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Special Commentary: Unable to Win Free and Fair Elections Democrats Asking IRS to Step Up Their Assault on Conservatives


By Gary P Jackson

Unable to compete in the marketplace of ideas, democrats look to use the full power and weight of the federal government to place a boot on the neck of any and all who oppose them.

Let me start this by saying if you believe Barack Obama didn’t know about, and wasn’t behind the IRS assault on Conservative and Tea Party groups since he took office as President, you are a fool! I suggest you take time to learn his history of using Chicago thug tactics against his opponents.

When Obama ran for and became a state senator in Illinois, he used dirty tricks to have his opponents Alice Palmer, who also happened to be his longtime political mentor, and others, off the ballot, ultimately running unopposed for the democrat party nomination.

In 2004 when Obama ran for the U S Senate, he was losing badly in the primary to Blair Hull, a multi-millionaire securities trader. Obama had his buddies at the Chicago Tribune, who were backing his run, leaked the claim that Hull’s second ex-wife, Brenda Sexton, had sought an order of protection against him during their 1998 divorce proceedings.

From Discover the Networks:

Those records were under seal, but as The New York Times noted: “The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had ‘worked aggressively behind the scenes’ to push the story.” Many people said Axelrod had “an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story.

Both Hull and his ex-wife opposed releasing their sealed divorce records, but they finally relented in response to the media’s hysteria — 18 days before the primary. Hull was forced to spend four minutes of a debate detailing the abuse allegation in his divorce papers, explaining that his ex-wife “kicked me in the leg and I hit her shin to try to get her to not continue to kick me.”

After having held a substantial lead just a month before the primary, Hull’s campaign collapsed with the chatter about his divorce. Obama sailed to the front of the pack and won the primary. Hull finished third with 10 percent of the vote.

Obama would use the very same tactic when it came time to run against his opponent, Republican incumbent Senator Jack Ryan, who was once married to actress Jeri Ryan. Again at Obama’s urging, the Tribune persuaded a democrat appointed judge in California to open the sealed divorce records of the Ryans.

As luck would have it, Obama’s opponent in the general election had also been divorced! Jack Ryan was tall, handsome, Catholic — and shared a name with one of Harrison Ford’s most popular onscreen characters! He went to Dartmouth, Harvard Law and Harvard Business School, made hundreds of millions of dollars as a partner at Goldman Sachs, and then, in his early 40s, left investment banking to teach at an inner city school on the South Side of Chicago.

Ryan would have walloped Obama in the Senate race. But at the request of — again — the Chicago Tribune, California Judge Robert Schnider unsealed the custody papers in Ryan’s divorce five years earlier from Hollywood starlet Jeri Lynn Ryan, the bombshell Borg on “Star Trek: Voyager.”

Jack Ryan had released his tax records. He had released his divorce records. But both he and his ex-wife sought to keep the custody records under seal to protect their son.

Amid the 400 pages of filings from the custody case, Jack Ryan claimed that his wife had had an affair, and she counterclaimed with the allegation that he had taken her to “sex clubs” in Paris, New York and New Orleans, which drove her to fall in love with another man….

Ryan had vehemently denied her allegations at the time, but it didn’t matter. The sex club allegations aired on “Entertainment Tonight,” “NBC Nightly News,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” and NBC’s “Today” show. CNN covered the story like it was the first moon landing….

Four days after Judge Schnider unsealed the custody records, Ryan dropped out of the race for the horror of (allegedly) propositioning his own wife and then taking “no” for an answer.

Alan Keyes stepped in as a last-minute Republican candidate.

And that’s how Obama became a U.S. senator. He destroyed both his Democratic primary opponent and his Republican general election opponent with salacious allegations about their personal lives taken from “sealed” court records.

If you haven’t, take time to read Discover the Network’s entire dossier on Obama. It documents his ties to murdering terrorists, communist radicals, and Muslim hate groups, and many, many more Anti-American activities. We first read this BEFORE the 2008 elections, which is why we were so vocal in our warnings against electing this Marxist Devil!

Of course our readers are well aware of the vicious tactics Obama and his hand picked thugs used to assault Governor Sarah Palin, and her staff, in a failed attempt to destroy her.

When Sarah Palin, already America’s best Governor [by any measure you want to use] and America’s most popular politician, with a sky high 93% approval rating, was chosen as John McCain’s running mate in 2008 Barack Obama and his campaign team were scared to death, and with good reason!

Sarah Palin was a well known figure to many of Obama’s top people. Pete Rouse, Obama’s Senate chief of staff [who would go on to fill that role, for a time, at the White House]is a native Alaskan, who …. despite having not lived in Alaska for decades, STILL votes absentee there.

We all remember Obama’s communication director, Communist Anita Dunn, who, while working out of the West Wing of the White House, told school children her favorite “philosopher” was murderous Chinese dictator Mao Zedond! As it happens Dunn was a member of democrat Tony Knowles’ failed campaign against Sarah Palin in the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial race. Dunn knew first hand what a force of nature Sarah Palin is.

The dirty tricks came early and often. We all remember the bogus “Troopergate” [or as Governor Palin calls it “Tasergate“]witch hunt against her. I won’t rehash all of that now, but what many may not know, but as CNN reported at the time, it was a call from none other than Barack Obama to the Alaska State Troopers Union, that turned the legitimate firing [actually reassignment that was refused]of an insubordinate AT WILL employee into a “gate” and a vicious assault on Governor Palin, that was discredited by independent investigator Timothy Petumenos before the ink was dry on the so-called “Branchflower Report” that claimed the Governor was “guilty.” [and published just 2 days before the presidential election]

At the same time this was going on Obama, through Pete Rouse, created something called the “Wasilla Project” made up of a group of Marxist democrat thugs including blogger Jeanne Devon, a nasty beast who had written under the name AKMuckraker at the left hate site Mud Flats, to protect her “good name” in the Anchorage business community. Devon is so evil she was outed by a DEMOCRAT legislator who was sick of her hate and lies! Devon was forced to close her business in Anchorage as a result of the negative publicity.

A radical subversive type named Phillip Munger headed the “Project” for Obama and Rouse and was likely the point man once Rouse was in the West Wing of the White House, and relaying orders for the next attacks on Governor Palin. The group included the aforementioned Devon, Shannyn Moore, Linda Biegel [the DNC’s “Office Blogger for Alaska“], Val Henning, Jessie Griffin, CNN stringer Dennis Zaki, and many others. If you are unfamiliar with all of this, search our files, or simply search Gogle or Bing for “Obama’s Alaska Mafia.” These thug’s exploit’s have been extensively reported.

The mission of this group during the presidential election was to put out lies about the Governor. A list emerged of books Sarah supposedly banned as Mayor of Wasilla. Problem was, these morons included books that hadn’t even been written yet! [when Sarah was Mayor] Democrats, being ignorant, ran with the list anyhow, as did their corrupt media partners. All sorts of wild stories and accusations surfaced from Obama’s little group of hand picked thugs. Many of those lies are believed to this day.

Though these thugs may have had some effect on the election, it was McCain’s piss poor campaign staff, and his decision to “suspend” his campaign, thus looking erratic, that gave Obama the election.

Of course, after the election Sarah Palin was even more wildly popular than before. She had become a true superstar. This REALLY scared Obama and his thugs!

As we all know, Obama then directed these Alaska thugs to develop a plan to destroy Governor Palin once and for all. As Palin was well known as a corruption buster, dating back to her earliest days on the Wasilla City Council, it was decided this bunch would exploit a loophole in Alaska’s ethics laws that left the Chief Executive and her staff unprotected from attacks through frivolous, and even fraudulent “ethics complaints.” They hoped to not only taint Governor Palin’s squeaky clean image as a corruption buster, but paralyze her government as well.

Again, I won’t rehash all of the details, we’ve written tens-of-thousands of words covering it all. The bottom line though, even though ALL of the complaints from these thugs, including those filed by [unbelievably] residents of other states, including Texas, and complaints filed under the names of cartoon and soap opera characters, I kid you not, were eventually thrown out, extensive damage was done to Governor Palin, her staff, and sadly, the people of Alaska.

Obama’s hand picked thugs cost the Alaskan people over $2 MILLION. Had Governor Palin stayed in office, estimates were these thugs could have cost Alaskan’s as much as $10 MILLION. It was this, and orders from Obama to Alaska democrat legislators to stop working with the Governor on anything, that led Governor Palin to put Alaska’s well-being above her own career, and resign from office.

Of course, unlike Obama’s other victims, Governor Palin didn’t lay down and die! As she famously put it, she wasn’t retreating, she was reloading. Today she is more powerful than even, and like in 2010 and 2012 is expected to be a major force in the 2014 elections.

Sarah Palin Rogues Gym

This brings us to the ongoing assault by Obama’s IRS on Conservative and Tea Party groups. This illegal harassment which started almost as soon as the Tea Party was formed, had little effect in 2010 [which saw a Tea Party rout of both democrats and liberal Republicans] but definitely stopped Tea Party and other Conservative groups in 2012 from being able to advocate for the American way of life that is under assault by Obama and his democrat party.

its not fascism when we do it

Now, seeing the writing on the wall, that 2014 is looking like 2010, and democrats are going to be thrown out of offices at every level of government, there is a push by democrats for the IRS to step up their assault on the Tea Party and other groups who oppose the democrat party’s Anti-American agenda.

From The Hill:

Senate Democrats facing tough elections this year want the Internal Revenue Service to play a more aggressive role in regulating outside groups expected to spend millions of dollars on their races.

In the wake of the IRS targeting scandal, the Democrats are publicly prodding the agency instead of lobbying them directly. They are also careful to say the IRS should treat conservative and liberal groups equally, but they’re concerned about an impending tidal wave of attack ads funded by GOP-allied organizations. Much of the funding for those groups is secret, in contrast to the donations lawmakers collect, which must be reported publicly.

One of the most powerful groups is Americans for Prosperity, funded by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. It has already spent close to $30 million on ads attacking Democrats this election cycle.

If they’re claiming the tax relief, the tax benefit to be a nonprofit for social relief or social justice, then that’s what they should be doing,” said Sen. Mark Begich (D), who faces a competitive race in Alaska. “If it’s to give them cover so they can do political activity, that’s abusing the tax code. And either side.

Asked if the IRS should play a more active role policing political advocacy by groups that claim to be focused on social welfare, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) responded, “Absolutely.”

Both on the left and the right,” she said. “As taxpayers, we should not be providing a write-off to groups to do political activity, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

She called the glut of political spending by self-described social welfare groups that qualify under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code “outrageous.”

Shaheen is in a good position now but could find herself embroiled in a tight campaign if former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) challenges her.

Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.), the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent, said the IRS has jurisdiction over 501(c)(4) groups, as well as charities, which fall under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code and sometimes engage in quasi-political activity.

That whole 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) [issue], those are IRS numbers. It is inherently an internal revenue matter,” he said. “There are two things you don’t want in political money, in the fundraising world and expenditure world. You don’t want secret money, and you don’t want unlimited money, and that’s what we have now.

[ ….]

The law states that 501(c)(4) groups must be operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, but the IRS has traditionally adopted a more lenient standard, said Paul S. Ryan, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center.

The IRS says social-welfare activity must be the primary activity of such groups. It gives them broad leeway by not classifying voter registration drives and even ads that criticize candidates as political activity.

Under new proposed regulations by the Treasury Department, the IRS would define voter registration, distributing voter guides and running ads that mention candidates as political activities.

It also proposed setting a bright-line limit for what percentage of groups’ activity would be allowed to fall into the category of candidate-related political activity.

If enacted, the regulations would, in effect, limit how much outside groups, such as Americans for Prosperity or League of Conservation Voters, could spend as a percentage of their budgets on the Senate races.

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the Senate Democrats’ chief political strategist, called for the IRS to curb political spending by outside groups during a major speech on how to blunt the impact of conservative donors such as the Koch brothers.

The Tea Party elites gained extraordinary influence by being able to funnel millions of dollars into campaigns with ads that distort the truth and attack government,” he said in remarks at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

There are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS and other government agencies — we must redouble those efforts immediately,” he added.

Democrats, however, know they must tread carefully while pushing the IRS to act. Revelations that the tax agency had targeted conservative groups swelled into a major controversy last year. Congressional Republicans have grilled the Obama administration on why there have been no indictments nine months after the IRS news broke.

The Senate Finance Committee is in the middle of investigating whether IRS investigators acted with improper political motivations. The probe could be delayed, however, by the departure of the recent chairman, former Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who was recently confirmed as the U.S. ambassador to China.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the incoming chairman of the Finance panel, has not yet fully merged his staff with the committee. A Wyden aide could not provide an update on the status of the investigation.

Republican lawmakers have pushed back strongly against the proposed IRS regulations.

Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has introduced legislation that would block the agency from implementing new rules until after the 2014 midterm election.

The administration’s proposed rules openly target groups that are exercising their First Amendment rights. We cannot allow these draft regulations to go into effect,” he said in a statement.

These regulations will put conservative groups out of business,” he later told Newsmax.

Read more here.

It’s interesting that democrats always scream about the Koch brothers, but neither they, nor their media allies ever mention communist billionaire George Soros, the self-proclaimed “Owner of the democrat party,” who funds hundreds of Anti-American groups, all who work in concert with the democrat party, despite the questionable legality of many of these co-ordinates efforts, and most of them enjoy full tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Oh, and the Koch brothers are nothing more than hard working, successful businessmen exercising the First Amendment rights. On the other hand, George Soros is a certified WWII Nazi Collaborator, who told CBS’ Steve Kroft in 1998 that he felt no guilt whatsoever about the people Nazis sent to the death camps. He said it’s what “built his character.”


Soros, who has used his money and power to overthrow governments around the world has been described as an economic terrorist. Soros is the one who “Broke the Bank of England” by shorting the British pound, with a $10 BILLION play that almost destroyed Great Britain’s economy. He’s been known to bet against the American dollar, repeatedly, for profit. His fingerprints are all over the economic collapse of 2007-2008.

Soros has made billions by betting against the Australian dollar and the Chinese yen and Market Watch reported in August of 2013 that Soros has bet $1.25 BILLION against the America stock market, hoping the S&P 500 will collapse.

Soros was convicted of insider trading in France in 2002, but has used his money and power to stay out of prison, by making appeal after appeal to the courts. The French government still has an outstanding arrest warrant for Soros.

There is an “arrest on sight” warrant for Soros out of Indonesia, after his attempt to overthrow the government by short selling bonds, and the government of Thailand is investigating Soros on the same charges. He’s been working to do the same in Italy and Sudan.

The legally dubious, and probably fraudulent indictment of Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, by the International Criminal Court (ICC), on the warrant co-uttered by a private tribunal funded heavily by megaspeculator George Soros, once again recommends scrutiny of Soros.

One could go on for days about George Soros. He is the real life incarnation of Ernst Stavros Blowfled [the Bond character, and the head of SPECTRE, a group dedicated to overthrowing governments world wide for power and profit, as created by Ian Flemming] Soros is the very definition of evil, on a world wide scale. And his vile Anti-American groups enjoy tax-exempt status by the IRS.

He funds hundreds of Anti-American, pro-communist groups, all dedicated to overthrowing the Constitutional Republic of the United States, and most of them have full IRS tax-exempt status.

For a look at all of the groups Soros funds, and his agenda of global political and financial domination, David Horowitz’s Discover the Networks is a fantastic source of information.

Here’s another website that has the straight dope in Soros.

Abolish the IRS

Many have talked about abolishing the IRS and this assault on American citizens, for exercising their RIGHT to free speech, while allowing an evil Anti-American thug to fund America’s demise through hundreds of groups granted tax-exempt status by the same IRS. A while back I proposed a plan that would make the IRS inconsequential to the lives of the American people, and end most of the corruption in the federal government. It’s time for folks to take a serious look and these reforms I proposed and make some noise:

My 10-6-3 Tax Plan Can Stimulate the Economy and End 90% of Corruption in Government

In closing, it should be remembered that one of the charges in the Articles of Impeachment against President Richard Nixon that were being drawn up prior to his resignation, was his use of the IRS to attack political rivals. More proof the IRS needs to be neutered or abolished, and people, like Obama, his operatives, including some IRS officials, belong and prison.

We spend a lot of time bitching about this vile, corrupt, completely lawless federal government. Friends it’s time to stop bitching and do something about it. Politicians in BOTH parties must be made to answer for all of this. It is time for real action.

It’s time for REAL change!



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Barack Obama, George Soros, Petrobas, And The Real Reason Why Obama Is Trying To Halt American Oil Production: A Crime Inc. Update

By Gary P Jackson

We first reported on the fact that Barack Obama and his boss George Soros teamed up to make billions of dollars in the oil business, the day the $10 billion dollar gift to Brazil was announced almost a year ago. Sadly, outside of the blogs, no one has reported on this major scandal at all, except Glenn Beck, who has recently taken notice.

I mean how hard is this one to put together? You’ve got Nazi sympathizer George Soros, the self proclaimed “owner of the democrat party” purchasing controlling interest in Brazilian oil giant Petrobas, then just a couple of days later, Barack Obama “loans” the country of Brazil $10 billion, which is then given to …. wait for it …. Petrobas. Glenn keeps saying it’s $2 billion, but the commitment is for $10 billion.

You can read our most previous offerings on this incredible corruption here and here.

It’s simply incredible that no one is screaming for Obama and Soros’ arrest here. This is obvious corruption on an industrial scale. This is Obama “never letting a crisis go to waste.”

Now I’m not going to suggest that Obama or Soros, or anyone else had anything to do with the BP oil spill in the Gulf. It was a tragic accident, brought on by massive incompetence from all involved, including the government inspectors. With that said, this plays right into the Obama regime’s hands.

Obama, in an effort to help his boss Soros make billions, was already looking at ways to shut down oil production nationwide. This oil spill just made it easy as pie.

Glenn Beck has done a great job of exposing all of the criminals, radicals, and nerdowells, that make up the Obama regime, and the hangers on who look to make huge profits with Obama’s Crime Inc. On Monday, Glenn did a magnificent job of laying out the case against Obama and Soros:

Again, one must ask, why isn’t someone looking to perp walk Obama across the White House lawn on this deal? It’s incredibly obvious what this set up is. Soros is incredibly powerful, and funds hundreds of groups that spend their days trying to undermine the American way, but even so, this is pretty simple to figure out, and you’d think someone would have the guts to go after this bunch, and seek criminal indictments.

Of course, Obama is a multi-tasker, so not only is he using the BP oil spill to help Soros make billions, he’s also using it to try and pass massive “climate change” legislation, that will include a draconian cap and tax scheme, which will, as Obama has often said, make our energy prices “necessarily skyrocket.

Part of the cap and tax scenario includes a “carbon credit” trading scheme. In essence, folks will be arbitrarily given so many “carbon credits” but if they exceed the imaginary (and arbitrary) limits of allowed “pollution” they will have to either shut their activities down, or purchase “carbon credits” from those who haven’t reached their limits.

This is where Obama and Crime Inc. really look to clean up. (pardon the pun) The Chicago Climate Exchange, where all of these “carbon credits” will be traded, was funded by Obama, during his time on the board of a far left Joyce Foundation. The Chicago Climate Exchange will make money off of each transaction.

This is the Greatest Swindle In Human History © and those involved stand to make, not billions, but TENS of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS from this scam. And indeed, it’s nothing but a scam. This, BTW, is WHY your energy bills will “necessarily skyrocket.” All of this carbon trading will add incredible costs to every single product you buy, or activity you engage in, but energy, which is a particularly dirty business, will be hit hard, and have to purchase insane amounts of these credits. They will pass the costs on to the consumer.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Every time you exhale, you emit carbon dioxide. Plants can’t live without it. In fact, through photosynthesis, plants take CO2 and use it to create oxygen.

This is simply a manufactured crisis that Obama and the likes of Al Gore, Maurice Strong, and others are using in an attempt to become wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. All of them are owners, along with Goldman Sachs, of the Chicago Climate Exchange. You can read a lot more here and here.

Oh, and it gets better. As Stacy Drake points out here, BP is very much involved with Obama and the entire “climate change” agenda. BP wants to get it’s share of those TRILLIONS of dollars too!

As we point out here, the idea of America getting off of oil within our lifetimes (or our kids, or their kid’s) is highly unlikely, considering that we’ve spent the better part of a century, and untold billions, trying, with few positive results.

In fact, everything you have been told by the left about our energy reserves is a lie. Chad Stafko over at the American Thinker points out that America has over three centuries (300 years) of recoverable oil reserves.

According to a June 2008 article in Kiplinger Magazine, the United States has enough oil reserves to power the nation for upwards of three centuries. That’s three hundred years, Mr. President. We are not running out of oil reserves — it’s just that those oil reserves have been declared off-limits due to decades of environmental lobbying of our politicians, especially those on the Left. This lobbying has driven the likes of BP and others out deep into the Gulf of Mexico to extract the nation’s needed oil.

Note the following statement from the article:

… untapped reserves are estimated at about 2.3 trillion barrels, nearly three times more than the reserves held by Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand-at today’s levels-for auto, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.

You can read more here.

What Obama, Soros, Gore, and the rest of Crime Inc. are up to is not only criminal, it’s immoral. Oil is the lifeblood of any economy. Remember, petroleum is used in more than just motor fuels and lubricants. Petroleum is used to manufacture plastics, medicines, literally thousands of products.

It’s also an issue of national security. We send somewhere between $700 billion and $1 trillion out of the country annually to buy crude oil. A good amount of that money goes to countries that hate us, and use this money to actively work against us. It’s insane.

Sarah Palin wrote about this recently, which we talk about here.

To sum this up, Barack Obama, George Soros, and others look to get incredibly rich off of these two schemes, and as a bonus, they get to completely and totally destroy the United States economy, in hopes of rebuilding America as a communist utopia.

These people are evil, pure and simple. Sadly, nothing will happen until the American people demand it, and demand it vigorously. If you are one of those who just sit on the couch and complain, it’s time to get up and get involved. We must stop all of this, and send these people, all of these people, to prison, where they belong.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop


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Sarah Palin: Stimulus Bill Anniversary Proves Not-So-Stimulating

Pretty hard to add much to this one. Sarah pretty much nails it:

Stimulus Bill Anniversary Proves Not-So-Stimulating

Today at 9:04am

One year ago today, President Obama signed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus package and handed our children the bill. What did we get for that massive price tag? Many promises, but the promises have proven false. On this stimulus anniversary, Washington needs to hear our message that Americans expect, and deserve, better.

Americans were promised the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. It’s now well over that. We were promised it would be targeted and pork-free. It’s been loaded with pork, corporate giveaways, union bosses’ goodies, and other manners of waste. We were promised there would be no fraud, but our government now tells us it can’t even verify the eligibility of people applying for the $325 billion worth of stimulus tax provisions. We were promised there would be strict oversight, but billions of dollars apparently were allotted to congressional districts that don’t even exist. We were promised it would provide “green jobs” for Americans, but 80% of the $2 billion they spent on alternative energy went to purchase wind turbines built in China! We were promised it would help state governments weather the recession, but states receiving the stimulus bait will be in worse fiscal shape now because local governments will be on the hook for new unfunded mandates and continuation of government programs they couldn’t afford in the first place – as many of us governors warned state legislatures.

One year later, we see plainly that the stimulus was not a well-thought out plan. It hasn’t revived our economy; instead the debt-ridden package will prove to be a drag on our economy. It hasn’t put us on the path to a better future; instead it’s unfairly mortgaged our children’s future and stolen opportunities from them. It hasn’t strengthened us; instead it endangers our freedom and security by making us even more beholden to foreign lenders. The legacy of the stimulus isn’t jobs or economic growth – it’s more dangerous debt.

But there is hope! And this hope lies in draining the swamp in D.C. and sending Commonsense Conservatives to Washington who understand the need for fiscal restraint. Those who are willing to rein in spending, respect Constitutional limits, and repeal the stimulus should get our support, and those who have been part of the problem should be replaced.

In this election year, we’ll see many daring Davids take on entrenched Goliaths. Just one of these many brave souls is a northern Wisconsin patriot named Sean Duffy. He’s running in Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district against a liberal Goliath who’s been in Congress over 40 years now and has the dubious distinction of being the author of the stimulus bill. To commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the stimulus, Sean Duffy is holding a fundraising “money bomb” for his campaign so he can replace the career politician who drafted this government-bloating behemoth.

If you’re frustrated about the waste in the stimulus bill, please support a solid fiscal conservative who will work to repeal it. Please visit Sean Duffy’s website and help him help us correct the mistakes of this past year.

On this first anniversary of the stimulus, let’s send a message to the big-spenders in Washington by helping Sean Duffy unseat the author of the stimulus. Let’s put government back on our side and get to work revitalizing America!

– Sarah Palin

One thing I like about Sarah’s blogging, she provides plenty of links to back up what she says. Please make sure you take the time to visit each link and learn even more.

Make no mistake about it, Obama’s pork laden “stimulus package” is a disaster for all Americans. Good money thrown after bad in an orgy of government spending that looked to build the perfect communist utopian state. Epic Fail on every account!

Although it’s hard to add to what Sarah has written, I did want to include more on all of the money that went to foreign energy firms. West Coast editor Stacy Drake brought this one to my attention from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Foreign energy firms getting windfall of U.S. stimulus funds

Money is used to buy turbines made abroad

Of the more than $2 billion the federal government has given out to boost the economy and create green-energy jobs, more than three-quarters has gone to foreign-owned companies that dominate the global wind-power industry. This latest finding by the Investigative Reporting Workshop, a nonprofit at American University in Washington, D.C., is illustrated clearly in San Diego County, where about a dozen commercial wind developers have offices.

La Jolla is the headquarters for Eurus Energy America, the subsidiary of a Japanese firm that received $91 million in federal stimulus money for a wind farm in western Texas. It plans to apply for more money to fund a wind project in Oregon.

EnXco, a French-owned firm with American headquarters in Escondido, has received $69.5 million in stimulus money for its wind farm in Indiana. It installed 53 German-made turbines at the site. EnXco also is operating the Texas wind farm for Eurus.

A-Power Energy Generation Systems, a Chinese-owned company that might get federal grants through a consortium building a wind farm in western Texas, lists a vacant office in downtown San Diego as its U.S. address on recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cannon Power Group of San Diego has received $19 million to expand a wind farm east of Portland in Washington. The company spent about half of that money overseas to pay for wind turbines it said it couldn’t get stateside.

The Reporting Workshop’s initial analysis of wind-energy grants was released in October and outraged some lawmakers. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., cited the group’s report — and news that $450 million in stimulus money might go to a group installing Chinese-made wind turbines in Texas — when he asked the secretary of energy to deny federal financing to firms that use foreign-made turbines.

American wind companies are receiving stimulus grants, but some such as Cannon Power spend much of that money abroad because few U.S. companies manufacture turbines.

Mark Anderson, chief executive officer of Eurus Energy America, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Eurus Energy Holdings Corp., said his company would not have been able to move forward with other projects without the guarantee of stimulus money.

Eurus received $91 million in grants for the Bull Creek Wind Farm in Texas. It has the capacity to power about 48,000 homes a year.

Eurus is building a wind farm in Oregon. The company plans to seek green grants for that project, Anderson said.

We plan to put more and more money into the United States,” he said.

Eurus employs 20 people in San Diego, Anderson said, and has assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Its Texas project created between 300 and 400 jobs for construction, including 10 for operation, and is benefiting the local economy through property taxes and land leases, Anderson said. For the project, Eurus bought Mitsubishi turbines, which are manufactured abroad.

EnXco, the French-owned firm based in Escondido, also went abroad to buy turbines, from German manufacturer REpower. A spokesman for EnXco said the project created more than 200 construction jobs as well as a dozen permanent jobs. It has the capacity to power about 29,000 homes per year.

A-Power, based in northeast China, is part of a group building a wind farm in western Texas using turbines it is manufacturing in China. This is the project that affronted Schumer after the group announced plans to collect $450 million in stimulus grants.

In a letter, Schumer asked Energy Secretary Steven Chu to reject requests for stimulus grants from companies that buy key components abroad.

In all due respect, I remind the secretary there is a four-letter word associated with the stimulus — J-O-B-S,” Schumer told ABC News. “Very few jobs here, lots of jobs in China. That is not what I intended or any other legislator who voted for the stimulus intended.”

Chu responded on Facebook: “But manufacturers will not build plants here and grow their production capacity here unless there is domestic demand; and, until recently, that was not the case.”

In SEC filings this year, A-Power Energy Generation Systems lists a suite in a high-rise in downtown San Diego as its business and mailing address. However, the suite door is locked, and a building manager said A-Power is not a tenant.

When reached on his cell phone, Chief Operating Officer John Lin said he did not have time to answer questions.

Gary Hardke, president of Cannon Power Group, a renewable-energy company near Torrey Pines, said his company had no choice but to go abroad to buy parts for its wind farm in Klickitat, Wash. Two main U.S. manufacturers, GE Energy and Clipper Windpower, either did not make a turbine the size that Cannon wanted or were sold out.

Cannon bought the turbines — made up mostly of blades, towers and nacelles (the part in the middle that houses components such as the rotor and generator) — from Siemens, a German company that also was the main contractor.

In all, Hardke estimated, more than 50 percent of the stimulus grant went to Siemens.

I appreciate that cosmetically it doesn’t look good, but the reality is … the grants (must) go into the project costs,” he said.

Cannon is expecting $151 million more in stimulus grants to expand the wind farm and hopes all the parts will come from the United States.

Hardke pointed to ways the stimulus cash will do what lawmakers intended — boost the local economy. Cannon pays about $3 million a year to lease land from about 40 individual owners as well as $2 million in property taxes.

The project is in a county where nearly 20 percent of residents earn less than the poverty level, according to a 2009 U.S. Census release. It created more than 300 construction jobs, Hardke said, and 20 to 30 to operate the farm.

There isn’t a family in Klickitat that doesn’t know someone employed by the project,” he said.

The ongoing economic development benefit in rural America is really significant.”

The icing on the cake, he said, is “clean energy — really significantly helping the environment.”

There are an incredible amount of links to more information at the Union-Tribune’s website so please be sure to visit them here. Wind energy is a huge boondoggle. a real waste, and as we are finding out, these turbines will not opperate in the subzero weather in the areas they are being placed! (Read more here)

What a mess.

This is more failure by our president and his corrupt government. It is past time for talking and time action. We must stop this insanity, and stop it now.

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