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The Blunt Truth About The Democrats’ War on Women

By C.A Bamford

Little has changed in the Democrat Party since the days of Jim Crow. Except now the target of their attacks are women. The party that started the Klu Klux Klan, the party that fought tooth and nail to stop the Civil Rights legislation and opposed Republican, Martin Luther King, the party that called Juan Williams a “porch n****” for daring to voice his opinion, is now hatefully going after women.

Not that certain party leaders, and Obama confidants, haven’t been attacking women for decades.

But not just any women. They’re fine with toadying females who obediently mouth the party line ….

…. and serve as barking dogs for their empty rhetoric.

They’ll back fictional biographies from confused old liberals ….

…. tout faceless cradle-to-grave welfare composites….

…. and ignore embarrassing incidents from party icons again and again.

But let them happen upon a conservative woman, and out come the knives. These left-wing dingbats reserve their most hateful behavior for conservative black and Hispanic women who defy their rule of race.

Not surprisingly, gay conservative women are their worst nightmare, and a gay conservative woman who supports the 2nd amendment will lead them to wail “WHY?” and curl into a fetal position before your very eyes.

The party of incivility has become blind and deaf to the filthy verbal assaults on good women, innocent children, and even the most vulnerable in our society. No attack is too crass, no trick too dirty.

Ironically, while the liberal elite snigger and offer weak excuses for the deplorable use of the “C” word by some of their basest members, they ignore their pink-draped cohorts who are shouting “Look at us, look at us!” as they desperately seek to claim that label, even going so far as to dress the part.

You have gone too far, liberal shills. You criticize Ann Romney, a woman who raised 5 sons, battled cancer and MS, served as First Lady of Massachusetts, and volunteered countless hours to charity as one who “never worked a day in her life.

You continue to demean the accomplishments of Governor Palin, who had more executive experience and more accomplishments than all three men on both tickets in 2008. Do you doubt that she would have had the dictators of hostile nations running for cover? Or that your crony capitalist pals would be out of a job?

America is appalled at the ignorance of those of you who criticized Olympic Gold Medal winner, Gabrielle Douglas for her hair and the indulgence of a small treat.

She’s the size of one of your thighs for Pete’s sake, and burns more calories in an hour than all the calories many of you carry on your hips.

So listen up Jay Carney, media hacks, political pimps, and all the rest of the inbred society of Beltway elites. We are sick and tired of your biased comments, patronizing dismissal and smirking insults against smart, successful conservative women.

Keep tossing your small barbs and straining your small wits. Feel free to cling to your inconsequential accomplishments as though they somehow make you special. One can train an elephant to paint, a monkey to dance, and a chicken to play the piano, all accomplishments that outdo any of yours. You’re not so special after all.

Perhaps it’s the rarefied atmosphere of the ivory towers and halls of power in which you gather to scheme and plot that makes so many of you so cranky. No doubt you would benefit from getting outside in the fresh air a little more often. Try picking up garbage on the roadside…and if you do it in an orange jumpsuit, all the better.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is leading the REAL war on women with his failed economic policies. There are seventeen million women in poverty, with 7.5 million living in extreme poverty the highest numbers since the 1960s.

Keep up your smears, lies, and bad behavior Democrats. But remember, we’ll be out here waiting for you in November.


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Our Future

By Gary P Jackson

This powerful video from Citizens Against Government Waste forecasts a bleak future for America, thanks to the insane spending spree our government has been on for years.

Donate to help end wasteful deficit spending at www.cagw.org. This new ad is part of an ongoing communications program in CAGW’s decades-long fight against wasteful government spending, increased taxes, out-of-control deficit spending, and a crippling national debt that threatens the future and survival of our country.

We must reign in this unsustainable debt, or our nation will collapse.

The best ways to stop all of this is to show up and vote on the first Tuesday in November, and check out the CAGW website for more information on government waste: www.cagw.org

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Mourning vs Morning In America

By Gary P Jackson

This is a new video from the Citizens For Responsible Government. The work, based on the iconic television commercials President Ronald Reagan used in his 1984 re-election campaign, speaks volumes.

From the video notes:

In 1984, the Reagan reelection campaign set the standard for modern political advertising with its fabled “Morning in America” series, which included one of the greatest political ads of all time — “Better, Prouder, Stronger.” The ad captured the zeitgeist — America under President Reagan was coming back, full of optimism and confidence in the future.

Today, the zeitgeist is exactly the opposite. Americans are worried about their future, and about a government determined to implement policies that just don’t work. But like its predecessor, “Mourning in America” offers a new hope — if we can just get our government to return to time-tested policies that can spark a rebirth of liberty.

Having survived the Carter years, which can best be described as horrific, Ronald Reagan was a real hero to Americans. So bad was Carter, it took two full Reagan terms for America to really turn around, and frankly, with the cancers on society Carter created like the Community Re-investment Act, which triggered the financial collapse we are dealing with now, and the creation of the Department of Education, which has destroyed the quality of education in this country, while throwing hundreds of billions of dollars into a bottomless pit, we are dealing with Carter’s stupidity to this very day.

With that said, in just four short years, President Ronald Reagan’s strong conservative leadership had turned America from a depressed wasteland full of people that had given up on the American dream, to a proud nation that was energized once again.

People were going back to work, the economy was moving again.

Carter had severely reduced military spending as most Marxist-democrats do, and left America is peril from the Soviet Union and others. His deliberate tolerance of Muslim radicals led to fall of Iran’s government, the establishment of the current terrorist state, and the seizure of American hostages.

These hostages were held by the terrorist Iranian government for over 400 days, only to be released as Ronald Reagan was being sworn in as President of the United States.

It was Reagan’s powerful stance against our enemies: “We win, they lose” that made people proud to be Americans again. Couple that with Reagan’s natural optimism, his love of America, and his unwavering belief in the American people and it was truly Morning in America again.

Compare the Carter era style misery, the video above depicts, with the unbridled optimism, and feeling you get from Reagan’s campaign spot. While you watch, please remember, this is how people really felt, and it showed at the polls as Reagan won a 49 state landslide in his bid for re-election.

We have a Ronald Reagan among us today. Someone whose optimism, enthusiasm, pioneering spirit, and deep love for this land and our people. Coupled with the experience and leadership skills to get things done, she gives us all hope. Like Ronald Reagan, she sees American as a Shining City on the Hill.

I look forward to Morning in America again, and can’t wait to see what her re-election campaign ads will look like in 2016.

Though written in 1980. The Charlie Daniels song below became an incredibly popular anthem during the Ronald Reagan Recovery. I wonder what the hot song will be during the Sarah Palin Recovery!


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Chris Coons, The “Bearded Marxist”

By Gary P Jackson

Dude, this just isn’t Chris Coons’ year. First radical leftist Mike Castle, who had been hiding for years in Congress as a “Republican,” got hammered by Christine O’Donnell. This blew Coons’ plan to lie to the voters and pretend to be a “centrist” to the left wing Castle.

Then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of the most unpopular figures in politics, comes out and calls Coons his “pet.” From The Hill:

Reid talked up the New Castle County executive following a memorial ceremony on the Capitol’s east steps to commemorate the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. O’Donnell on Tuesday night won the GOP nomination to face Coons in November — a result that has split the national Republican Party.

But Reid said Coons would have won even if Rep. Mike Castle (R) had prevailed over O’Donnell.

I’m going to be very honest with you — Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate,” Reid said.

Yeah that’s pretty creepy and all, and certainly isn’t helpful. I imagine Christine O’Donnell’s campaign will get a lot of mileage out of that one. But the best is yet to come. From the left wing POLITICO:

Coons took ‘bearded Marxist’ turn

An article Democrat Chris Coons wrote for his college newspaper may not go over so well in corporation-friendly Delaware, where he already faces an uphill battle for Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat

The title? “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist.

In the article, Coons, then 21 years old and about to graduate from Amherst College, chronicled his transformation from a sheltered, conservative-minded college student who had worked for former GOP Delaware Sen. William Roth and had campaigned for Ronald Reagan in 1980 into a cynical young adult who was distrustful of American power and willing to question the American notion of free enterprise

Coons, the New Castle County executive who is running against GOP Rep. Michael Castle for the state’s open Senate seat, wrote of his political evolution in the May 23, 1985, edition of the Amherst Student. 

The source of his conversion, Coons wrote, was a trip to Kenya he took during the spring semester of his junior year—a time away from America, he wrote, that served as a “catalyst” in altering a conservative political outlook that he was growing increasingly uncomfortable with.

My friends now joke that something about Kenya, maybe the strange diet, or the tropical sun, changed my personality; Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists,” Coons wrote, noting that at one time he had been a “proud founding member of the Amherst College Republicans.

[I]t is only too easy to return from Africa glad to be American and smugly thankful for our wealth and freedom,” added Coons. “Instead, Amherst had taught me to question, so in turn I questioned Amherst, and America.

Dave Hoffman, a Coons campaign spokesman, said the title of the article was designed as a humorous take-off on a joke Coons’s college friends had made about how his time outside the country had affected his outlook.

Hoffman said the trip to Kenya helped lead to Coons’s decision to become a Democrat.

Chris wrote an article about a transformative experience during his semester in Kenya more than twenty-five years ago,” said Hoffman in a statement to POLITICO. “After witnessing crushing poverty and the consequences of the Reagan Administration’s ‘constructive engagement with the South African apartheid regime, he rethought his political views, returned to the America he loved and proudly registered as a Democrat.

In one passage of the article, Coons explains how in the months leading up to the trip abroad “leftists” on campus and college professors had begun to “challenge the basic assumptions” he had formed about America.

A course on cultural anthropology, noted Coons, had “undermined the accepted value of progress and the cultural superiority of the West,” while a class on the Vietnam War led him to “suspect…that the ideal of America as a ‘beacon of freedom and justice, providing hope for the world’ was not exactly based in reality.

For Coons, Kenya was an especially jarring experience that significantly influenced his already-changing political beliefs. He wrote that he was particularly troubled by his experience with Kenyan elites, who he said were utterly dismissive of the poor.

I became friends with a very wealthy businessman and his family and heard them reiterate the same beliefs held by many Americans: the poor are poor because they are lazy, slovenly, uneducated,” wrote Coons. “I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America were largely untrue.

Coons wrote that upon his return to Amherst for his senior year he realized that, while he had discovered the faults of his country, he had also “returned to loving America.

Being a Marxist, bearded or other wise doesn’t play that well among the American people on a good day, but for all of the times to be outed as one, this ain’t it! I mean we have a lifelong radical Marxist in the White House now, and the American people are wide awake. In less than two years America has become well aware of just how much damage Marxism creates. How many lives it destroys.

And Kenya …. really? Really?

Poor Chris Coons. He thought he was going to have an easy campaign against his fellow traveler Mike Castle by shamelessly claiming the real estate to his right, then along comes Christine O’Donnell RINO hunter.

Now we get to talk about Chris Coons and his inner “bearded Marxist.”

In the immortal words of Dr John:

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Victoria Jackson: “There’s A Communist Living In The White House!”

Fun video from Saturday Night Live’s Victoria Jackson courtesy of the Pasadena (Ca) Tea Party.

Check out more great videos here and learn more about the Pasadena Patriots here.

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Shocker! Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers’ Running Buddy Jeff Jones Was Involved In Writing Barack Obama’s Stimulus Package!

Remember when Sarah Palin said Barack Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists?” Well, it turns out she may be more right than even she knew at the time.

I’ve written a lot about Obama’s ties to radical communists from his early childhood on, but the more we learn, the more we understand just what a radical America hating communist Barack Obama truly is.

We all know Bill Ayers is a murdering domestic terrorist who specialized in blowing stuff up and murdering cops. His only saving grace was his daddy was rich, and able to hire a shady enough lawyer to get him off. This is a loser who was interviewed by the New York Times for a piece that was published, of all days, September 11, 2001.

In this interview, entitled “No Regrets For A Love Of Explosives” the first sentences read:

”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Barack Obama launched his political career in Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn’s living room. Dohrn herself played a part in a failed 1981 Brinks armored car robbery that saw two guards killed and a policeman injured. This was a joint operation between Ayers’ Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army. Two ultra-violent Marxist groups that terrorized America for over a decade. An account of the robbery can be read here.

Now at the time Sarah Palin started slamming Obama over his ties to murdering domestic terrorists, he kept brushing it off as nothing. Saying that he barely knew Ayers, a total lie, as he sat on two boards founded by Ayers, and helped distribute million of dollars to radical hate groups like ACORN.

When that ploy didn’t work, Obama’s handlers insisted Obama was “only 8” when this all happened. Another lie, as Obama would have been about 20 when Dohrn was part of the Brinks robbery. And again, as late as the very day America experienced her worst attack in history, Ayers was completely unrepentant for his time as a murdering terrorist.

As people look more and more into all of the radical America hating Marxists that surround Obama, we learn more and more about just how dangerous he is.

Glenn Beck has been doing yeoman’s work in flushing out all of Obama’s unconstitutional Czars that he has appointed to what amounts to a shadow government, that has totally usurped our Constitution, by going around the Senate’s duty of advise and consent.

Adolf Hitler used a similar ploy in Nazi Germany. In fact, after he was elected, Hitler only convened his cabinet one time.

The latest shocker is Jeff Jones. Jones was the co-founder of the violent radical terrorist group Weather Underground with Bill Ayers. Jones has much blood on his hands, and yet, he is part of the Apollo Group founded by Van Jones, no relation, a self proclaimed communist!

The Apollo Group, under Jeff and Van Jones’ direction, basically wrote Barack Obama’s stimulus bill. You know, the one that absolutely no one in Congress read, but Obama swore that if it wasn’t passed immediately, the world would end. Then, after it passed, he took a three day vacation before signing it. So far, this stimulus has been a total disaster.

Now, Van Jones is Obama’s “green jobs” Czar. He is also the man behind the failed boycott attempt on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show.

For a truly frightening look at Jeff Jones and the ties of this violent domestic terrorist, and others to Barack Obama, please check out the video here.

People like Jeff Jones, the violent domestic terrorist, and Van Jones, a self described radical communist, now Obama’s “green jobs” Czar, have infiltrated the so called environmental movement. We have said for years that the agenda of the greens has absolutely nothing to do with the environment, and is all about implementing communist control over America, and other free nations. It’s all about taking away personal liberty and freedom. These newest findings certainly enhance that observation.

Here is Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin talking about Van Jones and the radicalism he is tied into:

All of these violent domestic terrorists, communists, and other societal malcontents seem to have gravitated towards the Marxist organization called the Apollo Alliance. This is another shadowy and dangerous group.

The names tied to this group will make you shudder.

The website RBO has a good amount of background information on the Apollo Alliance that you can read here.

Just as Barack Obama was marinated in hatred of America by his childhood mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis, and his hateful preacher, Reverend Jeremiah “Goddamn America” Wright. So were many of Obama’s advisors marinated in the hate and violence of radical communists like Bill Ayers and Jeff Jones.

The Worldview Times has put together a nice little collage of the Marist hatemongers who “nurtured” people like Van Jones. This is well worth taking the time to read and digest.

Here’s the real issue folks, what we are witnessing is a good, old fashioned coup d’etat by a group of dedicated communists who have planned this since the 1960’s, if not before.

Obama has totally usurped the United States Constitution. By appointing these Czars, well over 30 now, he has bypassed the Senate which has the Constitutional duty of advise and consent. Does anyone think, even with the radical left wing in control of Congress, that murdering terrorists and admitted communists with ties to the murdering terrorists would be confirmed?

Indeed, this is a bloodless (so far) coup d’etat that Obama has engineered. And with a radical rubber stamp Congress, there is little to stop him. The Republican party is completely out of power. They can do little but protest. (And yet Obama keeps blaming them for everything!)

These murdering terrorists like Bill Ayers and Jeff Jones have joined forces with radical communists like Van Jones. They have in turn joined with criminal organizations like ACORN, and it’s sister organization, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) that Obama has used as his personal goon squad to go out and attack Americans who disagree with his radical and dangerous agenda.

This might be a good time to remind the reader that Obama worked for ACORN. His job was to train the street thugs in the finer points of communist Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.” a book that Alinksy dedicated to Lucifer (the devil) who he called “the first radical.”

You see, this is what Obama is. He is a radical. He’s dangerous.

Dr Stanley Kurtz a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center has written extensively about Obama’s life and radical associations. This stuff was out there before the election, but few took the time to read this. If they had, we wouldn’t be in this mess we are in now. We wouldn’t have this America hating communist in the White House!

Please take the time to read Dr Kurtz’s articles on Obama. This is must know information that you can see here.

As I have said many times, it is time for America to choose. We now understand that 52 percent of the voters made a disastrous mistake last November. They have elected a truly dangerous man. A man who was raised almost from birth to hate the America you and I grew up in. This man, Obama, is a racist, who sat for 20 years in a hate filled “church” where Black Liberation Theology (another Alinsky creation) was preached at the top of the good Reverend Wright’s lungs.

So what can we do?

Well, we must dedicate ourselves to stopping this man. We must engage. We must demand that our elected representatives oppose every communistic plan Obama and his thugs propose. We must get involved in the political process and make sure we defeat anyone who either supports Obama, or in the case of squishy Republicans, enables him.

We need to get out and work as hard as possible to elect good, solid conservatives who actually believe that America is great, and support the Constitution. We must stop supporting and electing democrats and squishy “moderate” Republicans, who just as soon lay down for the communists, rather than fight them.

We must keep the pressure on at the townhalls and at the tea parties across America. We must realize, and understand that we are in the fight of our lives here. We are fighting for the very existence of America. For her very soul.

In the end, we will either be victorious, and save America, restoring the rule of law, and the Constitution, or America will fall into the depths of communist hell. America’s shining light of freedom, a light that has inspired the entire world for 233 years, will go dark forever.

It really is that simple.


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