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The Real Story: Chris McDaniel’s Historic US Senate Campaign

Chris McDaniel deserves a clean victory. There should be no write-in, no other election, or no third party solution.. McDaniel won this race fair and square. and should be the nominee. Let’s pray he prevails. He has the evidence. He has the fight in him. And he has the Truth on his side. What more can we ask? There is no gray area here. It’s black and white. I don’t think in this case Cochran has a LEG to stand on. What the GOPe did was not only unfair it was illegal. Cochran and the GOPe have exposed themselves. They will have to answer for their deeds: heads will have to roll. and arrests made if need be. This is one victory they will have no moral or political authority over. They’ve cheated before but finally got caught. It’s illegality clear as day. The race has even transcended even politics. It has an inspiring message that you never surrender if you believe that what you are doing is right.

Mississippi Conservative Daily


In his most recent column on the establishment website Y’all Politics, Frank Corder gives his assessment of the current state of politics in Mississippi and his predictions for the general election this November and state races in 2015.

But what caught my attention, aside from his flawed analysis, has been his consistent downplaying of Senator Chris McDaniel’s historic effort to replace Thad Cochran in the United States Senate. This has been the theme, not only from Corder and the hacks at Y’all Politics, but also from the media establishment throughout the state.

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GOPe Would Rather Lose to Obama than Let Conservative Base Win.

By Isabel Matos

1. NOUN – a person who is eccentric, unrealistic, or fanatical.
2. ADJECTIVE – eccentric; impractical; fanatical: crackpot ideas.

Rick Shaftan says the GOP establishment calls the base nuts and kooks. It’s how they think. The disconnect is an attitude that is contemptuous of people of faith (us):  patronizing and condescending about the sanctity of life, gay marriage. He says the GOPe also uses the term crackpots, talks about keeping us “in line” and criticizes us for religious beliefs. The people who vote for Obama get what they want, our side make excuses for not doing what we voted them in to do.

Regarding the tie from the Barbours to the race-baiting ads, what really is offending people is not the elections results, it’s that the dollars as donors to the Republican committees are being used to pay for ads which are attacking conservatives. They don’t do this to Democrats. Shaftan noted how Mitt Romney went after Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum ten times harder than they he ever did Barack Obama.

That is why we never win. They just hate us. As soon as the conservative is defeated as far as they’re concerned the election’s over.  As far as the GOPe is concerned, if Romney wins, we get some job. If Obama wins, at least a Conservative is not in power.

If Cochran is reelected, there will be embarrassing and awkward moments far worse than the farm animals comments.  The GOPe has given the advantage to the Democrat in this race.  To avoid that, Cochran would have to tell McDaniel supporters to vote for him, which is not gonna happen. Voters are so upset with the GOP establishment and the GOPe money coming into the state to tag Tea Partiers as racists and virtual defacto members of the KKK that there is no way in the world those people will vote for Cochran. They will either sit it out, vote for Childers or write-in Chris McDaniel’s name even if their vote doesn’t count, as a protest vote.  Shaftan says the objection was not the arguments against social-cultural conservative issues, but the lies about them taking away food stamps, etc. It was an economic left-wing argument, not a conservative one about why African-Americans should vote for Cochran.  This could be a banner year for Republicans….

The bottom line is that the GOPe has nothing but complete and utter contempt for the grassroots which the left does not have for theirs.  The solution is to STOP giving money to national party, support candidates individually and see if they talk about the issues that are important to you. If you don’t hear them talk about those issues, then they are probably holding the wrong position on them.

Speaking of crackpots.. THAD COCHRAN and Farm Animals (Icymi)


Speaking of contemptuous and condescending establishment mindset: what would a post be like without this charming Rino’s insights these days?


H/T William Davis for Focal Point Video Part 2


Update:  The interviewed guest’s last name is Shaftan not Shaft. It has been corrected thanks to Mr. Shaftan himself who contacted me to thank me for sharing his work.

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EXPLOSIVE! Rob Portman Distances Himself from Possible Criminality Involved in Cochran’s Race-Baiting Ads

By Isabel Matos

Rick Shaftan is a Senior Analyst at Neighborhood Research Corporation. He has been a campaign consultant for several decades and knows the ins and outs like FEC rules and regulations. He’s in Mississippi doing boots on the ground research on possible irregularities concerning the race-baiting ads that aired on radio stations that tried to knee-cap Chris McDaniel. There are rules and laws about campaigns not being allowed to coordinate with outside groups because of a $2600 contribution limit to the campaign. The campaign can to some extent coordinate with the party committees, but the party committees cannot coordinate with outside groups like Mississippi Conservatives or the shadowy All Citizens for Mississippi that ran these ads. A money trail to these outside groups does not even need to be traced or involved. If there is just coordination and/or collaboration is involved it’s totally illegal. The Senatorial Committee, for example, is considered being on the Cochran campaign’s side, so they can’t have anything to do with these other groups. Mississippi Conservatives could (and did) fund All Citizens for Mississippi, it’s legal. But the Cochran campaign cannot work in unison with All Citizens for Mississippi and it is starting to appear that it happened to some extent. If there was this kind of coordination such as resources, communication, money .. if these lines were crossed, it would be a serious violation of the law.  What is the evidence that this illegality took place? If the NRSC sent $175,000 to All Citizens for Mississippi, that would be coordination with an outside group. Apart from the content of the reprehensible ads, what the NRSC did would be considered criminal. Rob Portman has been trying to cover himself by saying he paid the NRSC but had no idea they would pay for ads attacking Chris McDaniel, painting him as a member of the KKK.  Had he asked for money from an outside group or Pac to pay for these ads, it would have all been legal, but..

H/T William Davis Focal Point video

Please go to Part II of this Interview in the Next Article


Update:  The interviewed guest’s last name is Shaftan not Shaft. It has been corrected thanks to Mr. Shaftan himself who contacted me to thank me for sharing his work. Pretty cool, I think.  He was spot on. In both interviews.


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Sexy Rob Portman Supports Thad Cochran to Avoid “Ungovernable” Firebrands like Cruz in Senate Majority


By Isabel Matos

In case you hadn’t heard, the RNC Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio (a battleground state) in 2016.  It makes sense for many reasons, but on to Mississippi, the story that will not got away, thanks to relentless McDaniel.

It’s a bit hard to make this story sexy, but it must be covered. Establishment big shots have been rearing their ugly Rino heads as they take sides in the Mississippi election showdown. Rob Portman is the latest name to surface.  He wants to back Thad Cochran because he, like McConnell, wants to win a majority of “governable” candidates in a Senate Majority. The nerve. I have news for you:

Dear GOPe Nemeses of the People,

You are the only ones who have become

the “ungovernable” in our party. 

It is absolutely stunning to watch one Rino after another expose themselves as they shamelessly try to crush our efforts to restore a little nobility back to politics, including the integrity of the electoral process. I’m no longer angry at their attempts to defeat us at whatever cost; on the contrary, there is reason to smile and savor the moment, but just because I’m not angry doesn’t mean I’m jaded.  The lines drawn in the sand are more defined now. Every detail in this scandal matters. Names have to be noted and we cannot afford to forget them.

The comportment being displayed by otherwise more obscure, less flashy Rinos like Portman who we (I) didn’t know that well before, is now center stage material. That is a good thing. It is indeed a Biltmore-sized banquet for those of us who literally salivate at the thought of watching the GOPe and its evil doers go down in flames and burn to the last ash because of all the grief they have caused upon us. It is becoming clear how things are run in Washington (by our own) and why, as a result of the way they are run, we never win. Make no mistake, this is just the start. Wait for despotic behavior ahead. I am not kidding. GOPe are villains. I know many not care for it, but the story is beyond appetizing. One by one, as these arrogant and desperate Alinsky-lites try to “govern” and put us in our rightful place, the wannabes show a side of themselves that is worse than we could ever imagine. What’s not to love? This is a real meal. Mmm, delish!!!

Chairman of the NRSC, Senator Rob Portman is showing his support for Thad Cochran’s re-election. He donated money earlier this year to the Mississippi CONSERVATIVES, the organization behind the race-baiting ads.

From the Clarion Ledger:

Senator Rob Portman is [also] serving as a top fundraiser this election for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  Republicans are desperate to avoid a repeat of 2012 and 2010, when arch-conservative candidates like Missouri’s Todd Akin or Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell lost seats that had been promising GOP pick-up opportunities.

Thus the decision by Portman and other GOP leaders—including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky—to back Cochran over McDaniel. They want to win a majority—and they want it to be a governable conference–not one full of firebrands like Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, who was a major instigator in the government shutdown over Obamacare funding last year.

Portman used his leadership PAC to give $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives on May 30, according to FEC records. McConnell’s leadership PAC donated $50,000 a few days earlier.

There’s your tease, you may read the rest of that article here and add this as back-up and reinforcement for who paid for what and why:

I [Erick Erickson]  can confirm that the attack ads in Mississippi run by “All Citizens for Mississippi” were funded by Senate Republicans, including Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Rob Portman, Bob Corker, and Roy Blunt. It appears our Senate Republican leaders are willing to risk losing a Senate majority so long as they can get their own re-elected. Yes folks, it is true. I can confirm what we all suspected.

The advertisements attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel and painted conservative Republicans and tea party activists as racists. According to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission, All Citizens for Mississippi received funding from a Haley Barbour backed group called Mississippi Conservatives.

Mississippi Conservatives, in turn, was funded in part by Sally Bradshaw of the RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, former RNC Chairman and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and the political action committees created for Senators Mitch McConnell ($50,000), John Cornyn ($50,000), Rob Portman ($25,000), Bob Corker ($25,000), and Roy Blunt ($5,000).

Interestingly, Sally Bradshaw and Henry Barbour (Haley Barbour’s nephew) worked on the autopsy of the 2012 GOP lossI have to use some of that juicy information for the next post – !!

Reminder: Senator Ted Cruz is Vice Chair of the NRSC, the same entity Portman and others like Mitch McConnell have used to crush Tea Party candidates in primaries. It is probably safe to say that this position may have been offered to Cruz in an attempt to keep the Senator more “governable”.  Rather than attack him, it would be wise to see this as a venue for Senator Cruz to flex his Tea Party muscle and turn an antagonistic Republican Senate committee to our benefit.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman departs a meeting with fellow members of the "super committee" on Capitol Hill in Washington

As for ACTIVISM in MISSISSIPPI there is much you can do right now. A friend, Carole Reeves Bradshaw, did her homework and called Tim Scott’s office and Mike Lee to ask them to show support for Cruz per Chuck Johnson’s request: 

Here’s your homework:

Call Mike Lee (202) 224-5444
and Tim Scott (202) 224-6121.

Ask them to stand with Ted Cruz, in the Mississippi

election corruption and to ask for a special election.

help mcdaniel

When you are finished with your homework, you can join Ana Navarro (virtually) over a glass of wine or favorite drink overlooking her favorite view from her suite – the pool side at the Biltmore.  biltmore


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Press Conference: We Found A Lot! This Is Much Bigger Than MS

By Isabel Matos

Video by David: McDaniel addresses national and local media on the current status of the Mississippi Senate primary run-off.  The campaign is represented by Mississippi Senator Michael Watson and McDaniel lead attorney, Mitch Tyner.

(My transcribed notes) Mississippi Senator Michael Watson: We cannot challenge the election yet without a FULL examination of election materials

  • Chris has gone to all 82 counties in Mississippi to look at the process to base the challenge on evidence found.
  • They have combed through roughly 400, 000 votes from June 24th and
  • They have combed through another 100,000 votes from June 3rd. They were given 12 days to do it but it can’t be rightfully done when the Secretary of State stands in your way.
  • They’ve had to go to courts to ask for relief.
  • Yesterday was a huge win in Jackson county but they still having a 12 – day window. The judge said there was no thanks needed, he was just following the law.

Senator Watson said that THIS IS MUCH BIGGER THAN CHRIS MCDANIEL. Accusations of illegality are disappointing and they do have deal with those before proceeding with legal action.

  • Issue of Race-Baiting
  • Not being granted access to the poll books. Must find funds to do so. The process is set up to be uncovered.


Attorney Mitch Tyner: Hurdles have been placed in front of the team – the Media should be aware how unfair that is. That’s wrong and they have gone to the Supreme Court to Rule to say “The candidate has an unfettered right to see all the materials of that race. This affects every voter of Mississippi. This is bigger than Mississippi.” Tens of thousands of pages have been produced. Thanks to almost sixteen clerks who opened their ballot boxes and gave them unfettered access to the poll books.

Tyner thanked clerks who made sure there was a deputy there and they were able to open ballot boxes with unfettered access. He went on to the:

Million Dollar Question: What did we Find? 

    • Votes are being bought
    • Ballot boxes have been stuffed
    • False Affidavit ballots
    • Invalid Affidavit Ballots
    • Invalid Absentee Ballots

He said he has heard this all his life and they are committed to finding it rooting it out and stopping it. Thank goodness Senator Michael Watson has seen this up close and can do something about in the next legislative session.  He said that the third lawyer, Steve Thorton who wasn’t present, was currently reviewing material, but of the four motions that had been heard, Michael Watson was on the side of right after making the arguments on all  four of them. In every single case, the judge said yes, you’re entitled to review the materials, all but one.

They are waiting for the Supreme Court to rule against the only one who imposed a cost on the candidate. The issue we want to make sure is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you still get to look at the poll votes.

“That’s the issue that we want to make sure that the Supreme Court rules on: that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you still get to look at the poll books,” Tyner said.

Categories of information they encountered:

    • Crossover votes
    • Illegal Votes
    • Absentee Problems
    • Votes that were cast into the boxes to see how many people signed in to the votes cast

Problem after problem was found. They will put it into a packet and give the media, the U.S. Attorney, the FEC and the Mississippi Attorney General.

When the campaign files its challenge, it will publish all the evidence for the public to see. “We’re going to put it all together in a complete package,” Tyner said. “I was really hoping we’d have it today. Monday, a week ago, I was sure we would. But I wasn’t sure we were going to run into this many problems. We’re going to get that together and at the same time we file a challenge, we’re going to give you a complete copy of it.”

He praised Chris for not throwing in the towel. Chris said “I want to root out the problems. I want integrity in the Process. If it root outs my political career so be it.” Pete Perry was called out during the Q & A that followed (27:00)

One of the things I admire most about Senator Chris McDaniel is that he is keeping the fire burning. His updates not only help us keep our spirits high they restore confidence in our elected officials. He is still a state senator and he could have chosen the path of less resistance but he is fighting for the integrity of the process. It’s not as easy as he has made it look. There has been a lot of pressure for him to not pursue this but he remains focused but he is staying close to supporters who are following this with great interest and is keeping his word. We cannot ask for more but he still needs support for his legal defense.  The challenge will be filed within 10 days.

~Q & A~

Chris and Michael watson

Chris McDaniel and Senator Micahel Watson


“Truth and Justice Tour”

Chris McDaniel keeping the fire burning as he waits 10 days to file legal action … We are happy to announce that beginning Thursday, July 17, Chris will embark on his “Truth and Justice Tour” of Mississippi. 

The first three stops are in DeSoto County, Tupelo, and Jackson, and we will be sure to update you with details on more events as soon they’re finalized. Please share this post with your friends, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon! 

DeSoto County

Thursday July 17, 2014 @ 6:30 PM 
Sweet Pea’s Table
8948 Midsouth Drive 
Olive Branch, MS 38654


Friday July 18, 2014 @ 6:30 PM 
Summit Center 
852 N Gloster Street. 
Tupelo, MS 38804

Jackson Metro

Saturday July 19, 2014 @ 4:00 PM 
Holiday Inn – Trustmark Park 
110 Bass Pro Drive
Pearl, MS 39208


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Senator Cruz Calls For Investigation Into Voter Fraud in Mississippi Race

cute picture of ted

By Isabel Matos

Senator Ted Cruz spoke out on what should be done about allegations of voter fraud on the Mark Levin show (94:00) today.

What happened in Mississippi was appalling. Primaries are always rough and tumble but the conduct of the Washington DC machine in the Mississippi runoff was incredibly disappointing.

In that race we know some things and then there are even more serious allegations that have been raised. What we know at that outset is that Chris McDaniel won a sizable majority of the votes from Republicans who voted in the runoff, but the DC machine spent hundreds of thousands of dollars urging some 30-40,000 partisan Democrats to vote in the runoff which changed the outcome.

All of us want to grow the party but what the DC machine did was not to try to grow the party. Instead, the ads they ran were racially charged, false attacks and they were explicit promises to continue to expand the welfare state.  Nobody has suggested that the Democrats who voted in the primary would actually vote Republican in the general election. Instead they were just recruited to decide who the Republican nominee was. That’s unprincipled and it’s wrong. But even more troubling, in the past week we have seen serious allegations of voter fraud.

I very much hope no Republican was involved in voter fraud, but these allegations must be vigorously investigated and anyone involved in criminal conduct should be prosecuted.  The voters in Mississippi deserve to know the truth.

There was a brief interruption. While Ted was away, Mark Levin pointed out Senator Cruz is one of the few if not the ONLY senator speaking this way about this so far.  He said McCain was celebrating the way Thad Cochran ran and won which was stunning, that Mitch McConnell was doing high fives behind the scenes because he was one of the architects of this. The NRSC (Committee set up by Republican Incumbents) is led by McConnell and his figure head is Moran from Kansas.

Summary of Cruz Statement

There have been serious allegations raised.  A full and vigorous investigation is the only responsible thing to do.  It is my hope that there are no Republicans involved in this.  If Republicans were involved in voter fraud it would be abominable. It is the only fair thing to do for the voters of Mississippi and for the integrity of the election is to investigate the allegations seriously and to prosecute anyone who was involved in criminal conduct.

[This is what Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had said on the matter:

“I’m for more people voting, not less people voting. I think the people of Mississippi spoke and I think Thad Cochran has done a lot of good things for Mississippi.”

And Senator John McCain (R-AZ) praised Cochran’s ”really excellent get-out-the-vote campaign.”

“There are some people who are complaining that African-American voters voted. I thought one of the major priorities of the Republican Party was to get all minority and ethnic voters out to vote for Republicans.”]

Sen. Cruz is Vice Chair of NRSC.  This is his appearance with Rand Paul on Hannity where he said he’d stay out of incumbent races:

Cruz was also quoted saying “I disagree with what the NRSC has done there,” when asked if he regretted having taken the position of Vice Chair if NRSC which supported incumbents during primaries.  Read more here.

Most people I know have been wanting to hear from Senator Cruz on this issue and now they have but it’s not enough it seems. Although it may explain why Ted Cruz had been silent up to now, in a tweet today even Charles Johnson asked if he’d even resign from NRSC.

[Article updated]

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Forbidden Report Exposes Top Republicans and Democrats Who Funded Cochran’s Racist Hate Campaign in MS

Nuke Black and White

By Gary P Jackson

If you’ve been following the June 24th run-off election between worthless crapweasel Thad Cochran, who has been in the Senate for over 40 years, and Mississippi State Senator, and Tea Party favorite, Chris McDaniel, you know the kind of greasy, lying, racist, hate campaign was run by Team Cochran.

You know that Cochran ran ads aimed at black democrats in Mississippi claiming if McDaniel and the Tea Party won, they’d take away black people’s right to vote. They accused McDaniel of being associated with the KKK [a group created and supported by the democrat party] and much more.

You also know thanks to Cochran’s actions that democrats in mostly black precincts vote in huge numbers in the election. Something the Cochran campaign, and national Republican leaders have celebrated as a great “outreach” effort.

You should know, and understand, that in Mississippi, like other states, it’s against the law to vote in one party’s primary, and then the other party’s run-off, in the same election cycle. Mississippi, like Texas, doesn’t require voters to register party affiliation. What Mississippi does do is keep very good record of who votes in each election. Not how they voted, just that they voted, and during primary season, which party’s ballot they cast.

To ensure there are no cross over votes, Mississippi has a very simple system. Election officials in the democrat and Republican parties swap their voter books that show who voted. In a matter of minutes on election days, poll workers can cross check voter rolls to make certain no one illegally votes in an election. This is a long standing tradition that is simple, and makes good sense.

Democrat party officials in Hinds County have said that Republican Party Chairman Pete Perry, a Cochran ally, asked them to help steal the election by not making the democrat voter rolls from the June 3rd election available. These democrats have also said that, in fact, for much of election day, the books were indeed NOT made available for poll workers to cross check for illegal votes. It’s alleged that this went on in every strong democrat voting precinct.

So far, with only half of the precincts checked, over 4000 illegal votes have been found. Votes cast by individuals who voted in both the June 3 democrat primary and the June 24th Republican run-off election. At this rate, McDaniel should have more than enough “irregularities” as they are called, to either overturn the results of the June 24th election, or demand a brand new election.

On Thursday Jeffrey Lord who writes for the American Spectator wrote an article that named names, exposing top Republicans and democrats who helped fund Cochran’s racist ads against McDaniel and the Tea Party. Within a short time after the article was published, it disappeared without any explanation whatsoever!

Jeffrey Lord worked for President Ronald Reagan and has written for the Spectator for years. I don’t always agree with his opinions, but his fact gathering is pretty much unimpeachable.

Speculation abounds as to why the article was disappeared. Did Cochran threaten to sue? Maybe. They threatened to sue Charles C Johnson, the incredible journalist who has been exposing the whole lot of them down in Mississippi. I’m told Johnson told the Cochran campaign to “bring it!” It’s been alleged that pressure came from GOP leadership to yank the article, though there is no proof of this.

One thing for certain is someone is trying to hide the identities of the co-conspirators involved with Cochran.

The article itself isn’t particularly inflammatory or provocative. [unless you consider exposing the names of those who finance hate inflammatory or provocative]

Several groups were able to get screen grabs of the article and have republished it in it’s entirety, minus original hyperlinks. [No worries, that’s what Bing is for!] As the Spectator has chosen to reject the article, and in the public interest, we are, under the Fair Use rules, publishing the article in it’s entirety:

[emphasis mine]

Donor Controversy Hits Mississippi Conservatives

July 3, 2014 – Jeffery Lord

As the curtain is pulled up on all the shenanigans involved in one way or another with last week’s Mississippi GOP Senate primary, the cast of characters amazes.

At the story’s center is a group calling itself Mississippi Conservatives. The group is on the receiving end of furious charges of race-baiting and racism that have smeared not only Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel but the larger GOP and the GOP Establishment that participated in the smear. We’ve been through the names of contributors over there at the Federal Election Commission, and looked into some of those involved.

The still unfolding story involves everyone from a contributor to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Joe Biden to former Vice President Al Gore and Democrat Senators that are being targeted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee in the 2014 elections.

Also involved? Two-co-authors of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus’s “autopsy report — aka the Growth and Opportunity Project — that made much of outreach to African-Americans. One of them an RNC member, the other a former top aide to Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Let’s start there with the autopsy report authors.

Henry Barbour is the Republican National Committeeman from Mississippi. (Henry Barbour is the nephew of ex-Governor Haley Barbour, who founded the Mississippi Conservatives PAC and is, full disclosure, a former Reagan White House colleague of mine.)

Sally Bradshaw (who was a Reagan White House intern while I was in the Political Office) served as the chief of staff to Jeb Bush while he was serving as Governor of Florida and managed two of his three gubernatorial bids. Bradshaw’s relation to Jeb Bush has been described in Politico as follows:

Bradshaw is Jeb Bush’s chief “executor,” as one person close to Bush described her; while not his “brain,” she’s the closest parallel to a Karl Rove that the former Florida governor has.”

Bradshaw and Barbour also have something in common. Two something else’s.

Both are involved with the Mississippi Conservatives PAC, which has drawn hot accusations of racism in the wake of the Mississippi Senate GOP run-off between six-term Establishment GOP Senator Thad Cochran and his Tea Party opponent, Chris McDaniel. Barbour is chairman of the group. Bradshaw is a $1,000 contributor.

And both are co-authors of RNC Chairman Priebus’s widely publicized “autopsy report” (aka “The Growth and Opportunity Project”) on what went wrong with the GOP during the 2012 election cycle. In which report it is said that the GOP must “communicate directly with African-Americans” and “embark on a year round effort to engage with African-American voters.” The irony, of course, is that “engage with African-Americans ” is exactly what Barbour and Bradshaw’s Mississippi Conservative’s PAC group did — resulting in a plethora of accusations across the conservative universe that the group was guilty of race-baiting if not out-and-out racism. As here, for example, over at the Gateway Pundit where the robocalls paid for by the group are described as “racist robocalls.” And here, in this piece by John Fund over at National Review titled “Remember Mississippi.”

The London Daily Mail Online has connected money from Mississippi Conservatives to the funding of what one radio station manager in the state described as “some of the worst race-baiting ads I’ve ever seen in this business. Really bad stuff.

Reports Mail Online:

A series of three racially charged radio ads that ran in rural Mississippi on Election Day played a role in driving black Democrats to vote in a Republican primary run-off election. MailOnline has exclusively obtained audio of the ads.

They were broadcast 48 times in a 12-hour period Tuesday on WMGO-AM radio in the town of Canton, and urged black Mississippians to cross party lines and support GOP Sen. Thad Cochran in his smash-mouth contest against tea party insurgent Chris McDaniel.

Each carried a required acknowledgement stating that it was paid for by Citizens for Progress. Clerks at the office of Mississippi’s secretary of state told MailOnline that no such group is registered there as a political committee.

The Federal Election Commission also lacks any registration from a group with that name.

Politics in America’s Deep South is historically a full-contact sport replete with its own tradition of dirty tricks, but the radio ads indicate a level of race-baiting that is rarely seen in twenty-first century U.S. politics.…

MailOnline has learned that Citizens for Progress” is tied to a longtime Democratic political operative who was paid $44,000 to run racially explosive “robocalls” in the same race.

A political action committee founded by former Republican National Committee chair and former Republican Gov. Haley Barbour made those payments.

That committee, of course, is Mississippi Conservatives.

Mail Online identifies the go-to for all of this as Mitzi Bickers, a left-wing political activist from Atlanta. It also quotes Henry Barbour as having “denied any knowledge of the three radio ads” but in fact acknowledging that

We hired Mitzi Bickers to do paid phones,” he said Friday via email. “If she had something to do with radio ads, I am unaware of it and was not involved with radio ads in Canton.

Ah, the non-denial denial.

National Review’s Eliana Johnson has profiled the left-wing Democrat the group hired to do its racial dirty work in a piece titled Meet Mitzi Bickers: A scandal-plagued Democratic operative worked the black vote for Cochran.

Barbour and Bradshaw are hardly alone in this. Bush-ally Bradshaw may be one of the most prominent people financially supporting Mississippi Conservatives PAC, but her $1,000 contribution puts her far from the deep-pocketed contributors in the group who double as financial supporters for everyone from campaigns for Obama and Clinton to Senate campaigns for incumbent Democrats targeted by the GOP. Plus being donors to the national Establishment GOP’s various political committees. Among others — including the PAC’s founder, former RNC Chair and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour — they include this partial list, courtesy of the FEC and Open Secrets:

Robert Day of TCW, Inc. in Los Angeles gave $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives — as well as contributing to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ($7500), plus $10,000 to the DCCC. He is also a contributor to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama as well as the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Al Gore and the Senate campaigns of Clinton and Joe Biden. He is a contributor to the RNC, NRSC, and NRCCC.

James Creekmore of Telapex, a Mississippi telecommunications holding company, gave $15,000 to Mississippi Conservatives, the last $5,000 two weeks before the June 3rd first primary election as McDaniel was gaining on Cochran. In addition to Mississippi Conservatives, Creekmore is a frequent donor to the RNC, the NRSC and his own Telapex PAC. Telapex PAC in turn donates its money to US Senator Ed Markey, the Massachusetts Democrat, and Senator Mark Pryor, the Arkansas Democrat who is in a Senate race re-election race against GOP Congressman Tom Cotton that is a prime GOP target.

Crest Investment of Houston, Texas gave Mississippi Conservatives $25,000
. The chairman of Crest is Jamal Daniel. Daniel personally is listed by the FEC as a contributor to the RNC, NRSC, and NRCCC. He has also contributed to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ($7,600) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ($7,600).

Larry Mizel of MDC Holdings in Colorado is a $10,000 contributor to Mississippi Conservatives. He has contributed over $100,000 to Rove’s American Crossroads and is also a repeated donor to Senator Michael Bennet, the Colorado Democrat.

Richard Wax: In addition to a $50,000 contribution to Mississippi Conservatives, Wax has given $50,000 to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and is a repeated donor to the campaigns of ex-Congressman Travis Childers, the Mississippi Democrat who is now running against Thad Cochran for the Mississippi Senate seat. Wax is also a repeated donor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the lowest amount being just over $28,000.

John Dane III of Trinity Yachts is both a donor to Mississippi Conservatives ($2,000) and Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu, whose Senate re-election campaign is a key GOP target.

Wade Creekmore, brother of James, is likewise a contributor to Mississippi Conservatives and the Telapex PAC. The first contributing to Thad Cochran, the second to the campaigns of key Senate Democrats Markey and Pryor.

Warren Stephens, the Arkansas businessman, twice gave Mississippi Conservatives a large donation. First in February with $25,000 and then, according to FEC records, another $50,000 on May 28 — just days before the June 3rd first round of the Mississippi Senate primary that Cochran would lose to Chris McDaniel. Stephens is also a large contributor to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, the NRSC, the NRCCC, and the RNC.

Joe Sanderson of Sanderson Farms gave $100,000 to Mississippi Conservatives twice, most recently on May 22, days before the June 3 primary in which Cochran was trailing McDaniel. Sanderson is a repeated contributor to the RNC, NRSC and the NRCCC.

James L. Barksdale gave $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives and $25,000 to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. He is also an RNC and NRCCC contributor.

Bollinger Shipyards in Louisiana is listed as a contributor of both Mississippi Conservatives ($25,000) and American Crossroads ($25,000). Donald Bollinger, the company’s CEO, is also a frequent RNC, NRSC and NRSCC contributor.

Ergon is a “petroleum related enterprises” company in Jackson, Mississippi, run by the family of founder Leslie Lampton. It is listed as giving $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives, with various Lampton family members listed as donors to the RNC,NRSC and NRSCC.

Howard Leach of Leach Capital LLC in New York was $25,000 contributor to Mississippi Conservatives in March. On June 2, the day before Cochran would lose in the first-round GOP primary, Leach donated another $25,000. He is also a $100,000 contributor to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, as well as a contributor to the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCCC.

William Mounger, the Mississippi businessman is a contributor to the NRSC, the NRCCC, and the RNC as well as giving $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives.

Tellus Operating Group, an oil and gas company, is listed as a $15,000 donor to Mississippi Conservatives, with manager Richard H. Mills, Jr. having donated $5,000 to the NRCCC.

Mike Retzer, who gave $10,000 to Mississippi Conservatives, is listed as a “restaurant owner.” In fact, Retzer is a former Bush 43 Ambassador to Tanzania, treasurer of the RNC and RNC member for Mississippi, also serving as state party chairman.

There are more names, but the gist of all this is coming clear.

Mississippi Conservatives, headed by GOP autopsy report co-author Henry Barbour with fellow co-author and Jeb Bush confidante Sally Bradshaw a contributor, has made itself synonymous with a reputation for race-baiting/racism. Hardly the reputation that Priebus was looking to achieve for the GOP in his Barbour/Bradshaw co-authored report. The splatter from this has even touched Jeb Bush, who, at least as can be discovered, had no connection to the group beyond that the fact that an aide identified as “Jeb Bush’s Karl Rove” gave $1,000 to the group — after helping to write an RNC report that was billed as outreach to African-Americans.

The money that flowed into Mississippi Conservatives — and is being connected in the conservative media to everything from racially charged radio commercials, fliers and robocalls — is now revealed as having been supplied by contributors with records of giving money to Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Messrs. Biden and Gore, the Democrat (Travis Childers) who is challenging Thad Cochran, Democrats in the Senate who are high atop the GOP’s target list in a 2014 bid to reclaim the Senate (Landrieu and Pryor), not to mention incumbent Democrats in the Senate not under challenge this year — Markey of Massachusetts and Bennet of Colorado. And oh yes, many of the same people also gave to the RNC, the NRSC and the NRCCC.

The RNC autopsy report talks about “messaging.” Suffice to say, the message from all this will be received.

Not good

Money Ballot

This is simply amazing. I know a lot of corporations have been known to give money to both parties in order to “cover their bases,” but this is far different. You have some people who gave money to not only help Cochran, but also to the democrat running for the seat in November!

We’re still concerned why the Spectator thought it was a smart idea to pull this article. Also wondering what other information is about to surface.

The Senate Conservative Fund sent out an email with a link to a list of Republican lawmakers who supported Cochran’s racist hate campaign, along with the money amounts given. Here’s an excerpt from that email:

[emphasis mine]

Fellow Conservatives:

According to a recent story published by American Spectator, several GOP lawmakers are now worried about the potential backlash from their donations to Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS). The report says,

Several senators are more than a little uneasy with [Cochran’s] tactics, which they feel responsible for since they raised money for Cochran.

They are responsible because they knew what they were funding. Thad Cochran and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) accused Chris McDaniel (R-MS) of being a racist back in October.

Click here to see the Republican senators who supported these tactics………..

Here’s the list provided by SCF:

Thad Cochran’s Senate Enablers

Here is the complete list of Republican senators who contributed to Cochran’s campaign as well as to his super PAC.

Please contact these senators and tell them to stop funding candidates who run on liberal issues and use race-baiting tactics to get Democrats to hijack Republican elections.

GOP Senate Contributions to Cochran

Senator — Amount Given — Phone Number

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — $60,000 — (202) 224-2541

Rob Portman (R-OH) — $40,000 — (202) 224-3353

Bob Corker (R-TN) — $30,000 — (202) 224-3344

Roger Wicker (R-MS) — $17,000 — (202) 224-6253

John Barrasso (R-WY) — $15,000 — (202) 224-6441

Roy Blunt (R-MO) — $15,000 — (202) 224-5721

John Cornyn (R-TX) — $15,000 — (202) 224-2934

Dean Heller (R-NV) — $15,000 — (202) 224-6244

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) — $15,000 — (202) 224-6665

John Thune (R-SD) — $15,000 — (202) 224-2321

Lamar Alexander (R-TN) — $10,000 — (202) 224-4944

Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) — $10,000 — (202) 224-3521

Dan Coats (R-IN) — $10,000 — (202) 224-5623

Mike Crapo (R-ID) — $10,000 — (202) 224-6142

Mike Enzi (R-WY) — $10,000 — (202) 224-3424

Chuck Grassley (R-IA) — $10,000 — (202) 224-3744

Orrin Hatch (R-UT) — $10,000 — (202) 224-5251

Mark Kirk (R-IL) — $10,000 — (202) 224-2854

Jerry Moran (R-KS) — $10,000 — (202) 224-6521

Mike Johanns (R-NE) — $7,600 — (202) 224-4224

Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) — $5,000 — (202) 224-3324

John Boozman (R-AR) — $5,000 — (202) 224-4843

Richard Burr (R-NC) — $5,000 — (202) 224-3154

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — $5,000 — (202) 224-5972

Jim Inhofe (R-OK) — $5,000 — (202) 224-4721

Johnny Isakson (R-GA) — $5,000 — (202) 224-3643

John McCain (R-AZ) — $5,000 — (202) 224-2235

Jim Risch (R-ID) — $5,000 — (202) 224-2752

Pat Roberts (R-KS) — $5,000 — (202) 224-4774

Richard Shelby (R-AL) — $5,000 — (202) 224-5744

Deb Fischer (R-NE) — $2,500 — (202) 224-6551

John Hoeven (R-ND) — $2,500 — (202) 224-2551

* These figures include funds given to Thad Cochran’s campaign and to the super PAC supporting his campaign.

If a Republican candidate can’t win a primary without race-baiting and courting Democrats with liberal policies, they should not be the Republican nominee.

And nobody should fall for the argument made by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) that Senator Cochran broadened the Republican base by reaching out to black voters.

Senator Cochran and his allies joined the Democrats in promoting liberal policies and calling conservatives racists. He grew the Democrat base, not the Republican base.

Fight back against the Republican establishment by supporting Dr. Milton’s Wolf’s campaign in Kansas against Senator Pat Roberts, a 47-year Washington insider.

Maybe NOW we know why Lord’s article in the Spectator was disappeared! These rat bastards damn well should be ashamed, and afraid. As as pointed out, the excuse they didn’t know how their boy Cochran would use the money, simply won’t fly, as Cochran was calling McDaniel a racists way back in October of last year.

This is a disgusting mess. More than at any time in memory, I’m asking myself why the Republican Party exists. President Obama is running hog wild, by passing Congress, and is basically a Reichstag fire away from setting himself up as “President for Life” as he ignores the Constitution, Rule of Law, and the will of the American people. The Republicans can’t even mount token resistance to this Marxist bastard!

If the Republicans put in a FRACTION of the effort they expend attacking Conservatives [the entire base of the party] going after Obama, America wouldn’t be in the dire shape she is today!

The Republican Party is just as corrupt as the democrat party, something Sarah Palin taught us as she wiped out the entire GOP party leadership in Alaska! Remember the self-named “Corrupt Bastards Club?”

It’s time to call every single one of the Senators on that list and let them know they have helped the GOP commit suicide. Let them know this is why most of us only contribute to individual candidates, instead of the party.

Friends, we are in for a long, hard battle. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated!


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CONFIRMED: Former GOP Governor Haley Barbour Behind Racist Anti-Tea Party Pro-Cochran Ads

Boss Hogg

By Gary P Jackson

It’s not like we didn’t already know this, but now there is proof Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour, the former Mississippi Governor, K-Street Lobbyist, and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, is the one behind those racist attack ads on Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party.

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

FOX News reporter Ainsley Earhardt broke the news tonight on Hannity that that the racist, anti-Tea Party pro-Cochran ads that played on black radio stations in Mississippi were paid for by former Republican governor Haley Barbour’s super-PAC.

Haley Barbour‘s PACCitizens for Progress” reportedly paid at least one radio station to run the racist ads.

Three radio ads were played on a predominantly black radio station.
Paid for by Republicans to attack Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party.

Haley Barbour‘s group also paid for the racist robocalls in Mississippi urging Democrats to vote for Cochran.

This is some of the greasiest, dirt ball politics I have ever seen in my life. Haley Barbour and his fellow Republicans are some of the most despicable human beings that ever breathed. These are top leaders in the Republican Party. A party that is rotten to it’s very core.

I have a feeling the Republican Party will never be the same after this. I don’t think any political party in history has seen fit to attack it’s own voting base. I don’t see how the Republican Party survives much longer, without voters.

Videos courtesy Jim Hoft and Charles C Johnson respectively.


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Outrage Continues: Cochran Camp Denies Fraud and Threatens Lawsuit Against Journalist Who Exposes It

By Isabel Matos

The GOPe has never stooped lower.  Not only have they denied that any fraud has taken place (Reince Priebus has kept so silent you can hear a pin drop). Not only did Cochran’s camp lie to black voters about McDaniel taking away their food stamps and make racist allegations about him that scared them. Not only did the camp STIFF the pastor of money they had agreed on and then DENY he did all the work requested in the first place, they are NOW going after investigative journalist Charles Johnson of http://gotnews.com/. Johnson was ready for it. He had let everyone know they’d come after him. In the two videos below he reviews what was said and claims more pastors will corroborate Fielder’s accusations which Cochran’s campaign is portraying as not so credible.

Charles Johnson on Focal Point just published, July 1st (Parts 1 and 2):

By now we all know what Fielder admitted to in his paid interview (which Johnson had also admitted to): that McDaniel was not the racist he was described as. He said that what was being done was unfair and that he was no longer as interested in getting his money as he was in setting the record straight because people were lied to.  Gary pointed all of this out in a bombshell report last night, one which Senator McDaniel posted on his timeline as a must-read.

This is how Cochran’s team is spinning the story to make the accusations based on the Fielder interview look false. From the Clarion Ledger:

Blogger Charles C. Johnson of GotNews.com reported that Stevie Fielder said the Cochran campaign told him to offer black voters in the Meridian area $15 each to vote for Cochran in the June 24 GOP primary runoff against Chris McDaniel.

Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell called those accusations of illegal vote buying “baseless and false” and says:

“The author of this article admits he paid his source for the story.”

Charles Johnson had already said that before he did the interview. No big story there.  But then the Cochran campaign goes on. Russell said the campaign hired Fielder for get-out-the-vote work.

“We hire a lot of people, black, white, young, old, to help with get out the vote efforts,”

Jordan said the campaign agreed to pay Fielder $600, half up front for campaign work.

“He was paid for reimbursement for gas, driving people around, get out the vote work,” Russell said. “But he never completed any work for the second $300. He never provided any names and addresses of people he said he was getting to work. He waffled on providing names and addresses.”

Russell said the campaign’s “standard rate” for people knocking on doors and doing other GOTV work is “$25 a shift — $25 in the morning, then a lunch break, then $25 for the afternoon.”

“This is obviously a guy who is a liar, who sold his story to a blogger who’s openly proclaiming he will pay people to tell him a story,” Russell said. “… Most disturbing is (Johnson) is attempting to solicit pictures of Mrs. Rose Cochran in her nursing home, with a bounty up to $1,000.”

Fielder claimed in the GotNews report – which has been picked up by numerous national conservative websites – that while he wasn’t paid money he was promised, he was given cash in envelopes to distributed in exchange for Cochran votes and that other people were doing likewise.

Russell said Cochran is considering litigation over the allegations.

Focal Point says they want to get to the truth. The truth is that a seed was planted from the start -June 3rd- when instead of stepping down as Cochran should have done, but stayed in the race. He would have saved the GOPe not only a huge black eye but Mississippians the aggravation and division that ensued. That’s okay. The GOPe in Mississippi has gotten more of us involved. We’re all fired up over what is going on. It has only helped us let the world know that Republicans are acting like Democrats and that the GOPe is TOO BIG TO FAIL. It WILL FAIL because they are overplaying their hand instead of quitting while ahead.

It’s always a raw deal when you get involved with crooks in the establishment, whether Republican or Democrat (in Cochran’s case he is both) because no one comes out of shady deals unscathed. This should be a warning to Republicans who haven’t even won elections yet to stay clear of corrupt ties with the GOPe, but it isn’t helping our party. This division cannot stand much longer. Something must give. Fielder should be out of the business of accepting any money to recruit voters no matter what side of the political aisle they’re from. It still does not excuse Cochran from trying to buy votes. His denial is a total desperation for power. It is blind, irrational and reckless. There will be many who will follow their GOPe leaders, downplay or pretend this never happened, or accuse truth-tellers they are lying hysterical hobbits. Or get sued. We’re the ones who are wrong in their eyes, but always right and they are the ones who are right but always wrong.



Focal Point videos H/T  William

Clarion Ledger article H/T David




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Tea Party Patriots Asks RNC Chair to Intervene . The Silence is Deafening.

Thad For Mississippipriebus-at-lectern-ap

By Isabel Matos

Here’s a great little clip in which a caller describes paid voting, impeding drives in a small precinct. The mother of the caller is a poll watcher and is willing to sign an affidavit, per Charles Johnson who is an activist and freelance journalist.

It’s incredible there are Republicans in Mississippi who doubt there is fraud going on. As we wait for results from those “talks” taking place, I would like to know what you think we should we do about the GOPe’s betrayal?

I’m not just a dreamer, I’m an activist. I don’t just want to read about what’s happening in Mississippi. I want something to be done about it. Let’s talk about the aftermath after ALL the stones have been turned. Let’s drop this hashtag #rememberMississippi when we finish fighting this. We might as well wave the flag of surrender and consider the soul of the party to be irretrievably lost at the rate some are going. Cochran’s “victory” should be where we draw the line.

What more will it take? Is treachery not enough?

As a loyal base we always find ways to forget all the wrongs and move on. The GOPe has relied on that in past, but there is proof that crossovers took place; however, it is all being swept under the rug. It’s as if none of it is even happening.

The absence of outrage and delay are worry-some. The fact is, Thad Cochran might end up winning. No one in the position to do something about seems to care enough to carry out the truth. I still can’t believe it is happening in this country.

I will never be jaded. This is beyond antagonism . I wish it was just desperation on the part of the GOPe but the fact is they are winning and gloating about winning. Even if it is treachery, and they could do what is right by defending us, why would they? Why pass up a power grab that would get us out of their way? Their hatred towards the base is stunning. The mockery of this conservative candidate is shameful. As someone whose family came to this country in search of freedom I’m saddened and disheartened by all of it. Something is dead wrong. If we don’t stop them, GOPe will be emboldened to do more. It’s more than just about Mississippi. It concerns us all. I never thought I’d see the day where there was proof Republicans hated us more than they loved freedom. It was always my suspicion but they crossed the line. IF they remain silent and do not correct this wrong I will never forget. I remember all the wrongs they have perpetrated in the past. But this will be the most gratuitous act of defiance, greed and stupidity yet. I thought we all understood Stealing and Cheating disqualified candidates from winning elections but I guess I was wrong. Republicans have become Democrats.

Here are three recent reactions. Which of the paths below would you choose? I am at a loss for offering solutions. I just know we’re in trouble.

  1. Tea Party Patriots asks Priebus to intervene in Mississippi race. “No one disputes that Thad Cochran’s vote total Tuesday was the result of crossover votes cast by Democrats — in fact, Establishment Republicans and their operatives are bragging publicly about their ‘brilliant’ strategy,” Martin said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “But the necessary logical flip side of that is that Chris McDaniel won more votes from actual Republicans than did Cochran. Thus, only a fool would dispute that McDaniel is the clear choice of Republicans in MS. He is, by all rights, the Republican nominee, regardless of what state law states. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus should address this. As Chairman of the national party, he has overall responsibility for the selection of GOP nominees across the country.”
  2. Steve Deace suggests we not vote for any more Republicans who do not represent us. I agree but who the candidate is that he describes is unknown and we would have wait to watch the GOP implode in 2016.  It’s not now 1. Don’t vote for anymore corporatist Republicans in red states/districts.  All these people do is take the power of incumbency and nullify our movement with our votes. Solidly red states/districts ought to be represented by movement conservatives without exception. If they’re not, we have learned the hard way we’re no longer choosing “the lesser of two evils.” We’re choosing people who will score points repeatedly for the other team while wearing our uniform. We cannot defeat the Democrats until we defeat the GOP establishment, and we can’t do that until we stop empowering them. 2. Coalesce early behind the non-establishment presidential candidate with the broadest conservative appeal. If we aren’t successful in implementing this plan, I believe we will see the GOP implode shortly after losing again in    2016. Look at what happened in York, Pennsylvania, earlier this year for an example of what will come next
  3. True the Vote (TTV), a voters’ rights and election integrity organization, submitted a letter to Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef calling for the release of absentee balloting information for independent review prior to election certification and requesting an Audit. His answer may irk you. This was part of his response (not all to avoid ruffling feathers) .. I am worried Chris is allowing misinformation to get out there about the process.  This is his address:
Joe Nosef,
Chairman Mississippi Republican Party
415 Yazoo St Jackson, MS 39201 601-948-5191


Seriously? Mississippians and Americans deserve better.


Arrival 001

Fidel smart ass

oh brother, jeb rino sleep

What was the point of coming all this way if Republicans will repeat history.




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