who supports the “rights” of gay people, she wouldn’t have the support she does have from the non-left-wing “LGBT community.

If anyone from the LA Times is reading this, I implore them to email me at stacy@conservatives4palin.com so I can put you in touch with some of the numerous gay Palin supporters that I know. It would probably make an interesting article.

She continues:

…getting rave reviews for edgy roles in such films as “The Kids Are All Right”and “Boogie Nights

Okay, there she’ totally right on this point. Governor Palin is the polar opposite of someone who would play a whore in a horrible movie about the porn industry. Yep.

The article goes on for a long time about how they got Moore to look like Governor Palin using makeup and dress. Then it goes on to discuss how excited all of the Obama fundraisers who made the film were when Moore put on the wig and glasses. Danny “Victory Fund” Strong stated:

Other actors are essential in the piece, but the whole film rode on her performance. If Sarah Palin didn’t work in the film, the film was not going to work.

Gee, I wonder why that is? The book wasn’t even about her, but the movie certainly was. And it certainly was (in the planing stages anyway) about the election in 2012.

The next part of the LA Times article is where it gets interesting. Dawn writes (emphasis):

Moore’s out-of-the-park performance surprised many viewers not only because she was spot-on with her characterization but also because she tapped into the emotional well she and Roach were aiming for, creating a level of empathy for Palin that gave her a common humanity among even her detractors.

These people put together an entire movie to trash Governor Palin’s character; they LIED about her having a nervous breakdown, and then claim they were actually “creating empathy” for their victim. If this movie created any empathy in people for Governor Palin, I would hate to see what their opinions of her were before they saw the movie.

This isn’t the first time someone has been awarded for attacking Governor Palin, and it probably isn’t the last trinket Julianne Moore will receive from her industry for doing the party’s dirty work. They will continue to perpetuate their lies, while lowering their standards to honor the talentless and agenda-driven.


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Media Hypocrisy in the Review of Governor Palin’s Emails

by Whitney Pitcher

As the media sifts through the thousands and thousands of emails from Governor Palin and her staff and family, it has only proven to affirm what SarahPAC aide, Tim Crawford’s statement yesterday when he said that he hopes everyone reads the emails because it shows what an “engaged CEO of Alaska” Governor Palin was. Even in their broadcast yesterday, CNN conceded that Governor Palin was very hardworking and was responsive and polite with both her constituents and her staff. Yet, at the same time, CNN opens their segment by reminding their viewers that these emails were requested by them and other news outlets and individuals upon the announcement of Governor Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate in 2008, proving that from day one of Governor Palin’s appearance on the national scene, the rules changed and the hypocrisy of the media ramped up. Such emails were never requested of other politicians, not even of either of the presidential nominees. At the time of his announcement of his presidential run, then Senator Obama was not particularly well known, much like Governor Palin, yet the media barely even looked into his associations, his record, and his worldview, much less request emails from either his time as a state senator in Illinois or as a US Senator. However, as Stanley Kurtz, author of Radical-in-Chief, notes at the National Review:

The deafening roar of nothingness emerging from the Sarah Palin email trove points up the media’s hypocritical lack of interest in Barack Obama’s pre-presidential record. Just as Palin’s emails were released, Slate’s David Weigel pointed out that Barack Obama’s State Senate records are not available. Weigel quotes Obama’s statement to the effect that he didn’t have the staff or financial resources to preserve office paperwork. As a result, Obama claims, his State Senate records may have been thrown out. In fact, Obama could easily have preserved his State Senate records had he wanted to. The papers of many Illinois legislators are preserved at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. I know, because I went through many a box there. The records are in various states of completeness and (dis)organization. Often, chaotic boxes of papers have been handed over to the archivists with little effort at cataloguing. Nonetheless, many records from state legislative offices are preserved. […] I’m not the only one who’s noticed Obama’s desire to hide his record, as well as the reluctance of mainstream outlets to investigate such sources as do exist. Obama fan and sympathetic Obama biographer Sasha Abramsky writes: Much of the media, including his biographers, have concluded that the community organizing period of Obama’s life should be accorded relatively little space, assuming those years simply reflected the radical foibles of a young man trying to find himself. Abramsky goes on to argue, in opposition to the media’s implicit judgement, that Obama’s community organizing years were actually the key to who he became. I agree. Yet the media continues to ignore important documentary revelations from a sitting president’s political past, while devoting enormous attention to the emails of an unsuccessful candidate for the vice-presidency. Isn’t it obvious that the media’s lack of interest in Obama’s radical past–noticed even by a supporter like Abramsky–is a simple case of political protection, not to mention journalistic abdication?

The double standards are glaring. Think of the media outrage if the response to the request for Governor Palin’s emails had yielded as empty a response as the inquiry into President Obama’s early political career– by both critics and sympathizers alike. The double standard does not lie in the emails request themselves, but also in the media’s handling of the receipt of the emails. The New York Times, Washington Post, and LA Times all asked that their readers to do the work of the media and wade through the emails and send them any “interesting” things they find that have the potential to be made a story. The Real Feminist notes an extra layer of hypocrisy with the LA Times:

Curiously though, this same L.A. Times has – for 3 years running – repeatedly, despite numerous requests, refused to release a video it possesses of Barack Obama reportedly praising Palestinian radical Rashid Khalidi at 2003 Chicago dinner. The same Khalidi who has called Israel a “racist” state and who called suicide attacks a justified response to “Israeli aggression”. The same Khalidi who organized a 2000 fundraiser for Barack Obama’s unsuccessful congressional bid, and whose Arab American Action Network received a $75,000 grant from the Woods Fund of Chicago, while Mr. Obama served on its board. Yes, THAT Rashid Khalidi, the lavish praise for whom by then-candidate and now-President Barack Obama the L.A. Times apparently finds less relevant than Sarah Palin’s emails sending Merry Christmas wishes, or updating staff on the latest techniques in waste management.

As Governor Palin once said in an interview, ” if it wasn’t for double standards, some liberals wouldn’t have standards”. The entire process of the email inquiry only further affirms the hypocrisy of an increasingly irrelevant Old Media. Despite the best efforts of these newspapers and their shrinking readership, the revelations of these emails have likely left a deflated media feeling much like Geraldo Rivera after his special on Al Capone’s vault or Andree McLeod after yet another frivolous ethics complaint was dismissed. Additionally, this only further confirms that Governor Palin is indeed the anti-Illinois politician. She strove to truly make her administration as transparent as possible by ridding the state of the crony capitalism and corruption of the past. She budgeted frugally and prudently. How many other governors even had the opportunity to receive emails from his or her constituents with suggestions and thoughts on what to do with a state surplus? When in Washington for the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally last week, Governor Palin said she likes the smell of the emissions. I think she might like the sound of backfiring as well. H/T Doug and Nicole

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