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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Whipped by Tea Party Dave BRAT

brat wins

By Isabel Matos
Who is Dave Brat? Dave Brat practically came out of nowhere, took on the establishment and beat John Boehner’s next in line tonight. This victory is sweet. You can taste it. Cheers among conservatives spread as the announcement was made. It is symbolic. We don’t know him well yet (those of us who have not followed this race closely) but BRAT did beat what we are  very familiar with: arrogance, deceit and greed. Eric Cantor represents everything that has gone wrong with the Republican party. Mark Levin on what this race meant tonight:

Virginians sent a message loud and clear to Washington and America: We do not want Amnesty! We do not appreciate being lied to, or about. We can win this and we are here to stay until we get our party back.  They spoke for us, but oddly (not) not all are on board: Brit Hume said most Americans wanted amnesty. Confused, isn’t he (just like Jeb Bush)? His annoying question shows yet again his (and the establishment he represents) snobbish disdain for conservatives: 

Reaction from Daniel Bongino Bongino who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives seat from Maryland’s 6th Congressional District:

From Politico: This sums up perfectly what transpired: Cantor was trying to set an example. Instead, he became an example.

Read more:

It’s one of the most stunning losses in modern House politics, and completely upends the GOP hierarchy in both Virginia and Washington. Cantor enjoyed a meteoric rise that took him from chief deputy whip, to minority whip to majority leader in the span of 13 years.

Cantor was seen by many as the next speaker of the House, biding his time until Ohio Rep. John Boehner wanted to retire.

But now, Cantor has just six months left in Congress. He is the second incumbent to lose this primary season: 91-year-old Texas Rep. Ralph Hall was the first.

The loss will ripple across Washington, too: from political consultants who worked for Cantor to his aides who decamped for K Street, there will be reverberations.


Minutes after Cantor left, immigration protestors stormed the ballroom to push for reform. Cantor was gone — he had been whisked into a black SUV with his wife. Photographers and reporters were kept out of the way.

In the run-up to the primary, Cantor’s supporters said they expected him to win with more than 60 percent of the vote. For the past few months, his D.C. allies were wondering how big they could goose the margins.

In April, Brat supporters vastly outnumbered Cantor allies at local GOP meetings. Then in May, tea party fueled activists knocked off Cantor’s choice for local GOP chair in Cantor’s home base of Henrico County. But Cantor’s aides consistently brushed off the challenge, telling reporters and fellow GOP aides that the contest didn’t merit the media coverage it was getting

Brat severely trailed in fundraising, pulling in $200,000 this cycle compared to Cantor’s $2 million.

But Cantor took the primary challenge seriously.

He held nothing back in April and May: the incumbent spent more than $120,000 printing campaign mailers, $13,000 on yard signs, $370,000 in campaign ads and $30,000 on polling.

National Republicans turned out door-knockers – Cantor’s entire political operation was thrust into full throttle. He was trying to set an example, his allies say. Instead, he became an example.

I had some fun tweeting Cantor tonight (in response to his tweet from last year). This GOPe leader wasted his time on this rather than actually worrying about us:



eric cantor




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Under the Magnifying Glass: A Tale of Two Vice Presidential Candidacies

by Whitney Pitcher

In the weeks following the election, Republicans are assessing what went wrong that led to their defeat. Much to the criticism of some in the party, Governor Romney has hypothesized that President Obama won because of the “gifts” that he offered minorities. Others have speculated that the GOP was not able to effectively reach out to the changing demographics of America or that the party misinterpreted polls and got cocky. Others have pointed to poorly designed and implemented GOTV technology.Compared to the 2008 election, there is one reason for defeat that is conspicuously missing from the “Wednesday morning” political strategizing — blaming the GOP choice for vice president.

Paul Ryan, of course, was not the reason for Mitt Romney’s defeat. His nomination provided a spark for many in the Republican party. He was an articulate voice for the GOP ticket and a seemingly good fit for a Romney campaign nearly singularly focused on the economy. He is an intelligent Congressman who has shown leadership in the House on the budget and making strong stances against Obamacare, particularly the IPAB—the unelected board of bureaucrats tasked with managing how Medicare pays. Ryan has served as a Congressman in Washington DC since 1999 and worked for House members for several years during the early and mid 1990s as well. However, despite his strong stance against the Obama administration’s profligate spending, he also supported  the TARP bailout during the Bush administration and the auto bailout set in motion during the Bush administration. He has been a good Republican soldier in Washington D.C. for nearly twenty years, which made him ideal for Romney, especially as someone from the same state (a swing state too) as the current RNC chair.

In 2008, Sarah Palin was quite the opposite in some respects. She was the governor of Alaska–about as far away from Washington D.C. as one can get. She had garnered a reputation for bucking her own party– calling out the Alaska GOP chair for doing party business on state time, taking on and defeating an incumbent governor in her own party, cleaning up the ethical mess caused by that incumbent she defeated, and even suing a GOP presidential administration to enable energy development in Alaska. During the campaign, she wanted to abandon the micromanaging of her handlers and speak on passion and principles rather than talking points. She was the embodiment of the feminist ideal–a great family, a successful career, not to mention a state basketball championship and the ability to shoot a moose and cook it up for dinner. This proved to be a perfect target for the media, the Democrats, and GOP Establishment to go after Governor Palin, not only for the blamecasting loss, but also the treatment and coverage throughout the campaign, which was much harsher than what was shown Paul Ryan.

The Romney campaign was, of course, smart enough not to hire the likes of Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace (unlike MSNBC and ABC), so the source of much of the redistribution of blame of the 2008 campaign was missing from the 2012 campaign. Ryan was not a threat to the GOP machine, because in many ways, he was already a part of it. There was no need for Romney campaign staffers, some of whom had trashed Governor Palin during the 2008 general election, to send out emails to coordinate a strategy to shield themselves from blame if they lost, as Steve Schmidt had done.So far during the 2012 election fallout, Romney advisers are blaming strategy and messaging, not directly their own candidates.

The media and the Obama campaign, however, did go after Paul Ryan with spurious attacks. Prior to the campaign and during the campaign, they tried to portray his budgetary roadmap as one that would throw grandma over the cliff. The Obama campaign tried to conflate Todd Akin’s comments on rape with Paul Ryan’s stance on abortion. The media and Democrats both turned a visit by Ryan to a soup kitchen into a ridiculous mini-scandal. However, this was nothing compared to the barrage that Governor Palin received four years ago from within her campaign, the Democrats, and the media. Like Ryan, Palin also had false accusations launched at her regarding who rape–specifically who paid for rape test kits when she was mayor. However, with Governor Palin claims seemed more pointed and numerous. Ridiculous claims were made that she wasn’t the mother of Trig, her youngest son. False claims were also made regarding Palin’s associations with the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which has succession as part of its platform. This supposed AIP-Palin connection was also falsely cast onto to Governor Palin by an employee of a Democratic PR firms. Claims were made that she cut funding for special education when she actually increased spending for special education substantially.She even was falsely reported to have banned books like Harry Potter when she was mayor--before the books were even written.

For Governor Palin, it went beyond false claims surrounding policy and into false charges regarding her character– charges that she abused her power by pressuring a commissioner to fire a state trooper who once was Palin’s brother-in-law. State senator, Kim Elton launched a legislative inquiry into the matter, deeming it an “October surprise”(i.e. he intended it be political). During the inquiry process, the Obama camp even made contact with the troopers’ union of Governor Palin’s former brother-in-law.Ultimately, the politically motivated legislative inquiry found her as abusing power, while the personnel board, who were all appointed by Governor Murkowski, no friend of Governor Palin, exonerated her. Following President Obama’s election, Kim Elton was given a cushy job in President Obama’s Department of Interior. Elton had also allowed former chief of staff to then Senator Obama and once interim chief of staff to President Obama, Pete Rouse, to use Elton’s Alaskan address so that  Rouse could vote in Alaska even after he hadn’t lived there for more than twenty years. Democrats sought to destroy her character, not solely mislead on her policy.

During the campaign, Governor Palin was criticized for being held back from the press–a poor campaign move by operatives like Schmidt and Wallace. Prior to her becoming the VP pick, emails obtained by the Anchorage Daily News noted that she was to be a McCain surrogate across several networks, yet the campaign held her back when she was picked. When she did talk to media embeds, she was criticized for “going rogue”. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan only spoke to the traveling press corps four times during the campaign and never gave formal press availability. Ryan’s limited press interaction never became a major story, however, only the subject of a singular tweet from a member of the traveling press corps.

Not only was Governor Palin more harshly covered by the media, her family was as well. Todd Palin’s voter registration became a huge news story when he inadvertently checked the box for the Alaska Independence Party (AIP) when he simply intended to note he was an independent (he later corrected this). However, Paul Ryan’s wife was not placed under the same intense scrutiny–despite the fact that she had been a congressional staffer and a corporate lobbyist in the past.  During their respective campaigns,  Governor Palin’s children was the mother of a four school aged (or younger) children and a son in the military while Congressman Ryan’s children were all under the age of 10. The young age of his three children and a busy campaign schedule were never a reason for faux concern from the media, as it was for Governor Palin.  Not to mention how Bristol Palin was put under the spotlight by the media and the Left during her concurrent pregnancy.

Despite claims made by McCain campaign staffers even prior to the campaign’s end, Governor Palin was not reason for the McCain-Palin ticket’s defeat. In fact, she helped the ticket. Among those who noted Palin’s presence on the GOP ticket affected their vote, 56% voted for McCain-Palin compared to 43% for Obama-Biden. John McCain and Sarah Palin received 59,934, 814 votes while  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan received 59, 142,004 votes–a more than three quarters of a million vote difference in favor of McCain-Palin. This was despite the fact that the Romney campaign made more contacts with voters on a grassroots level than the McCain campaign. These vote differences are in no way an indictment of Paul Ryan’s candidacy, nor does an indictment lie in the context of solely a presidential campaign. The indictment lies with the GOP Establishment, Democrats, and the media who all seemed to have the same goal of destroying Governor Palin–a goal they haven’t achieved despite continued efforts. Revisiting the 2008 campaign is not an attempt to rehash the past, but to put it in greater perspective. This month’s election now provides an even bolder contrast to further reveal how much the media, the Democrats and even her own party wished to smear and discredited Governor Palin–and how much they continue to do so.

During this election cycle, GOP Establishmentarian, Karl Rove disingenuously represented Palin’s effect on the ticket by saying McCain was leading prior to picking her as VP and he poo-pooed the effect of her endorsement as “not worth snot”. In the end, Rove’s endorsement successes were non-existent while Governor Palin had great success. The Democrats still reference Palin, in attempts to diminish her, but their reference to her only shows her influence and their fear. John Kerry referenced Governor Palin  in his speech at the Democratic convention when discussing Mitt Romney’s policy on Russia. Obama campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, referenced Palin in response to Rudy Guliani questioning Joe Biden’s mental capacity. This past week, the head of Obama’s SuperPAC and former deputy White House press secretary, Bill Burton took a shot at Palin in response to John McCain’s criticism of Susan Rice’s comments on the attack on the American consulate in Libya.She still remains a target for and a threat to both parties.

A willingness to serve in the capacity of vice presidential nominee means that your record, your family, and your character will be put under a magnifying glass–as it should. With Governor Palin, however, the GOP establishment, Democrats, and the media used (and continue to use) the magnifying glass the same way a mean kid uses it to direct sun’s rays to an ant hill–to destroy. A magnifying glass can be revealing for objects on either side of it though, and thankfully, Governor Palin has used the magnifying glass to further reveal the corrupt nature of the very people who seek to destroy her.


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Why the Media Discloses Every Dollar Sarah Palin Makes

by Stacy Drake

The always clear-sighted Josh Painter posted a blog the other day called “Why the obsession with Gov. Palin’s speaker fee?” This ongoing tactic from the left and their lackey media cohorts has been going on for some time now. I have some theories as to why that is, but I’d like to discuss something I read the other day I think might help explain it.

A guy by the name Mike Elk wrote an op-ed for the left-wing news site “Truthout” back in November of 2009 titled “Ivy League Liberal Elitism Will Make Sarah Palin President – How Only Union Organizing Can Prevent It.” I stumbled upon this piece while looking in to something else entirely but I was struck by the author’s candor. During the 2008 presidential election, Mr. Elk worked as “an organizer for the Obama campaign on the ground in Western Pennsylvania.” He writes:

I remember how white, working-class, swing voters couldn’t stop talking about Sarah Palin for weeks on end. For the three weeks between Palin’s selection as VP candidate and the financial crash, we were scared shitless the Republicans were going to win as Palin led to McCain surging in the polls.

Many white, working-class people loved her because here was a politician who finally was working class and ready for a fight. They loved her even more as Ivy League liberals denounced her as basically “white trash.” It felt to white, working-class people like liberal elites were calling them “white trash” too.

Liberals still treat Palin and the right-wing populist Tea Party Movement that she leads as “white trash.” They spend more time attacking them as “stupid racists” than actually trying to win them over and address their concerns. Its as if liberals are saying we know better than you stupid working-class people.

Uh, yeah.

Despite the guy’s incessant need to type “white” in front of everything, he does correctly identify the snobbery from the elitists within his own ranks. The left is growing more and more detached from the working class of this nation with the ongoing attitude that ‘they know what’s best’ for us all. They look down on the non-Ivy League educated and continue to sneer at what they consider “fly over America.”

While Sarah Palin does not “lead” the Tea Party movement as she has stated many times, this piece underscored a certain fear that prevails in the left’s mindset in regards to her relationship them. The Tea Party Movement largely consists of people from the working class of America. The working class is a demographic that the left has sought out to win over mainly with their union courtship. This is also a demographic that any political movement needs to have the support of, to have any sort of staying power with the American political structure.

Governor Palin comes from the working class of America. Her upbringing, her marriage, her hobbies, and lifestyle are those of a “common-woman” and not of a member of the “elite.” The connection is one based on historical fact and one the left wishes didn’t exist. It’s much easier to paint a republican foe as some “rich old, out of touch white guy” which always worked for them in the past. Governor Palin provides them with all sorts of new challenges.

Governor Palin’s working class credentials are also an issue for members of her own political party. The elitists members of the GOP, mainly of the DC variety, belong to the same club as the elite from the left side of the aisle. Jeffrey Stewart, a professor of Black Studies at University of California at Santa Barbara and the chair of the Black Studies Department, posted in “The Arena” section Politico, on the topic of “Palin and the Neo-Cons

Sarah Palin is not stupid. She’s street. And there is no place for a smart, non-deferential woman from the street in elite White political culture. Black culture is more familiar with the man or woman from the street who is street smart and able to articulate the concerns of the masses.

The distance between the elite and the street has always been shorter in the Black experience. And since the Watts riot of 1965, no less than the Great Migration from the South to the North during World War I, the Black middle class has known that the street can rise up and fundamentally change the political calculus of everyday life for the Black elite, in an instant or a decade.

But in White power circles, a street person is usually seen as a threat, something usually called “Black Power” or, in this case, “Right Wing Populism.” What’s interesting about Norman Podhoretz’s commentary about conservative disdain for Sarah Palin is that it unintentionally shows what everyone else knows–that Washington based political conservatives and liberals belong to the same class.
And they share the same class attitude towards her–or anyone– who enters the mainstream without having gone through the vetting of its establishment.

This is why Governor Palin’s detractors are never concerned with the speaking fees of Al Gore or even Mitt Romney. They aren’t members or leaders of the working class. They are fellow members of the same elite establishment that leftist media belongs to.

So the main reason for such reporting and documenting of every dollar Sarah Palin makes is nothing more than the establishment and the lefty press trying to put a wedge between Palin and her supporters. They think, falsely that Governor Palin will lose some of that “street” cred they admit exists if she makes some money. Just look at any comment section of a mainstream news site. You will no doubt see any number of leftists repeating the same meme that “she’s only in it for the money.” … Rubbish!

Working class Americans who support Governor Palin mostly come from a conservative worldview. The left seems to be confusing their own populist rhetoric with the true concerns of the modern populist movement. Conservatives don’t begrudge people for making an honest living. And while the left constantly tries to say she is paid too much for giving speeches and such, these people are no experts on the going rate of high profile speakers. It’s just more phony negative narratives about Governor Palin from the left.

Disclosing and attacking every dollar Sarah Palin takes in is just another trick the left pulls out of their big bag lies. Governor Palin’s real supporters won’t take the bait and fully understand that the media has a vested interest in tearing her down. The “lame-stream media” staked their entire reputations backing and building up Obama. She threatens them like she threatens the lefts political establishment, considering they are one in the same these days. To put a wedge between Governor Palin and her base would be to take away power from each. Without the peoples support, Sarah Palin is no threat to them. Without a leader, the working class grassroots is also not a threat.


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The Wonderful Defiance of Sarah Palin

by Stacy Drake

Politico reported yesterday that last week was a bad week for the Tea Party movement. I think considering the passage of the Obamacare bill, the dirty tricks and warped journalism conducted by the media to demonize regular American citizens for speaking their minds, and the other horrifying news about our economic troubles, that it was actually a bad week for the country.

Then there was Saturday…

Ten thousand patriotic American’s gathered in the Nevada desert to take a stand for the Constitution and to tell Washington that they are not going to sit back quietly while the federal government continues it’s power grab, it’s wrong-headed economic plans, and it’s backwards foreign policy. It was an act of pure defiance in the face of the media that just conducted an all-out campaign to marginalize the grassroots movement.

Governor Palin was the keynote speaker at the event in Searchlight. Her words rang true and hit a chord given the fact that she had been in the same line of fire by the media smear machine. The press used a Facebook statement she released highlighting congressional seats that her PAC is targeting in the November election. Horror of horrors, she used cross-hairs to mark places on the map. Last I checked, cross-hairs were used to mark a spot not entirely for shooting purposes. She also posted on Twitter an “insidious” metaphor, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!”

Watching the media and certain lawmakers twist Governor Palin’s message would be comical if it didn’t so clearly display the troubling relationship between the media and the current government. A relationship that needs to be called out for what it is and watched closely.

It’s very troubling considering the media was repeating the ridiculous notion that Governor Palin had incited something (nothing documented) and that it was actually the media who were inciting their own left-wing base! Reported only in the right-of-center blogoshpere, were REAL death threats against Governor Palin and her family posted on Twitter by some lefty maniac. CNN’s silence on these threats was expected considering their new role of being watchdogs OF the citizenry FOR the government.

Governor Palin’s message to the media and to the left that she delivered at the Tea Party rally in Nevada was clear.

‘We’re not going to sit down and shut up!’

Which is clearly the goal of the media and the left. They are trying to salvage the reputation of this administration in the eyes of the independents that helped put them in power. They obviously feel the best way to do that is to keep independent eyes and ears away from our message. Demonizing and marginalizing any messenger of that message. I do believe they are seriously undermining the intelligence of independent American’s.
Fool me once…

I had originally planned to write a piece today about the wonderful defiance of the Tea Party and of Sarah Palin. Before I could complete the write-up, proving to be on the same page with her base, Governor Palin posted yet another act of defiance to her Facebook page. A brilliant note regarding “March Madness” basketball, laced with metaphors sure to make the left’s skin crawl.
Titled, “Warning: Subject to New Politically Correct Language Police Censorship”
She wrote:

March Madness battles rage! My family and I join millions of Americans enjoying college basketball’s finest through March Madness. Underdogs always get my vote as we watch intense competition bring out the best in these accomplished teams.

The Final Four is an intense, contested series (kind of like a heated, competitive primary election), so best of luck to all teams, and watch for this principle lived out: the team that wins is the team that wants it more.

To the teams that desire making it this far next year: Gear up! In the battle, set your sights on next season’s targets! From the shot across the bow – the first second’s tip-off – your leaders will be in the enemy’s crosshairs, so you must execute strong defensive tactics. You won’t win only playing defense, so get on offense! The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons – your Big Guns – to drive to the hole. Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win.

Focus on the goal and fight for it. If the gate is closed, go over the fence. If the fence is too high, pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, parachute in. If the other side tries to push back, your attitude should be “go for it.” Get in their faces and argue with them. (Sound familiar?!) Every possession is a battle; you’ll only win the war if you’ve picked your battles wisely. No matter how tough it gets, never retreat, instead RELOAD!

Right there is one of the key reasons I support Sarah Palin. Her complete unwillingness to back down in the face of the attacks and smears put out by the press and their masters in the Democrat party. She takes their attacks, turns them on their heads, and aims it directly back at her attackers. That’s why it is usually the media and the left that end up looking bad at the end of the day.

Watching the massive distortion campaign by the media last week honestly gave me feelings of frustration on a level I had never felt before. It was such an apparent coordinated effort to demonize people for simply exercising their rights of free speech and an ability to think for themselves. The message back to the media attack machine from patriotic American’s and from Sarah Palin is a loud resounding, NO! ‘We are not going to sit down and shut up’ and by the way, we are ‘RELOADING’ too!


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The Left HATES Sarah Palin

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.
– Martin Luther King Jr.
by Stacy Drake

Since when did hatred become acceptable to the left in this country? For the entirety of my life, I have watched them tell the public at large that they are all about “tolerance” and “acceptance.” That the right in this country were the one’s that “hated” and were full of “intolerance.” Of course, growing up in one of those awful families on the horrible right, I always knew that was a lie. However, back then I don’t recall the shear venomous hatred coming from those on the other side of the political spectrum that we see today.

The target of their hatred… Sarah Palin mainly but the Tea Party movement gets it just as bad because to the left, they are the same thing. On a personal level, Governor Palin receives words spewed at her usually only reserved for the worst of our society. Actually, I think leftist media agents give more respect and common courtesy to captured terrorists and convicted murderers, but that assessment only comes after seeing this with my own eyes.

The left likes to deny that they “hate” Sarah Palin. They say they have “contempt” for her, or as Mika Brezezinski says, “we’re not about hate.” Mika and her co-host Joe tried real hard, in between receiving White House talking points, during a recent segment of their MSNBC show, to convince themselves that it’s not “hate.” But it is… Actions or rather, reactions speak loudly… The relentlessness and blindness of their misguided smears and insults defines the emotion.

I’m not the only one who is seeing it. After posting a twelve minute vitriolic rant from Chris Matthews, Noel Sheppard from Newsbusters said:

“To be sure, any sane person would have expected the Obama-loving media to attack Palin after her highly-publicized keynote speech at Saturday’s National Tea Party convention.

But I’m not sure any of us were prepared for what we’ve witnessed in the past 48 hours.

Virtually any channel American’s turned to since Palin got off the stage in Nashville, Tennessee, with the obvious exception of Fox News has been an almost unimaginable hatefest towards the former vice presidential candidate.

It makes you wonder what country you’re living in, doesn’t it?”

Doctor Zero wrote a piece called “Misunderstanding the tea party” in which he states:

If you want to taste hatred, sample the venom directed at Sarah Palin, the only person currently capable of building a bridge between the energy of the Tea Party, and the established resources of the GOP.”

Then there is a comment I found interesting left in a nitpicking article by Robert Schlesinger in US News & World Report, by a person describing themselves as not a “Palin fan” but an outsider tired of the attacks perpetuated by the media at Governor Palin, titled “Dude, where’s your commonsense?” “Rita” says:

“I’m not a Palin fan and I think the tea partiers are still a little weird, but that said, THIS ARTICLE is downright weird, too. Seriously? An error in grammar gets a headline? Get a grip on yourself, man! Do you see how petty and sick you are becoming? Palin isn’t even an elected official right now; she is a private citizen, and you’re making headlines about grammatical errors?

This is not how you gain credibility to criticize her later, on more serious issues. For crying out loud, how is anyone supposed to take the press seriously -when there are really serious things to criticize- if they shoot their wad on this insipid stuff?

Did you write a headline when Obama said there were 57 states? Of course not, nor should you have! Did you write a headline when he said “corpse-man?” No, and you shouldn’t have.

But I guess what the folks on the right have been saying is true: all Democrats are “brilliant’ and all Republicans are “morons” when it comes to the press. Really, you should be ashamed of this; it’s stupid beyond belief. Perhaps Zuckerman can get you all into therapy and anger management classes before the ’10 elections? Because you guys won’t make it to ’12 if this is what you feel compelled to write about. Get a grip. Grow up. You are wholly owned by your hate, and it is screwing up the country.

My basic premise for writing the blog post is to call the left’s actions, words, and behavior for what it is. I don’t like writing about this, I don’t even like thinking about it. But they are being obnoxious with it and it’s impossible to ignore. They went too far this time and I think it’s going to backfire on them in a way they hadn’t anticipated. They never do seem to anticipate the backlash.

Sarah Palin herself seems to be enjoying their latest episode with a little front-handed mockery of her own. Her being a Christian and generally good natured, will spare her from sharing her detractors emotions.

Hatred has roots in fear and ignorance. Bigotry comes from a sense of superiority. It’s a safe assumption that the left fear Sarah Palin, you hear it all the time. Fear forces them to react the way they do, where a level-headed debate would never cause what we see from them today. Talking to any of them for more than a minute reveals their ignorance. I swear these people cannot tell you one actual fact about Governor Palin. Instead, they have filled their heads with lies. As far as the left’s superiority complex goes.. I’ll let Glenn Beck address that:

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