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I Can’t Say That I am Completely Happy Michele Bachmann is Going.

I never agreed with how Michele went about doing things. She never did seem to make or keep enough friends in the GOP or Tea Party. That is lesson number one in politics – being loyal to those who help you.  She chose instead to promote herself constantly.

Michele never seemed to have acute political instincts and allowed herself to be used by the GOP to thwart Sarah’s hopes of running in May of 2012. She apparently backstabbed Sarah Palin by trashing her supporters while running for President in Iowa. We may never know what happened, but if it is true, then it was definitely not a wise move. Sarah had publicly campaigned for her re-election in Minnesota, and she should have been more gracious. Sarah is so well-loved and loyally so, why would Michele think that would go well politically? I know Sarah Palin has taken the high road in many instances and this was just one more example of why that pays off.

I called Michele damaged goods when she would not criticize Romney during the debates.  She expected to get something in return from him, but was only fooling herself the entire time.

Michele Bachmann used the TEA PARTY caucus to promote herself from the start. My particular gripe with that is that she didn’t stand up to Mr. Anti-TEA PARTY himself, John BOEHNER, when we needed her to. She held out until the end to see which way the vote would swing, and VOTED FOR his speakership renewal on January 3rd of this year. Apparently he managed to bribe her into casting the last vote for him. That is not courageous. We needed a fresh start by removing him. She never defended the FOUR fiscal conservatives that were purged from the committees either, and that was just plain wrong!  She hurt our cause that way.

All of that being said, she should have stayed to fight the good fight and to show her sincerity and prove she really meant what she stood for.  Her strongest point was to push for investigation into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in DC, which is a huge problem.  I respected her willingness to take the heat and to stand alone. So many don’t. There is simply too much pressure and p.c. to take this head on. The cowards who turned their backs on it (we know who they are) will probably never have the burden or fear of being investigated, as they help the administration and our enemies. WE NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE THIS ISSUE ON in the GOP! Someone with less baggage and a lot more effectiveness will hopefully take her place.  It is too important to ignore, given the critical circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Here are her comments following the Benghazi attacks:

“It is my belief and my opinion that Barack Obama has been the most dangerous President we have ever had on American foreign policy.  President OBama needs to get his priorities straight. What he needs to do is cancel his interview with David Letterman, cancel his meeting with Beyonce, cancel his meeting with JayZ, and instead agree to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Finally, I met her at the screening of “Occupy Unmasked” in Tampa last year. She presented the movie and spoke admirably about Andrew Breitbart. It was a great experience which I will always remember.  I wish her well and urge her to continue fighting. It’s never about us as individuals, but about the cause. Having battle wounds is the only way to know a warrior has fought hard. To me she never really did BEGIN to FIGHT or show what she was made of.


The Left is viciously attacking her personally. NO matter how much I disagree with the less favorite politicians from our side, it is never okay to trash them, especially Conservative women, like they do.



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The Molly Pitchers of the Healthcare Reform Battle

by Whitney Pitcher

The Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare will come down on the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth, which took place during the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Monmouth  was fought in Monmouth, New Jersey on June 28, 1778. The result of the battle was essentially a draw. However, the battle showed the essentially untrained Americans were able to hold their own with the trained British soldiers. Most famously, perhaps, was that this battle is where the legacy of Molly Pitcher was born. As you can probably tell by my ” pen name”, I’m a big “fan” of Molly Pitcher. I played her in a play in elementary school and have been intrigued by her legacy ever since. For a little bit of background on her, here’s an excerpt from a post a wrote a couple years ago:

One of the earliest prominent woman in American history is Molly Pitcher. Historians have debated whether or not such a woman ever existed or if she was merely a woman of myths–a persona attributed to all women who fought or assisted in the War of Independence in some way. Some historians, however, believe that Molly Pitcher is really Mary Ludwig Hays, wife of John Hays. She enlisted in the Pennsylvania artillery in 1778, 2 years after her husband enlisted . During the heat soaked Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778, Mary tirelessly provided water to the fighting soldiers, earning her the nickname Molly Pitcher. When her husband could no longer fight due to heat stroke, Mary (Molly) took his place at the cannon.[As a correction, it was not her husband who fell, but another man] This battle proved to be a strategical victory for the Continental army as it showed that the informal trained Continental army could hold their ground against the British army and was the last major battle in the northern theater. Two places at this battle site have since been deemed “Molly Pitcher Spring”. She would later receive recognition from General George Washington.

Much like the weather we’re seeing throughout the country this week, that day in 1778 was extremely hot as well. Mary Hays was simply doing what she felt she could to refresh the soldiers fighting that day. However, when the need presented itself, she took to engaging in the fight herself–to be a part of the fight for independence and against tyranny.

Fast forward to today. To be sure, there have been both men and women who have fought the fight against the government overreach present in the healthcare reform bill. However, it was women who have taken to engaging to the fight most passionately. Governor Palin, of course, was one of the leading voices against greater government involvement in healthcare during that healthcare reform battle in 2009; it was something she had already fought for as the governor of Alaska. She wrote against the bureaucratization of healthcare. She called for tort reform in healthcare.Of course, this was never discussed by Democrats who receive far more campaign contributions from lawyers than Republicans. She provided testimony in the New York legislature against financially incentivized  “end of life” counseling. Most famously, she spoke out against rationing of healthcare by “death panels“. Two words that send the media and the Left in a tizzy to this day. However, in this “death panels” post, Governor Palin linked a video of another women, Congresswoman Bachmann, who was fighting against the rationing and warped view of bioethics present in the Obama administration:

It wasn’t just politicians who spoke out against this legislation. It was everyday American men and women. They organized Tea Party rallies and made phone calls and sent emails to their representatives. When legislators went home to their districts to have townhall meetings, people let their leaders have it. This video clip from a small business owner in California went viral when she called for government leaders to respect their constituents and implement common sense reforms:


We will find out shortly what the Supreme Court rules on the healthcare reform bill. If they rule the entire bill unconstitutional, a victory for the Constitution will be won, and those reform minded conservatives will continue to fight for greater individual freedom and and smaller government. If parts of the bill are ruled constitutional, those women and men who fought for greater freedom and smaller government will continue to do so.  Governor Palin has already re-iterated the call for repeal if the Supreme Court upholds the law. Much like Molly Pitcher did in her day, these women saw a particular role they could play in the battle for freedom, and they did so. Lord willing, in all cases the ultimate victory lies in the Constitution.

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Sarah Palin Talks To Megyn Kelly Shows Leadership, Statesmanship

By Gary P Jackson

Stinging remarks from Governor Palin to Obama over his mishandling of the budget. She also talks about Rick Perry’s statement on Bernanke, and reminds viewers she was talking about all of this ten months ago, when no one else was. Also tells Perry to keep calling it as he sees it.

In the second clip Sarah talks about Michele Bachmann and vetting candidates.

Unlike many Conservatives who are losing their minds because both Bachmann and Perry are actually being heavily vetted, Sarah calls it the “new normal” and necessary to find the right candidate.

It’s easy to read between the lines here. What she’s saying is all the candidates need to be vetted as well as she has been. I think our readers will agree, no one in our lifetime has been as well vetted as Sarah Palin. And more importantly, no one has ever held up to the sort of vetting the Governor has. No one.

Maybe that’s why the others are crying foul.

Sarah also shows she is a lot closer to announcing her presidential run. Megyn asks some great questions about this. Most importantly though, Sarah points out there is no one currently running for the Republican nomination she can support at this point in time.

Though no one knows for sure, I look for the Governor to announce her Presidential run sometime in September, but not Labor Day weekend in Iowa. [Watch her prove me and announce Labor Day weekend in Iowa!]

This is a solid interview. It shows why Sarah Palin is the true leader of the Conservative movement, and a very wise leader and statesman. This is the Sarah Palin who pulled Alaska out of it’s mess. The Sarah Palin of whom Steve Bannon said: “What Governor Palin did in Alaska is a Harvard Business School case study on how to turn a government around.


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CNN’s Don Lemon Talks About His Fun Interview with Sarah Palin and Being Assaulted By Marcus Bachmann

By Gary P Jackson

CNN’s Don Lemon reportedly spent an hour or so with Governor Sarah Palin on Friday as she took in the sights and sounds of the Iowa State Fair as part of her One Nation tour. If you haven’t seen his report, click here.

In the video above Lemon talks about the time he had with Sarah and both he and Wolf Blitzer comment on how wonderful it was she talked with him and all of the reporters. As you know, when the Governor was touring the East Coast earlier in the summer, Scott Conroy reported Sarah’s press availability was so great, on more than one occasion, he actually ran out of questions to ask her.

Unfortunately Don Lemon’s day wasn’t all peaches and cream. He would later encounter the Bachmann campaign.

Let me set the scene for you.

First, as Jason Clayworth of the Des Moines Register reports, Bachmann was 30 minutes late to speak at her scheduled Iowa State Fair soapbox event. Yup, they actually stand on a soapbox and speak to the crowd. Each candidate is allotted 20 minutes to state their case. A few minutes in the wheels came off the wagon:

She said she was going to shake hands but left the makeshift stage quickly when 17-year-old civil rights advocate Gabe Aderhold of Edina, Minn., loudly questioned her husband Marcus about his counseling techniques to “pray the gay away.

Most of her three minutes consisted of frequent campaign rhetoric that she says at many of her stops, such as her chant to make President Obama a “one-term president.”

It’s going to be a great election that’s coming up and Iowans are going to send the signal,” Bachmann said. “This is where Barack Obama got his start, this is where he’s going to come to his end. In Iowa.

At this point two blonde female “security” guards started pushing and shoving people out of the way as the Bachmanns made a hasty exit, leave her stunned fans just standing there. During the melee, CNN’s Don Lemon, an openly gay Black man, was roughed up pretty good by Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus.

This isn’t the first time a network reporter has had problems with Team Bachmann. ABC’s Brian Ross alleges he was attacked in South Carolina after trying to ask Michele a legitimate question about her migraine headaches.

The Bachmann’s have a history of problems with the gay community. Besides the clinic where Marcus claims to cure gays, Michele, whose sister is gay, has a history of some truly bizarre statements and actions.

Bachmann is on the record calling Disney’s Lion King gay propaganda, and an attempt to “normalize” being gay. She came to this interesting take on the popular kids movie because Elton John performs the musical score and in her mind teachers may use this as an example that gay people can be creative too. Well hell, all one has to do us watch any random show on HGTV to figure that out!

Bachmann, who considers homosexuality some sort of mental disorder, actual called the police once claiming she’d been kidnapped by lesbian nuns! As Business Insider points out here, Bachmann has a habit of calling the police with complaints that most people would just deal with, or ignore.

We’ve long held that Michele Bachmann has some serious issues, as does her husband Marcus, who calls gays “barbarians” who “need to be educated and disciplined.” [you figure it out]

Two things are for certain. The President of the United States is the President of all people, not just those they agree with. Anyone with such an open hatred, and such extreme views, of their fellow human beings, just might not be best person to sit in the Oval Office. We have a President now who is openly hostile to half the country. We need to move away from that.

Keeping that thought in mind, we also already have a thug in the White House who isn’t above sending out his supporters to intimidate those who disagree with him. They aren’t afraid to use violence either. Again, we don’t need this sort of thing. The American media is, for the most part, biased and corrupt. Deal with it. .

Lastly, we need a leader who can walk into the belly of the beast, face violent opposition head on, look it dead in the eye, and keep on doing what they are doing, instead of running away at the slightest resistance.

Here’s how it’s done:

We must elect leader who will be President of ALL the people, not just those she likes!


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Film Creator Stephen Bannon: “Fire From the Heartland” Was Inspired By Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Not long after I hit “publish” on the story about Citizens United’s attempt to pump up Michele Bachmann in Iowa by repackaging the movie Fire From The Heartland, from a movie about conservative women, to a movie about [and “starring“] Michele Bachmann, I got a couple of notes reminding me about the original interviews with the film’s creator Stephen Bannon.

At the time, Bannon was quite clear Sarah Palin was the inspiration for the movie. In fact, Bannon credits Sarah Palin for igniting this fire and inspiring women to get involved. In hindsight, it seems making this movie is what lit a fire in Bannon’s belly to create The Undefeated, a movie that is causing quite a stir nationwide.

From Fox News:

Documentarian Stephen Bannon has made a film called “Fire From the Heartland” which chronicles the stories of several women important to the conservative movement.

No one had ever touched the topic, and in addition, we did it in a way that let the women speak for themselves,” Bannon told Pop Tarts. “I wanted to pick a cross-section of women who would be emblematic – congresswomen, known commentators, and a cross section of Tea Party activists.

The inspiration for the film came to Bannon, who previously produced “Generation Zero,” when Sarah Palin emerged on the national political scene as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate scene in 2008.

I noticed there is a new generation of young, female activists who are at the forefront of this rebellion who are inspired by Sarah Palin. I wanted to tell their stories and I wanted to do it in a way that could be linked back to the founders of the country – Abigail Adams, the pioneer women, the frontier women, Clare Boothe Luce, Phyllis Schlafly,” Bannon said. “If you look at the conservative rebellion, it is women that are at the vanguard – not men, and that has never happened before in this country.”

Fire From the Heartland” features several key female Republican figures, from congresswoman Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming and Jean Schmidt of Ohio, to prominent political voices Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. But Bannon credits Palin for “re-awakening” the conservative female movement in the United States, and standing tall against what he calls personal attacks brought on by the entertainment community and liberal media.

Hollywood does not understand Middle America and it certainly does not understand, and in fact, despises, the core values of the country. The elite of Hollywood hold it in tremendous disregard. I could not think higher Governor Palin, she is a force of nature and has inspired a generation of women to really get actively involved in politics and more importantly, take their culture back and take their country back,” he said. “I’ve seen it across the country. These women are incredibly inspired, and were not really politically engaged until Sarah Palin came on the scene.

Fire From the Heartland” was made without Palin’s involvement, but Bannon hopes she makes her way to a screening over the coming weeks.

We made this totally independently of any influence so we could tell our story, but I think Governor Palin would love the film, hopefully we’ll get to show it to her,” Bannon said.

Looking at this year’s midterm elections, Bannon predicted Republican gains, but said no real change can come until the Presidential election of 2012.

I think (Obama) is going down the path of destroying the Democratic Party because he has driven out the moderates, and we’re going to have a huge wave of enthusiasm that brings conservatives back in to at least share power,” he said. “But if anybody thinks that November 2nd is going to change things, they’re fooling themselves. It’s going to be a nasty, nasty two years until the Presidential election of 2012, because right now, all we’re trying to do is really stop his administration in its tracks. We haven’t even begun the types of cuts we have to make in federal spending, the types of restructuring we have to do with the federal budget, what we have to do to rebuild our manufacturing base, are so large that people don’t realize what’s in front of them.”

From Bannon’s interview it’s clear who inspired him to make this film, and who, in Bannon’s opinion, has awakened Conservative women, and inspired them to get involved.

Now I know to some all of this may seem petty, and let me once again state that we haven’t found evidence of Bachmann or her team promoting this as a film about her, but what Citizen’s United is doing is not only dishonest, it’s a slap in the face to everyone featured in this great film.

Citizens United is trying to create the impression this is a brand new film about Bachmann, when in fact, it was created last year. We’re not sure if their motivation is to help Bachmann win Iowa, or simply latch on to her as a way of raising money for their own cause, but does it matter?

Even though Sarah Palin was the inspiration, I’m sure she would be the first to say she wasn’t the “star” of this movie at all. Instead she’s point to the strong women featured in the movie: Ann Coulter, Michelle Easton, Michelle Malkin, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, Dana Loesch, S.E Cupp, Jenny Beth Martin, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson, Jean Schmidt, Cynthia Lummis, and Michelle Moore.

Sarah Palin would be celebrating all of the strong Conservative women who are making a difference on a daily basis.

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“Fire From The Heartland” Is NOT A Movie About, Nor Does It “Star” Michele Bachmann

By Gary P Jackson

In 2010 Stephen Bannon and Citizens United Productions released a great movie about Conservative women. While the film certainly mentions Michele Bachmann, and obviously Sarah Palin, the film also features Ann Coulter, Michelle Easton, Michelle Malkin, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, Dana Loesch, S.E Cupp, Jenny Beth Martin, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson and Michelle Moore. And even though more time is spent on Sarah Palin than Michele Bachmann, it would be just as erroneous to call Sarah the “star” of the movie as it is to call Bachmann the “star.”

Still, this isn’t stopping Citizens United from repackaging the doccumentary and promoting it in Iowa as a film “starring” Bachmann. In fact, they are spending $100,000 dollars promoting this thing.

From Jennifer Jackobs at the Des Moines Register:

A special-interest group is putting up television, billboard and Internet advertisements in Iowa promoting a film about Republican Michele Bachmann.

The ads will give the conservative presidential candidate’s campaign some free exposure during the three weeks before the Iowa straw poll on Aug. 13.

Citizens United – the group that was behind the U.S. Supreme Court case that opened the door for unlimited spending on election ads by corporations, unions and other interest groups – will spend nearly $100,000 on the ad campaign in Iowa, according to a news release.

The ads promote its documentary film “Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman.”

The movie was written and directed by Stephen Bannon, who wrote and directed the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated.”

Starting Monday, the Citizens United TV ads will run on Fox News and other cable channels in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

The ad campaign will culminate with a booth at the Ames straw poll on August 13th,” the news release says.

Read more here.

Now to be fair, we don’t see Bachmann promoting this DVD, or claiming to be the star on her website, or Twitter, however, this is obviously a ploy to pump her up after her record has come under increasing scrutiny. It’s also a cheep stunt by Citizens United to sell some DVDs.

Here is Stephen Kruiser’s original write on the movie from premier night, September, 2010:

Filmmaker Steve Bannon and Citizens United Productions are following up “Generation Zero,” their film about the financial meltdown, with a powerful movie about the ascendancy of women in the conservative movement. “Fire From The Heartland” features the distinct and diverse voices of fifteen women who have had an ever-growing impact in government, social media and the Tea Party movement since the 2008 election.

[ …. ]

I saw the movie with a large group of people at last week’s Red State Gathering in Austin, TX. The screening took place only a few hours after I’d gotten to meet and interview Nikki Haley, the mercurial candidate for governor from South Carolina. As we settled in to watch the movie, I looked around to see how many women were in the room. Let’s just say that under-representation wasn’t a problem.

Female voters have long been a demographic that’s been treated like a group-think voting bloc by the Left, with any woman who doesn’t fit the mold (see: Sarah Palin) getting roundly excoriated. As the movie begins with the women describing their backgrounds, a rich variety of experiences and influences emerges immediately.

What unites the distinct voices and personalities becomes apparent when they all begin talking about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and their views on the role of the federal government in the lives of everyday Americans. The hallmarks of identity politics melt away and it’s clear that these women are all fiercely individual but share a common vision of what this country was intended, and no longer seems, to be.

Having grown up in the supposed age of feminism, I couldn’t help but think that this is probably what it was supposed to look like: strong, independent and successful women who have no interest in hand-wringing victimhood. The Left has Hillary Clinton, a woman who rode her husband’s coattails for a couple of decades before trading her Aggrieved Wife Victim Card for elective office. The Right has Phyllis Schlafly, who still commands attention in the way few men can.

It also has Reps. Michele Bachmann, Jean Schmidt, and Cynthia Lummis working hard within the system. Bachmann’s famous grilling of Timothy Geithner is one of the highlights of the film (and featured in the trailer on the website). The film also features Ann Coulter, Michelle Easton, Michelle Malkin, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, Dana Loesch, S.E Cupp, Jenny Beth Martin, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson and Michelle Moore. These women represent old and new media and a cross-section of the Tea Party movement. In short, they’re everywhere.

I experienced a quiet mix of embarrassment and gratitude during the screening. It occurred to me that one of the reasons these women have taken such a prominent role in recent years is that so many of the men who were left in charge of the conservative movement failed it and us miserably. Many readers will no doubt say “Conservative men didn’t fail us, Republicans failed us.” The simple fact is that many elected Republican conservatives have been screwing things up since the late 1990s. Now we’re faced with the prospect of having a great November but keeping the good ol’ boy network intact and basically suffering through the same congressional leadership that drove Barack Obama and this Democratic congress into power.

My gratitude is due to the fact that I know so many of these women who are out there having the guts to change the GOP from within and remake it into a conservative party once again. They don’t have the time for third party nonsense and aren’t interested in just sitting around and complaining about the Republicans, like so many men I know on the Right these days. They just want to get something done.

Read more here.

Here’s the original movie trailer:

It’s a real insult to all of the strong women celebrated in this movie for Citizens United to use them and their legacy to promote the candidacy of one of them over any of the others. Especially when it’s the one candidate who is so magnificently not qualified to be president.


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Like Barack Obama, Michele Bachmann Puts Political Expediency Ahead of Principle in Her Life

By Gary P Jackson

When I first heard stories about Michele Bachmann’s church, I sort of blew them of as typical left wing demagoguery, especially since the story first appeared in the far left Atlantic, a little sewer that for years employed free lance gynecologist Andrew Sullivan, who turned studying Sarah Palin’s uterus into a cottage industry.

Even though I’m not inclined to defend Michele Bachmann, especially after the Tuscon shootings when Bachmann, who has loudly anointed herself the “leader” of Tea Party, was nowhere to be found when the entire Tea Party, and Sarah Palin, were accused of mass murder, after left winger Jarred Lee Laughner went on his murder spree. That told me all I needed to know about Michele Bachmann and her character, [or lack there of] I didn’t think it was proper to spread what was likely nothing more than B.S. Then a funny thing happened that legitimized the story, and gave us a little more insight into the real Michele Bachmann.

First the church. For over a decade Michele Bachmann was a member of a church that says on it’s website in a piece entitled “Statement on the antichrist” that the Pope is the antichrist. Now say what you will about the Church of Rome, but the Pope is not the antichrist by any stretch of the imagination.

I know it’s not as bad as Barack Obama sitting in Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright’s church for 20 years, but it’s pretty bad. And just like Obama who can claim [lie] that he never heard one of Wright’s anti-American, Jew hating rants, Bachmann has no out, because this teaching is front and center in the church. It’s right there on their website.

Now I know you are sitting there getting ready to tell me off, but there is even more to this deal. You see, the Bachmann’s KNEW this whack-job church was going to be a problem, and less than a week before she announced she was running for president, she quietly bailed out on them. Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze calls it “another Reverend Wight moment.

This tells me she knew this was going to turn normal people off, and hoped she could distance herself from this bunch, rather than defend her faith. After all, plenty of Catholics vote.

Bachmann, who uses her religion as a campaign tool, proudly listed the church on her 2006 congressional campaign website. [when no one was paying attention to her] Her new site lists no church.

According to CNN:

Bachmann was asked about her status with the church on Thursday at Reagan National Airport as she headed to catch a flight. When asked about her pastor, she asked, “Which one?” An aide quickly hustled her away, noting that they were late for a flight.

So much for openness and honesty. Bachmann is showing herself to be nothing but the typical Washington establishment politician more and more every day.

You can read the full story here.

Look, anyone can go to any church they want to. Obama obviously sat in a church for 20 years that promoted extreme anti-Americanism, hatred of Jews, and supports terror groups like Hamas. As an American, that’s his right, of course we have seen what that environment of over the top hatred produced in Obama.

Now I have no idea what the sermons at Bachmann’s now former church are like, but I do know I haven’t seen the over-the-top hatred of gays like I have from the Bachmanns in a long time. Michele’s husband, Marcus, says gays are “barbarians” who need to be need to be educated and must be disciplined. I supposed that happens at his bogus de-gaying clinic, I don’t know.I do know there is a lot of hate coming from those two for the fellow human beings.

What I know for sure, is the Bachmanns had no problem attending this church until it became a perceived political liability, then it was under the bus with them, just as Obama threw his beloved pastor under the bus when he became a liability.

Many already look at Michele Bachmann as little more than “Obama in a skirt” because she has no experience, and no achievements, but frankly, that is a disservice to Obama. While Obama had no record as a state or US Senator, and no accomplishments at those jobs, he did run terrorist Bill Ayers’ phony “education” foundation and handled a roughly $60 million budget. From all accounts, Bachmann can’t even manage her own small congressional staff.

Washington is full of people who put politics over principle, and try to hide things from the American people, so Michele Bachmann is certainly nothing special in this regard, but that’s the problem, isn’t it?

We are trying to rid Washington of people like this. People who only look out for good old number one.

We can do a hell of a lot better than Michele Bachmann. We MUST do a hell of a lot better than Michele Bachmann!


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Stalker Who Threatened To Rape and Murder Sarah Palin, Her Daughter, and a Friend, Is A Bachmann Supporter


Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. [Republican Herald]

By Gary P Jackson

We’ve talked about Shawn Christy before. This guy is certifiable, and as we reported, so is his family. Christy lives in a fantasy world where he believes he and Governor Palin had some sort of “intimate relationship” and his crazy family goes along with this. I’ve even had Christy’s father, Craig, send me insane messages about Secret Service cover-ups after I wrote about this nonsense.

Christy has threatened to kill Sarah, rape and kill her daughter, as well as Sarah’s good friend, Kristan Cole. He’s sent both Sarah and Kristan violent threats, and was even harassing Kristan’s kids on Facebook. Again, Christy’s mother and father were in on this, and sent messages of their own.

All three of these people belong in a facility for the criminally insane.

Kelsey at Barbaric Thoughts has the latest on these loons.

Recordings of telephone calls made to Sarah Palin’s attorney by a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking the former Alaska governor are peppered with profanity-laced tirades and vows to continue calling nonstop.

In one recording, Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pa., tells Palin’s lawyer: “You want to play games, you wanna play little court games, well play games, now come on .. Come on! Let’s play games as far as you want it to go on!”

The recordings have been submitted with a motion by attorney John Tiemessen asking a state magistrate in Alaska to deny a request to dissolve a restraining order against Christy.

The motion says Christy’s father, Craig Christy, also has made multiple calls to his office. One of the calls is included in the filing.

There is really not sufficient punctuation on a standard keyboard to express the seething, spitting, splenic, paranoid, bat-guano crazy rage that is encapsulated on the audio,” Tiemessen wrote in the document filed late Tuesday. “None of these calls advance resolution of this matter. They only reinforce that the Christies are a disturbed, obsessed and delusional set of individuals who can not be trusted to behave in a minimally socially acceptable manner on the telephone.”

[ …. ]

Shawn Christy disputes involvement in a letter threatening Palin’s teenage daughter Willow that was submitted as evidence against him earlier this year.

The letter, consisting of cut-and-paste words, says that if Palin didn’t announce by the non-existent date of April 31 that she would not run for office, “you will be cleaning Willows brain cells off your clothes.” It is signed “Hollow Point” and mailed from southeastern Pennsylvania, which the Christys say is nowhere near McAdoo. They also say the handwriting on the envelope is nothing like Shawn Christy’s, who submitted copies of the letter and envelope, along with a letter he wrote to Palin in the past to compare hand writing.

I demand evidence be submitted to the United States Secret Service for further investigation, to prove my innocence, and I demand a retrial,” Shawn Christy wrote in his request.

His mother, Karen Christy, told The Associated Press that the phone calls to Tiemessen reflect the deep frustration the family feels over the letter her son is accused of sending and their inability to find who has the original. In one of the recordings, Tiemessen said he sent the original to the Anchorage office of the FBI, but declined to identify what agent had it, saying he didn’t know. The FBI won’t confirm possession of the letter, Karen Christy said. She believes the letter weighed heavily in extension of the restraining order against her son.

No one has yet to prove that Shawn wrote that letter and no one has been able to produce the original letter,” she said. “Until something is proven that Shawn did it, I don’t see how they can hold that against him.

Craig Christy just mailed a request to get the restraining order against him resolved as well, according to Karen Christy.

Tiemessen told the AP in an email that after the court’s May decision, “Karen Christy promised that her family would not contact us anymore.” That promise was short-lived, Tiemessen said.

The Christys claim that they just want to be left alone,” he said. “They have the power to make that happen. The fact that they continue on this self-destructive path suggests an unfortunate and potentially dangerous alternative desire.”

These people are definitely “disturbed” and most certainly dangerous.

Kelsey has much more, including some screen captures of Facebook postings from both Shawn and Craig. In her investigation, she also discovered that Shawn is a supporter of Michele Bachmann. My advice to Bachmann is: Get plenty of security.

Read it all here.

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So Who Is Exactly Is Running For President, Michele Bachmann or Her Husband?

By Gary P Jackson

Every day we find something new about Michele Bachmann that just creeps us out. Each story more bizarre than the last.

Here we have Bachmann from 2006 going on and on about the bible saying a woman must be submissive to her husband, and how she didn’t want to go to the various schools she did, but Marcus told her to. Then she says she didn’t want to run for Congress, but Marcus pushed her to do that too.

From Right Speak:

In a stunning video, the Tea Party titan says she follows the biblical rule that women should obey their husbands. But, Jill Lawrence asks, isn’t that a problem for a presidential candidate?

The Lord says be submissive. Wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.” – Michele Bachmann, October 2006.

Read more and watch the video here.

Tell me that doesn’t freak you out!

The obvious question is Bachmann running for President because she honestly thinks she can make a difference, or to please her husband? I mean seriously, Bachmann is the most ill prepared to be president our side has put up in a long time. A tissue paper thin resume, and no executive experience of any kind.

The second obvious question is who will actually be President, Michele or her husband?

I’m sorry, a President needs significant executive experience, and along with that experience, a long list of POSITIVE achievements. Things that actually benefited those she served. The President also has to be her own person. Someone who is in charge. A true leader, not just an empty vessel for her spouse to live vicariously through.

Bachmann continues to raise more and more questions than there are answers. One thing is for certain, she is not the right person to lead this nation back to prosperity and greatness. Neither is Marcus.


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Does Michele Bachmann ‘Walk the Talk?’

By Stacy Drake

It’s common these days to hear media talking heads refer to Michele Bachmann as the “Tea Party favorite” in the upcoming 2012 GOP primary race. Unlike Governor Palin who has always stated that the Tea Party doesn’t need one specific leader, Bachmann has tried to cast herself into such a role. She created a “Tea Party Caucus” in congress and gave the “Tea Party response” following Obama’s State of the Union Address last January.

The Tea Party is comprised mainly of independent-minded small government activists who are sick and tired of the way Washington is operating. These are people who are fed up with DC insiders cutting deals with officials at the expense of this country’s future. A bloated, centralized system of government with too many payouts has spawned the biggest grassroots movement in recent history. A person who professes to speak for such a group of patriots at the highest level had better “walk the talk.”

While Bachmann may talk a good game, her actions are leaving many with questions that she has yet to adequately answer. Steve Bannon discussed one of these questions during a recent interview with PV Radio that Ian posted on Friday, concerning her family receiving large sums in Medicaid payments for their clinics.

(Partial transcript excerpt, emphasis mine)

“And I think quite frankly, she’s got to learn to answer questions. Like Chris Wallace asked a very straightforward question, she had every opportunity to explain this. And she gave quite frankly, an unacceptable answer. The answer was very misleading. And that’s just not going to wash, particularly if you want to hold the banner of the Tea Party, you’ve got to almost be a purist. That means, if you believe in limited government, then you’ve really got to believe in limited government. You can’t talk about limited government and take the benefits from the large state.

Despite being an unlicensed “therapist” practicing a controversial form of counseling, Marcus Bachmann received more than $137,000 in Medicaid payments for his clinics in Minnesota. According to Michael Isikoff:

Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has forcefully denounced the Medicaid program for swelling the “welfare rolls.”

The amount is a much higher than the previously reported sum of $24,000 that she answered for during that interview with Chris Wallace. Isikoff writes:

The previously unreported payments are on top of the $24,000 in federal and state funds that Bachmann & Associates, the clinic founded by Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist, received in recent years under a state grant to train its employees, state records show. The figures were provided to NBC News in response to a Freedom of Information request.

The $161,000 in payments from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to her husband’s clinic appear to contradict some of Michelle Bachmann’s public accounts this week when she was first asked about the extent to which her family has benefited from government aid. Contacted this afternoon, Alice Stewart, a spokeswoman for Bachmann, said the congresswoman was doing campaign events and was not immediately available for comment.

Questions about the Bachmann family’s receipt of government funds arose this week after a Los Angeles Times story reported that a family farm in which Michelle Bachmann is a partner had received nearly $260,000 in federal farm subsidies.

When asked by anchor Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” about the story’s assertion that her husband’s counseling clinic had also gotten federal and state funds, Bachmann replied that it was “one-time training money that came from the federal government. And it certainly didn’t help our clinic.”

At another point, she said, “My husband and I did not get the money,” adding that it was “mental health training money that went to the employees.”

But state records show that Bachmann & Associates has been collecting payments under the Minnesota’s Medicaid program every year for the past six years. Karen Smigielski, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Human Services, said the state’s Medicaid program is funded “about 50-50” with federal and state monies. The funds to Bachmann & Associates are for the treatment of low-income mentally ill patients and are based on a “fee for service” basis, meaning the clinic was reimbursed by Medicaid for the services it provided.

By stating that the payments were a “one-time” payment, Michele Bachmann was dishonest with the audience. She was clearly trying to downplay the issue, perhaps knowing that it hurts her credibility with that large group of grassroots conservatives across the country that she seeks support from.

Medicaid payments to her husbands business isn’t the only issue the congresswoman is going to face tough questions about. Michele Bachmann waves the Gadsden flag and calls herself an “outsider,” yet she hired many DC “insiders” to run her campaign. She came under some heat for hiring Ed Rollins, but most of those criticisms died down when her people had stated that Bachmann forced Rollins to apologize to Palin’s staff. I never saw any press accounts one way or the other whether Rollins actually apologized, or if those where just more empty words from Team Bachmann. Perhaps someone in the press will look into that one day.

Steve Bannon was right when he spoke about holding the banner of the Tea Party. The people within the movement won’t allow politicians to use their cause to simply advance themselves. They are aware and educated activists who are not easily fooled. When an elected official stands with them and speaks their language, they had better back it up with their actions.


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