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Video: Sarah Palin Urges People NOT Allow Hateful Attacks to Deter Them From “Jumping in the Arena”

Palin Fox and Friends

By Gary P Jackson

Thursday Morning Governor Sarah Palin appeared on Fox and Friends to talk about, among other things, the “resignation” of hate spewing MSNBC anchor Martin Basir. Among other things, Governor Palin makes the point, strongly, that these hate filled democrats are going to attack any American wanting to save this great country, and no one should allow these hate spewing demons to silence them, or intimidate them:

Sarah also hammers the democrats for their hypocrisy on ObamaCare, as well as her new book.

Thursday night Sarah wondered into the “No Spin Zone” for two segments with Bill O’Reilly. The governor even managed to get a few words in as O’Reilly talks over her. No small feat!

O’Reilly was just crying a week ago that Sarah wouldn’t do the Factor because she didn’t want to “mix it up with him.” It seems she is more than capable of “mixing it up” with the overrated blowhard:

My jaw dropped when O’Reilly asked Sarah if she was a “Tea Party gal.” I doubt anyone in America is more associated with the Tea Party than Sarah Palin! Made my head hurt!

Sarah Palin shows how it’s done. She makes great points about never backing down when fighting corrupt, out of touch politicians. You must hold these politicians’ feet to the fire. No quarter.

Videos courtesy SarahNet

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