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Lying Corrupt Bastards At Politico Make Up Palin Quote

By Gary P Jackson

A you know, third tier likely presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s hired establishment hack, Ed Rollins, decided his first action right out of the gate would be to trash Sarah Palin. Never mind he was saying the same things about Bachmann …. until she started paying him.

For her part, Sarah Palin has ignored the two, as neither deserve her time. Sarah’s Chief of Staff, Michael Glassner did issue a statement about Rollins, which you can read here.

This wasn’t good enough for the gutter snipes who work for Politico though. The left wing website constantly looks for ways to start trouble among Republicans and is notorious for using “anonymous sources” i.e., the voices in their heads. They are also notorious for lying about Sarah Palin and anyone connected to her.

This time they went further than normal. They actually made up a quote and attributed it to Sarah Palin. Under the title Will rivalry make Sarah Palin run? Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell [yeah, it takes two of these crapweasels to write this nonsense] wrote the following paragraph: [emphasis mine]

Palin’s bus tour had some of the hallmarks of a primal scream: I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else. Looking at it through her eyes, she has a point.

Now anyone who’s paying attention knows Sarah Palin routinely rejects the idea that she’s somehow the leader of the Tea Party movement. She speaks quite humbly about her own political strengths. The hacks at Politico give the impression though, that those words came out of her mouth.

SarahPAC has released the following statement on the Governor’s behalf:

An absurd opinion piece in Politico includes a quote attributed to Governor Palin that is a total fabrication and yet is deliberately written to appear as if it is a legitimate direct quote. By any standard this is unacceptable even for an opinion piece. This puts us in mind of a real quote of something Governor Palin actually did once say to the media: “Quit making stuff up.

For those that remember the huge JournOList scandal, it’s good to remember that Politico has more known members of that corrupt cabal, than any other “news” site. Politico engages in gutter journalism and should never be taken as a serious news source. The fact is, they lie when the truth would work better.


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