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Hate Tweets from General Hospital “Actress” Nancy Lee Grahn and Death Threats Toward Sarah Palin From Other Demented Democrats

Vile hatred wrapped in a pretty package is still vile hatred. Nancy Lee Grahn is the face of the psychotic wing of the democrat party. [It’s a HUGE wing]

By Gary P Jackson

Liberalism is simply not compatible with civilized society. Today’s democrat is totally incapable of engaging in reasoned public discourse. All they have is the ability to spew over the top hatred for those with whom they disagree. And not just screaming hatred, but death threats to all, as well.

Nancy Lee Grahn, an actress on the soap opera General Hospital is a piece of work. Those of you who followed Bristol Palin’s time on Dancing With The Stars may have also followed the show on Twitter. If you went to hashtag #DWTS you no doubt encountered Grahn. She hate tweeted after every show, raising hell about Bristol. Nasty, vile tweets. This is supposed to be a grown woman. She’s older than I am for God’s sake! She has the maturity and mentality of a child though. A child possessed by the devil!

Our friends over at Twitchy caught Grahn’s latest hate filled tweet after Sarah’s dressing down of Obama.

Like a good little democrat drone, she went with the party line, calling Sarah a racist. As I talk about here, screaming racism, where there is none, is the last refuge of tyrants. Being called a racist by a democrat is a sure sign you are winning your argument against them.

If this isn’t pathetic enough, Grah recently participated in the NoH8 program [trying to stop hatred] and posed for this photo:

Damned shame she didn’t leave the duct tape over her hate spewing mouth, and didn’t wrap her hate tweeting hands in the same magical product.

At this point I need a roll of tape myself, so I can wrap my head in it, to keep it from exploding!

Question: How do you spell hypocrite?

Answer: N.A.N.C.Y. L.E.E. G.R.A.H.N.

Grahn’s psychotic rants are bad enough, but her continual unhinged rants fire up other democrats to tweet far worse. Go through her recent tweets about the Palins and read em for yourself. Grahn is a nasty hater, but her fans out do her.

Sarah Palin was the target of multiple death threats in the wake of Grahn’s latest hate tweets. Twitchy caught a number of the threats, here’s a few here:

Yung CoCoButter” is now protecting his tweets [though it’s saved on Twitchy forever] so I can’t embed, but this is the type of hate you see. Yung CCB is black,:


Go die you racist fuck@SarahPalinUSA: Obama’s Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies fb.me/1m3q5c2IR”—
Jules (@Yung_CocoButter) October 24, 2012

Here’s more:

This darling got in a shot at Bristol as well:

Wait a minute, this “non-racist” democrat is making it sound like a major insult to have intimate relations with a black man. How in the hell is THAT not racist!

BTW, if any gays are reading this article, have you ever noticed that democrats love to insult people by calling them gay? Think about that the next time you go to vote!

Another “loving, caring, non-racist” democrat:

There are more hate tweets, plus commentary here.

Can we finally stop pretending democrats are good and decent people?

There used to be a time when I thought it was just the the extreme leftists who were the hate filled loons, but I’ve come to realize all of the decent human beings left the democrat party long ago. Look at Hollywood, with few notable exceptions, you see nothing but hate and contempt for everything that makes America good and great, including the American people. Turn on any news channel, or read any major newspaper or website, and you find the same. The Marxists, the communists and socialists, the sixties radicals, the worst of the worst, have taken control of the democrat party, and driven out those capable of reasoned conversation, and honest interaction with their fellow human beings.

As Conservatives, we’ve long been at war with the dangerous elements of society who look to change our Republic into something that in no way resembles the visions our founders had for this great nation. The Great Ronald Reagan spoke of a Shining City on a Hill when he described his vision of America, Sarah Palin also speaks of that same wonderful vision.

Democrats want to turn the lights out on the American dream. They seek to create a totalitarian society where individual thought is not allowed. Where Liberty and Freedom are just meaningless words, describing outdated concepts. We’ve seen these intolerant radicals attack anyone and everyone who dares to disagree.

Readers may remember just a few short weeks ago, actress Stacey Dash came out in support of Mitt Romney in a rather benign tweet:

The reaction from democrats? As Twitchy reported, these “non-racist, loving, caring” creatures immediately invited the lovely Miss Dash to kill herself and “get cancer twice and die once,” of course. Those that didn’t want her to die outright called her a “house Negro,” and an “Oreo.” The gender confused called her an “Uncle Tom.” But don’t you dare call these vile, hate filled Obama supporting democrats racists!

Head over to Twitchy and read just how vile and filthy democrats are towards blacks who “leave the plantation” so to speak. If you make Twitchy a regular stop, you’ll see this kind of hate is the norm for democrats, not the exception.

As I said at the beginning of this, liberalism is not compatible with civilized society. It rivals the most evil of ideologies the world has ever known. It’s totalitarian and highly violent in nature. No nation, not even a nation as great as the United States, can survive forever with so much evil, so many evil people in it’s population. This kind of hate and violent rhetoric is a cancer on society. Like any disease, it must be eradicated.

It would be one thing if all of this was just confined to Hollywood psychopaths like Nancy Lee Grahn, and random fools on Twitter, but turn on any show on MSNBC, or for that matter, CNN, and you’ll run across the same people. Same goes for the networks.

You’ll find these same sort of nasty traits: the hate, the contempt for America and the American people, in elected democrats, from the White House on down. This cancer has grown to a point it’s where it’s about to destroy the nation.

We must defeat these people at every level.

We must defeat this evil ideology.

We must fight this evil like our lives depend on it, because they do.


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Treachery in Motion: House GOP Leaders Say They’ll Fully Fund Implementation of ObamaCare

By Gary P Jackson

The Republican Party “leadership” wonders why the American people doesn’t trust them. Well, things like this is why.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and his crew are more worried about funding government than fighting to stop the most evil piece of legislation ever written. Legislation that destroys the very concept of individual sovereignty, Liberty, and Freedom.

ObamaCare fundamentally changes America forever. It makes Liberty and Freedom obsolete, making American citizens little more than property of the state. It allows government to control the most minute details of one’s life, and charge you dearly for the privilege, through both higher taxes as well as higher insurance premiums. Oh, and never mind the fact the quality of health care will suffer.

CNS News reports the Republicans will indeed vote to allow funding to implement ObamaCare fully, as part of a continuing resolution. It’s a treacherous development.

The nation has been without a budget [which is required by the Constitution] since President Obama took office. The House has passed plenty of budgets, only to see the democrat controlled Senate block them. Instead of passing continuing resolutions and continually putting the American people in jeopardy, the spineless GOP “leadership” should be saying no mas!

If we can’t have a serious budget, shut the government down. Play hardball with the democrats who refuse to follow the Constitution. Call the Obama regime out!

This weak, pathetic Republican Party is why America is in such dire straits as it is. They are completely spineless. If we don’t fight ObamaCare with our dying breaths, we’ll be stuck with it forever. Once the GOP starts funding this monster it will be IMPOSSIBLE to kill it.

From CNS News:

When asked whether the House Republicans would permit or not permit funding for Obamacare in whatever legislation is enacted to fund the government after Sept. 30–when the current funding legislation runs out–House Speaker John Boehner responded that “our goal would be to make sure the government is funded,” thus indicating that House Republicans do plan to fund implementation of Obamacare past Sept. 30.

Unless a special provision is put into the bill to fund the government past Sept. 30 that expressly prohibits funding specifically for the Obamacare regulation that requires health-care plans to cover, without cost-sharing, sterilizations, artificial contraceptives and abortifacients, the House Republicans, by funding implementation of Obamacare, will also be funding implementation of that regulation.

he sterilization-contraceptives-abortifacient regulation takes effect on Aug. 1.

Boehner’s position had been echoed by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in a press briefing on Monday.

At his press conference on Tuesday, CNSNews.com asked Boehner, “In whatever legislation funds the government after Sept. 30, will House Republicans permit funding for the Affordable Care Act?

Boehner said, “I expect that we’ll have an agreement with the Senate on a CR [continuing resolution]. As you all know, CR’s do contain some changes but usually not many changes. And considering that we’ve been fighting–the House has voted now 33 times to defund, to repeal and change Obamacare. Actually, about seven or eight of those votes have become laws, so there have been changes.

But our goal would be to make sure the government is funded and any political talk of a government shutdown is put to rest,” said Boehner.

On Monday, Majority Whip McCarthy spoke with reporters. CNSNews.com asked McCarthy, “In the next CR [continuing resolution] or appropriations bill, whatever that appropriations bill might be, will you and the other House Republicans permit or not permit funding to implement the Affordable Care Act”?

McCarthy said: “We’re not at a CR yet, but I don’t see this government ever being shut down. I think you’ll find that we’ll get this job done. We have displayed many times our desire to repeal and we will continue to do so. I think when we do it you always criticize us on our votes of how many times we try to repeal it in the process.

CNSNews.com started to follow-up with the question, “So, if it comes down to either the government shutting down or you funding, the House Republicans funding Obamacare –”

McCarthy then said, “I don’t think you’re going to find any members here who are going to shut down the government.”

Read more here.

The American people are overwhelmingly against ObamaCare and want this evil stopped. Boehner and his crew don’t seem to care. They are more interested in keeping this out of control Big Government chugging along than protecting the American people.

Sadly, it’s too late to primary the Speaker, this year, but Ohioans need to start looking for an actual Conservative to run against this man in 2014. He, and tose like him, must be defeated.

I would ask why Mitt Romney isn’t taking this bunch to task, but I don’t want to get laughed at.

This is a disaster dear readers, a disaster of biblical proportions. America is being destroyed right before our eyes, and the people who promised to protect the Republic, and uphold the Constitution, are actually helping the destruction along.

Liberty and Freedom, as well as individual sovereignty have been rendered meaningless by our government, and there is no one there to stand with We, the People.


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Sarah Palin Concerned Romney and the GOP Elite Don’t Have the Guts to Fight

By Gary P Jackson

Appearing on Monday’s Hannity, Sarah Palin minced no words by saying nothing was “off the table” when it comes to vetting Barack Obama.

There was a group that wanted to revisit Obama’s past associations, including Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the radical Marxist preacher whose church Obama sat in for 20 years, and now claims was pressured to stay quiet about Obama.

Mitt Romney, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and many other GOP establishment leaders have chastised those who would talk about Wright. Never mind the democrats are already raising money off this issue.

As Sarah notes, nothing can be left off the table. Everything must be fair game. The democrats certainly show no such restraint. With democrats, the candidates, the candidates children, friends, supporters, and so on are fair game. Barack Obama has used his Chicago thug political tactics successfully for years. The only way to beat a guy like this is to go all in.

No one is going to respect Romney or the GOP because they “played nice.” There are no extra points for playing nice. We are at war for the very existence of America, and we need tough, strong leadership that doesn’t flinch in battle.

It’s noted that Sarah wasn’t happy when McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt stopped her from vetting Obama in 2008. Not satisfied with McCain’s defective campaign team, this is when Sarah says she went rogue.

In case you missed it, Stacy Drake covered a Hannity special that featured Stephen K Bannon talking about the failures of the McCain campaign and how Sarah was angry at their weaknesses.

Sean starts out talking about Mayor Cory Booker’s condemnation of Obama, and his subsequent attempts to walk it back. He and Sarah also talk about the teacher in North Carolina who has a heated argument with a student, who asked a question about Obama, after the teacher was trashing Mitt Romney. The teacher claims people went to jail for saying bad things about Bush.

As readers know, that’s not true. In fact Hollywood made fantasy movies about killing President Bush, using actual archival footage of Bush. None of this group went to jail, or were even talked to by Secret Service. They did however win some industry awards.

Sarah says she hopes this teacher, who is currently on paid suspension, isn’t tenured. I wonder why and how people like this ever get hired. Also why teachers are allowed tenure, making them essentially impossible to fire, in the first place.

A lot of topics discussed in this interview.

Sarah says she is going to once again focus on sending Conservatives to the House and Senate this fall. Though she doesn’t mention Romney by name, she says she will help the nominee beat Obama. Once again saying “anybody but Obama.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Coach Mike Ditka Praises Sarah Palin (Again), But Lamestream Media Refuses to Report It (Again) Lou Holtz Too!

I understand Sarah Palin spoke here last year. I admire her. She’s a great lady, mother and wife, and that’s more important than the [bull****] the media spreads about her.

~ Coach Mike Ditka

By Gary P Jackson

Legendary football coach Mike Ditka knows a winner when he sees one and in Sarah Palin, he sees a true winner. As AWR Hawkins over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism points out, if you rely on America’s corrupt, lamestream media, you’d never know this.

Now why would the media want to suppress news of one of America’s most beloved sports figures praise for one of America’s most iconic leaders? It’s almost like they have an agenda!

[Emphasis mine]

While speaking at the Washington Area Community Center’s Lessons for Leaders (Washington, IL) on August 6, Coach Mike Ditka lambasted the mainstream media (MSM) and heaped praise on Gov. Sarah Palin. Said Ditka:

I understand Sarah Palin spoke here last year. I admire her. She’s a great lady, mother and wife, and that’s more important than the [bull****] the media spreads about her.”

Ditka has offered up a strong defense of Palin before. For instance, in 2010, during an interview on Fox and Friends, he said “Sarah Palin is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

When he stumped for Palin/McCain in 2008, Ditka said Palin “epitomizes all the good qualities of this country. He also called on audience members to put party affiliation and anything else that divided them aside long enough “put Country First” for a change. (Ditka lead by example by unashamedly admitting he was a Republican and a conservative, and most importantly, he said, “I am an American.“)

Of course, I don’t recall hearing Chris Matthews, Matt Lauer, or anyone in the MSM mention Ditka’s kind words for the Governor in 2010 (nor do I remember them making fun of him for being a Republican). And since that was back in the days when Keith Olbermann still had a show, you’d at least think Ditka would have made the “Worst Person in the World” list.

But alas, just silence.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall hearing them talk about Ditka’s kind words for Palin on the campaign trail in 2008 either. (I’ve got a feeling Matthews, Lauer, and Olbermann would rather pick fights with people who don’t fight back, and they all know Ditka isn’t the type to just shut up and take it. That’s why they fear him and that’s why we love him.)

That’s also why we love Palin.

For the record, I won’t be expecting any MSM outlets to cover Ditka’s most recent praise of Palin at all. They’ll be too busy carrying water for Obama’s sinking ship or talking about how great it is to see Eric Holder sue another state for passing legislation aimed at protecting their borders.

Coach Ditka isn’t the only coaching icon to consistently heap praise on Sarah Palin. After the Governor’s stellar performance at the 16th Annual CLSA Investor’s Forum in Hong Kong, in September on 2009, famed Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz has this to say:

Sarah Palin excites me. She stands for something.

By the way, the Wall Street Journal said of Governor Palin’s speech:

The former vice presidential candidate understands Beijing better than the Obama Administration does.

And this was way back in 2009!

Read more about all of that here.

Let’s see, two of the greatest men to ever coach the game, men whose careers depended on them being able to spot great talent, find Sarah Palin to have it. One would think that would be at least a bit newsworthy, wouldn’t one?

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Corrupt Washington Post Hires Disgraced Former Palin Staffer As E-Mail “Expert”

By Gary P Jackson

You just thought the Washington Post hit rock bottom with their Palin e-mail nonsense, which BTW, has produced the exact opposite results they intended. These e-mails are proving Sarah Palin was a hard working Governor, a solid reformer, and an incredible CEO.

Liberals are stupid though, especially those in the media, so WaPo is doubling down. They’ve went out and hired disgraced former Palin staffer Frank Bailey to be their e-mail “expert.”

If you remember, Bailey, the only Palin staffer to ever be forced to take ethics training by the state, because of his behavior, allowed far left loon, and Obama blogger, Jeanne Devon, to put his name on a fantasy book she wrote, pretending to be a serious work discussing Bailey’s time on Sarah Palin’s staff, using e-mails stolen from the state archives.

For his efforts, Bailey is under investigation by Alaska’s Attorney General.

Alas, the book has been a dismal failure sales wise, so Bailey, a crapweasel of the highest order, is looking for a new way to scam someone out of money while cashing in on the job he once had on Sarah Palin’s staff.

The Post is only too happy to oblige. They will be hosting a “chat” with this nimrod on Monday at 11 am, Eastern time. They are asking for questions. I’m sure our readers will be happy to ask some good ones.

You can submit your questions now by clicking here.


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Why Establishment Republicans Suck As Bad, If Not Worse, Than Democrats

By Gary P Jackson

You know how Conservatives are constantly told that we must support anyone and everyone with a pulse and an “R” after their name? How many times during the 2010 campaign were we told we should support far left radicals like Mike Castle because they were “electable“? We were told it’s better to have someone who votes 80 percent of the time with us, than a democrat who will always vote against us. Never mind the fact that in reality, on issues that REALLY matter, these liberal Republicans rarely, if ever vote with the bulk of the party. And when they do, you can bet it’s only around election time.

The “anybody but a democrat” mentality, much like the “anybody but Obama” nonsense, is dangerous.

Case in point, courtesy of Weasel Zippers:

RINOs on Parade: 11 GOP Senators Allow Planned Parenthood Director to Become Federal Judge…

Senate Democrats were able to confirm the former director of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island to a lifetime federal judgeship after 11 Republicans voted to close debate on the nomination and allow it to come up for a final vote.

As a lawyer, the new judge was also involved in litigation against the tobacco industry and a failed lawsuit against former manufacturers of lead paint.

The cloture vote on the nomination of John J. “Jack” McConnell was 63 to 33 with 1 senator voting present and 2 senators not voting at all. Had 4 of the 11 Republicans who voted for cloture not done so, the nomination would have failed. A cloture vote requires 60 votes to succeed.

All 11 Republicans who voted for cloture — and thus to allow McConnell’s nomination to proceed — turned around and voted against the nomination itself on the final vote. That vote succeeded 50 to 44 and McConnell was confirmed.

The 11 Republican senators who voted for cloture and thus to permit McConnell to become a lifetime federal judge were: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Mark Kirk of Illinois, John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John Thune of South Dakota.

Nice huh.

This is what these useless squishes do. They’ll “play nice” by allowing extremist judges to be voted on, then hide under the cover of the confirmation vote, saying “see, we TRIED to stop this, but were outnumbered!

Never mind they could have stopped this rat bastard cold by never allowing a vote to happen. The democrats blocked dozens of highly qualified Bush appointees this way. Held them hostage trying to get Republicans to vote for bad legislation.

I don’t know if these establishment Republicans are malicious, or just criminally stupid. I do know this “go along get along” nonsense is insane. Spineless establishment Republicans are so naive, the actually think by helping democrats, the favor will be returned. These losers don’t understand that democrats see this as a war and will stop at nothing to win. Period.

These same people then complain about activist courts and run-away government, but fail to understand they are the ones who let this sort of thing happen. I’ve said it a million times, but these so-called “moderate [read liberal] Republicans are nothing more than enablers to the far left’s extreme agenda. If we had principled Conservatives sitting in those chairs instead, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

BTW, it was Olympia Snowe, who didn’t want to “stand in the way of history” who voted for cloture on the ObamaCare law, thus giving America the single worst piece of legislation ever created. Had she simply voted no, the legislation would have died the death it deserved. This is why having just any old seat filler with that precious “R” after their name is a ridiculous concept.

Weak Senate Republican leadership plays a part in this as well.

Of course, the precious, sainted “moderates” will always find a way to justify these betrayals, and leading GOP establishment show ponies will attack Conservatives, by comparing them to suicide bombing terrorists, just because they’d like someone of principle and good character representing them.

I not saying we need some sort of “purity test” before allowing someone to call themselves a Republican. That would be ridiculous. What I am saying is voters need to start paying attention to the details. We need to to demand our elected Republican leaders are of good character, understand and uphold the Constitution, as well as First Principles. The base of the Republican Party is Conservative. We must demand those we put in office be actual Conservatives as well.

We must demand the recruiting arms of the Republican Party for the House and Senate take the time to learn what an actual Conservative is, and recruit those sort of folks to run for office, not just anyone willing to give it a go.

Ask Senator John Cornyn how that “any one willing“strategy worked for him in 2010. Almost everyone his group backed was an complete and total loser. You had Arlen Specter go back to being a democrat,because he thought it would win votes, much as his switch to the Republican party did years before. You had Florida Governor Charlie Crist, after taking tons of money from the GOP, switch to independent after it became crystal clear he couldn’t beat Marco Rubio for the GOP nod.

And of course, there’s “Daddy’s Girl,” who lost the Republican primary in Alaska to Joe Miller. Then, instead of supporting Miller, the NRSC, Cornyn’s baby, dispatched lawyers to help Murkowski out. This was met with screams of protest. When it was clear she was done, how did she thank the GOP? By running as an independent, and with more than a little tomfoolery, won.

The GOP’s reaction?

Did they throw her off the committees she was on, especially after she vowed to embrace her new democrat friends?

Oh hell no!

She was welcomed back like she had been re-elected as a Republican. Treated like a trusted colleague rather than a political opportunist of poor character with no principles whatsoever. Since then, like the rest of these liberal Republicans, she’s been a reliable vote for the democrat party, and voted to allow cloture on the genocide facilitating  judge.

Look, I’m not just picking on Senator Cornyn. He’s my Senator, and a reliable Conservative vote, and I like the guy, but he seems to be more worried about winning at all costs, rather than winning on principle. Never mind history tells us that principled Conservatives can win anywhere and everywhere, so long as they are good candidates, and the Republican establishment doesn’t throw a hissy fit when they do win, as Karl Rove did when Christine O’Donnell destroyed his buddy Mike Castle in the 2010 Delaware primary.

Rove, who was angered when the Tea Party couldn’t be bribed into leaving Castle alone, went on a week long jihad against O’Donnell, started the very night she won, before she had even given her acceptance speech! Rove trashed her all day, every day, to anyone who would listen. I mean the guy went berzerk!

Christine was not the strongest candidate ever fielded by the GOP, but her opponent was an avowed Marxist, and was totally beatable. I still wonder how things would have worked out had Rove and other establishment hacks kept their yaps shut.

Oddly enough, the Marxist, Chris Coons, has turned out to be slightly more conservative than Mike Castle with his votes. Imagine that.

We have an important election coming up in 2012. Maybe the most important one in the nation’s history. It will determine if America is to survive, or just become a failed agricultural experiment. As Conservatives, we can no longer stand by while the Republican establishment enables the democrat party.

Look, we understand the democrat party has devolved into nothing more than a collection of socialists, communists, and other assorted neerdowells who want to completely transform the nation from a Representative Republic into their idea of a socialist utopia. We are not surprised by anything these folks do. In fact, we are shocked when they do something that doesn’t advance their extreme goals.

Thing is, we’d like to have a group of Republicans representing US, that won’t help facilitate America’s decline at every turn, by voting with the democrats. 

Is that too much to ask?


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How The GOP Establishment And The Media Are Trying To Stop Sarah Palin From Running For President


By Gary P Jackson

The Republican Establishment has always been hostile to the Conservatives who make up the solid base of the party. Oh, they’ll take your money, and your vote, but past that, you need to sit down and shut up. They know better than us rubes.

The elites REALLY hated Ronald Reagan. To the GOP country club set, Reagan was a “B movie actor” an “amiable dunce” and someone who was not “intellectually curious.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it!

It’s the default position they take on everyone who isn’t one of them.

How often do we find the GOP establishment sounding like the far left, when they talk about solid Conservatives?

By the way, the above comments were the nice things they said about Reagan. Both the GOP and the left were screaming that if elected, Reagan would start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The fear mongering was incredible.

The establishment pretty much pushed George H.W. Bush on Reagan as his running mate, and even then, that wasn’t good enough for the liberal leaning country clubbers, who ran former congressman John Anderson as a third Party candidate.

In fact, this is why, despite an electoral college blowout, Reagan only received 50.1 percent of the popular vote in 1980. Though it wasn’t even close, one has to wonder if the GOP elites real agenda was to bleed off enough votes to give Carter a second term, rather than see Reagan, a real reformer come to power.

Nothing has changed with the establishment either. In the spring of 2009 Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and others went on a ridiculous “listening tour.” Speaking for the group, Bush proclaimed the era of Reagan was over, that it’s time for the Republican Party to give up its “nostalgia” for the heyday of the Reagan era and look forward, even if it means stealing the winning strategy deployed by Democrats in the 2008 election.

Clueless. Utterly clueless. They held their first meeting at a pizza joint in Arlington, Virginia. The National Council for a New America (NCNA) didn’t last long.

When you can’t even get people to show up when you have pizza and beer ….

By the way, as if to put an exclamation point on the Bush/Romney lunacy, it was the return of Reagan ideals, and Reagan principles, that saw Conservative Republicans win a historic election in November of 2010. They took back the House in a big way, gained in the Senate, moved into Governor’s mansions nationwide, and saw an unprecedented shift in state legislatures, as over 650 democrats lost their jobs to Republicans. Some states went Republican for the first time since Reconstruction. [after the Civil War]

It seems the country clubbers’ reports of Reagan’s demise were greatly exaggerated.

So …. what we see happening to Sarah Palin is nothing new. It’s just the “good old boys” doing what they always do.

With that said, the GOP elites fear Sarah Palin as much, if not more than the left does. They certainly fear her more than they did Reagan, something I once thought impossible.

Sarah Palin has proven she has no patience for corrupt, go along, get along, business as usual Republicans.

In Alaska she took on the entire Republican Party, which was swimming in corruption. Serious corruption. The FBI was marching politicians off to prison months after Sarah took office as Governor. Even GOP party chair Randy Ruedrich was hammered, and paid the largest fine in Alaska’s history. As a result, the Alaska GOP refused to put Governor Palin’s photo on their website. Childish and petty, but that’s the elite mindset.

Despite the sniping and nonsensically attacks, both the GOP and the media know that Sarah Palin is a strong, capable leader, and if elected would shake things up, and change Washington forever. She will mess up the elites’ little playhouse.

In a follow up to his Top Ten Signs Sarah Pain Is Running, Tony Lee has the Top Ten Ways GOP Establishment and Mainstream Media Try to Dissuade Sarah Palin From Running For President.

Now if you follow these things closely, none of this is new to you, as you see it all the time in the news. And if you read the comments sections on many websites, you’ll see this sort of nonsense parroted by fans of the RINO crowd.

It’s really interesting to watch. You’ll never hear Sarah Palin, or any of her supporters say a candidate shouldn’t run for office.

Well, except for Trump, but that’s just me.

Oh, we may think they are unqualified, or a disaster waiting to happen, but no one will tell them not to run. Competition is good. It makes the best candidates better. Keeps them sharp.

On the other hand, the Republican establishment is flat out saying Sarah Palin shouldn’t even run. As former Carter and Mondale staffer, and faux conservative Charles Krauthammer once said: “She needs to leave the room.”

This was during the debate on ObamaCare, right after she coined the term “death panels.” That was only the turning point in the entire debate, and she has been proven right a thousand times over, but since she’s not from the right side of the tracks, little elites like Charles dismiss her, just as he did Ronald Reagan during his time.

Let’s look at just a few of these:

1. Be a kingmaker (or queenmaker)

As noted by the likes of Grover Norquist and many other pundits and establishment Republicans, Palin, their reasoning goes, would best serve the party as a kingmaker. What they are essentially saying (try to follow the logic) is that Palin’s endorsement should be the gold standard but her candidacy would not be appreciated. Even more ironic is that should Palin run, it diminishes the kingmaking capabilities of the traditional and spoiled cast of characters who are used to getting their brass rings kissed every four years.

This one probably pisses me off the most, though there are several more running for that “honor.”

As pointed out, the logic behind this one is insane. In 2010 Sarah Palin’s endorsement was the only one actively sought, and the one that brought great success. She endorsed over 100 candidates in local, state, and national races, over 60 of them won.

Most notably were candidates like South Carolina’s new Governor, Nikki Haley. Haley was stuck in dead last, fourth place, even after establishment candidate Mitt Romney endorsed her. Sarah came in, made her endorsement in person, and Nikki was immediately the front runner, and of course won big. Plenty more stories like that from 2010.

So how is it that someone, who’s endorsement is the gold standard, isn’t worthy of endorsing herself, and making a run?

Here’s how I look at it: Anyone who NEEDS a kingmaker is not fit to be king, and anyone who can BE a kingmaker CAN be king him or herself. In Sarah Palin’s case that goes double.

There was a variation of this when the GOP was throwing Michael Steele under the bus. All of a sudden the elites thought they had found the “perfect” job for Sarah! A way to use her significant managerial talents, and fund raising ability, and keep her tied up so she couldn’t run for President. There was column after column written proclaiming Sarah was the absolute perfect person to become RNC chairman. We had a different idea.

It’s pretty insulting, when you really think about it. The elites want Sarah to do all the heavy lifting, then get out of the way so they can reap the benefits. They are just too cowardly to say what they are thinking: They’d rather she be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen makin’ sandwiches!

After she’s done all of their work for them, of course.

3. You’re too divisive

Another argument is that Palin would be too divisive to win a general election. And the only thing those who say this cite are polls released over a year before any voter of importance started paying attention to the election. In these early polls, there is probably some type of Palin effect (or a reverse-Bradley/Wilder effect), as Sheya at Conservatives4Palin noted, where voters either do not want to tell pollsters they support Palin for fear they would sound stupid or are withholding their potential support until she announces her candidacy, if she indeed does.

Further, as Pollinsider noted, Palin always has a strong floor, which potentially helps her in the primary (if the GOP primary has many entrants) and the general election (2012 may be a “base” election like 2004 where turnout matters, so the floor that Palin starts off with would give her significant advantages over other candidates who do not have that built in floor).

Ronald Reagan was “divisive” too. He was so divisive he won two landslide elections! In fact, Reagan was a mere 0.18 percent away from winning all 50 states in 1984.

Polarizing is another word they use. Like Barack Obama isn’t polarizing?

We live in a polarized nation. You have the extreme left, and Conservatives. The mushy middle, those sainted, sacred moderates, that we are constantly told we must pander to, are almost non-existent these days. At this point you either want to return to First Principals and the constitutional republican form of government created by our founders, or be part of the “Glorious Communist Revolution” the democrat party is selling. There simply is no other choice. No middle ground.

The fact is, Conservatism, real conservatism, works every time it’s tried, and solid Conservatives win elections. Especially presidential elections. All one needs is an articulate candidate who can actually walk the walk.

That would be Sarah Palin.

Here’s the truth about polls, especially this early. They are at best meaningless. At this point in the 2008 race the whole world just knew the contest would be between Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. As late as mid-1980, Ronald Reagan was 31 points down to Jimmy Carter. Reagan carried 44 states and Carter a mere 6.

What polling now is really about, is the media’s attempt to set a narrative. If one digs deep into the internals, it’s easy to spot the methodology used to get the results desired. You can manipulate samples and questions to achieve any result you want. One simply can’t take these as any sort of “snapshot” of reality. The only polling that matters is the one taken on election day.

Another thing Sarah’s detractors put out there is her approval ratings. I lived through the Reagan era, and the attacks on him were vile. Just nasty and very hateful. I remember editorials about Reagan’s age, complete with illustrations of Reagan in the morgue, implying he would die as soon as he took office, so why bother.

One could find Reagan was portrayed as an evil genius and a senile old man, in the same article! A lazy dunce who couldn’t do anything and an evil warmonger who couldn’t wait to destroy the world.

It was sickening.

They were NOTHING compared to the vitriol we see thrown at Sarah Palin though. Nothing is off limits . Sarah, her husband, and her children are all “fair game” to this bunch. The left and their media partners have thrown everything at her including the kitchen sink, so yeah, her numbers may be a tad low. As Sarah herself has said many times: “If I believed everything I read about me, I wouldn’t like me either!

Many detractors use these sort of things to say she’s “damaged goods” and we need to pick a candidate the media will like. Problem with that is, if we pick a candidate the media will truly like, he’ll be a democrat!

Republicans were fooled in 2008, as they usually are. John McCain, bless his heart, was the media darling. He was every left wing commentators favorite Republican. “If only John McCain would run for President,” they loudly proclaimed. “He is a republican we could support!” That lasted until he got the nomination, of course, then the long knives came out.

The New York Times endorsed McCain in the Primary with glowing stories, then as soon as the nomination was secured, started running bogus reports that John had been having an affair with a lobbyist. Sickening, but that’s how they work.

The media always sets the narrative the Republicans must choose a “moderate” candidate or risk losing those precious little darlings.  Of course, the Republican establishment always buys into this nonsense, as do way too many GOP voters.

Barack Obama is the most far left radical ever to run for President, let alone be elected. Somehow I missed all of the articles from the “concerned” media warning the democrats about the need for a “moderate” candidate.

Why Republicans continue to fall for this media nonsense is beyond me.

In 2007-2008 it was common knowledge the left was holding their fire on Mike Huckabee because they knew he would be an “easy kill” in the general election. Nothing has changed by the way, Huckabee is still an “easy kill” which is why you see the left treating Huckabee nicely now, and the Daily Kos‘ official pollster, PPP, always manages to find just the right sample to make Huckabee the front runner in their polls.

If Sarah Palin was such a disaster, in the minds of the left, they wouldn’t spend every waking moment trying to destroy her! Same goes for the little elites in the Republican Party. Indeed, the left would be propping her up and hoping we’d be “dumb” enough to make her the nominee!

As for the GOP, if she was THAT bad, she’d get destroyed in the primaries and that would be the end of that.

The other problem with those who think Sarah Palin is somehow “damaged” is this: She has been absolutely hammered by the left and weasels in the GOP since September of 2008, and she’s still standing tall.

In a way it’s a good thing, as Sarah is the most vetted candidate in the history of the Republic! At this point her detractors have nothing else to attack her with. They are down to recycling old attacks from years ago, that didn’t work the first time around.

In a way, the haters have inoculated Sarah and made her all but bullet-proof to any attacks.

Put another way, Sarah’s numbers have gone as low as they can. They have no where to go but up, and that’s what a campaign is for. BTW, people should never forget that among Republicans, Sarah still has higher approval numbers than anyone else, and it’s Republicans who decide who their nominee is.

Now let’s look at a what would happen to a “media approved” candidate:

Everything would be just peachy until they got the nomination, then all hell would break lose, especially since the media would be trying to protect their messiah, Barack Obama.

They would go to any length to destroy anyone who dare try and take Obama down. But instead of having years to prove they’re not the Anti-Christ, the poor hapless Republican nominee would have six months, tops, to prove they weren’t the devil reincarnate.

Good luck with that.

This media approved candidate would also have to have a spine of steel and set of core principles to match. Of course, if they were that sort, they wouldn’t be “media approved” in the first place.

The fact is, Sarah Palin is the one leader who never panders to the media and actually seems to relish the fact she’s not in their good graces. She understands if that bunch was loving her, she’d be doing it all wrong.

Sarah has proven she can beat the media at their own game.

Read all of Tony Lee’s Top Ten, spot on assessment here.

The GOP establishment are just as much to blame for the mess this nation is in as the hard left. They have been little more than enablers to extremists. In many cases, they actually agree with them.

You got guys like Romney, who created socialized medicine in America before the left could pull it off, and Tim Pawlenty who is jealous he didn’t beat Romney to it! Oh, and don’t get me started on Pawlenty’s embrace of the global warming fairy tale.

Then there is Newt Gingrich. He’s taken being an enabler of the left to a whole ‘nuther level!

With “friends” like these, who needs enemies!

The media and the GOP establishment have been working night and day to stop Sarah Palin. They wouldn’t be putting out the effort if she wasn’t a threat, and you better believe Sarah Palin is a serious threat to business as usual in D.C.

And that’s a very good thing!

I started working on this piece before Sarah Palin gave her game changing speech in Madison, Wisconsin, interviewed with Sean Hannity,and hammered Obama on Libya …. twice.

There’s a new talking point out there now.

It seems, according to those “concerned” GOPers, that Sarah Palin isn’t making the required pilgrimage to Iowa like every good little candidate should.This is a sure sign, they point out, that she isn’t up to the task of running.

Besides she’d give up all of the money she’s making. Might as well sit this out and “anoint” some feckless loser who’ll get slaughtered by Obama in the general election.

After all, it’s bound to be someone’s “turn.

These people obviously never actually listen to the woman, or are so used to empty rhetoric from their bunch, they don’t understand Sarah Palin doesn’t do empty rhetoric.

If “Game On!” wasn’t plain enough, maybe what Sarah has said over and over since then will help. Sarah has made a point of saying it’s way too early for anyone to start running for President. In her mind, there is simply more important things to do, especially since the election is 18 months down the road.

Here’s a message to the left wing media and those GOP elites:

If Sarah Palin decides to run, and we’re almost certain she will, she will win the Republican nomination and the presidency, handily, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.


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Bobby Zee: It’s Time To “Cowboy Up” And Fight For Sarah Palin!

I would be honored to have her as my commander in chief.

~Bobby Zee, US ARMY ret


By Gary P Jackson

Sometimes when we are out and about on the interwebs we run across a statement by someone that just stops us in our tracks and has us saying “Hell yeah!” Such is the case with this comment we saw from retired soldier Bobby Zee. Bobby’s impassioned comments get right to the core of the problem.

It’s not just us against the democrats, it’s us against the democrats, their media partners, and the GOP establishment too! It’s the entire Ruling Class. Jackwagons in BOTH parties that have put America in a tail spin. They are all the enemies of Liberty and Freedom. None any better than the other.

Here’s where the problem starts though. We have someone who is willing to take on all comers. To fight with every ounce of her being. To do anything and everything in her power to not only stop our headlong rush into the abyss, but turn us around and head in the right direction at full throttle. Sarah Palin has proven over and over that she is the only one with the backbone to stand up to the Obama regime, the corrupt blood libel media, and the Republican establishment. Hell, in Alaska she sent a large group of GOP elites to prison!

So what’s the problem?

Us. We are the problem!

Oh, not all of us, but many of us. We sit back and love the fact Sarah Palin is the greatest political warrior we have seen in our lifetimes. We love how she whips Obama like a rented mule on almost a daily basis. We also love how she has no problem taking on the corrupt media. We really love how she’s someone who speaks her mind without regard of how it plays politically. With Sarah Palin, what you see is what you get. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

Thing is though, Sarah is just one person. The feckless elites in the Republican Party aren’t going to back her up, and even some Conservatives lack the backbone. [though they loved it when she helped them out!] Nope. These people, and even many of her supporters, just set back and allow attack after attack to come her way. Never bothering to engage those who spread lies and hatred toward her. Not having the steel spine that she does to take on any and all who would stand in her way.

People forget that Sarah is out there fighting for US. Trying to make the United States a better place. Sarah Palin promises to bring common sense leadership to the White House. The same common sense she used to govern so effectively in Alaska. But she can’t do it on her own. She needs our support. She needs supporters that will spread her message, and defend her when attacked. People who will take the time to learn her REAL record [not the crap the left made up] and tell it to anyone and everyone they see!

If we are to save the nation, we must all be willing to put some skin in the game. We must all be willing to fight. To do whatever we can to support Sarah, and those Conservatives who align with her. That share our values and are also willing to put it all on the line.

Bobby’s comments below were born of frustration. Many of us are like Bobby. We hear people say they want a better country, but won’t invest the time it takes to get us there. They want HONEST politicians, but when one comes along, they let her twist in the wind, because it’s just too damned hard to stand up and be counted.

Frankly, we have one shot left to get this right. If we don’t stand up and make sure Sarah Palin is our next President, it’s over. The rest of the so-called “presidential hopefuls” are weak. At best they are nothing more than democrat-lite. Watered down versions of the Big Government liberals who have been destroying this country for 100 years.

When choosing between Barack Obama and the pathetic pack of losers who are looking to become the GOP nominee in 2012, we are simply choosing if we want to be driven over the cliff at a brisk 100 mph or a more leisurely 70 mph pace. Either way, we are still going over the cliff and into certain disaster. One will just take longer to get us there!

As a friend pointed out the other night, if Sarah Palin isn’t our nominee, we will simply be choosing who will go down as our Nero, the leader who oversaw the collapse of the United States. With that kind of choice, might as well re-elect Obama and get it over with! Let him take all of the blame!

Upon seeing Bobby’s comments, we contacted him and asked if we could re-publish. His answer was: “Post it anywhere you want. It is time our side COWBOYS UP. I just can’t stand the cowardice anymore.”

Being a retired combat soldier, Bobby uses some salty language, so be forewarned! We just couldn’t bring ourselves to edit out the expletives from such a glorious rant. It just wouldn’t be right!

She is “divisive” because the conservative movement is full of cowards who bend over because they are afraid of the left and the media. Why not fight against the smears? Why not fight for the truth? Instead conservatives run and hide and then wonder why even after 8 years of BUSH the country moved to the left!!!!!!!

While Governor, her state was one of 2 out of 50 that created net jobs. I COULD WRITE FOR HOURS ABOUT HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS, but it would not do a damn thing for people like Krauthammer and other fraud cowardly so called conservatives. How come the other intellectual governors that Krauthammer praises could not eke out some job gains? Odd huh?

WAKE UP!!!! Do you want to know why the jobs are gone? Do you want to to know why your nation is turning into a shit hole? IT IS BECAUSE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We let it happen. WE CONSERVATIVES LET IT HAPPEN BECAUSE WE SAT ON OUR FUCKING ASSES AND REFUSED TO FIGHT the left for the last 20+ years. Now Sarah is ready to fight, and most of us just let her go out there with no backup, no nothing. She is used as a human shield for LESSER MEN. She is fighting multi-billion dollar left wing media companies and two hack political parties every fucking day of her life, and we cannot even muster a defense with the exception of a few websites and the OCCASIONAL defense on talk radio. PATHETIC.

I served in Korea and Vietnam in combat. When I say combat, I mean COMBAT. After that, I worked for the government “unofficially” (use your imagination.) I killed with my bare hands for this country and it makes me sick that even most of my fellow conservatives will not lift a finger to help her. If I was younger and still serving I would be honored to have her as my commander in chief. You can keep the phony tough guy men that get trotted out as candidates. I saw REAL leadership up close and I know what it looks like. Sarah Palin has IT.” I saw men blown to pieces and other men who still ran forward with the entrails of their best friends still on them. My oh my, how far we have fallen. Those boys had integrity and valor. Today’s conservative movement by and large is not fit to shine their fucking shoes.

The state of our conservative movement today sickens me. It is full of frauds and cowards. We cower in fear because the media is too mean and unfair to Sarah Palin, so we should just throw her over the fucking side because IT’S TOO HARD to fight back. AWWWW, poor babies. It would be so much easier to just nominate another fraud republican who can sell us down the river for a few pieces of silver as the country continues to move left as we descend into European Socialism.

As far as coward Charles Krauthammer goes….The day I take advice on conservatism from a guy who worked for Mondale and Carter is the day I put a loaded .357 in my mouth and pull the fucking trigger! That clear enough or should I use more big words to be on the same “intellectual stage” as the media elites?

These cowards remind of the guys in battle who said “we can’t win,” and then NEVER LIFTED A FINGER TO HELP US when the battle began. Well yeah no thanks to you!

Please commence the flogging of me. Call me every name in the book. When you have been through what I have, there is nothing anyone can ever do to harm me. I pray you young people wake up because the cold hard truth is that you have more than likely already lost your nation to a secular decline that is irreversible. There is a chance for you to save it, but from the looks of it, you don’t have the mental fortitude to make it happen.

Cut all the bullshit and ask yourself this honest question. DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS NATION WILL BE SAVED AND PUT BACK ON THE COURSE OF TRUTH, JUSTICE, and OPPORTUNITY by electing the same tired old political hacks that our media betters APPROVE OF? DO YOU REALLY? How has that worked out for you these past 20 years or so? More debt, more joblessness, more danger. WOW SIGN ME UP! SIGH. But yeah, let’s not even fight for a true conservative. It’s too hard.

Bobby, US ARMY ret

The choice is yours. Do you really want to see America rescued from disaster, or is it just too damned hard hard?


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