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Michael Williams: A Record to Stand On

By Gary P Jackson

A brand new online video from the Williams campaign. Michael Williams is the only candidate running in District 25 with a proven record of Conservatism.

Michael’s record through the years has not gone unnoticed. Leaders from across Texas and the US have stood up and made note of his exemplary history in office. Here’s what just a few of them are saying.

Today is election day!

Polls are open from 7am – 7pm on Election day. To find out where you go to vote, please visit the Texas Secretary of State’s website. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to contact us by calling HQ at (512) 482-0682 or by emailing info@WilliamsForTexas.com



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Austin American-Statesman Endorses Michael Williams

By Gary P Jackson

We’ve learned the Austin American-Statesman has endorsed Former Railroad Commissioner, and Tea Party favorite Michael Williams for Congress in District 25: [emphasis mine]

Michael Williams best in District 25

Twelve Republicans are running to represent Congressional District 25, the Republican-majority district that includes western Travis and Hays counties.

We’re a football team with an alternate,” is how candidate Michael Williams described the crowded field. That hint of good humor is just one of the many sharp qualities that prompts us to recommend Republican voters in the district support Williams in the May 29 primary.

District 25 is not a new district, but it might as well be. It was redrawn by Republicans in the Texas Legislature to force Democratic U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin to run either in a District 25 redesigned to elect a Republican or in a new district — District 35 — anchored in San Antonio. Doggett opted for the new district.

About 240,000 of District 25’s residents are in Travis County, mostly in the western part, though the district does poke into Central and East Austin. District 25 also stretches through Burnet and Lampasas counties to just south of Fort Worth.

The lack of a Republican incumbent in a strong Republican district is why so many candidates filed. With similar rhetoric about cutting taxes and spending, curbing regulations, repealing Obamacare and securing the border coming from each candidate, Republican voters are left to ponder who will best represent the issues that make up that conservative litany.

We think the answer is Michael Williams. The former Railroad Commission chairman has deep experience on energy issues. He also knows Washington, where he served in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He’s a confident public official who will quickly assert himself in Congress. He’s mostly saying the same things other conservatives in the race are saying, but it’s impossible to ignore Williams when he says them.

He’s clearly the best choice for District 25.

Michael Williams is not the only Williams in the race. The other is Roger Williams, a Weatherford car dealer who was Texas’ secretary of state from 2004 to 2007. He has raised the most money — as a fundraiser for various Republican candidates over the years, raising money is Williams’ forte. He’s a smooth politician who looks and sounds the part of a congressman, but we found his engagement on the issues limited — and frustrating.


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Teleforum with David Barton and Michael Williams Tonight

By Gary P Jackson

From Michael Williams:

This evening, we’ll be having a teleforum with David Barton, President and Founder of Wall Builders and former Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. This district-wide conference call will give you a chance to talk with Michael and David about the issues that are so very important in restoring America back to her prominence.

Join us as 7:10 p.m. tonight:

Call-in Number: 877-229-8493
Access Code: 17723


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Meet and Greet with Michael Williams in Austin Tonight

By Gary P Jackson

Got an email from the Williams campaign. For those who would like to meet and talk with the former Texas Railroad Commissioner, Tea Party favorite, and now candidate for Congress, here’s an opportunity for you tonight in Austin:

This evening we’ll be in River Place, just west of Austin, for a meet and greet. Come join us:

5:30pm – 7:30pm
4207 River Place Blvd.
Austin, TX 78730
View Map


Also, we were more than flattered when a supporter sent us a video he made showcasing why he believes Michael is the right man for the job. Hope you’ll take a minute to watch, and thanks Parker for your inspiring video.

We are in our final push through early voting and on to Election Day. We’re continually humbled by all of the supporters and volunteers who continue making calls and spreading the word, helping us make sure we send the right man, Michael Williams, to Washington DC. If you’re planning on leaving town for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, please don’t forget to VOTE EARLY for Michael Williams. If you’re unsure of where to early vote, find your nearest location here:


Check out Michael Williams’ website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Allen West Speaks at Right to Life Rally in Washington

By Gary P Jackson

Some wonderful thoughts from a truly wonderful man.

This is a man of true conviction. After listening to the GOP clowns on the debate circuit it’s like a drink of cool water to a man in the desert.

The right to life is the most important issue of all time. It’s the most important right we have. Without life, no other rights matter. None. Thanks to Allen West for such eloquent support for those who can’t defends themselves.

Earlier on Monday Michael Williams, who is running for Congress out of Texas tweeted this:

Yet another grim reminder of how evil abortion is.


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Michael Williams: I’m In!

By Gary P Jackson

Got a great email from Michael Williams today [as did all of his supporters] :

I’m In!

Dear Friends,

Today I officially announced my candidacy for the United States Senate in 2012. Let me tell you a little about how I reached this decision.

All too often, good people run for elected office for the wrong reasons. In each of my successful statewide races in Texas, I have sought that office with a specific purpose that involves serving our people rather than pursuing power.

First and most importantly, what guides me is a desire to serve God and my family. But I also feel called to serve the people of Texas, and my purpose in seeking this seat is to bring a prosperity agenda to Washington that empowers individuals instead of government.

I will go to Washington, D.C. to fight the establishment that expands government at the expense of our liberty. I will advocate for free markets unfettered by excessive federal regulation. I will champion life, and stand for the rule of law in enforcing our borders.

President Obama and the Democrats in the Senate are blocking true conservative reform including the repeal of ObamaCare, immigration reform, spending cuts, tax reform and the will of the electorate. If you send me to Washington, I will fight to restore our freedoms, and unleash future generations from a burden of debt.

But I need your help. Your contribution can help fuel a resounding victory in 2012.

Can you chip in $20 or more to help us start off strong?

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support.

God bless,


This is what we have been waiting for since Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she was retiring. Michael Williams is the right man for Texas and the Right man to represent Texas in Washington. A solid, Common Sense Conservative. Someone to help turn things around!

Now that it’s official, send Michael a $20 to help him kick things off. Stop by his website WilliamsforTexas to donate.

Also follow Michael on Facebook and Twitter.

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A Grateful Nation Sighs With Relief: Kay Bailey Hutchison Won’t Seek Re-election In 2012

By Gary P Jackson

In a week of horrific news, here is something to soothe the soul. Big time RINO Kay Bailey Hutchison, of Texas, has announced she will not seek re-election to the United States Senate in 2012. Of course, she also promised to resign from the Senate to run for Texas Governor, and didn’t. Once she was soundly defeated in the primary, she went right back to D.C. So this is long overdue.

From the Dallas Morning News:

I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate for re-election in 2012,” she wrote to supporters. “That should give the people of Texas ample time to consider who my successor will be.”

Read the full article here.

Might I be so bold as to suggest our readers take a look at the best man to replace this her?

Michael Williams is the Chairman of the powerful Railroad Commission of Texas. The Railroad Commission has primary regulatory jurisdiction over oil and natural gas industry, pipeline transporters, natural gas & hazardous liquid pipeline industry, natural gas utilities, the LP-gas industry, and coal & uranium surface mining operations. The Commission is responsible for research and education to promote the use of LP-gas as an alternative fuel.

This is quite similar to the position Sarah Palin held as the Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, though she was appointed and Texas elects the Chairman.

Williams is a Tea Party favorite and a dynamic speaker. He’s a solid Conservative. I know it’s just barely 2011, but it’s not too early to get behind this fine man, and support the next Senator from The Great State of Texas!

Check out Michael’s website here: http://www.williamsfortexas.com/

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter as well


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Battleground Poll: Conservatives Make Up 63 Percent Of America: What It All Means

Here is the latest polling from Battleground. This comes right on the heels of Gallop polling that also shows the majority of Americans consider themselves conservative. This is no fluke either. And as much as we’d love to say that Obama is driving people away from his and his party’s rapidly dying ideology, the truth is Battleground polling, since 2002, has consistently found similar results. Battleground, a bipartisan polling group, has a record of being very accurate.

Bruce Walker over at the American Thinker has some great analysis:

The Battleground Poll and the Battle for America

There’s good news for conservatives in the latest Battleground Poll. The political implications are profound…if the already-energized conservative base takes even more initiative.

In August 2008, I wrote an article on “The Biggest Missing Story in Politics.” The article explains that conservatives are an overwhelming majority of America. One year later, I wrote an update on that theme, this time based on the Gallup Poll which showed that conservatives outnumber liberals in virtually every state in the union. I have been writing about the remarkable Battleground Poll results in many articles for many years.

The Battleground Poll reveals the internals of its poll. It also asks respondents the same demographic questions in each poll: What is your education level? What is your age? What is your religious affiliation? What is your marital status? Question D3 asks respondents to describe their ideology. The choices are “very conservative,” “somewhat conservative,” “moderate,” “somewhat liberal,” “very liberal,” and “unsure/refused.” Those asked by the Battleground Poll — if they dislike the liberal label — can call themselves moderates, they can refuse to answer, and they can express an uncertainty about their ideology. Only those certain of their ideology and willing to label themselves are considered conservative in the poll.

The Battleground Poll is not a Republican polling organization. It is, rather, one of the few bipartisan polling organizations. Republican and Democrat pollsters agree on the language of the questions for respondents, so that the questions asked are not only fairly worded, but unusually fairly worded. Republican and Democrat pollsters agree on the population sample, so that polls results are not skewed because too many Democrats, too many Republicans, or too many independents are included. The Battleground Poll also has proven very accurate over many elections.

The responses to Question D3 have been remarkably consistent. Respondents have changed dramatically about what they thought of President Bush or of the state of the economy or the most important issues facing our nation. Respondent may swing quite a bit about which party they support or trust the most. But in one single area of this long list of polling data, the American people have not wavered at all from Battleground Poll to Battleground Poll: About sixty percent of the American people, in poll after poll, year after year, describe themselves as “conservative.”

On December 16, 2009, Battleground released its latest poll. In this one, 63% of the American people described themselves as “very conservative” or “somewhat conservative.” The rest of America — not just liberals, but moderates and people who were unsure about their ideology or chose not to respond to that question, totaled only 37% of America. A measly one percent of Americans called themselves moderates; 25% of Americans called themselves “somewhat liberal“; and 8% of Americans called themselves “very liberal.”

This is no aberration. Consider in Battleground Poll results since June 2002 the percentage of Americans who have described themselves as conservative: June 2002 (59%), September 2003 (59%), April 2004 (60%), June 2004 (59%), September 2004 (60%), October 2005 (61%), March 2006 (59%), December 2007 (58%), July 2007 (63%), May 2008 (62%), August 2008 (60%), September 2008 (59%), and October 2008 (56%).

In the November 2008 Battleground Poll, for the first and only time, the straight question of “conservative” or “liberal” was not posed to respondents. Instead, the poll asked respondents two separate questions: fiscal ideology was asked in Question D6 and social ideology was asked in Question D7. The Battleground Poll clearly intended to refine Question D3. What were the results? Fiscal conservatives in Question D6 were 69% of respondents. Social conservatives were 53% of respondents and social liberals were 39%. While that sounds like social conservatism is a weak link, that is misleading: a whopping 34% of all Americans described themselves as “very conservative” on social issues, by far the largest very intense group in any Battleground Poll.

What does this mean for American politics today? It ought to boldly empower conservatives. The “right,” which every Democrat leader reflexively attacks whenever political opposition to his plans grows strong, boasts the overwhelming majority of Americans. This explains why the left’s ballot initiatives in California last year failed, in some cases, in every single county of the state and why the gay marriage ballot measure failed in liberal Maine. This also explains why Obama runs away from “labels” (all leftists do, and have for many years).

What it means in politics is that any true conservative against a true leftist should carry every state and win by a landslide. But it means more than that. Conservatives in the areas of culture, media, entertainment, and education are treated like unwanted stepchildren, or worse (despite the fact that conservatives on average are better-educated than liberals).

The worst victims of invidious bigotry in America today are conservatives. Only a tiny percentage of professors are conservative. The same is true for government-supported media like NPR, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Libraries are dominated by the minority left. How different would America be if fifty or sixty percent of teachers, librarians, professors, public media producers, and staff in government-supported organizations were conservative?

That ought to be a goal for conservatives. Winning elections is fine, but how much more vital is it for us to recover at least an equal voice in colleges, media, schools, libraries, and entertainment? What is wrong with us, the overwhelming majority of Americans, demanding not to be consigned to a ghetto or treated by Jim Crow standards? We begin by pointing out the obvious: conservatives are the majority of Americans, but we are almost invisible in our public and private institutions of education, information, entertainment, and study.

Then demand that those who want our tax dollars, our commercial business, our donations — anything, really, from us — treat us fairly, portray us honestly, and invite us into the halls of influence. It is a modest demand, but it is very important. It is a cultural “game-changer,” and that, more than anything, is what we need.

Walker nails it here. This is more than just about who wins elections. This polling shows that conservatism is greatly under represented in this country. The implications, for business, media, entertainment, and marketers are incredible.

Let’s take the media first. It’s no secret that liberals make up the bulk of those who choose “journalism” as their career. Even at the so-called “Republican” Fox News, liberals far out number conservatives on the payroll. Everywhere else, conservatives are almost non-existent.

Oh sure, every network and big newspaper has their “token conservative.” They all have their David Brooks or David Frums. But none are actually conservative. Most are “progressives” masquerading as conservatives. Is it any wonder that the newspaper industry is collapsing and the two cable news networks that aren’t Fox are going virtually unwatched?

A smart operator would shake things up and get back to being a news agency rather than a shill for the democrat/communist party. Their profits would soar, and America would be better for it.

The same goes for Hollywood. You ever notice that when Tinseltown makes a movie or television show that is family friendly that folks flock to them in droves? Shows like American Idol and Dancing With The Stars are huge hits because they appeal to a conservative audience. Now that’s not to say every show should be a version of these two, but it shows that Americans enjoy more wholesome fare than what they are generally served up.

Frankly, I enjoy films and shows that are considered “edgy.” There is absolutely a place for these sort of things. Where Hollywood loses me is when they turn otherwise entertaining and delightful movies and TV shows into nothing more than vehicles for liberal propaganda.

One has to look no further than the NBC/Universal to see this on display. Although under new management, NBC/Universal is the poster child for unrelenting propaganda. Owned by General Electric, whose CEO is an adviser to Barack Obama, NBC/Universal has pushed the global warming hoax to the max for years, going so far as having “green weeks” where all of their shows, and entertainment work the global warming shtick into the story line.

NBC uses their long running series Law and Order to bash conservatives, Christians, gun owners, pro-life advocates, and so on. Portraying them as evil and unstable.

It’s easy to see the motivation behind Law and Order. They despise conservatives and use tactics right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules in order to demean and marginalize the object of their scorn. While the far left eat this up, conservatives, by nature, are too timid to act. This needs to change, and change big time.

Of course, for GE, it’s all about the money. NBC pushes “green” as much as possible because GE makes most of the implements of this movement. By hammering viewers constantly with propaganda, they hope to convince people to fall for the global warming scam. Hundreds of billions of dollars are riding on this deal for GE alone. Big Global Warming, if not stopped, will be a trillion dollar industry built on the back of the American people.

Again, smart operators in the entertainment industry would take a pass on all of the propagandizing and get back to just entertaining. The ones who do that will have great success and loyal viewers.

Now this is not to say that TV shows shouldn’t have messages built in. The greatest movie ever made, Casablanca, is one of the most patriotic films ever made. Whether it was intentional or by accident, this movie stirs great emotions, even to this day.

Years ago, television was leading the way with socially relevant programming. TV tackled tough subjects like racism and sexism. Important issues of the day and issues Americans agreed needed addressing. That was responsible and appropriate. What we see now is just pushing an agenda that most of the country doesn’t care for.

Liberals always have to force their agenda on the people, because few would willingly submit.

With all of that said, this has the greatest implications for the Republican Party. The Party is in shambles. For decades the so-called “moderates” have attempted to marginalize conservatives, and conservatism. It’s why they are completely out of power in Washington.

The country club, blue blood, Rockefeller Republicans, the RINOs and DIABLOs (Democrats In All But Name Only) are, and always have been, “progressives.” This is worse than liberal, and frankly all of us are guilty of labeling “progressives” as liberals. The “progressive” movement goes all of the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, a Big Government Statist. “Progressives” totally control the democrat/communist party.

Conservatives, when in power within the Republican Party, have always come out as winners. One has to look no further than the Great Ronald Reagan, who won two unprecedented landslide elections to the presidency, to see that conservatism is attractive to the American people.

We are seeing the same sort of buzz around Sarah Palin, an unapologetic conservative icon. Not since Reagan has a single politician truly aroused the American people.

Oh sure, Barack Obama achieved pop star status, but it was all smoke and mirrors. There was absolutely no substance. In fact, as it is now painfully clear, Obama had to lie about his actual agenda in order to win the election. Obama had to work over time to keep his radical associations from derailing his run for office. Of course, he had plenty of accomplices in the willing media to carry his water and hide the real Barack Obama. Now that he is in, the American people are mortified by the incredible mistake that was made. The American people are horrified now that any pretense that Obama isn’t an out and out communist is gone.

Bounce this off of Sarah Palin’s incredible popularity. Unlike Obama, she actually has decades of experience as an executive level leader. She has an actual public record, going back 20 years, that can be examined by all. She is quick to state her position on any given subject, and all one has to do is look back at her actual record as a public servant to see that she’s pretty consistent in her beliefs and agenda. In other words, if she is saying it now, she has a record of doing before. She doesn’t have to hide behind trickery and the slight of hand. She is what she is.

Sarah doesn’t have to hide from the American people who she is. She is genuine. In this way, Sarah Palin is just like Ronald Reagan: Outspoken and unabashedly conservative. People see this, and respond favorably.

The implications for the Grand Old Party are many, and great, but the biggest is the myth that the GOP needs to “moderate it’s message” to win elections. The current GOP wisdom, or what passes for it, is that we need to pander to the oh so precious “moderate” vote to win. (A whopping 1 percent of the population, according to this poll!) That we need to be a “big tent party” to regain power. The end result is a party that is nothing more than democrat/communist light.

Yes, there are differences in the parties, but on many issues top candidates from our party sure sound a lot like the democrat/communists, and certainly vote with them in their misguided effort to be bipartisan. Our last presidential candidate made one of his center piece talking points the fact that he was known for “reaching across the aisle.” You see where that got us! And I’m not just talking about the election!

Conservatism is the big tent. Always has been. In 1984 Reagan won crushing victories in 49 states by governing as a true conservative in his first term. A feat that hasn’t been, and may never be, duplicated. Running as an unbridled conservative, Reagan “only” won 44 states in 1980.

If you look around at the current political landscape, all of the stars are unabashedly conservative. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Jim DeMint, James Inhofe, Michael Williams, and Lt Col. Allen West are all solid conservatives and not afraid to say so.

Speaking of Michael Williams:

Williams is the Railroad Commissioner of Texas, a very powerful job, that among other things, regulates energy in Texas. Hmmm…..Sarah Palin had a powerful job in Alaska doing pretty much the same thing!

Williams is wildly popular in Texas, and a shoe-in to take Kay Baily Hutchison’s seat, giving Texas an actual conservative in the Senate for the first time, in some time. Make sure you check out his You Tube channel that is filled with inspiring speeches.

Then you have Lt Colonel Allen West, from Florida, who is running for Congress:

This is the message of conservatism. This is the message of liberty and freedom. This is the message of America. One of the most powerful speeches you’ll see.

The video below is what is considered the best speech given by any leader since Ronald Reagan’s iconic 1964 address to the Republican National Convention. In this speech Sarah Palin solidified her position as the new leader of the conservative movement:

Of course, the original is still the blueprint for greatness in America. I’ve always considered this “must see TV” and go so far as to say that schools need to teach an entire subject based on this speech alone, and no one should graduate high school without a working knowledge of it’s concept.

It’s amazing how much of what Reagan had to say still applies today. It’s chilling what decades of liberal control of our culture has done to us, as a nation. The destructive nature of liberalism is seen all over the fruited plain. It touches our lives daily. It makes our lives just a little less whole, just a little less free.

Few, if any, in Washington get it. Our nation has been taken over by the most radical elements on earth. Vicious elements that have no problem using brute force, as well as trickery and deceit, to see their agenda prevail.

Liberty and freedom are the enemy of the liberal movement. The current communists in Washington are the enemies of liberty and freedom. They only bring tyranny and oppression to the table. The opportunity is ripe for true conservative leaders to step forward and assume the mantle of freedom and liberty, of the American way.

America sorely needs conservatives to answer the call at every level We need conservatives to step up to the plate in local and national races. We need conservatives to seek careers in education, journalism, and the arts. Most importantly we need conservatives to stand up and speak out. You are by far the majority in this nation, it’s about time you realize this, and no longer remain passive, no longer remain silent.

America is a conservative nation and it’s time that our conservative nature is both respected, and celebrated. It’s time for our government to respect the will of the people. It’s our duty to replace those that won’t, with those that will.

Screw political correctness. Stand up, speak up, and be bold!

_____Sarah Palin


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