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Tammy Bruce Talks About Chick-fil-A and Failed “Kiss-in”

A Chick-fil-A employee hands out water to a group of haters protesting the restaurant. Chick-fil-A employes nationwide handed out free water to protesters. But Chick-fil-A is supposed to be the bad guy. EAT MOR CHIKIN!

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce was on Fox and Friends this morning talking about Chick-fil-A and the really pathetic “kiss-in” that was staged on Friday by militant gay activists. As Tammy points out, on Wednesday, supporters of traditional marriage, and freedom from oppression, flooded Chick-fil-As nationwide, producing record sales. The “kiss-in” had few participants and some vandalism.

If you haven’t see it yet, Twitchy has more on the hatemongering jackass who vandalized a restaurant.

Tammy makes a lot of strong points, including the fact these militant gays are actually hurting their cause. She’s right in saying most Conservatives are fine with gays, so long as they don’t try to infringe on others’ rights.

She also notes these haters have become nothing more than fascists, but that applies to liberals in general these days, so she’s just stating the obvious here.

It’s kind of ironic though, as those claiming they are being oppressed, are actually the oppressors. That’s always the way when dealing with liberals.

Video courtesy RuBegonia


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