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But TO HELL With Brian Terry and the Hundreds of Innocent Dead Mexicans!

By Gary P Jackson

In the wake of the mass murders facilitated by President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder, we’ve seen the democrats take extraordinary measures to deflect attention away from these crimes against humanity.

What is the worst presidential scandal in U S history, has been politicized by the democrats, hoping to muddy the waters. You have classless jackasses like Obama super-donor Bill Maher saying things like “Republicans don’t care about dead Mexicans.” And then there is Juan Williams, who when confronted by the panel on The Five about murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry, said “Hey, people die.”:

The Right Scoop posted the transcript:

WILLIAMS: What do you think the government shouldn’t have any secret? You can’t have a private conversation in the White House now about politics?

BOLLING: We gotta go – NO, not when someone’s dead Juan! Not when three hundred Mexicans…

WILLIAMS: We know how the guy died!

BOLLING: …are dead at the hands of the same guns.

WILLIAMS: Hey people die in war! People died…

BOLLING: Don’t you care about the three hundred Mexicans that died from the guns the guns that were traced back to Fast and Furious?

WILLIAMS: I care about human life. But I’m telling you people die. And you know what? We know the facts of Fast and Furious. We know how he died!

Then you have House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who lead a walkout of democrats, during the vote to hold Eric Holder both civilly and criminally in contempt of Congress.

Pelosi, couldn’t even bring herself to say agent Brian Terry’s name correctly, even with notes in hand:

The democrats have proven they don’t give a damn about Brian Terry or Jaime Zapata, an ICE agent who may also have been murdered by the guns the Obama regime put in the hands of narco-terrorists. They most certainly don’t give a damn about the hundreds of dead Mexicans.

Murdered Border Agent Brian Terry

Murdered ICE Agent Jaime Zapata

You can imagine how I felt when our friend Ray sent us the following article. While the democrats can’t be bothered by the mass murder of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, or the capital murder of two federal agents, they have written a letter demanding an investigation into the death of an illegal alien.

Anastasio Hernández-Rojas was killed while fighting border agents who were in the process of deporting him after he illegally entered the United States.

From Yahoo News:

Sixteen members of Congress are calling for an investigation into the death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas after a PBS documentary aired last month that raised questions about just how involved the Border Patrol was in the illegal immigrant’s killing.

The letters sent yesterday to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General ask the federal government to take another look and claim that the Department of Justice has been taking too long to handle the case.

Hernandez Rojas was allegedly tased and beaten to death by U.S. Border Patrol agents two years ago after a fight broke out as he was being returned to the border.

The agency has defended the use of force by its agents, maintaining that Hernandez Rojas’ behavior was “combative” enough to necessitate the use of batons and the stun gun, the Huffington Post reported.

But footage from the PBS documentary claims that Hernandez Rojas was surrounded by more than a dozen agents, hogtied and pleading for help before he was tased.

Luz Rojas, the mother of the Mexican native, has been in the U.S. this week, asking officials to investigate further into the incident.

Advocacy groups including Presente.org and their supporters have gathered in eight cities across the U.S. protesting what they say is the government’s egregious lack of action two years after the incident, according to the Huffington Post.

The disturbing footage and eye-witness accounts that aired on PBS raise serious questions about the Border Patrol’s role in the death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas and after two years, we owe it to his family to finally provide some definitive answers,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.), said in a news release.

Congresswoman Roybal-Allard was one of those who walked out as the House voted to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt.

Reading the Yahoo article it sounds like a lovable Hernández-Rojas was murdered by rogue agents, but the New Your Times, of all places, has a little more information. It seems Hernández-Rojas attacked the agents and they were trying to subdue him: [emphasis mine]

San Diego Police Investigate the Death of a Mexican Man Resisting Deportation

LOS ANGELES — The San Diego police are investigating the death of a Mexican man who was struck with a baton and shocked with a stun gun by federal officers as he resisted being deported. The Mexican government and a human rights group condemned the death, which comes after Mexico has condemned Arizona’s tough new immigration enforcement law.

The police said Anastacio Hernández-Rojas, 32, was struck and stunned by several officers from the Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection on Saturday as they were trying to subdue him.

He had been detained by the Border Patrol on Friday east of San Diego after he crossed into the United States from Mexico with his brother. He was taken to a Border Patrol station and, as is customary with Mexican nationals without a criminal record, signed papers agreeing to be quickly deported without a hearing.

He was taken in a van to the San Ysidro border crossing, 15 miles south of downtown San Diego, where officers planned to walk him to a gate and release him to Mexican immigration authorities.

But as they removed his handcuffs about 25 feet from the gate, Mr. Hernández-Rojas began fighting with officers, said Capt. Jim Collins of the San Diego Police Department, which is investigating the case under an agreement it has with Customs and Border Protection for deaths involving officers.

One officer struck him with a baton, and another fired a Taser, Captain Collins said.

Shortly afterward, the officers discovered that Mr. Hernández-Rojas was not breathing, administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation and called for an ambulance. He was taken to a local hospital and died after a short time on life support, Captain Collins said.

Customs and Border Protection released a statement saying the man “became combative,” leading officers to use the Taser to “subdue the individual and maintain officer safety.” The agency, which is also investigating the death, declined to comment further.

The San Diego medical examiner is investigating the cause of death. It was not known if Mr. Hernández-Rojas had underlying medical problems, but an autopsy will determine that, Captain Collins said.

Read more here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying this incident shouldn’t be investigated, and if the agents are found to have done something wrong, they should be punished. But let’s look at this from the officers prospective. The border with Mexico is a dangerous place. Narco-terrorists regularly fire on American agents. American agents have been killed.

The number of dangerous criminals, with or without “records,” who sneak across the border is high.

The regular cop on the street in Anytown, USA has to be on his toes, even when making a traffic stop, because you never know who is behind the wheel. For border agents, it’s even more dangerous. They are dealing with criminals who have already broken the law, many who feel they have nothing to lose. The brave men and women who protect our borders put their lives on the live every single day.

In the case of Hernández-Rojas, you have someone who signed papers agreeing to be deported, rather than go to jail. I would imagine the officers felt this was a routine deal, until Hernández-Rojas attacked them. When someone attacks not one, but a group of armed police officers, you gotta figure they are crazy, desperate, and dangerous. The agents were lucky none of them were injured.

But that’s not the point of this article. The point is, the democrat party and the liberal media, is more concerned with the unfortunate death of a criminal who attacked law enforcement officials, than the murder of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, and two of our finest and bravest.

It’s simply maddening. But protecting our lawless President and his equally lawless Attorney General, is more important to democrats than the lives of innocent people.


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Eric Holder in 1995: We Must Brainwash People to Be Against Guns

By Gary P Jackson

For those that refuse to believe that Operation Gunwalker, better known as Fast & Furious was about subverting the 2nd Amendment and taking away American’s God given right to keep and bear arms, this video should cure that.

Last November I wrote a piece on Attorney General Eric Holder’s radical past, and some of the evil that he facilitated while working in the Clinton administration. With all the evidence against this threat to society, I still can’t believe he was confirmed by the Senate.

Holder and his bass are, and have always been, radical Marxists. All fascist regimes know the first thing you have to do in order to completely subdue a people, is to take way their weapons. This strategy is as old as civilization itself.

Our founders understood this, as King George of England attempted to disarm the American colonists, as signs of the coming Revolution grew. It’s why the right to bear arms is in the Constitution. It’s also why it’s listed second only to the rights of free speech and religious affiliation. More rights the Marxists would like to take away from you.

Breitbart.com uncovered this video of Holder in his full fascist glory. As you watch this video, never forget that President Obama and Holder created Fast & Furious knowing full well they were facilitating international mass murder. In fact, the only way Fast & Furious could meet their goal of stealing your 2nd Amendment rights was for the bodies to pile up.

Breitbart.com has uncovered video from 1995 of then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announcing a public campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

Holder was addressing the Woman’s National Democratic Club. In his remarks, broadcast by CSPAN 2, he explained that he intended to use anti-smoking campaigns as his model to “change the hearts and minds of people in Washington, DC” about guns.

What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes.

Holder added that he had asked advertising agencies in the nation’s capital to assist by making anti-gun ads rather than commercials “that make me buy things that I don’t really need.” He had also approached local newspapers and television stations, he said, asking them to devote prime space and time, respectively, to his anti-gun campaign.

Local political leaders and celebrities, Holder said, including Mayor Marion Barry and Jesse Jackson, had been asked to help. In addition, he reported, he had asked the local school board to make the anti-gun message a part of “every day, every school, and every level.

Despite strict gun control efforts, Washington, DC was and remains one of the nation’s most dangerous cities for gun violence, though crime has abated somewhat since the 1990s.

Holder went on to become Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration, and currently serves as Attorney General in the Obama Administration.

The video of Holder’s remarks was uncovered by Breitbart.com contributor Charles C. Johnson.

Pure evil. The right to bear arms is protected by the Constitution. As noted above, even through D.C. has some of the most strict anti-gun laws in the country, gun violence is some of the highest in the land.

Why is that?

It’s because bad guys will ALWAYS have guns, and when they know that chances are good their victims do not have a weapon, nothing stops them.

In places where government doesn’t trample on citizens’ rights, and most folks own guns, violent gun crime is rather low. Gee, I wonder why.

What Obama and Holder cooked up with Fast and Furious is pure evil. Justice will be denied until those two, as well as the others involved, are in prison.


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New American Future Fund Ad Exposes Fast and Furious For All to See

Eric Holder, along with Barack Obama are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico and capital murder here in America.

By Gary P Jackson

Devastating video from American Future Fund puts the Fast and Furious scandal out there for all to see:

President Obama sanctioned this, and Eric Holder carried it out. These two, and everyone else involved, are guilty of facilitating mass murder in Mexico, and capital murder of a federal agent in the United States. All of them must be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

Sadly, Congressional leadership is far too timid and not treating this matter as serious as it is. This is the worst crime any administration has ever perpetrated. This makes Watergate look like a simple misunderstanding.

If an organization such as al Qaeda had put assault weapons in the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels, and hundred of Mexicans, as well as at least one American were killed, we’d call it an act of terror. But since it’s President Obama and Attorney General Holder, the Republican leadership wants to treat them with kid gloves!

Can you imagine how the democrats would be acting if a Republican President cause such a loss of life? They’d have America whipped up in a frenzy, marching in the streets, and demanding blood.

We don’t want, or need that, but Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and everyone involved in this conspiracy must be help accountable. And I don’t just mean they should lose their jobs. They have committed a heinous crime, and deserve the proper punishment.

Video courtesy The Right Scoop.

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Mercedes-Benz Uses Communist Mass Murderer Che Guevara in Latest Ad Campaign

Under a huge portrait of Che Guevara, Mercedes’ Dieter Zetsche touted a vision of car-sharing. (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Some colleagues still think that car-sharing borders on communism,” Mercedes-Benz Chairman of the Board of Management Dieter Zetsche said onstage at CES today, speaking about Mercedes’ new CarTogether initiative. “But if that’s the case, viva la revolucion!

By Gary P Jackson

You live long enough and you will see it all.

I can’t imagine that any serious human being doesn’t know and understand who Ernesto “Che” Guevara was. Guevara was a psychopath. A mass murder who killed for pleasure. He was so evil that even Fidel Castro ran him off!

Now Mercedes-Benz is using this mass murdering communist as the pitchman for one of their programs. Mercedes-Benz has a “ride sharing” program already in place, that uses their worthless little Smart car. The idea is for drivers to share cars to “save the planet.

Insert long winded, multiple syllable curse word filled rant here: ______

Full disclosure. I’m a long time Chrysler guy and was around when Chrysler and Daimler became a “marriage of equals.” Dieter Zetsche was put in charge of that fiasco. Chrysler’s quality suffered under his watch. So did sales.

It seems Herr Zetsche’s judgment hasn’t improved. We could go all day long about the wisdom of a car company looking for new and creative ways to sell LESS cars, something Zetsche has intimate knowledge of, but using a communist serial killer to do it is just beyond the pale.

It should trouble any decent human being that anyone would embrace Che Guevara in any way. That a major automobile company would also seem to embrace communism should scare the living hell out of everyone.

Communism is a vile and dangerous ideology. Somewhere around a 100 million people have been murdered in the name of communism. And yet, far too many people, including many Americans, think it’s hip and cool.

From Mike Gonzalez atHeritage on Che:

He had, moreover, little time for youthful rebellion and none at all for individualism. Lastly, Che Guevara was a racist who specifically held blacks in contempt. I think about this often when I see deluded young African-Americans wearing a t-shirt with his likeness. But a German born a handful of years after 1945 really ought to have known better.

In other words Che wouldn’t be down with all of these “occupy” nimrods, many who wear shirts, or hold signs, with his likeness on them. Not a fan of blacks either.

Great image for Mercedes-Benz, don’t-cha think?

CBS has a puff piece with more details about Mercedes-Benz’s program, and embrace of communism and mass murder.

I might suggest readers also take time to read The Black Book of Communism.

The book is available for all to read, online, and free of charge. It’s a comprehensive look at the evils of communism. Check it out here.

From the book. These are estimates of how many have bee slaughtered in the name of communism.

65 million in the People’s Republic of China

20 million in the Soviet Union

2 million in Cambodia

2 million in North Korea

1.7 million in Africa

1.5 million in Afghanistan

1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe

1 million in Vietnam

150,000 in Latin America

10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.

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Arizona Mass Murderer Jared Loughner Is A Crazed Left Winger Who Reads Marx and Hitler’s Mein Kampf

By Gary P Jackson

It’s a sign of the times, and the political climate that I’m having to write this while Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords clings to life and others mourn the death of loved ones including Federal District Court Judge John Roll, and a nine year old girl. But here we are.

Within minutes of the shootings, the left wing bloggers and the so-called mainstream media immediately started blaming this tragedy on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and Conservative politics in general. Congresswoman Giffords, of course, is a democrat, so obviously some right winger did this.At least according to the disgusting people pointing fingers before fact one was in.

The fact is, the shooter, Jared Loughner, is crazy. Period.

Now the guy’s rants are absolutely in line with the leftist points of view, and among other things, he claims his favorite books are the Communist Manifesto, and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Jared Loughner is obviously a nut. He rants against our currency because it isn’t backed by gold. Claims to hate God, as well as people who use poor grammar.This is not someone who is of sound mind.

After looking at the information on Loughtner, his rants, his websites, and so on, I think the best way to describe him is as an anarchist, much like Joseph Stack, the 53 year old software engineer who flew his small plane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas last February. Stack was also an anarchist, and had rantings eerily similar to Loughner’s. .

Catie Parker, a friend of Loughner’s,  took to Twitter today calling him “very left wing.” He’s also being described as a “political radical” a “loner” and “obsessed with the 2012 prophecies.” You can see her Twitter feed here.

It was reported on Parker’s feed that Loughner had an altercation with Congresswoman Giffords in 2007.

Pamela Geller on her Atlas Shrugs website has done a marvelous job of rapidly collecting a great deal of information on Loughner. I highly recommend everyone check out what she has compiled here.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Loughner has had other run-ins with the law in Arizona.

Michelle Malkin has excellent coverage of this tragedy, the shooter, and the craziness from the left. Again, this is a must read, which you can do here.

A I pointed out at the start, it angers me that I’m having to write this while lives hang in the balance and we morn the dead. But the corrupt, dishonest media in this country, and the left wing bloggers like Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos, and Paul Krugman of the New York Times, and even some democrat politicians, started blaming Conservatives, tea partiers, and most especially Sarah Palin for this tragedy immediately, without one single fact known by anyone.

So, the record must be set straight.

This is standard operating procedure for the left in this country though. Ironically, when left winger Joseph Stack, who we mentioned earlier, flew his plane into the Austin IRS building, the usual suspects immediately   blamed it on some “crazy tea partier.” When it was learned he was a left wing nutter, like Loughner, they changed the subject. Never apologizing to the nation for their misinformation.

We will have plenty of time in the days ahead to go after the corrupt media and disgusting left wingers who were so quick to hurl lies and even threats at Conservatives in general, and Sarah Palin in particular, over this despicable act by a crazy man. Now though, I think there is a better use of our time and effort.

I’d like to ask all of our readers to pray for Congresswoman Giffords, Gabby’s, speedy recovery. The best news out of this entire situation is she survived and is expected to recover. Prayers should also be said for the family of Judge Roll, as well as the young girl who was killed, and everyone else dead or injured. That is a far better use of our time and effort.

May God bless them all.


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