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Obama to Follow Governor Sarah Palin’s Advice on Fannie/Freddie That Corrupt Media Called a Gaffe in 2008


Hey media, now do you get it?

~ Governor Sarah Palin on Obama and the media’s continued dishonesty

By Gary P Jackson

Once again, Governor Sarah Palin has been proven right on something. It gets rather tiring laughing at liberals and their corrupt media partners, or as I like to call them, lying liars who lie!

Unless you’ve been on another planet for the last decade or so, you know the big financial meltdown that happened in 2007-2008 was all due to a law put in place by failed democrat president Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, and put on steroids by Bill Clinton.

Carter created something called the “Community Re-Investment Act” after pressure from the usual suspects in the race hustling industry. What the CRA did was force banks to abandon best practices, like making sure they were loaning money to people who could actually pay the loans back. As you can imagine, having a good credit history, and the ability to repay the loan as spelled out by a contract, was deemed “racist” by those who go around deeming things racist for their own gain.

What Clinton did, was not only put his blessing on this disaster-waiting-to-happen, but help investors monetize loans that should have never been made in the first place. Trillions of dollars worth of loans that should have never been made. Now Fannie and Freddie are the nation’s largest mortgage holders.

Fannie Mae

Though President George W Bush didn’t exactly stop this nonsense, he did want stronger controls put in place back in 2003, and the Republican controlled Congress tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two MASSIVELY CORRUPT government sponsored agencies behind all of these failed loans, on more than 30 occasions, with about the same luck the GOP controlled House is having repealing ObamaCare today.

Here’s video excerpts from hearings in 2004:

You see, financial responsibility is RACIST.

In the middle of all of this, Franklin Raines, the CEO of Fannie Mae, was under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for massive fraud.

In 2005 Fortune magazine had a lengthy article talking about all the risky loans and the multi-billion dollar accounting fraud that rivaled Enron, WorldCom, and other scams of the day. It’s a solid read.

In 2009 John Carney wrote an extensive history of Carter’s CRA and how it caused the financial meltdown. This is another must read.

During all of this, John McCain had sponsored legislation that would have greatly reformed Fannie/Freddie, and possibly averted the pending financial collapse. Of course, it failed, because democrats fought it with every ounce of their beings.

From Mary Katharine Ham:

First off, I welcome President Barack Obama’s call to shutter mortgage giants (and giant pains in the public arse) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Many conservatives and libertarians have been beating that drum since 2008 and before, back when Obama was voting present on regulation of Fannie/Freddie and taking more in donations from them than all but one lawmaker.

Now, it seems, we can work together on this project, as Obama pushed a Senate plan to close Fannie and Freddie during an economic address in Arizona:

But as home prices rise, we can’t just re-inflate a housing bubble. That’s the second thing I’m here to talk about today: laying a rock-solid foundation to make sure the kind of crisis we just went through never happens again.

That begins with winding down the companies known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For too long, these companies were allowed to make big profits buying mortgages, knowing that if their bets went bad, taxpayers would be left holding the bag. It was “heads we win, tails you lose.” And it was wrong.

The good news is that there’s a bipartisan group of Senators working to end Fannie and Freddie as we know them. I support these kinds of efforts, and today I want to lay out four core principles for what I believe this reform should look like.

First, private capital should take a bigger role in the mortgage market. I know that must sound confusing to the folks who call me a raging socialist every day. But just like the health care law that set clear rules for insurance companies to protect consumers and make it more affordable for millions to buy coverage on the private market, I believe that while our housing system must have a limited government role, private lending should be the backbone of the housing market, including community-based lenders who view their borrowers not as a number, but as a neighbor.

Second, no more leaving taxpayers on the hook for irresponsibility or bad decisions. We encourage the pursuit of profit – but the era of expecting a bailout after your pursuit of profit puts the whole country at risk is over.

A Senate bill co-sponsored by Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) “would end Fannie and Freddie as government-sponsored enterprises,” though a Rep. Jeb Hensarling companion bill in the House is more ambitious, cutting down government participation in the mortgage market to about 20 percent, according to an AEI evaluation

Obama fannie_mae_rect

MKH goes on to say:

I also welcome the inevitable change of heart from the press and fact-checkers who called this exact sentiment a “gaffe” when newly named vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said it in 2008. Here’s Palin in Colorado Springs in September of 2008:

John McCain has been calling for years to reform things and cut bureaucracy, even at the lending agencies that our government supports. The fact is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers. The McCain-Palin administration will make them smaller and smarter and more effective for homeowners who need help.


Fact-checkers, reporters, and critics preserved the ridiculous fiction that government-sponsored entities don’t cost taxpayers anything in order to lambaste the political newcomer.

MKH goes on to list all of the corrupt “journalists” [and their statements] who called Governor Palin’s statement a “gaffe” back in 2008. So far none of them have called Obama’s speech a “gaffe” though.

On Facebook, Governor Palin simply responded to Obama and the media’s hypocrisy with: “Hey media, now do you get it?

Not a mea culpa, but in 2012 the far left Salon attacked Obama for being asleep at the wheel on Fannie and Freddie, and reminded it’s readers that both were, for all intents and purposes, government agencies:

And here’s the rub. The Obama administration wants — or says it wants — principal reduction. And for all intents and purposes, the government owns Fannie Mae. Originally a quasi public-private entity referred to with the weasel words “government-sponsored enterprise,” Fannie Mae was essentially nationalized during the housing crisis in a bailout that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

You buy it, you own it, right? So how is it possible that the new CEO of an institution that is basically a fully taxpayer-funded government agency can be directly at odds with White House policy?

More here.

Of course, Fannie and Freddie were GOVERNMENT SPONSORED “quasi-public-private” enterprises BEFORE the housing crisis, as history tells us.

We’ve known Carter’s failed policies have been destroying America, little by little, for decades. Just look at the state of primary education since Carter nationalized it. We’ve also known that Fannie and Freddie were the cause of the financial crisis. What this episode really serves to remind us though, is that the media is as corrupt and untrustworthy as it could possibly be, and that in fact, Sarah Palin is always proven right on these things.

Unlike M-Kat, I won’t hold my breath waiting for the “journalists” to apologize or admit they lied. We still haven’t heard an apology on “death panels“, Libya, Quantitative Easing, or any of the other dozens of things the media lied about, concerning Governor Palin, in which she has proven to be spot on.


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Oops: America Not Buying Left Wing Lies About Sarah Palin, Arizona Shooting

…. Even half of the DEMOCRATS polled aren’t buying it!

By Gary P Jackson

Well now …. it looks like the efforts by the left wing and their media partners to blame Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, talk radio, and puppies for the Arizona tragedy just ain’t makin’ it. Kinda sad because they have tried so hard, using the most extreme pretzel logic imaginable, to use this tragedy for political gain.

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air notes:

A majority of 57% say that politics had nothing to do with the shooting, and even a plurality of 49% of Democrats agree (via Dan Spencer):

Nearly six in 10 Americans say the country’s heated political rhetoric is not to blame for the Tucson shooting rampage that left six dead and critically wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, according to a CBS News poll.

In the wake of the shooting, much focus has been put on the harsh tone of politics in Washington and around the country, particularly after a contentious midterm election. Rhetoric and imagery from both Republicans and Democrats have included gun-related metaphors, but the majority of the country isn’t connecting the shooting to politics.

It seems that the public has been able to separate the spin from the actual facts, which show that Loughner was a loon acting out of insanity and a personal grudge against Giffords, one completely of his own making. The publicity-hound sheriff who’s supposed to be leading the investigation may want to get around to, you know, looking at the evidence, as the feds apparently have done:

There’s mounting evidence that the attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords wasn’t a political act but a plan by a disturbed high school dropout who had few friends and no clear agenda. …Instead, Loughner may have had some self-generated dislike of Giffords that stemmed from when he first spoke to her at an event in 2007.

Looks like the left has failed massively here. The American people aren’t stupid. They understand that someone who leans to the left, and has been obsessing on Congresswoman Giffords long before Sarah Palin was known, or the Tea Party existed, might just have other issues.

As Morrissey continues:

The media spin of the first 48 hours failed to even convince the predisposed. Only 42% of Democrats in the survey believed that the shootings were a political act, and independents broke out at about the same ratio as the overall sample, 56/33. That is very good news for America, and bad news for those in the media and in Congress who hoped to leverage the shooting to pass gun-control and speech-control legislation and bully grassroots conservatives into silence.

We knew the devious little buggers on the left would overplay this and turn everyone off, but the moment we knew they had really crashed and burned came last night during the Sean Hannity Show. Bob Beckel, one of THE most partisan democrats out there, and absolutely no fan of Sarah Palin’s, quietly and calmly defended her. Beckel didn’t just defend her, but took some pride in the fact that he, in his words, “invented the idea of putting targets on politicians.”

I know the left will never stop attacking, and the corrupt media will never stop carrying their water, but it’s comforting to know the American people are much smarter than they are and won’t buy into their lies and smears. 


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More Media Shenanigans: Delaware TV Station “Forgets” To Air 30 Minute Paid Christine O’Donnell Ad. TWICE!

By Gary P Jackson

Is everyone as sick of our corrupt media as I am?

We have a real threat to our Republic. A society cannot survive with a free and honest press. America no longer has one. Nowadays the media serve as operatives for the democrat party and will do anything to further the agenda.

No doubt everyone has read Stacy Drake’s excellent coverage of the attempt to smear Joe Miller in Alaska by the local. CBS News affiliate. If not, this is essential reading.

In the case of Miller, the CBS affiliate was caught discussing ways to create a story about child molesters, when no story existed. They also hoped to somehow stoke a violent outburst, such as what happened at a Rand Paul rally, in order to effect the out come of the election.

What is it with CBS anyway? This is the same bunch who destroyed their reputation by doing insane things like making up stories, complete with phony documents, about George W Bush’s National Guard record, 60 days before the 2004 presidential election. This got both Dan Rather and his producer Mary Mapes kicked to the curb.

This is the same CBS that had hours and hours of tape on Sarah Palin, with Katy Couric, and cut and spliced it to fit the narrative CBS and their democrat masters wanted pushed.

This is the same CBS that frequently runs bogus push polls on Sarah Palin as well. Polls that do not match any other polling out there.

I think, at this point, we can say CBS is a corrupt new organization, and can never be trusted.

I tell ya though, all of this seems to pale by what’s just happened in Delaware.

We all know Christine O’Donnell is in a tough battle to defeat Harry Reid’s pet bearded Marxist, Chris Coons. She’s been surging in the polls, and has closed the gap. Looking to take advantage of this huge momentum, Christine’s campaign bought time on Delaware Channel 28, in order to air a really slick, well produced 30 minute infomercial. It was to air Sunday night and then Monday morning.

The spot never aired. The station’s excuse? They blame O’Donnell, of course. What a joke these people are.

From the Washington Post:

Christine O’Donnell is taking a page from the playbook of Barack Obama. The Republican Senate candidate has produced a 30-minute television advertisement in the form of a documentary chronicling her connection with the people of Delaware.

But unlike Obama’s ad at the end of the 2008 race, the tea party insurgent’s campaign has run into obstacles getting it in front of voters before Election Day. The campaign did not purchase advance time on networks in the Philadelphia or Delaware markets, said a source close to the O’Donnell campaign, and the networks did not have time available to air the ad on such short notice.

So O’Donnell turned to a public access television station, Delaware Channel 28. She told supporters at a Tea Party Express rally on Sunday in Wilmington to watch that night at 11:30. “Tell everyone to tune in,” she said at the rally.

1 minute until the premiere of our 30 minute feature. Tune in to meet all the heart warming people I’ve met on the campaign trail. Ch. 28,” O’Donnell tweeted Sunday night.

But the ad never aired.

A few minutes later, O’Donnell tweeted: “Okay… this is NOT our show! Must be a programming mix up. We will get back to you…

The source, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive campaign operations, said the station “forgot to air it.”

Then on Monday morning, O’Donnell’s campaign issued a press release saying the ad would air on Channel 28 at 10 a.m. The candidate tweeted: “The Inspiring TV show about Delawareans will air at 10 aam and 3 pm today on Channel 28. Please watch this before you vote.

And again, it did not air.

This isn’t our show either! We are told channel 28 ‘forgot’ to air it…both times… even though we paid for the time slot last week,” O’Donnell tweeted shortly after 10 a.m.

For the station’s part, again, they blame it all on Christine O’Donnell. Let’s say their cock and bull story is true. That only holds true for Sunday night. Why wasn’t this video ared on Monday morning as scheduled? The TV station’s story just doesn’t add up. Doesn’t pass the laugh test. Read more here.

The ad is scheduled to air on Channel 28 twice each on Monday and Tuesday, at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and that the campaign is negotiating on Monday for an airing on WBOC-TV, the Fox affiliate in the Delmarva Peninsula.

The left is facing historic losses in this country. The American people have absolutely rejected the democrat party and the Obama regime. With that said, these people will not go quietly into the night. They will throw everything they have at the Republicans. The media, of course, will be willing partners in all of this.

Here’s the great video the O’Donnell campaign has put together. The best we can do is help make it go viral.


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Sarah Palin: This Is What Happens When Our Constitution Starts Shaking Her Fist

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin weighed in hard on Thursday over the despicable firing of Juan Williams by taxpayer funded NPR, calling on Congress to defund this house organ of the political left.

She’s also burning up the keys on her BlackBerry © as well, and tweeted this profound statement.

NPR & LSM: you’re shocked at public outrage over your censorship of Juan? This is what happens when our Constitution starts shaking her fist

Once again, our Constitution protects all speech, not just the speech we agree with. Agreeable speech really needs no protection, does it?

This entire episode is yet another shining example of the huge myth that says the left is “loving,” “accepting,” and “tolerant.” The left only tolerates that which is in total lock step (goose step?) with it’s radical agenda. Any deviation will be dealt with swiftly, and harshly.

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On Tax Increases Sarah Palin Schools The “Fact-Checkers” On What Real Fact Checking Looks Like

By Gary P Jackson

PolitiFact, a far left group, based out of St Petersburg, Florida, decided to question Sarah Palin’s mention of the up-coming $3.8 TRILLION tax hike courtesy of the Obama regime. As one would expect, Sarah isn’t gonna sit back and let em get away with their nonsense. Instead, Sarah shows this corrupt group of “journalists” or should I say Journolists, what real fact checking looks like:

Fact-checking the Fact-checkers on the $3.8 Trillion Obama Tax Hike

Yesterday, PolitiFact.com fact-checked my statement about the coming $3.8 trillion Obama tax hike – the largest tax increase in history. They did such a bad job of it, however, that I feel compelled to fact-check the fact-checkers.

First of all, they claim that there are Democrat proposals which would “keep the tax cuts for individuals who make less than $200,000 and couples who make less than $250,000.

Unfortunately for PolitiFact, no such proposal exists. They admit as much, by the way, when they state that “There are no formal congressional proposals yet to keep the Bush tax cuts in place, so we don’t have precise estimates from official sources like the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.” That doesn’t stop them, though, from claiming I “confuse the issue” by “using numbers that assume all the tax cuts are going away. That is not the Democratic plan nor is it President Obama’s plan.

Plan? What plan? There is no plan. All we have is smoke and mirrors based on an old Obama campaign pledge that if elected, he would exempt families making less than $250,000 a year from “any form of tax increases.” But this pledge was already watered down before he was even elected. First vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden lowered it to $150,000. Then campaign surrogate Gov. Bill Richardson lowered it even further to $120,000.

A few months after the inauguration, even that last promise disappeared in a puff of smoke. When asked to reaffirm the White House’s commitment to the campaign promise of no tax increases for families earning less than $250,000, Obama’s spin doctor David Axelrod declared the President had “no interest in drawing lines in the sand.”

The truth is that as of today, Democrats haven’t taken any action to extend any part of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for any income group – and in this case doing nothing equals hitting American taxpayers with a massive $3.8 trillion tax increase.

What we do know for certain is that the White House is more than willing to raise taxes on families with incomes of less than $250,000. Democrat Senator Max Baucus admitted as much during the debate about Obamacare when he stated that “One other point that I think it’s very important to make is that it is true that in certain cases, the taxes will go up for some Americans who might be making less than $200,000.

PolitiFact doesn’t dispute the $3.8 trillion estimate of the cost of repeal of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. It admits that “Palin’s estimate of $3.8 trillion over 10 years is within a reasonable range, if you’re talking about all taxpayers.” And yet somehow it continues to argue that I’m wrong, based on a proposal it admits doesn’t exist which in turn is based on a phantom campaign pledge which Democrats have already broken anyway. I call that a “Pants on Fire” statement.

To prevent PolitiFact from making similar mistakes in future, it would be helpful if the White House and the Democratic Congressional leadership finally mustered the courage to table their plans to let the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire. Mr. President, publish your proposals, and we’ll duke it out. You can argue in favor of a multi-trillion dollar tax hike in an age of economic uncertainty and mass unemployment, and we’ll argue for fiscal sanity combined with serious spending cuts. I for one look forward to such a debate.

In the meantime I suggest the St. Petersburg Times hires a few extra staff to fact-check its fact-checkers. It might help it prevent being caught with its “pants on fire” again in the future.

– Sarah Palin

Let’s face it, THIS is why we love Sarah Palin. She never lets these liars get away with it.

One of the most frustrating things about Geroge Bush, who we also loved dearly, was the fact he never fought back, never defended himself when attacked by the vile and corrupt media, on behalf of the Marxist-democrats. The establishment Republicans still have this problem. They will let the radical left tell lies all day long, and either remain silent and afraid, or sometimes even agree, to a point. This allows the lie to fester, grow, and in the mind of many, become fact. It’s pathetic.

Sarah Palin doesn’t put up with it. Sarah understands that we are at war. We are at war with the Obama regime and the rest of the radical left for the very soul of this nation! Sadly, this is a war were are losing, because of the timidity of the establishment Republicans. These go-along-get-along squishes are nothing more than enablers to the radical Marxist-progressives who have taken over control of the democrat party. When the going gets rough, they lay down their arms.

Not Sarah Palin. She and a handful of real leaders are fighting back hard. More importantly, Sarah is working to elect like minded leaers all around the country to make sure America survives the Obama regime, and gets back on the right track.

BTW, for those that wanna buy into the radical left’s assertions that Sarah is wrong, you might want to look into the latest bit out of D.C..

The Marxist-democrats, knowing the $3.8 TRILLION tax hike that is coming will pretty much insure they will be the minority party, and out of power for a generation, are now working on a deal that would exempt “blue” states from the effects of the largest tax increase in history. New York Congressman Jerry Nadler and four other New York Marxist-democrats are working on this plan.

One irony of the tax increase that arrives on January 1 is that the it will hit residents of high-income, Democratic-leaning states like California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York the hardest. This is a problem for pro-tax Democrats.

Enter New York Representative Jerrold Nadler, who wants to exempt his own six-figure constituents from the tax hike he supports. Mr. Nadler’s bill would “require the IRS to adjust tax brackets proportionally in regions where the average cost of living is higher than the national average.

In other words, the various tax brackets would apply to residents in certain regions at higher income levels versus other parts of the country. A family with an income of $50,000 or even $1 million in Manhattan would pay less federal income tax than a family with the same earnings in Omaha. The bill is called the Tax Equity Act, but a more accurate title would be the Blue State Tax Preference Act.

Mark Heminway at the Washington Examiner has more here.

Thisnk this is crazy? Remember ObamaCare and the votes leading up to it? Remember the “Cornhusker Kick-back” and the “Louisana Purchase“? Those were special carve-outs that basically exempted members of certain politicians’ electorate from the devastating effects of ObamaCare.

This is how these people think. They don’t care how destructive their policies are, unless it effects their ability to get re-elected, and then, rather than shelf their ridiculous and dangerous ideas, they just make THEIR people exempt from them!

Why do you think the Obama regime worked to get his unon thugs exempted from so many of the recent laws passed that will destroy business? Unions own Obama. They are his constituency.

All of this is why the upcooming primaries are so important, and we must elect Conservatives over establishment type Republicans. This is also why November is essential to the survival of the Republic. We must defeat every Marxist-democrat in every election, at every level, or our Republic will die.

Thankfully, while the GOP establishment show ponies are silent, Sarah Palin is helping us take the fight straight to the Marxists. She is unafraid. She has the cojones many on our side lack.

We stand with her. Where do you stand? It is a time for choosing.


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My Oh My, POLITICO Sure Has A Lot Of Corrupt Journolisters On It’s Staff

By Gary P Jackson

It’s no secret that POLITICO is a biased news organization. The online polictical blog is as progressive as they come. Very agenda driven. In our reporting we have already addressed the fact that Journolist members are solidly entrenched inside POLITICO’s upper levels. Something Roger Simon, who calls the website home, tried to downplay.

John Nolte over at Big Journalism isn’t buying it, and has a simply marvelous retort:

You say MSM, I say Politico. You say corrupt, I say Politico.

Today, Politico’s Roger Simon was kind enough to almost scold JournoList for its lasting effect on his precious little profession of journalism. At one point, he and the scrupulously non-partisan Chuck “Fire Glenn Beck” Todd hold hands and commiserate over how this unfortunate JounoList thing is tarring “those of us who don’t practice activist journalism.” If Roger Simon wants to rebuild his precious little profession’s reputation, a good start might be asking his very own publisher some tough questions.

Politico might be an online publication, a part of the New Media, but when it comes to corrupted, left-wing arrogance they make the Washington Post look somewhat honest … somewhat. Part of the reason I reserve a special place in my heart to store up a unique resentment for all things Politico is due to the very fact that they practice their dark arts online. Like a toxic virus they spread over to the Internet where the right (by design) and the left (by accident) are trying to forever kill off the very thing Politico is — wolfish left-wing propagandists hidden in the sheeps’ clothing of “journalism.”

And yet these are the same bastards “journalists” who launched a smear attack on a private citizen for asking Their One a perfectly reasonable question, obsessed over Sarah Palin’s wardrobe (and yet ranked Obama being asked about his relationships with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers as a 2008 top-ten ”media blunder“), and though they occasionally find Levi Johnston worthy of note, Department of Justice whistleblower, J. Christian Adams, remained a ghost up until and including Ben Smith’s factually challenged Nothing-To-See-Here gift to his embattled president.

Oh, and did you know that some of Politico’sjournalists were members of Ezra Klein’s now infamous JournoList, including Mike Allen, Lisa Lerer, and Mr. Ben “I-Got-Yer-Back-Barack” Smith?

And this little juicy nugget of fact raises a troubling question…

What Politico needs to disclose is exactly when their three employees joined JournoList, because now that we know what really was going on there, this Politico article reeks of a cover up.

Written by Michael Calderon in March of 2009 and titled “JournoList: Inside the echo chamber,” even at the time it was written, the thousand-plus worder ranked as another classic example of what Politico does best: write stories about why stories they don’t want covered aren’t worth covering. In other words, like Ben Smith’s Black Panther piece, this is how Politico spikes that which might damage the Leftist narrative.

While reading Calderon’s JournoList expose,’ you can practically hear the staged, self conscious yawn of a man trying to put across the false front that once again those crazy, paranoid right-wing conspiracy mongers have taken him away from oh-so important work to address this nothing-ness.

Calderon’s idea of “journalism” was to interview JournoList members such as Jeffrey Toobin, Eric Alterman,and Joe Klein, who each assure us in their own wrist-flicking way, Tell those silly right-wingers that no one’s pushing an agenda. In 2009 the piece was hilariously obvious in its biased and preordained objective to smoke-and-mirror away concerns about what Ezra’s little coven of left-wingers was up to. But reading it again in hindsight, it stinks to high heaven.

Deep, deep, deep in the article – long after the dull dutifulness of it all is supposed to kill your interest in clicking over to page two, Calderon finally gets around to admitting Politico’s Smith, Allen, and Lerer are members.

And herein lies Politico’s problem.

Now that it’s become crystal clear that at times JournoList was in fact a hotbed for left-wing ideologues to collude over how to kill stories that might hurt Obama, smear innocent conservatives as racist, coordinate lines of attack against Palin, and work directly with the Obama campaign, the question becomes:

What did Politico know and when did it know it?

Three Politico employees were members of JournoList, and yet in March of 2009, Politico published an article where JournoList members claimed nothing improper was going on there — which we now know wasn’t even close to the truth.

There’s only two explanations: Either Smith, Allen and Lerer weren’t JournoList members when this corrupt activity was taking place, or they were, and not only did they not disclose the improper activity but they allowed their employer to print a misleading story.

What did Politico know and when did it know it?

In a truly just world, all 400 plus members of Journolist would join the ranks of the chronically unemployed, but I digress.

Sadly, this is just more proof that it’s almost impossible to trust any supposed news source in this country. I know a lot of folks, myself included, tend to frequent blogs and newsers that mostly agreee with our point of view, but we also need fair and balanced news sources that play it straight. Just the facts, no matter who it helps, or hurts. No agenda, just facts. Until this happens, America is in big trouble.

When consuming news these days, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan: Trust, but verify. And go easy on the trust part, and heavy on the verify part.


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Journolist Media And Academic Members Exactly What You Expected: Communists, Socialists, And George Soros Stooges

By Gary P Jackson

This is absolutely no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. The left consists of the most radical elements of society. We’ve spoken out for a long time about Barack Obama’s own ties to radical communists and anti-American reprobates, and have tried to point out just how dangerous these people are to Liberty and Freedom. Now that Journolist has been exposed, yet another layer of the onion has been peeled back, and we see that a good many of those in the so-called “mainstream media” are fellow travelers, and hard at work spiking stories to follow their radical left wing agendas.

The website New Zeal has compiled a report on the 106 known Journolisters. To no one’s surprise, most have ties to major communist and socialist organizations. Some have ties to George Soros, Barack Obama’s boss, and partner in crime, and some have even come out in support of murdering domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Some of these people you have never heard of, but many of them are people you’ve probably read on a regular basis.

From New Zeal:

Socialist “JournoListas

The now closed down JournoList, has caused considerable controversy in recent weeks. According to its opponents, JournoList, teamed up some 400 prominent “progressive” journalists in an effort to smooth Barack Obama’s path to the White House.

There have been accusations that “Journolitstas“, deliberately sought to downplay Obama’s association with the Marxist Rev. Jeremiah Wright and tried to smear conservatives, or opposing journalists as “racists“.

This post looks at 106 reported “Journolistas” to look for connections or common threads.

Of the known “Jounolistas” and organizations listed below, many can be linked back to two interrelated groups Democratic Socialists of America, the U.S.’s largest Marxist based organization and D.S.A.’s “brain” the Washington DC based, far left “think tank” the Institute for Policy Studies

Between them. D.S.A. and the I.P.S. dominate or influence several organizations affiliated to JournoList, including;

*The American Prospect – Founded in 1990 by D.S.A. affiliate Robert Kuttner. Current editor at large is leading D.S.A. member Harold Meyerson

*Mother Jones – Includes D.S.A. member Adam Hochschild on its Board of Directors, plus some D.S.A. affiliated staff and contributors. Hochschild was a supporter of Progressives for Obama

*Economic Policy Institute – Led by D.S.A. member Larry Mishel and I.P.S. affiliate Jeff Faux and several D.S.A. affiliated board members. This organization has contributed at least three officials to the Obama Administration, including Obama economic adviser and “JournolistaJared Bernstein.

*Center for American Progress – Several staff and officials are affiliated with D.S.A. and the I.P.S. Writing of the Center’s relationship to the Obama Administration, former Weather Underground terrorist leader and Progressives for Obama supporter Mark Rudd said “There’s a whole govt. in waiting that Podesta has at the Center for American Progress. They’re mostly progressives, I’m told…

*The Nation – Edited by I.P.S. trustee Katrina vanden Heuvel, who presides over an editorial board which includes D.S.A. members Norman Birnbaum, Barbara Ehrenreich (also an I.P.S. trustee) and Deborah Meier, plus I.P.S. affiliates Tom Hayden and Roger Wilkins.

*In These Times – Created by I.P.S. and run mainly by D.S.A. members and affiliates. Based in Chicago, I.T.T.’s board of editors includes former Weather Underground terrorists and Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn
*Progressives for Obama – Established by D.S.A. members Barbara Ehrenreich, Tim Carpenter and Bill Fletchers, Jr. Ehrenreich and Fletcher are also I.P.S. affiliates, as were two more of P.F.O.’s six founders Tom Hayden and Danny Glover.

*Campaign for America’s Future – Founded in 1996, by several dozen D.S.A. members and I.P.S. affiliates, C.A.F. is a major coordinator of the U.S. “progressive” movement. In recent years it has organized several major Take Back America and America’s Future Now! conferences in Washington DC -which are attended by the cream of the U.S. progressive movement, including Barack Obama himself.

Apart from the D.S.A./I.P.S. connection, leftist institutions like the The New Republic and the New Century Foundation are well represented. There are two known connections to George SorosOpen Society Institute.

Many major newspapers are also represented, as is national public radio, CNN and a host of leading “progressive” blogs and websites and leftist media “watchdog” Media Matters.

[ …. ]

JournoList, was not just a bunch of “liberal‘ journos with too much time on there hands.

It was a network of high level opinion makers, united by a “progressive” vision for America. They believed that their superior judgement and insight, obligated them to present Americans with a view of reality, that they would be too stupid and reactionary to grasp unaided.

At least a few, perhaps many, were committed Marxists who saw journalism, not as a profession, but as a revolutionary tool.

This disgraceful episode should dispel forever the “progressive” lie, that the American MainStreamMedia and its “liberal” core, can be trusted to uphold the objective standards of their profession.

New Zeal has extensive links to back up this is all up. To read the names and see the hundreds of connections, check out New Zeal here.

As stated above, this is more than just a bunch of sloppy journalists and overpaid “professors” with time on their hands. This is a group that conspired to bury damning information about Barack Obama, and conspired to make up lies about Sarah Palin, in order to influence the 2008 presidential election. And … IT WORKED!

That should send chills down your spine. 

These are the same sorts that conspire to push all of the radical leftist agenda. They are dangerous revolutionaries who should not be allowed to pose as journalists or teachers.

These radicals have destroyed the integrity of their “profession” and destroyed the trust of the American people. They have perverted their First Amendment rights completely. They have spit on both the Constitution and the American people. They should all be run out of the business.

We can never trust the so-called “mainstream media” again. 


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Sarah Palin Talks Canadian Health Care, Baits The Drive-By Media, And They Get Caught Lying!

If anyone thinks for one second that Sarah Palin is not a political genius, well, they need to think again!

One thing we all know for sure is the democrat party and the media (yes, yes, I know, same thing) hang on her ever word, every action. Sarah Palin can walk out her front door and it makes headlines. Sarah is so far into these people’s heads. She is living there rent free.

Better still, she knows it and is constantly using that to her advantage. Take her State of the Union address at the national Tea Party convention last month. She wrote three words on her hand, and ever since, people are asking her about it, and giving her an opportunity to talk about national security, energy independence, and the budget. Genius, pure genius.

We speculated, at the time, that it may have been on purpose. Whether it was or just Sarah being Sarah, we’ll never know, but one thing’s for sure, the media took the bait!

This newest deal, of course, is even more delicious, because the left wing media has already started caterwauling over the speech Sarah gave in Canada this weekend. They are taking the bait here as well and, as usual, the Obamacentric media gets it wrong.

The Washington Post, in it’s “44” blog, a blog that only exists to promote Barack Obama and his policies, writes this:

Palin says her family went to Canada for health care when she was young

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, a fierce opponent of Democratic health-care reform efforts who has said America under President Obama is headed toward socialism, told a Canadian audience her family used to go to Canada to get medical care when she was growing up.

My first five years of life we spent in Skagway, Alaska, right there by Whitehorse. Believe it or not — this was in the ’60s — we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse. I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse and I think, isn’t that kind of ironic now. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada,” Palin said a speech Saturday night, according to the Calgary Herald.

Palin spoke before a paying audience of 1,200 in Calgary, with tickets costing between $150 and $200, the Medicine Hat News of Medicine Hat, Alberta, reported.

Whitehorse, in the Yukon, Canada, is north of Skagway.

Palin has also told an alternate version of the story that had her family traveling south by ferry to Juneau from Skagway for treatment of her brother’s burned foot, rather than to Canada, according to a 2007 report posted by the Skagway News.

Of course, the implication is that: “ooooh, Palin used ‘evil socialized medicine’ herself, but wants to deny America of the same fine treatment.”

This story line fails on many levels.

First of all, despite what WaPo and other dishonest media seek to portray, Canada didn’t have socialized medicine in the 1960’s. Oh sure, some provinces had experimented with it, Saskatchewan, for one, had some success even. But Canada didn’t have a national health program.

Another far left wing website TPM is also caught up in the lie:

Canada’s single-payer health care system, known as Medicare, was established in 1966. Its principal founders were Tommy Douglas, leader of the social-democratic New Democratic Party and former Premier of Saskatchewan, and Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson of the Liberal Party. It had previously been implemented at the provincial level in Saskatchewan in the early 1960s, under Douglas’s leadership.

At the time of Canadian Medicare’s passage, Palin was two years old.

You see, this is how the dishonest media works, they rely on the hope that you, the reader is stupid and/or lazy, and won’t do any investigating themselves.

If nothing else, Sarah Palin’s very existence and the media’s reaction to her, has shown us that we must fact check absolutely ever single story they produce, because chances are good they got it wrong.

Here’s the truth: The establishment of the Medical Care Act of 1966 allowed each province to set up their own “universal health care” programs, much like the states are free in America to do whatever they want regarding this sort of thing. The key word being allowed. (not required)

Of course, we know that universal care has been a disaster for every state that has tried it in the United States. Think Massachusetts.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that Canada had any sort of nationwide “universal care” and it only covered in-hospital care. Doctor visits and other services weren’t covered.

It wasn’t until the Health Care Act of 1984 that Canada had what has come to be known as socialized medicine.

So Sarah and her family never “benefitted” from “socialized medicine.” On the contrary, they received the same kind of quality care we enjoy here in America.

Oh, and her brother’s treatment and the two “different” stories? Pretty simple, the family sought emergency care in Whitehorse and the follow up care was done in Alaska.

Once again, in their effort to smear Sarah Palin, the corrupt media proves just how worthless and lazy they are. Or maybe they know the truth about Canadian health care, but choose to lie about it to fool their mind numbed readers.

Hard to tell.

One thing’s for sure, with the progressive movement going down in flames, the media is grasping at absolutely anything to make it all stop. Unfortunately, for them, it’s not going to!

As for Sarah, and all of this idiotic reporting, talk show host extraordinaire Tammy Bruce, writing about the false rumor du jour, says it best:

Look, there has not been one ridiculous story/rumor/gossip about Palin and her family, starting with the 2008 campaign, that hasn’t been found false. So here’s the New Rule–if you hear something that sounds stupid, or ridiculous or makes it sound like Sarah Palin has somehow lost her mind, that’s your cue that it’s a false story, engineered to make it sound like, uh, Palin has lost her mind.

Read more here.

All I can say is: Nice try media, keep carrying the progressive’s water. You are making yourself more irrelevant every single day.

Meantime, Adrienne Ross reports that Sarah captivated the Canadian audience and spoke for roughly 40 minutes, without notes. Read Adrienne’s report here.

One last thing, it is this writer’s firm belief that when the history books are written, Sarah Palin will be included as one of America’s greatest and most influential leaders, but if Sarah does nothing more than continually exposing what a bunch of crooked liars the so-called “mainstream media” is, the lady will have provided a noble service to the nation.


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